Xperia XZ Premium – Check out the first picture

by XB on 25th February 2017

in Rumours, Xperia XZ series

We recently reported on some of the features of Sony’s new 2017 Xperia range, which will include image sensors with embedded memory and the ability to shoot slow-motion video at 960 fps. Well now, we have the first image of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium below, which is believed to have a 4K HDR display, Snapdragon 835 chipset and a 20MP camera sensor (1.22um).

The picture confirms our recent report in terms of the design, which is very similar to that used in the Xperia XZ – therefore not a surprise that this flagship is called the Xperia XZ Premium.

Despite the gorgeous design and that Chrome mirror finish, first seen on the Xperia Z5 Premium, the camera will be one of the main talking points. As well as 960fps slow-mo recording, it will have Motion Eye (predictive capture), a super low-light performance and an anti-distortion feature.

The picture points to a date of Sunday May 7, which could indicate the launch date. We did not expect them to appear before June, but Sony may have accelerated its release schedule. The Xperia Z5 Premium is one of our favourite Xperia designs of all time, notable the Chrome version, it also had firm and hefty feel in the hand which exuded a ‘premium’ quality.

The picture also confirms the use of the same fingerprint sensor power button found since the 2015 Xperia Z5 series, a headphone jack and a USB Type-C port. We will bring you further details from Sony’s MWC press conference, which takes place in a few days on Monday 27 February at 08.30 CET.

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  • Now get us a great price, and this device will sell.

  • theskig

    Just waiting for the specs. I’m scared about no FM radio and hybrid slot on Dual version.

  • pi4a7a

    You will buy a €700 smathphone, you will have 10000 radios in the Play store…who even uses it anyway ?

  • pi4a7a

    €650-700 probably

  • BarKohba

    Great, why the hell didn’t they launch it with the XZ? I would have bought this version…Well, I’m not buying a this one now, I’m going to buy whatever comes out at the end of the year sinc I just got my XZ.

  • theskig

    You know the differences between a bicycle and a motorbike?
    Sometimes you need a motorbike, sometimes you can use a bicycle as well, it’s a matter of choice. I’m sure you daily use a lot of things I’ve never used in my life.

  • Terence Wu

    Seems that the place of volume rocker has changed.

  • pi4a7a

    Why are you scared about the radio, sir? As you will have a better choice from the market…

  • theskig

    After all this time I learned to use the old lower one! Let’s learn it again… :)

  • skrug

    Volume rocker is above the power button

  • pi4a7a

    They are going to put a ~3000mAh battery again.. with that 4k hdr display…oh god…

  • LazAndKor

    New UI again? Look at the clock , It’s very nice.

  • KarFar


  • Subham Dey

    if its XZ premium then it won’t be less than €800

  • theskig

    Because I don’t need to install another app that breaks balls with notifications, data, RAM and CPU usage. You need also network coverage and I live on the border and switch country everyday for work and I’m often in roaming. Do you need other motivations?

  • theskig

    I forgot to say that I usually listen to three different FM stations from 3 different companies, that means install three more apps.

  • Why am I so underwhelmed with this release? :/

  • Roy

    that looks so badass, might be my next phone.

  • Abdusselam Şahin

    on-screen = shit

  • Shehab Skull

    Well don’t expect more than a new clock .. I am sure they re using the same ui .. All Sony developers do is playing with Zooper widget app :3 but I have to say it is a really nice clock

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo


  • johala02

    Saw some other rumours that the new Sonys (that they will show in MWC 2017) will get rid of the logo on the front and got minimal bezels. And I would not mind some smaller bezels. This one still looks more like the current generation.

    But in some days we know how it will be.

  • pi4a7a

    With that 835 and probably 4GB RAM, you wont notice any difference even if you install 30 FM apps..

  • Samar Vaishampayan

    what is the black hump at backside?

