Sony to focus on premium smartphone segment in India

by XB on 2nd August 2016

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Xperia-Z5-Premium-Mirror-640x408We recently reported that Sony Mobile was looking to ‘defocus’ on several markets, one of which included India. A report from Times of India has confirmed that Sony India is planning a shift in its Xperia strategy and will now only focus on the flagship Xperia smartphones.

Sony India’s Vijay Singh Jaswal, who heads up the Xperia division, said that the company is “sharpening focus on select products and sales channels” and that the “marketing strategy will now revolve around offering premium products in the smartphone segment”.

Jaswal expects the launch of flagship products “will further enhance our presence in the market” and has already benefited with this strategy in terms of average selling prices. ASPs in Q1 FY16 were 55% higher compared to phones thanks to Xperia handsets like the Xperia Z5 Premium. Sony India will leverage the upcoming festive season to offer flagship products with special offers.

Via Times of India.

Thanks KF!

  • ramuk

    LOL, waiting for the “How many of you are planning to get the Note 7” article from XB.

    On a serious “Note” – How many of you are disappointed at the Note 7? Because from the reviewers to comment section on the tech blog it looks like people are seriously underwhelmed by it. This is a big chance for Sony. Bring a phablet with specs that can outdone Samsung in the specs race. 4K screen/ FHD with HDR capable screen, plus 4GB RAM plus SD821, plus android 7 at launch would be great.

  • Great Dude

    I am no expert and I am not an Indian
    but it seems to me that if Sony opens more manufactures in India then they could make cheap devices for Indian and some countries with the same quality that is better than other cheap Chinese products (even if it wasn’t that cheap it would still be not so expensive as Sony’s flagships ) and that would be better for Indians and Sony

  • RockStar2005

    I like how you think dude. lol

  • dragonsneeze

    Sony doesn’t really have any other than premium devices this year tho. Except for E5 maybe.

  • dragonsneeze

    It looks pretty I’ll give you that. And then… meh.

  • Sharp Edge

    Sweet baby Jesus, Sony’s trying to sell high end products in a 3rd world country? Like ok, they have a large population but people are literally scrapping by from day to day. Who’s going to sell their 7 kids to buy the next big thing from Sony?

    Also, Sony needs to lay off the crack pipe.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    LMAO Look at you! You have no idea how many dumb people buy Apple devices in India, and how many own S7 / Note series here.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I think they should compete only in the premium segment, set factories in India only to keep margins high, and price cut the competition with offers and attractive pricing.

  • Sadman Khan

    To be fair, i understand. Because with companies like Xioami and Oneplus and Lenovo etc around, there’s no way that Sony can survive in the midrange or low end market. They won’t be able to offer so much at such cheap prices. Xiaomi practically provides flagships at midrange prices. Xperia M5 is probably a bit more expensive than Xiaomi’s Mi5. The only way is to keep the high end market intact

  • Sadman Khan

    Let’s not underestimate a country like India which is basically a rising power. And apparently everyone knows that, other than you :P

  • Junior Rider

    but that would entail a large investments whereas they’ve already build a manufacturing plant in Thailand.

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Yup, phablet is meh. I consider best 5″ can fit my all jeans. (5,2″ is thight fit)

  • If only they were that fast. If this happens, they would deliver it after 3-4 months of its announcement which will again become a useless phone by the time it gets to the shelves.

  • Well if you know Sony Mobile then you must know one thing, reducing price is not really in their To-Do-List. They earn the maximum per unit profit among all Android OEMs and i dont think so it’d be difficult to reduce their pricing a little bit, it really wont be a problem for them. But the issue is, they are happy to reap heavy profits out of their small chunk of customers, thats how this Mobile Division has finally started to breathe again.

  • Mahesh

    3rd World? Which age do you belong man? Ice age? Stone age? USA, UK, Russia etc. have started taking India seriously and recognising India as their alliance rather than their follower. And you are blabbering nonsense.

    To boost your knowledge quotient: India is the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world in terms of volume of sells.

    Live happily in your first world.

  • MrM3

    Sounds great and all, only question I have is if they will fuck up the release again like they did on the X-series. I doubt people will wait six months to buy their new sony phone when the competition is that much faster on release.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    IKR but will Sony bring SD821 4K/FHD 4GB Ram and all sorts of things? Specially huge battery like 3500mAh.
    I like the Note 7 but over all it’s not new, cause you can get S7 Edge and it got the same stuff and what’s the point in paying $800.

  • Alliebsimmons

    <<v:t. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bc560a:….,….

  • Sharp Edge

    That’s nice sweetie but now lets cut the bullsh!t. Have you ever been there? Because I have on two separate occasions and the conditions there are terrifying to say the least and poverty is a real issue for a majority of people there. I’ll happily live in my 1st world country, thank you very much.

