Xperia XZ pre-orders in Europe will get free Sony MDR-XB950BT headphones

by XB on 13th September 2016

in Xperia XZ series

xperia-xz-pre-order-free-headphonesSony Mobile has kicked off pre-orders for the Xperia XZ across most of its European sites. Sony is enticing customers to pre-order the Xperia XZ by throwing in a pair of free Sony MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass wireless headphones, worth around £100.

The promotion is currently live across various European regions including the UK (£549), Germany (€699), Italy (€699), Netherlands (€699), Sweden (SEK 6,990) and Poland (2,990 Zloty). Across all of these sites, the Xperia XZ is available to order in all three colours – Forest Blue, Mineral Black and Platinum. The offer ends on 5 October in the UK and 10 October in mainland Europe.

In the UK, we have noticed third-party retailers also offering the free headphones during the pre-order promotion – the cheapest being Carphone Warehouse at £499 and Clove at £549. Is this enough of an incentive for you to pre-order? Chime in with your thoughts below.


Thanks Delsin!

  • razor7s

    Honestly 499 is acceptable price, but I still hope it can make it to 449.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Totally worth it since those headphones have amazing sound quality. But it’s Europe exclusive as usual, wish they’d bring similar pre order bonuses for the rest of the world too :(

  • Kariko

    Maybe it wil get a price cut after two month just like xperformance

  • Joe Black

    Can’t wait for the pre-order option to arrive in Croatia.

  • fried_egg

    Those headphones are not hi-res models… still better than the NOTHING that came in the EE Z5 box even though other sellers were bundling things with the phone at it’s launch

  • ramuk

    Great deal. This phone is getting praise from all over the internet whereas thanks to Explosive note 7 samesung is getting negative press all over the internet. LMAO. After Samsung employee Timel claimed that the battery explosion was due the users use fake charger , the problem is not from the phone. it will sure be hard for him to defend samesung here.

  • ramuk

    Here is the proof of that samsung employee statement.

  • Jer
  • hansip

    Somehow the angled curve make it look like Xperia Ray.. Definitely the new sexy :) <3

  • Alvin

    “Those pictures are from china and fake” “…fake charger” blablabla, the problem is not even from those phones’ charger, it’s from the battery itself, those exploded phones burn location that I saw didn’t even came from the phones’ charging port, but from around centre part of those phones. He need to do some research before trashing Sony inside a Sony blog although he claims that he is (or was) a Sony fan and want to “make sony better”. I have to admit that he’s right sometimes, but when he claims something that came out of nowhere, I see the ugly side of him.

  • Alvin

    I remember at one episode of Spongebob Squarepants when the characters were doing the “opposite day” thing. So 12 days ago might be that day.

  • razor7s

    Why a Samsung employee always come xperiablog? He wanted to get fired?

  • DonRox

    Great deal and awesome phone. Much better than the note 7 lol

  • Ailan Hidaz

    What’s funny about this retarded statement is that a boy just got burnt badly while using a Samsung Note 7, in the United States, while it was NOT charging. Wonder what timel’s defence will be this time :D

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Are you sure it isn’t Hi Res? I’ve seen these headphones being advertised as such, I assumed they were. In any case I have tried them in the Sony store and the bass response and audio quality was still top notch so it’s still a great deal

  • Khillo81

    Naturally, the phone’s price will decrease a couple of months after launch but you will get nothing bundled with it. The question is: do you need a pair of bluetooth headphones? If yes, then the offer would be worth it as the difference in phone price would be offset by the price of the headphones. If not, then wait a bit and get the phone cheaper.

  • Talos the Robot

    Hi-Res audio responds to the frequencies between 48 kHz/16-bit – 192 kHz/24-bit.
    The Frequency Response of these headphones is 3 – 28 kHz (with supplied headphone cable).
    They just have Extra Bass for people who prefer the club-like sound and not the details of Hi-Res audio.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Thanks for the clarification, though I know what hi res audio is, as I have a pair of hear.on cans. But here in the middle east they were advertising these headphones as hi res so I assumed they were. Nonetheless they are still pretty good headphones for free.

  • Talos the Robot

    Yes of course they are great for that offer!
    But if you want to know if the headphones are hi-res compatible it is better to see if they have the Hi-Res logo on the box or at the official web page of the product.

  • Matt

    then he will argue that the wordwide recall are fake aswell.

    tell that to a man in the US whose car burned down.
    and he will tell us who is charging their phone in the car?

    no end of timel. just block him

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Yeah true, dont know why mid – East Sony is blatantly calling them hi res compatible when I checked their own website where it is clearly mentioned that it’s a bass-centric pair of headphones. Maybe miscommunication on their part.
    Ironically they have no mention of the hear.on and headphones being hi res here :D

  • cocorico

    Nothing for France ? GRRRRRRR

  • Simbob

    When I pre-ordered the X Performance with Rogers in Canada, they came with MDR-1A. decent headphones. Regardless, I feel like the Z5 had more features and the XZ is what the XP should have been. oh well, ill change in 2 years …

  • ramuk
  • ramuk

    Why do you think a samesung employee always come here? He is here to troll and annoy people while pretending to be a Sony well wisher. LOL. He always get extremely butthurt whenever someone said something against Samsung. Always post ridiculous specs as his wishlist for the xperia phones while praising and advertising for samesung phones. Don’t believe for a second that he is a Sony fan even if he said something sensible once in a while.

