Xperia X Compact USA pre-orders open at $499.99

by XB on 18th September 2016

in Xperia X series

sony-xperia-x-compact-usa-pre-order_thumbSony Mobile has opened pre-orders of the Xperia X Compact in the United States through The handset is available to pre-order unlocked for $499.99, but Amazon is offering $50 of credit on checkout, which means the effective cost is $449.99. The Xperia X Compact will launch into the USA on 25 September 2016.

All three colours are available including Misty Blue, Universe Black and White – pre-order links for all three can be found below. Is the handset priced competitively enough for the US market? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Sony Xperia X Compact pre-orders open at

Pre-order Mist Blue
Pre-order Universe Black
Pre-order White


  • I pray to God that the camera on this will be immensely impressive because frankly, paying 500$ for a 720P display and a DISABLED fingerprint sensor in 2016 is beyond ridiculous. At least with a mighty good camera that’s somehow excusable.

  • Little Man

    I’m still trying to figure out how they’re gonna focus less on insignificant markets likes USA while still selling handsets here…

  • Just Sony

    Why pray when there are allready reviews out ? Check them out and make an informed opinion before you buy.

  • iia3ezu

    LOL, it doesn’t even have a Snapdragon 820 and it sells at this price.

    If you really want to buy the phone (not sure why though), wait a couple of months before it goes to the bargain bin.

  • Marinko Agic

    Camera is same like in Xperia XZ!
    Snapdragon 650 in combination with 720p works better than 820 with full HD screen! It is best compact price ever!

  • misio87

    In poland it’s $569

  • Because Americans are feeling shafted by this phone. And they are a VICIOUS lot. I mean, Oneplus 3, Huawei Honor 8, and ZTE Axon cost a Benjamin LESS than the Xperia and they have FHD to 2K displays, a Snapdragon 820 in 2/3 phones, and mighty impressive camera optics (at least the Huawei.)

  • But what about an 820 in an HD screen? That’s an awful oversight. Just ask Michael Fischer. He’s very unimpressed with X Compact.

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    820 would be an unnecessary strain to the X Compact’s small battery. seeing how Xperia X has way better battery life than the X Performance, I think it’s a fair trade off. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sony could pull another Z3 Compact-like battery life in this phone.

  • Just Sony

    I fully undersatand you.So make the right choice for you. If you feel this is a bad phone for you don’t buy it. Brand loyalty is an expensive habit.

  • Bezels for the win !

    then buy Oneplus 3, Huawei Honor 8 or ZTE Axon and get lost from here .

  • But I don’t want ANY of them. I know this’ll have a good camera, thus I’m getting this, because I explicitly want to get this, the average folks will look at the price and say “Oh, hell no!”

  • Honestly I’d rather this phone. Because the software of everyone else is just awful.

  • Except when someone decides to play Goat Simulator on a 650 device and it performs worse than a comparable device with the 820. But maybe the HD display DOES change things for the 650’s favour.

  • Shehab Skull

    about fingerprint scanner as u said it is just ” disabled ” u can enable it easily by flashing any other firmware from different country using XperiFirm app

  • And risk bricking the device and invalidating the warranty when you flash anything?

  • Oldtimer42

    No waterproofing/dustproofing. My Z3C will have to continue to be my go to phone.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Too bad Google stopped the incoming android Nougat for it :/ Sony was going to update it but couldnt because of Google, how ironic!

  • Bashar Shehab

    It doesn’t void the warranty. Flashing software is actually something used usually to fix devices. And Sont can’t restrict users from fixing their device.

  • Oldtimer42

    Really? I thought google stopped it on all snapdragons of the Z3C series

  • Bruno

    You only loose the warranty if you unlock the bootloader, otherwise you can flash any signed ftf

  • Deads

    Not Google, Quallcomm.

  • Gahead

    Seriously, why Xperia flagships are way higher than Oneplus nor Huaweu, because it’s not only specs alone but quality and what’s hidden inside the Xperia, Hi resolution audio capabilities, DSEE,LDAC,APTX that can support Hi-res audio headsets, OPTIMIZATION , take note Xperia’s are less prone to crashes than any other phone, My friends Z2 is still alive and kicking smoothly w/c huaqie and one plus can’t

  • LightskinBrianMcKnight

    How are they still in business?

  • To be fair, I actually own a Z2 on Marshmallow and that screamed past the LG G4 we used to have, also on Marshmallow. It crashed significantly less too. And I know a complete package when I experience one, and Xperia DOES deliver a complete package.

    It’s a shame that the average Joe and Jane won’t give a s— about that and just care for the $500 asking price and the 720P display and compare it to something like a Nexus 6P for cheaper or them Chinese pseudo flagships and automatically assume those are “better value.”

  • DBS

    It’s not.
    It’s not terrible but it’s also nothing that blows you away. It won’t beat the S7, G5, Lumia 950 or iPhone 7’s.
    But it’s an OK camera. Better than any previous Xperia camera but not one that justifies the price they’re asking for a mid-range like the X Mini. Sony insists on past mistakes like terrible software and lack of OIS (though this time at least they’re giving you full manual controls so that you can minimise the lack of hardware).

