Marshmallow for Xperia M5 starts rolling (30.2.A.0.100)

by XB on 19th July 2016

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Xperia M5 Android MarshmallowSony Mobile is currently seeding Android Marshmallow firmware for the Xperia M5, in the form of build number 30.2.A.0.100. This follows on from the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow release for the Xperia M4 Aqua earlier today.

So far the latest build has only arrived on the E5603 Xperia M5 variant, but we expect it to hit all variants, including the Xperia M5 Dual shortly. We will upload the FTF firmware files shortly, but do let us know your impressions in the meantime.

Download FTF firmware for Xperia M5 – Build number 30.2.B.0.100 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)

Xperia M5 (E5603) 30.2.A.0.100 Nordic Generic
Xperia M5 (E5606) 30.2.A.0.100 Latin America Generic
Xperia M5 (E5653) 30.2.A.0.100 Vietnam Generic

Xperia M5 Dual (E5633) 30.2.B.0.100 Russia Generic
Xperia M5 Dual (E5643) 30.2.B.0.100 Brazil Generic
Xperia M5 Dual (E5663) 30.2.B.0.100 India Generic

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Thanks Abdulghani and Henry!

  • Stefan Mari?

    Unbranded Serbian version M5 here, no rollout although I got the last updates in the first wave.

  • Alvin

    Better late than ever. Actually, they’re better than everyone on updating mid range and entry level, tbh (maybe except motorola, because their UI is very close to stock)

  • karam abi karam

    Hope to finally shutdown problem is resolved

  • Stefan Mari?

    I never had that and i used multiple versions of 5.1 FW. Maybe it’s a hardware issue or SW issue specific to some versions?

  • Abdul Ghani

    its hardware battery issue change the battery to rev version 3

  • Ailan Hidaz

    From what I can tell, sony are the ONLY manufacturer that has actually updated their Helio X10 phones from 5.1 to 6.0 – most have abandoned their phones with claims that “mediatek sux lol”

  • zip

    My T2 Ultra needs Marshmallow. 4 GB just don’t cut it.

  • raju

    Change log and interface put screen shots

  • So who got the update

  • Ailan Hidaz

    lol good luck with that :D

  • Alvin

    Yup lol

  • jag

    Woah! It’s like they got the updated icon pack? My z3+ didn’t have those in the Marshmallow update.

  • Alvy

    Lol nope. You are wrong

  • Alvy

    Is it ota? Or will there be a ota release?

  • Serdar Gökçe

    First start from Turkey and news Sony Xperia Ailesi facebook group ;)

  • Nicole McPherson

    <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!bc257p:….,….

  • Ailan Hidaz

    And you can provide proof of this?

  • Samuel

    Sony’s Notes app is back?

  • a.hamameh


  • Thariq Mohammed

    Stamina mode included,
    Even my Xperia Z2 doesn’t

  • Prakash Joshi

    How the device is performing?

  • ??????? ?????????? ??????

    Why does the M5 have the new setting ui like the X series and the x icon pack?is it rooted ?
    I hope the z5 will get it on later updates….

  • Alvin

    You could always get the ported app somewhere else :)

  • Thariq Mohammed

    Mine is Xperia Z2 not m5

  • Alvy

    Letv le 1s as far as i remember got mm update 3 months ago. Also xiaomi redmi note 2 and 3 will get MM update confirmed. These are just i remember now, i also saw another 2 phone with helio x10 getting mm update. There are lot more out there :)

  • Alvy

    also htc one e9 an e9+ and elephone p900 maybe

  • Kevin Haunstetter

    Anyone can tell me if Doble-Tap-To-Wake is back?

  • Ailan Hidaz

    None of the htc phones have been updated, I own an e9+, And I see no articles regarding an update to elephone handsets. Stop spreading lies.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    So, redmi is getting the update later means they are released before xperia m5 huh?
    Also the le whatever got the mm update just recently NOT 3 months ago, so whether it got the update first is still debatable. I haven’t seen any official posts anywhere except user comments.
    If you are going to claim there are a lot more phones out there, provide some proof because you just seem to be making stuff up.

