Xperia XZ priced in USA, launches on 2 October

by XB on 22nd September 2016

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sony-xperia-xz-and-x-compact-usa-launchSony Mobile has confirmed that it will launch the unlocked Xperia XZ for $699, with a release date of 2 October 2016. The handset will be offered in three colours (Forest Blue, Mineral Black and Platinum) through Amazon, Best Buy and other participating retailers.

We have already reported on the Xperia X Compact being up for pre-order in the United States. The Xperia X Compact has a recommend price point of $499, although Amazon are offering $50 credit for a limited time, and it will launch on 25 September.

  • bun_ji

    So, what am I supossed to do with this information, living in Europe?

  • Makiz

    Without the fingerprint sensor… meh

  • KarFar

    more expensive than iphone… good luck with that.

  • pt020

    It is also better than your iPhone.
    And how much cost the 256gb iphone? … this one with 32gb + 256gb microSD (70$) card willl still cost 200$ less.

  • Vinicius Araujo

    Ignore, there are people who may find it useful, and this blog is not made exclusively for you so…

  • ryq24

    Without finger print sensor Sony should have price it lower than the Samsung S7!

  • Nils

    Very useful comment man.

    Greeting from europe!

  • Raj Singh

    I’m a huge Sony fan but no one should buy this version with a disabled fingerprint scanner. That’s just a fuck you to Sony fans.

  • Khaled

    Just flash a European firmware..,problem solved!

  • Raj Singh

    Why not just buy the international version with international warranty? Why the fuck should I have to flash anything? That’s preposterous.

  • thefaze

    I live in the US, and pre-ordered the XZ from Amazon UK when they had it for 529 pounds. I don’t have to pay the VAT, I get free bluetooth headphones, and end up paying about $585 after a straight conversion of costs and standard shipping. Why buy in the US??

  • kgibbs29

    I just checked out the pricing and it would be 463.23 pounds converting to around $600 US.

  • thefaze

    That’s because Amazon has it for 539 pounds right now. I got it for 529 pounds (including VAT). I got lucky on the pricing, I guess. But either way, paying $585-600 includes a free set of headphones, and for me, those headphones will be hitting eBay for resale, hopefully for $100, further reducing the cost of the phone.

  • egumon

    kgibbs is saying that 529 pounds is equal to 685 USD, not 585.

  • Wolf0491

    I checked it out just cause and if in US you can’t get the free headphones sadly. But it would be cheaper for the phone in general.

  • Wolf0491
  • Emil Oskarsson

    Just flash an international ftf firmware and the fingerprint scanner will be activated again, Sony must have some good reason to inactive the fingerprint scanner in the US.. After all its a pretty wierd market with people who just want to sue eachother so I guess you all brought it to yourselves xD

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    and the actual user experience was much better :D :D :D

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Just flash firmware of country and it enable fingerprint scanner :P :P :P

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    only in US they disabled this because pattern exclusive. Sony won’t pay those for company because they are not big brand for smartphone there.

  • thefaze

    This is what my order cost, and of course, I’ll let my credit card handle the conversion cost. I’m sure Amazon takes a bigger cut of the pound/dollar conversion than my credit card issuer:

  • thefaze

    You CAN get the headphones!! You just have to make sure the seller is Amazon, NOT one of the marketplace sellers (fulfilled by Amazon, etc).

  • Wolf0491

    Oh didn’t realize that was the reason. I wasn’t actually going to order but that makes price seem better lol.

  • kgibbs29

    Ok, that makes sense now. The item price I was seeing was $539.99, but then is was discounted a few pounds. Final conversion would be $627.42 USD which is better than the $740.94 I would pay at Best Buy or Amazon. Plus I get free headset that are really good. I purchased for my son on Black Friday last year.

  • kgibbs29

    Besides complaints of over pricing, I’m surprised no one has commented on Sony, finally for once finally, announcing a new mobile product and then not taking 3-6 months to make it available to the world. Announced at IFA and available a month later is a pretty good upward trend indicator for Sony.

  • Raj Singh

    Pattern exclusive? It’s an insult to US customers.

  • azzido

    What are dates for Europe please!

  • F.

    I would have gotten the phone from Amazon UK but Clove UK has it for $605.80 after conversion and gets released October 6. Amazon releases the phone October 18 and is a little more expensive. Both offer the free headphones. I trust Amazon more but I need the phone ASAP.

  • thefaze

    I thought of getting it from Clove, but their website didn’t work for me, and yes, I also trust Amazon more. I’ve ordered from Amazon UK before, and I figured I could wait, and perhaps they would actually get it at the same time as Clove.

  • Vincentius Phang

    for warranty?

  • thefaze

    True, but the cost difference outweighs the risk in my opinion. $100 price difference, plus bonus money if I sell the headphones for another $100.

  • Lense Solomon

    So how do I get it to US shores? Do they ship directly from Amazon.Co.Uk to the US?

  • thefaze

    Yes, Amazon UK can ship directly to the US. Obviously, it costs a bit more to US than UK, but that’s understandable.

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