How important are thin smartphone bezels to you?

by XB on 21st February 2017

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Following on from the audacious Xiaomi Mi Mix that launched last year, with its barely existant bezels, it looks like 2017 will really be the year that manufacturers go to war on the bezel. Both the upcoming LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are likely to feature significantly reduced bezels, whilst there are growing rumours of something similar for the next iteration of the iPhone due in the autumn.

We don’t know what Sony has in store for us this year, but there is a strong chance that we will see little change to the design used in the Xperia X series of handsets. If this was the case, would it put you off going for a Sony Xperia flagship model this year, all else being equal? How important is the screen-to-display ratio to you? Or, are you one of those people that appreciate a bit of bezel to grip onto the phone? We’d love to hear your view either way in the comments below.

Picture credit: Ars Technica

  • Kayla

    Personally, I prefer a thin (2-3 mm) bezel for a 5 inch display. 4-5 mm is too much.

  • HuasG

    As long as we get the best battery/performance and pictures from an all rounded device i can still deal with those bezels that are like a norm in most of the xperia series. it needs to beat pixels camera processing

  • razorg

    I don’t quite like the idea of “bezelless” or level of bezel is just like on this possible X2 photo…

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Personally I like Sony bezels, very comfortable to hold while watching videos or playing, but there is another problem with Sony.
    I’m Z2 user and it’s time to upgrade my device and I’m kinda stuck:
    I’ve tried Z3+ for 3 days – gets very hot = sold.
    Tried Z5 (still screen lottery, got bad one), a lot of soft glitches = sold.
    XZ costs more than SGS7 (I can’t use AMOLED screen, they just burning out in 2-3 month), but offer less, even no quick charge in a box!
    So, if there will no be interesting devices showed at MWC 17 I will be forced to change brand (but everything is so ugly after Sony)
    Sony needs 5.2-5.5 device with 4GB RAM, new camera with less MPx (12 or 16), new soft and reasonable battery.

  • azzido

    I would like to keep the top and bottom bezels as long as it will be used to include a good front facing camera (top) and great stereo speakers (top and bottom). Also, it is nice when you can hold the device by bezels in horizontal view instead of hiding the screen with your fingers.

    Also, everyone would like to see a bigger batteries inside right?
    Physics you will not cheat, the extra space can be used to mount a proper battery as well.

    I am not a bezel maniac…

  • Łukasz Leszczyński

    Phones without side bezels looks better in my opinion, since we use our phones in vertical mode. Top and bottom ones are usually out of range of view and thus less important, but necessary while playing games to not touch screen by accident.

    So it should look kinda like small version of Bravia XBR-55X900B :D

  • Wooty

    No worries. Someone would buy huge bezel phones still. As long as Sony’s logo exist. 3-2-1 Sony’s watchdog approaching. Bezels for the WhINe please take the lead!

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Don’t like an all screen front design. A well-thought out design can use some bezel to make the phone attractive.

  • Actman

    “How important are thin smartphone bezels to you?” – Well I’m quite tempted as long as it is not bezel-none!

  • Actman

    Lol! You really hates SONY that much don’t you?

  • Brendan Wang

    currently the Xperia X for me looks not so nice for its thick top,bottom bezel and almost bezel free side bezel.

  • Jason Neat

    Thin bezels are great as long they don’t compromise the device’s integrity or strength.

  • Wooty

    Specifically, yes I do. They screwed up everything when nougat hits z5. Personally I knew you’d feel the same too.

  • Michael Reiche

    Thin bezels are good for the look of the smartphone. But if it is the cause of “false” input to the touchscreen, due to me holding the device and reaching for the far end with one hand, then I would rather have a wider bezel.

  • joseph carmine nero

    70%+ screen ratio and I’m good to go

  • Moisés

    Xiaomi Mi Mix is a copy of Sharp Aquos Crystal, a smartphone of 2014.

    People forget the fact the camera on Xperia, Pixel and iPhone is placed above screen, not behind. It allows the device to have a bigger sensor. More space for battery if they want. In my opinion camera bump is ugly.

    Talking about battery, if you reduce bezel, you need to increase display to keep same body size. Bigger screens lead to more power used. If you cannot increase battery you just screwed up the phone.

    S8 may bring 3200 mAh for its 5,7″ QHD and S8+ 3600 mAh for 6,2 ” QHD.

