Sony explains what ALKALEIDO metal really is

by XB on 6th January 2017

in News, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile used a new form of metal called ALKALEIDO, when it created the Xperia XZ. This was the first time that the metal was used in a smartphone and Sony has given some further detail behind its creation.

Sony’s Shinji Kanada, who works in Sony’s mechanics department in Tokyo, says that the ALKALEIDO is a new form of aluminium that currently adorns the rear of the Xperia XZ. Sony worked with Kobe Steel to create the exact material it was looking for in terms of looks, strength etc.

Kanada says that the ALKALEIDO metal creates a more “shiny, ‘shimmery’ look that we think is beautiful from every angle”, compared to the traditional aluminium used on phones where you can see the slight lines/grain from the material.

Sony’s inspiration for the material came from a kaleidoscope and hence ALKALEIDO (Aluminium + Kaleidoscope) was born. Sony has not commented whether further Xperia smartphones will use this new material, but we don’t think it would have gone through all of this effort for just one smartphone.

Via Sony Mobile.

  • Srijan Chawla

    Love the look & feel, but my XZ still scratches easily :I

  • Makiz

    the reason I bought X Performance…. this and the size, it’s huge and very rectangular.

  • TimmY

    Haha, are they serious? I don’t care if the metal creates a more “shiny, ‘shimmery’ look!
    I don’t even like that.
    Give us bigger battery, better camera .. stuff that matters. And also Nougat on Z5. It’s 2017 already!

  • Moisés

    Xz and X Performance have same size. Xz with bigger screen.

    X and M5 have 5″, but same size of all Z phones

  • Makiz

    I had both in my hands yesterday and I can assure you the XZ feels much bigger

  • Bryan Grobmann

    Waiting for z3+ update … :x

  • Raj Singh

    I appreciate the attention to detail but it’s too bad the sides of the phone are plastic.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Since when does Aluminum makes a difference in battery, and Camera?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Xperia XZ’s camera is pretty top notch though…. But yeah i agree on bigger battery and ofc i want them to start using steel or aluminium frames again aswell as using metal rear back, just use anntenna bars like Apple, HTC, Oneplus and everyone else does with their full metal phones :p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Thats becasue its wider, it makes a huge difference. My Xperia z isnt much wider then my Xperia x Performance, still the X Performance feels smaller :p

  • TimmY

    Are you drunk?

  • Bezels for the win !

    Great ,just now make whole phone including >>FRAME<< out of that ALKALEIDO stuff .

  • Ryan

    Just got my new XZ today!!!! Wooohoo

  • ludimilojko

    Actually, it’s a good question.

  • Actman

    He’s not drunk but fu*king sick. Don’t get shock if this di*khead was a lame lackey for SONY! Every single day he’s been watching closely to this and other forums or even youtube just to wrangles anyone who oppresses Xperia products.

  • Mac

    XZ and X P are not same size.. XZ is:
    2mm higher
    2mm wider
    0.6mm thinner but ofc boxier

  • TimmY

    Maybe, but where did I said that the aluminium makes a difference in battery and camera?
    I like the frosted glass and sides from my Z5. No reflection, no fingerprints and it looks great.

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    How about a metal unibody next time?

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    give us full alkaleido.

  • Moisés

    Bezels are bigger… 5″ should be at least 4mm smaller.

  • Exotic|Matter

    And there goes sarcasm for a toss. He was actually agreeing with you you dumb fk but your glacially slow cognitive faculties failed you as always mr timmy.

  • azzido

    Color if this metal is fine, too bad it is a finverprint MAGNET!
    Please get back to regular Z5 matt glass back, no fingerprints there, it was awesome.

  • azzido

    Plastic like plastic, but I do like the shape of entire plastic that the screen was put in. Feels also so soft. One of the best designs so far is XZ. Waiting for Arc Z!!!

  • Geese Howard

    I kind a like how Sony went into implementing new ideas and design into their phones, it shows how thoughtful they are. Hey, at least this ALKALEIDO material doesn’t blow up :)

  • Moisés

    I like the design of XZ. But if you already have plastic frame to increase signal, i do not understand why buttons are plastic too. Also the bottom of its metal rear.

  • TimmY

    Ye. Totally!

  • jxPerience

    I can appreciate the changes but i’m not in favor putting plastic frame for Flagship device like XZ and NFC placement. If you can’t manage to make aluminium device without putting plastic on it, please keep and rear glass and metal frame for good, Z5 frosted glass was the best, what you have to do now is trim the top and bottom bezel, make it little less sharper with the like of X series then it;s done.

  • Lindsayswoodward

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  • Mac

    But XZ is 5.2inch not 5.

