Sony is not to blame for leaving the Xperia Z3 off the Android Nougat list

by XB on 30th August 2016

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Android-N-Developer-Preview-Xperia-Z3Sony Mobile announced the list of Xperia devices that are to receive Android 7.0 Nougat firmware last week. Unfortunately, the Xperia Z2 and Z3 were not on that list, which left many owners venting their fury at Sony. Xperia Z3 owners in particular were annoyed that Sony had stopped updates, especially as the handset was involved in the Android Nougat Developer Preview. Therefore, there was perhaps an assumption from some, that the Xperia Z3 should be perfectly capable of running the final Android 7.0 release.

However, the absence of the Xperia Z3 on that Nougat list is not Sony’s fault. Devices that get upgraded to new Android versions need to pass Google’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). The CTS was updated during the Android N Developer Preview programme which meant that to comply with the certification requirements, Sony never released the final preview (DP5) firmware on the Xperia Z3. The last update was the ‘DP4’ firmware.

So what exactly changed in the CTS? Well, it seems that Google now requires devices to have graphics that support either Vulkan or OpenGL ES 3.1. This means that any device that is now running Adreno 3XX graphics, such as the Xperia Z3’s Adreno 330 GPU as seen on all Snapdragon 800 and 801 chipsets, cannot be updated to Android 7.0. This is because the Snapdragon 800/801 only supports OpenGL ES 3.0.

So even if Sony wanted to deliver the official Android 7.0 update for the Xperia Z3 its hands were tied. Instead, you can blame Google for updating the CTS or you can blame Qualcomm for not supporting OpenGL ES 3.1, although to be fair to Qualcomm, OpenGL ES 3.1 was launched after the release of the Snapdragon 800/801 chipsets.

These thoughts were echoed by Sony developer Ola Olsson: “Even if we really wanted to give you N on the z3(c), we wouldn’t been able to do it. Not if we wanted to pass the Google CTS.” Another Sony developer, Zingo Andersen, went on to say: “The reasons are both technical and legal. If you followed the N Developer Preview program you know that we didn’t release the final DP5. That program ran into some unforeseen limitations that could not be resolved. This is the reason that both concept and official won’t be upgraded to Android N.

So we can understand all of the frustration from Xperia Z3 users regarding no future Android 7.0 updates, but please don’t channel this frustration towards Sony. In this situation, there was little it could do.

  • Constantine

    Hello custom, my old friend..

  • DBS

    Well…we can’t and we CAN put blame on Sony though.
    Google screwed people up with the certification for Android 7.0. True. Sony can do little about that.
    HOWEVER, Sony isn’t prevented from updating Android 6.1. Android is an OSP and as long as Sony complies with Google’s directives over certification (namely the pre-load of Google bloatware and search bar etc), Google itself can’t deny Sony Play Store certification.

    And if Sony was REALLY committed to its customers (which isn’t likely judging by the words “Even if we really wanted to give you N” which is pretty much saying “we don’t want to, but even if we did”.) they could perfectly well pick up all the things from Android 7.0 that were working and put them unto their version of Android.
    Google can’t retroactively change requirements to 6.x versions. Nor can they prevent OEMs from adding things to their versions of Android. So, for example, Sony would perfectly well pick up 7.0’s slit screen feature and bake it into a new release of Android 6.x to the Z3 line.

    But the reality is that Sony doesn’t want to bother itself with it.
    Their move to be ever closer to stock Android is already indicative that they aren’t concerned with user experience and don’t want to waste time and money improving on Android themselves. So to expect Sony to actually do good by its users and release an update to 6.x that at least brings some 7.0 features would be asking too much from a company that doesn’t give a sh*t about consumer feedback.

    The result? Well, hopefully it will be that Z3 owners will be jumping to other OEMs that are at least bothering to put in some effort. And there are a ton of them these days. In the end, it’s ALWAYS Sony’s loss, never the user’s.

  • AA

    Thanks for clarifying, though I was never pressed about the announcement despite being a Z3c owner. Information like this is always welcome.

  • Wolf0491

    At the risk of starting a internet war… Uh I don’t think any company would do all that stuff for a two year old device to pump out features that the new android got.