  • ramuk

    I came to release that lately that it’s all about spec game. Even if the phone can deliver excellent user experience it will be dead if the specs are underwhelming. Whoever has the biggest and baddest spec will win. This is way Z5 premium is much appreciated by the fanbase. I hope Sony will bring same kind of unique specs list with their new flagship. And also they will ship their phone quickly this time. BTW, how do you like the new design that was leaked couple of days ago?

  • Tony Joseph

    And yet they still have not launched the x perfomance here in india!

  • MoYeung

    How many units do they expect to sell in India?

  • EQ

    About tre fiddy millions.

  • EQ
  • KarFar

    Dude, suppose just 8% of India’s population are from just under middle class to high class, that makes it more than 100,000,000 person, still a big number.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Yep, the Note 7 was released so prematurely to steal sales from Apple.

    Hell, Sony only needs to match the Note 7 and slightly undercut it.

    And use a different camera sensor, obviously.

  • Sadman Khan

    Firstly, yes I have been there. Secondly I live right beside it. Every country has a fair share of its slums but if you fail to see the development and technological progress of India, then you really should brush up on your knowledge. No one’s asking you to not live in your first world country. You just have a very wrong impression of these “third world countries”.

  • ramuk

    The term “First World” and “Third World” are created to make westerners feel better about themself. It’s a inherently racist concept/term.

  • ramuk

    It was priced at $850-$899. Hilarious.

  • Svnjay

    “India is the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world in terms of volume of sells.”

    Volume is the key word here but volume does not always equate to profit. In most high volume markets, low value added products are sold which result in little profit. Higher value added products are sold in richer markets like the US where a lower volume is sold.

  • Yomi

    I agree the process is call ignorance as the westerners think themselves to come from a 1St world, thru forget all humans bleed same colour of blood and have same body parts. Moving on Sony needs to focus on premium on time devices with fast updates. That way, they would knock the rest out.

  • azzido

    When Sony will finally deliver Z6 Premium with 5.7″ 4K, HDR, 120Hz super bright screen? Can’t wait!
    And yes, new curved camera and S-Master amplifier would be appreciated ;)

  • azzido

    No, so far they offered X series mid rangers only, hope to see flagship device on IFA :>

  • roeshak

    that’s all we ever get out of Sony these days. focusing on premium segment and on this market or that market. why don’t they try for a change on focusing on developing solid devices instead of the very fanboy over priced under specced nonsense we’ve had now since the fall of 2014. that’s the only cure. the rest is just bull!

  • dragonsneeze

    Well, mid rangers could be premium and X and XA Ultra are premium enough imo. How Sony treats them later will determine how premium those are. A flagship is on the way appearantly we’ll see how it’ll turn out.

  • Victor

    Xa Xa ultra and X , the latter is somewhat a midranger. Kind of..

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    That moment you find out that Samsung actually copied your idea on Note 7 which was given Sony to implement on their Z5 Premium.
    While back I mentioned this on XDA(Sony devs read XDA), how you can let the user to choose the resolution of their phone so they can decide if they wanna use FHD, 2K or 4K. Guess Sony didn’t take Notes but Samsung actually did. I am happy actually at least Samsung doing it.

    I am really sad Sony’s Playstation and Alpha divisions do listen to the consumer about what they want but not the Mobile division.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    It looks nice but I have to think about it before I upgrade it. Cause IDK if it’ll do justice to my awesome Z3, It’s giving me great battery life and Sony seems to be reducing the battery over and over again. So let’s see when it gets announced.

  • dragonsneeze

    Sony hasn’t outed any new phones with higher res than FHD yet. Z5P had a special matrix to give sharp FHD experience. Maybe that’s the reason.

  • dragonsneeze

    Do you mean the E5? It’s more like a lower mid range yeah.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Nope, you are wrong. Sony’s Z5P had actually 4k screen and pixel density was mentioned accordingly. It is just the UI didn’t support 4k so Sony restricted it to that resolution !!!

  • Timel

    Yes ramuk! Time to make the big things! People know that Sony is the king of visaul and sound, all Sony need to do that combine their great techs together to their next flagship premium smartphone, when i say combine I mean serously and deeply integration between alpha NEX and Walkman and bravia to the coming up Xperia X flagship also with the lastest hardware specs in mobile world .

    For example
    – SD821
    – Android 7 with new smooth Xperia UI on top
    – Dual-camera with OIS and Zeiss Lens (Huawei team up with Leica right? then Sony must team up with Zeiss)
    – 6GB of Ram
    – 128 UFS Internal Storage
    – 5.5 4K display and the ability to work underwater
    – High quality audio DAC and Amp
    – Small bezels

    And please make the big event for the next xperia flagship in Time Square, New York and sell the phone in the US , India and Japan inmediately after luanch the phone.

