New Xperia Home Beta (10.2.A.1.12) sees return of Google Now pane

by XB on 4th October 2016

in Applications

xperia-home-beta_10-2-a-1-12_2Sony Mobile has introduced a new version of the Xperia Home Beta, which reintroduces the Google Now pane. If you remember, this feature was introduced previously (10.0.A.0.73), before being pulled due to bugs. Sony says that the new version (10.2.A.1.12) of the launcher is one of the “most stable to date”. If you want to give it a try, head over to the Xperia Home Beta Google+ page.

DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Home (10.2.A.1.12)

xperia-home-beta_10-2-a-1-12_1 xperia-home-beta_10-2-a-1-12_2


  • jamesbdx

    Haven’t received it on my z2 even though I’m part of the home beta program

  • SonyMan

    Update your “Software Update” app and then you’ll see it through this downloading! Your full path should be Settings>About Phone>Software Update>3 dots>Refresh. It should first update itself and then download Xperia Home automatically. Hope it helps

  • Is there a non beta version of this app? If yes is it only available to some models?

  • EMP

    almost after 2 years of using xperia z3 compact now i suddenly started facing problem with not able to press home back recent app buttons and only able to drop notification pannel from extreme left corner searched this issue and there are many people who are facing it but no solution now what should i do i still have to use this device for at-least year!
    any suggestion before going for display replacement or something ?

  • EMP
  • Filip Gonda

    I dont have any updates but when I try to join XPERIA HOME BETA it doesn’t work
    Any solutions?

  • KzX

    You device need display replacement. My previous Z2 also had that problem after using 1.5 year.
    Waterproofing will be gone after screen replacement.

    Sorry for bad english :(

  • EMP

    but same buttons works in lock screen and landscape mode :/ looks like only that option left already tried resetting device software repair but did not work,
    display will cost somewhat 7k rs
    and its ok even my English is poor :P

  • Tomislav Matić

    If you go to official Sony service center, waterproofing will not be gone.

  • thanks but what is the official way to get it?

  • Priyanka Singh

    Where is VOLte for Xperia Z3+ plus in india Sony pl update.

  • EMP

    no idea but tht apk works

  • Alvin

    I can’t go to the Google now pane although I’ve enabled it before…

  • SonyMan

    You should already a member on the Xperia home G+ community. Then you should opt in as tester and then software update will update you Xperia home automatically. If it’s not send me which device you’re using and what version of Xperia home are you running right now.

  • Finally got this working on my Xperia Z2, and it walks alright,

  • Wolf0491

    non beta I don’t think so unless you have a brand new sony phone with it on there. Official way is through the google+ page which IMO is harder to do then just installing APK

  • MoYeung

    What’s New:

    Hi everyone,

    Release notes for the newest version are:
    • Android N support
    • Suspended apps support
    • 92 individual bug fixes
    • Increased stability with Backup/Restore
    • Reintroduction of the old Instagram badges

    And we realize that many of you want the Google Now functionality back. Please know that we are working hard to make this a reality again.

    Please stay with us, test our latest version and let us know of any bugs or improvements we can fix!

    /The Xperia Home development team

  • MoYeung

    What is Suspended apps support?

  • Roh_Mish

    Phone supports it. Blame Jio if you are using that

  • Constancedfranks1

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  • nur sya’bana

    My phone (Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 6.0) have installed xperia home in version 10.0.A.0.31.TS.7 If i install this home version (10.2.A.1.12 Beta), can i back to my old version? If can, how? Thanks before

  • Parag Sant

    How are you able to update this xperia home via APK file or something else?

  • paul_cus

    It works well on the X Compact.

  • Priyanka Singh

    But where is option to activate pl do reply

  • Roh_Mish

    They need to add support for the pine on their side. All you can do is point them so that they know you want it. If enough people ask, they might just do that. Twitter is always your friend.

  • kurakuradisco

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