    I think a reasonable thing to say is you expect sony/Any other company to at least continue to send the monthly security patches.

    I’ll probably still rock this z3 another year personally. I don’t need them new features.

  • DBS

    Well, apart from the fact that the Z3 isn’t actually 2 years old yet…almost, but not yet (came out in October 2014). And there’s also the detail of Sony not addressing the problems caused by the 6.0 update that they completely botched (bad battery life, lack of Stamina mode, even worse camera performance etc).

    Oh and let’s not talk about the monthly security patches…’cause Sony has been absolutely horrible there (to be fair, most OEMs have with the honourable exception of Samsung and BlackBerry)

  • Wolf0491

    I never said they were good with the patches. Was just stating it would be a more reasonable thing to expect.

    And uh I had no idea about any of those issues you mentioned. My phone works fine over here. Never used or cared for stamina mode though so maybe that’s why.

  • Steve Jobs

    Name a company that updates their SD801 devices.

  • Wolf0491

    I wish we had dirty unicorns for Z3. I spent a couple days trying learn how to do it once but Damn I just cannot find enough time to really get into it. Also heard camera is awful/fisheye on all AOSP type roms.

  • A mí no me pagan por opinar

    I agree. Sony hasn’t actually commited to their users nor the open source project. They still keep some parts as blobs so devs can’t figure out how to make some things work properly on devices that no longer have support.

    For example, camera on Sony Z-Z1 devices. Stuck forever on Android 5.1, when they could be perfectly upgradeable to MM.

  • shenoy

    Any news: By when final DP5 will be released for Z3.

  • Wolf0491

    I thought the article meant never.

  • Battel

    If Sony’s used SD805 instead of SD801 they wouldn’t have that problem .

  • Chi Wai Shum

    801 was a fine choice at the time. No one could have seen this coming.

  • RockStar2005

    That sux. But at least they have a GOOD reason for once. lol

  • Bezels for the win !

    just block that DBS guy he nothing but a troll and a samsung fanboy , it’s awesome not seeing his stupid comments . if you block him less of your brain cells will die while reading posts on XB blog .

  • Phil Gym

    Just let Z3 go. Time keeps passing by. I’m expecting A LOT from upcoming X Compact…and…XZ as well. That’s Xperia’s “new chapter”

  • Bezels for the win !

    lets see will Samsung give Note4 Android 7.0 since it uses SD805 …

  • Bo Ngoh

    Sony still is to blame for one thing, I believe: the dev mentioned “If you followed the N Developer Preview program you know that we didn’t release the final DP5.”…this meant that only those who
    1) bothered to track the Preview program’s progress and

    2) went to the trouble to ask why DP5 was not released
    …would have had any foreshadowing of the bomb that would be dropped. That’s like saying “because we didn’t sign on the bottom line at the end and you didn’t check, we’re not to blame for disappointing you at the very last minute.”

  • Bashar Shehab

    WTF are you talking about?! Z3 is already 24 months old for God sake, even if Qualcomm supported Adreno3xx they won’t update it. The normal update cycle is only 18 months, and NO manufacturer will spend resources on something they are not forced to do. Time to upgrade buddy, Sony is a company and it need to get profits, they can’t just update my old Xperia mini pro to android 69, so they sell the newer ones.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Finally I was waiting for this to be posted on your website. People got crazy!

  • DBS

    I suggest also blocking the moron “Bezels for the win!” as his comments always have less substance than cow manure.

  • DBS

    You should learn how to count. The Z3 family was presented on IFA 2014 (3rd of September if I’m not mistaken). It was released in October 2014.

    And no, the “normal” update cycle is 24 months as that’s the legal warranty that Sony is obliged to in Europe.

    And don’t worry, I’ve upgraded long ago. My Z3C has long been dumped for a G4 which has also already been dumped for an S7. However, just because I can change phones frequently, that doesn’t exude Sony from their legal obligations.

  • Ederson Baumbach .*.

    At that time the Snapdragon 805 was the processor at the moment. Lacked ambition on Sony’s part in wanting to deliver the best!

  • Nav

    And Z2 M5 M4?? What about these?!

