So, any Xperia fans eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S8?

by XB on 29th March 2017

in News

Samsung finally unveiled its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8, earlier today despite a torrent of leaks in the weeks leading up to the launch. The device will launch in two Quad HD display configurations – 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch (Galaxy S8+) with slightly strange 18.5:9 aspect ratio, which means it will be longer and thinner, much like the LG G6.

The big change in terms of design, is the removal of the physical home button, which means the ‘infinity display’ as Samsung calls it now takes up pretty much the whole of the front face. Bezels are at a minimum with the Galaxy S8 sporting a screen-to-display ratio of 83%. While the physical home button may have been removed, Samsung does include an always-on home button that can be ‘pressed’ at any time through the use of force touch technology.

As you would expect, the Galaxy S8 has launched with cutting edge tech including Snapdragon 835 chipset (in some regions), 4GB RAM (LPDDR4), 64GB (UFS 2.1) internal storage and a 3000mAh battery (3500mAh for the Galaxy S8+).

So, now that you have seen what Samsung has brought to the table with the Galaxy S8, will you be picking one up? Or do you stand by the Xperia XZ Premium/Xperia XZs as your next purchase? We’d love to hear from you, particularly if you are switching away from a Sony Xperia device, to understand why you are moving.

  • BGDoesGaming

    no thank you…. i want xzp or next gen xperia

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I like the new Galaxy S8 but I’m addicted to SONY products plus TouchWiz is still not good enough for me as compared to SONY UI

  • Flythe

    Not interested, not at all. I’m not inerested in my thumb not being able to reach either the status nor the navigation bar, in listening to that same awful mono speaker, not interested how they desperately try to differentiate from Google both in design and software and look what they did to the fingerprint scanner!

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    Still xz premium is better than s8 spec wise!

  • DBS

    I left Sony for the S7 (after a brief 3 months with a G4 whose motherboard died suddenly). And I can tell you I have absolutely ZERO intentions of buying the S8. In fact, if Sony released another REAL Compact and fixed my problems with their current phones, I’d gladly go back to Sony phones. What does the S7 (and S8) have that Sony still doesn’t?

    1 – GREAT CAMERAS. Seriously, it’s pathetic by now that Sony insists on OIS-less cameras with absolutely horrendous software and post-processing. They keep working on video features…and fail to fix the thing that the vast majority of people use the camera for: photography.

    2 – AMOLED display. Sorry but LCDs will never be better than AMOLED screens, specially if like me, you require Black Themes on your phone.

    3 – Which brings me to the UI. I don’t like TouchWiz but I don’t hate it. I however prefer it to Sony’s UI for the very simple reason that it has a build in theme engine that isn’t a joke. Even LG with their Nougat update introduced a theme engine that now allows for full customisation of things like the Notification tray and system apps UI.
    Sony hasn’t had a theme engine worthy of that name since Android 4.4 KitKat.

    4 – Qi wireless charging. I haven’t plugged a phone to a charging cable since 2012. Even when I used the Z3C as a daily driver I only used the magnetic dock. But to me, that’s not even an option anymore today. If your phone doesn’t have wireless charging I simply won’t buy it. That’s also why I won’t even consider the LG G6.

    And that’s pretty much it.
    Of course, on the S8 there are also two additional things against it: size and the most idiotic placement of a fingerprint scanner EVER. But as I said, I won’t replace the S7 with it anyway.

    As for Sony…all they have to do is fix those 4 little things, release them in a PROPER Compact phone (not that stupid “X Compact” idea) and I’ll return.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Based on specs they are just the same, no we’re not missing anything. the bigger difference is bizelless screen versus 4K HDR screen, well I see it that way.
    Now in my own like I hate big screens so I’m fan of Xperia Compact series and there Sony has no competition

  • nope still with XZP,i think this is xperiablog for xperia smartphones not for samsung!!

  • DieMusik

    I left Sony for the S7 as well. Regarding your comment:

    1. Samsung wins hands down. Plus the S7 supports RAW capture which Sony to this day refuses to do.

    2. Samsung wins here again. I never realized what I was missing until I got an S7.

    3. TouchWiz was not likable at all BUT after the Nougat update the UI improved SO MUCH on the S7. Also, you can run Nova launcher if you want a close to stock experience.

    4. Not a big deal for me personally but it’s definitely nice to have that.

    Samsung KNOX and Secure Folder functions are so, so nice and the phone is just so much better. What I miss from Sony is in-body noise cancelling and stereo speaker. That’s about it.

  • xxZer0

    I still prefer XZ premium since it has front stereo speakers and the 960 fps slowmo vid. I didn’t like the fingerprint scanner placement on the s8, bottom speakers and I think its 3000mah battery for the s8 is kinda low for QHD with 5.8 screen. However, I would want Sony to lessen their bezels in future phones as well with the front speakers intact, if possible. Design change is inevitable now cos people will always get tired with similar designs. And again, Sony needs to up their marketing esp in the West. I know they can do better than Samsung if they want to.

  • djfapples

    XZ PREMIUM the best

  • Manuel Picos Otero

    NO thanks.

  • jmaxim917


  • Moisés

    Ugly… Must be awful to handle.
    I did not feel comfortable when I had s6 edge on my hands. I felt it was going to fall off my hands.

    XZ Premium has bluetooth 5.0 and android 7.1. S8 and s8+ has bluetooth 4.2, only s8+ seems to have 7.1.

    This time Sony has UFS 2.1, I bet apps are going to load faster on XZP than S8.

    S8 cam seems to be a step down from S7. XZP seems to do better than X Perf.

    S8 does not have 1000 fps.

  • Moisés

    Since z3+ there is another dock. The phones stands while connected, like a wireless phone.

  • Akand

    The things I appreciate about Samsung :
    1. PLAYING HARD: Samsung is so dedicated to attract the customers. They’re trying most to bring something new. Whether it’s necessary or not, they just try to innovate.
    2. CAMERA: Again they try to bring the best result.
    3. Aggressive Marketing Strategy
    4. Try to Change the Game.

    What I don’t like:
    1. Useless curved display
    2. Over saturated and too vivid mostly unrealistic colour
    3. Mono Speaker
    4. Durability

    Why I won’t buy S8:
    1. Too big for me. I want a phone, not phablet.
    2. Curved display
    3. Mono speaker.

    ** Offer me S8 within 5 inch display, Xperia UI, Xperia Keyboard and SOLID PERFORMANCE like Xperia, then I will definitely consider other cons.

    Meanwhile Sony isn’t trying that much. They don’t care about current trends, they just follow their preselected paths. Actually Sony doesn’t deserve that much appreciation. I am waiting to see how Nokia is going to do.

  • ruba

    S8 – I like the bezels and ratio 18.5 : 9
    XZP – I hate the bezels but like the stereo speakers
    Battery life? Probably XZP
    Camera? Probably similar, video probably better XZP
    I’ll wait for sample images and more analysis.

  • DBS

    It’s not the same, though. It has the exact same hurdles that cable charging in which you can’t seamlessly pick up the phone and just go. You still have to disconnect it and connect it.

    The magnetic dock wasn’t ideal either but at least it didn’t offer resistance when picking up the phone (aligning was a nightmare though)

  • DBS

    “based on specs they are just the same”

    Not at all…S8 has OIS, wireless charging and AMOLED, all of which the XZ Premium lacks.
    The XZ Premium has dual front facing speakers which the S8 lacks.

  • Galaxy S8 is using a SONY camera sensor (allegedly model name IMX333.) No one knows for certain if it’s the same module as Xperia XZ Premium or something completely new just for Samsung, but it will also shoot 1000FPS slow motion video like XZ Premium. From

    This unnerves me quite badly, knowing how POORLY Sony’s software image processing has historically held up against Samsung’s software image processing (TL;DR, too much grain, muddled detail, lifeless contrast, ineffective stabilization) on basically the same Sony-made sensors and lenses.

    If XZ Premium’s camera ends up as another disappointment, I am definitely getting Galaxy S8.

  • DBS

    The S8 camera is exactly the same as that of the S7.

  • MikeU

    P. Sherman wrote:
    “It will also shoot 1000FPS slow motion video like XZ Premium”

    Please refrain from citing rumors of specifications. The actual specifications of the now released Samsung S8/S8+ are at the website below.

  • That did NOT indicate who made the sensor.

  • Funny thing is, by the time Xperia XZ Premium comes out, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be everywhere. Especially considering S8’s price being not much bigger than XZ Premium.
    It’s pointless to announce a phone that will be available only after long 3 months.

  • MikeU

    You will not see the manufacturers of the sensors on the Samsung S8/S8+ specifications webpage. You will need to read a publication with technical information of the S8/S8+ to see detailed sensors information.

  • zetoze

    Z5 premium here and i can only move from here to zx premium. I would like a wireless charge option in the zx premium but not a deal breaker.

  • MikeU

    Based solely on specifications, Sony Xperia XZ Premium (XZP) might be superior to the S8/S8+. To my knowledge, I do not believe this view has been held in the mobile phone industry for any of Sony’s mobile telephones. I await the comparisons from the leading mobile phone enthusiasts. My choice is for the Sony XZP.

