Xperia fans – Would you miss the headphone jack if Sony dropped it?

by XB on 16th September 2016

in News

sony-xperia-headphone-jackYou probably haven’t been able to ignore the fact that today is iPhone 7 launch day, given how the media panders to Apple products. Since the iPhone 7 was formally announced, we have also seen endless coverage over Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and whether that is a bold move, a premature move or a step too far for what remains one of the most ubiquitous forms of tech around.

We thought that today’s launch of the iPhone 7 marked the appropriate time to ask our readers their views. What we want to know from you is that is Sony suddenly dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack in next year’s flagship model, how upset would you be?

Do you see this as a progressive and inevitable step for smartphones? Maybe you have already made the move to wireless earphones/headphones? If so, does the convenience of no wires outweigh the inconvenience of having to charge them? Or, would the move annoy you enough to consider moving to a different brand? Do you still see plenty of life in the headphone jack, maybe you view Apple’s decision to remove the jack as anti-consumer? Either way, we want to hear your views. Please let us hear your comments below.

  • Znert

    I think it’s time to move on from 3.5mm but just dropping it would not really be an option for me. Something like they are doing with USB generations would be nice I guess…

  • SM

    Sony uses to stand as a brand name for its superior sound quality & innovations. Being an audiophile, my primary decision to buy a SONY (Ericsson then back in 2005) basically involved for their sound quality in their walkman series.
    I won’t consider any sony phone without its audiophile attribution & would like to see some revolutionary technique adaption that makes my favourite brand SONY as a frontier & pioneer in mobile brand endorsement. They sould introduce the laest CDLA technique for xperia series ASAP.

  • Increase

    Better to keep ~

  • KarFar

    Sony will be the last to drop it just like they were the last to use type-c.

  • ramuk

    No. I’ll not miss it.

  • Bonfaino

    I really love listening to music but removing the 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t an issue since I charge my phone on the night.

  • Prateek Bhanushali
    Check this. He gave a very valid reason why it is a poor step to omit Audio Jack from phone….

  • Given that Sony controls more than half of the music and taking into account the investiento and leadership in quality audio and audio transmission quality industry, I believe that after some time it can have the appropriate data to take any decision. But, I would miss! Possibly could use USB Type C for this, or even create a new technology.

  • yes, I share your opinion! Sony really loves Music and really loves the people who loves music. therefore, many who love music, love Sony :) me too! i hate cables but the sound with headphones is incredible neat !!!!

  • Bezels for the win !

    how they where last with USB type-c ? SAMSUNG only has t on the Note 7 … means that samsung is also late .

  • i don’t miss for sure, i use sbh70 ! but before to do this change, support file RAW ! ;)

  • xAntifreeZe

    I will accept if they include their new h.ear on wireless NC headphones with every purchase of their phones XP

  • Matt

    i will accept it fi the phone is alot more waterproof then it is now.

  • If we’re talking about listening to music here, then the jack on the phone is not important for me because I always use my Sony ZX2 Walkman for that. But I would like to have the connection given that sometimes I speak through the earphones. In addition, sometimes people use the phone with an AUX cable to listen to music in their cars.

  • Bezels for the win !
  • CP

    Since Sony’s demographic are music enthusiasts, there’s no valid reason to omit it. Bluetooth headphones require charging which is why heavy music listeners find 3.5mm jack to be essential.

    I know people mentioned that they can live without it, but why not have both 3.5mm jack and a usb type-C, instead of just a usb type C? People shouldn’t settle for less tbh

  • mountain

    I normally uses a pha-3 with my phone, so for music, it is not too much of an issue.

    However, if the phone is out of battery and would like to use headphones while charging, it causes some kind of a problem. Guess its time to get a nz-wm1z anyone?

  • Fehér Roland ‘NeoH’

    Also they have lots of quality headphones with jack, they probably wouldn’t kill support for those

  • Squirtle 1

    I don’t like wireless headphones. But I wouldn’t miss the headphones jack. USB C would be fine too.

  • Bloobat

    Would definitely miss the headphone jack and see no real reason to justify its removal. People really don’t care how thin a phone is in fact I and probably many others would prefer a thicker phone with bigger battery and features such as a headphone jack

  • Talos the Robot

    If Sony makes a good offer with LDAC compatible headphones I wouldn’t mind if they drop it.

  • Laala♡

    Well, they are already prepared with their LDAC bluetooth format. And they now had tons of LDAC equipped products, such as headphone, in-ears, portable speakers to home theater..etc Not forgetting they also have their portable amplifier (PHA-series) if you prefer line-out. If I do want headphone jack, they still have their walkman series, and also their SBH-series which can make any one your favorite headphone/earphone wireless…

  • fried_egg

    Sony’s wired MDR-NC750 (hi-res & digital nc) are fantastic with the Z5. If bluetooth was reliable & not a battery drain above wired I would not be so bothered… IN 10 YEARS when my current range of headphones and earphones have expired! While an earphone jack is universal across a range of media products specialism is not the way to go… however, if Sony push their own LDAC blutooth hires standard then it should be with the jack still there as an option even if it is not the “pushed” way to connect.

  • fried_egg

    Sony pioneered the LDAC hi-res wireless format recent flagship xperias have had… is that any good for your needs?

  • KiLLi

    Well I would like to see a very small magnetic headphones jack instead this big 3.5mm jack (like the old k750i headphone jack but with magnetic connection instead that plastic plugtype). It may look more awesome, more free space inside phone, and better for water proofing I think.

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    Only if they offer a second USB port (if they use it for headphones) so I can charge it and listen to music simultaneously.

  • hansip

    They shouldn’t drop it though. even though i use Bluetooth almost 99% of the time, when the battery is gone i have to revert to old jack which is a backup measure. But if they’re gone i don’t complain much, you know just for emergency situation in the end for my usage.

  • Nic

    Must continue 3.5mm jack. Only reason for removing 3.5mm jack to build thicker device. Bt 7 – 8 mm thickness is enough. When get mobile device to more thicker, it will be going to bend the device easley.

  • If only Sony made their music customisations available for ALL MUSIC AND PODCAST APPS, no questions asked. It IS possible, look at Viper4Android, it works with even podcast apps! I love the audio tweaking they’ve done, and Walkman is alright, but their native podcast solution is biblically horrible, and playing through Pocket Casts or whatever Podcast app you have produces ridiculously shallow sound.

    For a company that has a heritage of superior audio products and customisations, this is a ridiculous oversight.

  • Eduardo Zzavala

    It is an alternative that use a lot of users. Not arrange it is to force a technological change that is not yet massive. I think it is premature to change. Although I use bluetooth headphones (Sony , of course ) . Also, what is the advantage ? What improvement? It is simply aesthetic ? If it’s the latter, does not justify the change.

  • Exodite

    It’s both progressive and inevitable, as well as a pointless feature for me personally.

    I’ve never used the 3.5mm jack on any phone so I certainly won’t miss it.

    Since the push has already started it’s better to do it now rather than later, ensuring a quick transition to the new (and more versatile) standard.

  • adeceku

    Please don’t, maybe only if they add another port that does the same function, separated from the charge port obviously.

  • The One

    The 3.5mm jack is in complete contradiction to the concept of MOBILE devices. Mobility and convenience are the driving factors in the massive success of smartphones, so wireless connections for data AND audio are only logical. We even see wireless charging now. Get on board or get left behind. If you want to use sound quality as an argument, then use USB headphones and it will “theoretically” sound better than 3.5mm jacks anyway.

  • The One

    Use the USB port as your back-up.

  • The One

    I’m sure it wont be long before there are dongles available that let you charge your device and listen to music through the USB port at the same time. Or Sony could simply adopt wireless charging and then the phone would truly be wireless everything (internet, audio, and power).

  • MobiousO

    Eversince I started using Sony Ericsson Aino which comes with a free MH100, I have been going wireless and never looked back. So no. I will not miss it. Currently using the MW100 with MDR-EX650AP. I love Sony!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Oh hell yea. Do not remove it. I will remove it dearly

  • Deckard_Cain

    This, and I have some nice Sony headphones so I hope they’ll never do it.

  • brocnical

    It would be complete idiocy to remove it. Also should be highlighted that Sony seems to be removing FM radios and MHL support – please stop Sony – I use the FM Radio all the time. Bring back removable batteries and hardware keyboards too! CrApple are bad at design and good at paying off the media for advertising.

  • Miguel Martins

    Stay with the 3,5mm jack please!!! We’ll miss it, we don’t care about how thin the phone is, we want a good battery and the 3,5mm plug.


  • brocnical

    I wouldn’t. Not only would I no longer be able to use standard headphones (I don’t want the hassle of charging witeless) , but I would have no way to connect to my speaker system.

