Vulkan API is not supported on the Xperia Z5 range on Android Nougat

by XB on 17th February 2017

in Xperia X series, Xperia XZ series

Vulkan is a high performance, low-overhead, 3D API from Khronos. This should mean improved graphics with a lower CPU utilisation. Vulkan drivers shipped with Android Nougat firmware for select hardware, including the Snapdragon 810 chipset found in the Xperia Z5 series.

However, Sony has confirmed that the Xperia Z5 family does not have Vulkan driver support on Nougat firmware. The only Sony Xperia devices to support the Vulkan API are the Xperia X, X Compact, X Performance and the XZ. However, all is not lost for Xperia Z5 users as there is a mod on XDA which ports the Vulkan drivers which you can find here.

Thanks Diogo!

  • Michal

    Sony mobile will end soon with this lack of updates and customer service and so on…screw that lazy crazy manufacturer, my Z5 Compact is last device from them…

  • Can´t forget this:
    “I’m also disappointed that Xperia Z5 didn’t get Vulkan Api support with new 7.0 update, but I don’t blame Sony for that.

    Z1/Z2/Z3 couldn’t get Nougat not because they don’t support Vulkan Api but because they don’t support neither Vulkan Api neither OpenGL ES 3.1. To receive Android 7.0 Nougat, smartphone need to have support for Vulkan Api OR OpenGL ES 3.1. Xperia Z1/Z2/Z3 don’t have hardware that can support OpenGL ES 3.1, so Sony & Qualcomm can’t do anything.

    Right now, Xperia Z5 GPU – Adreno 430 (Snapdragon 810) – doesn’t have drivers that support Vulkan Api. On february 2016 Qualcomm announced that Adreno 530 (Snapdragon 820) have support for Vulkan Api, and they have plans to add support for that to Adreno 430 because hardware is compatible. But for know, there are no Vulkan Api drivers for Adreno 430, and that’s why Z5 family hasn’t got Vulkan Api yet.

    But – unlike Z3 – Xperia Z5 already has drivers that support OpenGL ES 3.1, so it meet requirements to receive Nougat. That’s what happened. Z5 received Nougat.”

  • Moisés

    Anyway I do not think z2 was going to get 7.0 because it is older than 2 years.
    Same reason z1 did not get 6.0.

  • Moisés

    Nexus 6p is only one so far with sd810 to get vulkan.
    I do not know how it has it.

  • Biancoceleste

    That’s disappointing. Is it possible they may support it in the future?

  • Don_Alduck

    I guess most Z5 and Z3+ users are with me when i say, screw you Sony. I personally believed in them as i bought the Z5 after not being a Sony (Ericcson) user for about 5-7 years.I came back with a joy as i knew that i will be provided with some quality updates. Well…that seems to be a dream. Bye Sony. Htc 11 or Pixel 1(or preferably 2) next.

  • Don_Alduck

    Because it’s a Google phone. They most probably have got a licence to get the support.

  • MikeU

    Sony Xperia X, X Compact, X Performance, and XZ all have support; so you do not need to go to HTC or Pixel.

  • MikeU

    Lack of updates? Are you referring to software or hardware?

  • Don_Alduck

    Sony lost my trust so I rather pick someone else who has better reputation for the things I need.

  • Gregory See

    Both of them. Let’s first forget about the disappearance of new UI and manual shutter control. Security patches would instantly indicates that this poor flagship is lack of support respectively.

  • Gregory See

    Lol. Would you marry the man who just raped you?

  • MikeU


  • MikeU

    New UI and manual control?: Buy X series.

  • Gregory See

    I just made a very focking wrong decision of purchasing a so called flagship phone from sony. After updating my so called flagship device which cost a flagship price to 7.0, I noticed that it was nothing more than just a pure stock android from Google. So what’s the new features that sony provided for this update? New Icons? Worst update ever since Z3 family got relinquished. Well I won’t be begging sony for another bona fide updates, it’s just that I’m no longer and never ever purchasing any smartphone under this company again.

  • Gregory See

    Who doesn’t know that your mum is a woman? I won’t purchasing any smartphone under this company again as I strongly reiterate. Who knows the day after tomorrow they might launching a new S,T,F,U series? What’s the point and eventually this saga would never ends.

  • Musharab

    Sony Lost it…..Shame on you SONY. You failed to keep your existing customers Happy.

  • rus_media

    Hope Sony gets a huge loss from X series. My Z5 dual is only 5 months old. Not everyone around the world buy phone on the day one.

  • MHDN57

    Poor Sony!
    bye except you bring me a New one that may long at least many years with this poor support.

  • Actman

    Anyone expecting Sony to do the ‘right’ thing for entire Z5 family is going to be very disappointed. Today, Sony lets both me and its Z5 customers down, tomorrow it would probably the X series turns. I’m done with this smartphone’s brand enough said. Now I shall wait for the Nougat launch for the S6 and Note 5 series. Judgement would be done right after a comparison between these companies flagships.

  • Actman

    We share an identical affirmation apparently. 1000 likes for ya if I could vote.

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  • Wooty

    Just ditch this stupid company. There are plenty smartphones out there that comes with an IP rating, more premium and most importantly more economical than this stupid company. Apparently they are focusing on the entire X family. So we can just return them a favour by giving them a big X. Let Sony sinks. They’re happy of making a suicidal move.

