Do you use a lanyard on your phone?

by XB on 26th September 2016

in Accessories

sony-xperia-lanyardOne of the features we miss the most on Sony’s 2016 range of Xperia devices is the humble lanyard hole. Sony supported the use of the lanyard throughout all of the Xperia Z range since 2013, straight through to the Z5 family last year. It also supported the lanyard across a number of other mid-range Xperia handsets over the years.

It is a simple, but very useful, feature that is not natively supported by many smartphone manufacturers these days. Sony was one of the last to support the lanyard in 2015, so it was a shame to see its removal with the Xperia X series.

Smartphones by their nature are small and slippery, not ideal given how expensive some of the more premium models can be. A lanyard provides a safety net when using your phone or taking a picture – it is a feature we have found to be invaluable in not becoming another broken screen statistic (just ask the number of iPhone users you see in public sporting broken displays!)

Maybe we are in the minority, so we thought we’d throw the question out to our readers – do you use a lanyard? If so, how useful do you find it? Could you live without it? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Aldo Pucci

    Never used it

  • Remi Ogierman

    Used it on 3 music festivals. It was really useful. My Sony is a Z2.

  • Mitchell Hattersley

    Yes I do use a lanyard and find it very useful. Saved me from dropping my phone a few times

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I used it on my Sony Ericsson K800i only and I don’t think I will use it with my Z5 Premium but to be honest that small things that separated SONY from the crowd and removing it is making SONY just like any other mobile manufacture and I actually as a long SONY fan don’t like where they are going with the X series

  • Boki Tadic (Legia)

    No need for it

  • SM

    No , never used it. I don’t feel it looks classy with my xperia.

  • Jayson Hull

    I always use it with a ring lanyard. No possibility of it falling. sometimes when i shake ppls hands, they are shocked because they think it’s gonna fall — it hangs comfortably. It as also good for htose who hate phone cases.

  • (NinJer)

    Yes, i also use the FM radio but they got rid of that too, next they’ll get rid of me ( the customer)

  • notbugs

    I have always used a lanyard on my Sony Xperia phones all the way from my first X8 up until my Z5 Compact. It has pretty much been a dealbreaker for me since i have a disability that makes me easily drop my phone every now and then. So the lanyard has saved my phone many times. I’d say it saves my phone at least 5 times every week. So if Sony has decided to remove the lanyard hole i guess i will try to find some other phone where i can get this. I don’t see the point on putting a case on my phone with a lanyard hole since i have the general feeling that if you need to put a case on your phone the phone is crap. Anyway, please Sony let the lanyard hole return since it is a lifesaver for many of us.

  • Comte Junqueira

    I don’t use a lanyard. But I have nothing against it. It’s quite useful if you use the camera a lot. But I add that they should keep the FM function (Sony should not have excluded FM chip form all the latter flagships’ hardware. ) Since radio FM is important for Third World residents or tourists/travellers

  • Kenny

    Absolutely. One of the first few accessories I purchased after I got my Z3 Compact was a wrist lanyard. Didn’t realise that the X Compact didn’t have it. Unfortunately it also means that now, no mobile phone manufacturer has that feature in their current lineup.

  • MarkLastiwka

    It’s not just functional, but also very popular in Japan to put cellphone straps with different themes or characters on it. Probably the reason it has stuck around so long on Sony devices. However since iPhones are so popular in Japan now, all the strap manufacturers added a plastic pin that can stick into the headphone jack. A lot of good that will do for the iPhone 7 now…


    Use it on my Z5 premium.

    Wife uses it on her Z5 compact.

    We’re both sad that both the X series of 2016 lacked it.

    Hope it’ll come back in 2017, just like how the dedicated camera shutter button was missing for the original Xperia Z.

    While we’re at it, here’s to hoping that 2017 dual sim models will also have a separate micro SD slot like the Z5 series had, no more hybrid nonsense. You’re Sony, not Samsung. Break from the norm.

  • jag

    Used it since W series Sony Ericsson! It’s pretty helpful and helps to avoid any drops.

  • Zu G

    The lanyard is one of the reasons that I have been faithful in buying Sony phones for years, it is a feature that is both function and fashion. I use it to hook and lock the phone to my bag when I go to markets (to save my phone from being swindled) and also that it saved me from dropping my phone many of times when I am outdoors. It is shocking that the X and XZ series will not be having this feature which I thought would have been needed since the new line has metal back and sides which is susceptible to dents and scratches.