  • korbindallis

    the edge rounded corners display will cause black bars which will be a pain in the ass viewing content
    Samsung awful ui
    no stereo speakers size not a problem I have the Xperia XZ so it’s Premium that’s going to be my upgrade unit
    oh forgot about the useless place for the fingerprint sensor

  • Rene Pedroso

    Hell No

  • Joonwoo Park

    To me, only Xperia Compact line-up is attractive. If I prefer bigger screen, Yes, I won’t hesitate to pick new Galaxy over Xperia. I love design of Xperia, but that is not enough to cover all other good things from Galaxy.



    Xperia XZ Premium is on my sights.

    Prefer the stereo front facing speakers and side positioned power button with finger print sensor.

    Also for that slim chance that it may have an actual dual SIM + micro sd option.

  • Alvin

    Actually, I’m thinking to switch to samsung from now on just because S8 took my breath away for its design. I mean, Sony doesn’t sell phones in Indonesia anymore, the latest phone available here is Z5 series and I want to buy a phone next year, there’s no way I’m buying a sony phone from an unofficial online store that has Singaporean Warranty.

    I love XZ Premium a lot, as much as I love S8 (or even much more).

    I still love both companies though, Sony has good design and display (and maybe camera), Samsung has good aftersales service and maybe innovation.

    I want Sony to change for good but if they don’t listen to us anymore, why would I even try harder?

  • Jurippe

    I went from a Z3 to an S7 Edge, due to expiring loyalty points with no Sony options. Despite the fact that my Z3 no longer had a functioning usb port and a screen that would crack randomly from time to time, I find it more usable and far less laggy than my S7. Looking forward to coming back to Sony and away from Samsung.

  • Alvin

    Galaxy S7 is laggy?

    How long did you use your Z3? Did you put a screen protector on your phone?


    Even my 16-35mm f2.8 lens on my Canon does not have OIS. OIS on phones is a gimmick. The only real usage of OIS, even in the DSLR world, is for video, and here, Sony wins hands down with their “OIS-less” camera.

    Wireless charging, agreed, it is very convenient.

    AMOLED’s only visual advantage is the infinity contrast, but it doesn’t matter to me if they’re still using that ugly pen-tile arrangement. Contents on the XZ’s screen is still clearer/sharper, having true RGB 1:1 pixel arrangements.

  • Zaki

    Definitely not,
    now on z5c
    Can’t wait new compact series
    XZS compact!!!!
    X compact it’s meh i think
    S8 ugly as sht

  • Alvin

    For me, S8 is good, but Samsung’s mid range are bad. Sony’s XZP is good, but its mid range is also good (although they could add a fingerprint scanner to XA1 and L1)

  • Alvin

    I think the battery on S8 would be better since XZP has a 4K HDR Display.

  • Alvin

    S8 is not too big at all, the original S8 has a dimension of 146 3 x 68.1 (if I’m not mistaken), so it’s almost as tall as Z3 but much narrower, too.

  • nafatha

    Ew,idk why but that is UGLY for me…

  • Alvin

    S8 series has Bluetooth 5.0, S6 edge’s rear is not rounded, that’s why it is uncomfortable, but S7 edge and probably S8 series has rounded rear, that’s why it is more comfortable to hold, and don’t even compare X Performance to XZP, because XP is just disappointing for me lol.

  • owl

    Too much emphasis on Bixby. No other interesting new things. I’m not convinced by digital assistants. Yet.

    So no thanks. I’m still more interested in XZ Premium.

  • Jake

    Even if I considered another phone, it wouldn’t be a Samsung. Xperia is not just a build, hardware or software. It is an experience. Even when we are unhappy with one type (I am looking at you x1.) there are still minor features about it that we like.
    I might not get the xz premium or xzs, but I will certainly stay with Xperia.

  • Hyung-Woo Jung

    I’m not switching away from my Xperia Z5 Compact anytime soon. Samsung’s heavily modified UI is not my cup of tea, and I am not willing to pay nearly $1000 for it either, and last but not least, it’s not a compact device like the Z5C.

  • ollito23

    Sony have themes from start android, Although there were only seven, I like the idea of ​​schemes ui system, but Samsung has mostly ugly schematics, xperia is better ..that is the xperia also difficult not true for the light is doing much better and Xperia waning light is better samsung, frame for Xperia I do not mind it bothers me more bent at Samsung display, Samsung has no stereo xperia yes, AMOLED is shit which over time and highlighted on the screen remain the spots, so I prefer IPS LCD, S8 does not even 4k resolution, so the future may lose .. TouchWiz apartment nice but its slowdown is reflected apparatus .. samsung is corrupt society just because I have not bought anything as Samsung is concerned, I think that only in what has the upper hand samsung wireless charging

  • When will sony up the design game? Really bored with current Xperia boxes! Xperia xa was last good looking phone from Sony.

  • Butz007

    absolutely! s8 so gorg…

  • Max Li

    Nope, Xperia series FTW!
    Have touched so many different brands that I end up in the Sony bandwagon.
    The main thing I like about Xperia is the battery and the build.
    Currently on XZ from my previous Z2, major improvement between the two.
    Whether speed, display, sound, camera has step up from the Z2.
    And of cuz the ever lasting battery, usually can last me till the end of the day.
    When I sleep, it sleep also which means I put it to charge.
    However I still feel Android 7 rather consumes lots of battery unlike previous Android.

  • DBS

    Really? Are you comparing a huge lens with a miniature one? Also..which of them do you use? ’cause the USM definitely has stabilisation. Also, are you sure the body of your phone doesn’t have the stabilisation there? ’cause some of them have the stabilisation on the body of the phone rather than the lens.
    And I also absolutely disagree with the statement that OIS on DSLR’s if for video. Try to capture theatre productions without it for example. It’s a nightmare. You’ll have to constantly be moving, you don’t have time for tripods or even to steady your hand when shooting. Good luck getting decent shots without the help of OIS.

    Anyway, you’re trying to compare a massive lens attached to a massive body with a tiny lens on a thing and light body.
    You do know the bare minimums about physics, right? I won’t need to explain more?

    So, to say OIS on phones is a gimmick it’s not only very ignorant, it’s just trying to deny the fact that it isn’t. The lenses on phones are tiny and the slightest shake immediately distorts the image if the shutter has to remain open for a tiny bit longer. Which on phones, which have fixed apertures, is pretty much unavoidable only any shot without perfect lighting. OIS is therefore crucial to help the lens stay still on a device that is otherwise naturally flimsy and not designed to remain perfectly stable. It doesn’t do miracles, but it helps a lot more than the lack of OIS.

    As for the AMOLED vs LCD, I won’t enter again in this discussion. It’s ultimately a matter of taste. I can’t stand LCD displays with their fake blacks. Specially because I like to have my phones with a Pure Black UI from the notification tray to the system settings to as many apps as possible (see my comment bellow).

    (I also don’t watch video content on a phone beyond Youtube videos. Films, series etc… I have a 4K HDR OLED TV for that.)

  • Warren Chang

    my next phone is still ZXs, i like the features more/suitable for me, designwise is simplistic and aesthetically pleasing. but more importanly, the features i like about xperia zxs:-

    ldac wireless audio ( shame their current sbh range don’t have ldac, we need a 3.5mm ldac receiver for portable audio),

    ps4 remote play/ ps4 dual shock controller support

    960 fps cam is a very limited, but can be fun to use feature

    However, i do like Samsung’s unique features DeX connectivity to monitor and their physical keyboard case ( though i probably would not buy it)

  • DBS

    Samsung’s themes extend to the entire UI of the phone, unlike Sony’s. As for what they look like…you have the Theme store which is FILLED with different themes for all tastes. Even stock Android lovers. So it’s just a matter of searching it.

  • mixedfish

    I’m still waiting on something with a design as refined as Z3+ : 6.9mm thickness, no camera hump, 2930mah battery.

    Perfect balance.

  • Ninjabird

    The S8 will be a great phone no doubt but I’ll still be going with the Sony this year.

  • Rusafie

    Is a great fan of Sony. But recent years having no drastic innovation in Xperias made me tired of Sony!

    Off course liked the S8, this design and features are way ahead of Sony! Planning to switch as well!

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    I am biased but I would thought they would be more original…
    1. Dual pixel (HTC)
    2. Fingerprint Sensor (LG, Huawei)
    3. Dropping their home button was inevitable but let us keep copying (Apple) I understand the they has technological difficulty to try improve
    4. Sony leaded the IP rating and battery technology for way too long
    Few to mention but it is a phone with tons of copies and gimmicks. Kudos on the screen but it wont work for me

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    No, I don’t want to blow up my house.

  • Jurippe

    It’s become laggy at about a year and two months after I used it?

    I didn’t put a screen protector on my Z3, the cracks just appeared overnight, probably from thermal expansion.

