Sony drops “PlayMemories Online” support from the Xperia Album app

by XB on 17th August 2016

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AlbumSony Mobile has announced that it is terminating the “PlayMemories Online” feature from the Xperia Album application. PlayMemories Online offered free storage allowing users to back up their photos and videos. Sony is now sending emails to users confirming that the service will end on 31 March 2017.

After 31 March 2017, all PlayMemories Online will be deleted. In light of this, Sony has provided a tool, which you can download here, that will allow users to download all of their stored content onto their computer.

To continue accessing your PlayMemories Online after 30 September 2016, you will need to make sure that you have updated the Album application to version 7.9 or later. The latest version released has build number 7.9.A.0.4. Further details on this big change to the Album app can be found here.

Thanks James and Shahram!

  • Alvin

    One by one, Sony’s services and things are missing.

  • Lyrahaze

    And in the end they will sell mobile division..

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    Im really annoyed about this,. I have used Playmemories for 5 years now and have 5 years worth of media content. How the hell am i going to download all that? It will take ages plus the size will horrendous. Thanks Sony killing off these services aint going to help you. Now i need another auto backup solution, anyone got any ideas? I use google drive but I want seamless backup.

  • iia3ezu

    Good riddance.

    Why would anyone want to use this over Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox or MEGA etc?

    PlayMemories is a stupid name anyway. At first glance, it would be suggesting a collection of memories/replays/savegames from your Playstation.

    Album is also not a very good photo app. There are better ones out there. If Sony Album were that good, plenty of users on non-Sony phones would have installed it voluntarily themselves.

  • mixedfish

    “Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox or MEGA etc?”

    Because people want to separate their Google activity (Gmail, search etc) from their more personal social media life. One Drive, Dropbox and Mega are all not alternatives, because they either cap you at a few gigs and then ask for yearly subscriptions or are simply not permanent like MEGA that doesn’t have integration of in browser features like photo editors/viewers. MEGA is also at risk of implosion at anytime due to it’s legitimacy.

    The only alternative that is similar (and better) is Flickr.

    “PlayMemories is a stupid name anyway.”

    Like Google Play?

    “Album is also not a very good photo app.”

    No, it’s a good app, but how many people go out of their way to download an image viewing app outside of stock. I can’t name anyone I know other than myself (camera enthusiast) who would.

  • Tam Ngo

    You clearly have no idea what the service was meant to do. It allowed synchronization across multiple devices and platform. I would consider it very much like Apple’s iCloud feature. Take a picture or video, gets uploaded/backed up to a cloud service, accessible immediately from other devices. It’s interface was nice enough, creative album function and sharing to others even if they didn’t have the application.

    Album may not be a spectacular photo app but it did everything I need a photo viewer to do. Also, in the case of the Z5 Premium, it’s the only way to properly view 4k images. Same with their Videos application. I get you don’t like it, that’s fine, but there’s a bunch of us who enjoyed the services that were provided, and it’s especially disheartening to see Sony downsize their software support.

  • Tam Ngo

    Agreed, I just re-enabled Photos to have some form of backup and… It’s just as you said, not seamless. And nowhere near as “universal” as I would like.

  • thelastredshirt

    From the details page, only the album app is affected. You can still use the regular PlayMemories Online app.

    “*Note! This only affects users
    who access PlayMemories Online via the Album application. Content
    accessed using a web browser or other applications will not be deleted.”

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    At this rate there’s no doubt. It’s all because they’re not listening to the customers,

  • Matthias

    Semi-related question, maybe someone here can help:

    I would like to use the Sony album app on my Z3C, but one thing makes it basically unusable for me: It lists ALL pictures chronologically, not only my camera photos. This makes absolutely no sense for me.

    That includes hundreds of random pictures that I’ve received from Whatsapp, Telegram and other sources. The pictures are all mixed with my camera photos. I haven’t found a way to change that, but maybe I have overlooked something?

    Right now, I mostly use the Google Photos app, which only shows my camera photos in its default view.

  • Kunal Shukla

    it is like Packing up things when you leave #sony isn’t it?

  • Matt

    ad support for google photos , and they are golden

  • Alvin

    Yup, that’s my biggest fear.

  • As this service is not available in all markets, I see no reason to keep and spend on their maintenance when you have the Google Photos that does the same

  • Google Photos

  • CerberusSco

    I’ve got to say this is another disappointment from Sony Mobile. I like using PlayMemories, as I use it to store all my content from my Sony WX220 and my Xperia X. I also like to use the PlayMemories app on my PS4 to view the many photos I have taken, on my TV. So for me, keeping it integrated is a must.