    Please return the eyelet for lanyards back!

  • Jacky

    I stopped using it on z5 because i was too lazy to put one on. But I do have a floating strap for taking pics in water

  • I always use the lanyard feature and will be hanging onto my Z5 Premium until it dies because no other device has this feature.

  • hansip

    Don’t use it but nothing against it.

    Ps: what case is that on the picture? Seems like a nice case.

  • Wolf0491

    Never use it. That hole is always disgusting haha

  • paul_cus

    Nope. Never even considered it, actually.

  • dlpoi

    This and waterproofing are the two biggest reasons why I stay with Sony. I use a sony camera wrist strap with my Xperia Z5 Compact. IMHO it’s the best way to enjoy the design of a Sony phone without having to cover it all up with a protective case. Why a wrist strap is not a standard accessory for any phone is mind blowing to me? Why buy a beautifully designed phone and cover it up with an ugly and bulky case? The logic escapes me. But alas I don’t have much reason to stay with a Sony phone anymore as they have chosen to join the ranks of all the other uninspiring phone manufacturers.

  • Marinko Agic

    Yes I use it!
    And dont know what to do with Xperia XZ without lanyard.
    Need some case what have lanyard!

  • illstplaya .

    I’ve never used it. But I have no problem with them including it. It’s always nice to have options.

  • kanazai2001

    yes.. in all xperias that i have…
    but all the lanyard points r broken after a yr… WTF!!!

  • Gustavo Cabañez

    I do. Always, and it was actually one of the reasons I use Xperia. I’m so disappointed about xperia x series about this.

  • Long Hoàng Đình

    I ALWAYS use it. My Xperia Z5 Compact is small and it SHOULD be small so I don’t want to make it bigger by wearing it a cover. Besides, I frequently take photos with it and for more than a few dozens times, it slipped out of my hands. Thanks for the lanyard, it is safe and still good looking until now. Please bring the lanyard back!!! (just imagine you stand beside your window, move your hand with your smartphone out of the window to take pictures, you will appreciate the lanyard). Given the fact that Xperia X series is about taking pictures of best moments which happen very fast. How can you be fast without making sure that your phone is safe?

  • Biancoceleste

    Agree. I’ve never used one but it’s not something which is in the way or inconveniences me so if one is included I see no problem with it.

  • No I don’t. I tried it years ago with the T18i (I think,) but the phone was too heavy around my neck. My Dad doesn’t on his phone either, never has. My Mom, however, uses a small mini-lanyard around her wrist quite a bit.

  • ilLogict

    I definitely do.
    I actually had the exact same one since 2010 or 2011… which finally broke two weeks ago. Not bad!

  • Liam Irwin

    Only ever used the lanyard built into the Xperia Active and even that was only when diving with my phone.
    I personally won’t miss the lanyard hole since I never used it with my Z/Z3 and thought it looked a little ugly.

  • Kaïxo

    J’aimerai bien m’en servir SI le constructeur prenait la peine de le fournir dans le bundle !

  • Marinko Agic

    We must say Sony that we want this!

  • Rob Gillingwater

    It is good to have the lanyard hole available, not just for a lanyard but for a wrist strap as I have occasionally dropped my phone (fortunately with no damage so far) when quickly trying to take a photo

  • fried_egg

    Never used it. I can see it being a pain to design in (as it could affect the shape and thus impede the “egg shell” strength from simple form structure). I never saw one being used except teen girls hanging some crap from one… itself likely to cause a fumble

  • Greg Blackshaw

    I love the lanyard loop. My phone gets used as a camera in very awkward areas and areas where a drop would mean good bye phone.

  • Alvin


  • Katiersmith3

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  • Strumpfmaske

    Yes, since the very first day that I got my lovely orange Z3 Compact I use a lanyard. Very convenient for various outdoor activities like climbing, paddling, biking, hiking and even swimming. :-)

    Now since over 1,5 years and only minor scratches at the corners, screen and backside are fine because of using anti-glare protectors. I only charge via magnetic-connector and for datatransfer and ADB I almost use wifi only, so the flaps and the seals are in really good condition.

    Waterproofing, compact size, solid battery life and good performance are the main reasons why I still love my Z3 Compact and don’t like to switch to any other new phone.