  • Fempter

    I have already Xperia Z2, this is very good smartphone, even for now. But… My girlfriend bought Xperia M5 last year. Sony said, that this smartphone will not get nothing more than Android 6. After that, I came to the conclusion, that my Xperia Z2 and her Xperia M5 will be the last smartphones form Sony. I will not pay for something that the manufacturer has in the ass.

  • John Walker


  • John Walker

    Lol, its only vulkan its not like they are not giving any update

  • John Walker

    All this coz of worthless feature called vulkan api with whom you wouldnt notice any change in gaming. My Z5 Premium is king of gaming and i dont need Vulkan Api

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    How do I flash this without root or custom recovery on my OFW Z3+? I have only flashed ftf files in the past.

  • Night Guy

    So we have to wait for qualcomm to release it or no nougat for z5?

  • Jerry Berglund

    But its not Sonys fault? Qualcomm haven’t made any drivers so far for VULCAN API yet. But they seem that they are going to do so in the future.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Yes, if Qualcomm release those drivers,and what it seems Qualcomm has those plans

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok. Once again people rage at Sony when its really not their fault. Why not rage at Qualcomm who haven’t made the drivers yet for that plattform that exist in Sony XPeria Z5. Again its outside Sonys control, but they getting the blame and rage. What shall they do. make their own drivers out of nothing? Sure they might be able to get the drivers from another plattform and try to engineer something out of it. But that would probably not be liked by Qualcomm. So instead XDA have tried to fix it, because most companies are ok that they do that.

  • Nimda01

    Nougat does not require OpenGL ES 3.1

    Look at some devices in Android one project. such as General Mobile 4G, Cherry Mobile G1 and i-mobile IQ II.

    Both 3 still got official Nougat update from Google, even using a Snapdragon 410 and Adreno 306 GPU (which support only OpenGL ES 3.0)

  • KarFar

    Someone should contact Ipsos to ask random people if they know what is Vulkan…

  • KarFar

    Sony sux. I’m getting an Oppo or LeEco for timely updates and better caring for customers………..

  • KarFar

    Apparantly, the most important things in life are:

  • KarFar

    Note 4 has Snapdragon 805 and yet no Nougat. People love to whine….

  • fried_egg

    I hardly noticed any difference between 6.x and 7.0.x – for 99% of the owners they really couldnt care less if this feature was there or not. for what they use it for it is the phone they wanted… those who bought a Range Rover and complain it isn’t a BMW X5 need to realise they should have bought something else. Just as those who bought the other one likely complain it hasn’t got something the Sony has..

  • Shehab Skull

    I flashed it and honestly I didn’t notice any different in performance .. even in benchmark apps I am getting the same scores .. the same lag and frame drops in 3D gaming tests .. And I don’t recommend to use this mod right now as it is still unstable and buggy

  • SONY only

    I don’t need this shit .

    My z3 plus is faster than any phone in the market

  • SONY only

    Go getting fucking chinese phones

  • Musharab

    Forget about Vulcan…..What about other problems…..??? Who is responsible for them. I feel like throwing away my phone.

  • Mustafa Sezer

    Are you kidding us Sony? I think you don’t need some customers??

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, they rfix it. What I know theu already started the role out.

  • Shehab Skull

    ahhhhh bro .. I really don’t want to replay the same comments over and over .. my phone is really better than before .. what problems are u facing ? hope I could help

  • Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Hamed

    It’s not our mistake to buy Z5.
    I think that It does not planed by the developers to see Z5 problems after the update.
    The update leads to a lot f battery drain.
    The developers should find a solution for Z5.

  • joe

    just tell what company that will give you the same update of there new phone ????????????

  • joe

    go buy an HTC an when after couple of months when they leave you without an update come here and show me your trust for HTC and it goes for every company ???? they want to sell they need money ?? you know what i’m saying ha.

  • HiChuu

    Seriously, you people are the biggest whiners and impossible to please. Just fucking stop whining and let it go. Most people can’t tell if their games are using the Vulkan API or not; it’s not like dropping the API will mean that games will not run on the phone. I bet you wouldn’t even know that Vulkan is no longer supported if XB didn’t report on this.

    Sony is a very good company and they make good phones. Recognize it or not, they support their phones until some factors outside their control prevents them from doing so. Case in point: their SW3.

    And those wishing on Sony to fail: fuck you. With Sony dead, it means there is one less good Android phone maker. Don’t cry if you’re looking for a Samsung alternative and all you have are Oppo, ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, or Tecno.

  • Musharab

    With Nougat 32.3.A.0.376. I am experiencing serious problems
    1. Lags in Phone app scrolling up and down. Makes a very basic app very annoying.
    2. Constant Battery Drain (Phone Idle consumes 20%-25%)
    3. Images getting sharper with some delay (10-12 seconds) in Album app…Not at all expected from a Flagship.

  • Przemek Jordanek
  • Zayed Kotayba

    Add to that bluetooth disconnect by itself and sometime it dosen’t even want to reconnect when using both SmartBand Or SmartWatch 3 which both are SONY products so why this is happens when it didn’t happen with marshmallow

  • Zayed Kotayba

    You already answered yourself you said water and bread which they are essential for survival and after that is money which in our modern society is more essential because with money you can buy anything LoL !! and that’s why everybody is pissed off SONY and Qualcomm because they feel and I’m one of them that their money had been stolen!