  • Abdullah

    Bezels bezels f u c k i n bezels again. This
    company wanna get bankrupt definitely. Its 2017 and companies now make bezelless phone but damn sony never listen their customers. Well done Sony. Im z2 user by the way.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    reflection, but first I thought that camera protector as was in SE K790

  • raju

    But where xz compact

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Same here, trying to upgrade my Z2 and waiting for new Sony, but they wants us to switch brand definitely

  • Kurisu Makise

    Yes!! It is! IT IS!!! Please, Mr. Morimoto. Sell this gorgeous in Korea.
    …but why volume rocker goes on?

  • joseph carmine nero

    Damn this looks awesome

  • nikola1970

    Boring as hell… C’mon Sony… It is XZ in the bigger body, a bit boosted specs and Z5 Premium’s back…

  • KarFar

    It’s more than “bit boosted specs”. LG G6 will have more or less the same internals as G5.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    And small bezels

  • MikeU

    If it is called “XZ Premium”, then the phone resembling the XZ is logical.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    It there will be 7.1 and almost same battery as Xperia Z5 Premium.
    And not sure but it will change material on frame.

  • MikeU

    I am waiting for the successor of my Z5 Premium. If this phone is it, then I will buy it.

  • Abdullah

    Definitely. Its 2017 but sony still in 2013.What a shit load moron company.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    This bezels is perfectly for me. (I’m user Xperia SP)
    Unless if you’re accidentally with tap somewhere on your hand.

  • MikeU

    For me, size of bezels are not a deal breaker. Call quality, camera, processor speed are more important.

  • Alfino Setya

    is that curved glass or something? can anyone tell me?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    None of those in new Xperias, even cheap Meizu have better camera and Xiaomi have gorgeous displays and new Snapdragon with price under 200$

  • nikola1970

    Yup… Sony has to cut top and bottom bazels a bit at least!

  • Abdullah

    I am Sony user every device in my home sony and my phone z2. But the blind fan boys defend this company like their own family. Come on guys be a realistic and wake from your dream. You pay 700-800 euros and everybody deserve to get nice looking phone. Sony like is Cod. They cheat their fans as well last 10 years they make game with copy and paste. They use same game engine last 10 yeara. Its the same shit. Sony uses same design last 4-5 years.Damn bezels

  • MikeU

    I read most users of the new Xperias are satisfied with the call quality, camera, and speed of their phones.

  • Abdullah

    Yea its in 100 of 10 ok with isn’t ok for other 90. Because why this company loose lots of customers. Their sells are all fucked up.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Until starting to compare with other phones, Xperia XZ and my Xperia Z2 have almost identical camera images quality, no progress

  • MikeU

    What matters is what users think; if they are satisfied then Sony will continue.

  • Abdullah

    You are just funny.

  • Slađan Lukšić

    this looks like a bad photoshop, design mix from XC and XZ and Chrome color from Z5p… i think it´s a fake

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    continue till the bankrupt next year, remind me what is Sony Market Share?

  • joseph carmine nero

    Why not buy S8 or G6?we like signature sony design. If you like small bezels you have lots of options

  • MikeU

    I read Sony is making profit again, even though its market share has fallen significantly since 2014.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    ‘Cause I love Sony design, but those bezels are looking outdated, Samsung desigh is for gipsy, and those ugly burn-in-AMOLED shit…brrr

  • MikeU

    I agree. The bezels are not a concern to me.

  • pi4a7a

    I hope they go to full metal

  • KzX

    Current UI is OK, I always prefer stock Android clean look.

  • Wolf0491

    I’m interested. Been using an axon 7 because everyone convinced me these cheaper phones are just as good but everyday it’s some random small thing that never had issues with when using Sony phones.

  • BGDoesGaming

    meh…. lets see how the X2 looks like then i will decide which to get since im well past due for a new phone (still on xperia S)

  • Alex Norris
  • Geralt

    This one seems like my next phone (still on Xperia sola)

  • Alex Norris
  • Shehab Skull

    yeah it is ok .. but I am feeling bored from it

  • dragonsneeze

    Yeah, waterproof metal and glass design. Sony is so late to this. Sorry but XZ P looks a million times better than this… blasphemy

  • dragonsneeze

    Nice try troll. Camera may be subjective but Sony’s top offerings are never bad at those things.

