Xperia X Compact announced with 4.6-inch 720p display; Snapdragon 650

by XB on 1st September 2016

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Xperia X Compact GroupSony Mobile has announced the Xperia X Compact (F5321) to sit alongside the new Xperia XZ flagship. Sony has some pedigree when it comes to ‘compact’ Xperia models of the past. However, this time around Sony has compromised too much on the spec-sheet to truly call this a diminutive version of this year’s flagship in our view.

It is worth clicking here and reading all about the Sony Xperia XZ if you haven’t done so already. Now there are a number of differences between the Xperia XZ and X Compact, some are not a big deal, but some are surprising given Sony’s heritage with past Compact models:

1) The Xperia X Compact has a 4.6-inch 720p display (319 PPI pixel density and screen-to-phone ratio of 69.57%) with Corning Gorilla Glass. This compares to the 5.2-inch 1080p display of the Xperia XZ. This is as we expected and in line with previous models such as the Xperia Z3 Compact and Z5 Compact.

2) The Xperia X Compact uses a Snapdragon 650 (MSM8956) chipset with hexa-core processor and Adreno 510 graphics. This one took us by surprise – in previous iterations, the Compact model used the same SoC as the flagship device. We fully expected the Xperia X Compact to use the same chipset as the Xperia XZ here (Snapdragon 820).

3) The Xperia X Compact has no dust/water resistance. This one surprised us the most. Every Compact model has had water resistance since the Xperia Z1 Compact first appeared. We’re not sure why Sony felt it should take a backwards step here. Sony built some great marketing around its ‘waterproof’ smartphones and this should be a standard feature for its premium devices.

4) The Xperia X Compact only has a 1/3.06-inch 5MP front-facing camera (22mm wide-angle lens F2.0), versus a 13MP camera used in the Xperia XZ. Again, in the past, the spec-sheet on the camera side has been identical for both flagship and compact models. We’re beginning to see why this model is not called the Xperia XZ Compact…

5) The Xperia X Compact does not support 4K video recording. This is a strange one as even the Xperia X Performance does not support 4K despite housing a Snapdragon 820 chipset. It is obviously frustrating that it is not included, but perhaps Sony felt it could not deliver a consistent and reliable 4K recording experience given the issues with overheating in the past.

6) The Xperia X Compact has a 2700mAh battery (the XZ has a 2900mAh battery). This one is no surprise and fully expected. It has the same battery capacity as the Xperia Z5 Compact, but with Qnovo adaptive charging which should deliver a longer lasting battery.

Sony has used the same triple image sensing technology found in the Xperia XZ within the Xperia X Compact, this means there is lazer autofocus and RGBC-IR sensor. The Xperia X Compact has a 1/2.3-inch 23MP Exmor RS rear camera (24mm G Lens / F2.0).

We also see Sony using the USB Type-C port for the first time, along with the Xperia XZ. Other features include 32GB eMMC storage, 3GB RAM, microSD memory card support and a fingerprint sensor power button (not supported on US variants).

The Xperia X Compact has dimensions of 129 x 65 x 9.5 mm and weighs 135 grams. The Xperia X Compact will be available in three colours: Mist Blue, Universe Black and White. The handset is due to launch later in September.

Xperia X Compact (F5321) white paper

Sony Xperia X Compact Mist Blue Group

Sony Xperia X Compact Universe Black Group

Sony Xperia X Compact White Group

Via and Sony Mobile Blog.

  • il favi

    The Xperia X Compact does not have any water resistance.


  • Chuck

    No water resistance and only a 720p display was quite disappointing for me. I was also surprised to see it’s 0.6mm thicker than the Z5 Compact despite having the same battery size.

  • Marcus

    I guess I’m going to have to get something a little larger for my next phone. There is nothing waterproof with good specs under 5″ it seams. Any suggestions?

  • Simon Strandman

    Another uninteresting midranger. There are already plenty of smaller midrangers on the market. I was planning to get the x compact but I’m not going to now.

  • Alex Norris

    Xperia XZ Compact = Galaxy Mini ?

  • Talos the Robot

    No 4K video recording either… I will stay with my Z3c for another year :(

  • Mr. Bogus

    at least the z5 compact had a snapdragon flagship 810 why this time they downgrade it to a mid-range processor ?!
    are they shifting to make it more offerable by cutting the price to appeal to wider range of customers ?
    what the F**K sony no xperia XZ 5.5′ premium even ?!?!

  • il favi

    same for me

  • George Z

    It’s beginning of the end.

  • SSyar

    What the hell

  • z1c

    Sony just killed her mobile department today

  • Alex Norris


  • Cgold

    I switched from the Z3C to the iPhone SE, it has top end specs save for the lack of waterproofing, but there’s tons of waterproof accessories for the iPhone if you really need it. The physical home button gives the 4″ SE almost as much usable screen real estate as the 4.6″ compact with on-screen buttons on(which lets face it, is almost always). Screen on the SE is a bit narrower, but about the same height as the Z3C (with on-screen buttons on). The narrowness also makes holding it really easy. The battery life of the SE is also the best of any iPhone and its definitely better than my Z3C was at 1.5 years old, hard to remember how good the Z3C was when it was new, but they are in the same league. It also starts at $399 (though you really need the 64GB version for $499, still a good deal for a flagship spec phone), which is pretty cheap. I suppose there is also the iPhone 6S (soon 7) at 4.7″, but the huge bezels give it a footprint closer to a 5″ phone, plus its $250 dollars more for the exact same specs as the SE, save the larger screen and 3D touch. Once Jailbroken iOS is pretty good, there are a few awesome launchers in Cydia.

  • Alex Norris

    Sony again & again proves that, without Ericsson, they are weak.
    But don`t worry, soon some Chinese company like Meizu will buy Sony-mobile, and teach them how to do good smartphones . ).

  • Hieu Nguyen

    The battery is that good? I’m considering the SE too :((

  • FooVoyager

    Was waiting for this to upgrade my Z1 compact, will now look elsewhere. I’m so disappointed that Sony won’t release a new flagship mini, this new “compact” just sucks.