  • DBS

    The USA market is based on carriers. Unlike the rest of the World, Americans aren’t used to buy phones outside carrier-contracts or even paying the full price of the phone upfront.
    Otherwise Apple would never have half the American market, when the iPhone costs, at full price, almost US$1000.
    Until Sony left the American market, they were seeking partnerships with American carriers like Verizon.
    But since that blew up in Sony’s hands like a Note 7, Sony decided to skip the American market altogether. The phones will be available for purchase through normal retailers like Amazon, at full price. Americans who really want an Xperia will be able to buy one. But they’ll have to buy it like the rest of the World buys its phones: at full price upfront, without carriers.

  • To be fair, Oneplus 3 HAS OIS, but you’d never know it by seeing how shaky the video is. So having OIS isn’t all that. Sony has had years to improve and perfect their SteadyShot DIS.

    But holy hell another goddamn DUD? May as well root for Playstation then, Xperia is pretty much a lost cause at this point. An absolute shame because I own a Z2.

  • DBS

    OIS’s importance isn’t on video quality, it’s on photo quality. Video capturing process isn’t the same as photo capturing and SteadyShot on video is very good (well on the Z5. On the X line it has been a disaster so far). However, SteadyShot doesn’t work on photos. For photos, you need OIS.
    So while the new DIS on the XZ improves on the other Xperias, the camera will still be inferior to those of the main flagships out there (the OnePlus isn’t amongst them). Heck, on photos it likely even loses to the Honor 8 which costs 150€ less.

    And yes, unfortunately it seem like it.
    I lost hope on Sony Mobile after they failed to follow up the Z3 with any phone that actually improved on it. I had a glimpse of hope for the XZ when Sony presented it leading people to believe it had OIS…only for people to later find out it was a flat out lie.

    I’m more concerned with the way PlayStation is going. The PS4 “Pro” is the type of sh*t that we would expect out of Sony Mobile, not out of the PlayStation division. Ton of fuss about “4K gaming” and in the end, not only the console doesn’t play 4K games natively, it doesn’t even bring a bloody UHD player.

  • Gahead

    You nailed it sir! Mind may I rant? Plenty of times trollers/haters says that Sony’s camera sucks, well it doesn’t,it doesn’t if you know how to control Sony’s native camera app unlike what bias techblog does, my friend’s Z2 can even beat todays smartphone camera’s. My Z5C can even beat S7’s camera except lowlight and about XZ’s 5 axis image stabilization, it’s not software nor Optical hardware, it’s “SENSOR SHIFT” hardware

  • Bezels for the win !

    Not Quallcomm , Google .

  • singh

    True we have a z1 ,z2 and z3 and z5 in our family they still running just as they were new. Sony z series is quality, software optimization, build quality ,camera, internal chip sets , this is why a sony phones still works and these Chinese upstarts will eventually fail overtime.

  • Deads

    Might want to look a bit further cause its Qualcomm.
    First people blamed Sony, then they blamed Google but its Qualcomm, they are dropping support for seveal older soc’s.

    And new drivers are required for the older soc’s to pass the requirements Google has set for Nougat.

    Qualcomm says the soc’s are EOL, but thats pretty much code for ”fuck you pay me”. Where they will only continue the support if someone pays them.

  • dragonsneeze

    If it was Qualcomm I don’t think we’d be able to get even the developer previews. SD 410 is supported with Adreno 306. It’s Google who wanted to make sure there’s no way N5 could officialy get N.

  • Kenny

    FHD or 2K displays is overkill for a phone with a screen size of 4.7″

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Qualcomm are dropping support for them because Google only want devices who support either vulkan or open gl es 3.1 to run nougat. Snapdragon soc with adreno 3XX only supports open gl es 3.0 expect the Snapdragon 805 :p

  • Bashar Shehab

    Because carriers worsen all phones SW and experience. This is justified IMO

  • Bezels for the win !

    We reached out to Qualcomm for a comment and received the following statement:

    “Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. works closely with our OEM customers to implement and support varying versions of the Android OS across our Snapdragon chipsets. The length of time a chipset is supported and the upgradable OS versions available to consumers are subject to the OEM product lifecycle. We recommend you contact your device manufacturer or carrier for information on support for Android 7.0 Nougat.”

    So, according to Qualcomm it is an age thing, i.e. the OEMs (LG, Sony, HTC etc) have decided that Snapdragon 800/801 devices have reached the end of their product life cycles. But Qualcomm’s statement and LlabTooFeR’s tweet are at odds with one other. What if another OEM wanted to release Android 7.0 Nougat on a Snapdragon 800/801 device? Would it be allowed?

  • Raj Singh

    Who in their right mind would buy a phone with a disabled fingerprint sensor? it’s proof that the people that run Sony Mobile are a bunch of idiots.

  • paul_cus

    Does anyone know if the UK model sold by works with AT&T LTE in the US? I want this phone, but I don’t want to buy the US version because I want the fingerprint scanner. Thanks.

  • Oldtimer42

    T Hanks for the clarification..Appreciate it

  • Biancoceleste

    Bit too expensive IMO.

  • Bezels for the win !

    Are you maybe being sarcastic ? because he is wrong LOL

  • Elaineccanty4

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