  • Saw the same, that would be an interesting surprise!
    Let’s see in a couple of days

  • Moisés

    I guess volume is on the left

  • Bill_Compton

    fuck off

  • Moisés

    The ” wireless” charge used by Samsung needs the phone to be glass…
    Can not be metal body.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Outdated lol wireless lol dual lol lol lol

    Are you living under a rock?

  • dragonsneeze

    It was photoshopped I believe. As you can see here 2017 range won’t have volume button on the lower side.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    There’s a huge difference in image quality between the xperia z2 and xperia xz…. Just saying

  • Moisés

    Some people like offline radio

  • Moisés

    Frame looks bit darker than body..
    It seems plastic again.. Sony says it is better for signal and avoid external antenna.

  • Moisés

    People say XZ was expensive.. It was cheaper than Z3

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Snapdragon 835 wasn’t released then thats why they are releasing it now :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    They are actually quite useful when looking at youtube videos or netflix in landscape mode actually :) Somwehere to rest my thumbs on :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I think that will force them ro remove the fron facing speakers then, which is a dealbreaker for me :p Speakers are meant to be on the front of a phone :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I think that kinda depends on what country you live in, in Sweden is was on par with other premium phones, but still they are all more expensive then the xperia Z3 was when it was released :p

  • razorg

    If the new camera sensor on this will bring 20MP resolution with 1.22um pixel size, this will be a good improvement over 23MP 1.1um pixel size from IMX300, and will surely bring less noise and better low light performance. Though I like the overall design and looks of this device, the top and bottom bezels should have been smaller (and I don’t mean “bezel-less”, more like the front of Xperia ZL)…

  • cGmc11

    Horrible bezels…After the Galaxy S8 stunning minimum bezels design I don’t consider anything like this.

  • a.mubher

    That looks gorgeous. Only Sony still impress me with their overall design language.

  • mynameissomeone

    no weird plate at the back and looks like the glass corners are less obvious maybe this will be my next xperia or maybe i’ll wait for the september model which hopefully has a thinner bezel and speakerslits

  • Moisés

    Must be XZs

  • Moisés

    It seems all devices come this semester… No more 6 months cycle

  • Moisés

    Still believe this one is the flagship..
    I guess the one of this article is XZs

  • DBS

    I’d rather have the design of this XZP than the S8. The S7 is a beautiful device. The S8 looks like an aborted version of the S7.

    (Everything else in the S8 – apart from the fingerprint sensor – will almost certainly be much superior to what Sony will bring though…which is a shame).

  • razorg

    I seriously hope so. This looks so much like Xperia ZL, and its “screen-to-body” ratio is just awesome!

  • 陳大肥
  • Netto

    I still want an offline FM radio instead of those data-hogging online radio which consumes my data plan like drinking water from running tap water. And I believe so do him.

    Say whatever you want about getting tons of radio apps on playstore.

    Some people still wants to listen to FM transmission from their phone where 3G connections are not available to stream radio stream.

    And don’t throw me the “just buy a frickin radio” arguments. That’s just purely stupid and immature.

  • Ender Ceylan


  • Bezels for the win !

    then get lost :D

  • Tomislav Matić

    Yes it looks like XIAOMI MI3 but don’t forget that Sony Ericsson W902 had similarly design before XIAOMI MI3.

    And Nokia Lumia 1020 had almost the same design.
    I think that everything started with Sony Ericsson W902.

  • Anibal Evora

    Yeah, sometimes I get bored on the software too.. But when I do, I just change my launcher for some time.. But then I always come back to the stock launcher because I miss it’s simplicity.. And that’s the beauty of android for me :D

  • Tomislav Matić

    Yes it looks like XIAOMI MI3 but don’t forget that Sony Ericsson W902 had similarly design before XIAOMI MI3.

    And Nokia Lumia 1020 had almost the same design as XIAOMI MI3.
    I think that everything started with Sony Ericsson W902.