  • Phil Gym

    S8 is clearly better than current Xperia phones. I hope Sony will learn from S8 and G6. Huge bezels are nothing but ugly and look way too dated. And I prefer QHD to 4K. Please introduce something better than Z3 Compact.

  • kurakuradisco

    nope.. currently on Xperia X and my life rocks since then… even if i want to switch another brand that’s gonna be Iphone

  • KzX

    It’s a really nice phone but I can’t imagine myself using a phone with rounded corners and touchwiz.

  • iia3ezu

    It doesn’t matter if the few Xperia users are going to buy the Galaxy S8.

    The Galaxy S8 is going to outsell Xperia phones many, many times over.

    This is the sad truth. And Sony Mobile is fine with this.

  • hansip

    Yeah. But Sony does have other booming market that is PS4. So they’re pretty fine by leaving mobile focused at specific market without pushing for general availability.

  • Kwang Zhee Choo

    Would rather wait for note8 or at least the refub note 7 .Then ill consider if I will sell my xz

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Camera, It’s all about the algorithm. Look at their presentation how it takes multiple images and stack them together to reduce noise. Which is done by pro photographers to reduce noise with photoshop. I think Google is doing it with their Pixel phones.

    Sony has a good Theme app it’s just that no-one has released nice themes for it.

    I agree with you about wireless charging. Something isn’t included in Xperia phones.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    This is the year for Sony to kill it with Xperia xz premium
    If their marketing department can do a good job

  • DBS

    What you’re referring to is called oversampling. It’s not new at all. Nokia did it first years ago. Sony has been doing it for years too (that’s what the superior auto does). But it doesn’t compensate for the lack of OIS. And Sony’s algorithms suck big time.

    Sony’s theme engine is a joke. It’s restrictive as hell. They don’t allow you to customise much. That’s why developers dropped it. Before 5.0 Lollipop they were active as you could customise lot. But with Sony’s terrible movr towards stock Android that went away.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Tell me one phone that doesn’t look rectangular
    I love those bezels with the grip it gives for a selfie

  • honnêtement, je préfère mon Xperia XZ a cette chose fragile (qui risque encore d’exploser), inutile et sans interêt, auquel on a fait beaucoup de bruit pour rien, rien de revolutionnaire, le LG G6 avait déja inauguré le fameux écran “infinity”

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Better to get S7 Edge, it’s cheaper than XZ now

  • memphis

    I’ll stay with Sony. The design isn’t copied and well balanced. It never looks cheap. Battery life and the slim UI are also my main reasons to stay with Sony. I’m thinking of buying an XZP to replace my smooth and long running Z3.

  • Why should I tell you about any other phone, why can’t sony do better design in comparison to their own older phones. And when did I say it doesn’t have to be rectangular. But literally boxes, I mean literally! that also so many iterations of the same design. Oneplus one is a beautiful rectangular phone, Xperia arc was a one of the most beautiful phone. I’m sick of people defending a brand’s design just cause they like the brand even though the design sucks. I love sony phones, but frankly speaking I’m not able to justify to myself anymore to spend the amount of money sony asks for their phones and in return what they offer.

  • Moisés

    I have one.

    It is awesome..

  • Moisés

    Every website says s8 has bluetooth 4.2

  • Stuart Gardoll

    Couldn’t agree more about the placement of the fingerprint sensor on Xperia being FAR better.

    I don’t love the mirror finish of the XZ Premium, though.

  • eresac

    For me it’s mainly a matter of buid and features.
    IMHO Sony should stay on HIS road, avoiding copy/paste of others brand.
    I think for example to FM radio, real dual SIM + SD tray, waterproofing.
    And a real compact flagship.
    “Features” plus sony build quality will be the key of my future choice.

  • Ashleydwright

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  • Andrea

    i cant0 wait for xz premium!

  • Tomislav Matić

    Do you love 13 MPX front amera on Sony XPERIA phones? Do you love front stereo speakers on Sony XPERIA phones? Small bezels means no those goodies.

  • Khush

    One of the phones I will consider upgrading to. It’s starting to get difficult to justify upgrading by from the Z5 to the later phones. Especially the neglect, Z5 users are getting I still haven’t got nougat in the UK. Annoying to say, when you’re a Sony fan boy.

  • No, I don’t believe you need so much megapixel for front camera. And even with such high megapixel camera it would hardly make any size difference with the camera module. I used front speakers on z5, and turth is, I used front speakers for less than 1% of the total time I used that phone. I’ve seen same with alot of friends and family around me. When you want to watch movies, youtube, netflix, we tend to use headphones. Only in case of short fb, insta, whatsapp videos we use phone speaker.

  • jxPerience

    sorry xperia blog, a big NO! S8 is UGLY.

  • Khillo81

    Compared to Marshmallow? I don’t think so. Google has really improved on Doze this time around; Marshmallow was truly horrible (at least for me).

  • Khillo81

    These things (Samsung) lag even when on display in the store. I mean come on! When a device that has nothing on it, is meant for display purposes only, and is probably your first introduction to the phone lags then you’ve got a serious problem! I’ve also recently read that the battery life takes a serious hit after a year with some reporting needing a charge by lunchtime.

  • Talos the Robot

    Please stop these stupid posts… Once you go Sony you never look back!

  • Luxsaan06

    No!!!! S8 Is the same as the other phones nothing new. Am waiting for the XZP

  • Talos the Robot

    That stupid aspect ratio of S8’s screen makes it look like a remote control.

  • Since a lot of the features won´t be available in Europe, or in my language, and i don´t like the aspect ratio of the screen, is a big NO from me

    off topic:
    New Z5 udpate

  • yopo

    Z5 update 32.3.A.2.33

  • Will I get somewhere to hold when playing games in landscape mode on this?
    I think this phone is *just* about the screen. Everything else isn’t ‘revolutionary’

  • Tomislav Matić

    I don’t use front camera more than 5% of total time. But when it is there I will not complane. Yes we don’t need that MPX. Also you can say that we don’t need iris scanner, but Samsung put it.
    For speakers… I use it. Everyone who watch videos with friends use speakers. I will not use headphones all time. For what are speakers then. And when there are speaker put good one and stereo ones.

  • HAWX

    Unfortunately, XZ Premium is a bit disapointment in rear camera and battery life.

  • I don’t have any problem with the bezel, I want to see something better or may be something different from sony now.

  • Starwalkerfenix

    No, Thanks!!! Prefer XZ Premium

  • Actman

    Let us FIRST forget about the unique design for both of these devices. XZP or S8+. But when it comes to mingy software supporting, Sony would never fails me. Let’s make a comparison between both of these companies. We shall judge them later.

    Xeetechcare claimed that ‘with Android Nougat for Note 5, you get all the features of the Galaxy S7 with just ONE feature is missing which is the AOM (Always On Mode). Other than that everything is provided.’ What did they provide for the Z5 family considering the Z5 premium was launched two months later than the Note 5? This is what we called a ‘shame’ from Sony.

  • Wooty

    Couldn’t agree more bro.

  • Gregg Lowden

    Considering it. Nothing but disappointment with last Sony. A costly 2017 model that still has no wireless charging, small battery and non stereo speakers. An unlocked S8 simply worth the cost as it will work and more accessories, less costly VR. That or wait for Pixel 2 or yet another Sony….

  • Zarko Dragojevic

    I have never been a big fan of Samsung. But they did a good job with the new S8, as long as it won’t explode :-).
    Still, the phone is on paper for sure a good one, but it doesn’t make me wanting it. It was different with the Xiaomi Mi Mix. That one blowed my mind, once it was presented. Unfortunately, it was hard to get one in the beginning. Now it is has already dated specs.

    Sony did very well with the XZP, except for the design. They should start refreshing it a little bit. I really hope, that it will support QuickCharge 4. If it’s true, that you can charge from 0-50% in 5 Minutes, it is a main feature to me.

    Why?: See todays smartphones are overpowered to most people anyway. So performance is no issue anymore. The Displays are great. The camera on the S8 is the same as on the S7, because there isn’t much to improve anymore – and that’s alright. They are now finally starting to do something about the designs. So what hasn’t been improved over the last 10 years? The Battery. With QC4, the battery doesn’t get better. But if you really need only 5 minutes to charge it and have juice for the rest of the day, I’m very happy with it. There is often the case, where you’re in hurry and just don’t have time to wait over 30 minutes to recharge your phone.

    S8 yes or no? Naaah. It’s nice on paper, but doesn’t make me wanting it.

  • rygarto

    I’ve gone over to the S7 when my Z2 died and I felt no love for the Z5. Here are a couple of observations:

    1. Love fast wireless charging. Nothing beats just popping the phone on the cradle in the office without worrying about cables. Magnetic dock on Z2 worked, but with most protective cases it was a hassle to align the connectors.

    2. Camera startup and gallery switching. This has been a huge gripe for me with Xperias in general, why couldn’t Sony just find a way to keep these two cached? S7 really gives Sony a run for its money with image quality, despite lower resolution.