  • Obaid Aamir

    Drop it Sony

  • Tochi Nwodu

    since I have used my sony device, I have a peer of Bluetooth headset cause sony is best at what they do but streaming through Bluetooth, the volume is not as loud as wired
    since the digital noise canceling was introduced omg the sound is beautiful
    so for the new discarding of headset battery drain would b made I enjoy the freedom of choice
    am with sony cause of multimedia n premium design

  • Gahead

    This is something most of techblogs/review sites fail to see w/c only a few flagship phones have like Xperia Z3 and above , and LG’s , dropping the 3.5mm jack will be a waste especially for the audiophile ones, with thos APTx,DSEE that supports Hi resolution 24bit 96/192Khz , iPhones can’t even support hi res audio nor its beats and so called earpods (That’s why it’s overrated and overpriced-underspec ear devices), SO NO! I dare you people once you’ve heard Hi resolution audios, you’ll never see Beats headphones and iPhones the same way again, Galaxy S7 reads flac but it only upscales it and not the same.

  • ZoubIWah

    It would be a mistake to remove it now after the backslash the iPhone got. That would hurt sales. So i guess theyight do it lol

  • Damon Timson

    Well let me see I don’t use wireless devices because it turns out my battery runs down so fast I just can’t keep up then I’m having to sit with two flat devices, where as if I stick with the 3.5mm jack I can switch my phone into stamina mode and play music for the next 3 days without it even taking 10% of my battery, okay yes I see the point in removing the jack because it allows one to design a phone that Is supper slim case in point iPhone 7. Honestly to say I have just moved over from Blackberry to Sony and I thought I was going to hate it but it turns out I just hated the Samsung android experience… If Sony decide to remove this 3.5mm jack, i would be so angry so to move to Huawei. IPhone’s move to remove the jack is simply an idiotic move at trying to increase thier profits because now people have to go out and purchase a new cable to be able to play music which is proven to be bulking up the cable industry, if Sony were to remove the jack I would miss it terribly, now if Sony were to include in the purchase of thier new phones, headphones, a speaker, and additional cables to be able to use an Aux cable on your other speaker then I suppose it wouldn’t be such a bad thing but now repairs are also going to go up because now your USB type c is working over time with the use of your earphone and charger. Oh and another thing you can’t play music on your earphones and charge it at the same time so I strongly suggest you keep the 3.5mm jack, people don’t care so much for a slim phone. But don’t eliminate something that makes everyone’s life better just by having it

  • mike

    my Z2 headphone jack failed after 1 year, so, please remove it in the next phone release

  • Nafnaf84

    I hope that Sony won’t drop it because I use it…
    I don’t have bluetooth headphones and I don’t want it (wireless + charging both)!
    I want to keep my headphones compatible with all of my devices and the 3.5mm jack is the one which is everywhere… for now…
    Sometimes I’m tired of this consumer society who push to buy / change and buy again… :/

  • pytajnik

    no, because the sound quality and volume output that sony phones provide is awful.

  • P9

    no, and if everyone drops it, Sony should be the only company to not drop, pls.

  • As an audiophile music lover: Yes, I’d miss it. I won’t buy a phone without one.

  • LDAC is quite good, I already had the chance to test it out. Great to see improvement in that regard, that doesn’t substitue a proper headphone jack.

  • Actman

    Just name me any reason why would a standardize smartphone should removing it!

  • ludimilojko

    If i want an iPhone, i will buy an iPhone. But i don’t want an iPhone. Or a copy of an iPhone. I want a Sony Xperia. With a headphone jack. And without a fingerprint scanner.
    That’s all i have to say about that.

  • funkyblue

    Apple are beyond stupid. I will not buy any phone either a 3.5mm jack. There is no justification to remove it. “Courage” is not an answer!

  • Great Dude

    1) Charging and listening to music can’t be available easily out of the box
    2) A cheap 3$ headphone can’t be purchased in case yours were destroyed or lost especially when you are out of town.
    3) Apple iphone didn’t reduce in size, I do think that Sony doesn’t really need to reduce size, instead keep it and put bigger battery and people will not hate it.
    4) If they removed it then these phones won’t have FM Radio (sadly Xperia XZ and Speria XP doesn’t have) , I still think it is important to have radio in your phone, FM radio still have its audience and if a disaster happened like an earthquake then internet and TV may be out of hand, a radio will be a very good way to listen about news
    5) If someone has USB type C headphone then he would still be able to listen using it , having 3.5 mm jack won’t stop that ,it will give more option for who want it .
    6) Charging wireless everyday is annoying for a lot of people
    7) People who use smartwatches ,wouldn’t having a bluetooth wireless headphone affect the performance ?
    8) Bluetooth do decrease the battery faster than without .
    9) Wouldn’t removing such a feature make Sony looks like an iphone copier or follower.
    10) I don’t think that we should return to the past :,604001.jpg


    Are they really droping mhl !?

  • azzido

    YES I would miss it definitely!
    3.5mm jack and dedicated camera buttons are these “features” you should not touch!!!

  • QBerto

    sound is one of the things sony do really good, lately they’re throwing their good things (like quality compact phones) so it could hapen xD, but they even are the only ones to speak of “Hi-res audio” as a feature, so they CAN’T drop audio jack

  • azzido

    it is usb type-C, but sadly USB 2.0 only

  • Geese Howard

    There is nothing wrong with the 3.5mm jack and it is widely known and use for ear/head phones so why ditch it? Sony maybe stupid at times but they are not rejected like a sour apple. So keep it.

  • RockStar2005

    At this point, I ONLY use the 3.5mm headphone jack when I’m in my car. It allows me to still charge my phone with my car charger without needing a separate “dongle” like the iPhone 7 needs to do both at the same time via the lighting port.

    When I’m listening to music at home, I either use my X Performance’s front speakers, which isn’t as often………once or twice a month for when I’m putting away laundry & also for watching videos or snaps………..or else the majority of the time is done using my Bang & Olufson 2nd Generation H6 headphones. But when I use my H6s, I have an in-between device………..a portable premium amp/DAC device called the Oppo HA-2, which not only amplifies the sound beyond what the phone itself can offer, but also clean up the sound in several ways (widen out the soundstage, filter out tape hiss, balance the different instruments out more efficiently, etc).

    So, would I stop buying Xperia phones if Sony did that? HELL no! lol It would take a lot more than that to stop me from buying these phones. I’d probably just do what iPhone 7 ppl are doing and buy a dongle so I could do both via the MicroUSB (or MicroUSB-C) port as well. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I know that dongle would last me for years, so I guess it’s not so bad. I just hope Sony or whoever makes them doesn’t charge too much.

  • RockStar2005

    Well not the only one anymore QBerto. HTC and LG have gone beyond what Sony has done and offer up phones like the HTC 10 and LG V10 and upcoming V20, which have premium built-in amp/DAC chipsets that are even higher quality than what Samsung and Sony are offering, though Sony is still better sounding than Samsung there I believe. But LG and HTC make mention of Hi-Res. HTC even got their Hi-Res technology on the 10 certified by the Japan Audio Society ( The reviews on these phones for their audio has been nothing short of stellar too.

    I got the HTC 10 for about a week or so a little bit before I got my Xperia X Performance. It was a great phone, but as long as Sony is making quality Xperia phones like they have been (though UGHH on the X series’ battery sizes lol), I will always favor them, even though HTC has gotten better since my M8 (which I loved too at the time, but then gave up when the Z3 came out lol). If Sony stopped though, I most likely would start buying HTCs. Since when I listen to my headphones (Bang & Olufsen 2nd Generation H6) I use a portable amp/DAC device ($300 Oppo HA-2) anyway, any shortcomings the X Perf may have don’t matter b/c my Oppo device supersedes the phone’s audio equipment anyway.

    Only real reasons why I favored the X Perf over the 10 were 1) Camera on X Perf is THE best out there (Sorry Samsung, with your less accurate colors lol) The HTC’s camera was great (funny how it got so much better once they switched from Toshiba camera sensors to SONY’s sensors lol), but it didn’t quite have the level of detail the Sony and Samsung phones do (maybe on the 11??) 2) I prefer my stereo speakers to be front-facing, which HTC USED to do, but not this time around (they should’ve done what Sony did and put the fingerprint sensor on the SIDE not the front, then they could’ve continued that long-standing tradition) 3) Water-resistance, which HTC should’ve made standard.

