Sony G32XX – More specs appear on AnTuTu, suggesting 4GB RAM and 23MP camera

by XB on 18th January 2017

in Rumours

Sony Mobile is shaping up to launch at least two-midrange devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) tradeshow in Barcelona. We have already seen model numbers Sony G31XX and Sony G32XX leak, along with confirmation that they will run the MediaTek Helio P20 MT6757 chipset with Mali-T880 graphics. The Sony G31XX is expected to use a 720p display, while the Sony G32XX is expected to run a 1080p display.

Now it appears we have some more information on the Sony G32XX model, this time from an appearance on the AnTuTu benchmarking site. The listing appears to suggest that the Sony G3221 will have 4GB Ram, 64GB internal storage, 23MP rear camera and a 16MP front-facing camera. Benchmarking sites have been wrong in the past regarding specs for upcoming phones, so these may not be final specs. However, if the reality ends up being anywhere to close these specs, then it looks like Sony will have a very capable mid-range device to kick-off 2017.

Thanks KF, Nashville Chatter and Tony!

  • Irfan Sumaro

    all is fine, but mediatek is…..

  • Bashar Shehab


  • Rat

    Mediatek powered phones have pretty good battery life.


    Yup awesome start 2k17 but Snapdragon ws better.. 4gb ram! In a mid-ranger thats something awesome Sony..!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Mediatek better not screw up this time with 16nm and LPDDR4X RAM on their side.

  • dragonsneeze

    Hahaha said no one ever.

  • Moisés

    Really hope this is about XA and XA Ultra.

    It would be bad to see X with P20, much weaker than sd650.

    I guess X is going to have snap 821 and X Premium with 835

  • Francesco

    I actually hope xperia x2 will mount the new snapdragon 660 with 14nm production process

  • Moisés

    Maybe the sales of XZ are being good enough to allow Sony to be more agressive …
    And they would bring X with 821 , 4gb, 64gb and ip68

  • razorg

    Wow! Sony is really upping the game in the mid-range. Guess they’ve finally realised the conservative approach that they’d been applying wouldn’t work anymore (I mean 3GB RAM + 1080p display combination, even in top of the list flagship devices, let alone mid-range devices). If these specs will come in a mid-tier phone, then I can not imagine what they will bring forward as flagship. Can’t wait the S835 era phones, both from Sony and their competitors. I’ll be exciting!

  • Kunal Shukla

    23mp on a mid ranger means the new flagship will finally have a new camera.

  • mUSICA

    A Good Flagship Mediatek For People Who Dont Wana Spend More, Should Be Around 30-35k, With The 720pi Should Be Around 20-25k

  • Kimberlyrrowe

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  • Moisés

    The one with 4K display may bring 25 mp

  • Francesco

    I would actually prefer snapdragon 660… Lower power consumption and lower heat generation! I agree for all the rest 4gb of ram and ip68

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    until its overheat

  • ZeRo+

    Sony as always nothing shows new .. The same boring smartphones, which repeat their predecessors

  • Moisés

    A website of my country says it could be something like M5.

    But would be weird 2 phones with same SoC if it is not 5″ and 6″.
    5″ and 5,2″ would not be useful…

  • Moisés

    821 is 14 nm I guess..
    835 is 10 nm

  • 64gb rom on a mid ranger! now that’s really good :) hopefully they’ll add up ip68 to it too.

  • Daniel Craig

    Awful GPU performance. Not to mention that phones using Mediatek chipsets mostly don’t get updates to newer Android versions beacuse Mediatek doesn’t even bother to release what’s needed to OEMs.

  • H-R-K

    I don’t understand, why Sony gives 4GB ram on mid range but 3GB on flagship which released in September?

  • Moisés

    C5, C4 and M5 were updated.
    XA is the next..

    Just E5 seems to be left behind

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    They got updated to Marshmallow but there’s no signs of them getting an official Nougat update, and I’m pretty certain it’s because of the Mediatek SoC on them.

  • Battel


  • Little Man

    Let’s not push the megapixels anymore…

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    So this P20 phone, being a midranger, is not impressive given its 64gb rom and 23mp camera and 4GB ram?? Does anybody know what they want anymore?