    Sure, some people won’t be too bothered by this as they will use other services like Photos or OneDrive, that’s fine, it’s horses for courses, whatever suits them I suppose, but I just cannot see the logic of Sony Mobile’s decision here. Slowly but surely it seems their demise is imminent.

  • Lau6304

    It wasn’t available in my country anyway.

  • Shehab Skull

    me too !

  • Raj Singh

    Fail but not surprising. Sony is finished, slowly and piece by piece. They can’t compete and no one takes them seriously.

  • same here

  • Only way I see, is to see by folders. There should be the option to hide folders, anyway.

  • Perhaps Flickr, 1TB storage.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Well this service not available in my country but sony offer box cloud with 50GB. That more then enough for me.

  • The One

    Why not just stop letting new photos be uploaded and keep what is already on the servers? Deleting everything is just stupid and unfair to the 3 customers who actually use this feature.

  • yopo

    Old news

  • jmaxim917

    I am not very happy about this decision. I use this app and like it a lot. I do not trust Google Photos!

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    But does Google photos offer seamless backup?

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    No playmemories is shutting down altogether in March 2017.

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    Thanks I will try google photos.

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    Yeah very much like Apples icloud, maybe Sony are shutting up shop with most of their divisions

  • Timel

    PlayMemories is much better for Sony ecosystems

    I can use PlayMemories app to play with my pics and clips on any Sony devices , on my Cybershot and NEX cameras , Bravia TV , PlayStation and my Xperia smartphones which Google photos can’t bring the amazing seamless experience like PlayMemories did

    ditching from PlayMemories to Google photos shows that Sojy trying to get away from being a software company , sony just want to be a hardware company

  • Timel

    Sony’s push into Android could be great news for everyone but Sony

    Sony should be unstoppable. No other company has such a potent mix of content, brand cachet, and hardware design in multiple areas. But the story with Sony for well over a decade has been its ineptitude at bringing all these things together to form a coherent whole.

    CEO Kaz Hirai acknowledged this when taking over in early 2012, presenting a strategy called “One Sony” in an attempt to unify and streamline the company’s businesses. But that followed previous chief Howard Stringer’s “Sony United” concept; the dream of a slick machine that can draw on the best of each division is a unicorn that the company continues to chase.

    At CES 2016, Sony’s predicament remains clear. Almost nothing in their gargantuan booth appears to be a bad product. There are gorgeous TVs, a thriving game platform, some of the most advanced cameras in the world, and much more, yet the connective tissue between all of this is little stronger than in years before. However, there’s a new wildcard that could have serious implications for Sony’s ecosystem: Google.

  • Saeed

    Google photos is better, thanks SONY.

  • Matthias

    Thanks for the answer. But yes, I know that, via folders I can navigate to the camera photos. That’s just really inconvenient compared to other apps like Google Photos.

    And I haven’t found a way to hide folders in the Sony Gallery folder view… (even if I could, that’s still 3 extra taps to get to the camera photos after opening the app… so I probably wouldnt use it).

  • jonoave

    This is great app, and I really liked it. One of the few unique features for Xperia. Sad that they dropped this.

  • jag

    Try putting a file named “.nomedia” in the whatsapp images folder if you don’t want those images received in whatsapp to be shown in the album app. Same with other apps.

  • Kendrick HO

    Of course.

  • Matthias

    Thanks for the idea, but that brings two other problems:

    1. The files are then hidden from the system, which I don’t want. (I just don’t want to see them by default in the gallery app, not completely hide them.)

    2. I’d have to add this file everytime there is a new folder with images, that alone is enough of a nuisance for me that I’d rather use another gallery app.

  • Kendrick HO

    Why are you saying Google Photos is not seamless?

  • Dotcum22

    This is sad news i use it a lot

  • tregate

    “Album is also not a very good photo app. There are better ones out there. If Sony Album were that good, plenty of users on non-Sony phones would have installed it voluntarily themselves.”

    I tried to install Sony Album on my non-Sony phones as an old Xperia user, but I couldnt find how ..

  • ramuk

    Just another hater who always post negative comment. Just remember this dude username and you will see what I’m talking about.

  • GrinigGammalGubbe

    Amazon cloud!