  • hardik jadeja

    I am sony xperia M user and I like small screens and was saving money to buy this but this one is no improvement over z5c. Now I have to buy XA instead.

  • lastguru

    Premium compact? Ha ha ha! Sony is becoming a joke. No waterproofing and no premium chipset? Traditionally, premium compacts were Sony’s strong side (especially, given that nobody else makes a premium compact), but now they killed that tradition. Very disappointed.

    P.S. I am fine with 720p for that size, and I could not care less for front camera. But the waterproofing and middlerange chipset is the the two things that really bother me.

  • Gahead

    720p and SD650 could perform how the SD810 720p Z5C does, considering how I spent the Xperia X, the optimization is good and much faster than my SD810 Z5 Compact, the issue is water resistance but I won’t care less cause finally that manual focus and Shutter speed finally came to the XZ and XC

  • Gahead

    If you got a hold and spend a time of the Xperia X, the X outperforms my SD810 Xperia Z5 compact, what more if that SD650 is on a 720p screen X compact, I’m very sure it can perform close to that of the SD820 XZ, It’s still premium, the downside here is the water resistance but I’m fine for that.

  • Renato

    Thanks Sony! I’m going back to apple. iPhone SE.

  • lastguru

    Tests say otherwise: SD650 is below my Z5C’s SD810:

    Waterproofing is a very important issue for me.

  • Akand

    So that means Sony stepped down from the Compact game and adopted the mini platform. Very sad news. :-(

  • ryq24

    Z5 compact is better and might be cheaper than this phone.

  • plekenut

    it is X compact, not really XZ compact
    you know what it means

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Seriously I am so disappointed in this decision of Sony. Didn’t bring the true Compact device. 2016 is very bad for Sony. After all we gotta see how XZ performs.
    All the hype about the camera and battery.
    I guess it’s time to move on to something else too.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I have that feeling, They will sell this division and then those guys will make proper phones than these guys. X Compact is a joke.

  • ramuk

    This is a total disgrace. Why bother using the compact name if you are not going put the latest processor.

  • Muhrijal Ibn Madhari

    See Xperia X specifications, the Xperia X Compact is brother Xperia X, not Xperia XZ.

  • Dude, I am actualy considering to buy oppo smartphones. They are cheap, reliable, good specs, and their cameras are awesome

    Look at this shot, taken from sub $300 F1S

  • Bezels for the win !

    it’s the X compact , and not xz compact … so just smaller xperia X LOL

  • The One

    The XC is 2mm taller, and 1mm thicker than the Z3C. Those bezels are ruining the compact experience. And the processor is a fail. It’s capable, but definitely not flagship. I hope they release “performance” version 3 months from now.

  • Gohan

    Same here :(

  • The One

    But it looks just like the XZ and has nearly the same set of features. The only thing it has in common with the X is the processor and lack of waterproofing. This is a compact device that has no firm identity.

  • José Luís Andrade

    Compact smartphone with premium camera is great for me. Thank you SONY!

  • The One

    Digital Trends has already posted a review and it does not look good…

  • Gohan


  • Gahead

    Only through their review how about you ACTUALLY hold them both? Optimization my Friend, Sony is on that path since the Xperia X and X performance.

  • Gohan

    i hope so :|

  • lastguru

    Well, maybe they can optimize Z5 as well, then? :D

  • plekenut

    well this is sony. Smart and stupid at the same time :)

  • The One

    I’m in the same boat as you. I cant stand larger phones, but that’s the only way to get a no compromised experience. The Galaxy S7 seems to be the universal best choice without getting ridiculously large.

  • Gahead

    The Xperia X still performs better, My Z5C is already on the latest marshmallow and the X performs much better.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I think the official name is “Xperia X Compact”….NOT a Xperia XZ Compact.

    Having said that, it does look like a small version of the previously released Xperia X, hence the SD650 chipset and absence of the waterproofing.

    The only similarity this has with the new XZ is the camera and the general design/shape of the unit.

    Sigh…I’ve got high hopes for this new compact version, as I’m due to get a new one. I’m really more inclined to get the older Z5 Compact now.

    Although, I have to say, the XZ is stunning!!! I love the color too!!! But it’s another personal debate for me if I’m ready to move on to a bigger handset or hold on to the Compact series.

  • (C):stem

    Are you all done whining about features that you DO NOT really need in a smartphone? Now go out and breath some fresh air, you really need it.

  • Manu

    And you’ll stay on Marshmallow that next year…

  • DBS

    This isn’t a Compact. This is just a crappy Mini just like all the other Mini crap from other brands. Except Sony will probably ask for over 600€ as if it was a flagship.

    What a shame Sony. Now that you fixed the lack of OIS and true manual controls, you f*cked up the Compact line.


  • DBS

    The thickness is due to the OIS on the camera without any hump. It’s a more than justifiable trade-off. The rest however, isn’t.

  • DBS

    Yup. I has the secret hope I’d be dumping the S7 for the X Compact but not anymore. I can handle the S7 with one hand. And when I can’t, a triple click of the home button shrinks the screen.
    The S7 is definitely the only smaller no-compromises flagship. Which is a shame. Another missed opportunity by Sony.

  • Great Dude

    You forget to mention that Sony Xperia X compact has a radio with RDS

  • DBS

    This is not a Compact, it’s a Mini.
    This is exactly what a Mini on any other OEM would be.

  • DBS

    Android Central said that the camera was very good but needs to be tuned. Which could be done by a firmware update. However it’s not S7 good. But then again I doubt anyone was expecting that.

  • DBS

    The only thing this has which is far better is the camera.
    But if it also overheats like the X then it’s no good.