  • Davud

    Sony is not to blame haha.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    See all haters, this is what I also found when I searched for why the z3 series won’t get Android 7.0. It is not Sonys fault, try to use Google next time haters :) Good to see that Sony wants to be better with updates then Google btw! Too bad that Google won’t let them :(

  • Emil Oskarsson

    This time it’s actually true so stop the irony…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Sony updated the Xperia z for about 3 years ;) it saw its last update in December 2015 :D

  • When the 7.0 update would land on Xperia devices, it would be around December, 2016 if i estimate it correctly and Z3 would be 26 months old which would automatically remove it from the update list (even if there were no Google/Qualcomm obligations).
    The phone must be in the update life not when the update gets announced but when the update actually rolls out. Z2 got MM when it was still in the update life (April, 2016 being last month for it) while Z3’s last month would be October, 2016 and even the X series cannot get updated by then.

  • Bashar Shehab

    OK. 23 Months, happy now? Still that doesn’t change anything.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Not really, it saw the last “Major” update in April 2015, which was 5.1.1 Lollipop. And that’s pretty decent for Sony, most people believed the Z would get stuck with 4.4 or 5.0.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Did you really say Z2? If the Z3 won’t get the update you expect the Z2 to get it? Are you for real?

    M4, M5, C4, and C5 will get it but it will be way too long from now, remember the Xperia M2 and Lollipop update? Yeah the same thing’s gonna happen this time.

  • WHAT ABOUT MY T28s OR MY T68i?????

  • Matt

    or get that , how about SP???

    do they have to write everything for you?

  • Matt

    to be fair GOOGLE pulled all msm8974 (snapdragon 800/801) code after preview 3. so they(sony) also do not know that the code will be pulled.

    google things first then type

  • Matt

    yep, even though note 7 is slower than one year old iphone 6s .

    but is fine DBS is buying samsung for their camera , specifically their OIS, because it can solve everything. tht is what you get with garbage software

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah last major update was 5.1.1 but it still got bug updates until the end of 2015 :D Hopefully my Xperia x Performance will recieve as many updates as my old Xperia z did :)

  • Could you point me at EU laws that directly state that 24 months warranty implies the obligation to update software aside from providing service and replacement?

  • Geese Howard

    Nice article and well said.

  • Their camera software is proprietary and they aren’t doing anything “wrong” with that. I understand your point; you want them to give away all their software tech for free. I also understand theirs; they need profits to stay afloat.

    Letting people stay on 3 years old models with the newest firmware is not quite a way to drive profit margins.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    Clever move by Google – i quite often wondered why people choose to blame phone manufacturers in cases where it was clearly Google fault. Seems like Google is holy cow – but just because they make specs and OS itself, does not mean they are infallible. But people choose to blame phone makers only instead.
    On the PC world it is exactly opposite – Microsoft gets blamed for everything, even when device driver writers (incompatibility with Vista at beginning) or PC makers (delivering Windows preinstalls fully loaded with preinstalled crapware and bloatware from the PC maker, not Microsoft) are not up to the task.

  • Olaf Duits

    All the whiners, haters and complainers; now please stop and have a life. Congratulations on this will written article and explanation. Next to that, I also have a Z3 and am not surprised that after more than two years and several new models, that my phone is not supported anymore. In IT and technology this is an old model. So, no other option than buying a new model and stop complaining. Or just stick with the still great Z3 with a stable MM 6.01!

  • KarFar

    “baahhhh but but Sony still doesn’t care about their customers S805 was available back then I’m going to get a Micromax/Oppo/Meizu for timely update, bye bye sony”…

  • FYLegend21

    At least they could finalize and bring what they have so far in the Developer Preview onto all Z3s. …

  • singh

    Well written article, I just sold my z3 compact last week after almost 2 years of use, it was best smartphone I have had. IT never lagged or rarely crashed excellent in everyway. i don’t understand people complaining it’s had 2 years of software support more then most other manufacturers offer. it’s still stable with android 6.1. I am using a z5 now excellent phone, camera and fingerprint scanner good improvement over the z3, performance is lighting fast but not that far from the z3.

