Xperia X Performance promo video highlights 0.6 second camera capture

by XB on 22nd July 2016

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Xperia X Performance 0.6 secondOne of Sony’s big marketing points around its latest Xperia X series of smartphones is the ability to grab a perfect camera shot in just 0.6 seconds. This is the time that Sony says the camera can go straight from standby to capture, with its quick start up and speedy hybrid autofocus. This feature is the highlight in the latest Taiwanese promo video below, showing a few different scenarios in which the actor efficiently snaps pictures with ease and one-handed too. For those that own the phone, does Sony’s claims of quick capture hold true? We’d love to hear your experiences below.

  • Dominic81

    Does it highlight its terrific 4k recording capabilities? Oh wait…

  • Leo M

    you come just to shit here? :D :D :D

  • Shadowmourne

    If you turn the screen on(not unlock) in advance, it can take a photo in 0.6-0.8s.
    However, if the screen is off, it takes at least 1.6s.

  • Adam Egger

    are there any smartphones with a similarly fast capture time? Is it because of the used camera chip?

  • razorg

    I wonder if there are any other improvements in the camera module from Z5 to X series, for we know that both series use the same IMX 300 sensor, but the modules themselves, we don’t know if they are the same or not. And if they are the same, that means X has only got a better optimized software, and why does Sony keep these software optimizations (like faster shutter speeds and overall faster camera UI) only for X and does not give Z5 owners as an update…

  • EQ

    But you have to admit it is odd. Sonys mobile division is acting like they need to babysit the users and clamp features the phone is perfectly cappable of. I cant help but feel they gone politically correct aka “Like a Swede”..

  • EQ

    But he snapped with HW shutter key and not by unlocking phone. I have to neg you now for false information.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    out off the box yes….load ur own apps not sure it’d be 0.6 sec
    when i got my xz5dual it was as 0.03 from camera viewfinder right now, dont think its that fast as advertised

  • Clamser

    Here is that’s lacking in Sony cruelly; Battery, memory, design, more with user experience and thinner bezel.

  • Kunal Shukla

    Xperia X was seen getting hot even after recording of 10 minute of HD video so much that it had to shut down, Sony can’t just put 4k recording on a phone and even if they do it won’t record more than 2 minutes or so. I think this is the reason why they have given it a miss

  • The One

    Clever marketing, but you’re fooling yourself if you think anyone could truly capture these moments from the screen being off. Human reaction time is barely fast enough to position the phone and press the camera button. I call BS!

  • LiterofCola

    so you’d have to buy an x

  • LiterofCola

    let it go

  • LiterofCola

    it works, try it if you can afford it

  • LiterofCola

    design is great, user experience is great, bezels are fine and 64gb of internal men memory of just fine for me

  • RockStar2005

    I would say there is……………at least with the software:

  • Raj Singh

    You can take photos while the device remains locked…

  • Bezels for the win !

    FHD @ 60 fps * which equals in amount of strain to basic 4K recording .. honestly you can’t expect more from 28nm chipset . this one is X Perfromance and you can’t just compare it to X .

  • Bezels for the win !

    bezel freak go away !

  • razorg

    This is a very dirty game they are playing. They are deliberately not fixing/optimizing the camera department on Z5 then, so that any improvements -despite the same hardware- would only be obtained if you got the newer X, thus bringing more profits to Sony. Very bad tactics…

  • RockStar2005

    They all do this stuff razor, not just Sony. Or else a lot of ppl wouldn’t buy the newer phone.

  • razorg

    Of course, I agree with you. But man, other companies at least wait for another year to release another flagship, not every 6-months! And they actually upgrade the camera hardware too. But this? Using the same bloody sensor on the newer device, but leaving the previous model laggy and all on purpose? Deliberately not optimizing the software? This is the biggest betrayal to their loyal customers who chose to buy Sony phones in the sea of Android phones where we could have gone and bought phones with OIS/laser autofocus cameras etc (I mean with better and real camera features at least)…

  • RockStar2005

    Well lol……let’s be honest…….. the Z5 came out what, October of last year? And the XP came out a month ago? That’s about 9 months. lol Cuz Sony Mobile, in their “infinite wisdom”, announced the phone in Feb but released it 4-5 mos later?!! They make the greatest phone ever IMO but their marketing & sales ppl, not to mention their CEO, are the biggest DIMWITS ever. I mean they are BEYOND DUMB! They don’t deserve to be responsible for such a work of art like the Xperia line.

    Yes, I agree………6 month (typical) release is stupid and they should realize by now how stupid it is, but they don’t. They should’ve improved the sensor, but this is the same company that released the US XP W/O the fingerprint sensor software, so again, I rest my case.