  • Cgold

    In my experience yes, though its hard to tell how much of it is from iOS doing less in the background or having better optimized apps on iOS vs efficient processor and screen on the SE. Certain tasks definitely draw way less battery on the SE, for example, I track my commute to work (by bicycle) with Strava (which needs the phones GPS) while streaming radio over a cell connection (because iPhone doesn’t have FM radio, annoying), and after about an hour of GPS tracking and streaming audio over a cell network it drains the battery about 6% on the SE (this is with the screen off), on my Z3C I would do the same thing [but use FM radio, which should use less battery] and it would drain my battery almost 20%. I’m pretty sure that was an OS issue, or maybe just an issue with the Strava app on Android. Other things seem to draw the SE battery faster, like watching videos on youtube, though I would expect the youtube app to be well optimized on Android. Looking at the GSM arena endurance ratings I see the SE scores a good bit better than the 6S but a lot less than the Z3C, these are based on just looping video and webrowsing and what not, so I would expect the massive battery capacity of the Z3C to show there. Anyway, to answer your question, the SE battery life is quite good, and I definitely have better battery life on my new SE than my year and a half old Z3C. But, it is hard to compare a year and a half old battery vs a brand new one as their capacity slowly decreases over time, let alone compare two different operating systems.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Makes sense Atlist its not xperia xz compact

  • Great Dude

    Waterproof is something a lot of people need and choose Xperia phones for that reason .

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Yeah, I will. What features does Android N offer and Android M not? Ah, the name and number… Having Xperia SP helped me to understand, that newer not always mean better. I stay with 4.4.4 and that’s it. Xperia X Compact looks like Apple mixed with Samsung and is not waterproof or even water resistant. Oh, and my Z3C has 4K recording.

  • MixoMaxoViper

    My Z3C on 4.4.4 is faster than X Performance on 6.0. Cheers m8, Sony is being too minimalistic and less innovative. Still love Sony tho.

  • Van Sanhnikone

    Wow massive fail by sony not to make the x compact a flagship spec. What the heck is up with Sony this year?? My Z5c is better than this.
    The prices of these sony phones went up but it seems the quality did not….

  • Alex Norris

    Dam … And it’s shot taken with not top-end smartphone .. Faisal but how about OnePlus 3 or Huawei P9, especially the last, all bloggers praise P9 dual camera.

  • Alex Norris


  • Alex Norris

    And this shot taken with my G4

  • SopNaw

    Hey… Guys… Do not forget that is the X compact which is shown. Not the X Performance Compact or the XZ Compact (btw, the title is wrong, its not the ZX Compact but only the X Compact). Do you remember of the specs of the Xperia X? So they just put it in a compact format. This isn’t the real compact we wait. I think Sony hide us something which will come next time better that the specs of this compact.

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Me like after seeing underpowered specs “X Compact”

  • joe

    A review for a device that is not on the market yet ???? ha ha ha for that shit Digital Trends

  • peltruquin

    WoW Disappointing! I guess I will have to go with the regular XZ, I just hate big phones!

  • (C):stem

    Well, unless you’re a surfer or have a work where you use water a lot, yes, you need a waterproof phone. Otherwise, I only see spoiled kids complaining about a feature that they don’t really need, just because Samsung is making now waterproof phones they feel they must have the same. No 4K video recording? What do you need it for? Recording the last bday of your mom or your dog doing funny things?
    Also, 3GBs or RAM and that processor is completely fine to do my daily tasks at great speed (I have a Xperia X which basically has the same hardware as the Xperia X compact) and believe me, I come from a Nexus 6P which was great, I made it even better with a customized kernel and a ROM, and my Xperia X is performing as fast as the Nexus. Reason I switched to the Xperia? Size. I hate huge phones, so it was a love/hate relationship (lol) with my Nexus.
    So before starting to bash a product, people should think about it and know what they’re talking about.

  • Battel
  • Gahead

    But the Z5 on lollipop doesn’t “perform better” than the Xperia X with SD 650 :P

  • Battel
  • Where is LED-indicator?

  • The One

    Clearly, a number of these tech sites have had the device for the week leading up to the press release – that’s why so many videos and reviews are able to be published the same day. I can assure you, no one is writing 1,000 word reviews while on the floor of the IFA conference. It is an industry standard practice to place an embargo on all reviews until after the device is officially announced.

  • Joe Black

    Actually, it’s not. As a previous user of Z5C, I have to say the phine could get very hot, very soon, depending on your usage. 650 is more or less an improved version of 808 (SoC that outperformed the 810 present in Z5 series due to less thermal throtling), with the only exception being the less powerful graphics unit when compared to 808.
    Couple the 650 with 3GB (Z5C has 2), X Compact is actually more powerful, in all aspects, except the graphics.

  • bluestreak_v

    It is not officially waterproof, but remember that the X was secretly water resistant:

    So you probably don’t want to take it swimming, but if it can take some rain and take a quick dunk in water, I’m fine with that.

    As for the SD650, I’ve always felt it was a little bit of a “waste” to use a flagship SOC for a 720p screen. The SD650 is only about 2.5% slower than the Z5c’s SD810, so its hardly a huge loss.

  • NeoSlayer

    The ‘Compact’ line in Xperia phones was where you get no compromise on specs from the bigger model. Now. it’s becoming like those other ‘Mini’ phones you see on the market. Before, it was small phone, good specs. Now, it’s small phone, crappier specs. Also, as much as I love, love, LOVE the OmniBalance design since the Xperia Z, there needs to be a bit of a change. Sony has to fix up their mobile division fast.

  • bluestreak_v

    True, but with Antutu scores of 78979 for the SD650 vs. 81049 for the SD810, you are only looking at difference of about 2.5%. I doubt most people will be able to tell the difference.

    The Xperia X was unofficially water resistant, so here’s hoping the X Compact is also has this hidden surprise.

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    So the new Xperias share a similar design to the Nokia Lumias and look what happened to them. As much as a Sony fan I am this looks like the end of them. Now as a loyal Sony user this is just disappointing and for that I might switch to another brand next year. I have had my Z for so long they just dont make them like that anymore.

  • paul_cus

    Battery life has to be better than on my XA, though. I’ll probably go for the Mist Blue X Compact.

  • Night Guy

    Interesting feature..