  • Olaf Duits

    My God, the whole article you are replying on, is about that!!!! Are you kidding or you just did not read?!?!?! In short: NEVER!

  • Jelvis

    Hardware encryption is a very likely candidate why the CTS cannot be passed with Snapdragon 800/801. Just like Nexus 5. OEMs releasing official Android have to abide with the CDD and pass the CTS test.

  • Rangga Moslem

    dude, can you reply Xiatian question?

  • Nav

    Hm. I almost forgot about Sd version of z2

  • actually you´re right!
    Since Sony now have a new UI, and got ride of the Z, C and M line, with only 5 smartphones per year, they could become on of the top android manufacturers releasing android updates.

  • Lucian

    First Sony I had, Sony Xperia S got EOL because Qualcomm didn’t provide updated drivers. Now with Z3C Google won’t support 801.. God damn

  • Talos the Robot

    All the informed customers knew that these guys tell the truth. But some people who do not even read any technological or android news, behave like blinded haters.

  • Matt

    ugh im afraid without AOSP support there will only be half assed custom rom out there

  • Matt

    that is why ill probably buy google phone next year

  • At?lay

    Xperia Z2 and Z3 will always be the best smarhphones

  • David Hvatov

    Just polish 6.0.1 sw and that will be enough to me.

  • Matt

    Sony on my twitter It has not been confirmed whether or not the Xperia Z2 will receive the update.

  • Paul M

    Blame Qualcomm for not providing updated drivers for the SD800 and SD801. Google should have leaned on them to make them do that.
    Maybe the community will do that for us.

  • Paul M

    yes, Qualcomm are the bad guys here.

  • dragonsneeze

    An Adreno 306 phone GOT OFFICIAL 7.0 Nougat. It’s called general mobile 4g. It’s an android one phone
    So either Google didn’t pass its own test for this or there’s something else.

  • digithed

    I have an Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet and would like to know what new model I can buy with the same form factor and specs. that can run Android 7.0?

  • razorg

    Yeah, if the Nougat update is impossible, they should at least support Z3 (and effectively Z2 as their SoCs and even firmware versions are identical) with recent Android Security Patches for several months from now.

  • digithed

    What about the Z3 tablet compact? What’s coming to replace that?

  • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

    I’m gonna laugh out loud when Oneplus’ not even 1 year old Oneplus X can not get the update :D

  • serhat üter

    What about c5 ultra mt6752? Some specs sites says that c5 supports opengl es3.1 and yet, marshmallow is not out… Sony doesnt support customers..

  • Ailan Hidaz

    An informative article for sure Xperiablog, but where are all the leaks for the upcoming IFA devices? Surely someone’s gotta have something to leak now that we are so close to the event!

  • tzortziskon

    Ok for Z3 but why not Xperia M5 ?
    Sony IS to blame ….

  • Olaf Duits

    There is a program called Google. You can find this by typing When you search for ‘sony xperia tablet nougat’ you will see it will come up with some great articles that tell you that the Z4 tablet of Sony will get Nougat. You should try this, works great! ;-)

  • digithed

    I don’t want a 10″ tablet, I want an 8″ tablet that is as thin and light and waterproof as the Z3 tablet compact that I already have, and that can run Android 7.0. I have used the program you speak of called Google but cannot find anything from Sony or any other manufacturer that fits the bill.

  • Olaf Duits

    OK, and why do you want Nougat? What functionality of Nougat do you want so badly that you need a tablet that really supports Nougat? Since Sony has no 8″tablet that will support Nougat, you need to look for another brand than, don’t you?

  • Deckard_Cain

    Let me save you some time: it won’t.
    If the Z3 isn’t receiving it then the Z2 isn’t as well.

  • It’s a MEDIATEK problem, not Sony! Mediatek is notorious for not giving the kernel and code bits necessary for anyone to update their Mediatek devices. They just shove a new chipset to manufacturers instead of giving updates to the current ones.

  • Manu

    Sony is not to blame, but all companies associated with Android, in this case especially Google and Qualcomm, should rethink their product strategies: Android updates are still a problem compared to Apple universe.

    There has been no progress made in the last years.

