Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 will power this year’s flagship smartphones

by XB on 4th January 2017

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Qualcomm has unveiled its latest premium tier chipset for mobile devices, the Snapdragon 835. The 64-bit chipset is the first to be manufactured using a 10nm process, leading to extreme power efficiency versus older chips – it is 50% more power efficient than the Snapdragon 801.

The Snapdragon 835 is 35 per cent smaller than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 820, consumes 25 per cent less power and 25 per cent faster 3D graphics. The chipset comes armed with a X16 LTE modem and interestingly it is the first to support Windows 10 plus Win32 apps. Devices shipping with this latest chip are expected to ship from the first half of 2017. There’s a good chance that this will include the next generation Xperia flagship. You can read more about the Snapdragon 835 at the source links below.

Via Qualcomm (1 and 2).

  • Abdullah Robben

    We all know that Sony will not use this chip until mid 2017 …. as usual.

  • malkam

    It may be more cautious

  • Bezels for the win !

    and how could they ? if you failed to read it’s not gonna be ready before Q2 in 2017 …

    SD821 is the best one available for now so don’t bitch over nothing really …

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    “Q2 in 2017”
    I’m sure will comes the new Xperia phones in September, at IFA Berlin.

  • raju

    Any new mobiles release in Jan

  • ramuk

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony release one phone or two with snapdragon 821 in it during MWC. But I hope they’ll not do that and release flagship phones with SD835. And this time put bigger battery for XA (at least 2900mAH), XA Ultra ( at least 3500mAh), new X ( 3000mAH), new X performance ( 3200mAh). In 2016 Sony was weird for not putting bigger battery on their phone while their competition put bigger battery into their phones. I sure loved the days when Sony was the undisputed king in the battery department.

  • Moisés

    XA Ultra should have come with 4500. It would last days.

  • Vinny Conforto

    Many reports rave about Sony’s new OLED TV announced at CES2017

  • johala02

    I hope they not rush things to get out a Sony flagship with Snapdragon 835. Release it when its ready and properly tested etc..
    Samsung screwed up badly when they rushed out Note 7 to fast.

    But why not a Sony device with the new MediaTek Helio x30? Would be interesting, and Sony would not be so much dependend on the Qualcomm roadmap.

  • iia3ezu

    The midrange Xperia phones will get the crappy Mediatek chips, or some outdated, watered down Snapdragons.

  • iia3ezu

    Maybe with a good emulator we can run legacy win32 games on our phones.

    Come on Sony… you know this is a wonderful opportunity. Remember Connectix Virtual Game Station?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yep Sony went backwards with battery. I think they should increase the battery, wouldn’t hurt to increase it. Plus their software is doing Okay job. But can do better.

  • jxPerience

    we need only 5 xperia this year 3 highend and 2 mid end, i don’t see the need of releasing x performance.

    X Compact (4.6)
    X (5.0)
    X Premium (5.5)

    Xa (5.0)
    Xa Ultra (6.0)

  • HawkMan79

    I have no faith in any snapdragon powered device anymore. overheat and gradual slowdowns. no thanks. next device will either have Exynos or it’ll have to be an iphone… I’ve given SD and Sony to many chances now. so unless Sony decides to go with something other than SD I’m out.

  • HawkMan79

    At least they won’t overheat and/or slowdown over time though….

  • H-R-K
  • H-R-K

    OLED TV from Sony and it is speakerless.

  • Moisés

    MediaTek takes much longer to provide drives required for updates.

    Remember M5, C4 and C5?

    Updated came to them 3 or 4 months later than z2.

  • Moisés

    I do not think X Premium would como for 600, maybe 720.

  • ZeRo+

    Yes, like dual cameras. )

  • Abdullah Robben

    “Devices shipping with this latest chip are expected to ship from the first half of 2017”

  • hansip

    Hmm.. Wonder if Sony will go OLED with the next Xperia too :-/ but personally i don’t like the probability of burn in with my smartphone so i’d rather have Sony stick with LCD.

  • Judithrcraven

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  • Sunrise

    Mediatek chipsets are not crap. They are much better than midrange qualcomm chipsets which are pure garbage

  • KarFar

    So we can guess the specs of the next xperia flagship:
    5.2″ 1080p 3gb ram SD835 2920mah Qnovo no fp in USA

  • deekbee

    Never experienced burn on any of my OLED screen phones, and some of them are a good few years old now.

  • hansip

    Yes YMMV but it’s probable. And plus the degradation to green/blue hue after some 1-2 years is probable too.. the point is, i don’t really like the idea that my smartphone display will degrade over time. Battery okay, but the display? please no.

    For TV or VR, yes it might be safer and longer life due to indoor only usage. But for phones which goes in and out, it will be harder on those OLED.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    SONY already has CLEDIS which they called it CLED back in 2012. maybe because it cost are much higher than SONY could afford so they wait till JDI capable to produce CLEDIS.

    this tech only been use for tv 1st but nobody know when sony gonna release for xperia

  • mUSICA


  • mUSICA

    tvs look very impressive ,

  • cyberdiq

    Dollar strength would allow them to sell it for a lower USD price. Have to think about more markets than just the US.

  • dragonsneeze

    CLEDIS does not look like something that’s for general consumer.