    But the HTC does have a 2K screen, a bigger battery (though with a 2K screen, the difference of 300 mAh may not matter much), is offered by T-Mobile which is my carrier (so don’t have to buy it off Amazon like I did my X Perf lol), and of course the better amp/DAC, so I most likely wouldn’t even need my Oppo anymore. The LG V phones I wouldn’t consider at all because they’re phablets and I don’t like phablets. lol

  • SM

    Well, am talking about CDLA

  • QBerto

    Samsung doesn’t have to be mentioned here xD, the sound they offer is mediocre, the same goes to LG, except for the V series
    And, I kow sony is not the only one, my reference was just sony is trying to make a lot of noise with “hi-res feature” (pun intended?), a lot of phones support hi-res audio, but not all have all the tools to make it valuable. sony still doing it. in HTC respect, yeah, i forgot that, shame HTC is not in their best moment (like sony)

    The advantage we android user have, is fast charging, so we dont have to sacrifice a lot of time to charge a phone even if we need that usb port to hear music, so being a little conformist, if that happens, will not be the end of the world, still, right now every device uses 3.5mm jack for audio, not only smartphones, so I think it was a bad decision try to taking away, I dont think thar will be a thing soon.
    another thing android brands can do is put a second usb port? that solves everything! xD

  • Raj Singh

    I never use the headphone jack so, no, I wouldn’t care. The SBH80, SBH52 and BM10 get the job done. Having said that, people want it… so keep it. They made 6mm phones with the jacks and expandable storage so is there really a need to get rid of it?

  • Roh_Mish

    I instead want Sony to invest in better DACs and Amps for phones

  • RockStar2005

    I SECOND that! lol

  • Antony Al asmar

    I would move to another brand if sony removed the 3.5 mm jack.

  • Alvin

    Of course I’ll miss it. Dumping 3.5mm headphone jack is a dumbest decision Apple and Motorola/Lenovo ever did.

  • Comte Junqueira

    It would be a terrible idea. Because there’s no good and practical technology yet available and it would co sume more electricity (not environmentally friendly) . And besides, a customer should have the choice.

    Another mistake of Sony’s is not offering FM radio in flagship models. Why? In the Third World it is very convenient, just like double SIM is

  • jamie evans

    Ditching a headphonejack is a dealbreaker for me. Still I have to admit, to be honest, that iPhone 7 in MATTE black looks so cool I may go for it, meaning I may quit being a Sony fanboy anymore.

  • RockStar2005

    Haha yeah……Samsung’s S7…….. I had it for 4 mos. The audio on that phone was a really bad joke. The speakers were beyond horrid. When I plugged in my headphones to my S7 via the MicroUSB port, the phone SKIPPED while playing my music like every 3-5 min. How often does my XP skip? NEVER! lol

    Ok if you knew then that’s all that matters. The consensus now is different than it was 2 years ago. 2 years ago Sony’s Xperia phones had the best sound. But now I would say that HTC’s flagship and LG’s V series are in the lead.

    Yeah I wish HTC was doing better. I really would like to see them and Sony in the lead, b/c I think they have the best phones.

    Yes it IS nice having Quick Charge 3.0, and yeah they do allow you to play “catch up” on recharging the phone’s battery a lot quicker. The only good thing is about Apple or other phones getting rid of the 3.5mm port is that as long as these phones don’t have audiophile grade amp/DACs in them, the need to use a portable one like I do (Oppo HA-2) in between the headphones and phone is necessary if you want top-notch sound. So this will motivate more people to buy these type of devices (which are getting more and more portable…….see AudioQuest Dragonfly v1.5 Black or Red on Amazon), and then they will get better sound which should be the goal. But if the phones like Sony’s started having audiophile amp/DACs in them, then I could care less about the 3.5mm port. I only would miss it in the car where I don’t use that Oppo device b/c it’s much harder hear the difference in a car than on my headphones (Bang & Olufsen 2nd Generation H6). But I’d just go and buy a charging and audio dongle like the one being sold for the new iPhone 7. I just hope they won’t be pricey. I heard the one for the iPhone 7 is like $40. lol But I’d pay it if I had too, just not happily. lol

    A 2nd USB port? Now THAT’S a great idea QBerto! lol If we can have dual-SIMs, why CAN’T we have dual MicroUSB ports too?? Maybe YOU should be designing Sony’s Xperia phones? lol

  • Yali AA

    Dumping 3.5mm headphone jack is a dumb decision…..

  • (C):stem

    Getting rid of this port is the most stupid idea ever seen. Good thing is that Sony has never copied Apple their “awesome” ideas. I expect to see in the future samsung phones without headphones jack tho.

  • Andreas Prima

    Totally Disappointing if it’s happened. How i can hear a music especially i want to listen by myself? Iphone just be a dumbass for such unimportant innovation

  • Dr aNg

    Apple guys want to create a new standard omitting 3.5 mm headphone jack. We should never back them. Let it follow the path of blackberry for its extinction.

  • Phil Gym

    probably switching to iphone 7. The matte black one looks so attractive

  • Beckywrucker4

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well take this pic as an example of how it is to remove the 3.5 mm audio jack….

  • Emil Oskarsson

    And using Bluetooth in my car just eats a lot of battery from my phone, why remove something that works? Stupid apple ;p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Beats headphone sucks though, my Sony headsets are much better in terms of sound quality than my beats solo HD :p

  • Gahead

    I know right! Beats are just overprice that’s only for looks and couldn’t provide trye hifi sounds, their website doesn’t even show their specs; Mind If I know what Soby headset model are you using?

  • fried_egg

    yeah sm, but how does LDAC compare to CDLA ? Why would Sony use CDLA if they have LDAC… in fact why would anyone want CDLA?

  • fried_egg

    but why connect via usb-c instead of an earphone jack… thats just replacing one socket with another.

  • Robban2k

    I wouldn’t really miss it at all since I’ve not used headphones with a jack for years. I really understand the convenience of having headphones with a coord, you get better noise cancelling and don’t need to charge the headphones. But if you ask me personally I wouldn’t be bothered not having it and I listen to music via my phone for several hours a day.

    I think its a good time to remove it because there are a lot of headphones nowdays that are coordless.

    I do not like iPhones at all for many reasons, barely so that I like the new iPhone 7, but for many things you can complain about it I think that the removal of the 3.5 mm jack is the worst arguement of them all. As long as you get new blutooth headphones and/or converter it shouldn’t matter. Sure you lose a lot of headphone alternatives but honestly, get over it :P

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    Yes, i’ll miss!

  • mixedfish

    Having a ‘thin’ phone doesn’t mean removing the headphone jack. The Z3+ is 6.9mm thin yet it has a 3.5mm jack and has no ugly camera hump. iPhone doesn’t have the jack because their engineers are incompetent, except their audience simply apologizes that fact.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I have the MDR-1A from Sony and an old Sony Ericsson Livesound hifi in ear headset from 2011 which is still excellent and havent broke down yet :) And yeah i have the second gen of the Beats Solo HD and my Sony(ericsson) headsets are waaaay better in every way :D Oh one more thing: i do own the noise cancelling headset type MDR-NC31E from Sony aswell :D

  • Mac

    Simple answer is no, not at all.
    I’ve been using BT solutions for many years and I can’t even remember last time I actually used the 3.5mm jack.
    But yea sometime you maybe wanna use those dusty headphones and such, but do an usb-c to 3.5mm adapter and we all set (Y)

  • Alex

    There is absolutely zero reason why Sony (or any other phone manufacturer) should get rid of the 3.5mm jack. It wouldn’t add anything and also is change for the sake of change. It’s not innovation, despite what Apple and their sheep followers would have you believe!

    I hope big mobile companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony don’t suddenly start removing the 3.5mm jack out of some ridiculous “trying to keep up with Apple” thing. There is no need to follow suit with Apple in this instance!

  • hmmm

    They just not managed to make a water proof audio jack,that’s the evolution!some people have 2-300 euros headphones,and those ones are with a jack!

  • Danamshugart3

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  • Gahead

    MDR-1A supports upto 100khz music, Hi res flac that’s 24/96 will be a beast in there! Beats can’t even support 70mm drivers lol, iPhone doesn’t have aptx since then

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah i have tested them out with FLAC files, and what a quality the headphones delievers! They are really good with just MP3 files aswell :D But i do have to give credit to Beats for the build quality on their headphones, but thats the only good thing about Beats they dont know a shit about sound XD

  • Nikhil Yadav

    Keep it remove it, really doesn’t matter, but if its a trade for a larger battery, go for it…

  • Vincentius Phang

    What are the tangible disadvantages of USB 2.0? Serious question here.

  • Kenny

    Definitely not. I don’t think it’s worth the reduced battery capacity just to make the phone a couple of mm thinner when removing the 3.5mm jack.


    One which I can think off is the data transfer speed when connected to the PC, with USB 3.0 being faster.

  • deekbee

    “being an audiophile” is not something I would normally state in public.