  • marcyff2

    same I tried jumping ship last year from sony and ended up making the worst decision of going with lg g4 (if your wondering check bootloop problems lg g4) and now I had to revert all the way back to a htc m7. It is the exact time for me to get a new phone and the xz is the perfect phone for me, except i have no funds to get it right now!

  • KarFar
  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I’ve had those heaphones for almost 2 years. I couldn’t been happier for that purchase, the bass was truly amazing and the battery life was exceptional. One charge gave me a whole week (I used them around 2-3 hours a day and around 7 on weekends).

    It’s a shame it’s only a europe exclusive. At the end I broke them because I got them stuck on my head rest.

  • RockStar2005


  • Wolf0491

    Sony has been my go to phone but have been wanting try something else besides samsung (compare these because i like water resistant). I like being different and having a sony in US was always fun. personally I cannot wait to see the new phones coming out in future now that iphone is waterproof i hope that ZTE and similar companies start to implement water resistant features.
    That said my Z3 still works good and plan use it for a bit longer.

  • Darren Johnstone

    With a Which score of 34% I dont think I will bother.

  • David T

    For the headphones?

  • azzido

    The question is whether it is coming with smaller, noise cancelling headphones or not. While these bigger headphones can be good to use at home, the smaller ones are much more comfortable to wear andbuse outside. And require less space to carry.

    Again the question is if we get smaller obes as well. If yes I will preorder, if not at home there are better systems to listen to music.

  • KarFar

    I saw an X Compact unboxing and it comes with MH750, so maybe it’s the same for XZ?

  • Bezels for the win !

    I wonder where he is hiding now , after he lost that argument …. probably crying in the corner

  • These do look nice and it says they come with a standard audio cable to use wired? Is it a 3.5mm connection on both ends or is it something proprietary on the headphone itself?

  • Darren Johnstone

    Yes. They are marked as a dont buy. There are other Sony headsets marked as best buys tho

  • Vincentius Phang

    How can carphone warehouse offer it way cheaper than the others? That’s my winning price over there.

  • The X compact gets a similar offer with a bundled headphone.

    I got my X bundled with wireless Bluetooth speakers back in July.

    Some great offers from Sony :)

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Yes. It includes a 3.5mm on both ends but the end that plugs into the headphones it’s proprietary. But you could use a thin (or strip the plastic on a cheap) 3.5mm cable, it snaps into place anyway.

    But the cable doesn’t include a microphone.

  • jag

    That’s really a decent headphone!!! I envy you!.. We don’t have those kind of deals here in Singapore.

  • jag

    Woah! You got the same scenario with my friend!! He got a G4 but got the boot loop problem and went back to his M7. Anyway, you can have your G4 repaired in your LG customer service centre with no charge, if you’re lucky. I heard that’s a plague that stroke the G4 which is a hardware fault.

  • ramuk

    He is busy doing damage control for samsung all over the internet.

  • Joe Black

    Holy crap. I too traded my Z5 Compact for an LG G4, but I haven’t had bootloop problems yet (I did have almost everything replaced through the warranty though), and I regret it. The camera is by far worse than Z5 compact (gg OIS), the phone is laggy. The screen is a battery hog, and not much else.
    Which is why I’m getting the XZ.

    On a more recent note, while I was typing right now, I experienced a keyboard lag that literally made me have to press a single letter every 2 seconds. If I tried to type normally, the keyboard would type in ALL letters like 5 seconds after I stopped typing.

    Gg LG, semper Sony fidelis.

  • I guess Sony wants to clean its inventory of old fashioned, cabled headphones now that Apple is leading the way!

    (Just halfway kidding.)

  • Khillo81

    Uh, they’re bluetooth headphones dude!

  • Best own-goal in my Disqus history ٩(๏̯๏)۶

    Thank you, referee!

  • marcyff2

    it is indeed, unfortunately i have tried lg and my warranty had expired a week before so all that for nothing. Anyway in the uk giffgaff makes 6 months contracts with a start pay of 200 pounds i think i will try that next as it is a pretty good deal for the XZ or S7

  • Danny

    I have one MDRXB950BT in blue over a year now, it’s an incredible pair of headphones. Amazing sound and clarity, even with bass, though I rarely turn it on. 20+ hours On wireless/ Bluetooth use.

  • haxona

    Are you checking the right pair of headphones, their user reviews on and on various price compering sites are 8+ out of 10

  • Khillo81

    You’re welcome ;). By the way, love the avatar. Professor Frink is one my favorite Simpsons characters.

  • David T

    Yikes, I read some reviews. Very disappointed but I’m not surprised as these bundles will attract those who haven’t done their research.

  • azzido

    Thanks, MH750 is not noise cancelling but it is better than nothing and empty box. I wonder how it will be for XZ. Maybe we will get at least a 50% discount for the noise cancelling and other accesories in the Box of Z5?

    It is sad to see empty boxes as we get with Z5 :(
    Lookks so.. hmm, empty and sad.

    I remember the premium boxes of Sony Ericsson era, and how the phones was packed, for example W980 in graved material, box was so premium not like recent Xperias. Hard cardboard, features inside :)

    It was giving a nice feeling of buying something really premium :P
    Ehh, those days are gone now.

  • Bezels for the win !

    look here what I found in individual case where user was actually using faulty charger

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