  • jamie evans

    I think I’m going back to the Z3 Compact. What went wrong with Xperia…?

  • razorg

    It’s not an improvment either, which you would expect from a device’s “successor”. However, Sony does not intend to advertise this as a “smaller premium” device this time as it seems. It’s already on pre-order on Amazon UK and the price is £370. Z5C was around £470-480 when it was launched if I am not mistaken, so this is definitely not a “Compact” phone anymore, more like a “Mini” phone, which is a shame…

  • Great Dude

    many people lives next to beaches but for me, I can speak even when there is rain.
    I agree that for most people 3GB is more than enough.

  • Bezels for the win !

    adreno 510 can’t outperform 530 . but those two A72 cores are quite good …still SD810 is a better chipset overall .

  • DBS

    Yeah…it’s still a problem. £379 for a mid-range Xperia X Mini…when the Xperia Z3 Compact, a real flagship, at launch was £349. So they’re charging 30£ more for a mid-ranger than they charged for the Z3C, a flagship.

    Just you wait for Q4 sales numbers. And then compare them to Q4 2014 when the Z3 line launched. I think it will become quite clear that it’s still too much.
    The real worth of the X Mini is, at best at best (and I’m being generous) 399€. Specially if you consider that you can get the Z5 Compact – which is a better phone except in the camera department – for 389€

    The X mini, as the mid-range device that it is, will have a very hard time selling for that price. If Sony drops it below the 400€, then I don’t doubt they’ll manage to sell a bunch of them. But anything above that and it’s a complete waste of money.

  • Kwstakhs

    Z3 compact ftw guys…loving my phone

  • Gahead

    SD810 yeah when it comes to the power itself but let’s not underestimate what the SD650 can do, Sony has done a pretty good job in it, only haters judge by its cover

  • Bezels for the win !

    Hi Mr. Troll , you’ve got that same camera sensor and OIS on XA Ultra now .

  • David Horvath

    Awesome, need one in each color asap!

  • Amirul Jeffry

    This! Though it will be much better if Sony released Xperia XZ Compact too. Lol

  • Vincentius Phang

    Well there you go Sony. Axon 7 for me then.

  • Bezels for the win !

    it’s good chipset with good performance and it will probably outperform most of other flagships especially with 720p and SONY UI , but it can’t beat SD810 – just a fact .

  • Bezels for the win !

    both have FM-radio.. if it means anything LOL ( XZ dosen’t as the X Perfromance) .

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, not that I like the specs, but I dont think that this Sony Xperia X Compact is the little brother of the Sony Xperia XZ. I Actually think its closer to its bigger older brother Sony Xperia X (not the performance) To be honest. This isnt not a a upgrade for my compact. Seems like its has to be a Z5 compact this time. Despite its older.

  • Jerry Berglund

    NO its a miniversion of Sony Xperia X….. just like before the compact version comes later..

  • QBerto

    sony make some good things and some bad things, bad this time, one of the best things (a compact with flagship specs) now is dead… great again sony, great

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    TBH, this seems like a repeat of the original Z series and ZR, which at that time was the original compact.. In all honesty, the XZ2 or whatever it will be called may be released with an XZ compact alongside it.
    Again,this trend is similar to the original Z but that time the ZR was released in between the Z and. Z1

  • AA

    Me 3. This is a disappointment really.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Any hopes on the camera being better than the S7 in real life after the final software comes out?

  • ZoubIWah

    “same here”

    seriously i wonder wtf kind of drugs sony is on. its not like if a tiny portion of the buyers were affected. most people will be like “yeah fuck no” and recommend the others to stay away from sony devices one more round (which will be understood as, forever)

    my z3c like everyone else has waterrpoof and has 4k recording, and its battery last longer ffs – and its getting 2y old… basically only the camera is better on the new compact. lol.

  • ZoubIWah

    thats not how you use “judge by its cover” the specs of the processors are well known. any “optimization” means making one phone slower than it should be via updates (apple does this a lot)
    the cover would be how the phone looks like.

  • ZoubIWah

    who are you to decide what people need?

    I use my phone in the rain more than one a month with 0 issue because its waterproof. i use it in lakes, water, or even shower if necessary.
    I kayak’ed with it and could take pictures.

    I filmed 4k video inside a river in iceland that i could integrate with professional 4k footage and it did not look out of place. I can run my 4k footage on my 4k tv and it does not look “last gen” like my 1080p footage does.

    That’s why i need it. Its my need, my choice, not yours. You do not know what people want or need. Just what you want or need.
    As far as I’m concerned, if both the z3c and the x compact were out today, I’d still choose the z3c even if it would cost more.

    The reality though is that the z3c cost about 30% of the x compact lol…

  • DBS

    I really wanted to say “yes” but unless Sony completely ditches their post-processing software by next week and replaces it with a completely new one (which they obviously won’t), no.

    ::::Up next is a longer answer. Read only if you want more details on why I say no::::

    I haven’t tested the XZ camera yet (I intend to) so I can’t say for sure. But judging by the reports coming out in regards to it, it still maintains a lot of the old post-processing problems.
    From Android Central’s review:

    “(…) it’s easier than we’d like to capture blurry shots in darker conditions, and strangely Sony’s stabilization system seems a little more susceptible to hand motion than the likes of Samsung and LG. Occasionally that new color spectrum sensor dramatically misfires, giving outdoor scenes an unnatural blue or green hue. And the same software confusion can trip up Superior Auto.”

    “If you’re taking photos at the full sensor size, be prepared for fine details to be mired in noise when you zoom in, and for there to be plenty of over-sharpening going on, to the point where images lose the natural look”

    Now, the blurry shots in darker conditions are always a risk which was certainly minimised by the presence of OIS. Furthermore, the presence of true manual controls (which is way overdue) will allow for those who actually know anything about photography to minimize the problems with low light since we can now control ISO values and shutter speeds independently. Of course, I haven’t tested how well Sony’s manual controls actually work but I’m less concerned than I ever was with the results one can theoretically pull out of the phone.
    Colour spectrum stuff is also all easily fixed with software updates.