  • Mahesh

    September 2016. It’s 2017. New priorities. Flagships definitely will come with 4 gigs this year.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Hopefully. I think they should reduce the pixel count and make it bigger. Like 12Mp but bigger pixels which will help in low light.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea megapixel count is useless. They need to have less pixels 12/16MP with larger pixels.

  • Zohaib

    I dont know why people count Numbers instead of technology.
    My dear friend. always look for technology
    I explain to you what i mean…

    Mostly All manufacturer mid range devices have DDR3 rams which have speed of 9xx Mhz, And in Flagships they use DDR4 Rams which have speed of 16xx Mhz

    So in short 3GB Ram DDR4 is faster then DDR3 4GB Ram or even 6GB

  • iia3ezu

    Mediatek is CRAP.

  • iia3ezu

    Mediatek is good for Sony’s profits if they are sold at Snapdragon prices.

  • iia3ezu

    While other brands announce their 10nm SD835 flagships at MWC.

    And to add insult to injury, it’s the P-series Mediatek chips, not the X-series.

    Best to wait for Sony’s SD835 phone in Q3 2017. Or buy another brand in Q1 2017.

  • mrhangover Rox

    Just another sony phone that’s gonna lack of android update…

  • Bashar Shehab

    Sony’s MediaTEK devices are cheap as fuck. The launch price of Xperia M5 was 400$. Now it’s being sold for about $250~
    I don’t think that’s over priced for such a good device.

  • Bashar Shehab

    It’s usually similar specs with different chipset. I assume it will have 4GB ram with 1080p display, and SD835 chipset.

  • ZeRo+

    You better look on new Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom with the same 4GB of ram, with very good double 12 mp. cameras aperture F/1.7, and 5000 mAh battery )

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    And if it’s that good, why does Asus still have a problem selling them when Sony sells a whole lot of XA?
    Yeah.. Specs don’t mean anything when you still have bad software behind them..

  • Moisés

    In my country there is a new company, their flagship has helio x20, it is going to have nougat.

  • jxPerience
  • Battel

    Any one have tried using fast charging on XZ ?

  • ZeRo+

    Sony Smartphones are not in demand, only sony fans takes xperia`s . If you look objectively, that sales of its smartphones, Sony it`s only on 10th place. )

  • Santana

    Well Sony better stop posting numbers and fix their camera algorithms that is still behind the competition. Most Sony users were loyal because they didn’t want to jump to brands they saw as inferior, but with Nokia back in the mix that may change and change fast. Just food for thought from a Sony user.

  • Vickierreed

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  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    So? That doesn’t change the fact that the previous Helio X10 still is stuck at Marshmallow (and I’m not talking exclusively about Xperia M5), from all known phones based on Helio X10, none received Nougat or at least a promise of being updated to Nougat in future, so it’s clear Mediatek isn’t providing updated blobs and source code to the OEMs, not to mention that Helio X10 is a flagship SoC. With that level of threatment with a SoC destined to flagships, I don’t even want to think the kind of support Mediatek provides for mid-range chipsets like the ones used on Xperia C4/C5…

  • jokamutta

    So what was the Antutu score?

  • Moisés

    Does Sony want to update M and C again?

  • Moisés

    It is not old nokia, just name…
    It is another company from Finland + Foxconn..

  • Moisés

    F1.7 sucks…

    S7 on auto mode makes colors too light. Far from real.
    It is super easy to recognize s7 if you see pics from many phones..

  • Moisés

    No just fix de auto, it sucks to have only 8 mp for Z phones

  • Moisés

    XA is to fight against Moto G5, Galaxy A5, Zenfone 3

    XA Ultra vs A9

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    I’m not sure about C series, but I’m pretty sure they would give another update to M5 if Mediatek provided updated sources (especially with my past experience on older M models). In fact, with its Marshmallow update the Xperia M5 even got some goodies from the X lineup that didn’t appear on the Marshmallow update of the Z series (like the X UI and icons and the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus — still missing in Nougat for Z5/Z3+ from what I heard)…

  • Moisés

    M4 has snapdragon… No update either…. It is 615, just like Moto X Play.
    X Play is listed to N update.. M4 is not.
    Probably do not want too..