    I used to be along those lines, then I realised that most audiophile stuff is typically nonsense (such as the improved sound quality claimed by Apple in removing the jack).

  • r41nier

    Just like laptops, 2 USB-C port instead of one will do. So you can charge (even charge bluetooth headphones) and listen.

  • SM

    DO NOT compare SONY with APPLE

  • QBerto

    The problem I see here mate, is we audophiles are a minority, so giant brands won’t take it seriously until some big happens in the matter (and sadly, the industry is going to another direction, just look all the succes of streaming services, wich is common ppl need). Meanwhile they put whatever they want, and we have to choose one of a few “dedicated audio phones” if want a good audio experience….

    and hey!, it couldn’t be so hard put another usb port xD, let’s start a revolution about this! xD

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah……..we are. lol Even with the streaming technology improving and even this odd but cool resurgence recently with vinyl, my feeling is that most people don’t really care all that much about actual sound quality. Beats were and still are well-marketed, and I think that’s why they grew so fast. Being attached to a celebrity like Dr. Dre was a big part of their appeal.

    As much as I’m not a big fan of Beats (though they have gotten better), the one great thing about them was it got more and more people open to the idea of paying more than $30-$50 for earphones or headphones. If people are willing to pay $400 for headphones like the Beats Pro, then I feel like if the brands I love most that make headphones like AKG and Bang & Olufsen could somehow market themselves more aggressively, then maybe it would get more phone makers’ attention and you’d see the technology for audio on phones improve as well. What Apple is doing with removing the 3.5 mm port does help, but it will take more than that I think. The problem is cost. It costs money to put in good amp/DAC chipsets in these phones. And people will only pay so much.

    What I don’t know is how do companies like LG and HTC sell their audiophile grade flagship phones like the V10 and the 10 (HTC) for only $599 but still have flagship quality specs? The screen on the LG phones and camera on the HTC phones aren’t always the best (although the 10’s camera was a lot better than previous HTC flagships), so that may be part of it, but I still think this should be examined by Sony and hopefully they could bring the price down while still including even better amp/DAC chipsets than they have been on the Xperia phones.

    Yes, let’s!!! lol I’d rather have that then have to buy a $40 “dongle”. I’m sure it can be done. 3 or 4 might be tough, but 2? It can’t be that hard, esp since Sony got rid of the magnetic charger port. Now there’s even more room for an extra MicroUSB port!

  • John Latimer

    Would miss jack but as Sony has ditched waterproof phones won’t ever buy one again anyway.

  • azzido

    Disadvantage is it is much slower than 3.0 so for example when you want to copy the fils to or from the phone to pc it will take longer. USB 2.0 is really outdated.

  • QBerto

    what? Beats are better now? xD

    there are so much conformism here, first on high quality audio brands (they’re happy with their costumers, so no need to improve marketing, market is growing but slowly) and phone brands, they’re trying to innovate in another areas, soon we’ll have three camera sensors on a phone xD and full body scanners to unlock your phone; instead of two usb ports and good audio chipsets that actually maybe cost less and will improve market w/o doubt, but again, costumers dont make noise because 1. don’t care, or 2. will not impact unless we really make BIG noise.

    the last time I remember costumer were heard was on GS6 after that so f*cking ugly desing of GS5, and then with the awful battery on GS6 improved on GS7, yeah, I’m talking of samsung, but they cared because it was making an impact (on their sales), not because they wanted make their costumers happy per se, just l ike the explosives note 7, I was looking for a sony example… but I can’t remember one

    Well, all HTC phones seems overpriced, always, thats one of the reasons they’re having a bad moment right now (I’m afraid the new pixel phones (nexus) will be overpriced too, that’d be a shame even for google), and the same goes to sony, who’s making phones almost a year late and trying to sell like a flagship on early 2016….

  • Vincentius Phang

    If it’s just transfer speed, I wont bother too much.

  • RockStar2005


    Haha well a 2015 review on C-Net on the newest I think Beats Pro model determined that “some improvements had been made”, so yeah. Now are they still too bassy? I’m guessing yes.

    I’d rather see it grow faster than just “steadily” though. lol The more growth there is, the more money will go into making the products better (in order to turn more of a profit). But I am glad to hear it’s “steadily” growing……though I’m sure the Hi-Res “movement” has something to do with that too, considering that was THE single biggest reason why I went from not giving a d*mn about headphones to owning premium equipment and becoming the smarter & wiser (and happier!) Hi-Fi guy I am today! lol

    Yes I agree………they need to stop with the gimmicks and give us what we REALLY want……….better sound!

    Yeah I feel too that Samsung does listen to its customers more than Sony Mobile does. I hate to admit that, but it’s true. You’d never see Samsung take out the fingerprint sensor from it’s U.S. S or Note phones. lol Or release them MONTHS later than normal.

    I don’t know if I agree about HTC’s flagship phones being overpriced. I think the HTC 10 being $599 is a GREAT price actually considering all the features it offers, ESPECIALLY the premium amp/DAC chipset, which even audiophiles I’ve talked to on say is above average and even better than the LG V10’s! The camera may not be as detailed as the X Perf or S7 or Note 7, but at least it has the color accuracy (from my experience) of the X Perf. Color accurate and Samsung phones don’t belong in the same sentence (for either display OR camera quality). lol Again, if Sony Mobile didn’t exist, I’d most likely own the HTC 10 right now. lol

    Yeah Sony does charge a lot too, as does Samsung. But at least Sony can say it’s an INNOVATOR and that extra money spent goes towards creating new technology and being a step ahead of the competition. Then again, maybe they just charge too much? LOL I dunno on that one. I will agree more on the point that they charge too much AND release phones that should have MORE not less features on them. And NOT released late! And they should be released THROUGH the carriers, and not twice a year either. There’s NO WAY that can be profitable for them……I don’t care if the Japanese customers “prefer” 2 releases a year. Stop spoiling them and neglecting your other customers! lol It’s not exciting to buy a new phone every 6 mos. Anyone who thinks it is (esp from the same company!) needs a life. lol

  • QBerto

    That’s one of the biggest problems sony have right now, in the real world, buy two high specs phones (almost the same btw, but at least not as bad as Xiaomi) a year is insane unless u’re japanese or chinise (but in China they have their own brands, and should be hard to compite with them), sad here, u can’t tell a japanise firm to not to do what Japan wants xD, but they by now should be already learn that usually ppl changes phones max one time a year (mean here in my country is more than 2 years) and segment their market, just how they started to do….

    Another problem with the sound insustry, at last here in my country, is the overprice of all high quality items, from disc to headphones or whatever u want. Don’t misunderstand me, quality can’t be the cheaper of the market, but when u take the price of some items, the price can go twice as the original one, reason why can’t growh as should (or could) be

    On HTC, yeah, right now their prices go as the same as competitors, but some years ago, their prices were on the top ones.

  • RockStar2005

    Well actually you can tell them, and they SHOULD listen. lol NO ONE ELSE is making a new flagship twice a year, so if they stopped, I’m sure people would eventually get used to it, and I dunno, maybe…..GET A LIFE?! lol It makes buying one a little less special b/c you only get to have the “best” for like 4-6 months. Seriously, it’s stupid. lol And yes, I was gonna say your point too……….it’s a statistic fact that in 2016 less people are upgrading as often as they used to. Sony needs to update its database with that info. lol

    What country are you in?? Yeah, pricing can sometimes be strange in the U.S. too on certain items.

    Well I’m glad to hear HTC’s phone prices went down. I had the M8 2 years ago for several months. Not sure how much it was cuz I got it through my carrier and was paying it off monthly before I switched to the Xperia Z3. But with regards to HTC’s audio capabilities vs. Sony’s (not sure exactly on XP’s right now), the HTC 10 appears to be so great at audio because of what this article says….. Check it out. No clue which DACs they use or if Sony has a similar set up or not, but I have a feeling Sony’s isn’t as good.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Sony could add a counterf for how many times and for how long the headphone jack is used.
    The phone detects when a headphone is inserted, and I wound have no objections sharing this statistics with Sony.