    3. Compass. Sony wins hands down. I never knew other people had to “calibrate” their compass so often, it “just worked” on my Xperia. On the S7, whenever I use the map, I have to swing the phone around to make sure it points in the correct direction. Absolutely aggravating.

    4. Speaker volume. It just pains me whenever I read yet again that Sony will need to address speaker volume in the next firmware. This has been Sony’s issue forever (just like camera) and here it pops up again and again.

    5. Battery life. Here I believe Sony wins for hassle-free approach, and I honestly believe that Z2 lasted longer (not measued, though)

    6. Apt-X, LDAC support. Having bought Sony’s wonderful MDR-1000X, I appreciate the phone telling me when it’s using Apt-X through that little notification. Samsung reportedly uses Apt-X as well, but no way to really know. I know that Sony worked with Google to build LDAC into next Android release, but there has been no info about HW requirements, whether it can be implemented on older phones etc.

    7. Screen brightness & contrast. I fly with drones outdoors and the extra brightness delivered by S7’s Amoled just won me over. Admittedly, I haven’t had the chance to compare with the latest Sony, but the difference from previous LCDs was just too much to pass by.

  • Carsten “Tman” Thienemann

    I’ll stay with Sony Xperia! I am really satisfied with my Xperia X Performance – the Sony UI and the general design of it fits just superior.

    The only thing that I always dislike is the heating problems the devices have.

  • joe

    never use a samsung

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    No, never……only Xperia….

  • dko3tgk

    No for me. While I like the smaller bezels, just lengthening the screen when they could have made the body smaller was a mistake. It’s too similar to the S7 edge. Same dimensions, just a longer screen.
    Give me a 5.2″-5.5″ screen with all the same RAM and processor as the XZs in the body of a Z3 Compact.
    I don’t need longer screens, I need flagship specs in a smaller body.

    Seriously I’ll take the Z5 Dual. With updated processor and ram. Reduce top and bottom bezel by 50%, therefore reducing size of phone.
    and keep everything else the same. Especially dual sim AND SD card. No hybrid Dual SIM. That’s pretty dumb.

  • Ararat Khlghatyan

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium The Best

  • Akand

    Yeah I saw it. But I use my phone a lot when I go to bed. Without room light 5.8 inch display will be more uncomfortable for my eyes. Moreover, I am now used to with Compact.. Think if S8 had 5-5.2 inch display, how great it would be. Compact but 5-5.2 inch display. Mostly Samsung UI is too immature, childish coloured for me. And the edge display, which I don’t like at all. Still I appreciate their effort.
    Our beloved Sony is just dreaming on the day light, nothing else.

  • Nafnaf84

    I really would like to see Xperia mobiles with less bezels at the top and the bottom but for me this S8 or the LG G6 are too much bezelless…
    Plus I don’t like their screen ratio :/

  • Night Guy

    Just updated my z5. Ver. 32.3.A.2.33 and got 1 march security patch.

  • Denis Dardymov

    No way. Only Sony.

  • Tong Chong Hong

    Xperia xz premium was too late to retailer

  • Denis Dardymov


  • theskig

    I don’t care what they sell, for me “SAMSUNG” is a logo on a microwave oven.

    So the answer is: I will trash my money for an unneeded upgrade of my Z5p with a XZp :)

  • Venkatasurya Prakash

    Can u post the change log..??

  • Tochi Nwodu


  • fried_egg

    I will be free to “early upgrade” from my 2yr contract launch day z5 from July… I will wait to see what Sony do in the September show when the Z1/Z5/XZ iteration is announced… it’s good to see 4GB is where Samsung went rather than more as it confirms Sony’s decision to go at that amount… So a 835 packing XZ2 is where I expect my order will go IN GOLD like the z5… Sony does what I want, I just wish they werent so woolly in their software updates recently.

  • Stephen

    Apparently, Samsung have a Quality Control Dept now everyone! *shuts gate after horse has legged it to the next village*

  • Ahmed Magdy

    New update z3+

  • Night Guy

    No description about change log Its about 163mb. Doesn’t notice anything yet, battery life remain same i guess.

  • Stephen

    Those really-not-huge bezels are how you get front facing speakers, surely – something I could NOT live without now I’ve had to experience. Rear, end, side, doesn’t matter – at some point any other phone speaker will get blocked by something.

  • Ahmed Magdy
  • nonotme

    no to the S8,
    a big Yes to the update 32.3.A.2.33 update. hopefully it fixes the Bluetooth.

  • Ahmed Magdy

    The new update with build number 32.3.A.2.33 with latest security patch

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Nice conversation guys
    But honestly, xpz is beautiful mehn….
    From the front to the back coming from Xperia z5!!
    Am still yet to love a bezeless display..
    When I watch videos the grip is gives feels awesome.
    Then, with xperia xa my skin continuesly touches the screen
    A phone that thin with big hands is a nightmare. Since multi-touch dosnt work in every part of the UI

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Unfortunately because couple of years ago it was the opposite and SONY was way better in including newer features in their software

  • jxPerience

    it’s the best placement for FPS ever. I don’t say it because i love xperia, i say it because it’s the truth. Next to it is apple and for those dump manufacturers who put it at the rear of the phone are noway smart.

  • jxPerience

    i just dont like the signal bar has no sim slot number indicator. I don’t know if sony is aware of this and this xperia nougat customization is only half baked.

  • jxPerience

    Yeah and i don’t know what’s on the mind of this 2 korean manufacturers who make the screen corners as rounder. Because of that the design is mEEEEEEh

  • roeshak

    Samsung has gone primarily on design and the bigger screens this year. Now that will undoubtedly grab attention and sell a lot of units but I feel the competition this year have a window to close the gap and gain some market share. Xperia blog like to ask these questions but given that the vast majority of visitors to this site are hardcore Sony fans, it’s unlikely to trigger an objective conversation. Samsung will still dominate sales in the early part of this year but that really depends on how aggressively LG price the G6. For Sony, if they come to ifa this year with a design that’s in keeping with current trend then they stand a good chance of having a decent 3rd and 4th quarter. Samsungs failure to meaningfully upgrade the camera on the s8 in my view gives others a chance to gain ground so long as they can compete on design. The s8 as it stands is the only proper next gen device released this far

  • laci_csk

    I don’t like the new Galaxy S8

  • How certain are you that’ll be?

  • H.E.

    No for me, samsung is no alternative.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Well, what, for you, is the true “Wireless Charging?” Even Samsung and LG’s wireless charging technologies require the dock to be connected to a power source

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    XZs sample shots looked amazing. Yes, it contains noise, but which camera doesn’t? At least it’s no longer mushed details like before, which means true detail and quality with those micro-noise. OIS, there’s no need for it. It adds a hump and basically helps nothing at all. Sony’s EIS is already perfect, and the fact that it’s now coming fully to the Photo Mode makes OIS a questionable hardware to be added.

    Sony’s newest theme on their new X range this year looks sweet. Simple, elegant, unique, flawless, and retro-but-modern feel. Besides, I barely see anyone use themes anyways. Sure, it’s nice to have them, but it’s not an enough reason to break the deal when it cannot customize your experience. My sister uses an LG G4 and she does nothing to the theme. She just replaced the lockscreen and wallpaper, but the theme is still the same. For instance, nobody would buy some Nexus and Pixel devices if you can’t change the theme, right?

  • shawn

    i want the xzp since i have every sony phone in the pass but the lack of VOLTE in NY making me want the galaxy

  • Sher Shaw

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  • HAWX

    85%. I don’t beleive they can improve the device 50% with the updates.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Their advertising tells “19% Brighter, 50% less noise in low light”
    Also Sony doesn’t have lifeless colors, Samsung is just way too oversaturated
    In a straight 3 years, nobody was able to beat Sony’s professional SteadyShot EIS, and now that it’s coming to Photo Mode, it makes OIS an irrelevant camera hardware as EIS does a better job without wasting space *cough U Ultra*
    I have never seen a report about Z5 and X Performance degrade their camera quality when updated to Nougat. What I have heard about them is that they remained the same, and some even improved. It’ll be pathetic to decrease the camera quality in an OS upgrade. Besides, Samsung’s Nougat is full of issues and bugs, but I’m not saying Sony isn’t, just that Samsung is worse

  • Moisés

    Also z3+… It showed up at MWC 2015. I have android 7 here, it was OTA. No issues..
    In my country S7 is the only Galaxy on nougat, s7 edge does not have it.

  • Moisés

    My z3+ spends less energy when I use, but a little more while stand-by

  • Since X line is a new line, a new era, it doesn’t make sense…
    And S7 received the Note features ONLY because of the fiasco.

  • Bashar Shehab

    I’m saying this unironically, the S8 looks fucking disgusting

  • Danial Khan

    Whats Sony Xperia, you speak of?

  • vigneshprince

    Exactly my thoughts

  • alishayzadag
  • Wikison
  • SM

    which theme it is?