  • John Walker

    its a google phone. everything is possible

  • rus_media

    No idea what are you doing here…

  • SM Ahmed

    Which rollout you are talking about bro? I can’t see any rollout after .376

    Bluetooth automatically disconnects after sometime though it is paired with my SW3, this didn’t happen before .376 rollout!

  • Mohamed adel ali

    All OEM is doing the same Samsung their update always late and they support their phones for 1.5 and that’s it . I think all Android OEM having the same issue if you are looking for more update go for iphone

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well they started the Nougat roleout in sweden for z5 and z4 Z3 plus.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    my xperia L support custom ROM for Nougat, your argument is invalid

  • Shehab Skull

    1 – No fix for that .. XXZ users are suffering from the same bug

    2 – Try calibrating your battery ( u will need to have root )

    3 – Yeah u re right in this .. very annoy

  • dragonsneeze

    I may be wrong but vulkan also has to be supported by the game code right? And I’ve heard it’s not that easy. Talk about overreacting. It’s only one feature which you already didn’t have for years. Is this jealousy of X series? You guys are very funny.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    its more harder to code using vulcan than OpenGL. not all developer will adopted it anyway

  • dragonsneeze

    Yeah that’s what I’ve heard. Sony users are being overly dramatic about this if you ask me.

  • Wooty

    Be it vulkan or not, Z5 family still lacks of support. What about that bloody lockscreen and ui. There is no overhaul for this device yet. Nothing at all. What’s the difference by updating a device with zero new features given and got suspended for no actual reason

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah because Sony is the only company to not give older phones all the new features from newer devices… Most phone manufacturers do the same thing so why whine on Sony about it? Oh because it’s Sony I guess… Damn haters

  • Geese Howard

    You are cynical aren’t you? You would ditch something or someone just because he/she does not posses certain qualities or trait? Vulcan or not, my Z5P works fine and I am not going to ditch it because of one Vulcan lol

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Thanks for giving me a true reason, still don’t really care about vulkan for as long as I get Android nougat on my z4 tablet :) Sick of people who continues to complain on Sony when it’s not their fault obviously xD

  • John Walker

    There are lot of changes! Its new OS!! Multiwindow function added, better Doze. It counts whats inside nit outside!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    To pass Google CTS for official Android support you need open gl es 3.1. But with custom roms you can easily install nougat on any device you want (almost)

  • Genorok

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. Unless it’s an iPhone or Google, the other OEMs don’t even support for 2 years of life anymore. Even the Z3+ got Nougat. I don’t blame anyone for being upset, but they’re not going to find much better elsewhere.

  • Wooty

    Talk to Apple. Even Sammy had a good reputation of updating their older device junior! Look what is hitting up for the S4?

  • Wooty

    Cut it short buddy. Its just a stock 7.0 android from Google. What does SONY delivered?

  • John Walker

    We also got OpenGl Es 3.2, and better multitasking. I dont want X look.If you wamt that buy X series. This is Z and it has to be unique

  • cristian06yxtl

    Vulkan its suported by xperia devices but its WIP for moment I.Its possible with root ,but lose some features on camera ,Check xda thread

  • Vitali

    Finally a comment on point here, because sometimes the things people say here is passing all borders.

  • Bezels for the win !

    I don’t really get why people complain , if we exclude STAMINA every other feature that was one the phone when you bought it remained there like small apps for example , go buy xperia XZ if you want manual controls in camera , Vulkan and other stuff… those are features that came with X series not Z series !

  • Wooty

    This is only your perception buddy. It doesn’t represent the entire Z5 users demands. And now I’m demanding for it. If lucky enough, we would get it and you may choose of skipping it. But matter of fact we got nothing now. This is a reality.

  • Wooty

    Did I mentioned anything about vulcan? Are you drunk or what? I’m complaining about lack of support of new software you clown!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Galaxy s4 had awful support if you compare it to for example Xperia z xD final update 5.0.1 :p

  • SONY only

    I have all colors of z3 plus ( except black version )

  • singh

    Excellent comment, I am to sick off people complaining, I’ve had the original z all the way to xz they are excellent phones, seriously try using a Samsung or Apple they are overhyped, Sony is truly the last innovator, Apple and Samsung are just copying Sony designs and methods ie: waterproofing, stereo speakers, glass front and back, metal frame design, 4k screen, hi res audio, the list goes on, stop moaning and get a life

  • Moisés


    Best about white is the fact I can’t see my fingerprints nor glass scratches..

  • No Vulkan? No problem, They’ll do something about it. now stop whining…

  • SONY only

    You can see my z3 plus colors on my instagram here …

  • Vitali

    Are there other smartphones with hi-res audio support expect Sony’s?

  • Venkatasurya Prakash

    Being a Sony’s customer.. Can I ask why..?? We want reason for this thing.!!

  • DieMusik

    WOW. I thought Apple had the largest bunch of sheep defending the brand no matter what. But, Sony is very close to it. I almost bought a Z5 compact after owning a Z2 because I enjoyed the in-body noise cancellation and other Sony specific features. However, their lack of support and speed in meeting consumers brand forced me off their ship. Also, still lacking is raw capture support. When a company doesn’t give you a feature that is available on other companies product you consumers shouldn’t say “I don’t need it any way!” I mean if you love Sony that much good for you. But, for my hard earned money I always shop around and go for the best value. Sony has lost it a long time ago.