    Well, the thing is, with regards to the camera on the XP at least, to me it’s better than the S7’s, and I know b/c I had the S7’s. Don’t believe the majority of these reviews that say otherwise. The XP’s screen AND camera are more color accurate where S7 tends to oversaturate certain things. With regards to low light…’s called a Flash dude. lol Most of these reviews don’t even know that the Xperia line defaults their camera to 8 MPs, so they take pics with that resolution then criticize the quality of the pics. MORON, you have to switch it to the 20 or 23 MP THEN do your comparisons.

    I could care less about OIS and laser autofocus. The camera on the XP is the BEST smartphone camera I’ve ever used, hands down. It outdoes not only the S7’s (which I had for 3-4 mos btw) but also I had the HTC 10 for a week and it outdoes that one too………more detail. HTC really improved their camera cuz it was also more color accurate than the S7’s, but if I take a pic of something with words on it and zoom in, on 10 it was not clear while on S7 and of course XP, it was.

  • razorg

    Yes they announced X back in February and released it months later, so releasing a not-so-groundbraking phone late is ruining their profits as well, at least they could have been fast with to capture the people seeking the new S820 chipset devices. And again as I said, not improving the camera hardware but bringing lots of software optimizations on X (which can very well be and should be implemented on Z5 series as well) shows how they deliberately didn’t spend as time and elbow grease on Z5 series which is disappointing to be honest. For the other thing, I have not experienced a HTC 10 yet but I have experienced a Galaxy S7 and I have to say, everything is much faster in terms of booting up the cam and taking the photo itself! My Z5C has a 1-1.5s of lag everytime I press the shutter button, and everytime I miss the scene I was hoping to capture… IT IS ANNOYING! And all the moderators on Sony Support Forums say it’s alright! :/ Man in today’s world if the cam does not open and/or shoot photos instantly on a flagship device, I would say it’s not finished yet. They released a half baked phone and they expect us to wait so they can improve it bit by bit with every update. Sorry but that’s not the reason I bought this phone. I am not a developer or anything. What I needed was an overall optimized all rounder daily flaghip phone… And also for OIS issue, everyone says OIS is not needed because SteadyShot is better. Ok to some extend I agree, for VIDEO recording SteadyShot really performs well. But OIS helps taking photos IMMENSELY! Especially for a device with a dedicated physical shutter button. I love it but when I use it, every single time, the photos are more blurry than the ones I take using the on screen shutter button (because in order to press the physical button you tend to apply more force and shake the device itself more, thus end up with blurry images) and a well performing hardware OIS system would help overcome this problem! This is the reason I never use the shutter button tbh (although I love to use physical buttons on cameras). I have to say I am definitely not a Sony hater, instead I love their Compact phones the most as I am not a big phone person and getting the flagship specs on a compact body was a must for me and I went for the Xperia Z5C back in October. However, this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t raise my concerns and complaints. I hope I will get all I look in a phone in their next Compact device and go for an upgrade…

  • Little Man

    You do realize that the picture is taken ahead of the screen lighting up right?

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah S7 boots up the camera a second or so quicker, but I could care less about that if the XP’s camera is better.

    I mean, yeah Steady Shot is for videos. And no OIS for pics, but to me, unless you have a serious disease like Parkinson’s, how hard is it to take a steady shot?? lol I don’t see what the big deal is about OIS. Yeah I ONLY use the on-screen shutter button, never the side one. Only time I would ever use the side button is if I was underwater when you HAVE to use it, but that’s like umm, never. lol

    Yeah I’m in b/t. I’m not into compact phones, but I most definitely dislike phablet phones the most. I had the S7 Edge for about 2 weeks, and it was simply too big IMO. So I got the S7 instead.

    Yeah who knows what’ll happen next. I wasn’t happy about having to buy my XP unlocked. I was never willing to do that before, even back when I was DYING to have the Z2. But now I have the Amazon Prime card which lets you pay off any item at or over $549 over a year interest-free, so then it became more worthwhile since Sony clearly wasn’t coming back to T-Mobile or any US carrier ever again. My Z3 I had through T-Mobile, and I guess I should be happy I even got that. Had to go and get non-carrier insurance too which I didn’t prefer either since they cover everything except loss where I think carrier covers loss too right? But whatever. I couldn’t stand any other phone available, including the S7 and 10……well 10 maybe, but the camera not having supreme detail was a downer for me. As long as Sony makes int’l (or US??) phones that I can buy here in the US, I’ll prob keep buying them. But if they stop, I’ll prob go HTC, unless they go out of business too. Then I’ll just buy a flip phone. LOL (or an iPhone? lol)

  • illstplaya .

    Just so you know the 6 month release cycle is to please the Japanese customers. They like having a quick turn around over there for some reason. This is why Sony does that.

  • illstplaya .