  • ludimilojko

    If you’re talking about me, actually i wasn’t agreeing with him.

  • ludimilojko

    If you like your Z5, why don’t you just keep it?
    You want a better camera? Buy a real camera and you will have awesome photos. You want a bigger battery? Buy a “dumb” phone and your battery will last two weeks.
    With smartphones you won’t have neither a long lasting battery, neither a good camera. No matter is it a Sony or Samsung or Apple or HTC or …

  • rygarto

    sure, if you don’t need wireless reception :D

  • Exotic|Matter

    Oh no, I wasn’t.

  • Moisés

    I mean, X has bigger bezels than XZ

  • Moisés

    Display/ body ratio …

    Xz = 70.9%
    X = 67 or 68%

  • Bashar Shehab

    No. The article is about ALKALIEDO metal, there is better places to whine other than unofficial Xperia Blog.

  • Battel

    Low speakers & very low light flash & low battery life

  • Biancoceleste

    The XZ has a the best camera on the market.

  • Cassandradsellers

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  • Zayed Kotayba

    I like the Z5 series design wise alot the Compact have premium plasticky look, the Regular Z5 have that amazing frosted glass and the Premium has a shiny and sexy glass with mirror like effect

  • Bashar Shehab

    FYI, I don’t use YouTube and I don’t open any websites lately because I have exams. Can you tell me what “other forums” I’ve been into? That would be nice :)

  • Biftech

    I would have loved for the Z5 Premium to come in frosted glass, but the Chrome on mine looks nice too. Just have to wipe it every so often.

  • deekbee

    Sadly, it doesn’t. Or maybe it has the best sensor around at the moment, but the Sony camera application is an utter abomination.

  • Ara Rezaee

    Don’t be fooled by the reviews, the XZ has a terrible camera just like all the other Zs since the Z1

  • Marielamseal

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  • Biancoceleste

    I don’t read the reviews. I own a Z2 and am a serious amateur photographer. Outside of the lumia 1020, nobody has come close to the Xperia phones yet camera wise.

    Using manual mode and some photo knowledge goes a long way.

  • Biancoceleste

    I don’t see why it’s an abomination. It was fine when I used it.

  • Ara Rezaee

    See, if you really knew even a smudgen of photography you wouldn’t have made such statements. Take a full resolution image and see it 1:1 on a computer the amount of noise is crazy high, plus theres a lot of softness around the edges because of the inadequate lens. Not to mention the inaccurate white balance, over processed images and very poor iso sensitivity.

  • Iki

    You can set the iso manually… setting the resolution at max, iso at 100, turning off any HDR and softness settings..

    The Sony has the best camera.

  • Ara Rezaee

    Keep telling yourself that.

  • Iki

    Which is better then?

  • Ara Rezaee

    LG, Samsung, HTC and even Xiaomi all offer better cameras (even though some of them have inferior sensors)

  • Iki

    So you are saying the Sony G lens is bad?
    Or the sensors sony make for the other manufacturers are better than their own?

    The Google pixel is one point ahead of the Sony (which is the same as an HTC and Samsung) 2 points behind that comes the LG, and the xiaomi is 9 points behind the Sony.

    All of these scores are based on the auto mode camera. (where the Sony is an 8mp)

    (scores taken from dxo)

  • Ara Rezaee

    1. The scores don’t matter, they resize all the samples to 8mp (not just sony’), only full resolution photos matter. (hence the start of the conversation where I said don’t be fooled by the reviews) 2. There are two problems with the lens, one is that it barely covers the sensor surface therefor you get the softness of the edges (they should have either made a smaller sensor or a bigger lens) (also this is one of the reasons you don’t see OIS in Sony prodocts) two is that you can’t really test the quality of the lens itself because of all the artificial artifacts you get as a result of over sharpening (over processing in general) so no one can tell if the G lens is any good (or bad) (unless you take out the lens and test it in lab) 3. The sensors Sony use on their Z series are flagship models but they don’t exactly offer the best results because the pixels are just too tiny (also why the ISO sensitivity is so poor). The sensor, the AI and the lens are the holy trinity of photography and Sony have done a terrible job on all three counts.

  • Iki

    Firstly, if only the highest resolution matters then sony beats Samsung, LG etc… Sony is at 23mp.

    Dxo isn’t a review, it’s a scientific test.

    Secondly, the lens is constructed in a matter that surpasses most camera lenses (phones are normally beneath that)
    The lens also covers a larger area than the sensor…
    And all the processing comes down to the iso.

    Thirdly, Sony sensors are larger than average, giving larger pixels.
    The auto mode only utilises a bit of this.(by putting the shutterspeed above iso)(everyone who knows anything about photo would use manual)

    The Sony also automatically selects HDR, taking more photos at a time, then combining them, something that makes them less sharp.