  • Bo Ngoh

    I’m not saying that the fault isn’t Google’s (though there’s quite a bit of Google bashing going on here for what’s a pretty good justification to me), it’s about the fact that at the point of pulling the code and releasing the CTS it should be pretty clear to Sony that support was being removed and they should have at least announced something to that effect rather than letting letting confusion and anger boil up like that.
    I’m not blaming them for pulling support (I’m a Sony user and fan btw), I blame the lack of communication and understanding of the fan base that seems endemic in all their recent actions…

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    its not 2 years but 18 month to stop updating any smartphone

  • Matt

    not that is just nitpicking .

  • azzido

    Good job XperiaBlog, thank you for explaining everyone the true reasons behind the decisions. It will help to resist critics for Sony and now ir is clear why it happened for Z3.

  • DBS

    The European warranty laws do not target specific products. However, it is the natural interpretation of the spirit of the law that, by being obliged to support a device for 24 months, that support includes all aspects that keep the device running perfectly well and secure (and in this last case, enter the security laws, namely regarding private data). By not updating the software on their devices to comply with the latest available software and security improvements during those 24 months, Sony (and any other OEM) is violating the legal warranty to which they are obliged.
    Sony’s refusal to promptly update devices under warranty (not even with the monthly security updates. This applies also to devices like the Z5 and the X line) is endangering their users and violating upon their consumer rights.

    There are currently no official political guidelines here, however, if you take this issue to court, the court will rule against Sony (or any other brand doing the same). As time moves forward and the European Commission scrutinises further and further the actions of software providers and OEM, I expect the issue of software updates to be clarified and set to law in the near future too.

  • DBS

    You do realise I have other things to do, right? Including sleep?
    The answer has been given.

  • DBS

    Once again, the European legal warranty is 2 years. If Sony only supports their phones for 18 months in other regions of the globe, that’s not my problem. In Europe they abide by European law and the law states 24 months as the legal warranty the OEM is obliged to provide you from the moment of your purchase.

  • DBS

    Likely nothing. The tablet market has been dying for quite a while.

  • DBS

    “they could become on of the top android manufacturers releasing android updates.”

    LOL you know that will not happen. Also, you’re forgetting the E5. Sony has launched 4 phones this year already, with the XZ and X Compact that’s 6. And that’s assuming that there’s actually no XR.
    Besides, Sony has been terrible at releasing updates. Absolutely terrible. There was a time when they were great at it. But that time as long passed, just like the time when they released good phones. The Z3 line was pretty much it. From thereon after, it’s been downhill all the way.

  • DBS

    They run a version of Android based on Cyanogen. Which means even if it doesn’t get the 7.0 update, it will get an update to add features. And EVEN if OnePlus doesn’t do it, Cyanogen will likely release a ROM to fix that (they already did it when OnePlus dropped the OnePlus 1)

  • Squirtle 1

    Hello Xperia XZ(XR)

  • kaostheory

    Unfortunately Sony has the most stable version of Android, so I will be staying with Sony. Samsung is well known for their buggy updates and is why I won’t switch.

  • DBS

    That is true. But they also have a very bare bones Android experience. Their move towards more and more stock Android helps keeping it stable. I personally prefer versions of Android which aren’t stock. If I wanted stock Android I’d buy a Nexus or a Motorola.
    I enjoyed the customisations Sony did AND allowed on their Android versions pre-5.0.2. (which is a major reason why my Z3C went back to 4.4 KitKat).
    Samsung’s software is a nightmare (but at least the monthly updates are coming regularly). I’m currently using the S7. The phone is amazing but the software keeps randomly freezing and rebooting from time to time. However, if you ask me if I’d rather have this buggy software BUT the theme engine it also includes or a stable software like the Xperia but where you can’t really customise anything, I’ll tell you I rather have the buggy but customisable one.

    But that’s preference. If I were to use a Sony phone again (won’t happen until their cameras stop being sh*t) I would very likely have to root it and install a custom ROM on it as I can’t stand stock Android.

  • kaostheory

    Sony painted themselves into a corner with their sensors. They can use inferior sensors like the rest of the competition and compensate with software, or be like Nokia and use the best sensors and software but take up to 10 sec to process one pic. Or stay the course. Personally I would like to see more dedicated chips for processing camera, music, and PS games, that would make them really stand out.