    Even if SD835 or Exynos 9 spend less energy then their predecessors I do not think is going to be enough.. 3200 is the battery of Z2.

    When I use cam I place my thumb on lower bezel and use the index to press the shutter.

    I think Sony could to something like ZQ/ZL ( here it was called ZQ). No need to be huge like E3.

    Screen/body = 78% is a giod number.

    I believe Yoshino is going to have bezels reduced 40% compared to XZ.

  • Moisés

    I think this will be XZ 2 or X Premium.

    #thegreatest is written below NEW XPERIA X

  • Moisés

    3mm is less than half girth of z3+.

  • Moisés

    It looks a mix of XA and XZ.

    I think Yoshino is going to be this mix.

  • ryq24

    The price and features or specs of phone is more important than having too thin bezel although if they can combine all the better.

  • dragonsneeze

    Thin bezels looks good, other than that it has no value. Make it a better panel or just let it be cheaper. No need to be a luxury element and charge $1k. Bring something actually useful.

  • davide tassetto

    I love Phone Xperia for design but I love even more phones without frames

  • Shehab Skull

    I am not a samsung fan .. but who told u that AMOLED screen burns in 2-3 months ?

  • Shehab Skull

    I have no problems at all with SONY’S language in designing .. but I missed that sexy back in XZ5 .. since they pushed out X series they ruined the design of its back ,also that Xperia logo in the side of XZ5 was super sexy and premium ..

    But I have to say , I am a fan of the design of front panel in XXZ .. looks awesome for me

  • حسين العريبي

    We can forget the bezel if we gets super camera with zoom, loudspeakers and full multi task options

  • Cakefish

    I’m not really that bothered, but having reduced bezel is nice to have. The Pixels go a bit too far with their bezels in my opinion, but my Galaxy S7’s bezels never really bother me. So while I’m certainly not desperate to have a ‘bezel-less’ phone, it’s nice to see progress being made to reduce the physical footprint of large displays.

  • sonyfan

    it need not to be thin, but the screen-to-display-ratio is important in my opinion, AND PLEASE: also WIDE SCREENS are important!! Nobody wants to read/watch a handy-displays, like a ruler in the hand…

  • Moisés

    Accidents happen. No way the display of Mi Mix survives if it falls on the ground

  • Moisés

    The only difference is on X, the metal rçback has that look similar to glass 2.5D.
    On Z the back is 100% flat.

  • Emon Khan

    Sony Xperia Flagship 2017 should be like this

    Display : 3840×2160 (4K)
    Ram : 4/6 GB
    ROM : 128/256 GB
    Processor : Octa core 3ghz
    Chipset : Snapdragon 835
    Grapics : Andreno 530
    Rear Camera : 27MP with quad led flashes ( yellow and red tone ) two xenon flashes
    Front camera : 21 MP with a led flash
    lens : 3 axis, 8x zoom, G lens, IMX 400, soft background fuction like DSLR
    battery : 4000 amp
    colour : forest blue, platinum silver, chrome, graphite black
    price : 700-800 $

  • LubosP.

    Thin bezels are great, had an Xperia ZL, which was perfect size with a big enough display. It was the not resistent eqvivalent of the water resistant xperia Z. The nowaday xperias have big bezels. I would prefer smaller ones!

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Completely irrelevant to me. Watching them from an engineering side of view I had never seen anything wrong with the size of them so far.

  • Bezels for the win !

    G6 is ugly as f#ck ..and S8 is not acceptable with it’s crappy software..HTC removed headphone jack so so far as I’m concerned HTC is dead… so if SONY offers this year decent enough specs with normal screen to body ratio of 70+ percent ,then XPERIA is my only option….

  • xtess3ractx

    I like small bezels to. That being said I’m not willing to give up stereo front facing speakers or headphone jack.

  • azzido

    Exactly, no camera hump please.
    Iprefer bezels ano no hump…
    Hump looks ugly, sticks out, is not comfortable and can scretch, break easier.

    Sony I prefer even bigger top bezel and 1″ sensor please!

  • azzido

    Among all Z series, so far XZ wins my heart in terms of design, handling and feel. There are no sharp edges like in Z5 and you can stand it horizontally and it stands itself which is great! If it only has matt glass back from regular Z5 (no fingerprints) it would be perfect! :)

  • I’d love the next flagship to include thin bezels, but I’d be OK with actual bezels if Sony could bring us more mAh, louder stereo speakers, headphone jack and better cameras! And if possible 5.5″ or 6″, please!