  • Akand

    Same here bro. :-D

  • 陳大肥
  • Akand

    Though it looks awesome, it won’t be able sell even half a million units. Trust me.
    You know why, because of the bezel game. Sony is still stuck with huge top and bottom bezels, whereas other players are doing something completely different. People want always something newer and changes, whether it’s better or worse. But Sony stucked somewhere.
    **personally I prefer a bit bezel, but not that big. My Z5 Compact has perfect lower bezel but the top is a bit big.
    I will still by Sony Xperia anyway, because of the UI, rectangular shape and solid performance. :-)

  • Abdullah

    No chance. I am waiting for last 2 years. This company never going to make thin bezel phone and hopefully their mobile department will close.

  • azzido

    Is the camera sticking out? Oh no :(
    I hlpe for other colors too as I am not a fan of this chrome mirror one… Also would be nice if it could be bigger than 5.5″

  • Anibal Evora

    For all these unhappy engineers here on the comment section, tell me: Why don’t you send a blueprint of the bezeless display, big battery sized, with a headphone jack, stereo speakers, nice an big camera sensors with OIS front and back Sony Xperia smartphone to Sony mobile? I believe they would be very happy to recieve such a thing from you guys…

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I’ll throw up if I see one more bezel comment. Go get a design course and learn a little about proportions and aesthetics. There’s nothing wrong with bezels in Sony’s designs.

  • Adrian Smorąg

    If Sony really keep these bazels the are awsome!
    Samsungs bazelsless deviceds are uncomfrtoable and awfull

  • azzido

    Also I wonder if resolutkon will be true 4K or fake again as it was with previous Z premium.. It should be a user who decide when to turn it on and off. Otherwise having it for 2 apps only is useless.

  • Akand

    G6 and S8 have least bezels, true. But both of them don’t even look as premium as Huawei P9. So I am still with Sony (unsatisfied with too big bezels though). But of course I will be waiting until Nokia flagship (if it comes with 5 inch, maybe I’ll compare with Xperia). If next Xperia has upper and lower both bezels like my Z5compact’s lower bezel, I am definitely IN again.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    I upvote +1.
    Two up and down bezel are nice holding on hands when i’m watching video while landscape mode.
    But dimension bezels doesn’t matter, but desgin does matter.

  • Ararat Khlghatyan

    Sony you’re lovely, I want a loud speaker and keyboard Xperia

  • Dave

    This phone will probably be introduced in September at IFA this will probably be a few presentations for VIP what they see at MWC.

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    Looks awesome the bigger bezels indicates a bigger battery the bezels dos nt distirb me i have the xz but this xz premium i will by it when sony release it in may or june

  • Rajiv Bedi
  • Khush

    They’ve moved the volume rocker from below the power button to above it according to the images

  • Amir

    If sm will for start radically improve their lousy unreliable image processing, add ois, offer larger than 5.5″ display flag with oled panel – around 6″, then we’ll talk. Until then, its an instant turn off afaic.

  • matt0815

    Ever heard about Substratum – the Overlay Manager almost any up to date custom ROM uses? It’s based on Sony Overlay Manager:

  • MrWalker1000

    yup thanks to the note 7 and doing a good job with the XZ. It sold more than pixel and htc combined its the best selling late android. Sony just needs to make its next phones really good to maintain those loyal costumers.

  • MrWalker1000

    you need the plastic for bettr signal reception dickhead.

  • Moisés

    If we see May 7th it is not going to be during IFA.

    I believe the 6 months cycle is over, because now 5 or 6 devices are coming this weekend.

    It if brings at least 3700 mAh, the bezels can be like Pixel.

  • MrWalker1000

    lol no

  • Moisés

    It was 4K, apps were not made to run 4K.

    When you have a QHD, apps do not run in QHD either.

  • MrWalker1000

    the bezels on the xz are that big due to the front facing speakers which noen of these small bezel phones have.

  • MrWalker1000

    samsung 2k is useful but sony 4k is useless? Mind you if its true that its a hdr screen its waaay ahead of anything else in terms of screen technology.

  • Abdullah

    Shut up you little blind kid.

  • Moisés

    5,7 QHD with 3200 mAh..

    It is going to last less than an iphone….