  • Battel

    And How sumsum not4 upgrade’s gonna affect XZ3 ?

  • Bezels for the win !
  • Charles222

    Nvidia’s Shield comes to mind, although it’s not as light as the Xperia. Does have a fairly useful pen though.

  • Amir

    Seriously? Who gives a dime aside of existing z3 users as sony mobile is dead man walking since basically after z2 days? Almost nobody is even considering sony mobile phones, even the most hardcore sony mobile fans (the very few that are left).

  • Gohan

    Bingo, same here. First Xperia S :( and now Z3c. Both phones are still rock solid here. :D

  • Hopefully this means there still will be security fixes for the versions of Android that those devices run.

    Usually no new version has been equal to getting no more updates of any sort which renders devices useless despite still beeing good hardware.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    My X Performance is pretty solid though ;)

  • Melfes Wired

    explain why Z1 Z1C and Z1U never get Android 6.0 while Nexus 5 runs perfectly with it?

  • Vincent Lee

    Pls tell me why the S800 series could not get the marshmallow update.Don’t answer me that’s Google and Qualcomm’s fault as well.sxxk,Sony Mobile.

  • EQ

    Just neg his dirty Bosnian ass. I did and he is crying now!

  • EQ


  • EQ

    The spam filter is putting his post under moderation. It’s like internet has a self cleaning utility to flush out the ‘Nokia Forever Alone’ fanboy posts. Tech used right it’s called!

    Just neg and report him. His ass is dun goofed!

  • David

    It is unfortunate that an incredible terminal as the Z3 left out, and it’s something I do not just annoy understand that is not the fault of Sony and this will not change my taste for Xperia, my Z3 has been the best mobile investment that I did not regret it, but hey you can do …. but I would like hitting at least four screams in the face the manager and his engineers both Google and Quacomm, I’ll stay with my Z3 cambiare 6.0.1 and when its useful life really ask for change but a stupid version of OS ever, I at least would consider giving a touch to the layer of Xperia UI, since I’m not root, does not support that rOOT. (SONY TIME tO CREATE yOUR OWN PROCESSORS) love sony, love your Xperia Z3.

  • Mohaymen

    Then how exactly all the Android One devices getting updated to Nought???

  • RealityCheck2016

    I still use my Z1 and I don’t even miss these updates anymore :D Most seem pointless nowadays. They just change a colour on this and change a thing on that each time and it just gets tedious to relearn each update really.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Indeed. Fixing the QuadRooter exploit should be their priority. It would be great if Sony Mobile would state their official policy for continued Android Security Updates on Marshmallow+ based devices.

  • Rangga Moslem

    “There are currently no official political guidelines here.”
    “I expect the issue of software updates to be clarified and set to law in the near future too”

    i do realize.. it’s useless reading your comments.. your opinion just based on your subjective point of view.. there’s no law clarified about 24 months warranty implies the obligation to update software aside from providing service and replacement, you can’t show us the authentic proof at all.. it’s just all your subjective opinion.

    then i know why your first comment was waiting for moderation… it’s just utter bs…

  • DBS

    “your opinion just based on your subjective point of view”

    Actually my opinion on this is based on my law degree and my experience. Which makes it a qualified opinion.

    As for subjectiveness, everything is subjective. You being qualified as a human being is subjective. You consider yourself a human being. I consider you a human being. In Nazi Germany, assuming your username is your real name, you wouldn’t be considered one. Because even what makes a human being a human being is subjective.
    The difference in the “subjectiveness” of my opinion is that it’s based on real knowledge of the law, how it works and how courts work too. So the likeliness of my “subjective opinion” being correct is greater than that of uneducated teenagers.
    But don’t worry, the first time an European Court actually rules on the matter of software updates, I’ll pass on the information of the owner of the XperiaBlog for him to publish.

    Also, do you know how laws work? No, you clearly don’t. So I’ll teach you. Laws are targeted at wide subjects. Case in question, the warranty law. The law – Directive 1999/44/EC – is made to cover all types of consumer goods. States then pour this Directive into their national legislation (some States go even further with the obligations of the sellers for example). This generic law, is applicable to ANY consumer product from smartphones to washing machines. THEREFORE, as anyone with two functioning brain cells would understand, you don’t get specific details on every single detail.