    In auto. The Sony is above average. In manual, it’s the best.

  • Ara Rezaee

    First of all I commend you for trying to higher your optics knowledge, but judging by the way you respond, you’re not really at a sufficient enough level to argue with people. I’m not trying to besmirch your image here at all but you’d better be asking questions rather than arguing weakly. Again sorry if I came off as a Know It All there. Now to the point: 1. I never said higher mp is better, please read my comments more carefully if you want to continue this conversation. What I said was resizing images aren’t the right way to judge a camera, full resolution is what we should test and examine, dxomark DSLR devision is a highly respected entity but their mobile devision is a sham and it will continue to be so as long as they resize the samples. 2. I highly doubt that you know how the lens is made, and it wouldn’t matter until an independent 3rd party thoroughly examines it anyways. And your statement about iso is just ridiculous 3. Yes the sensors on the Zs are larger than say the s7 but because the resolution is also higher you’ll get smaller pixels (1.4µm vs 1.1µm) And again what you said about auto mode and HDR are FULLY wrong, hard to understand and out of place. it’s terrible in M mode, and okay on Auto. Because of the amount of false info you just wrote I’m gonna need you to state your credible sources next time you respond or have a sensible reason for what you say.

  • Iki

    Actually, dxo’s test of cameras are less comparable than their mobile score, as the mobiles all get tested with the same conditions (while their camera scores are based on resolution of the sensor)

    “only full resolution photos matter”
    The Sony images aren’t resized during tests, so the fact that they are comparable to the resized pictures from other phones suggest that the image would be even better if they tested the Sony at 23mp.

    The lens is a G lens (meaning that it’s a minolta design) it uses 6 elements.

    Sony’s camera app uses auto iso. Ok?
    Due to the camera not having any stabilisation it uses a higher shutterspeed to compensate.
    Now, higher shutter = darker image.
    That makes the app automatically turn the iso up.

    Now, the app is also known for overexposed images by one stop.
    Meaning it uses an even higher iso than nessesary.

    The app also automatically triggers HDR selection. (unless changed away from 8mp due to sensor readout / file size)
    This means that the phone takes 3 photos, each at different exposures, and then combines them into one.

    Now, for the phone to take 3 images fast enough for it to be possible to combine 3 handheld photos, it needs a high shutterspeed… Which again means that it adjusts iso for the 3 exposures.
    And now it needs an even higher iso for the over exposed image…

    High Iso means noise. Noise means noise reduction. Noise reduction means blurring.

    This is why the Sony produces soft images, and has problems in dark areas.

    In manual mode, you can set the iso manually. This means that the phone needs a slower shutter to make up for it.
    Combine this with reducing the exposure settings by one stop, and you get much better images.

  • Ara Rezaee

    Quite literally the most unrelated/false piece of response I’ve had the chance to see.

  • Iki

    Well. Then I can already tell you don’t use a Sony phone…

  • TimmY

    I have no plans to get rid of my phone and if I will buy another Sony, it will be one with 835 CPU. For now I’m waiting on Nougat :)
    I think that some phones have big enough batteries but the optimization is lacking. Sometimes you get 5 hours SoT, other times 2 hours. Pretty much same usage.

  • Biancoceleste

    None of that is true. I’ve viewed images well over 1:1 in lightroom and made prints also.
    ISO sensitivity on Xperia sensors is the best in mobile tech. You gave yourself away there unfortunately. Nice try though.

    Back to your galaxy fanboy pages buddy. You’ve been outed ;)

  • Billy de Fretes

    yes…. i change my old xperia z, to my mother lg g2 mini… to be honest, lg g2 mini have better camera than xz – xz3 … dunno why but lg is my next choice for new phone

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    After so many year with sony xperia S, V, Z, ZL, Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z5 .. finally jump to huawei P9 plus. After using the P9 plus makes me realize how outdated sony interm in spec and features at the same amout of price tag. Sony does know how to create a beauty device but the spec and features especially in camera they were left way behind other maker. Optimise is one thing but following a trend also can save sony against other oem.

  • Banjo Bill

    Whats up with the Nougat release?
    December wasn’t it?

  • EQ
  • EQ

    You have been reported and negged Kebab!

  • EQ
  • EQ
  • EQ
  • EQ
  • Adam Varney

    Shame my XZ is in the Sony flip case and that the right hand side plastic frame is exposed. I don’t get to see any of the metal rear cover….just plastic. Glossy painted plastic shouldn’t be anywhere near a flagship phone in 2016, and nor should plastic buttons. This phone is like a 2014 Samsung but with a metal battery cover.

  • Hồng Nguyễn

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