Android Marshmallow now rolling for the Xperia C4 (27.3.A.0.122) and C4 Dual (27.3.B.0.122)

by XB on 13th September 2016

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xperia-c4-marshmallowSony Mobile has started to roll out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Xperia C4 with firmware number 27.3.A.0.122 and the Xperia C4 Dual with firmware number 27.3.B.0.122. At the time of writing the variants that are seeing the Marshmallow update include the Xperia C4 (E5303, E5306) and the Xperia C4 Dual (E5333, E5343). However, the remaining two variants (E5353, E5363) should go live shortly.

We will provide firmware links for each release as per usual in due course, but in the meantime, let us know your early impressions of the release. There is no sign of the same update hitting the Xperia C5 Ultra just yet, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as it is released.

Xperia C4 FTF firmware links – Android 6.0 Marshmallow (27.3.A.0.122)

Xperia C4 (E5303) 27.3.A.0.122 Italy Generic
Xperia C4 (E5306) 27.3.A.0.122 US Generic
Xperia C4 (E5353) 27.3.A.0.122 Australia Generic

Xperia C4 Dual FTF firmware links – Android 6.0 Marshmallow (27.3.B.0.122)

Xperia C4 Dual (E5333) 27.3.B.0.122 Latin America Generic
Xperia C4 Dual (E5343) 27.3.B.0.122 Brazil Generic
Xperia C4 Dual (E5363) 27.3.B.0.122 India Generic

xperia-c4-mm_1 xperia-c4-mm_2

xperia-c4-mm_3 xperia-c4-mm_4

Thanks Henry and SandyTheme!

  • Mrr Vann

    How about c5??

  • Ferhat Dönmez
  • gjhvfhjk vhjjbv

    How about you shut up your stupid mouth. C5 wil get update after C4 .Isnt that obvious? So just fuckin shut your god damn mouth

  • theskig

    I have to check on my dad’s phone.
    BTW C4 is a really good device.

  • Krunal Urade

    Why the hell you are being so rude I am waiting for C5 update as well

  • Matt

    because he is sick of people who just blindingly ask things without logic.

    do c5 will receive marshmallow ? yes . .. c4 got it which means ?c5 is next

  • SandyTheme

    Quite good but battery drains a bit more Android 5.1. However, it is very good update. Thank Sony Team.

  • SM

    Whether the battery fasy draining problem is solved in this new android version? can anybody confirm?

  • Shehab Skull

    Looks like they got the new x ui !! congrats guys :’v

    – Z5 user here :’3

  • Robcartoon

    Can you please put some screenshots we see? Especialy lock screen,home screen and app drawer.

  • Robcartoon

    Can you please put some screenshots we see? Especialy lock screen ,settings and home screen.

  • Malih

    for those who own C5 Ultra this phone runs on the same SoC as yours, without being too technical it means you will get your Marshmallow soon after

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    C5 Ultra owners, stop whining, the white paper for this model was updated in July, indicating they run Android Marshmallow, the update will be out at any time now.

  • Ali Al-Bazzal

    and Xperia m4????
    Thank sony

  • SandyTheme

    It is Android 6.0, not 6.0.1
    Ram only is 1.6, i do not know why?
    Unable to move apps to sd card except allowed apps.
    Stamina = Battery saver. Not good.

  • Mahesh

    Not always Matt. T2 got Lolipop but T3 stuck with Kitkat. So with Sony, you can never know!

  • SandyTheme

    By resetting my phone and I received Chrome version 51. It means that Sony mobile started this build from May or June :D. I thought they were waiting for Updating from MTK for MTK6752 on Android 6. No matter with Xperia C5, quite same with Xperia C4 and I think they will receive update very soon. Today or tomorrow.

  • Reza

    Try to restart, it’s normal after updated the new software, need adaptation between the hardware and software as well.

  • SandyTheme

    I reset my phone and memory is still 1.6 instead of 1.8 on Android 5.1. Battery is more improved especially, it is very good at sleep mode. No loose any battery percentage in 7 hours of sleeping. Very good update.

  • SandyTheme

    For everyone: Android 6 on Xperia C4 run very fast and battery management is very good. All you should do is resetting your phone after updating to Android 6.