  • Gregory See

    Agree. You were absolutely right.

  • Gregory See

    Simple. It’s iphone.

  • Wooty

    Which firmware version?

  • Wooty

    Be late better than never and did you just mentioned Z? What about Z2 and Z3?

  • Actman

    Omg did you just categorized a same, old and bored UI as sky high remarkable fu*king extraordinary for Z3+ and Z5 devices? Well I’m proud of you then!

  • Geese Howard

    Wow, you have some serious issues buddy. When things don’t go your way you ask people to join you to ditch Sony. Then people voice out their opinion about your childlike attitude, you call people clown. Who’s the clown here? :) Go on, continue throwing your tantrum. Kids these days lol

  • Wooty

    At least I have some supporters. What can you do Geese? Not even Terry or Andy can do anything about it. Who is more like a kid now? Do I look like one? Seriously I’m going to pass all the negative comments on every single SONY’S webpage unless they fix those damm things. You may join this revolution as you please. This is the consequences they need to bear for giving a shitty update for users. I can feel my tantrum is getting stronger.

  • Naidagbrown

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    You just mentioned Samsung Galaxy s4 from the same year as Xperia z so xD

  • razorg

    Although I agree with you, S4 getting one of the worst kind of support from Samsung and ending its life on a buggy mid-version of Android Lollipop (5.0.1) instead of the final Lollipop version of 5.1.1, just like the original Xperia Z, don’t forget that in some regions S4 still gets recent security patches even in 2017. If only Sony kept updating security patches as well. Noone would complain…

  • M L

    As always, Sony makes good products, but they often don’t work as great as they should.
    I can say that on the behalf of my last 2 phone, my ps4, and 2 friends who also had to send back their phone less than a month after purchase.
    And I dunno about the others, but I “whine” because Sony is simply wasting alot of potential and could make awesome products if they were well supported

  • Jerry Berglund

    I was talking about the nougat and that is 32.3.A.0.376 and after that Sony hasnt released a new one. But they just released this one. So you cant ask for a new update. It takes time to fix and get stuff good. If the rush it will be bad. And yes there is always people that get an update that works bad. But it probably also people who got it to work just fine.

  • Nono

    Most modern phones support ‘high res audio’ in one form or another. However very few phones have the DAC to properly utilize it and Sony isn’t exactly the best on the market for that. The LG V series and the ZTE Axon 7 are the best on the market with a huge margin.

  • Biancoceleste

    Well said. The teenagers are damn annoying. There should be a rule on disqus that doesn’t allow anyone under 21 to comment. On technology at least anyway.. All these kids do is blurt out whatever buzzwords marketing teams declare as trendy for the month.

  • Biancoceleste

    That’s a positive then.

  • Nono

    Yup, Sony fanboys are worse than Apple fanboys. One would have thought it was impossible but this comment section proves otherwise.

    Every time there are bad news coming from Sony there is a bunch of people who jump at the chance to dismiss it as irrelevant.

    No Vulkan? “It’s fine. No one needs that. You can’t tell the difference”.
    No Android Wear 2.0 update for a device that is eligible? “It’s fine. It works and it’s old anyway. It didn’t sell like hot cakes”.
    Poor camera performance compared to the competition? “They make the best sensors and my phone takes great photos. I don’t care what the reviewers say. My camera has the highest megapixels!!!11”.
    Missing features? “No one uses them anyway. We don’t need them. It works well enough”.

    These guys are the biggest apologists one has ever seen. These are just a handful of examples of the reality distortion field that exists in the community.

    Sony continues to launch mediocre devices at flagship prices that get mixed reviews which prompts Sony fans to launch a tirade against the reviewers for bashing what they consider the second coming of Christ despite all the evidence levied against it.

    If Sony wants a smartphone division that doesn’t run red then they need to cut away all the excess and stop flooding the market with poor devices. They need to slow their cadence so they present actual improvements instead of launching the same device with an incremental improvement every 6 months. The Z series was plagued by this.
    Releasing flagship devices every 6 months is fine if there is a point to it. Samsung and LG have found a way that works by having two separate flagship lines for two different audiences (Galaxy S and Note as well as G series and V series).

    Having a handful of product lines with clear and distinct branding and a yearly release cycle with compelling specifications, features and software is all it takes. Sony, however, seems content with blundering their way through each year with uninteresting devices that have less than the competition but costs more.

  • NinJy

    That’s the reason no one seeying differents on benchmark tools, they are all running on Open GL, and often not even use latest version and features that goes with.

    So it’s always a pleasure to read Apple fanboys in the top comments, without speaking of Metal support on iOS apps.

  • KarFar

    Agree, especially that they updated the Nougat-capable Note 4 to nougat… oh wait

  • KarFar

    Z2 and Z3 got 2 major Android updates… I don’t see any problem

  • rus_media

    Lol, great answer for those useless comment makers. I don’t know if they really don’t care, why they have to answer if we have problems? :v

  • Adrian G.