  • QBerto

    Remember when we said sony is not so good listening costumers? xD. When XZ4/Z3+ was released, I thought that finally sony was changing to 1flagship a year, now (just 15 months later) we have 3 more flagships, thats insane…. It would be interesting to see if actually there are ppl buying all their flagships twice a year… even on Japan

    Saludos from Mexico ;), I always try to buy at US first because even with taxes and shipping, u can get some things cheaper than what u can get here (e.g. the HTC10 is for sale here at ~800USD)

    Precisely M7, M8 was when HTC prices where a little high compared with other android brands, the last HTC I had was the M8, I remember the sound was better than Z3’s but in every other aspect Z3 was better. Now I want to hear the HTC 10, a friend bought the V10 and certainly I was not amused with the sound, sure is in the top 5 but I don’t thing is too far from Xperia’s one

  • RockStar2005

    Yes I do remember that. I wish they had switched 15 mos ago. I’m sure there are SOME people who buy them twice a year. I know a guy who buys a new phone EVERY MONTH. Yes you read that right, EVERY MONTH! lol But please…… think these people are gonna abandon Sony if they stop releasing a new phone twice a year? No way. The fact that more people are not upgrading their phones as often as they were 4-5 years ago backs that up. It is beyond silly to me that Sony is like the only company even doing that in 2016. Waste of money and resources. They could put that money into R&D (Research & Development) to be even MORE innovative.

    Ahh Mexico, ok. I’ve been to Cancun once……some 15-20 years ago for Spring Break! Very beautiful down there, especially the beaches. Wow, $800 USD for an HTC 10? Yeah, sounds like you’re a pretty smart shopper if you’re able to get around that!

    Ok, well since I was just paying monthly (over 2 years vs. 1) it wasn’t as big a deal to me on the price for the M8. When you say the sound was better on the M8 vs. Z3, I MIGHT agree on the speakers, as for me it was very close, but I think my M8 got louder (agree?). But what about for headphone listening? I didn’t really get into the headphones/Hi-Fi thing until right when I got the Z3 in October 2014, so I didn’t really get to test out the M8’s capabilities vs. Z3. Or were u just specifically talking about the speaker quality?

    Well if you can get your hands on a HTC 10, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to test it out. I did very briefly (speakers and headphone listening) on the 10 for the 1 week I had it, and BOTH were very impressive. On headphones they sounded amazing too! Although I’m still not fully convinced having the bottom speaker on the bottom not front of the phone is an improvement or not. Maybe it does lend to better surround sound, but is it really better than 2 front-facing stereo speakers? And the thing is, the top speaker has a tweeter…… handles the mids and highs. The bottom speaker has a woofer for bass, so you’re not getting the same sound from both speakers. So again, is it really better?

    The other pluses with the 10’s sound are each speaker has its own DEDICATED amp (not a common thing I take it), and also the phone’s DAC (digital to audio converter) isn’t the 820 chip like most phones, but aside from the 820 chip, all the sound is converted by a DEDICATED DAC chip too, separate from the 820. And that dedicated DAC ONLY does sound, nothing else, so the sound quality is much better. Anytime you have a dedicated ANYTHING, the results produced will be superior over an integrated design. That article I sent you details it much more, so I would read it or skim it at least if interested. Other details can be found on the HTC site: The S7 and LG G5 use an integrated design, which is why they don’t sound as good. I think Sony uses twin DAC/amps, but not sure as that was on the Z3.

    Yeah? Most people say the HTC 10 vs. the LG V10 for sound is as good, or better. The one guy I know who compared them both said the 10 was better except the V10 had a slightly deeper or better soundstage (i.e., how “wide” the sound is vs. being compressed and crappy lol). But I think how good your headphones are and the quality of your source music is (i.e. Hi-Res music vs. mp3) have more bearing on that probably. I would never buy the V10 cuz it’s a phablet and I HATE phablets. lol So for me if I wanted a phone with top Hi-Fi quality, I’d get the 10, even over the X Performance. But again because I love the overall experience of the X Performance, I went with that over the 10. The camera is a bit better than the 10’s too, but the 10’s is better than before b/c they finally started using Sony camera sensors this year vs. the Toshiba ones in the past (I think Sony bought out the Toshiba camera sensor business anyway lol). The XP’s camera just had a little more detail when zooming in. But aside from that it was great too. Better than my M8’s, that’s for sure! lol

    So do you listen to music on headphones? If so, what headphones do you own?

  • QBerto

    every month! well that’s weird xD, but I’m sure there are a lot more ppl who doesn’t do that and the ones who repesent the sales for Sony… Totally agree with you, Sony listen!!!

    Beaches and Jungles are the more beautiful places here in Mexico, and each of them are SO different, u should try more if u can :)

    Exactly one of the things, and maybe the more notorious one was the max volume the M8 can reach (w/o distort ofc) on speakers. Back then I was using a Bose earphones but I can’t remember wich ones and the sound was sighlty better with the M8 too, even more clear than Z3’s.

    It would be interesting to see parameters to see if really is better those non-frontal speakers, for me is so interesting that the sound is not the same (maybe HTC tried to compensate the location of the bottom one with a different configuration?).

    Try to use SoC audio is like try to run high end games with the integrated chip, sure it can do it, but has A LOT of limitations, manufacturers should understand, like on grafic quality, u need a dedicated chip for high quality audio. I’ll check that link!

    Sad I can’t compare HTC10 vs LGV10, but as I saw on the V10 (actually heard), yeah, the V10 speakers were too good (with headphones too), but didn’t see real improvement of what I got of the M8 years ago (also, I didn’t test too much time, nor the same earphones). Right now I’m actually thinking of get the new HTC next year, right now I have my Z5 and I’m happy with it (also I have a GS7 from work, but well, we now on audio has nothing to offer), but maybe next year I’ll try HTC again… HTC camera was one of the things they suffered a lot with that “ultrapixel thing”, good they finally dropped it and start to improve all…

    I listen music depend of where I am, for office or home I have the Sony MDR-7520, and they’re great, at home with no headphones I have a “system” with two Arena 180 and and Arena Sub100 from JBL, on the car (I’m a behaviorist with home service, so sometimes I pass a lot of time on the car) a Pioneer MVH-X560BT with Pioneer TS-A6996S speakers

    btw, sorry for the late answers, I’ve had a lot of work (wich is nice), but let me a little tired xD

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  • RockStar2005

    Yeah man. EVERY month! lol That would drive me INSANE! lol

    Oh I’ve seen pictures and know people who have been other parts of Mexico. But I’ll NEVER forget that soft white sand (not the beige coarse sand here on the Chicago area beaches lol) and that deep blue ocean. Gorgeous!!

    Yeah the M8 was really great with sound over Z3 even, but for me I say that b/c I was able to get the Harman/Kardon mod for it, which gave an extra BOOST in sound quality. The HTC 10 is much better with audio than the X Perf is. I guess the XZ will be improving upon that where the XP took like 2 steps backwards. lol Speaker-wise the 10 is better since EACH speaker has its own dedicated amp, but it’s not waterproof, though it is splashproof. That’s why they can get louder cuz Sony has to insulate their phones more tighter to keep the water-resistance factor in place. So it’s a trade-off.

    Yeah dedicated DACs are key, and amps too. Sony has one (used to have TWO on the Z3 though), but it’s not so well-rated (, unlike the HTC 10’s, which has amazing sound quality for both speakers and headphone listening. Again, the XZ is being said to have improved on audio and battery life over XP, but still not sure it will match the HTC 10 for both, esp audio.

    Yeah S7 and G5 are like the WORST for audio. They don’t use dedicated DACs nor I think also no dedicated headphone amp either. Just use the 820. F that! lol

    Yes I’m interested to see the HTC 11. If they can just move that front fingerprint sensor to the side like Sony and integrate it into the Power button, and bring back bottom speaker to front for CLASSIC HTC BoomSound, and improve camera just a LIL bit more lol (more detailed shots, etc), then that would be a huge plus!

    Nice! JBL is cool. Those headphones are nice. I used to have the Sony MDR-1A headphones. I love AKG K550 MK II the most, or did, until a few weeks ago I found out about the Bang & Olufsen 2nd Generation H6 headphones. More portable, more clear, detachable cable, etc. I pair them with my Oppo HA-2 premium & portable amp/DAC and my X Performance is the player. I listen to a lot of Hi-Res music too, so these days my music sounds better than ever! lol

    You have the Z3 right? Or no?

    No big deal man. Just answer when you can. No rush!

  • QBerto

    Ask him if the can donate at least a phone to charity (us, the good ones ofc) xD

    that’s the magic of the Caribbean beaches!

    Waterproof!, I forgot about it, that could be a downside for me if I try the next HTC, if I’m not wrong, the HTC10 has IP53 rating, that means almost nothing on water resistence (c’mon THC, even Moto G has IPX7), they have to improve that too appart from camera (which they are working on, and went a lot better with the 10) and speaker locations (but for me is no big deal since is rare the ocasion I use speakers)…

    I didn’t know JBL until a friend recommend me for a PC speakers, then I decided to try that system and is really cool. I tried to get an AKG headphones a few years ago, but I can’t found a store here that sell it (on a decent price ofc), so actually that old bose earphones was what I bought, maybe when I change this Sony ones I try again (or those H6, thanks to you I just discovered there’s a store here!, years ago was harder to get than AKG)…. btw, what u think about this ones ?, I tried to test them but the few sony stores here doesn’t have it yet…

    You are convincing me to get one of that portable amp/DAC, maybe with that I forget the idea to get the new HTC! xD….