  • 02Yo02

    I’ve been a. Samsung user for 8 years now. Only stepped away from Samsung to get the Sony Xperia 3v (Yeap VZW Customer) then went back to Samsung because VZW stopped carrying Xperia Phones. I’m definitely going back 2 Xperia and will definitely wait for the XZ-P to come out and buy it unlocked. Samsung phones tend to slow down after 2 year of heavy usage (even master resetting the phone every month). Sony is a better phone in the long run.

  • zahid

    Sony its time to up your game. When is your edge modern coming. S8 plus is really a nice phone but I will still go for xz pre

  • DBS

    Sample shots are always “lab-produced”, ie. they are never realistic.

    As for “OIS, there’s no need for it. It adds a hump and basically helps nothing at all.”

    This is just plain ignorant. I’ve already explained why in a comment in this article, go look for it. But yes it IS needed.
    Also, the XZS and XZP both HAVE a camera hump…and no OIS. So…your argument is moot.

    Sony’s EIS is absolute sh*t on photography. It’s great on video but then again, video stabilisation doesn’t work at all like photography stabilisation. And no, SteadyShot will NOT apply to photos.

    OIS is not questionable. It’s pretty much mandatory in any smartphone camera that wants to be taken seriously.


    You don’t seem to know what theming is. Sony’s theme engine is pathetic. It’s not a theme engine at all. It replaces icons and wallpapers. You don’t need a theme engine for that.
    You barely see anyone with themes? Then look at people with Samsung devices.

    Your sister’s G4 does NOT have a theme engine. The G4 only allows for the same small customisation Xperias have, ie, you change the wallpapers and the icons. The G4 only allows one extra thing that Sony doesn’t (or didn’t…I believe they’ve added it on the Concept project) and that is changing the font of the device. Your sister only replaced the lockscreen and wallpaper because she couldn’t replace much more.

    “For instance, nobody would buy some Nexus and Pixel devices if you can’t change the theme, right”

    Newsflash: nobody buys the Nexus or iPixels anyway. Both phones sell very badly. Even Sony, who has continued to lose customers year-on-year, still sells more than the Nexus and iPixel line of devices.

  • DBS

    I didn’t write “true wireless charging”.
    At any rate, wireless charging is the ability of charging your phone without attaching cables to it.
    On Qi enabled phones you just place it on a pad to charge. Pure and simple. Yes, the pad will have to be connected to the wall but your phone isn’t. And it’s not a dock. Wireless chargers come in many forms. They come as standing docks, flat docks, portable pads etc.

    Also, you will ALWAYS have to have some source of energy and that source will always have to be connected to a place that provides the electricity. You can’t generate electricity by magic.

  • Saeed

    No no no, my life with xperia and sony is the best life, :-)
    please no saying about samf***k, :-(

  • NFTV InLine

    The Samsung is a hi-tech device, but…the Sony’s have something that the Samsung’s don’t have!

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    I ll go for Xperia xz premium.

  • HAWX

    Best, objective comment so far IMO. Agreed.

  • iamshilov

    If someone told me two years ago that I would be considering a Samsung phone it’d be impossible to believe, but here I am, really liking the new S8. I’m sorry but Samsung here is pushing all the right buttons.
    1. Minimal bezels. It looks gorgeous on pictures. It looks gorgeous in real life (judging from handling an S7 Edge). Having finger-print scanner on its side, Sony should’ve been pioneering bezel-less phones for a couple of years!
    2. Camera. As everyone here agrees photographing on a Sony device still gives underwhelming results. And I judge from the pictures that I’ve taken myself with both brands’ phones.
    3. Width. I hate large phones that’s why I’ve been a long fan of the Compact line. I find 65mm to be the perfect width of a phone for a comfortable hold. And 68mm is the maximum width I consider to go when thinking about my next phone. And guess what. Most Xperias go beyond that margin. And the better the specs the larger the get. XZP as a perfect example here. And guess what again. S8 fits the 68mm mark. With it’s 5.8″ display it’s only 3mm bigger than Compact line. Huge win for Samsung here.

  • HAWX

    Exactly. I agree.

  • Khairul Shafiq

    i’ll buy this one , sorry sony xD

  • paul_cus

    I’m waiting to see the next Compact.

  • dragonsneeze

    Curved screen and rounded corners? Is this the 50s? Like why would you bring back CRT TV style? No thanks.

  • Mac


  • roeshak

    All in all this should be a more competitive year. 2016 was poor with Samsung running away with it but signs show the others stepping up in their own ways.

  • dragonsneeze

    I handled S7 edge, it’s not grippy. The frame on the side is just too thin and protrudes a little. Thumb flips off too easily, also if those buttons were on Xperia, people would be like “ew those razor thin buttons suck”

  • alishayzadag

    “Simple Xperia Logo Theme”

  • yopo

    in my own like!!!!!! JAJAJAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ que asco tu inglés ve a comentar la página de sony México largo de aquí XD

  • yopo

    Latin america, it is just march security patch

  • Jurippe

    No, the phone was pretty lag free for a year. Now it lags on apps and game and web browsing (even with one tab open). To be fair, I was quite happy with the edge for the first year. It’s really only gotten bad over the last month or so. My battery life has taken a hit (recharge needed around 2 pm with use starting from 6), but it’s never been as good as my Z3.

  • nick

    umm no thanks..

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think you’re confused with image-stacking and over-sampling.
    Sony isn’t taking multiple images and stack it to reduce noise but New S8 does.
    I think you mean oversampling by taking full 20MP shot and outs 8MP shot to reduce noise in SA mode.
    Many Pro photographers use this stack mode to get less noise images.

  • M L

    Mehhh Sony makes decent products but there are so many alternatives + Sony software/support sometime suck..
    And the heat

  • azzido

    No thank you, I am not buying S8 or any Xperia. Due to lack of innovations I would be interested in and steps back for the battery capacity and no progresses for camera picture quality (both shamesung and xperias) I am not planning any new device. Maybe end of this year or next year.

    I thought that z5 premium with 3200mAh is a joke but S8 with 5.8″ and 3000mAh is even funnier :)


  • M L

    Only the camera. The 4k screen -> totally overkill. Having 1440p old curved display is better than 4k imo
    The rest is pretty much identical no?

  • Shinchan Crayon

    Sucksung S8 looks like a SOAP…….

    I’m waiting XZ Premium.


    Sorry, should have been clearer with my sentences.

    On wide angled lenses (35mm or wider) on DSLRs, movements/shakes from bodies are not so much of an issues for still image. Those lenses traditionally never had OIS. The main reason for OIS making into these wider angled DSLR lenses is because of the demand from the rise of videography with DSLR. To answer your question, no, my DSLR does not have in built body IS nor do my lenses have OIS. (5DIII with 16-35mm 2.8L II). USM is to do with the focus mechanism and is unrelated to IS.

    For those telescopic shots, then yes, you can see the big difference with OIS, but these are usually 100mm and more. Even the popular 24-70mm didn’t had OIS until recently. With your example of theatre productions, I find that I get more decent shots with reliance on both ISO and shutter speed and not from IS because, you know, while IS helps with motion blur from movements/shakes on your camera end, but it does not stop motion blur from moving subjects. IS does help me to frame better though as your view finder isn’t moving all over the place, but again, most of the blurs if anything comes from the moving subjects more than the moving frame.

    So what I am trying to say is that, physical OIS while it does have its benefits, but as a photographer, when buying lenses and noticing the price difference between OIS and non-OIS lenses, you can’t help but weigh the benefits. And up until now, I do not see the benefit of paying the extra for the OIS on wider lenses. Telescopic, yes.

    Again, back to context of video where IS makes a bigger impact, in this situation, Sony with their digital IS does a very fantastic job at it, far superior than most if not all of the OIS candidates out there. So for my usage, it is a trade off which I am happy to have.

    AMOLED vs LCD is subjective, I do love how eye catchy they are (LG G Watch Urbane) with the contrast. But again, as I’ve said, when reading webpages/texts on AMOLED screens by Samsung, because of their PenTile arrangements, it’s still blurred out as opposed to the sharp texts you get on regular RGB 1:1 pixel arrangement screens. But point taken and agree with you on your preference on the pure black in the UI/notification, hence subjective. For your requirements/needs, to have a nice catchy UI etc, AMOLED fulfils that.

    And obviously as consumers of media we do not rely solely on our mobile devices, but I have always appreciated the well placed front speakers, knowing that the sound is directed at me and not else where to other people.

    What size is your TV?

  • Alfino Setya

    Idk but likely I’m gonna pre order it at 18 April in Indonesia but I’m still keeping my XZ though.

  • Reza

    No thanks.. As long as Xperia exist then I would never change.. Been trying couple of times switched to another but I can’t forget the look and the clean+elegant UI on Xperia.

  • Alfino Setya

    Let’s see what’s Sony have for us with their oled display next year. It might be they could manage the size of the bezel with it by doing tricks like Samsung does on their phones.

  • Alfino Setya

    Believe me Sony won’t change the design this year even when the ifa comes. Hope they have something good when they are ready to implement oled on their device by 2018.