  • Zik Judy

    I have been a Sony Mobile fan for a long time. This was the last straw. I cracked the screen on my Xperia tablet (they seem to crack too easy for my liking) and it has now been replaced by an Apple device since no matter where I looked I could no longer find a Sony Tablet in store.

    Play Memories gave me seamless access to my photos on my other Sony devices (including TV’s, Playstation, Blu-ray, etc). Not all of those devices have Google Photos support.

    When I started with my Sony phones they were water proof with ads of people swimming in pools with them. They had the best hardware bar none. They also offered services that were far superior at the time. You could even walk into a Sony store and look at their products.

    Now the services have disappeared. The stores are gone. The waterproofing first got a big oops disclaimer and then disappeared. I had a warranty claim on a waterproof phone denied due to water damage (not from the flaps). Now we are being offered low budget processors in the few phones you can still find in store. Tablets have disappeared and my Smart Watch 3 will likely be the last one they ever make.

    RIP Sony Mobile.

  • Tam Ngo

    I guess I mean “integrated” into my eco-system. Just can’t use it across all my devices.

  • Tam Ngo

    I completely understand where you’re coming from. I have had many Sony devices (T610, Clie, Xperia Play, Xperia S, Tablet P, Xperia Z, Xperia Z3, and now the Xperia Z5 Premium) and they’ve all been a joy to own. I am not a fan of their new X series but Sony needs to step up. I have hope because I truly believe that these Japanese products are better than cheap/powerful Chinese phones. I don’t want my next phone to be Samsung or even going back to Apple.

  • Nice background, is it live?

  • Biancoceleste

    I’d never even heard of it.

  • 3_nity

    Are you stupid? :D

  • There are many alternatives to Google Photos.

  • lolop

    Dude I have the same background! Did you find it from Reddit?

  • Samuel

    What a shame. It was very useful for me. Now I have to download over 3 years worth of pictures.

  • jag

    So that’s the solution. Good job!

  • Renato Roškar

    Sony phones are also made in China and Vietnam but yes, the build quality is much higher than chinese’s regular ones

  • Renato Roškar

    Because they are going to shut down servers for this service as well I think

  • Mak Cau Theng

    Google photos>>>(A lot)Play Memories.

  • Tam Ngo

    When I say “Chinese” phones, I do not mean made in China. Almost everything is assembled in China. What I am saying is, I do not like phones designed and produced in China. Do not assume people do not know the difference. I’ll never buy a Huawei, Lenovo, or Xiaomi.

  • EQ
  • azzido

    never used it as it is compressing the files.
    So, do not care about it.

  • 100% with you!

  • Totally agree. This is a very unwise decision by Sony and I don’t understand how they expect to compete. There are many customers who want to access their media across Sony Mobile & PlayStation products but Sony is incrementally removing this capability. One of the best features of the PS4 is to run PlayMemories and instantly view all my photography (& video) easily on a big television; I liked the user interface and the way it functioned.

    Most of all, I don’t understand why they couldn’t maintain the PlayMemories service when auto-uploaded pictures are all resized to 1080p resolution. I properly backup my originals, of course, but the 1080p service was certainly adequate and very convenient for viewing across various devices.

  • Derek Wright

    I use playmemories and love it. It works great. Sony please keep it I use it on my Sony vaio at home, as well as my Xperia Z3

  • cestasol6

    cool & Awesome……..””||||||

  • cestasol6

    I Love The Camera Clarity. Its Better Than I Phone

  • i think it’s right thing for sony to do – jettison their bloatware and let end users choose their poison without clogging up their devices with stuff that may never get used or opted-into.

    sony hardware is the best designed outside of cupertino, and in fact in some ways surpasses the mono-audio thin-because-thin camera-bulging jony ive’s best work ;-)

    apple news is big on iphone dropping the physical home button in 2017 for example …!

    (full disclosure: apple rock, too)

  • Nazim Aknouche

    Sony are you kidding me I sent an email few days ago to Xperia support France ( the language i speak) for explanations about the lollipop Update for Xperia E4/E4g that didn’t came out yet, then they told me: “Thank you for contacting Sony Xperia Support.

    We inform you that the LolliPop is not compatible with your phone, unfortunately, you can not have a newer version of android. We are counting on your understanding.” I can’t believe that!
    Google said that the minimum requirements for Lollipop is 416 MB of ram…. E4 have 1GB…. So because of that, I want more clear explanations.

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