    I agree with HiChuu, it’s not Sony’s fault that they don’t have the
    latest drivers for all XPERIA models, past and present, it’s companies
    like Qualcomm and other strictly upon Google dependent partners that
    prevented that from happening. If one customer doesn’t want to buy for a
    new phone every two years, it’s a healthy decision he is making, others
    succumb to nowadays’ trends and follow them like sheep.

    If they wanted Sony to go to ruins, they’ve made it very clear here, the trading
    world and corporate world are two very annoying, very pesky bugs that
    need to be squashed in order to make things right again. Companies
    should not be in a position of hostile takeovers and their CEOs should
    think before making stupid and insulting moves like those that we XPERIA
    users have to indure.

    If past models don’t have privileges for being upgraded to Nougat, that’ s fine with me, at least give me a more recent security patch for Marshmallow and don’t insult me further by
    being lazy.

    Those who had Nougat on Z5 series pulled down, don’t
    worry too much, it happened because some Sony’s corporate partners were
    behaving like lazy and profit-hungry asses once more.

  • Moisés


    There is one photo, many phone standing together like books ..

    Between z3 and z5c… Is it a z3+ white or green?
    The frame color is lighter compared to z3..

    C1 was my previous device… Only bad things about it were only 770MB for apps and vga selfie. While C3 and c4 have 5mp, c5 has 13mp. XA Ultra is kind of a ” C6″.

    Z1 compact, z5 compact and X Perf did not come…

    Sony also does not bring all colors here. Never purple or green.

    I almost got a orange z3 compact, but it is not dual.
    Z5 Premium was out of my reach. It still is same price of XZ here.. Both more than US$1000.

  • Actman

    Noob Defenders:
    “X series is totally different from Z Series” – (What about M and E series?) aren’t they different too? And yet they got the latest UI from Z Series on those previous major updates. Why there is nobody whinning about it previously? What about E5 then? Or perhaps it should be renamed to XE5?

    “I don’t need those Lock Screen it was ugly as hell!” – Do you represent the entire Xperia Users? You get what you pay for! As a quick-witted consumer, we have every right to complain if a product doesn’t meet certain expectations. Not to mention an ‘overpriced’ item. That’s why there is a word exist – CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    “My phone is running fast I don’t need one you dumba*s” – What about other users who facing difficulties operating their phones? This is what we called egotistical. If your phone is does well, just keep your fu*king mouth shut when you just earned yourself a luck. Just try your best to help others and certainly not by adding some salt on their wounds.

    “Want X features? Buy X Series then” – This is the most retarded assertion I ever saw frequently on this blog. Either they belong to a Sony’s houseboy or some crap retailers. Did you gained some profit by promoting the X Series? I don’t mind if you does, honestly. Or you’re just trying to be smart by telling those patrons or users out there which something they are dumb enough to figure it out. Matter of fact, Persoanlly I don’t even think these noobs really owned a Z4 or 5 device. Time flies mate. What is 2 years? Time has a tendency to seem to go faster and faster. We were merely voicing out what we really need before Z5 family reaches the EOL!

    “Most phone manufacturers do the same thing so why whine on Sony / Obviously it is not Sony’s fault” – Sounds funny? Honestly! What can we see here? This is xperiablog and certainly not a sammyblog, htcblog or appleblog. Does it make sense if we whine some dissatifaction towards Sony’s rule on other OEM’s blogs? Think rationally before you type. If it’s not Sony’s fault does it mean it’s our fault by purchasing an unfortunate wrongful smartphone? If XDA manages to to get a driver why not Sony? Be a third party or not regardless.

    Finally I do understand that under a definite circumstances, a company got every statutory right to hold back certain designs and frameworks in order to tackle the challenges of other OEM’s product companies out there which might affect their businesses. But don’t go overboard! That’s my advice and gentle reminder to Sony. You are merely delivering some pure stock android directly from Google to the Z4 and Z5 users. I do admit that there are some people who wouldn’t care much as long as the phone is useable but at least does provide us some new UI or camera software. I mean we certainly did not get this phone for free of charge and practically it wasn’t cheap either.

    LASTLY with a firm belief in freedom of expression and without prejudice, such expressions are strictly my own personal point of view. You may not necessarily endorse my views.

  • Moisés

    Any photo of z3 and z3+ copper together?

    Just to see how different they look. Copper of z3 seems to look nicer.

  • Sony is not to blame for leaving the Xperia Z3 off the Android Nougat list

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  • Moisés

    I agree..

    Samsung brought on Note 7 the ability to reduce screen resolution. It is being added to S7.
    S6 is not going to get this feature. If I am not wrong that Game Menu neither.

    My z3+ is on 6.0, not even 6.0.1 and I feel satisfied. Do not have stamina in this firmware but battery lasts longer than Lollipop.

    Z3+ is almost 2 y.o , not even sure if it is going to get 7.1. Just know its last update ever is just about.. Z5 might get 8.0

    I was not expecting all thing they give to X. Because this is how business are.

    I think E5 owners have much more reason to complain. Device from mid 2016 is not getting N , no words so far…

    M5 should get it too. It is almost a flagship.

  • Moisés

    I do not expect a 8mp photo to be better than 12mp or 16mp.
    8mp is too low for rear cam. The reviwers never say Xperia has 8mp as default.

    Do you really believe that a company that does not make cameras would be able to make better cam software?