  • Alfino Setya

    Sony wasn’t design-conscious anymore, what LG and Samsung shed is what Sony gains. They’ve could been better phones if they could trimmed down the bezel on XZ Premium a bit, Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great phone but it’s wider, taller, thicker and have smaller battery capacity than the its predecessor. I just hope Sony would be more open minded and stay on the current trends. If it can not makes some bezel-less devices. at least, Sony could give us the right sized phones but no. Hope the thing will change when they are use oled panel on their upcoming 2018 Xperia lineup.

  • Biancoceleste

    If you enjoy inaccurate colour reproduction, amoled screens are excellent.

  • Biancoceleste

    Why is this on a Xperia news site? Quite sad really.
    The only handset which matches up to Xperia flagships is maybe the oneplus 3. All others represent less phone for more money that only fanboy teenagers would shell out for.

  • El_Carnicero

    Nah. Not a fan of the curved edges. They always cut off some info / health bard in games.

  • The Alpha


  • roeshak

    You’re probably right but it would be good to see them take a step in the right direction this year and at least reduce those 2010 bezels

  • Victor Ling

    Sony…much better design and UI. Never Samsung. When will people learn nothing good comes out of samsung…their phones, tv’s, washing machines – they all explode. Seriously, how does a washing machine explode?…

  • iia3ezu

    Sony is definitely capable of beautiful design, and the trend is now towards bezel-less designs. So I wonder what all this stubbornness at Sony Mobile regarding keeping large bezels.

    You can’t fight global trends and advancement in technology. Once upon a time we had phones with a protruding external antenna. Then color screen and polyphonic ringtones, then the first camera (VGA resolution) phone, then the Internet-ready first phone. The first touchscreen phone.

    To keep big bezels, you must have a very good reason to do so e.g. to accommodate extra physical buttons or space to cram in more memory. Otherwise most consumers will be repulsed by it.

    Adapt and evolve, or be left behind.

  • nafatha

    Good bye

  • iia3ezu

    Samsung produces memory modules which many others use.

    Also, the Snapdragon 835 was mostly produced by Samsung’s semicon facilities.

    When will people learn nothing good comes out of samsung.

    You need to drop your biased hatred of Samsung. There are things to dislike about Samsung, this is not one of them.

  • Dejan

    No i will stay with Sony.butt you can do a bigger OLED screen for next flagship 5,8 or 6,0 inch will be great,Sony design are the most beautiful so you don t need to change it,and please make another tablet

  • dimz

    Provided I have the money, XZ Premium would be my first choice, S8+ as 2nd choice and G6 as 3rd or even Pixel XL/Pixel XL 2.

    I hope Sony enables FM in their flagships though, it’s a pity when the SoC supports but the feature is disabled in software. Even with a big data allowance, I’d still prefer to have it available for browsing instead of streaming radio stations that can be accessed offline.

  • Talos the Robot

    Sony’s flagships have at least a 2 year update cycle and its phones run smoothly for at least 3-4 years. I am very satisfied with Sony’s durability and support.

  • CarlaM.

    no thanks. still and will be a Sony user. Samsung only likes to copy things from their competitors. when it comes to display and camera, sony wins

  • Alfino Setya

    Idk but It could’ve been easy for Sony if they are much more open minded and take a look at what the competitors hava been doing lately, not copying but make something similar with their own design language. What Samsung and LG shed is what Sony gains and the right example is XZ Premium which is wider, taller, heavier though comes with smaller battery capacity than the Z5 Premium. Sony has been forgot how to make the right sized device like Z3C and ZL. Stil, they never learned. Big hope for them at 2018. For now, I’ll pass the XZP and make a switch to S8. Sometime we need to open our eyes and stop pretend being blind.

  • Anthony Richard

    The screen is better. (Sony screen smartphone as TV always have much more natural colours and more sharp than sansung)…
    The Sound is better.(LDAC, DSEE HX, noise canceling)
    The new camera clearly innovate.
    Optimised UI with no bullshit…

    And if it’s like past year samsung will be like Apple more expensive for less features than a XZ…

  • SM

    link pls

  • roeshak

    I made the switch to Samsung from Sony last year with the s7e after 7yrs. Still hope to pick up another Xperia one day but we’re not quite there yet. Sony is a Japanese company and they do things their own way which isn’t always a bad thing but sometimes you do need to keep an eye on the competition. I’ll probably pick up an s8 plus later but after having owned the s7e it’s not that much of difference overall. The design is impressive and ushers in a new generation of smartphones. Right now it ain’t so bad for Sony but if others follow suit and thin bezels become the norm then I can’t see how Sony can avoid changing things up too


    These two phones are of interest, but shall look closely to the XZ Premium ; better for me, IMO.

  • MrWalker1000

    haha. still you cant deny it looks quite nice. Put it next to the s7 or any sony phone and it makes the two look outdated and ancient.

    I think sony smartphone are better technology wise. Sony needs to come up with a new design or the s8 is going to murder sony in sales. very few people will pick the xz premium over the s8 when it has huge bezels.

    soyn needs to innovate in design.

  • MrWalker1000

    this exactly. I thin there is only like a very small percentage of people who will pick the xz p over the s8. The bottom line ehre is that no matter how awesome the specs in the xzp are in display and camera, the S8 is simply more impressive design wise.

    It really is a game changer when it comes to makes multi-tasking windows actually make sense, and makes viewing experiences so much more immersive. ITs what phones needed to stop being so boring.

    yeah, Sony has innovated technology but didn’t do anything about the huge bezels. That will cost them huge in sales.

    They need to reduce bezels asap

  • MrWalker1000

    technology wise yes. but the s8 is impressive now design wise and I think most are going to pick the s8 over the xzp. The bezels are too huge despite the tech. Sony needs to significantly reduce bezels at IFA or they will lose in sales.

    sony design doesn’t cut it anymore. the near bezeless design is impressive you gottta admit

  • MrWalker1000

    I thin there is only like a very small percentage of people who will pick the xz p over the s8. The bottom line here is that no matter how awesome the specs in the xzp are in display and camera, the S8 is simply more impressive design wise.

    It really is a game changer when it comes to makes multi-tasking windows actually make sense, and makes viewing experiences so much more immersive. ITs what phones needed to stop being so boring.

    yeah, Sony has innovated technology but didn’t do anything about the huge bezels. That will cost them huge in sales.

    They need to reduce bezels asap at the very least while maintaining the dual front facing speakers. They will really fall behind. This new design is a game changer and they need to start to do something

  • MrWalker1000

    I thin there is only like a very small percentage of people who will pick the xz p over the s8. The bottom line here is that no matter how awesome the specs in the xzp are in display and camera, the S8 is simply more impressive design wise.

    It really is a game changer when it comes to makes multi-tasking windows actually make sense, and makes viewing experiences so much more immersive. ITs what phones needed to stop being so boring.

    yeah, Sony has innovated technology but didn’t do anything about the huge bezels. That will cost them huge in sales.

    They need to reduce bezels asap at the very least while maintaining the dual front facing speakers. They will really fall behind. This new design is a game changer and they need to start to do something

    XA is nice but it also has gigantic top and bottom bezels ruining the edge to edge displa

  • MrWalker1000

    s8 is going to kill xzp in sales. its sad as impressive as the xzp is technology wise its really falling behind the bezel war with those gigantic bezels. Im sorry but the s8 is a game changer design wise nobody is going to buy the xzp over s8.

    sony needs to adress this issue at ifa. It needs to significantly reduce bezels while maintaing speakers or it will just die.

  • MrWalker1000

    I thin there is only like a very small percentage of people who will pick the xz p over the s8. The bottom line here is that no matter how awesome the specs in the xzp are in display and camera, the S8 is simply more impressive design wise.

    It really is a game changer when it comes to makes multi-tasking windows actually make sense, and makes viewing experiences so much more immersive. ITs what phones needed to stop being so boring.

    yeah, Sony has innovated technology but didn’t do anything about the huge bezels. That will cost them huge in sales.

    They need to reduce bezels asap at the very least while maintaining the dual front facing speakers. They will really fall behind. This new design is a game changer and they need to start to do something

    XA is nice design but it also has gigantic top and bottom bezels ruining the edge to edge display. Sony needs something like the XA but with reduced top and bottom bezels while maintaing front firing speakers.

    they need something asap or they will lose htis war to samsung. XZ Premium would have been amazing in 2016 but again sony is late as hell and dumb as hell in their decision making. I don’t feel bad if they die.

  • I’m at the point, where I don’t care much about specs anymore, flagships are all the same, all of them have fantastic specs and cameras. But it’s the Sony UI which I consider a stand out feature. So refined, the dialer and so on.