  • MrWalker1000

    nah I think sony is sticking with their alkaleido metal.

  • Batuhan Süersan

    It’s definitely not copying Xiaomi bec there is more bezel and also there is 2 speaker. Thinner sides and sexier material-crafting on top and bottom. So this is not a copy actually :) There is just some similarities like volume buttons :)

  • Szabó Béla

    So ture, you just spoke out of my heart! And i have no problems with the bezels either.

  • Moisés

    I hope the front is black like Z5P.

    – 5,5″ 4K HDR 1300 nits brightness 1,07 bi colors
    – SD835
    – 6gb ram ddr4x
    – 64gb ufs2.1
    – IP65/68
    – Imx400

    All I need is it to bring metal frame, dual + sd ( hybrid slot sucks) and a big battery ( anything more than 3600 mAh is good)

    Is it true XA2 comes with 2300 mAh?

  • Well it’s paying homage to Z5 Premium, that’s for sure. Look at that chrome/mirror back. This is obviously becoming some sort of “Premium” line trademark. I love the way it looks. However, if they don’t push it hard to all globe markets, followed by strong marketing, and most importantly mind-blowing performance in camera department (as the whole tech world is drooling only over that today), there won’t be any magical marketshare numbers, again.

  • Shehab Skull

    Yeah I know it… But never found a good theme that changes everything.. Always buggy with settings :/

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Besides, text would become unreadably small in a 5.5″ display when you set it to 2160×3840. Even a 15″ notebook display is not so suitable for text viewing in 4K.

  • Moisés

    S7 for example is good at night not because of ois. But the f1.7.

    Pixel has no ois.

  • Moisés

    The idea of z5 premium was to allow you to see videos you record on it or from youtube without a tv.

    Many phones record in 4K. Without the 4k tv you only watch in 2k or full hd.

  • Cakefish
  • Mac

    Little Ot maybe but you guys having problems with the nfc chip on XZ?
    Why did they place it such stupid as at front making the gadget connecting making moves on screen.. and not connect directly

  • Phil Gym

    Huge bezels bother me a lot…

  • Bloobat

    Looks great but I’m worried the frame is still going to be plastic due to the need for signal etc as the back looks fully metal.

  • Talos the Robot

    900 euros just like the initial price of Z5 Premium.

  • Amir

    You are terribly wrong. Not only because the 1.7 aperture but also the ois and highly reliable image processing. moreover, ois is a great benefit for video shooting as well (even with the best eis) because video eis can not replace ois. Video eis and ois work together in conjunction, the former is software and the latter is hardware. So even if you have the best video eis the stabilization can be even better with the additional ois.
    “pixel has no ois” – again, you might have a great eis but the image and video quality can be vastly improved with the addition of ois, and if you watch a lot of pixel comparison and try it yourself in real world you will see that pixel could benefit A LOT from ois. Its a no brainer.

  • azzido

    Doode you need to take into account that this bezel is caused by 2/3″ camera sensor which is placed just above the screen and is thick almost as entire phone. Thanks to this there is NO ugly camera hump from the back, as camera is thik and needs to be somewhere. So you have bigger bezel but no hump.

    In my lpinion this is great, I prefer to have bigger bezel but no camera hump. Also it allows to put bigger battery and stereo speakers (missing in shamesung) which is great. I prefer bezels over ugly camera hump. This design language is just better, looks better and is better looking from the components placement.

  • Snorky112

    Meh, Iphones always got the biggests bezels and the biggest sales

  • azzido

    I did not know about it, thanks.

  • Phil Gym

    XZ doesn’t have big battery despite of huge bezels. They just look ugly and way too dated.

  • azzido

    I do.

  • Edwin

    Always am a Sony fan, but I don’t like where Sony is heading – curve edge! Much much prefer the previous design, flat screen, flat edge, simple and strong. Please go back and improve from that direction, please stop following Samsung.

  • dragonsneeze

    There’s a seam at the top of the side frame. Could be because of different materials, hopefully metal.

  • Nono

    Jesus Christ. Get rid of the fingerprint scanner on the power button and just put it on the back like everyone else. It’s not that complicated.