    Some sites say iphone 6s has best cam of 2015… Most hilarious joke ever…

    Go to youtube and search for XZ camera test..

    Some videos XZ is compared to S7. It is easy to see how better XZ is .. Even the comments on it, people say XZ is better.
    S7 auto mode has fake colors. Everything looks yellow.

    Japaneses do not say bad thing about another product when they advertise their own.

    LG sells a lot of their cheap phones, because G and V are a big fail. It is so easy to find on internet about Loop and Burn In.

    No matter what Apple or Samsung may bring, all websites will always say good about.

  • Nono

    There we go.

    Megapixels is a tiny piece of the puzzle to camera performance.
    It’s all about the sensor. Many of the current 12 MP sensors are better than the 16 MP sensors on the market, so discussing MP is ridiculous. An 8 MP could easily be better still but there is no 8 MP sensor on the market of flagship quality here in 2017.

    While Sony Mobile probably have access to some personnel from the Camera company, they are separate companies under the same umbrella. The Camera division does not participate in the development of the Xperia phones. Having a camera division is not a guarantee of success: Sony is the proof of that.
    Samsung also has a camera division but still: it’s a separate company from Samsung Mobile or Samsung Electronics.

    Sony’s auto mode produces awful pictures and the app is mostly horrible. Still overheats when recording video too. There are so many faults with the implementation that has existed for years and years. They do small improvements on a yearly basis but what Sony needs is a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

    I mentioned LG because their roadmaps are more sane than Sony’s and awful QA aside; their devices are better. The cameras produce better pictures, the audio is better too (especially on the V series) – and that’s just a small number of aspects where LG is better.

    Samsung, while inaccurate in color, generally gives better results in most areas. The focusing works, low light performance is good, stabilization is good etc etc.

    Samsung’s engineers know how to tune the camera. Sony’s apparently do not.

    There is no bias as you try to claim. The reviewers who really focus on camera performance do their job without bias (they take sample photos and analyze them from a baseline and specific criteria). They’re not paid to praise one over the other.

    Finally, I don’t think you can use the YouTube comment section as a basis for any argument. And whether or not Sony show comparisons to competitors is a moot point.

    The results speak for themselves: Sony continues to disappoint. Their product designers seem to live in a vacuum where the only products that exist are their own and they therefore do small improvements compared to the predecessor but in reality their competitors are ahead by a significant margin and sadly Sony does not use that as the benchmark, as something to strive to beat or as an inspiration.

  • jokamutta

    Release Android Nougat for Z5 Compact in Nordic EU already :/

  • Moisés

    X has better focus than any other phones.

    Other brands make their phone to be used on auto. The manual is just for something different, personal.

    Sony kinda wants you to use manual instead.
    One channel I follow on YT belongs to a photographer..

    If a phone can make the best videos, no way it can’t shoot best photos..

    No company would advertise a feature without being sure their feature is high quality..

  • Nono

    The reviewers don’t agree with you.

    Many phones have manual controls (and many of them have excellent manual controls even). They also implement great auto modes because that’s what most people use. So you have the choice of either.

    So what you’re saying is Sony is neglecting the auto modes with their crappy algorithms and other software implementations; essentially forcing people to use manual in order to get a decent photo. That would explain the poor sales I guess.

    Also, it seems kinda odd that you slam Samsung’s auto mode yet highlight Sony’s manual mode (which you absolutely need to use to its full extent to get a decent image). It seems like you conveniently tip-toe around the fact that Sony’s auto mode is properly one of the worst in the business especially considering the company’s heritage (and only strengthens my previous statement that Sony fanboys ignore blatant problems and shortcomings because it does not fit with the narrative).
    Samsung’s auto mode is far superior. It produces decent photos. Maybe you should compare Samsung on manual to Sony on manual and likewise for auto.

    You previously asked if I honestly believe that a company like Sony doesn’t make better camera software and the answer is only a few people believe that they do and I’m not among them. Google, for example, has taken a Sony sensor and tuned it better than Sony would ever be able to.

    Auto mode is there so you can press a button and get a good photo. That’s often necessary in real world scenarios if you actually want to get a photo before the moment has passed. You don’t always have a minute to adjust all the settings to be perfect. That’s why you can’t base a camera around manual mode entirely.

    You follow a channel on Youtube and? I have no context here. What’s your point?

    If the follow up is the context; that a photographer shoots all his videos on a Sony phone… A DSLR takes better photos than any smartphone: it’s physics. And something like Red Weapon that some of the top YouTubers use to shoot video is obviously far superior (and that’s an understatement) to what any smartphone can produce. These are professional-grade cameras.

    Many companies advertise features that aren’t well implemented or one would consider standard. Headphone jacks (or the absence of it) on phones for example or Sony’s cameras that do not live up to the hype or even Apple who advertise their iPad Pro as being better than a laptop.
    Marketing departments are funny like that.

  • Moisés

    Do you believe all tech websites are honest?

    – How many iphone users complain about battery life? You find sites that insist on saying iphone 6s Plus can reach hours and hours..

    – You find websites that during tests they set brightness 100% . Then they mock on battery life. Z5 Premium was a big victim. Even PhoneArena ( iphone lovers) says Z5P can reach 7 hours ( screen time) . Reviewers also never let it drop to 1%. Just count 100 to 15%.