    So really, the only major problem that I can foresee affecting the quality of the XZ camera pictures is really Sony’s post-processing. The good news, however, is that whilst on previous Xperias you couldn’t fix the lack of hardware (namely OIS), now that Sony is giving us an actually properly completed camera set, we can always root the phone and replace the camera software with something else.
    It also remains to be seen if Sony actually finally opened Google’s camera2api that allows for third party camera apps to control the camera hardware without need for root access. If so, then switching camera apps will also likely improve the pictures.

    The S7 camera is really REALLY good. It’s not Nokia-good (no current phone is) but it’s the best available. And the reason for that is that the SOFTWARE that Samsung developed for the camera is REALLY good. And because a mobile camera is 40% hardware, 60% software, if you only nail the 40%, you set yourself for disappointment. That has been the problem affecting, for example, Motorola and HTC phones. The hardware is there, but the software isn’t. Samsung and LG managed to nail the 40% of the hardware and then nail the other 60% of the software.
    The Xperia XZ promises to have nailed the 40% of the hardware. But it’s likely to only have nailed 30% of the software.

  • Kotatsu

    this is the real deal-breaker for me

  • Chi Wai Shum


  • tristi lumina

    Everyone have their “special require”

    Then if you need phone with feature like that, search and buy that phone. Simple :D
    But many real problems are the phone with that god-spec isn’t much in this world lol. Everyone will whine in this division, there, there and so on. Hmm, interesting. They want All in One phone

  • (C):stem

    Seems like you have a busy life, then why wasting time complaining here, in a blog?
    If Sony does’t give you a phone with all the features you require, then go and look for it in other brands. The market is really big and you have many options to choose from.
    And no, I’m not telling you what to do or what you need, I’m only using simple logic: “a brand doesn’t give what I want/need, then I go to look for other options” As simple as that.

  • Vincentius Phang

    Nope, not me. I’m on Z1 and needed replacement by the end of the year. Axon 7 is most likely my choice after this fiasco.

  • Sadman Khan

    Well that was a huge disappointment

  • Uqix

    It’s definitely the time to say good bye to SONY..
    Xperia Z5 compact will be my last SONY phone..

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Should have been called Xperia x mini not compact… Huge fail from Sony now no one does make high end compact phones except Crapple :(

  • Harry Purnomo Suryadarminta

    I’m sorry, but this one is a let down from Sony.. :(

    I like its color, but the specs… mmm.. I’m going for XZ for sure.

  • I am very impressed with both, OnePlus 3 especially. Its high ISO image is one of the cleanest i’ve ever seen on a smartphone. Sadly, both phones are not available in my country :(

  • kanazai2001

    im SD-krait SOC phobia… it is an handheld boiler… hope sony will come out with more SD non-krait architectural SOC phone…



  • Malih

    lol, at least it has 3GB of RAM, I was afraid Sony put only 2GB of RAM instead because it’s 720p display

  • Gary Ohanian

    So many people coming on here to say they’re leaving. Just leave already.

    Looking forward to this. It’s X Compact, not XR Compact, not X Performance Compact.

    Should be a decent 4.6″ phone. There aren’t many of them around.

    I’d probably be getting this for my partner who’s currently on a Moto G 1st gen and doesn’t want anything much bigger. And the XZ for me as long as my Z1 holds out for a few more months.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Completely different sized phone.

  • Phil Gym

    I’m pretty shocked, disappointed, devastated by the surprisingly-downgraded X Compact. Sony screwed up its Compact lineup legacy…When Z3 Comapct came up, I was soooo excited. But now I can’t believe this is happening to new Xperia compact phone… could-be-the-most-exciting phone ended up the-most-disappointing phone. Sony mobile is going wrong

  • Gary Ohanian

    Except for the IP rating, I’m not sure what you see in the Z3 compact that has it above the X Compact.

  • Phil Gym

    Z3 Compact sure is the best Xperia phone

  • Kadek

    Yesterday, I think that this is the time to retire my Z3C.
    But after the announcement, FUCK THIS!!! I will keep it for another year, or buy second hand Z5C, when they release Android N. I want to see how Vulkan affect the performance.

  • Phil Gym

    the biggest let down

  • Gary Ohanian

    Don’t argue with fact, they won’t listen. ;)

  • plekenut

    Xperia SP red is sexy :)

  • Malih

    Personally, I hope that somehow my comment is read/heard and they fix the stuff we’ve been complaining about so I can comeback after I leave. So it’s not simply just leaving.

  • Gary Ohanian

    You do know that this is site has no connection to Sony.


    flop!!!!! will spend one more year with my z3c :P 650 no way!!!

  • Malih

    Well I guess if no one from Sony visit and read comments about their products on the number one Xperia-dedicated fan site than Sony phones do not worth my time

  • Alex Norris

    But how about: Amazon, Ebay or Gearbest?

  • Alex Norris

    LOL. sonybot trying to silly joke .. )) Noob, show me your night sample from your Xperia X Perforator, with big IMX300, and than we will talk… )

  • bought a second-hand Z5c :) great device! update to my Z1c! I don’t like the design of the Xc

  • Khillo81

    I do hope they release an Xperia XZ Compact. I’m not in the market for a new phone yet as I just bought the Xperia Z5 Compact 6 months ago. But if Sony stop making a premium compact phone I will have to reluctantly move to a bigger phone size (5 inches or above). Let’s wait and see…

  • Gary Ohanian

    The 650 is better than the 801 in the Z3 Compact.

  • FooVoyager

    It’s easier for me as well to compromise on size than performance. Not that I really need flagship performance from my phone today, but I still use a Z1 Compact that performs well today (other than the battery, which is (really!) dead) and that is almost 3 years old but had flagship performance when released. I don’t like this new buy-and-throw-away-after-a-year mentality. It’s not good for me, and it’s not good for the world we live in.

    Everything would be fine if I just could change the damn battery easily (without a heat gun and the patience of at least three mouse hunting cats).