    And, oh yeah, nope, I don’t have the Z3 anymore, all my old phones go to my younger brother and actually that one has now the screen broken :/, I’m using right now a Z5 which I received from my parents as a gift almost when was released, so I passed the Z3 to my bro

  • RockStar2005

    Hahaha no he sells them on eBay after he’s done with ’em. lol

    Yes………..magical would be one GOOD way of describing them!

    Yeah IP53 is correct on the HTC 10. But they say if they made them IP68 then the speakers wouldn’t be able to get as loud as they do, which is why the Sony Xperia phones don’t get as loud as the HTC ones do. So it’s a trade-off. I’d be ok with it though. lol My XP gets pretty damn loud already IMO.

    Well I bought my now recently former AKG K550 MK II headphones off eBay, and I think they sell internationally, so you MIGHT be in luck? Here is the link for the one I bought: It still comes with the 3-year Square Trade warranty for only $20.99. I got both at the time…..and when I sold them ST lets you transfer ownership over to the buyer too which is cool……all online. IF you can swing $300, I’d get the Bang & Olufsen 2nd Generation (not 1st) H6 ( They are more portable, a bit clearer (which is SOMETHING b/c the K550 MK II are VERY clear), detachable cable, etc. The K550 MK II can get a bit louder, but since I have the Oppo HA-2 amp/DAC, I still get very adequate volume from the H6 anyway. But if you don’t want to spend that much, the K550 MK II are a VERY close second. I might even say they are SLIGHTLY more comfortable than the H6, but the H6 is really comfy too. So it’s up to you. Out of the 9-10 headphones I’ve tried extensively (a few were $400 too), those 2 are the true standouts. Can’t go wrong with either.

    You want to make sure with ANY headphones, even if they get loud enough, to have a good amp/DAC device……or else a high quality DAP (digital audio player) like the Sony Walkman, etc. The audio quality on MOST smartphones is pretty crappy, so the amp/DAC devices will supersede the audio tech on the smartphones and process your music at a much higher level of quality. I would suggest any of the following:

    1) Very good:
    2) Great:
    3) Excellent (this is what I have….also comes with a Bass Boost switch which sometimes comes in handy, or else you can just boost the bass from your phone): (IF you get this one, and you have an Android phone, then get this extension cable as well as I did:

    YW! Compare the price on that store by you to the eBay prices before buying anything though to make sure!

    Those Sony ones you linked me are a newer version of the Sony MDR-1A headphones I used to have. They were great but I found them to be a bit too bassy and the soundstage was good but not great. Other than that they were fine. The 1ADAC you got………I love that they have an on-board higher-quality DAC on them, but all I remember is a few of the reviews I’d read about them said the sound quality was not on par with the price of the headphones. So I dunno. I would probably pass on them. The 2 I suggested more than likely will sound better. That’s why it’s good to get an amp/DAC device if you can………or else a smartphone with above-quality speaker and headphone audio like the HTC 10. The Sony XP’s audio is up there too, but not sure it’s good enough to use without an amp/DAC like the 10’s is. There’s also the LG V10 or newer V20. Any other phones, you DEF want amp/DAC from the list above.

    Haha…………well that’s up to you. See for me, the HTC 10 was great but I didn’t LOVE it the way I love the Sony Xperia phones, so I was willing to keep my HA-2 in order to be able to have the Sony. But that’s me.

    Oh ok……..Z5. Nice! Well just review what I suggested above and decide what’s best and affordable for you.

  • QBerto

    I remember a friend bought the Z3 compact when I get my Z3, and the speakers sounded a LOT lower, can’t remember if sony said that, but a lot of ppl though it was due to waterproof (still, Z3 was waterproof too and its sound was louder), and still again, maybe that was the reason why the M8 speakers were a little louder….

    I think I’ll make my (pre) x-mas wishlist xD, but I think for now just the amp/DAC, right now my Z5 rocks, and my headphones works fine… but hey!, thanks a lot with all those links, I was looking for the H6 on local stores, and some of them try to sell them by ~450USD so I’ll try again to get them on the US, I’ll check the store too… and I know eventually I gonna buy one of those headphones too xD I’m sure it worth it

  • RockStar2005

    That’s EXACTLY why……the waterproofing affects it. I’ve read about it many times, so I know it’s for real.

    Oh you have an amp/DAC already? Which one is it?

    Yeah $450 USD for the 2nd Gen H6 is ridiculous. The eBay link I sent you should have at least a couple sellers who are willing to sell the $299 (price I paid on Amazon) ones to Mexico. Or else check the Mexico eBay (if there is one?) or Mexico Amazon??

    You’re welcome! Glad to help. Ok that’s cool. As long as you get whichever headphones for a good price. The 7520s are nice too, though I’ve never had the pleasure of trying them out myself. Yes when Christmas comes you should definitely consider one of them (K550 MK II or 2nd Gen H6).

    IF you get the H6………and this is very important…… must also get the upgrade cable as the one the H6 comes with sucks! Cable: (Length = 1.2m, or about 3.4 feet). And………optional hard case (custom case I got):

  • QBerto

    Nope, I don’t have one, I knew they exist, but never tought they really improve audio experience (taking into account we have phones with decent audio chips), but now I think I’ve losing a nice experience xD

    Amazon Mexico is a joke, the prices are almost the same u can find on local stores, (again, pricy sometimes), but I can buy at amazon us or ebay and save some money (like the ones u linked me) so I’ll check later, I never used ebay before (because I herd a lot of scam stories mainly) but I see u can contact the seller to ask if the can ship to Mexico even if is not announced, so I’ll try definitly

    Now I’m cheking, on amazon they sell the headphones + upgrade cable + hard case and cost less than the price I get here lol, that’s one of the advantages of internet xD

  • RockStar2005

    I used to think that too……….but I’ve found that a good amp/DAC (vs. the mediocre ones on MOST smartphones lol) does all the following: balances out the sound by improving “instrument separation” so you can really tell apart the different instruments & sounds (i.e. echos, guitar fills, etc), filters out a certain level of “hiss”…..if not all of it (if present), expands the “soundstage” of your music so the sound is widened out and not compressed, removes what many call “the thin veil”……… which is like a virtual barrier in between your ears and the speakers/headphones which makes the music sound more distant and less engaging……so with it gone, you “feel” the music more closely. So yes, you should most definitely consider one my friend. lol Any of the 3 I suggested are great. I have a 4th one I can suggest as well if you want an additional (and cheaper) option than the $299 Oppo HA-2 that ALSO has Bass Boost (the Dragonfly ones don’t have that option, so you’d have to adjust that on your player). Just let me know what you’re thinkin’.

    Oh I see. Yeah many sellers on BOTH U.S. eBay and Amazon do sell to other countries. So just find the ones that do to Mexico I guess? I feel like that might be easier on eBay, but I’d try both. Yeah eBay might be more likely to scam you cuz you have a lot of individual sellers too, but if the seller has like over 1000 reviews, then they should be reputable. But yeah, try Amazon first I guess. You can also ask the sellers on Amazon questions too. Just compare prices and then decide who to contact from there.

    Oh you mean for the 2nd Gen H6 that has the headphones/upgrade cable/hard case?! lol Or the K550?? I’m gonna assume H6. That’s HILARIOUS!! lol Well if they sell to Mexico and you’re cool with the price, then man GO for it! lol Then you can sell your Sony ones if you feel these are better, which I’m guessing is likely but check b/c I dunno much at all about the ones you got.

    Lemme know what you do and which amp/DAC you get. Down the line you may need to get a USB-C adapter as well as that’s the way things are going. The XZ is the 1st Xperia to feature a USB-C port……the HTC 10 already has switched over to that too, so yeah. Just something to keep in mind. They’re pretty cheap on Amazon here so shouldn’t be hard at all to get your hands on one.

  • QBerto

    Well that Oppo 2HA u showed me first looks aesthetically cool too, so I think I’ll try to get that one

    eBay is like “mercadolibre” here in mexico then, anyone can sell things, but u have to check reputation to see is a decent seller, well, I’ll check prices again to see where I can get the better one xD

    Yup, the H6 2nd gen just for $330 (vs $450 here) and yeah, when I get those I’ll compare with the sony ones, but the first advantage I can say is they look smaller, which means more portable, so is a good start…. but I think I’ll try to get the amp/dac first

    and yeah, Type C will be the new standar and I have a couple of them that I’m using with some devices, so I have that covered, I’ll tell u later if I can get the amp/DAC and what I got from it!