  • mixedfish

    Camera hump is just simply ugly. I’m surprised Apple continues to do this to their iPhones despite how inelegant it is. If it was Steve Jobs at the helm he would have fired their designers by now.

  • rocketlog

    I felt that the side bezels on the Note 5 was too thin, when used with a UAG case. Gestures from the edge of the screen were difficult to do properly. As I like using a case with my phones, I think leaving a little bit of bezel on all sides is better than going full bezel-less .

  • Casey Thompson

    I want bezelless. I have used screens with minimal bezel and I love it. I love the extra screen without having to have a larger phone. I hope that I can finally get a 5.25′ phone screen in the same form of a Z5 compact. Just make the case a little bigger if you need more space. like the Z5 compact. Thin phones are not the best they are harder to hold.

  • Jhericx

    Me i love a bigger screen to display ratio but not to the point that its almost all display. ..but if they could make a way that holding and accidental touching would not be a problem even with all screen, then its super okay with making it my 1st choice of all

  • Raj Singh

    I want a bezel around the display so I can hold the phone without accidentally touching the screen but I don’t want the bezel to be too big.
    The Z Ultra has a good bezel.
    The Z3 and Z5 Premium have good bezels.
    The Nokia 1520 has minimal bezel but I accidentally touch the screen sometimes.
    iPhone bezel is too big.
    Xiaomi bezel is too thin.

  • Kariko

    Bezels are good for handling, side bezel should be minimize to as thin as possible

  • Moisés

    About the new flagship… Volume button seems to be on the other side. Also it looks 2 buttons like iphone.

  • Moisés

    I guess Z2 was the biggest.

  • Moisés

    XA 2017 has plastic matte back..

  • Moisés

    I believe the flagship is this

    5,5 4K HDR
    Snapdragon 835
    6 gb ram lpddr4x
    64 gb storage ufs 2.1
    23 mp (f2.0) / 13mp(f2.2) imx400
    3900 mAh
    14,7 cm height
    Usb c

    Design is a mix of XZ and XA

  • Moisés

    Z5 would be a z3+ with frost glass..
    Front look the same..
    I believe Sony did not want 3 phones to look alike.

    Z1 and z2 look alike
    Z3 and z4 look alike
    Z5 is a mix of z4 and z2.

  • Moisés

    Something I do not understand..

    XZ is 8,1 mm with 2900 mAh
    Z4 is 6,9 mm with 2930 mAh

    Come on Sony…

  • Conan

    i have a z3 and i held the xz the other day and it’s a BRICK, i too am wondering what they’re using the extra thickness for?

  • Warren Chang

    wait until you see and feel this unique monster, onkyo audiophile grade phone at 11.9mm
    !!!!!!, is this a slab of concrete to you?

  • Warren Chang

    personally, i don’t care much about thickness or bezel, at the end of the day, there no few benefits from these apart from slimline aesthetics, what i do care about unique selling point/features, some thing that stands from the crowd, a leader in own niche, rather than just system on chip specs, ram size and resolution

    i hope sony borrows a few ideas from onkyo and release a truly awesome audiophile grade phone and call it walkman, i am own a nw-zx100, i am not expect that high quality, but at least some thing inbetween this onkyo phone and it’s own a series walkman and that will truly take advantages from the digital noise cancellation and ldac and make sony xperia forefront of phones again

  • Warren Chang

    or create a new xperia play phone to take advantage of remote play for ps4, even play psp games and ps vita

  • Phil Gym

    the less bezels the better. I want a new phone with small bezels

  • Phil Gym

    I think the photo is fake

  • P9

    flagship with XA design with less top & under bazels would be fine

  • iia3ezu

    Everybody hates big bezels. Or are at the very least annoyed by it, just like they would be with a camera bump.

    And the trend is towards thinner bezels, whether you like it or not.

    Once upon a time mobile phones came with an external antenna, then that went the way of the dinosaur.

    Unless the big bezels facilitate a key feature e.g. stereo speakers, fingerprint reader, Playstation control buttons, there is no reason for big bezels.

    If Sony’s Japanese management is stubborn about this, that’s their choice. But don’t complain when sales numbers are unimpressive or the phone receives subpar reviews.

