Xperia XZs on pre-order in Netherlands with free Sony SRS-XB30 speaker offer

by XB on 13th March 2017

in Xperia XZ series

The Xperia XZ Premium has garnered most of the headlines since the MWC reveal, but Sony also has the Xperia XZs on the horizon which will sport the same motion eye camera capable of 960 frames per second slow motion video.

The Xperia XZs will only launch in select regions, and within Europe, the phone will head to Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. If you are in the Netherlands and were thinking off getting the Xperia XZs, then there is a great pre-order offer available. Those who pre-order before 2 April 2017 will be able to claim a free Sony SRS-XB30 speaker worth €169. The Xperia XZs is on pre-order for €649 and if you want to find out more, head over to

  • Robban2k

    Bettar than I expected. Hope the XZ Premium will get at least the same offer! Although I would hope for some great headphones :)

  • How I wish I knew someone in Netherlands. I would have purchased this and have him/her send down to me in Ghana.

    The xzs is the best phone of the year, very likely, although I don’t know much about what phones are coming. The only Rival might be the Samsung 8, but for the 960fps of the XZs, I’ll pick the Sony over the Samsung.

  • Bloobat

    Price seems steep for the handset as isn’t this a similar price to the XZ Premium? Was expecting a 100-150 price gap between the two atleast

  • ew210

    there is €100 gap … XZs is €649 while XZP €749 .

  • Bloobat

    Oh really I thought Premium was 649 euros as it is £649 thanks for info


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  • Jeannieadupont

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  • Akand

    Price is absolutely fine comparing to G6 and upcoming S8, as this phone is completely able to compete them. With a premium LDAC enabled speaker, absolutely a big deal.

  • Ziggy

    What? Why only Germany, Italy and Netherlands?

  • KarFar

    Sony do 2 major updates for their high end phones.
    XZ S820 launched with M, got N and will get O.
    XZs S820 launched with N and will get O but what about P?
    If they updated XZs to P (they should do) there’s no reason not to update XZ (and X perf) to P.
    Damn imagine the comments if this happened…

  • DrKrFfXx

    Xperia Z5 Premium: New software is available

    There is a software update (v. 32.3.A.0.376) available for your device. Update your device’ s software and enjoy new features, better performance, speed and bug fixes. You can update the software today using your computer or wait until it’ s available directly in your device (often within a couple of days). It’s easy and no backup is needed.

    I guess that’s Nougat, can’t try since my Premium is under repairs -_-

  • rus_media

    Its a trap. :P

  • DrKrFfXx

    Just got that on my email

  • rus_media

    We are heavily suffering from Nougat. Bux fix? That’s extremely false statement. Marshmallow is twice better than Nougat. Sony said that they will roll out new updates from the middle of april. And you know Sony. Never believe there statements!

  • rus_media

    To Sony: Customer value? What the fek is that?

  • Moisés

    All brands give no more than 2 years of updates…

    My guess is….

    Z1: 5.1
    Z2: 6.0
    Z3: 6.0 ( would be 7.0)
    Z4: 7.1
    Z5: 8.0

    Flagships of IFA might have 3 updates, flagships of MWC two updates.

    If I am right.. Z5, X, XP gets O.
    XZ, XZs and XZP get android P.

  • RockStar2005

    It’s actually ONLY the Netherlands. Germany and Italy aren’t getting the speaker.

    Update: It WILL come to Germany and Italy in the near future, just not now.

  • Wouter

    yo i live in the netherlands and i’m willing to send it to ghana

  • Wouter


  • Flythe

    BIG NEWS: BQ Aquaris X5 to be the first non-Google smartphone to receive Android 7.1.1. So we should probably get the rotten tomatoes out…
    (couldn’t find an English article, so you’ve got to go with this for now)

  • Gesh Grant

    Already running it, my phone phone works fine, although I never really had any software problems to begin with, I’ll address some of the changes in he next part of my Xperia Z5 nougat coverage on my youtube channel. Here is part 1, if you like what you see plz don’t hesitate to like and subscribe

  • dragonsneeze

    Sony said that about the concept firmware which I believe is already on 7.1.1 so no tomato throwing required.

  • dragonsneeze

    It may depend on release dates but I don’t think they’d leave out other S820 devices if XZs gets P.

  • Flythe

    Ah, I see. Still, I’d like to see some app shortcuts on my non-concept Xperia X soon.

  • dragonsneeze

    Here’s hoping. :) there are new flagships on the horizon, also the problems of Z5 family and XAs are promised updates to N. Things might slow down a bit for the X but eventually it’d get the latest I believe.

  • Moisés

    XZs is the first to run 7.1

  • Flythe

    As I said, the BQ already receives Android 7.1.1. The XZs isn’t even available yet.


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  • Geese Howard

    I’m glad you pick Sony over Samsung, anybody would pick a phone that gives you assurance than a phone which blows up in your face/butt/groin/chest in Ghana.

  • hansip

    i believe they will.. as long as the chipsets are the same, they will update it. No device in Sony history that doesn’t get the same treatment when they have the same chipset AFAIK. Proof? Z3+/Z4 gets Nougat even if the generation is one generation older. Why hassle not updating one device with same chipset if they have programmed it for the other? It’s a loss if it really happens for sure.

  • ludimilojko

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