    – Everybody knows Stamina can affect heavy tasks. They run heavy games on them with stamina on. Then they say the value of FPS was decreasing.

    – XZ has fast charge. But you have to purchase the fast charger. Sony sends regular one. They never mention that. Only the fact they needed 135 min to charge.

    – HTC makes great phones. Nobody makes any compliment. Just because like Sony , Htc focus on people with more money.

    – Only a few sites decided to talk about explosions of S6 edge and S7 edge..

    – Here, after being updated to N the Moto Z had 2 cores disabled. Owners found out because their devices were doing 90000 of antutu instead of more than 130000. Only one tech site talked about it.

    – Here XZ came for $3999. They say Sony is crazy, a bunch of ravens . S7 Edge was $4299 and it’s all okay. Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe arrived $ 5000.

    – SONY brings XA for $1800, Samsung bring J7 for $ 1600. Sony is call crazy, Samsung is hero. Many people in my city buy Galaxy J phones.. Many of the devices have lost the frame paint easily. Just like we all have seen on S3.

    Samsung make phones here, Sony does not. Since M5 all are brought from Asia.

    Everyone has an opinion. None is always right.
    But I think all websites should treat all brands the same way.
    If XZ 2 comes something like US$ 800 they will all say bad things , but if G6, S8 or I7s comes US$ 1000 is all going to be alright..

  • Alan Harake

    So wait let me get this straight. The only reason why Z2 and Z3 aren’t getting Nougat is because their chipset doesn’t support vulkan and Google fucked up by making that a requirement for nougat updates, however Sony was able to release nougat for the Z5 without nougat?! Fucking bullshit. Google seriously fucked up with nougat I swear. Lots of devices arent allowed to get nougat because of this api yet sony was able to do this. Utter BS!

  • Nono

    Some or even many reviewers have biases that come to light in their reviews but taking sample photos and analysing as well as comparing them is mostly an objective practice especially when the reviewer discloses methodology and publishes the samples for inspection.
    I’d rather put my trust in a reviewer who has to make a living from his/her audience than someone who buys Sony products exclusively and ignore all the shortcomings and might even avoid other products that are better because it does not have the correct logo on it. With that being said: I don’t just cite one reviewer who has criticized Sony’s products. It’s almost universally panned by critics (even by those who really want to like their devices).

    Battery life is a difficult thing to test. It all depends on how you use the device and we all use the devices differently. Apple products generally do well in standby because of superior software optimization. Where they suffer are in active use due to smaller batteries as there is only so much software optimization you can do before physics take over.

    If a reviewer’s testing methodology is wrong, then point it out to the reviewer or use a different source. It’s idiotic to test at 100% brightness. You can’t honestly say that all reviewers are wrong because the result does not live up your expectations.

    The fact that Sony sabotages their own device’s performance through their own shoddy software implementations is hilarious. Maybe they should suspend Stamina mode when playing games or use a persistent notification saying performance is reduced due to Stamina mode. Limiting FPS gives increased battery life but if it’s at the cost of the experience it becomes pointless. If we’re talking benchmarks, it would be stupid of them to not just disable it when benchmarks are running. A very simple thing to do. Many OEMs cheat on benchmarks anyway, so why not jump on the bandwagon? It’s not like the majority of benchmarks matter anyway; in fact most of them suck.

    XZ has fast charge but does not include a fast charger in the box: how cheap can you get? That’s just embarrassing. All other OEMs include it in the box. It’s not up the reviewer to pimp extra accessories. They use what comes in the box. But yes, this has Sony written all over it.

    HTC is relevant to this discussion in what way? They also make better devices than Sony. Despite obvious flaws in the HTC 10, it’s a good device that just doesn’t sell. Focusing on ‘people with money’ doesn’t work when your device isn’t worth the cost. When your device is more expensive or merely costs the same as the competition but not being as good and costing more, that’s how you run your company into the ground. That goes for both Sony and HTC.

    All devices explode. Samsung phones, Sony phones, iPhones etc.
    Lithium batteries are basically small bombs that manufacturers do their best to prevent from actually exploding; except Samsung completely threw all caution out the window and shipped the Note 7…

    Antutu is an awful benchmark. I wish people would stop citing it so that it would just die already. What does this have to do with Sony again? Lenovo is not exactly the poster child for good behavior.

    I don’t know where you live but prices vary from market to market. Some products cost more (or less) in certain markets than they should. The Sony Xperia XZ should sell for about $500 max for it be a decent buy. It’s not in the same category as the S7 Edge, HTC 10, LG V20, iPhone 7, Huawei Mate 9, Pixel XL or even the OnePlus 3T.

    I wouldn’t buy Sony or Samsung if I were to go for a budget phone. They are too expensive compared to what you get. There are better brands that offer more in that price range.

    The reason reviewers bash Sony for pricing their devices at $700-800 and not Samsung or Google is that they make better devices and they can actually command prices like that. Sony cannot and their devices are not in the same class. I’ll re-iterate: they demand too much money for too little. They’re the opposite of OnePlus if you will. Either drop the prices or make a compelling device. You can’t launch a flagship with a matching price and then present a disappointing product that is outclassed by cheaper phones.