  • RockStar2005

    You would NOT be bad off if you got the Oppo HA-2 or Oppo HA-2SE my friend. lol It is SOMETHING else.

    Well QBerto……………compare the Oppo HA-2 with the 2nd Gen H6 + your phone WITH Poweramp (look it up on Google Play Store………get the FULL version…………TRUST me my friend…….I got your back lol)…….

    If you have an Android phone QBerto, then get the Poweramp app……..for real. It will make your music sound HOLY SH*T incredible!!!! lol I’m serious………..ALL that………..and you’re done. lol

    Ok my friend. Keep me posted. BTW, I’m SUPER drunk right now. hahahahhaha!! But even drunk I still know more than most ppl. lol I got your back………………..that’s how I roll. Holla!

  • RockStar2005

    Hey Qberto,

    I actually replied to you like 3 days ago, but for whatever reason my pos was deleted as I no longer see it here. WTF?

    Anyway, I will try to remember what I said:

    Yeah you definitely should. What Hi-Fi JUST posted a new review on the HA-2SE. Check it out here: The interesting thing here is that they’re saying they actually notice a difference between the HA-2SE and the original HA-2. They even seem to think that the HA-2SE is not AS good as the Dragonfly Red I mentioned to you earlier, which is $100 cheaper, and doesn’t have any options on it like Bass Boost. I’ve heard others say the HA-2 was not as good as some of the cheaper DACs like the XDuoo-XD-05, but then others have said that’s not true too. lol But now since What Hi-Fi (which I respect even more than C-Net!) is saying this, I may have to reconsider buying this and selling my HA-2! lol See the review for more details. (I just e-mailed them to see if they can tell me if they used headphones or earphones for the review. If headphones, then I may get it. I was told only noticeable difference would be on earphones, but that may not be the case.)

    I C (about Mercadolibre). lol Yeah, check around and make sure. I usually only buy from eBay sellers who have like over 1,000 reviews. They tend to be actual stores with return policies etc. Just a suggestion.

    Yeah def by from U.S. then (F paying $450 for the H6! lol). Same here……vs. the AKGs I had, my 2nd Gen H6s are def smaller and more portable, sound even better, etc etc. I’m very happy with them. They are the NEW (at least) under $500 KINGS! lol

    Yes the trend is definitely moving towards MicroUSB-C. I’ve been told they stay in devices better than regular MicroUSB connectors do too. And of course the reversible connector design is nice too.

    Ok cool man. Keep me posted!

  • QBerto

    Lol, I actually read that reply, weird that disappeared, maybe they deleted it because u said u we’re drunk? xD, well it doesn’t matter….

    I’ll check the review, I was doing some research and a lot of pages recommend the dragonfly and others, but in my case don’t know yet if I can thrust them, I’ll check Hi-Fi, because if u thrust them, they should be good xD….
    Meanwhile I hope the headphones doesn’t get expensive later because right now I’m buying just the amp/dac, if I buy the headphones too my dear girl gonna kick me out xD, because she thinks is a waste of money (she’s not so tech friendly) and I just upgraded my PC… So I have to make short steps xD

    I’ll tell you later what I get!!

  • RockStar2005

    LOL ok. Yeah I’d gone out with a friend that night and yeah. lol What’s even MORE weird is that yesterday I saw it had come back after my 2nd post I sent you. So I was like oh great, he’s gonna get 2 posts from me now. lol But now I see it’s gone yet again?! WTF is up with this site?? But I’m glad you read both. LOL I think it was still a pretty coherent post. Not like I just wrote a bunch of jibberish that no one could understand. lol

    Yeah that’s the thing……..some say the Dragonfly Red is better than the Oppo HA-2/HA-2SE, but others I’ve seen say no. I trust What Hi-Fi, but I don’t know if I’d agree with them on every single point. The only way to know FOR SURE is to buy both and test them out and then return the one you don’t want. The one down side to the Red is that there are no options on it like Bass Boost which the Oppo has. Initially I never used Bass Boost, but in recent months I’ve found that on certain heavier rock songs (not so much on lighter acoustic stuff), BB can actually make the song sound better. The Red would be more portable though cuz it looks like a little flash drive, and could ALMOST be mistaken as an in-line cable remote. lol For me though, the Oppo has more to offer, including also being a battery pack to charge your phone if needed. With Red, I also don’t think Poweramp is compatible with it. I believe when I actually tried out the Black that I had to use another app to play the music, but now I’m not sure. And Poweramp IMO is a MUST if playing off an Android phone. That app is pure magic! lol It gives my music that extra punch that other apps (even Sony Walkman/Music app) can’t. Though the Walkman app came VERY close. And easy to use too.

    Haha I see. Don’t want you getting the boot from your girl. lol I doubt the price will go up on the headphones anytime soon. So you should be fine at least ’til December. One thing that you might like on the 2nd Gen H6s is that it has a “daisy chain” option on it……….which means that BOTH ear cups have a 3.5mm port on them, so you can use one for the music and the other one you can have her connect to with her own headphones and listen to what you’re listening to at the same time (this is what I mean: Maybe if she heard what you heard she might come around? lol Just have to make sure her 3.5mm cable is thin on both ends so can fit into H6 port.

    Cool man. I think once this is all done you’re gonna love listening to your music even more than you do now.

  • QBerto

    HAHA, well I just noticed the post dissapeared when u told me and never saw it again, maybe it was just a mistake

    The bass is important for me due the music I listen, and the Oppo one again has a lot more utility for all the inputs it haves, so I try to get that one again, I’m just waiting the next week to order it

    I used Poweramp a while ago and actually I think is great, maybe the best android player, but the downside it haves is doesn’t let u change metadata like album arts and that is a huge downside for me, I like my music all organized, with correct names, albums, and specially album arts and the last time I tried again u can’t do that yet, thats why on every phone I have, I try to get the sony music app, even on the no sony ones xD

    HAHA, man, seriously, u have no idea how many times I tried to show her the difference between HD vs 4k, low graphics vs max settings, 128kps mp3 vs 24bits FLAC, and a long etc etc etc and she says everything looks/hears the same…. but well, nobody is perfect xD (shh I said nothing), still, thats another plus I sure will enjoy with the H6, sure I’ll get those on x-mas

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah it keeps randomly coming and going. I guess drinking and Xperiablog DON’T mix?! lol

    I C. Nice! I hope you find it to be to your liking! Yeah I agree about the many inputs benefit + the bass thing, esp now that I find myself actually USING Bass Boost more and more often. Just remember that on more soft/acoustic songs, it more than likely (though not definitely) won’t be a good idea to use it. But like on heavier rock songs it more often will be handy. It’s very easy to switch on and off, so there’s really no hassle there. Don’t forget if you use Android to get this 3-foot OTG (On-The-Go) extension cable that you can attach to the short 6 inch OTG Android one that comes with the Oppo as I do. It wasn’t easy to find but I found it. lol Price is nice too.

    I see. I actually do all my metadata adjusting on my PC, so for me it’s no big deal. These days I use a great PC program called mp3tag for all that stuff. I just find it easier to do it on the PC, but that’s me. Well compared to Poweramp, yeah, the Walkman app is a VERY CLOSE second. I tried to get it on my S7 some months back but couldn’t. How do you pull that off?? lol Root??

    LOL I hear that man! Well at least you tried! I think (unfortunately) most people are just casual music listeners and so music’s just not that important to them. I am NOT one of those people though. lol I LOVE music, have played guitar for years, etc. I only notice a difference b/t mp3 and 24-bit music though if they use different masters. That’s the thing……….Hi-Res is great but the way it’s marketed to ppl is SUCH BS. I f’ing hate it. It makes it very difficult to explain it to like my friends, etc. But the studios either don’t know or don’t want us to know that they could release those same albums on like CD and just charge less, because then that means less money for them.

    To me, anything above an mp3, EVEN mp4/AAC files which are lossy too…….will sound the same as a 24-bit/192kHz file or even a DSD file. It’s just that when they release albums on the various formats, they keep the BEST masters for the higher resolution releases. DSD will typically get the best, but it’s the rarest one. Then regular Hi-Res is next……….then CD-quality, then of course mp3. lol There’s exceptions here and there, but that’s generally how it works. It’s all been statistically proven too. I’ve even done ABX (blind tests) on my PC and failed them lol…….proving that the marketing hype is BS (and I have pretty good hearing too). I’ve saved SO much money and space on my phone and cloud storage b/c I learned that. I simply use a program on my PC called dbPoweramp to downsize them to 512 kbps CBR AAC files and then store them that way too.

