Xperia X Performance now in stock in UK

by XB on 21st July 2016

in Xperia X series

Xperia X Performance CloveThe Sony Xperia X Performance is now officially available in the United Kingdom. The handset is in stock through retailer Clove for £549.99 plus postage. This is a limited launch so don’t expect it to appear across a wide range of retailers. Clove says that they “don’t know when this UK run will sell out, or guarantee if Sony will restock once depleted.”

However, we’ve spotted that will also be selling the Xperia Performance for £599.99. The handset is on pre-order for now, so there is a chance that the price moves lower and closer to Clove’s retail price. Amazon UK expects to get stock on 3 August 2016. The Xperia X Performance is only available in Black in both retailers.

Xperia X Performance Amazon UK

  • betatesterz

    Meanwhile, everyone else are eagerly waiting on the F833X…

  • lolop

    Just the nerds.

  • KarFar

    how the X series are selling in your countries? how about japan?

  • EQ
  • hmmm

    September is right un front of us and sony forgot to sell their last flagship….and we are waiting for the next one…..good job sony!what kind of people run this company ??????

  • lolop

    How’s that a moronic statement? As if 90% of people that buy Sony phones know or care about the processor and upcoming models. Just us nerds give a shit about any of this.

  • EQ

    Becouse being enlighted doesn’t make you a nerd. But people like what they are told to like. That is what stupid people do. And stupid people then like to talk big thinking they know things but they dont. That’s why we call stupid people clowns. Question now is, are you a clown?

  • fried_egg

    only nerds will buy a phone from a niche retailer when it has no network supplier also selling it. if a network shop doesnt sell it, then few will know it even exists… regardless of clove or amazon stocking it… so a nerd is someone who actually wanted to buy it rather than stumbling across it.

  • lolop

    Why are you upvoting your own posts lol. I don’t know why you’re resorting to personal insults either, quite childish, I wonder why you get so defensive.

    People like what they are told to like? What does that mean lol people just buy what they like. We are obviously Sony fans and we care about specs and design but they’re other people that couldn’t give less of a shit and just what a something that works.

    “Stupid people then like to talk big thinking they know things but they don’t” – This sounds a lot like you right now.

    Do you get it?

  • EQ
  • johannaltabares

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  • Brendamnewman1

    <<o. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!be855p:….,…

  • EQ
  • Battel

    Sony has just cut $150 of this device price ( To be added to the next device price ) !

  • ashtray124

    It’s a shame becuase the Z5 ultra is still the benchmark Sony phone…even after a year!

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