    I know…. but Im just dreamin’ now

  • Great Dude

    Yeah I guess you are right .Yet I think they can make some few budget phones for developing markets.

  • Great Dude

    I didn’t know that ,thanks for the info .
    I hope they do something good about that .

  • Great Dude

    Also a possible way to make profit which will lead to new great phones.

  • Junior Rider

    I do hope so, Sony should also offer budget phones at a reasonable price and roll these out to budget conscious markets, look at Huawei for example, they’re not the #1 seller for flagship smartphones but they enjoy sales on their budget phones.

  • azzido

    Agree, but the screen could be 5,7″ and use stylus to compete with Note series.
    + in terms of the camera it could be curved lens, I wonder where is this technology? It’s been a few years since we heared about it isn’t it? Considering chinese brands are coming with 6GB of RAM Sony should offer the same, I do not imagine a flagship at the end of 2016 with 3Gigs only… The specs you mentioned are ok, however I would add at least 4000mAh battery.

  • azzido

    It looks ok, nothing special just ok, for sure better than X series.

    There are still 2 things I do not like about it:
    1. The back is not 1 piece and there is some kind of a horizontal line / strip which looks bad
    2. Back is made of metal / alluminium? instead of frosted glass introduced in Z5, however materials are not yeet confirmed. Hope frames will not be plastic :/

  • azzido

    They were fast with Z5 series, how it ended? They sacrified the quality

    1. Early products was suffering camera blur in the left upper corner as QA was not checking it.
    2. Power button problems
    3. Screen problems (Yellow hue)

    So I agree to speed up the processes, but not to sacrifice the testing.
    Unfortunately it means they will need to hire more QA / QC testers to better check the hardware and software.

  • azzido

    Indeed therer is 3rd World like: India, Africa etc.
    And it is not about the racist, but the level of how the country is developed, the quality of living, however it is somehow related to the culture :)

  • azzido

    English please?
    Noone’s able to read this iconic egyptian hierogltps

  • azzido

    OMG I didn’t know Shamesung already did it while we all asked to implement it in Z5 Premium… You are 100% right Sony Mobile does not listen to customers, however Playstation division is doing it, at least much better, not in terms of games in Playstation Plus (pathetic indie games to be the reason why I resigned from subscribing Plus and I am waiting for Xbox Scorpio now due to the reasons:
    1. Microsoft to offer most powerful console and the only one that will be able to offer the games in True 4K – not upscaled as PS Neo… no matter it will be 30fps only.
    2. Xbox has much better controllerthan Sony, always had
    3. Gold is giving much better games than Plus

    fter seeing this option in Note I am considering to move to this device if Sony will not deliver what we want on IFA.

    IFA is coming soon so it will be a moment to decide whether to pick Z6 Premium or Galaxy Note.
    Shamesung improved the design with S7 series now, as well as materials and it is waterproof. + they have the best screen – they always had.

  • azzido

    Nope, they are selling 3 millions globally, so for india it will be few thousand hundreds at its best, if at all.

  • Timel

    A Pen? I think it is not that important for most people including me , there’s a lot cool stylus out there and 5.7 inch um.. it’s almost 6 inch which is too big
    I think 5.2 – 5.5 inch is the best size with Bezel-less design

    I dont want Sony to copy what Samsung did , Sony have their own great techs and also have movie and game studios and the music label, Sony clearly is the king of visaul and audio , Sony just need to integrate their greats to the next Xperia X flagship, not the bullshit like they did with Z series.

  • dragonsneeze

    I’m not saying it wasn’t 4K. It just had a zigzag pattern. That may cause problems with middle resolutions like 2K idk. If you mean a toggle between FHD and 4K, rendering everything in 4K is not really sensible with SD810 and 3.5k battery.

  • Junior Rider

    i hope those what you said won’t just stay as a dream, I mean Sony can definitely do those things, I just doubt at the management’s decision if those would really be implemented…

  • Bashar Shehab

    The ASP is high not because “Sony is the most pricy” but because Sony doesn’t introduce 999+ budget phones per day (ehm Samsung ehm)

  • Mahesh

    That information was given in the context of @Sharp_Edge referring India as 3rd World. A third world country just doesn’t become 2nd largest smartphone market for nothing (irrespective of profit)

  • Julietakers

    <<k:y. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!bx488a:….,.

  • Mahesh

    As if there are no poor in your country! You people come to India only to explore proverty etc. You have no time explore it’s vast culture, ancient but advanced science etc. But then! I give a damn on you.

  • azzido

    Salea showed exactly whether bullshit was Z or X craps.

    X mid rangers is a huge failure of Sony, hence no sales :>

  • ZerothGlacius

    Premium = Greater than INR 20000. We’ll still be seeing the mid-range flagships, given how the Xperia XA Ultra and M5/M4 have sold in India….

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