    Sony lives in a bubble like it was the 80s and 90s where they could do whatever they wanted and it would sell like hotcakes. Old Japanese men who are out of touch with the market. They need to get with the program. The smartphone market is a cutthroat business and they’re way too conservative and think that a device sells because it says ‘Sony’ on it. It doesn’t work like that anymore (well, except for Apple I suppose but Sony is no Apple – not by a long shot).

  • Gregory See

    Aye. XZ4 and XZ5 is reaching the EOL cycle very soon. You get the point right.

  • TombStone

    Why are people so angry about Vulkan api not supported on the Xperia Z5. Do people not realize that this is outside of Sony’s control. Officially Vulkan API support for the Adreno 430 series is planned, but not official yet.

    People in the comments need to relax.

  • Wooty

    It means Z2 and Z3 are worse than S4 still. Which security patches running on their smartphones presently? You must be in a deep slumber all this while for making a futile defence for Xperia.

  • Lindawthompson

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  • Lindawthompson

    Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours & have longer with friends and family! !dt137c:
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  • Warren Chang

    however,internal dac is so so, sony does have unique feature of high bitrate audio with Ldac, 3x standard bluetooth for wireless at it’s highest fidelity , even qualcomm aptx hd (2x standard bitrate) is supported by LG G5 and LG US$250 headset, few other machines support this

  • Warren Chang

    also, no phone can compete with dedicate digital audio players such as Astell & Kern jr, sony nw-zx100, pioneer xdr-100, onkyo dpx1 etc for true audiophile quality

  • Warren Chang

    i test flac and mp3 files (high res) on 2004 4 phones (and 3 earphones, 1 full size akg k551) and compare to 2014 sony digital audio player nwz-f886 ( flac and mp3) and even 2009 nwz-x1050 (mp3 320kps), none of the phones compete with the sony DAP even the 2009 player using marginally outperformed the phones in quality

  • SONY only
  • Nimda01

    Sony’s dev only said that an update can’t pass the CTS. He didn’t talk about OpenGL. It just a guess from Xperiablog.

    I’m totally agree that Sony is not to blame, because none of Snapdragon 800/801s receive an update

    But the reason is not OpenGL. If you still believe that, you have to explain why Google released a Nougat update for those 3 outdated phones with OpenGL ES 3.0 GPU I’ve had mention.

  • Moisés


  • Moisés

    Z3 is darker right?

  • Battel

    Technically It called “Complain” & any Z5 user have the right to do so, You’re the one who’s whining here .

  • hussain sabun

    are any developer working on porting ubuntu touch to xperia x.

  • HiChuu

    Do you know the difference between whining and a legitimate complaint? No? Let me educate you.

    Whining is incessant complaints about the tiniest dissatisfaction. For example – Sony why is your AnTuTu score lower than Shitsung OMGWTFBBQ I’m fucking done with Sony bye Sony you just lost a customer Sony yadda yadda Sony yadda yadda. Does a minor difference in AnTuTu scores affect the daily use of your phone? No? Then that’s whining. It serves no other purpose than to vent your immature temperament. You know who whines? Babies. To gain the attention of adults.

    If your phone has a dropped call problem/overheating leading to compromised performance (like my original Z, sigh)/etc., then your complaints are justified, and you have every reason to leave Sony behind and jump ship. In forums/boards like these, express your (legitimate) dissatisfaction, and demand that Sony improve their design. For your info, I’m typing this on a Z5P, and that phone has withstood multiple abuses. Even my protective casing has cracked. And the phone has no problem taking my beating.

    The key difference between whining and a legitimate complaint is that in a complaint, it is constructive for the maker to identify the problem and improve their products; whining only demoralize the product maker.

    I can’t believe I have to lecture you people on whining. How old are you guys again?

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  • SONY only
  • Battel

    Just shut up .

  • HiChuu

    How rude. Now go to your room. You’re grounded, boy.

  • Brick

    I’d really like to know what the fuck is the point of Vulkan when the only game that supports it is Need For Speed No Limits, and even then that game is a complete piece of shit.

    The Xperia Z5 will be far obsolete by the time more than 3 games use Vulkan, and it will be an ancient relic when more than 3 GOOD games use it.

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  • Samar Vaishampayan

    yadda yadda u nailed it right

  • Moisés

    Hi…. Do you update all your phones?

    Mine has firmware 32.2.A.0.224.

    Next seems to be the last before nougat. I thought SMS and Dialer would change and be like X. But they still look like Android 5.

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  • SONY only
  • Moisés

    Hi … Thanks.. I mean the icons.
    Calculator, dialer, sms still look like android 5..

  • SONY only
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    Mediatek has a notorious reputation of blatantly refusing to give out the source and kernel codes so manufacturers can update their phones in a timely fashion. They instead push manufacturers to use newER chipsets that are often objectively inferior to the last one.

    It’s also why there are virtually ZERO ROMs for phones with Mediateks on XDA that are as fluid, stable, and well-supported as comparable Qualcomm phones.

    Some people…

  • I’ve noticed two things, really.

    1. Google made Vulkan (or OpenGL3.1 or 2) mandatory for devices to actually get Nougat and the GP Services suite. But their 2014 Android One phones support NEITHER, yet both got Nougat, when other phones with significantly better chipsets than their miserable little SD410’s were refused Nougat “because they don’t support Vulkan” when the more critical requirement was the newer OpenGL support. Ergo, Google is hypocritical.


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