  • FW|190

    C4 gets double tap to sleep now? Too bad i just switched to Z3+ only a few weeks before this update hit.

  • Tflow

    Is this a joke Sony? C4 users had to wait 2 months after M4 got Android 6.0.1. And now we get 6.0 after 2 months of waiting.

  • Matt

    as i said , LOGIC.

    if you want to know here goes. do t3 on the list ? then yes
    do t3 got mediatek processor ? probably not

    is that simple

  • Robcartoon

    Looks abit different from 6.0.1 of Xperia Z2. Notice the battery icons,plus the theme colour(blue) does not cover the top part of the display.

  • Reza

    Yeah, it’s slightly different than what we got on Xperia z lines, I use z3+ running 6.0.1

  • Blame Mediatek. They make it an absolute nightmare for ANYONE to get the source code for their chipsets (they’re charging for source code. Google says that’s beyond illegal.) so OEM’s like Sony can start working on fun stuff, like actually updating Android versions…?

  • Tflow

    Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know this.

  • Quick question – to anyone with a C4 on Marshmallow, when you use a third party theme that “replaces” the nav bar icons, are they actually replaced? Because it used to be only the Z and X class could, the C class only got the stock navbar regardless of theme.

  • LazAndKor

    I believe the only reason the z5 didnt get the x icons and the predictive autofocus is because the x series were released after the Z5 Marshmallow update.see the m5 for example, and even c4 both got the x icons stock while the m5 got the new setting ui and predictive autofocus, i dont know yet about the c4. The m4aqua didnt get the new icons due to low storage.As a fellow z5 user i hope that sony does give us the x Ui and predictive autofocus on Nougat.(and the lockscreen whouldnt be bad as well ).If sony doesnt give us any X series feature on their previous flagship while a mid-high ranger M5 and medium ranger C4,C5 got them, then i will be quite mad and dissapointed at sony. But we wait and see.
    PS.I know you can download the x icon pack on XDA,but having it as stock uses less storage.

  • Robcartoon

    I use Z2, I hope they update them to be the same as the Xperia X series and the new Xperia XZ since they all run marshmallow 6.0.1 then they shut us down as they proceed to android Nougat.

  • Joshua Frewen

    I really hope this update comes to South Africa…

  • All Xperia but the ones with Mediatek SoC change the navigation bar icons correctly. It doesn’t with the C4/C5/M5 in Lollipop. It has been fixed in Android 6 for M5. But it’s back on Xperia XA. The problem is from Mediatek that owns the source code.

    Moral of the story? I only buy phones with a Qualcomm SoC.

  • I hear you, but I’m specifically asking for the C4 updated to Marshmallow. I know in Lollipop they really can’t, but what about the ones updated to Marshmallow?

    But yeah, Mediatek running phones are awful next to comparable Qualcomm running phones.

  • Cedric Saintas

    How do you install this theme with the ‘XPERIA’ logo as the home button?? **

    By the way, Nougat 7 is already released by Google. SONY should forget MM and update all the devices (M4, C4, C5 Ultra, Z3, Z5, X..) to Nougat directly.

    **I really want this theme**

  • Yoann Thebault

    Hi, for get “xperia logo as the home button”, u will need to download themes on playstore, good luck for find them ;)

  • HellolleH

    Hey guys, can someone help? I have the Sony C4 model E5306 (love this phone so much) but I am on 5.1. How do I even attempt to upgrade to Marshamallow? I am new to android, please help

  • HellolleH

    as in, how do I even start? What is the first step?

  • Yoann Thebault
  • Cedric Saintas

    Some people are wrong here. I’m using a C5 Ultra, which has a MediaTek chip, and yes the navigation bar icons change correctly. I tried lots of themes and they do change.

  • Cedric Saintas

    Thanks man :)

  • CarnetBleu

    hey, I have a C4 and still not getting the marshmallow update? what is going on? any suggestions? nothing in the updates

  • Yoan

    I need password to download in MEGA, I have Xperia C4 E5306, and recently updated via OTA to 5.1, but I want to update to 6.0. Thanks

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