  • Gary Ohanian

    Don’t see how the Axon 7 will change that.

    I’m still on my Z1. As long as it lasts a few more months, I’ll be getting the XZ and Z Compact for me and my partner (currently using Moto G 1st gen). Both phones would be good replacements. Originally bought the Z1 for 2 years and it’s stretched to 3 no prob. I can’t see any reason why the XZ or X Compact won’t last 2 years either and then stretch it out for a little longer if necessary.

  • FooVoyager

    You cant really compare the XZ and the X Compact. One has flagship performance (albeit being bigger and more expensive), the other just don’t. A phone that is barely faster than it’s predecessor (that is 1 year old) just isn’t good enough, at least not for me. The XZ will probably last 2 years, or longer, but I’m not so sure about the X Compact. And I’m not that sure that Qualcomm will support their mid-range SOC’s as long as their flagship SOC either… But time will tell I guess, but I’m betting my money on something else thank you very much.

  • bluestreak_v

    I would not call this a “mini”… Do you remember how crappy previous mini editions were? The last one, the Galaxy S5 mini, had an Exynos SOC that was roughly equivalent to the SD400, 1.5 GB of RAM and an 8 MP camera.

    The X Compact matches the ZX flagship in both RAM and camera specs. It lags a little behind the flagship by using the upper-mid tier SD650. Again, not a huge loss.

    Also, cheaper price is an improvement, isn’t it? ;)

  • Gary Ohanian

    The Moto G 1st Gen is almost 3 years old too using the 400 midrange chip instead of the 800 “flagship”. Still a perfectly decent phone. The 650 will last 2 years just fine for everyday, non power users. Which is exactly the target audience.

  • FooVoyager

    Non-power users have not been the target audience for Sony’s compact series of phones before… Therefore you will get a lot of complaints and disgruntled (former) owners. It’s not rocket science. I, and I guess many with me, want a flagship compact/mini phone, and Sony have historically been the only manufacturer delivering such a solution. Now they don’t. If I need to go up in size to get the performance I want there are a lot more options other than Sony, both cheaper and with more features. Simply as that. My prediction is that Sony Mobile will fold in a year or two, they don’t seem to be able to compete any longer. That Ericsson jumped ship was probably only the first sign…

    Best of luck with your new X Compact though, and I hope I’m wrong about Sony.


    now thats something good
    manual controls

  • Geese Howard

    Snowwhite being shot like in Resident Evil.. they probably thought she was a zombie. She looks like one though… :)

  • kurakuradisco

    “Should be a decent 4.6″ phone. There aren’t many of them around”

    hell yeah, in android world there is none except this one, i guess the problem between SD820 and SD650 is just the matter of prestige… but the real deal is when i hang around with my friends and they look my xperia, they amaze by the design first.. not questioning what chip on it.. for the IP rating… well kinda sad, but fine for me

    at least Sony stay with his unique design while other using iclone design.. even samsung follow the sheep by release C series… for hell sake,, what’s wrong with smartphone industry design nowadays (this is my real whining)

  • hansip

    i believe 4.6 inch with 720p screen results around 319ppi..

  • Jacquelynnjwatkins

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  • Renato

    Maybe people have already looked for other options. These days is quite hard to find a phone with great specs and small enough for me to enjoy. I’ve narrowed my search to sony compact line and the iphone SE. I have a z3c right now and was looking forward for the next gen compact. This is a middle range, this is comparable (with the redmi for example), not the z compact line.
    If there is a high end compact phone elsewhere please tell me. I would really appreciate it.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga


  • Nafnaf84

    I’m surprised to not see a flagship compact like the Z Compact before…
    That said I’m very happy that they decided to do a Compact smartphone approaching the mid range because I’ve always wanted the Compact format but it was too costly for me…
    I would have preferred a Sony Compact between 250 / 300€ (with less specs of course, like the Galaxy A3 2016) but it’s more affordable than the Z Compacts…
    Well he’s a bit thick but he seems nice :)

  • Pat Bell

    Stop crying about the damn processor when you absolutely don’t need a more powerful one with a 720p screen . I’ll agree on the waterproofing, but the phone will launch with a price tag of € 450,- where I live, and that’s actually a quite soft price for a high end compact smartphone. Let’s see the benchmarks and the performance before first before criticizing the phone.

  • Well, I choose not to buy from those stores because if something happens to my phone then I will have a hard time to find out where to go for repair. I do use ebay to buy accesories tho, it’s far cheaper there compared to local phone store

  • Marcus

    I’m happy you are happy but for me a waterproof phone thanks to a case is no good and I don’t really want to jailbreak my phone to get it to pretty good.

  • Vinny Conforto

    z3 compact is definitely the better deal even though it’s been 2 years since it was announced. x compact is £379 that’s way too expensive for a mediocre-speced phone. besides, the design… sony has to know that z3c is the best selling xperia phones

  • Shane Falco

    9.5mm??? no thanks!

  • ymytbb .

    If Sony is not planning to upgrade the specs, or refine the design why bother to introduce a new device? Xperia’s new chapter started up with a disaster

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    That’s a really long explanation, and I’m certainly glad I read it. I used to paint you in the same light as Timel and the bunch, but after seeing your explanation I could tell you really like Sony as a whole but is let down by their camera software.
    TBH, I’m not sure if it’s physical OIS or just software based using the EIS to counter movement, because on the Sony mobile page, I saw something like ‘software taken from the Sony Alpha line’. So I’m waiting for Zack (jerryrigeverything) to tear it apart and jiggle the sensor a bit. And i agree with the review that the RGB-IR is a bit of a hit or miss but I hope the laser autofocus (and possible hopeful true physical ois) helps with everything else and Sony gets rid of their old tired software and replace with a new one..

  • Night Guy

    Youtubers who makes camera comparison will not shoot moving object much. But, this xperia camera works btter for that. U know wat i mean. :c

  • Stefan

    haha, i guess NOT!