  • Moisés

    M5 is the only M with Mediatek.

    M, M2 and M4 have snapdragon.

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    M4 has a midrage SoC, M5 got a flagship SoC. Sony can update M4 if they want since Qualcomm provided updated sources, they can’t do the same with M5 even if they want because of Mediatek not providing sources.

  • Moisés

    Nobody knows.. Cannot assume that.
    M5 has a better SoC than C5, but C5 came out to be little bit faster.
    Helio X20 should score more than 100000 of antutu, barely reach 90000.

    P10 was supposed to be like sd617, but is weaker..

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Just analyse the facts, M4 uses a Snapdragon 615, other devices using this SoC includes Moto X Play, Moto G Turbo Edition, Galaxy A5/A7/J7, among others. Not all of them are confirmed to get Nougat but some will (like the X Play), so, Qualcomm did provide updated sources to the Snapdragon 615, otherwise the update wouldn’t be possible. At this point, updating Xperia M4 to Nougat depends solely of Sony, since the SoC meets the minimum requirements for passing in the Nougat CTS and there’s also updated source available.

    Now, let’s focus on M5, it uses Helio X10, other devices using this SoC includes Redmi Note 2, one of the Redmi Note 3 variants, LeEco Le 1s, a bunch of HTC phones (X9/M9+/E9+/ME), Meizu MX5, among others. From all those devices using Helio X10, none of them are running anything newer than Marshmallow, nor any of them are confirmed to get Nougat. That fact and the bad reputation Mediatek got in the past for not providing sources at all just further reinforce my assumptions that Mediatek just didn’t provide updated sources for it. So, even through Helio X10 also meets the minimum requirements to pass in the Nougat CTS, Sony (and other OEMs using this SoC) can’t release an update even if they want due this lack of source code.

    If you do the same analisys with phones using the MT6752 SoC from C4/C5 you’ll also won’t find any running anything newer than Marshmallow nor confirmed to receive Nougat, thus, Mediatek is again the only logical choice to blame.

    Now regarding to performance, it doesn’t matter how close the MT6752 or the P10 can get compared to Helio X10/Helio X20, on the paper they’re stil mid-range SoCs and thus they won’t get the same attention support-wise when being compared to the Helio X10/Helio X20, which are their flagship offerings. If Mediatek isn’t providing updated sources not even to their year-old flagship SoCs, what makes you think they would provide such sources for their low/mid-range SoCs?

  • Moisés

    Chineses only update high ends. People there change phones every 6 months.
    All others with 615 will get..

    Mediatek gave the drivers of Helio X10 to Sony update M5. Sony has the drivers… Why Mediatek would give again if Sony has them already?

    That is the point…

    Huawei uses their own SoC, Kirin chipset.. P8 is from 2015, just like Mate S. No nougat for them.

    Note 4 has Exynos chip, no nougat for Note 4 too. Note 4 is as good as s6.

    Sony has updated 8 phones. Z4 tablet must be tomorrow.
    Next are XA/ XA Ultra.

    10 phones + tablet..

    It may be last update for Z phones. So they can focus only on X.

    Mediatek wants to get a bigger piece of the market. If they deny drivers, Sony and others would just stop buying from them.

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    “Mediatek gave the drivers of Helio X10 to Sony update M5. Sony has the drivers… Why Mediatek would give again if Sony has them already?”

    Because they change between Android versions (just like you can’t normally throw a Windows XP driver into Windows 7, for example). And this stuff is proprietary, excluding the bare minimum required to get the kernel running (as they need to publish that source to comply with GPL) everything else is provided to the OEM as binary blobs, those things have to be compiled targeting a specific Android version. In short, Sony (and every other OEM using the Helio X10) have what’s needed to get Lollipop and Marshmallow running on that SoC, not Nougat. And even through most of those blobs can be worked around to make them work in Android versions different from the ones they got compiled (that’s how custom ROM works after all) it has its own set of performance and stability issues, a ROM compiled this way would never pass Google’s CTS.

    “Huawei uses their own SoC, Kirin chipset.. P8 is from 2015, just like Mate S. No nougat for them.”