  • Vinny Conforto

    Nothing looks new and fresh. I really don’t like the too-much bezels

  • raju

    Applying themes ui I’ll be change

  • Akand

    Bitter true. But iPhone incomparable, as people will buy it even it is made from 3rd class plastic and B&W display. That’s why they’re called isheep. And they are a lot in number.

  • Omer

    Just fix that rubbish camera Sony. I hope they will add Raw support to this model and allow 10-30 shutter speed also they will use 1.7 or 1.8 diaphragm. I hope they will solve the grainy picture issue as well. These are just expectations. We will wait and see. You have everything I want, good and unique design, fantastic screen, amazing battery life, stability etc. Just fix that damn Mobile Camera and I will buy this phone to replace my Z5.

  • Moisés

    Videos on XZ are far better than on S7..
    Quality and stabilization of XZ is a high level.

  • GM RF Quanta
  • May Czos

    I hope it’s fake. Camera hump looks hideous, those bezels in 2017 are guaranteed failure.

  • May Czos

    Sonys and HTCs have massive bezels as well and they’re dying.

  • Kariko

    Try reaching the top and bottom bar with only one hand using with this bezelless phone

  • Timel

    Yes!! I’m so glad
    But I think I must be disappointed again because the bezel is still too huge.

    I hope Xperia XZ Premium will come up with small bezel or bezel-less design

  • MyLive

    XZ premium looks cool with chrome finished..

    OT : About material, I think this material will be less slippery compare to let say frosted glass Z5..
    I have z5, and previously z3 compact.. Although Z3C is fingerprint magnet, it’s less slippery than z5, even though z5 frosted glass has better look IMO..
    I haven’t play around with XZ anyway, is alkaleido finish is slippery or not?

  • comme des garcons

    Placement of volume rocker is good. But…why those gigantic bezels….It’s 2017 isn’t it?

  • Alex Norris
  • Alex Norris

    With Google Pixel camera, this shot would have been even more spectacular and more clearly

  • Alex Norris
  • Rafay

    Even with big bezels XZ premium is beautiful with its symmetrical design while LG G6 with minimal bezel and odd 18:9 screen is ugly, same goes for S8. with out camera hump at the back.

    its about preferences,

    BTW screen to body ratio:
    XZ:70.9 146 x 72 x 8.1 mm
    S7:72.1 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm
    source gsmarena,
    only 3.6mm longer and 2.4mm wider end to end, with a slightly bigger screen, again no hump at the back.
    There is no significant difference between the two, but the square top and bottom bezels seem bigger, while rounded edges on S7 give an impression of smaller bezels than they actually are.
    But still XZ has slightly bigger bezels but with out any hump at the back.
    Sony has done good job with Side bezels which makes single handed use easier.

    The bigger Top and Bottom Bezels make it a little less pocketable, but i don’t think it will effect single hand use or usage in potrait mode.
    And not to forget location of a 1/2.3 inch and 1/3 inch front and back sensors with Speaker at the top bezel.
    While S7 has a camera hump at the back and a smaller 1/4 inch front camera at top.

    So your reaction seems a bit over the top.

  • Smarty79

    Try Arrow Launcher! Simple, elegant and definitely added value.

  • KarFar
  • MyLive

    Wow.. Link please..
    I’m guessing it’s 2017 XAultra, XA, XZpremium, X

  • KarFar

    it’s from evan blass on twitter

  • MyLive


  • Amir

    Stabilization is better in some areas and not when zooming. Image quality is comparable in some areas but not in low light. Xz can greatly benefit from ois, that is not for a debate, as i mentioned above.

  • ludimilojko

    What’s the difference between diaphragm of 1.7 or 1.8 and diaphragm of 2.0?

  • ludimilojko

    No need for us to make blueprints, they could just copy it from this one

  • Khillo81

    Yeah, I once fell for that and bought an HTC Wildfire S because “look at all the features you get for $250”. Well, I won’t say I wasn’t satisfied for the first few months (looking as I was coming from a Nokia N80), but then all sort of issues cropped up and I was happy to move to the Sony Xperia Z1.