  • An Li

    my z5p didn’t either! but i downloaded Xperia x icon pack from xda so it looks just like the ones above

  • jag

    but you need to root your phone right?

  • An Li

    Nope! It’s just an icon pack and you apply it under home screen settings.

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Don’t have double tap to wake, but have double tap to sleep (on the new Xperia launcher for M5).

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Nope, I reset my M5 and the logos is indeed Xperia X like.

  • Prakash Joshi

    How is the phone performance and battery backup

  • jag

    I see. Last time I saw that post is that they still have no apk for the icons and themes for non rooted phones. Glad you mentioned them. Now enjoying the icon and themes ; )

  • Teresa Mullin

    <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!bc759p:….,…

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Performance similar to LP 5.1.1. Battery normal usage similar but STAMINA isn’t as good on MM than LP.

  • Benny Timotius
    Xperia M5 dual update

  • Hi there guys, I just updated my M5 Dual to marshmallow via Xperia Companion for Mac OS. For the time being the update is live via Xperia companion only, no OTA yet.

    here are the changelog from what I observed:
    – UI has some sort of similar appearance to Xperia X
    – Usual marshmallow stuff

    Camera now has predictive autofocus similar to Xperia X, it has to be turned on first tho

  • Alvy

    Is the camera app faster now? Does it have shutter lag anymore? Is there any bug you found with MM update?

  • Camera app is faster to open, image processing is a little bit faster. But strangely I have to wait a while to zoom in when I open my image in album right after shooting

  • ??????? ?????????? ??????

    Good update for the M5 users. While me as a z5 user still nothing from x, no similar ui, no predictive autofocus (but maybe sony didnt update the z5 cause x wasnt released when marshmallow for z5 was released.Hopefully they update the z5 with x ui (similar at least) on android N

  • Pat Rick

    Hope it will be available soon in France

  • Alvy

    Thanks for your reply. That really strange.

  • Con Ma

    help me, i cant update, even when i try pc companion, it alway show ” up to date” and cant find new update. While all my friend( have m5 too) can find it and updated all

  • Prakash Joshi

    I am not able to change my pattern lock and it show error setting has stopped. Are you also facing the same issue. .I have M5 dual

  • No I don’t, that’s very strange tho

  • Do a factory reset first, sony service centre may cost you time. I did experience several lags initially right after updating, but then the phone performs normally. Equal to lollipop 5.1 I might say

    But that frame rate drop during video playback annoys me though

  • Bob

    Hi everyone. After the system updated. I see the total RAM are only 2.5G. There are acutally 0.5G disappeared. I also check the Z5 on MM as well. It has 2.7G. It is quite strange. Anyone who knows the answer please share it. Cheers

  • Prakash Joshi

    Will Software Repair will format my Internal Storage?

  • Prakash Joshi

    After updating My M5 dual to Android 6.0, I am facing some issues.

    – Not able to change my pattern lock, It’s shows setting has stopped working
    – Phone is heating too much
    – There is Sony Stamina mode like in android 5
    – Album take too much time to open and edit

    If anyone is experiencing the same and If they found any solution, Please tell me because I don’t want to format my phone.

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes it will format everything

  • Ashay Churi

    experiencing same issue..
    Solution Please

  • Prakash Joshi

    I formatted my phone today and Now I am able to change my lock but still android lollipop has better camera and some things which are missing from camera is Superior Auto Video recording mode.

  • Prakash Joshi

    I have done formatting but the issue is not resolved

  • ZerothGlacius

    I have noticed corner blurring on some shots on my M5 (rear camera) with the 6.0 update that was not there previously. Other than this, I concur that this is an excellent update. Image quality has improved in a number of circumstances, though slightly.

    BTW: The speaker has changed, the audio has changed, and it appears ClearAudio+ can now work system-wide instead of only a few applications. Can anyone confirm?

  • ZerothGlacius

    My phone performs much better than it did with 5.1…..

  • i think corner blurring issue is always there since 5.0.2 as it has always been a lens issue

    I am never a fan of clear audio so I haven’t tested it yet

  • Sejuk Sahiri

    assalamualikum bro..kwn pn ade problem yg sama la

  • Sejuk Sahiri

    went i update my fon too 6.0 suddenly my sim card didt detect and it says ‘’ stop working..can any one help musing sony M5

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    A part of the total RAM is allocated to the kernel and on Xperia M5 case there’s zRAM as well.