    Although Huawei P8 uses their own SoC, the GPU on it is a Mali-T628 MP4. It doesn’t support Vulkan neither OpenGL ES 3.1, so this SoC wouldn’t pass in Nougat CTS (it requires Vulkan or OpenGL ES 3.1 support). Not passing the CTS means no Google apps and services.

    “Note 4 has Exynos chip, no nougat for Note 4 too. Note 4 is as good as s6.”

    Note 4 had two variants, one with Snapdragon 805 and another with the Exynos 5433. Source code is definitely available for the Snapdragon 805 since that’s what Nexus 6 uses. For the Exynos 5433 variant, it also meets the requirements for passing Nougat CTS, if there’s no source for it due Samsung laziness as they’re the SoC manufacuter too.

    My point still applies. As even you cited, Sony always had a good track of keeping most of their phones (including the midrangers) updated, and I’m pretty sure C4/C5/M5 would get another major update if Mediatek provided updated sources for it.

  • well they have mid-rangers with ip68 like the M4 and M5 so it’s a possibility but I won’t get my hopes up.

  • deekbee

    But as some apps will have to be reloaded, 4GB of ram could effectively be faster in real life than 3GB. The extra RAM allows for improved multi tasking – so 4GB is definitely better than 3GB.

  • deekbee

    So that explains why my 41mp Lumia 1020 and Nokia 808 take much better pictures than my Sony Z5C with half the pixels …. ?

  • ZeRo+

    Listen, don`t talk another nonsense, ok? Sucks F / 2.0 on xperia, that’s for sure. Noise, blure, and green images. This you will not see on Samsung flagship.

  • Moisés

    Pixel has f2.0 and it is better than s7.
    X Performance also f2.0 and it is very powerful.

    Xz makes records better videos than s7.

    S7 and LG G4 have same problem. Colors are too light. Outdoor pics, lawn has to be green-green not green-yellow

  • ZeRo+

    First – Pixel has bigger sensor and pixel size to, than samsung
    Second – Pixel has greatest HDR+ mode.

  • ZeRo+

    About too light colors on G4 and S7, again u`r not right. I have tested their cameras in any conditions with sony. They easily beat xperia camera, easily.

  • Moisés

    The Z only have 8mp for auto, others have 9bligation to do better.
    Daylight outdoor photos S7 and G4 have WB issues, their auto mode.

  • Moisés

    Sensor is bigger, but f2.0 means less light inside anyway.
    S7 has no hdr for auto, one reason the WB is an issue.

  • Moisés

    Go to youtube and search for Il Franz, he is photographer. He is italian. I guess his girl is too, not sure.
    Watch his videos and read the comments. Those he answers people.
    It is easy to see XZ is far better than s7. Except at night.
    Better in daylight, far better for videos.

  • ZeRo+

    I know II Franz, and i don’t believe his opinion he’s Xperia fan
    I trust my opinion

  • ZeRo+

    You forget pixel size…

  • Moisés

    He says s7 is better at night and macro shots.
    But xz better in daylight and videos.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Not in demand huh? Tell that to my local Sony vendors who lack a few XA and XA ultra. But let’s not diverge. My original point, I don’t see any of those Asus phones even if they so called have better specs than the Sony. But then you went ahead a changed to, ‘sony phones are not in demand’.. Way to avoid a point you lost

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    The M5 was reasonably priced for what it offered.. SD 800 performance (bar the GPU) for a mid to high end spec

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    He’s on point. The Pixel has a 1/2.3 inch 12MP camera but it’s aperture is only F2.0.. So there’s less light being let into the sensor. Pixel size won’t mater much more if the aperture is the restrictive one

  • ZeRo+

    Again a lot of chatter .. Last time I repeat, Pixel has great mode, it`s name HDR + and large pixel size. Understand, or your fan`s brain can’t understand this information….?!

  • ZeRo+

    Again a lot of chatter .. Last time I repeat, Pixel has great mode, it`s name HDR + and large pixel size. Understand, or your fan`s brain can’t understand this information….?!

  • Poppovic

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  • EQ
  • ZeRo+
  • arcu de triumf

    Please don’t give up on 4.6″ displays.

  • EQ
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