  • Geese Howard

    Come on baby, you give it and I shall receive!

  • Moisés

    801 is the best so far..

    It seems z3 + 801+ 4.4.4 was the best combination ever

  • Moisés

    Sony has to pay royalties to HP to activate FPS in USA.

  • Moisés

    LG uses LCD on all cellphone, except G Flex 2.
    They had issues of burn in on G4.
    Moto G4 has this too.

    Not only amoled screens.

  • Moisés

    Yeah… C5 and M5 are as powerful as z3

  • Moisés

    I had Xperia C. Model from 2013, rival of Moto G1..
    I can tell you it is very fast for a 2013 mid range with 1gb ram. More than Galaxy J3 or LG K8

  • Moisés

    Seems Sony is going to release X and Xz Compact with sd821. XA with any Mediatek and X Premium with sd835

  • razorg

    Is there a source for this information or just gut feeling?

  • Howard Sternberg

    Another chip that will overheat any phone.

  • RockStar2005

    Exactly. FROM the first half means within, so it will be available for the first half phones too.

  • theskig

    I bought a Z3 tablet compact for Christmas :)

  • theskig

    I just need FM radio (DAB?) and microSD slot on dual SIM, thanks.

  • johala02

    Yes thats thrue but I see MediaTek as a alternative so Sony will not be totaly dependend on the Qualcomm roadmap. And I suppose they can put some pressure to MediaTek to improving with updates to.

    Another alternative would be to build a ARM chip themselves. They could sell it to other brands to as they do with the camera sensors.

  • Nav

    Wow hardware advancements here! Irony with software in sony seems inevitable. 1.Most phones still at june or july security patches.
    2.some phone have been locked at low cpu performance.
    3. No apparent updates for mid range phones no matter if hardware is capable.
    4. Is sony all about manufacturing phones dumbheadedly and forgetting what they have manufactured!
    Lets move to custom roms isnt it… Do all of us have knowledge or time to get bricked while getting our phones upto our mark!
    Nolets move to google or moto..umm ya thats a option! Sadly….

  • Bezels for the win !

    and Q2 is in the first half , and how do you expect phones that SONY is preparing probably for the last two months to show them on MWC to use chipset that is just been announced?

  • Bezels for the win !

    june or july patches ? hm I don’t care much about that useless crap anyway but exactly which devices you have in mind when you say ”Most phones still at june or july security patches” ?

  • Nav

    C4 m4 fot sure somebody tell about m5 c5 to us pls

  • Nav

    Its fine even sony dont care about why we consider you! But mark my points if that ever happened with z3 z5 then mayve ppl like u go hypocrite..”maybe”

  • Maxx Tan

    who wanna bet sony will be one of the last to use this chip in their flagship when compared to other tech giants ?

  • raju

    I don’t like

  • Moisés

    Own chip is great idea. Optimization gets higher.

  • Moisés


    I wanted the z4 tablet + the keyboard.
    Not available in my country.

  • Moisés

    A website from east europe. Not sure if it is faithful

  • theskig

    That tablet is gorgeous but still costs too much. Even the keyboard has a crazy price.
    I don’t know why Sony’s products keep the price high even after years… (This christmas I paid 300 euro for Z3 tablet compact Wifi 16Gb black. I wanted the white one but costed 80 euro more). Crazy.

  • iia3ezu

    Anything with a Mediatek chip is low end. Would not pay anything above $150 for it.

  • iia3ezu

    SD 820 does not overheat. Don’t let your SD 810 prejudices blind you to facts.

    Also SD 835 is on 10nm: smaller chip, better power efficiency… and of course, lower heat dissipation.

    Qualcomm is letting Samsung manufacture its chips now. Same process to manufacture the Exynos chips.

  • iia3ezu

    You don’t have faith in 10nm and the Samsung manufacturing process?

  • azzido

    I will never buy any device with Mediatek. Dot!

  • azzido

    Xperia Z2, 5.2″ device had 3200mAh battery, this size should be standard for 5.2″ devices. 5.5 – 5.7″ devicea should have 4000mAh batteries as minimum…

  • Moisés

    Here Z5P costs more than XZ

  • Bezels for the win !

    old cheaper phones…so don’t expect much …

  • Nav

    Not saying to deliver nougat at doorstep! Is this your ideology or sony’s induced into yours? Well having a security patch uptodate and some bug removals into current builds is called maintainence which is not something asking much ryt!

  • Lindsayswoodward

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  • McKnull

    If it is a site with Georgian letters, then just overlook things posted on that website.

  • HawkMan79

    Same process, not same chip.

    And sure, the 820 didn’t have the same issues… sort of… because their fixes instead resulted in a chip that did extreme throttling and slows down gradually over time. an issue you can see very noticeably on Samsung phones, where the EU models come with exynos, and are fast throughout their lives, while the US versions gets gradually slower. I see absolutely no reason to trust a phone with a SD.

    As long as Sony uses slow fingerprint readers that also requires you to click, cameras that are slow to start and slow to take pictures with sub par noisy pictures, I’m seeing less and less reasons to stay with Sony after I manage to get get out of the contract on my current device after I did the mistake of giving Sony and SD just one more chance because they used to be quality.

  • Stefanus Paulus

    Hear, hear!!!

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