  • Ashay Churi

    Since 6.0 update memory card showing corrupted. but it is working on other phones.
    cant change my pattern lock and it show error setting has stopped.
    If anyone is experiencing the same and If they found any solution, Please tell me..

  • Prakash Joshi

    I also faced the same problem, Go to setting – Apps- Phone and clear data and cache

  • Prakash Joshi

    Boot your phone in safe mode and ye sometime it shows sd card corrupt just restart your phone.

  • Sejuk Sahiri

    I do that and won’t happen until Sony send me Xperia help support went I install it,it done

  • Rodrigo Venturi

    Since the update of my M5 dual I’m having a serious problem opening apps. When I try to open Snapchat, Facebook, messenger, Firefox, telegram, etc.. Sometimes the cellphone goes crazy and crashes the app, I try to open again right after I close and crashes again. The multitasking does not kill apps anymore when I say so (Spotify does not stop music, other apps start back from where I stop). Even though, there were improvements on camera and a little on battery.

  • ZerothGlacius

    Better than 5.1 here.

  • ZerothGlacius

    After performing a full reset, these issues resolved after a few days of use.

  • ZerothGlacius

    1) No pattern lock issue here.
    2) Phone heating? Which carrier/SIM card are you using? I find that the heat levels of M5 are quite dependent on certain carriers.
    3) Stamina mode is not as good as it was in 5.1
    4) Album opens near instantaneous for me….

  • Prakash Joshi

    I am also not facing pattern lock issue now.
    I am using vodafone sim
    stamina mode i am not using but battery backup is decent
    phone is lagging too much sometimes and 80% of ram is used, how can i clean my ram

  • ZerothGlacius

    1) It appears this phone heats up when the carrier/operator uses lower frequencies (e.g. 900mhz,850mhz) and does not support certain cell standby features. My phone heated up more when I used Reliance GSM as my primary sim. Ported to other operator, now its fine.
    2) for RAM issue, close all apps using task switcher and use an app named Ashampoo Droidoptimizer. It will help.

  • Waalaikumsalam.. Overall sih firmware bagus cuman bugsnya kacau kacau.

    – Ada frame rate drops pas nonton video. Jadi video suka lag terus jadi cepet bgt selanjutnya
    – Masa jam di status bar sama di lockscreen beda. Jadinya aku masuk jam lembur kerja

  • Sejuk Sahiri

    Owh psal bug nya saja

  • Ashay Churi

    tried all the solutions still facing the issue.
    Every time it is showing your memory is corrupted.
    Its working on all other phones.

  • Prakash Joshi

    Have you tried safe mode

  • Ashay Churi

    Yes i tried safe mode also..
    i formatted my memory card through phone, now phone is detecting it, but i cant copy paste anything on memory card.
    In the Camera Data Storage when i select SD card, it is giving me the error “could not save photos. there may be a problem with the data storage, check your SD card.”

  • tzortziskon

    Nothing yet for me …. :(

  • ZerothGlacius

    With the new 6.0 update, apparently my M5 is upgraded to Xperia Lounge GOLD. It got the new dialer, it got the new messaging app, new icon packs – it’s interesting to see that Sony does love it’s M-series… :D

  • Dean Williams

    I updated my M5 to Marshmallow, and as reward, my phone is now vulnerable, as I can no longer add locking security to my device, as well as my inability to use an SD Card in it, as apparently, my SD Card is “corrupted”, even though it worked fine prior to that.

    Nice going Sony, good job….

  • Madhu Km

    is it just me i cant see any pictures in the website and instruction page

  • Ricardo López Suárez

    Does anyone know when the 6.0.1 is coming to E5606? :(

  • Rastko Mihajlovic

    Hi, i updated my sony m5 to 6.0 , and i noticed that youtube videos lag at 1080 , so i checked my ram, and i only had 400 mb free for use, Android OS is taking almost 1300 mb , is it normal , and can somebody help!!!

  • Joss Pailler

    it didn’t xorked for my m5 e5603

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