  • Nafnaf84

    I didn’t have it on my Xperia J but it is on my Xperia M2 and I love it!
    I like to secure it around my wrist, just like I do with my camera.
    It’s particularly useful when I’m out doing tourism (no need to take it, put it back in my bag or pocket (well, when it fits in it) and take it again a few minutes (or seconds later)) but I use it quite a lot everyday.
    I’m going to change my mobile (probably for a X Compact) and I’m really going to miss it…

  • Puma Nike

    i am using it all the time
    xpeia arc s
    xperia TX
    xperia Z2
    xperia z3 compact
    xperia Z5
    Sony really should bribg it BACK!!

  • el_sur

    When I had the Z5, I used a lanyard. It was revelatory.

  • Chaiwat Sirirungrueng

    I find it very useful. And i would like to ask Sony to bring them back.

  • Eugene Manugas

    I use it all the time and it’s one of the reasons i stuck with sony.

    Xperia Sola
    Xperia ZR
    Xperia Z1 Compact
    Xperia Z5 Compact

  • Rene Pedroso

    It would be more useful if the entire lanyard was actually hidden in the Xperia. When needed, one would simply attach it to some sort of decorative bracelet that had a latch/hook on it, connect to the lanyard, and simply pull the lanyard out of the Xperia. When finished, just disconnect and the lanyard would retract back into the Xperia and the user still has a fashionable bracelet to wear (that matches their Xperia of course).

  • dragonsneeze

    Not a must have but it’s very convenient occasionally. Using camera on a bumpy boat ride, slipping out of a tight pocket, using your pockets for your (cold) hands while the device is hanging outside on your wrist, reaching out without actually moving your body when laying down and your phone would be too far without the extension :P

  • Nguyễn Khánh Vỹ

    I’ve never used it , but it was a very good option for every phone, maybe more suitable for girls with cute lanyard.
    For man it just may be pure :v

  • Nguyễn Khánh Vỹ

    Vietnamese điểm danh =))

  • i have the Z5c too, it is very slippery, so i bought a silicon bumper. it is thin and not slippery anymore :)

  • hmmm

    I use it when I go to big festivals,and concerts,where a lot of people come,for safety!it can’t be stollen,or list this way!to nad they get ridd of it….like the shock corners,boy I’ll miss them a was so smart with that!!!!

  • Two theories.

    1/ Sony needed to drive costs down for some reason (it doesn’t make sense especially with a 720P phone in 2016 costing 500USD.)
    2/ Sony gave ALL their attention to Playstation, and would have no problem driving Xperia into oblivion and as a result their designers are basically interns who have no grasp of concepts about ergonomics and usability (More logical.)

  • dlpoi

    Agreed as both possibilities, P. Sherman.

    Also really disappointed that they removed fingerprint functionality on all their US phones. Why are they giving every reason not to purchase another one of their phones???? Why?

  • Re. the fingerprint sensor, maybe a Patent dispute? Because Sony said that it is a SOFTWARE decision.

    Granted the Nextbit Robin HAS a side mounted fingerprint sensor, but maybe Sony is doing something differently from Nextbit and that infringes a patent whose holder asks a large sum of money, money Sony can’t pay because they have virtually ZERO presence in the US outside Playstation and TV’s.

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    I used it and i disappointed that sony stop include lanyard hole, that’s the different sony smartphone even apple, why you erased thats sony…why…. :(

  • TombStone

    I always use it. The lanyard cable is permanently attached to my phone. It allows me to take very risky photos with confidence and has, in fact, stopped my phone from dropping to its death a few times.

    I’m pretty sad Sony aren’t including it in there newer models.

  • blurps

    Really, they are getting rid of this? I own a water resistant phone for a reason, to use it in watersports for GPS, maps and general staying in contact. Since last time I checked those phones don’t swim, of course I fix my phone with a retractable cable. So this is a very important feature for me.

  • jose

    I used the lanyard just once, on my vacations in July. It was very very handy because taking pictures on a full speed boat isn’t that easy haha. I own now a different phone and it doesn’t have lanyard and I miss it

  • Apsolutely yes, using it since Nokia was popular.

    and this is welcomed, since the most phones today are slippery

  • El_Carnicero

    Most Xperia bumpers/casings have a Lanyard loop though. And it would add extra protection. So… Try it, at least.

