Xperia XA1 now available in Hong Kong; first unboxing pics

by XB on 2nd April 2017

in Xperia X series

The Sony Xperia XA1 has now been released, with Hong Kong being the first launch territory. Specifically, it is the Xperia XA1 Dual that has launched, with a recommended price of HK$ 2,498 (£256, €302, $321). The Xperia XA1 is available in four colours altogether (White, Black, Gold, Pink).

The Xperia XA1 is one of Sony’s 2017 mid-range offerings, the other being the Xperia XA1 Ultra that is expected to launch in early June. We have the first unboxing pictures for you to pore over below – one of our immediate observations for the dual-SIM model is that we get a dual SIM tray plus a separate slot for the microSD memory card. So no hybrid SIM tray for the mid-range offering, even if that doesn’t extend to the Xperia XZs.

The Xperia XA1 has a 5-inch 720p edge-to-edge display with 23MP 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS rear camera and 8MP 1/4-inch Exmor R front facing camera. It is powered by a MediaTek Helio P20 MT6757 chipset, 3GB RAM and comes with 32GB eMMC internal storage. Other features include a 2300mAh battery, USB Type-C, microSD memory card support, Quick Charging (MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0), NFC, and Bluetooth 4.2.

Via Digi-wo and Sony Mobile HK.

  • I hope Xperia XZ Premium will not using the hybrid sim card tray

  • Moisés

    XA looks great… Mainly the graphite black..
    But XA1 is very cool too..

    In my country XZs was taken from the Sony’s website, I believe it will no longer be sold here..
    I was thinking to buy it next year..

    I hope this move means XZ Premium will be not that expensive here, no more than 1200US$… Now that XZ 32gb is less than 1000US$ and X 64gb is only 610US$

  • Moisés

    Usually hybrid slot comes with 32 or 64 gb on the model.
    Both XZP are 64gb

  • Moisés

    I am still confused about the third speaker..

  • ravi madhur

    Great premium design specially on edges. I’m not going to buy cause I already have bought the XA Ultra Dual F3216 just 4 months ago but I’m going to recommend it once it arrives in Indian market. There’s my One big and humble request to Sony to kindly update also F3216 to nougat soon. Thank you

  • theskig

    Same hope.

  • theskig

    Why they never put the SIM cards inside? I want to see the icons on status bar!

  • ShinOrochiX

    I have the XA which is great, the main downfall being battery life, but to be fair most phones nowadays only manage to provide a days worth of usage. The XA1 can only be worse with the same 2300mAh battery, more powerful processor, more RAM, better camera etc… No way this phone will have the 2 day battery life Sony’s smartphones typically have. But a great looking device nonetheless, same reason that got me to buy the XA in the first place (and the bargain price tag!)

  • Terence Wu

    Maybe there’s no speaker, only mic at the bottom of the screen.

  • Don_Is_Good

    Looking at the HK Facebook site, you can pre-order XZs at RRP HK$5,298 (circa US$682 / AU$894 / EU638) before 6 April and get a free SCSG20 case

  • SONY only

    What the f**k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Xperia M5 has FULL HD 1080p display

    And this shit has HD 720p display ?

    Nobody will buy this shit phone …

  • hansip

    2300 mah and 720p display on 5inch plus P20 CPU.. yepp, Z5 compact is better deal all around.. can’t imagine what was Sony thinking when they equip this phone, when Oppo and the likes offer better bang for the buck..

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Top grill have the ear speaker, bottom grill holds only the microphone, the actual loudspeaker being at the side of the USB port, just like in most of previous Xperia mid-rangers…

  • mixedfish

    Oppo F1s doesn’t even have Nougat but XA does. Bang for buck is perspective.

  • hansip

    In low end, newer ROM doesn’t mean much unfortunately. As long as the user can do basic stuffs and gaming. And even if it comes only with Marshmallow, it is still adequate for 2-3years to come. It’s not like there’s no Lineage ROM or sometin’

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  • Shehab Skull

    It will have a super great battery

  • twm

    A joke compared to Huawei P10 Lite.

  • Me

    You mean USD?
    Xperia X cost 550USD in USA

  • iamshilov

    Those top/bottom bezels are HUGE. And consider that most of the time the bottom of the screen will have an additional black bar for navigation buttons. Ridiculous.

  • Don_Is_Good

    Notably, other phones such as iPhone, Nokia 3 5 6 Samsung J and A series HTC 10 etc have larger top/bottom and side bezels than Sony… yet no one ever complains about them, only praises. It’s weird how Sony is the only company get picked on by trolls.

  • Shinchan Crayon

    Yes, those sammy fanboys have nothing to say but HUGE BEZELS…..
    Idiot uses Sucksung only.

  • iamshilov

    *misplaced my reply*

  • iamshilov

    And did I say that iPhone, Nokia 3 5 6 Samsung J and A series HTC 10 etc were any better? What a flawed way of taking a pride in a comparison with even worse examples. If anything Sony should look up at the best in this category and go even further succeeding with its design. As I said previously in another comment section, Sony with its side fingerprint scanner should be pioneering the bezel-less trend. It has all the tech, all the minds, all the sources it needs. It has to innovate! Something that Samsung did with its S8.

    And I never was a sammy fanboy. My last three phones are Xperias. But I just can’t deny progress when I see it. And I’m sure the upcoming iPhone will raise the bar even higher this year.

  • Zainab Alkali

    Clean compact design i must say. With Premium finish. The design not bad all this should comepete with most mid-rangers…

  • Moisés

    M5 was replaced by X, not XA..

  • Moisés

    Yes… American dollar

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  • Glendadjenkins

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  • Woody UK

    Where’s the innovation in the S8? Having a ridiculous screen shape is NOT innovation! The camera doesn’t even take video or pics in that format so what’s the use of it? The reason they have used that shape is because they had no new innovations to offer, not even a new camera! So to most, except Samsung lovers, the reason for the screen is because they have nothing new to offer except for the 835 chip which most top end phones will have anyway!
    Where’s the super sl-mo camera? 4K HDR screen? Is the XZP innovation enough for you to stop talking BS about the S8?
    Sony IS THE BEST IN THIS CATEGORY, they have by far the best smartphones, and their tablet’s blow everyone elses away bar none!
    The ONLY thing that Sony often screw up is their pricing to spec ratios, but even this they have got right with their XZP as it’s on preorder for £10 less than the S8 even though it’s a far superior phone compared to the S8!
    I’m sorry shilov, but the only thing you can try and use is bezels! I need the bezels to hold my phone in landscape mode as I’ve got chunky thumbs, so you can not like the design by all means, but please stop spouting your BS about Sony having to innovate!

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