Three new “Xperia Tips” ideas coming soon; chosen by community

by XB on 23rd September 2016

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xperia-tips_thumbSony Mobile launched a new app earlier in the year called “Xperia Tips”. The app was designed to get the most out of your phone, based on your usage patterns. The app first featured in Sony’s Concept firmware releases and is also included in all 2016 Sony Xperia devices. These tips may seem quite basic to some of our readership, but we’re sure they serve a purpose for those that aren’t tech-minded.

Below you will find three new tips that will hit the “Xperia Tips” app later in the year. The great thing about these ideas is that they were all chosen by the Xperia Concept community, through a competition that took place earlier in the year. The designs/text below are still work-in-progress, but give an idea of what to expect when they hit your device.

New Xperia Tips cards

xperia-tips_3 xperia-tips_2


  • Tochi Nwodu

    While I was reading the article, I was hoping to see “you can increase the volume of your music further”
    Enjoy listening to audio on my z5
    I dont like the method of root otherwise…..

  • My Z3 that I got in November 2014 had a *LOUD* loudspeaker, and the music was VERY loud. However, after the first firmware update, the maximum volume dropped significantly and now the loudspeaker is… unremarkable. Actually it’s on the soft side.

    My Mom’s Huawei P8 Lite’s loudspeaker is very, very loud, and that’s a midrange phone. I bought it for her about five or six months ago.

  • This is also available in the Xperia Z2, am i right?

  • SM

    what’s the point of makng an app just for these basic tips

  • The One

    Hey Sony, I’ve got 3 more great tips for you to waste time and resources creating:

    Tip #4:
    If you press the icon with a picture of a phone on it, you can make a phone call!

    Tip #5:
    If your battery is low, you can recharge the device by plugging it into a charger!

    Tip #6
    Press the power button to turn the screen on, but simply press it again to turn the screen off!


  • Nicosea

    Any suggestion from this app on how to solve the camera shutter lag of all Xperia Phones?!

    What Sony shows in this advertisement is ridiculos and not true:

    You focus a scene (it is fast indeed), you press the button or touch the screen, but than you can take a coffe…. because there is a delay between the moment you press (and you want to get in the picture) and what really the phone gives you as a photo (I’m talking about a second of delay most of the time, impossible to take pictures of kids or anything else which moves).

    This is not something that happens for my Z5c, but for all Xperia, including the X series…!

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Where’s the camera tip? i think, everyone with Xperia needs it…

  • Actually i read that it doesn’t happen on the XZ

  • For the new users…

  • Nicosea

    I would like to see it with my eyes or if you have a youtube video of someone, please feel welcome to share.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Xperia Tips is a smart app, the tips won’t just appear randomly. For example :
    I used to keep my device on DND mode ALL THE TIME, then Xperia Tips reminded me that I can schedule the DND mode, and it was useful.

    Same thing with the new tips, when the device detects that the user listens to music a lot without actually checking the Audio Sett, the tip will appear to help.

  • Bashar Shehab

    And your sense of humor is boring, sorry.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well obviously you have no idea of what this app is for. Go and troll somewhere else please :)

  • dragonsneeze

    Since xperia camera button (both the soft one and the dedicated hw one) is two stage you can use this to capture the exact moment you want. Don’t release the shutter until the moment comes and you should get the moment (like a crashing wave). For moving objects it might get complicated cuz you’ll need to keep the focus distance until the subjects goes there. You can do this with any xperia.

  • fried_egg

    I replaced my MH1c earphones with MDR-NC750 and didnt touch any settings.. the volume was double that of the MH1c or high end sony earphones from around 2004 (minidisc era). But they are inconsistent… sometimes they drop in volume when the lock screen activates but never lower than the old earphones were. volume slider shows no change.

  • theskig

    As dragonsneeze had told you it’s better to use the camera button if you want to catch the right time. Press it half to take focus and when you press it full it takes the photo faster than tapping the icon on the screen.
    I know it’s weird because my girlfriend’s 3yo Galaxy S4 is laggy as hell but it takes pictures in a blink of an eye.

  • theskig

    I just made a repair visit to a big school kitchen that bought me a new superprofessional combi-oven.
    The touchscreen display of this oven goes off for power saving after 15 minutes and you need to tap it to wake up. But they thought it was a malfunction and reset the entire electric power switch every time and after call me to come and fix it… :)

  • theskig

    You had 2 years to learn how the phone works!! :)

  • theskig

    Minidisc era… Good old days :)

  • Stephaniejsalazar4

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  • Yeh i know ahaha

  • Nicosea

    I must admit that this is the best suggestion I have got so far. It does work, even though it is not still instantaneous like in other phone. Nevertheless I saw a huge improvement.

  • Nicosea

    With the button it does not work, it works only with the touch screen: hold it and release only when the moment is coming.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    i want “make your call free”

  • dragonsneeze

    You’re welcome, glad I could help. Xperias generally refocus even though you’ve already did that with a tap. That’s why that lag happens. Also other phones take the pic when you press the button Xperias do that when you release it. You lose some miliseconds from that also. When you hold the shutter you skip refocus. It should be fairly instantaneous but delay between shots and the processing time still takes long. If you really need you can try timeshift burst app although it may have low res quality.

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