    Bezel is only lightly bigger than the Galaxy s7

  • RockStar2005

    Oh ok. Well it’s still dumb either way. lol

    I read somewhere a few years ago that Sony Mobile surveyed customers and it was those customers who THEY say wanted a new phone every 6 mos. They should’ve said the customers all live in Japan. lol

  • 3_nity

    Xperia phone from S series can taking photo from lock screen just in less from 1 second

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    But how fit fingerprint sensor the near screen? (yeah “near” is closest the bezel to fingerprint sensor)
    Saw the Sony Engineer said “It won’t fit fingerprint sensor, reason the bezels screen” (i forgot to read somewhere) but right now, they already saw the XA is thinner bezel without fingerprint sensor.)
    Oh yeah sony needs to make a thin bezel without fingerprint sensor for mid-high range phones. (it may reason peoples who want a fingerprint sensor)
    Excuse me, my English is poor grammatical.

  • Sadman Khan

    That’s the autofocus speed. Not photo capture speed (in this case). The autofocus is plenty fast.

  • razorg

    I’ve uploaded two photos here (unedited photos uploaded to my Onedrive), and in both cases I held my breath in order to stabilise my arms (same technique used by snipers and archers).

    This is the first one; I pressed the on screen shutter button:!AhPThVT2Y1pNjzqcMIcb0e-6gfOH

    And the second one where I used the dedicated physical shutter button:!AhPThVT2Y1pNjzl95sysQLic0RE1

    You don’t need to have extreme tremors on your hands like Parkinson’s disease patients to kind-of-ruin a picture, by the way. Please try to zoom in, for example, on the pack of tissues and the vitamin box below the scene in both cases and see how using the dedicated button creates a blurry effect (which could’ve easily been overcome with the implementation of OIS). Examine the both pictures and tell me, your hand on your heart, Sony is still on the right track for not improving itself in this sense…. I just don’t understand, how would “fanboying” help them get better here… As I said, there wouldn’t be a better phone for me apart from Z5 Compact and I am happy that I bought it. However, this doesn’t mean I should never have complaints or I should accept every single thing Sony puts forward as the will of God! Why is everyone taking my concerns as an attack to Sony? Again, I love Sony, and this is the reason I went for the Z5C (flagship specs in a compact body with dedicated shutter button – almost(!) everything I looked in a phone, let down by some missing features), but I am free to express the things I did not like and the things I think should be improved in the next iteration of the lineup!

  • RockStar2005

    Dude, I wasn’t saying you were ripping on Sony. You’re allowed to think what you want. To me, as long as the on-screen shutter button is used, it’s all good. I actually AGREED that the physical shutter button was less stable in my last post too.

  • Simon Giesen

    I made some experiments with own source code and the open camera app. What I can say is that I strongly believe that Sony does not give the true image power and possibilities to us. And this is weird. I believe – and these are my results – that IF Sony wants to, the image quality of the X Performance and the X would be just barely below the highly acclaimed RX100 series. Expressed differently: There would be no sense for Sony to sell compact cameras anymore except the for optical zoom. So what I would like to ask Sony is that to tell us customers the truth:

    – Are you afraid that the sales of your compact cameras would go down?
    – Do you have secret agreement with smartphone vendors buying your Exmor RS sensors that your own smartphones have to have a poorer performance than theirs?

    Please Sony, stop ruining your products with your own hands by no reason (or tell us the truth).

    With a fast SD micro card I get 100Mbps 4k video from my Sony Xperia X and it looks stunning. I even did some experiments with the Atmos Shogun and clear 4k video recording right from the 4k MHL output of the X. Awesome! Sony is supporting MHL 3.0 from the Z2 and Z2 tablet onwards BTW.

  • HAWX

    Well said. Ihave encountered exact same problem. Dat shutter lag.. From Z to Z5.. Rubish camera.

  • Mars

    So they would rather maintaint their market share in the compact camera market than rule the mobile phone market(witch is A LOT BIGGER than the compact camera market->everyone has a phone). Very good logic here by you.

  • EQ

    GTFO! Who said Sonys marketing department has good logic? GTFO!

  • EQ

    Seldom I ever had shutter lag on my Z1 or Z5. Maybe you should try the “manual” mode instead of auto mode. I promise it aint so scary, you basically just point and click and it’s done. So dont worry about ISO and such to make your head spin son, clown son.

  • fried_egg

    I have owned the X10, S, Z1 and love my Z5… I have loved them all… My friends even followed my enthusiasm for Sony getting “what you want” right rather than the “gimmicky” S5 & S6 etc into buying Z3, Z3+ &, Z5compact phones themselves but none of them like what they have seen with the X range and none of those with the Z3 or Z3+ are intending to stay with Sony come their replacement this winter and next easter… Sony could not have fkd up their phone range more

  • EQ

    I dont think Samsung fans will buy Sony mobiles. They just like to complain about them to spread FUD and get a check from Samsung.