  • Khillo81

    Let’s see how many units LG will sell of this…

  • Khillo81

    Because we prefer to use billion, duh!

  • Khillo81

    Well, if everyone starts following Norway’s example, regular radio might be dead in a few years

  • ludimilojko

    Let’s see how many units will Sony sell. As a hint, you may check the statistics of previous Sony models.

  • pirx73

    Afraid to even ask for a price…

  • penubag

    Was hoping for speakers slit on the Premium.

  • theskig

    Yeah, we all know Norway is the leader in new trends, everybody in the world is looking at what Norway is doing to do the same.

    PS: in a few years I’ll change a few smartphones, and even if they stop FM radio service the phone won’t explode or stop working.

    PPS: search news about the FM stop in Norway and how the Norvegian people are happy about it.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    why not reading his comment? u saw that picture or not SONY ERRICSON W902. if u didn’t know about this model, u are blinded by brand

  • dragonsneeze

    So you are comparing Xa with G6. That’s 5 more times for you. A low end phone looks better than it. You said it. And yeah, Xa bezels look big but rumours put its height at 145mm. Just search for 5 inch phones, they are generally around 140mm tall. Xa is the narrowest 5 incher ever at 66.8 mm width. Still higher than 70% screen/body. XZ Premium has smaller top and bottom bezels. And we still don’t know all specs. It’d be better if bezels are slightly smaller but they are not ugly and definitely not as big-bezelled as you guys make them to be. Just because Samsung decided to look nothing like Detonate7 doesn’t mean everybody has to follow. You know fashion is subjective. I think 18:9 displays may flop worse than G Flex and Galaxy Round.

  • Nidou Xperia™

    ….you mean their beautiful and unique design language!

    unlike others who keeps copycatting each others!

  • matt0815

    you should try CompactUI – beautiful UI:

    I use it since 3 months without any problems – to be honest – its has a better font and UI the stock Android.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    What for? Button + scaner = best decision

  • kaostheory

    I’d rather have mine a little thicker and shorter cause that’s what she said! Camera/bezel problem solved.

  • Ah Soon

    Never had problem with Substratum, and it look great in my phone

  • killtreessaveenergy

    The tenth anniversary iPhone 8 will be different, evident from the G6 and leaked S8.

  • Moisés

    About zoom….. Most of phones have zoom of 2x or 3x…

    Xperia have more valeu.. After updating to 6.0 my z3+ can zoom in 8x now.. No cellphone can keep details thos way

  • Nono

    First: it’s disabled in the US due to patent issues. I’m not even from the US but that makes the decision incredibly stupid.
    Second: Having it on the back grants extra functionality through swipe gestures.
    Third: a more natural position.
    Fourth: side-mounted is awkward and limits its function to only one hand unless you want to change your grip. It’s kinda like using a right-handed mouse left-handed. Basically: it’s an asymmetrical design which would mean someone is impacted by this.
    Fifth: there is no reason to imbed the scanner in a button. We’re moving away from that. Apple is and Samsung is. It will eventually either be put under the glass on the front or remain on the back.

    Want me to continue?

  • Shehab Skull

    What themes are u using ?

  • Shehab Skull

    Applied it.. Looks nice but :
    – Settings keep crashing when trying to enter WiFi section
    – WiFi arrows are not in their right place

  • Santana×560.jpg as you can see here even the new P10 has big bezels and from my experience it makes handling my phone easier. Slime bezels lead to alot of accidental touches.

  • Eric Jay

    Why the fuss about bezels. I don’t see any issues with that.

  • Anibal Evora

    I won’t say much about any of the new releases until I see reviews and read some hands on costumer opinions of them.. But right of the bat I can see some problems about this pointless trend:

    – The 18:9 (2:1) aspect ration of this screen means that, although it has more space to add a couple things from an app (if developers end up supporting it fully), when it comes to media consumption, you will always have black pillars on each side of video content because of the industry standard 16:9 aspect ratio .. And going by all these engineers way of thinking: “if you have more screen, you’ll have a more immersive experience because the video content will fill all of the screen, right?! :DD”.. No, wrong.. Sorry.. The industry won’t change the aspect ratio so readily, just because this and that one has a 18:9 or a 17:9 or whatever ratio those guys end up making on their devices just to fill their specific screen.. So I’m sorry to say, but you will still have to deal with “those disgusting and very distracting bezels” in some way..