    Sony phones have bigger problems than bezels e.g. bloatware, camera postprocessing and a lack of market penetration. Solve those problems first before you worry about bezels.

  • iia3ezu

    That probably won’t happen. But it is a good mockup effort from a Sony fanboy.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Yours is more believable. Are we all waiting for the day Sony makes 5.5′ a base model with 4k already in? A premium with a ~6′ display would be good with 4k as well and a different camera sensor (larger one). If Sony does that, I’m pretty sure thy can dominate the flagship market :D
    Z5P was a rather huge hit in my country, I see it quite often despite its price

  • Alex Norris

    Yes, such bezels looks ideal for comfort using

  • Jacky

    I actually don’t mind the current thickness of the bezels on the xz and z5. Because I use the physical camera button for pictures with one hand and it’s comfortable. If it’s thinner that means it’ll be easier to touch the screen on accident..

  • KIMI

    Pretty I have to admit it will but false input is a pain in the ass, even with the z5 there are some occasions where my hand make contact with the display causing the keyboard to hide itself.

  • Anderson Nascimento


  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I wouldn’t mind the bezel less phone at all.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    And that unique blue colour. Man I skipped Z5 cause they were using 810 and skipped XZ cause they didn’t have that blue colour. Guess this year I hope they need to get their sh*t together and give us a damn nice premium phone for a reasonable price.
    Yea Yea I know I am asking too much but if it is like Z2/3, I wouldn’t think twice to spend my money on it :P
    About bezels I think they’re still experimenting on that and I think when they master it they will release a nice design. I really love the Xperia XA Ultra but not the back panel.

  • Yasir Fawad

    It is not about what we like or dislike, it is about the market trends. Which Sony is unable to respond to.

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    I have Xperia z5 premium. And I am so happy with beauty. Great phone, beautiful and sexy design

  • Henrik Hjort

    No bezels is a gimmick like thin phones – pointless as it is design only.

    Battery, camera, sound, reception, storage is what matters to me.

  • Crocky

    Agree. Would also prefer strong enough to take being dropped.

  • dko3tgk

    I totally agree. I loved the bezels and size of my ZL. I hate large Sony bezels because it makes the phone bigger for no reason. The ZL had perfect sized bezels and the phone was still great as a one handed phone. The ZL with a 5.0″ screen was nearly the same dimensions as the Z Compact 4.7″ screen, because of the small bezels. I really dont like making the phone bigger mainly due to bezels.

  • Simbarashe Masauko Nyoni

    If Sony just reduce the top and bottom bezel by a small margin they could easily fit a 5’5 inch screen on their flagship device if it’s going to have the same built size as the Z5, XZ, Z3, Z2 etc. without compromising the design like the Galaxy S8 and all the other brands that are overdoing it this year

  • LubosP.

    The worst thing is, that Sony has showed with the ZL that its possible to make an small bezel phone. Since then the inner things are smaller, the progress is fast, but they are making big bezels(upp and bottom). Totally agree, the xperia ZL was a perfect sized one hand phone, with for me ideal 5 inch display. For sure it would be possible to make some phone like the XZ with 5inch and small bezels, for me rather without water resistance.

  • Xperia user

    As soon as they don’t ugly , I am fine with them . But I don’t like bazelless phones .

  • Moisés

    I wanted the chrome…. Looks so premium..

  • Moisés

    If it brings 3700mAh I do not mind all this audio stuff…
    Must be awesome

  • Moisés

    I was in love with Z5P, but its US$1400 price kept me away from it…

  • Paul M

    I mostly agree with others, I want narrow side bezels but I would prefer to have the mag charge connector back. But not so narrow you have nothing to hold onto and/or you can’t fit a cover.

    Top and bottom bezels are fine, provided the space is used effectively for a good camera and stereo speakers.

    And a thick enough phone to allow for a decent battery, no camera bulge, and reasonable camera sensors and flash.

    The Xperia Z Ultra was fine for side bezels, but would have been so much better if the top and bottom bezels had stereo speakers, and the camera better with a decent flash.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    A lot of people on forums, u can google it. Use navigator i a car = burn out i 2 months for example

  • Taquidi

    I don´t mind bezels if the overall aspect of the phone is harmonious. Functionality is more important than having bezels so thin you lose functions.