  • roeshak

    It really depends on how quickly other manufacturers try to replicate. If in two years most are putting out phones like the s8 and G6 then there would be no alternative for Sony but to flow suit for the simple reason that the bezels will make the phones just look so dated. The xzp has a technically superior display but how much time will anyone spend streaming 4k hdr videos from amazon and Co? Don’t really see that having mass appeal. Sonys not pushing vr with Xperia which would have given the 4k display real meaning. On the camera front, it’s very much still wait to see for me. Yes it’s got the super slow mo but again, how much of that will anyone be doing? In the beginning folks will have a lot of fun playing with it but the novelty will quickly wear off. Great as talking points which is good for Sony mobile and they should continue to develop the tech but the main thing is image quality. Will the xzp match the s8 for fidelity especially with stills? Not sure! The xzp is a very good effort from Sony but the s8 is the first real example and the closest thing we’ve seen to the concept phones many have been drooling over for years. The first tangible face of the next generation of devices. LG are also heading in that direction. Others will surely follow and in their usual style, Sony mobile will join in some time after lol.

  • vctrdnl

    I am eager to see what new Sony is going to offer in the fall. Their current crop of devices is not visually as appealing as the competition or as the early days when Sony introduced Xperia Z and then Z1. A proper refresh is highly needed and in all honesty has been needed for quite a while. XZ introduced something marginally different: rounded sides but flat top and bottom parts which lead to sharp edges exactly where your palm should hold the device. This is neither too comfortable, nor too pretty design wise – as it enhances the impression of massive top and bottom bezels around the display. However, regardless whether Sony stick to this design language, revive the design of Z1-Z5 or come up with something different, they should reduce these spaces above and below the display at the very least by 25-30%. Please don’t use the stereo speakers as an excuse. By now there are and have been numerous devices which offered similar setup with minimal usage of space.

    With regard to the new design solutions of the Koreans (S8, G6) – visually they look indeed awesome in my book. But then I think of day-to-day functionality and usability and I am no longer convinced they are the real deal. These stretched screens create at least two issues. First, one-hand usability is gone. This is important for many users, including me. No matter if you have big bezels or unnecessarily long display, the result is one and the same. Second, I imagine it would be an ergonomic nightmare to operate this screen without touching some area of it unintentionally. So this phone is not well suited for either people with small hands (first point), or people with large hands (second one). Ergonomics nightmare. 16:9 aspect ratio is the right one for multiple purposes and producers should really strive to reduce overall phone dimensions instead of increasing display sizes beyond the commonly accepted 5.2-5.5 inches.

    Finally, I really look forward to Sony’s next mobile products. The XZ Premium in particular is a truly missed opportunity for making a specs-wise powerful flagship look also sleek, sexy and contemporary. I really hope that Sony wouldn’t miss the moment to introduce a truly new concept for the sake of not cutting into its supposedly top product’s sales and desirability. I am a Sony fan but I want to be wowed, convinced and charmed by their mobile products as I was by Xperia Z2 back in the day. If you managed to read all this, thanks for the attention.

  • Alvin

    Oh yeah? What a shame :(

  • comme des garcons

    I might go for G6 or S7 instead of S8

  • Bobby Gafford

    Firstly, I’m a “saNsung” hater. That said, I’m also a t-mobile lover. I have had, since the first day the z1 was available, a great Xperia z series device but they do not work on the network and have no support. So I am considering the g6 and the s8. It’s sad. But I am shopping to replace my z3+ since downgrading from my 3rd smashed one, the z5. This device is in perfect condition but I cannot change the battery or the port, one of which is corrupted to the point that I only get 36 or 50% charge overnight and as a power user I drain it in hours of GOW play, constant video calls, and music streaming. I just wish they’d work together again. The cam and the whole style of the phones would be missed but next time I she’ll out 5 or 6 hundred I expect to be able to fully use what I’m buying.

  • Jurippe

    I just updated to Nougat yesterday and the S7 is doing a bit better in terms of performance. Overall, I think the S7 has been okay, I think I enjoyed my time with my Z3 a little more. It’s not often I’d have to download more music from a USB cable anyways, but the cracking was annoying.

    Either way, trying to show I’m giving both brands a fair shake. I suppose I’m partial to Sony either way or else I wouldn’t be here.

  • Stephen

    And precisely how do you propose they reduce bezels AND retain the dual front facing speakers? Never in all my years of phones have I once thought “hmm, this is a nice phone but I do wish these bezels were smaller”. I’m happy to leave that to the daft, pig-ignorant masses (although that’s a bit of an insult to pigs which are very switched on animals) who think the only 2 choices for a phone are Samsung or Apple. I did go to an Asus phone and I do love the sheer simplicity of the UI. But Asus were never going to do front-facing speakers in the end, despite a rumour I read that the Zenfone 3 was to have them, and they have also turned their back on the UK as a phone market which isn’t very endearing. When sound is so pathetic coming from the end or the rear of your phone – bezels are a complete non-issue.

  • MrWalker1000

    many wont feel this way tbh and most are going to pick the s8 over the XZ premium despite teh latter being technologically superior in almost every way and probably software too given samsungs reputation in software.

    Tbh, It’s an issue because if sony wants to remain competitive it has to do something about bezels. reduce them at least.

  • MrWalker1000

    the thing is the 4k hdr is not longer just a gimmick thanks to the HDR which provides a higher dynamic range and color gamut. Though Im sure it will be great to see which one isbetter.

    You’re forgetting its not just the slow mo. The camera in general will be 5 times faster than your normal camera. It will also take better video. The pixels are larger which means better for low light. there is also predictive capture which takes images before subject moves and the color sensor still there.

    all in all I agree with wht you said. It would depend on how many other follow suit. But the fact that LGG and Smasung have done it is pretty big only other is apple.

    but sony needs to reduce bezels and somehow still maintain the speakers which im not sure is possible atm?

  • alishayzadag
  • Presiddent

    Absolutely no. Still want the XZp!

  • Kraivuth

    On the day I used SS Note2, there were full of bloatware on the phone, sluggish performance and laggy interface, and useless features that could never be used for real. At the same time, Xperia Z was far more better in term of performance, clean interface, and waterproofing which is really good. I had been a Sony long lasting fan from that moment.

    After Xperia Z3 onward, there came dual sim variant which made my life a lot easier for I have my office mobile number and personal one. Everything was perfect except it kept random unable to accept call when using both sim (slide bar totally disappeared)

    After that, things have only got worse. Battery life on Z4 is horrible and speakers are far weaker than Z3. Z5 is quite similar to Z4 with a little better battery life and then plastic frame XZ that even has no choice to use both sims and microSD card at the same time. Random inability to pickup calls is still there too (I used to use all the phones I mentioned, trust me I was a real Xperia fan). That was the moment I decided to change to Samsung S7 Edge.

    Totally opposite to Sony, S7 is something totally far improvement from its previous generation flagships. It has superior camera, top notch battery life, a lot cleaner interface, very loud speaker (that I consider better than dual speaker in XZ), and Samsung Pay. Although S7 Edge cant use both sims and microSD at the same time out of the box, it is possible with a fews modifications. I just burned a sim card out of the plastic and taped with microSD and then I can use all of them. On XZ, if microSD is inserted, the second sim card will not be read at all.

    The last thing is that I never see Sony’s eagerness to improve themselves in mobile phone battlefield. Every time they were on the stage, only camera is only their hyperbolic talk. Sony never beat any big name competitors when it comes to just point and shoot a picture. No matter what superior sensors Sony put in their phones, it can never be easy for normal people to take good pictures right at what they currently see.

    So yes, S8 is really interesting for me. At least I always see big ambitions from Samsung to be better every time the launch a new product, which is not the thing I saw from Sony.

  • SkyMeow

    I’m Z5P user. I’m not interested in S8 but might be intetested in buying upcoming Note 8 only if rumors are right: have 4K display and stereo speakers.

  • Lorenz Weyer

    I would just buy the XZs to test the camera. Previous Xperias don´t really fulfill my expectations about the camera. Here in Germany I can now preorder the S8 and get it on April 18th. There have been rumors about a launch date of the XZs on April 6th. But still there´s no XZs to order in their shop or elsewhere. And so maybe a lot of customers will still buy Samsung instead of trying a Xperia.

  • id3alistic

    Sticking with Sony. Sony stock UI is great, and the smallapp that allows you to play YT videos in background is too good.

  • MrWalker1000

    i agree for the most part. But for any good business the company must keep up with pressure from other companies to innovate desing. I’m nto saying they sohuld ditch front speakers but they should definitely reduce bezels by a good amount. Think of Xperia ZL or something like that is what I see coming from the new flagship. I realize sony uses larger than normal sensor size for both cameras, but sony needs to work on that or the XZP will stand out from a bunch of phones who have realy small bezels.

  • Stephen

    Sony doesn’t need to do anything about bezels – it’s a ridiculously irrelevant ‘reason’ for not liking a phone – and affects literally nothing. I guess the only people it would affect are those who don’t know much about technology and just go “ooooh looks nice! I’ll take it! I’ll take it cos it looks nice!”. I’ve never cared, don’t care, and never will care about bezels – along with a good many others in this comments section. I care about how my phone holds up over time, and with Sony that’s always where they win.

  • SM


  • Me

    Samsung themes are ugly

  • DBS

    And I know you have no idea what you’re talking about from the moment you called them “Samsung themes”… When reality is that Samsung offers no themes themselves and offers a store instead where independent developers put their themes.