  • Stefan

    you have to know that the Compact line has been THE no. 1 choice for people who need a powerful, compact and decent phone since the z1 compact. Taking a step back now and choosing a mid-range processor and other shit in the x compact will make the target group (Compact fans) run away. Myself included!

  • Stefan

    it’s just ridiculous what Sony delivers to us here. They should come up with something innovative (in a positive way) to get back on track but instead of that they even take a step back. The X Compact line could have been their chance but they goofed it. Next Smartphone will not be from Sony!

  • Michal Fox,Blacha

    no snapdragon 820, no waterproof, not for me. stay with my z3c

  • Mac

    I feel you. Much like the Z1C was released alongside with the Z2. Man I just wish this compact would have given me all I had in my Z1C and my Z3C with newest flagshipspecs :(

  • minimaL

    Pre-ordered Blue mist (hopefully it will attract less fingerspots than the black version) xperia x compact. I’m upgrading from my Z1C.
    – Plastic (instead of glass) is an advantage for me, since I’m clumsy and dropped my Z1C a few times.
    – 720p is sufficient for me
    – Snapdragon 650 will be more powerful than Z1c and that was already fasy enough for me. So I prefer a longer battery durability than more cpu power.
    – No IP-certification / waterprood is a pity
    – Bezels could be smaller
    – Eager to use the fingerprint sensor
    – Better camera
    – 1GB more ram

    ETA is next week thursday already (hopefully this isn’t false information)

    Anyone knows if it will have ANT+?

  • minimaL

    Pretty sure it is, maybe except for graphical performance…

  • Joe Black

    Well you know, it’s got 3GB ram over Z5c’s 2GB. I used Z5C for a long time, and the 810 could get very hot, especially when filming. And the 650 is an improved 808 which had less thermal throtling issues than the SD810.
    It’s really not less powerful than Z5C.

  • Marianmgardner

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  • Marianmgardner

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  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Right with that.. Just wished the next compact will be the next big thing with FHD display..everything else is already perfect with the exception of the Cpu

  • PoweredBySony
  • jamie evans

    Question. Some say that Sony is going to introduce a 5.3″ device in 2 months. True?

  • jamie evans

    Z3C is way much better

  • Mac

    Actually I rather prefer a 720p screen on such small device. There is no need for 1080p at least not for me. A better batterylife is much more appreciated. But I really wish this XC was the one.
    Many Sony specific features like waterproof, small apps, stamina and many more are now gone. What’s next, no SD slot, no physical camera button?
    Soon there will be no more Sony stuff in the phones but the label. That’s when it all becomes very sad, no other phone company make devices that make me think this is me.

  • Battel
  • Rikimaru Azuma

    The front camera is lower than M5 this is disapointing.

  • Vinny Conforto

    sony mobile is doomed

  • DBS

    Good prices? If you’re just talking about the XZ, sure. Not good but in line with other OEMs flagship prices on launch (though it’ll be hard to justify paying 700€ for a XZ when the S7 and the G5 are on the 600€ level already).

    But the Compact? Are you insane?
    You should notice that the correct price is NOT the one on red. The price is the one in black below. Because VAT IS MANDATORY IN EUROPE. The only way you have to pay 315£ for the Compact is if you’re not European. But then you’ll have to pay the import taxes on your country so it’ll end up being the same or even worse.

    £379 for the Compact is RIDICULOUS. And you know why?
    Because I bought my Z3C – a true premium flagship Compact – from Clove, for £349 on launch.

  • Dave

    just sad…. still no 6.4 inch screen phone. seems the old z ultra remains the big dinosaur from Sony. i liked the size but all phones after it are getting smaller. i watch lot of videos an dead a lot on my phone so i really like to see a upgraded z ultra or should i say x ultra! common Sony there is market for it but you don’t realize it!

  • spade
  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    the thing is, it’s not high end compact smartphone at all, just compact smartphone. So the pricing is quite expensive.

  • If Sony Mobile is losin a significant anount of money each quarter. Wouldn’t it make sense to make the best bang for buck phone? Don’t sell it at a loss but basically make it so people would choose a Sony over everything else and slowly gain trust from new customers. What do they have to lose since they are already losing a lot ..

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’m curious to hear what 4.6 inch phone you will buy instead of the X compact. I mean there aren’t really that many compact phones that are worth their asking prices these days…

  • Biancoceleste

    Waterproofing is an excellent feature that any outdoors person appreciates. It’s piece of mind.
    Nevermind all the accidents one can avoid as well (dropping in toilet, etc).

    Has nothing to do with Samsung phones having it. Xperia line was waterproof way before that and Samsung waterproofing is faulty anyway. I wouldn’t trust it.

  • Nafnaf84

    Be careful, I have the Xperia M2 and was very interested in the XA… until I saw that there was a massive battery drain for most of the users, seems like a problem with 3G / 4G / WiFi and Sony isn’t really doing something helpful since June… :/
    Anyway the battery is ridiculously small, same capacity as in my M2 which has a 4,8″ qHD screen (XA = 5″ HD)… all the tests I saw conclude the same, battery too small… :(

  • Jer

    Hahaha told all ya cunts who said it was going to be 1080p, fuckin you haven’t been disapointed enough by sony yet.

  • Kwstakhs

    Why does this have 282 ppi on 4.6 with 720p And my z3c has 319 ppi on 4.6 with 720p as well?

  • Battel
  • DBS

    “Unofficial preliminary specifications.”
    “Status Cancelled”

    You shouldn’t use GSMArena as a source for anything ;) It’s a shame this doesn’t exist, yes. But I doubt it was ever in production in the first place.

    Also, my prayers would be that Sony had released a real Compact (not the X Mini) with Samsung’s theme engine ;)

  • azzido

    question to Sony,
    will there be XZ compact as well?

    This one disappointed too many people:
    – plastic materials
    – no waterproofing
    – no 4K recording
    – “only” 5MPx front camera
    – no Snap 820

  • PoweredBySony

    xperia xz home launcher

  • Battel

    You have a very bad luck this year :
    Pray for MWC in Feb/17 .