    Yeah maybe when she hears some Hi-Res tracks on the H6s she’ll come around? You just have to get another cable with thin connectors on it so it fits into her H6 (assuming u buy 2 of them? lol). lol Even if not, you can just let her try yours on. lol I can suggest some great ones to get (if you can) in Hi-Res if you give me some names of bands/artists you like. Over the last 2 years I’ve acquired a very BIG collection of Hi-Res (including DSD) albums, so I know what’s what. Some sound really great, but some sound incredible. Let me know.

  • QBerto

    Maybe Xperiablog is drunk! lol

    I’ll sure order that cable too!, I’ll be ready for everything now! haha

    Maybe I should try a pc program, big thing is, music app makes that sooo easy, and, well I’m lazy xD, I remember a while ago I tried some programs but can’t remember why I stopped….

    A big advantage of sony phones is developer communnity, is HUGE, and they do a lot of things, one of them is port the great sony apps for all devices, on the XDA community you can find some ppl porting apps, not always works on all devices, and sometimes the last versions is a little delayed, but they make it work sonner or later, I thinnk this were the last I donwloaded, I always look for album, music and keyboard on every phone I touch (mine, relatives, friends xD), they are simply the best apps for that, if those not work, on that subforum (sony cross development) should be another threads with apps for not sony phones, just check they work on no-rooted phones

    Yeah, I know the marketing on hi-res is wrong, that’s one of the main reasons is not growhing as should…. and I took it as an example of all my failures trying to convince her that there are differents qualities xD, I’ll keep trying! haha

    All suggestions are welcome!… For me, my “dialy” music can be grouped in 1. Metal (mainly symphonic metal), I can name… Epica (almost all), Haggard (And Thou Shalt Trust, Awaking the Centuries), Theatre of Tragedy (their first albums, ToT, Aegis, Velvet Darkness), Within Temptation (The Heart of Everything is great) Therion (almost all too), After Forever (Prision of Deisre, Ephemeral, Decipher), Sirenia (At Sixies and Sevens, The 13th Floor, and actually almost all), NIghtwish (all)…. omg I’ll stop with those because this will not end xD; for non symphonics ones maybe Avengend Sevenfold, Sonata Arctica and At Vance are the best for me
    2. Electronic (mainly Trance and Techno)… here is sometimes hard to know who mix some mixes xD, but by names I can say first, the ones that introduce me to music, Daft Punk (this is not trance xD, but the first CD I ever bought was from them), Klaus Schulze (imao THE father of trance, Trancefer a masterpiece, but I have to say may be hard to listen if u’re not used to the genre), Jean Michael Jarre (oxygene would be his most famous mix, equinoxe too), Ecstasy Club (Jesus Loves the Acid), Dance 2 Trance, Robert Miles (classics ones, Children and Fables), and to name one of the more known Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Above&Beyond, Mauro Piccoto, Paul Oakenfold…
    3. OSTs, yep soundtracks, games, movies, series sometimes have a really great music, to name ones…. for games Castlevania SotN (Icould say all castlevanias), Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, Shadow of the Colossus, Chrono Trigger/Cross, The Legend of Zelda series, Megaman series, Persona series, Silent Hill… for movies Avatar (the blue pocahontas), Tron (by Daft Punk, but maybe just for me is good xD), The Godfather, A space Oddissey…. weird, not more comming to my mind xD…
    4. Jazz/Blues, I’m actually new here, I always liked the rythm and sound of jazz, but never put attention to name’s songs or artists, and a couple of months ago I found a band named “Platina Jazz” who makes jazzy covers of anime songs (I like and watch anime), and well, I think they do it great, so I tried to add some more of this genre and I started to explore with Charles Mignus, Miles Davis and ofc Louis Armstrong

  • RockStar2005

    Haha maybe it is??!

    Yes, good! Order it. The one that HA-2/HA-2SE comes with is super short…..6 inches. Only good for stacking, but I like to spread it out. lol

    You should try it. I wouldn’t let a minor issue like that get in the way of having the best sound quality. lol It’s very easy to use (mp3tag) and it lets you edit EVERYTHING, even album art! Quick & easy.

    Oh cool! I’ll bookmark that XDA page then. I use XDA all the time too, but for more general stuff, not developer stuff so much.

    That’s all you can do QBerto, is keep trying. LOL Ok from that list I do have ONE Daft Punk song, Get Lucky….. in Hi-Res. You can get it here…… …………..but not sure if you can download it in Mexico? Lemme know if you can’t. The rest of the ones you mentioned……..I’ve HEARD of several of them, but don’t own their music at all. But I have that “Get Lucky” in Hi-Res that I just linked you, and it does sound D*MN good! lol

    For the rest………..check my post on Head-Fi ……the LAST portion at bottom regarding which sites sell Hi-Res and see which ones work for you. Compare prices too and take advantage of coupon codes like the ones Acoustic Sounds offers (you can input the codes on checkout page at bottom). Bookmark whichever sites work for you. See the middle part of my post about dbPoweramp if you’d like to make the files smaller. Everything is there for you in that one post (top part you can ignore, unless of course you buy a Sony Walkman lol).

    I have a lot of rock (or variations like rock/country, rock/blues, folk rock, etc) albums in Hi-Res, so if you like any of those I can suggest something more. Older bands like Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, The Who etc……..and new/newer bands like Interpol, The National, Wolf Parade, Gary Clark Jr., U2, Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Garbage, and many more.

  • QBerto

    I guess I’ll give a try to mp3tag, can’t remember if was the one I used, but that and tag&rename are the most commons, I’ll try….

    Yeah, XDA is good for a lot of things, and lucky us, the sony community always helps whatever u have a problem!

    Yeah 7digital has a worldwide version of their site, and I can buy there, I have to tell you, daft punk is one of my favs, I have all that album on hi-res xD
    I’ll look on those sites u posted on that post what I can find, some albums are hard to get, thanks again!

    I’m sure I know a lot of songs by almost all of those bands (I’m not sure if I heared before Beck or Garbage or Wolf Parade thou), just I don’t put attention of who sings or the names of the songs xD, recently talking with a friend, I noticed I like a few of the rolling stones songs, but I never knew until that day they’re the ones singing xD

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah try it out. I find it to be very simple to use myself.

    I checked out the worldwide 7digital site, and wasn’t too impressed by it. lol They don’t seem to have much. I checked for like Garbage and The Rolling Stones, and they didn’t have anything. So you may need to check around some more, and try all the US sites (from my list) first b/c then you’ll have access to what I do.

    That’s cool about Daft Punk. I like (and only know) a few of their songs. The famous ones really. Oh you have the whole album (one with Get Lucky) in Hi-Res? Nice!

    That’s fine. Well those bands make up the majority of the music I listen to, so it’s nice that the vast majority of their albums (if not all) are available in Hi-Res and/or DSD. If you’re gonna get Stones in Hi-Res, they do have some great albums available in that format. I have several of them. You should check out any of their Hi-Res albums for sure. I have pretty much all of them at this point.

    Yeah Beck, Garbage, and Wolf Parade all great too. I wasn’t that into Garbage (techno/rock, with a female lead singer) until recently when they re-released their best albums (their 1st 2………Supervixen and Version 2.0) in Hi-Res. I had a few songs already on mp3, and when I compared them to samples of the new Hi-Res versions, it was VERY clear that they were worth buying (they even sounded better than the digital vinyl versions I had). Then they just released a brand new album over the summer (Strange Little Birds) which has grown on me as well. Never thought I’d be that into them cuz only liked a couple songs, but man, their first 2 albums are SOLID all the way through. 1st one (Supervixen) I bought the extended version with extra. That one and the 2nd album you can honestly just play from the start and just leave them alone until they finish. lol No weak or bad songs. New one is up there too. Ones in between I didn’t care that much for. Your girlfriend might like this band (esp on the H6s with HA-2 lol), but not sure. Here are a couple of their most popular songs. Queer Only Happy When It Rains Stupid Girl Special (prob my favorite Garbage song, and the song before it, Medication, is really up there too) .

    Beck (like Garbage) got big at first in the 90s but since then he’s been pretty consistent and some of my favorite songs from him came out in just the last 2 years. Check out Loser, Where It’s At, Lost Cause, Girl, E-Pro, Gamma Ray, Dreams, and Wow (brand new) on YouTube. (Most of the songs in this post are avail in Hi-Res or else at least CD-Quality.)

    Wolf Parade is a newer band but not brand new. Check out their “Apologies to Queen Mary” album (with Modern World, one of their best!), as well as their other 2 albums (not avail in HR but maybe CD-Q?), and their new EP that came out this past summer. They have a couple singles worth buying like “Fine Young Cannibals” and others.

    Good luck!

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