    – And, by the looks of it, I can already say that the front camera of the LG is not a big one like the Sony’s, so they must have sacrificed in sensor size to make it fit into that tiny space.. And, as you might already know, sensor size is one of the most important things for good photos in every conditions. So do not expect much from it (if that is your thing).. I could be wrong, though, that is why I’ll wait and see for further judgment..

    – And finally sound.. Apart from the fact that the “in-jack” audio performance will differ between regions with the G6, one thing it never had was dual front facing speakers. And before you say anything, I’ll invite you to see a XZ/Z5 and a Z5c teardown just so you can have an ideia how much space they occupy and how much gymnastics it took to fit them into the Z5c’s body (you can search it on ‘Wit Rigs’ youtube channel), then come again and convince me of the uselessness of “THOSE BEZELS!”..

    – Ow.. And unwanted screen touches.. ;)

  • yanglokal

    Their team was to tired to make new design without following trend (iPhone antenna).

  • penubag

    I wonder if the XZ Premium marks the end of the X series the same way the Z5 Premium marked the end of the Z series.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I liked it it Z5, as for US u can flash any other variant of firmware and have fingerscaner in US, it’s disabled via software

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  • ludimilojko

    -The 16:9 ratio is a standard only for amateur cameras. The industry doesn’t use 16:9 ratio. Do you watch more amateur videos or more movies?
    – From what i saw, LG had better photos than Sony despite smaller sensor (at least in the flagship category). And if you talk about the importance of sensor size, it may make a difference if it’s APS-C or micro 4/3 vs. 1/2.3 sensor, but the difference between 1/2.3 and 1/3 is non-existent.
    – Sony may have a dual front facing speakers, and yet, the loudness is very weak. Some people say “Yeah, but the sound is of excellent quality”. When i’m on the street, i often can’t hear it ringing, especially when it’s in my jackets pocket, not to mention that i can’t hear the the one who i’m talking to. What’s the use of the “excellent audio quality” then, if i can’t hear it?
    Anyway, this LG was posted just as an example. There are other models too. I’m a Sony user for some time now, but i don’t think i will remain one. The software is working perfrectly, without any issues, but the hardware is pretty disappointing. You may like it or not, but that’s my opinion based on my experience .

  • Roh_Mish

    I kinda liked the lower placement

  • joseph carmine nero

    So every six month everything should look different? Like new car models or tvs do?off you go

  • IronTed

    Sony is back!!!

  • Geese Howard

    The XZP and XZs both look awesome, this is coming from somebody who owns the Z5P and ‘may’ upgrade :)

    Does anybody know if the XZP has the S-Force Speakers like the XZs?

  • Alberto Cano

    wait until you drop that bezel less phone and you have to purchase a new phone because the screen, the side and the back broke.(And warranty does not cover the screen so you will be out of luck)

  • Ah Soon

    Deity Theme, Belo, Compound, from what I know, the custom rom developer need implement the Masquarade and OMS in the system first, plus you need a AOSP stock to make substratum working, if not it will get mess

  • Adam Varney

    It’s everything the XZ should have been, apart from the newer processor of course. The XZ looks to have frankly midrange specs just four months after release and it was overpriced.

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  • matt0815

    which rom are you using? I am on purenexus (Nexus 6p) without any problems…

  • Shehab Skull

    oh bro we re sony users here .. I am using XZ5 running on nougat .. I know it will work like a charm on super stock devices I tried it on my yuga (Xperia Z) running on lineage os and no problems at all .. I was asking if there are any themes that 100% compatible with sony roms

  • May Czos

    Just be careful with it. With every phone – Sony’s with massive bezels are cracking easily because they’re made out of glass.

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  • nellie.duncan

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  • pt020

    Me too…

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