  • DBS

    No need. I intend to go back to Nokia as soon as they release their upcoming Android flagships. When that happens I will no longer care about offerings from other brands. ;)
    Which kinda means Sony ran out of time to get me back as a customer… :

  • Azurpha

    fyi snapdragon 650 is a midrange chip…but its performance is roughly of snapdragon 810, just a little less on antutu. What I do agree on is that it should be cheaper due to this mid range chip. its overpriced, but its a good chip.

  • Azurpha

    yes, but 650 is doesnt have issues with thermal throttle even if z5c does cool it better than most 810 devices(its only a decent bit better its not to be of concern). Of course waterproofing is great if the quality is there. In nz, their qc is rubbish and also limits the colour to black…like seriously if you want other colours, parallel imports it is.

  • Azurpha

    yeah got the xiaomeme redmi note 3 pro with 650…the chip is good, but sony is overpricing their shit a lot.

  • betatesterz

    This is going to be a bit off topic but..

    Is there any news on the next generation of Sony Smartwear that will be coming out soon? The last release was the SWR12 which as been released for over a year now.

    I was kinda hoping for a successor to the SWR30 but unfortunately..

  • Khillo81

    Yes, but the question is: is it more powerful? I don’t want to replace a phone with one that is equally as powerful, if that. What really irks me is the loss of waterproofing which makes this seem like a downgrade. Anyway, as I said, I’m not looking to replace my phone yet, and with any luck it will last me for a couple more years. I’m just using this as an indication for the future. If Sony decide to stick to this strategy for their compact phones, I’ll have to consider the 5-inch+ phones come time for replacing my Z5C.

  • Mac

    What about the back of the phone? Glass? Plastic? Sadly it seems not like metal. What’s up with all those glossy-finish devices. It’s gonna leave a scratch on it by just laying it on the table..

  • razorg

    I’m eagerly waiting for a Nokia phone as well. The only let down of the Nokia Lumia phones was the Windows Phone OS. Besides, their camera capabilities were YEARS ahaed of the contemporary Samsung/Sony/HTC as well as the AMOLED screens (with that the Glance screen feature) and many other features…

  • Shaynalconnor2

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  • Shaynalconnor2

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  • Shane Falco

    only 9.5mm thickness??? sony make shame! ridicolous smartphone!

  • lolop

    The Z5C is uncomfortable to hold because it’s so thick and this is even thicker!! Disappointing… Hopefully the next compact is much better.

  • Bezels for the win !

    sorry , but I have to say , you are an idiot .

  • kurakuradisco

    firmware update resolve it.. XDA forum user confirm the battery now fine

  • Nafnaf84

    That’s not what they say on the Sony Xperia Support forum… well it’s fine when the 3G / 4G and the WiFi scan are off… so not really what I want… :/

  • lastguru

    So, Apple iPhone 7 has waterproofing, while Sony, waterproofing stalwart, dropped waterproofing from the latest phone. Should we all just switch to iPhone? It has software support for many years ahead, and RAW camera API…

  • EQ

    Iphone? You mean average build quality, hyped fake features, average camera, average speakers and sound, average screens and the list can go on. You mean that Iphone? No, NEGGED!

  • Mike

    Maybe if the price is announced at $299 or something close to that…

  • Howard Sternberg

    Z3C and Z5C were a joke.

    This i was looking forward to but not much of an upgrade.

    Still going to use Z1C dang…you made better phone in the past.

  • Saeed

    Xperia Z3 and Xperformance is the best.

  • Saeed

    Xperia Z3 is the best.

  • Razuberyl

    I just wonder, do you even realize that is Xperia X’s Compact? Xperia X has SD650, so it is not Xperia X Performance Compact neither Xperia XZ Compact…

    Xperia X Xperia X Compact

  • Matt

    its xperia x compact , not xperia XZ compact.

    refer to xperia x spec

  • PoweredBySony
  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Why do you consistently lie?
    Z3C was around 430£ from Clove on launch

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    It has exactly 319 ppi also

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Pricing is 50£ lower than previous flag Sony Compacts…
    So the price is all right.

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Why is XperiaBlog not posting any more. Are they on holiday?

  • Tommy He

    Suddenly it makes my Z5c way more appealing.

    Quite like its triple-sensor camera though…

  • AllanKafka

    Flaps? Does Z5C have any flaps? My Z5 doesn’t.

  • DBS

    No, it wasn’t. You’re the liar. A filthy liar.
    And I can prove it. Here, a copy of MY OWN receipt from Clove.

    £369.40 – £17(shipping) = £352.40
    Adjusting VAT from the 23% charged in Portugal to the 20% of Britain = £349

    Next time you try to call someone a liar so YOU can lie, think twice.

  • KarFar

    X Compact vs Z5 Compact speed+camera:

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Chill fella
    I stand corrected then.
    That was quite a good import offer back then.
    I concluded from which has same prices as Clove, and had starting price for z3c which was indeed 430£
    X compact on same site is 380£.

  • The One

    It always kills me when people on youtube take photos using the 20mp mode. The standard 8mp mode produces better images in most cases. But either way, sony still lags behind Samsung, LG, and Apple

  • The One

    It’s plastic, thicker, and taller than the previous compact series phones. Sony is going backwards in design. Its almost as large as the iPhone 6 now.

  • Kwstakhs

    The article says 282


    where you put memory card and sim ?

  • Mac

    Yea I know, taller and thicker than even Z1C.. and not even water-resistant! Why they need all that thickness when it’s not even used?
    I mean, if the phone uses the same main camera as XZ and not the same front camera as XZ nor the X!?
    What is this, not to mention that stupid looking bottom bezel..

  • korbindallis

    so are they going to put out an XZ compact in 6 months time


    ya happens after z3 series they made usb ports open here i have to open flaps every-time i charge and end-up with making it loose and no waterproof

  • Matt

    it is amazing how your brain work out that sentence from nothing.

  • henk verhoefen

    I im selling one of these on

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