  • EPGuest

    I always want to use it, but I never do. Whenever I’m on vacation or just taking pictures in certain positions, I always think “Fuck… Forgot it again…”

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I did use it on my first Sony Ericsson phones like the k550i and that Naite se phone. But I haven’t been using it on any of my Xperia smartphones (neo, arc s, Xperia z and now the x performance) because I have used different protecting cases and wallet cases instead :) So nowadays I don’t miss it at all :p

  • jivebs

    Yes.. one of the most useful things when am using the camera.

  • Elizabethgcole2

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  • Paul M

    never have done on any phone.

    on my cameras I use a wrist strap, not a neck strap, and do use the lanyard attachment.

  • Mustafa Sezer

    I rerely use it but I prefer that it is available

  • Kenneth F

    I’ve used it occasionally, but it’s not a dealbreaker

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  • V-man legić

    Where did you find your lanyards? I’m looking for removable one for Z5 compact.

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  • Preacher_at

    Use it since M600 throughout P1i, Vivaz pro, Xperia U, V, Z3C.
    Saved phone not only from dropping but also from flying away because of wind on the sea or on the mountains and also get loose on festivals in the crowd.
    Didn’t recognize that this was missing on X series. X and XP were too big for me and XC feels like a 50$ China phone, so none of them was an option to success my Z3C

  • John Bouras

    One came with my ZL, and I had never used it. However, while I was overseas last year (2015), I put it on while visiting places like Venezia and Amsterdam, and put my wrist through it when walking near bodies of water.

    Today, it’s still on. Just a nice reminder of the adventure.

  • azzido

    Never used it

  • goldenblls

    I always have.

    Now with my white Z5c I use a white PSP wrist strap. It’s the cheapest (.99p) way to protect my phone from drops. I find some cases expensive, ugly and they spoil the phone’s look.

    Plus, if you drop and crack the screen on your Xperia, the screen stops working, unlike other phones.

    It’s a stupid idea to get rid of it. Just to save a few cubic mm of space? The X Compact isn’t the slimmest phone so what have they achieved by omitting it?

    Nothing. Apart from taking away customer choice.

    Xperia phones are expensive. Help us keep them looking good. Silly buggers.

  • HikaruKaze

    yeah, I miss the lanyard from my Z1… my X Performance doesn’t have it :(

  • Taquidi

    I don’t use it on everyday usage, but it is a great feature when you are using the phone as frequent point-and-shoot camera, as in travels. Increadbly useful on such occasions.

  • CP

    I’m still using it. I didn’t even know that the newer models removed them. Sad =(

  • Jaymanbruhbruh

    I’ve honestly found a lanyard hole to be a humble yet invaluable feature on a phone. I’ve used what is essentially a longer camera wrist strap (a length that you’d use around your neck, essentially) that I’d the simply tie to my pants’ belt loop closest to one of my pockets. This allowed me to keep keep phone comfortably in my pocket and able to pull it out and use it easily without me being able to forget it risk dropping it. Has worked like a charm for the 6+ years I’ve done this, so it’s sad to see Sony drop this feature.

  • Bert

    Yes, I used it in the past and I consider it very useful. However, most phone cases do not have space for these lanyards, and if they have it it is very hard to attach it. If he case suppported it, I would still be using it.

  • Bert

    Well, maybe you are more careful than I am, but I don’t think my Xperia Z2 would have survived for two years without a case. And if he did, it would be all scratched, especially the back which has absolutely no resistance to scratches. And I do not think the newer phones have better durability.

  • mfc

    I’ve always used one .. when walking over rough country it’s essential to be able to ‘drop’ the phone in order to grab a tree, etc. I never expected that a phone might not have the option!! Just took delivery on a XA phone — no lanyard hole .. any suggestions on how to attach a lanyard??

  • jayarmstrong

    I used it all the time when backpacking.

  • Letshabo Panda Motlhaping

    Personally feel that Sony has let me down by removing the hole, and as a result I’m reluctant to upgrade from Z5 to anything in the X series because of the fear of failing a drop. So I’ll wait until there is one with a lanyard hole available.
    Sony PLEASE bring back that hole and include the strap in the box to win back your devoted users.

  • I used lanyard back on my Galaxy S2, and then on Xperia Z3 Compact. It saved the phone so many times.

    I would gladly upgrade to XZ1 Compact, but since it does not have lanyard, I might as well pick Google Pixel.

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