  • hansip

    Xz has a dark blue one, and i think that’s the sexiest of them all.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    I agree with you.
    What i didn’t like these phone:
    LG G6 – Ugly rounded screen, bit too large for me.
    Samsung Galaxy S8 – Same desgin like a Galaxy S3 (expect physical button), too big sizes for over 5,2″
    HTC (idk any) – feels uncomfortable on my hand (same as Samsung and LG)

  • hansip

    The ideal sony body is z3 compact one, but enlarged. But sometimes what makes sony design is a sony, is their big squary top and bottom bezel and i always fell in love with it no matter what people say.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    Nah, My option:
    Display: 5,2″ 1440p (No need 4K, but it was overkill, it would be like battery draining of usage screen)
    RAM: 6GB
    Internal Memory: 128GB (Who needs many games like a emulator?)
    Processor: Eight core 2.4ghz
    Chipset: Snapdragon 835
    Graphics Andreno 540
    Rear Camera: 23MP (is enough resolution, nuff said)
    Front Camera: 13MP (Who needs selfie? I prefer videocalling with enough quality for using LTE mobile data)
    Lens: 5-axis (EIS), 8x zoom, IMX 400.
    battery: 3800 mAh (Who needs thicker these batteries?)
    Colour: Forest Blue, Platinum, Chrome, Graphine Black (Anything other colors, but unconfirmed)
    Price range: 700~850 $ MSRP

  • fried_egg

    Asian & child fingers may not have a problem with thin edges but most adult western hands do. The number of times I pick up or put down my Z5 and accidentally trigger the “remove app” mode (which means you are one more accidental brush of the screen from removing apps etc) is beyond annoying. The edges are needed.

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  • Emon Khan

    not bad specification.. but selfie is trends now.. in order to cope up with Sony must cope a big selfie or camera resution with xenon flash.. Octa core 3.00ghz is better option to beat other companies

  • Emon Khan

    ROm sould be increase and design should mix with Z5 premium and XZ.. 4k HDR is better option

  • Emon Khan

    yes, you are right. I am a big fun of Sony. so Sony should come ahead among the other companies

  • Emon Khan

    z5p is great one. i own one

  • Anibal Evora

    But there are two things you guys are failing to note: The ZL, although it had small bezels (and arguably the perfect size), it did not have stereo speakers.. It had a mediocre single back firing speaker and Sony already struggled with space to put the front facing camera on the usual position; And second, the dimensions on Sony flagship phones has been the exact same (height and width) since the Z3 (146mm x 72mm).. So the bezels are not increasing not even 1mm, and in the case of the XZ, they only appear to be bigger because of it’s shape which is a perfect rectangle.. Rounded corner gives an object the illusion of it being smaller because of the lack of “excess fat”, which in the case of the XZ again, makes it easier to organize the inner components of the phone (I believe)..
    But personally, I think the size of the bezels (top and bottom) are perfect.. It’s enough space to rest a thumb when holding the phone on landscape which prevents unwanted touches on the screen, and there is nothing more irritating (to me) than unwanted touches on the screen when I’m watching or doing whatever on my phone, so I appreciate my bezels :P However, if they decide to shave off some of it, I thing 0,7mm at the sides and 1mm at the top and bottom is more than enough ;)

  • Anibal Evora

    Exactly..! Not only that, but I believe that the phone is more at risk to fall off of the user’s hands because he/she would not want to cover the contents of the screen with their thumbs and probably would have a looser grip over the device because of that, in comparison to a device which has a healthy amount of bezel.. So, unless you don’t want to see your almost thousand dollar investment shatter in a million peaces , you are better off with something substantial to hold on to and not see your investment go down the toilet..

  • Anibal Evora

    I think that the best thing Sony could do to reach out to a very broad consumer range is to make a good looking phone (which they always do.. and yes, even with the “large” bezels, which I appreciate), that has an above average audio performance with great features backed into the software to further enhance the audio experience for the audiophiles and make a bundle with a very good pair of headphones (preferably with the Noise Cancellation so it takes advantage of the tech that’a already in the phone) and a gift card to Spotify Premium;

    Make a bundle focused on the avid mobile gamers out there with a DS4 controller, a gift card to PS+ and the controller attachment/stand for the phone so you can play your games in absolute comfort, almost like playing with a Nintendo 3DS..