  • Darkfalz

    Yes, and then Sony go and disable it in the US market, completely killing sales.

  • Darkfalz

    Only thing that would push me towards Samsung is their VR is a lot better, with dedicated branded headset and better display for VR. But I plan to buy a Rift 2.0 when it eventually releases so it’s not a huge deal for now.

  • Me

    I use samsung phone …the themes are ugly

  • Saeed

    Always SONY
    Always XPERIA, always and forever.

  • Me
  • The One

    I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but Samsung’s phones are bloated because they have way more software features built in than a Sony device.

  • The One

    Just look at the old Z series devices. Although not the smallest bezels, they had front speakers with smaller bezels than the X series. Don’t know why Sony is going backwards in bezel size, but they won’t survive if they don’t adapt to this trend of smaller bezels. Especially if Apple does…


    How about the price? Hope Sony will be less expensive than Samsung?

  • Paul M

    I’d be queuing up for the S8+ to replace my Xperia Z Ultra if it wasn’t so expensive. Perhaps in six months when the price has dropped a bit, and early bugs fixed, then I’ll be able to consider it.

  • Alvin

    Oh really? I thought it will be much more comfortable than S6 Edge.

  • Fieskmask

    I suspect the speakers is such as bad as every other Samsung phone out there, big dealbreaker for me.

    I’m using 6P now since I dropped my Z5 on the ice.

    I probably buy the XZ Premium, long time ago I saw such a beautiful device

  • Imran Hussein

    Less bezel doesn’t mean is innovation, they sacrifice alot to remove those bezels and you call that innovation? If they are innovative let them prove by putting the fingerprint, logo and front speakers intact and still be bezelless. And stop saying Sony has an outdated design, I wonder how he gets design awards almost every year,because their design is indeed a art of engineering,innovation and durable unlike fragile edgy design

  • Imran Hussein

    What is you with bezels? Have you even seen the XZP live, that thing is solid, a premium? look,oooh and that curved loop design is exquisite. So stop clinging on that bezel idea, because they’re many people crazy about those bezels

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  • ducksonetime

    I love that screen ratio and footprint but that’s it. I’m loving my XZ, I think I’ll skip this round of phones. XZs/P aren’t really an appealing upgrade for me, maybe if the XZs had to 835 too but I don’t want to upgrade just for that camera sensor and the XZ P is too big.

    I’m hoping Sony announce something later in the year that has 2:1 aspect ratio and front facing speakers.

  • dragonsneeze

    Well it doesn’t nudge your hand but to me it was uncomfortable. The frame is too thin, and rounded glasses do not make it easy to grip. Maybe it’s just me.

  • vctrdnl

    I don’t want 2:1 screen and hideous black bars while
    watching YouTube, photos and videos. You can’t do much productivity work (e.g.
    Office) on any screen smaller than 10 inches anyway. The dual screen feature on its
    own does not justify such a shift. One-hand usability is also (further)
    hindered by something that doesn’t really bring anything more functional or
    helpful but rather reveals the manufacturers’ struggles to differentiate their
    new products from the competition and from their own old ones. So, bezel
    reduction – yes, anything other than 16:9 aspect ratio – no, thank you. Sony
    shouldn’t follow suit related to this newly found gimmick.

  • Geese Howard

    No thank you, I cherish my face and want it clean and unharmed thank you. Some people may cherish their butt or crotch or wherever you preference is, so no. Sony all the way :)

  • Chaot0407

    True, but in my experience no one really uses most of Samsung’s fancy features.

    I remember how excited I was before getting my Galaxy S4 because of all the at the time ‘scifi-esque’ features it had.
    A few days later I turned ’em all off lol

  • techauther tech

    my god, sony has so many fanboys going miles to support their brand. i just don’t know why their phones don’t sell well. seriously speaking no pun intended. google pixel xl user btw.

  • ducksonetime

    I don’t think black bars on videos are a big deal and the video will still be the same size as on a 16:9 because the screen height when held sideways is still the same. Also black bars when watching videos is a small price to pay, in my opinion, for the extra screen real estate when browsing the web, scrolling through photos etc.

    Pretty much everything on a mobile is vertical scrolling so having that extra vertical space is desirable to me. My XZ is more or less the same shape as an S8 anyway thanks to its enormous top and bottom bezels, so I don’t think handling would change much at all.

  • IDewa Nyoman Adhi Suryana

    The only thing that keep me off Xperia is because those humongous bezels
    But I’m okay with that, XZ Premium will be my next upgrade after S7 Edge

  • The One

    Yes, but it’s been proven time and time again that most people prefer oversaturated colors and not the natural reproductions, so it’s not really a point with making anymore.

  • Ziggy

    XZs is my next phone, would love to have the 64GB version, but unfortunately for incredibly stupid reasons Sony is not bringing that to Nordic countries at all. Instead we get just the 32GB version.

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  • Liam Woodhouse

    In the UK the XZP single sim is £10 cheaper… I’m waiting to see if the dual sim is going to be released here for once (hopefully) and also that it’s a genuine dual sim + expansion slot for memory.


    Thanks ; hope it will be less than750€ ; will be my next phone for sure.

  • Liam Woodhouse

    I’m holding out for the XZP dual sim and hoping that it’s a real dual sim with space for the memory as well. I’m hoping that Sony will finally release the dual sim I’m the UK for once, and with this news that they’re releasing the dual sim XZs in the USA, I’m a bit more optimistic about it!
    I’m a genuine Sony fan/buyer, I’m using my Z1 Compact now to write this post, I bought the Z3 Compact but had it just a week before the wife claimed it when she broke her apple, I bought the Z5 Compact but sold it before the specs had been released for the new version (I was expecting the top end specs like previous models, totally gutted when I found out the midrange specs!) I also own the Z2 Tablet (I bought the Kingston Bluetooth keyboard case though as it’s identical to Sony’s but for half the price) I also bought the Smartwatch 3 (and I’m disgusted that Sony have said it won’t be getting wear2 upgrade! No doubt so they can sell a new version and expect me to buy it, but I won’t out of principal!) And I bought the Mrs and myself the health band’s with continues HR after the Mrs had an heart attack last June.
    I’m hoping Sony are also going to be announcing this year that they’ll be releasing a 4k 10″ & 8″ tablet this year seeing nothing was mentioned with these phones!
    I’ve own an iPhone 3GS which I bought just before they brought the 4 out, I own a Nexus 5 that I bought November 13, and I won a s6 edge, tried it for 2 hours, boxed it back up and sold it!
    It would be nice for Sony to be as committed to it’s customers as some of us are to them!

  • Liam Woodhouse

    £650 = €758


    Excellent; shall wait a fex before order mine.

  • iGMX

    What an ugly phone. :/

  • Barricade_BE

    I love the design (except for the fingerprint sensor and camera placement) of the S8. That infinity display is gorgeous. But as I dislike Samsung, I won’t be getting it.

    Sony could take notes when it comes to design though. I miss the days when Sony Ericsson used to have some of the most beautiful smartphones out there (Arc and Neo were beautiful phones). Their design language, although very practical, became really dull to me. Thank god their features are top notch. The XZs’ and XZp’ camera is next level.

    I wish I worked there, I feel l could come up with some new interesting designs.

  • Biancoceleste

    Most people eat fast food as opposed to quality, healthy meals. And?

    There are still many people around who want accurate and crisp displays, not only teenagers and clueless masses who like ‘pretty’ things.

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  • Cleilton Soares de Moura

    I would change because I have been disappointed with the heating issue that remains on the Xperia XZ camera.

  • Antoine

    Well, even if I don’t like the S8 ratio cause it takes away physical bezels for on screen bezels, I got to admit, it looks clean. Perhaps Sony could learn a thing or two from Samsung like adding a VR support. Sony could try and be part of the Daydream VR program to assure itself an nice place in terms of innovation and gameplay as playstation is planning to get back on mobile games. They could also try to reinforce that loop design. Reducing those top and bottom bezel by fitting a larger screen or reducing the size of the phone doesn’t seem like a bad idea. It would a bit like the XA and XA1 but this time on flagships.
    But the real downside on today’s phone concerns battery life. I own an XZ and I have to say that having an extra 1000mah to the 2900mah battery would be nice. I nearly get a 6h of SOT while for the same usage I get 8h of SOT with the Xperia Z3. That with Stamina on, sync off, location Off, Wi-Fi only on wake, no device lost management and no adaptative brightness lvl (I usually keep it low) and other things to save battery life. That’s insane…
    The Z3 is a flagship that died to soon tho. Nougat will not come to it. I guess Google or Qualcomm are to thanks for that.

  • Alam

    Sony is a heritage ❤

  • Philipp Kremer

    If there will be another smartphone company doing what sony does (dedicated shutterkey, frontfacing stereospeakers, flat back, waterproof, fingerprint sensor on the site) i might consider buying one, but so far this galaxy is again some new crap…

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