    As for the moderation, that happens around here when fanboys who don’t like opinions different from theirs start flagging comments they don’t like. It’s the typical attitude of uneducated childish morons, one can’t do much about them.

  • Rangga Moslem

    i wonder why i haven’t read news about sony being sued by person/lawyer coz their z3/m5/etc didn’t get android nougat using EU 24 months products warranty.

    everything isn’t subjective, law is objective, you can’t add article on it. and as subjective person, it’s my right to give opinion about your comments, and it’s utter bs for me.

  • DBS

    1 – You haven’t and you won’t very simply because accessing Justice isn’t free and the cost of taking Sony (or any other OEM) to court over lack of updates would allow you to buy tons of new phones.
    You will however see this brought to light the day the EU Commission turns their attention to it. Note that they only now are taking action against Google for forcing OEMs to fill their devices with Google apps that can’t be uninstalled.

    2 – Actually Law is quite subjective. That’s why lawyers like me and judges exist in the first place. It’s our job to read the laws and interprete them. If laws were objective – which they most definitely aren’t – our services wouldn’t be needed as you’d simply need a cop to pick up the law and apply it.
    Oh and you can definitely add articles to laws, you simply amend it. That’s the job of parliaments and governments. And you can pick up a law and expand it through interpretation. Which is what is done in courts.

    3 – You’re free to have an opinion. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one. But as you see, there’s a lot you don’t know, specially when it comes to law. It’s fine if you’re a teenager or it’s just not your area. However, I don’t have to accept let alone respect your opinion when it’s ignorant, uninformed AND reiterated by your unwillingness to learn out of childish fanboyism.

  • Charbel Aoun

    No update for you, since Z3 series gets updates in the same time

  • Sweggity

    there won’t be a stable Android 7 for Z2 or Z3…

  • Ziggy

    Hopefully both will have dust and waterproof capabilities that were lacking in the first Z line phones this year.

    And also will be priced right.

  • HAWX

    That is why the spec makes a diffrence. That’s why I would chose other brand’s 820 over Xperia X, and that’s why Note 4 will be getting 7 which almost released at that time as well. Sony is not blame, people who bought these phones themselves are to blame. I hope Sony support Z2 and Z3 to end of their 24 month cycle about security patches and bug fixes like a champ.

  • johnnycoast123

    That is not enough from sony, they should put some pressure on both qualcomm (may be create an ARM processor that is not so hard) and google. In fact, there is no excuse to block an OS update that comes only with a few changes (menus, eye candies) because of security boot or even worst OpenGL. If sony really care about the image (talking about the most success handset they already made: Z3), they should give an utimate to google or just move to cyanogen and give a commitment of at least 4 years of update to be able to compete with apple (they they match the prices so should match the commitment). I am a die hard fan of android, but this year I for the first time on my life looking at Iphone or not more AAA phones may be some china brand like: 1+. Serious you are hurting your brand, check all around comments…

  • Laurenkstarnes3

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  • Nicolas Dion-Bouchard

    Quick question: why is it that every time I see a news about new os releases on your site, it’s always about z2 and z3, never about z5? I personally own one and I’m always disappointed with the news since they don’t talk about it. Thanks!

  • Roh_Mish

    Even Google’s own nexus 5 isnt being upgraded.

  • Roh_Mish

    Shield tablet is one and leaks suggest that Nvidia isnt working on a replacement for it.

  • Matt

    I blame Quallcomm for that.

  • Charles222

    Yeah, which sucks. It’s cheap nowadays though, and I’d bet it gets N.

  • apolloa

    This is one of those times when I sit here and think, why didn’t I just get a Nexus 9 instead if this Sony Z3 Tablet? Hmm wonder if they are still available smewhere…

  • Velexas

    Hey there! Is the latest stock 6.0.1 firmware for the Z3 worth it? I’m still running 5.1.1 because of real Stamina mode and a virtually bug free experience. Should I upgrade? Is the Xperia Tips app present? Has the sound bug and DSEE HX bug been solved? Thanks!