  • HAWX

    Well, I and many use “shutter lag” as a more generic term. Like input lag. The time between when you press the capture button (on screen ) and device that completely captures the scene. And the total time it takes is noticably higher on Xperia Z devices compared to Samsung and Apple flagships. And it is OBVIOUS no matter what you write here. Thats what I and razorg is saying.

  • An Li

    no one recognizes Jay Chou? wow, wonder how much Sony paid him for this!

  • An Li

    that would be the human’s fault not the phone’s haha

  • An Li

    hahaha your username is awesome

  • An Li

    z5 series was definitely the best! hopefully the x series is just a gap filler and the next generation is gonna be beast, or else i will be keeping my z5p forever..

  • misio87

    But it still overheats like every Sony photography product.

  • johannaltabares

    <<o. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!be516p:….,….

  • Shadowmourne

    yes, of course

  • Shadowmourne

    Of course I used HW shutter key, in both screen on and off tests.
    Or how can I take photos when the screen is off?

  • EQ

    You can from screen off with HW shutter key directly have the camera launch and take a photo without unlocking. Ph*ggot.

  • Full HD at 60 frames per second is merely twice the standard bit-rate.

    4K@30 is at least four times than 1080p@30, and encoding complexity does not rise in a linear fashion.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Lol… Waits when you do fast captured from stanby mode and the scn select backlights. It will be lag and you will missed that moment.

  • Mac

    For all of you that actually owns the X performance. How bad is the batterylife? I totally need a new Xperia replacing my Z3C with. But I can’t seem to find the one truly worthy as a upgrade.
    I think the overall size of the X-series is just above my liking but it could work if the phone is good enough.
    I think I would’ve gon for the Z5c if they wouldn’t suffer from so much Bluetooth issues.
    I will although miss the small apps and stamina.. c’mon.

  • Abdul Ghani
  • EQ

    A lifetime supply of deep fried rice. Thing is outside of Japan people will have a hard time to recognize this person.

  • An Li

    point proven lol he’s Taiwanes.. which makes sense for the ad’s intended audience. Any Chinese person would recognize him, though . Guess not anyone here :/

  • EQ
  • (NinJer)

    i knew but i didn’t care, his music isn’t that great recently, i like his old songs, like simple love and many motr

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    The sensor size [1″] of RX100 is 4 times larger than the Sony smartphone (and simple compact cameras) sensor [1/2.3″]. There is no competition there, especially in low light conditions.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Thats Sony (and Canon, Nikon, Apple…).
    Only companies with small customer base care about the customer after he has bought a product, they may give him updates that improves the product.

  • An Li

    Yup, his old songs were the best!

  • Simon Giesen

    Yes, regarding the size of the sensor you’re right. But the X and the X performance are getting very close, try yourself. And when recording directly to an external recorder the two X are even better (except in crucial light conditions). Expressed differently: Sony made products here with rocket science technology but they don’t delivery proper fuel and the booster.

  • Awesome Carrot

    Haven’t been here for a long time. It’s 2016! Come on, Sony. Stop being stupid …

    From used-to-be-Sony fanboy

  • HikaruKaze

    it’s true.. but you must close all running apps before, turn off the screen and it launches the camera app very quickly… if not, it’ll taken under more than 1 sec (but under 2 sec)

  • HikaruKaze

    X performance battery life is poor if compared with Z3C

  • Mac

    That’s just sad, the Z3C doesn’t even have a batterylife after Marshmallow update :(. If X Performance is worse then I probably can compare it to my Z1C that drains from 45% to 0% in like 3min.

  • HikaruKaze

    it’s not as bad as you say from 45% to 0% in 3 minutes…
    maybe your Z1C battery gone bad.
    my light-medium usage on 2G is around 16 hours of battery life.

  • Mac

    Yes my Z1C is that bad. I dunno what happend to the battery, it was great first 1,5 year and suddenly it got weird. That’s why I changed to Z3C but there I lost stamina so I can’t seem 2 find a way making it last a whole day. So that’s why I compared the Z1C with the X performance.

  • then, maybe just get Z3 or Z3 compact and better to avoid update..??
    I think Z3 is still good in normal use case.

  • Mac

    Well I bought the Z3C with Marshmallow in it. So I didn’t even update it, although I would’ve done it either way. There is always something attracting with them updates.
    The Z3C is to old. It even have to rewrite the homescreen sometimes, like my old Acro S had 2 like every time.
    It’s sad but true, no mather what specs the phone have, it will become slow and laggy after like 1,5 year and getting annoying before hitting 2 years.
    It’s not only because I want something newer and cooler. The phone just doesn’t provide me with the flawless performance as it first did.

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