    And then name these two bundles with an appropriate name and, hopefully that would attract more people to the Xperia cam

  • Raj Singh

    I only mentioned some of the devices that I have. I don’t have a Z2 so not too familiar with it.

  • Moisés

    I was just saying…. I guess z2 has bigget body. Little bit bigger than z3

  • Moisés

    Some people believe this is X2.
    In my opinion is the XZ 2 / X Premium

  • Moisés

    Some people believe this might be X2.

    In my opinion this is XZ2 / X Premium..
    Have no clue how it is going to be named.
    Just know a previous leak showed a #thegreatest written below NEW XPERIA X.

    So this may be the Yoshino, according to Sony their best Xperia ever.

  • Battel

    LG has scaleup it’s flagship display from 5.3″ to 5.7″ and scaled down the body size, that’s the main advantage of less-bezels, somebody should teach Sony that .

  • I’ve never understood this obsession against bezels. The microphone, front camera and speaker must go somewhere. Also, if the bezels are too small, to me the phone looks like.. Naked.

  • Shehab Skull

    ” I can confirm that Sony is already working on less bezels device and they will call it xperia XZ ultra .. here is the pic that I have just leaked after hacking their emails ”

    just kidding :v I am just here to confirm that any one can create these fake concepts !

  • Moisés

    One problem… 5,7″ QHD and 3200 mAh. The battery of z2

  • ymytbb .

    No one likes huge bezels

  • Actually Sony released it in Blue Forest color so… I don’t know what you mean with “and skipped XZ cause they didn’t have that blue colour”? Perhaps in your country? Or with your operator?
    And indeed @disqus_0zfece4vuL:disqus , it’s the sexiest of them all!

  • dko3tgk

    Yes the ZL didn’t have stereo speakers, but LubosP. made a good point, that it was based on 2012-2013 tech. Surely with 2017-2018 smaller chips, boards, cameras etc, it shouldn’t be impossible to fit a 5 inch screen with stereo speakers and cameras into a ZL sized body. The Z Compacts did have stereo speakers and waterproofing in the ZL sized body. Just stretch the screen out to 5-5.2″ to make the bezels smaller and you already have what we are talking about. I think Sony didn’t want the Z and Z compacts to be too similar, hence the smaller screen and resolution on the Z compacts. But the Z Compacts showed that camera, stereo speakers, and waterproofing are possible in a smaller body, just take that size body and make the screen bigger and bezels smaller.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    Do you think xenon flash to hurt my eyes? Since Snapdragon 835 already has eight cores.
    Sony has focused DRAM layer on camera sensor, there will be slow motion, up to 960 frame per second.

  • Shafraz Sadiyan

    I personally don’t want a bezel less phone for the pure reason of durability, phones with thinner bezels can be very fragile especially when dropped. My sister owns a S7 Edge and had dropped it just once and her touch wasn’t functioning, she had to get the entire display changed and it cost her around $200 which isn’t cheap. And warranty won’t be accepted if the phone has been dropped as well. Meanwhile, I’ve dropped my Xperia Z5 like 20 or 30 times and still going strong.

  • Biancoceleste

    Not important at all. The Mi mix looks very nice but isn’t practical to hold.

    Sony’s designs since the Xperia Z have been almost flawless IMO.

  • Mac

    I like the bezels on my previous Z3C, the XZ that I use now is also good at the sides, but top/bottom could’ve been a bit smaller just to make the device a bit mor easy to use. Bezelless is good looking but not useful.

  • prakhar Gour
  • dragonsneeze
  • Shehab Skull

    fuck x”’D no it is not me

  • Snorky112

    I have Xperia XA actually, top and bottome bezels are Fine, bnigger would be too much, lesser would be ok, but side bezels aer aweful, my palms touch the screen when I type messages, even with a protective case… we need at least1-2mm side bezels

  • paul_cus

    I really like the Xperia ZL from back in 2013. It would be cool to see Sony go that route again. Although, I don’t mind bezel as long as I like the design of the phone.

  • dragonsneeze

    It fooled Gsmarena, free advertisement for Sony :D

  • azzido

    sorry I do not know what XA is, I am not the target of any low ends hence I do not recognize it…

  • Moisés

    It is mid range, not low…

  • The One

    If anyone should reduce their bezels, it’s Sony. They’re somehow getting bigger each year instead of smaller. WIth the fingerprint senor on the side, there’s simply no reason for there to be that much real estate above/below the screen. As for the sides, all phones should have a small bezel there to prevent palms from interfering with user interaction.