  • Rafal

    So it means that Google wants to have more fragmentation in Android ecosystem with less security. Sometimes pushing forward is stupid, when abyss is near.

  • Marianmgardner

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  • Azurpha

    probably wouldnt ran too smooth, especially the dual screen feature of 7.0. rip z3

  • Gadget Lover

    Shut your trap stupid troll. You buy your samsung and never come here. Samsung whore.

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    I think he has no reason why he wanted the latest version except to be on the latest version.

  • James Bond

    Nexus 6 having 805 is getting it though

  • Martin H.

    Sorry, this is a lame excuse! The “problem” is the OpenGL 3.1 standard. Evere software developer knows that you always can emulate features in software that is not available in hardware. So Sony would be able to support Android 7 on Z3 – it’s just an excuse for them to drop support early for “older” models. :-(

  • Shamoy Rahman

    In short, Google blocked Sony legally from releasing the update for the Z2 and Z3. Shame on Google.

  • Paul

    Personally my favourite version of Android is 4.4.4 kitkat. That gave Sony flexibility to make it better. Stamina mode really works. Location based WiFi also nice. Very smooth performance and good ram usage. Lollipop has mobile radio active bug and marshmallow standby isn’t great. It becomes more generic android and less Sony with each upgrade. I even downgraded from a z3 plus to this z2 to get kitkat again which I loved on z3 compact. Over 5 hours screen on time is superb. Nothing newer gets close.

  • Carney3

    I’m still in love with the silver sides of the Z2. Sad they ditched it in later versions.

    I can’t tell for sure but from some pics the Z3v (Verizon specific one) had them, but even if it did, the aesthetic benefit of that is canceled by the big honking Verizon logo up top relegating the Sony logo to the bottom, destroying the Sony premium effect and making it seem like a cheap generic. Also there’s the Z5 Premium with the Chrome rear, but then you have a chrome rear, plus I don’t know for sure that was ever released in the USA.

  • rygarto

    I liked the Z2’s look as well, but was very disappointed by the flaps, and resulting lack of waterproofing. Needing to uncover the USB port every time got old fast.

    That said, I liked the phone a lot, but with the battery finally bulging out on me, it lost the last shreds of water proofing and I got rained out before the local Sony center could get a replacement battery for me. Goodbye IMU, compass, screen rotation and ear sensor.

  • Carney3

    I didn’t mind the flaps because there is also a waterproof charging port that has no flap, which clicks to and connects with a charger dock.

    Unfortunately although I bought two of those docks (one for my nightstand, one for my desk at work) I still opened the flap too often and eventually it broke off. Also the glass back panel cracked, probably from just flexing rather than dropping.

    To my chagrin I learned that while the phone had warranty protection it was necessary for service to ship it to Ireland, coincidentally my ancestral homeland but I’m American in America. Depriving me of the phone for many weeks.

  • Carney3

    What did you mean by the battery bulging out? It began physically bulging, like an inflating balloon??

  • MarkG54321

    And the reason for MM missing security patches?????

    Keen to hear the that excuse

  • harryville

    Just read this article (
    So its due to Qualcomm that we wont be getting Nougat?

  • Alan

    I have Sony Z3 and only recently discovered there will be no Nougat for me :-(
    Whilst this is certainly inconvenient, it’s not a major…. HOWEVER does this now mean my phone is essentially obsolete – i.e. there will NEVER be any Android updates ever again for this phone that uses old chipset?

  • DooshBuster

    Jeez, dude. Could you try a little harder to not be such a condescending douche? If you resent helping others then just move along.

  • DooshBuster

    Listen, Olaf Doucheits…
    Who can blame people for blaming Sony since they have a history of making dumb decisions outside of the Playstation ecosystem? Sony’s overpriced smartphones will never make a dent in the mobile industry due to hubris…and crap design. I quit Sony after the Z3 and haven’t looked back. In fact I was cleaning out my old bookmarks when I stumbled upon this blog I had saved ages ago.

    Now, back to my true premium tech.

    Tata, Doucheits!

  • Fajar Karunia

    where the link to download?

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