  • The One

    Too bad it won’t happen. The Japanese are too conservative to makes such a “daring” design change. It took 7 generations of “Omnibalance” to finally give way to the new “Loop” design, and it just made the edges a little more rounded.

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  • Khillo81

    Same here for the Z5C. I know people complain about the change in material, but I owned the Z1 and had small dents and scratches from so many drops. With the Z5C, no damage whatsoever from as many drops.

  • Stephen

    If no bezels = no front facing speakers? GIVE ME BEZELS ANY DAY. Apple has yet to bother with anything like decent sound but then that isn’t why iphone users buy iphones is it. They buy them “because it’s an iphone”. Also in addition to the obvious practicality of front facing speakers, bezels often make the difference when you do damage your screen between just a crack around the bezel area or an unreadable screen. I cracked my Asus phone but it was cracked around the top bezel – leaving the screen portion completely unaffected.

  • Calypso

    I would like more reliable phones, e.g. a 3,5mm headphone jack which works more than 3 months. this hasn’t improved the last three generations!!!

  • roeshak

    Don’t see how it makes any difference really. Sony mobile over the past couple of years has gone through and is still going through a restructuring process. The idea being to shrink business operations to cater for a small but loyal band of users and thereby stand a better chance of profitability. They gave up on growing market share a while ago so in that sense it doesn’t matter what the competition do because Sony mobile aren’t competing. Sony ‘s core businesses today are the imaging, camera,PlayStation and entertainment operations. Mobile is very peripheral.

  • vmxr

    not as important as been the phone body thin

  • 陳大肥

    sony xz is a copy of xiaomi mi3 back in 2013. sharp aqua is a plastic phone with low spec and low quality that was so poor that it didn’t sale well.

  • 陳大肥
  • Ravi Ahuja

    I prefer bezels to be less.. It makes phone look more sexy n classy..

  • Shamoy Rahman

    CUT THE BEZEL. S8 and G6 will have razor thin bezels, Sony will need that to compete. Its been 4 years now and Sony has been maintaining a very similar design language which hasn’t put any cut on top and bottom bezel. Sony should seriously invest in the technology to improve the stereo speakers while cutting the bezel (2-way upgrade), it is definitely possible, just takes large R&D investments. Sony doesn’t need to eliminate the bezel but they should atleast cut the top and bottom bezels by atleast 20-40%, it will make their phones more attractive.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    XZ Premium was just leaked.

  • Moisés

    I know… But people should not say xiaomi created the design of mi mix..

  • Sridu

    Goid idea. Cmon sony.

  • Eh it’s not a big deal for me. I mean I currently have a 5X.

    But for consumers, two of the most popular phones are about to go near bezel-less. To them this will be the new norm and any phone with relatively big bezels will be seen as “cheap”.

    Sony should definitely follow Apple, Samsung & LG’s example and introduce an Xperia flagship with slim bezels for the next update.

  • Stefanus Paulus

    I can confirm this since my friend has Samsung S7 and his thumb touched the screem when holding it.

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  • Adam Varney

    I’d rather have good quality stereo speakers than thin bezels.

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  • David Guzman Rodas

    Sony debería imnovar con un nuevo modelo más acordé a la competencia con las nuevas pantallas que se están implementado a lo menos los usuarios buscan eso por ejemplo el Samsung con sus nuevos modelos de gama alta le está yendo bien y los usuarios han acogido bien las pantallas curva, algo así debería sacar Sony con buenas prestaciones de software tambien


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  • coldspring22 .

    Bezels are already thin enough on most phones. Going from 75% screen to body ratio to 90%+ will do nothing for me. Much more important are features like removable battery, which will allow me to take photos and video record whole day long away from a charger.

  • thepigletsquid

    At the end of the day, smaller bezels = smaller device. Or rather the ability to include a large screen without making the overall device too massive. If you compare the Xperia XZ Premium vs. the Galaxy S8 of LG G6 in terms of screen size and body size this becomes very apparent, as they are both much smaller while still having larger screens (admittedly this is partly due to their weird aspect ratio). Appearance aside (I don’t mind some bezel, but I am not a fan of the massive bezels on the XZ Premium), it’s a matter of functionality – the XZ Premium checks every box for me but is simply too big overall and so is an instant no-go.

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