Would you like to see a Sony Xperia with an ultra-wide display?

by XB on 4th April 2017

in News

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 shows that we may be beginning to see a move away from displays with the traditional widescreen display, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, while the LG G6 has an 18:9 ratio.

Given that two very popular Android flagships have committed to these new wider displays, there is a chance that we could see other manufacturers go down this road too. One of the big issues with these displays, is that there is not enough native content shot in 18:9 to take advantage of them. This means that most videos will result in borders on the left and right of the video.

Regardless, of this, would you like to see Sony adopt a similar display on an upcoming Xperia smartphone. Do you see it as inevitable that Sony will use such an aspect ratio in the future? We would love to hear your thoughts below. In the meantime, check out some concept images of such a device from designer Victor Cao below.

  • No, and Sony said it as no plans for that

  • paul_cus

    I’m good. Don’t need the borders, which will be an issue.

  • Matteo85_b


  • Liam Hethershaw

    It’s unnessesary nearly all displays are 16:9 and nobody has thumbs long enough to cope with this trend, it’s just change for the sake of change

  • Subham Dey

    no..just no..
    bezelless is always welcome but the 18:9 ratio is crap!

  • Moisés

    No.. It is ugly.

    ZL looks nice.

    Just need to reduce body size like 5 or 6 mm and keep same 16:9.

    XA1 has 14,4 cm height .. 13,8 would be better.
    XA1 Ultra has about 16,5 cm.. Could be 15,9 cm
    XZ P has 15,6 … 15 cm would be cool..

    Screen/body ratio betwen 73 – 78% is more than enough..

    Sony Pictures and Play Station have everything 16:9. Unless they change, no chance to 2:1 screen on Xperia. It has been said…

  • Saurabh Dhaul

    Only if they can provide stereo speakers, water n dust resistant ratings and bigger battery to manage the screen

  • Non Melad

    Yes we want such a design to compete some
    companies .. thanks Sony

  • TombStone

    I would rather they re-introduce the lanyard back on the Xperia phones……..

  • The One

    No one cares about these stupid aspect ratios. Get rid of the extra large bezels first please.

  • Ami

    Not really, thank you. I think most of us are satisfied with 16:9 standard and until there is really something, especially content, to push this to happen, then it’s unnecessary. And since TVs are still dedicated to 16:9, I hardly believe everyone will start making content for such a segment.

  • iamshilov

    I really expect everyone here to say no to this concept as recently i was called a sammy fanboy for suggesting that an XA1 has huge bezels. stay strong my fellow sony friends and protect your bezels

  • joseph carmine nero

    Don’t want to Break my thumb reaching the top lol

  • Max

    Why not a 17/9 to have the back/home/app bar always active ?

  • My question is, will I get somewhere to hold *comfortably* when playing FIFA or Asphalt 8?
    Will I get loud big front-facing stereo speakers?

  • Nick Paschalidis

    Did they?Could your provide the source?

  • mountain

    I don’t really care. Currently, I do no see the point of having the new aspect ratios, except for a better VR experience, really, but other than that, I don’t see the point.

  • Ahmed Fakher

    Ofcourse i would love to, im fond of big and wide screens like lg g6 and s8 screens.
    Is that photo a concept or something like that??
    Hope sony does it with oled screens, stereo speakers and fast charging like samsung. I wouldve loved my xz more then.

  • Nuno

    Definitely some new technology that for sure future manufacturers will adopt in the future, but if you ask me I rather have 4K with HDR today. I know for sure that the XZ Premium has much better specs than the S8 and G6, if Sony markets it well, and reaches agreements with more carriers I feel it will b a good year for Sony.

  • elnd23

    Sony, please do not go for the remote control look of the 18.5.9 ratio. It looks so dumb and long. Reducing bezels like 30% will be 100 times better then the 18.5.9.

  • Zayed Kotayba

    To be honest on one hand 16:9 is the standard now days for everything from TVs to Mobiles & PCs and that’s include the media we usually consume on these type displays from TV shows to Movies so change it will mean having to deal with black bars but on the other hand it seems that the new aspect ratio is more suitable for mobiles as the phone feel more compact in term of width specially for people who wants big displays and have small hands like myself ;(

  • Jack Shihting Lin

    That’ll be great.

  • David Commins

    No…I definitely don’t want one as I use my Z5 upright 90% of the time.

  • KIMI

    Sure yeah I wouldn’t mind it at all however if they ever decided to use this aspect ratio an oled screen is mandatory so that the black bars from 16:9 content will be flushed out with the bezels, and yeah always active navigation bar and a camera ui with greater more in depth manual control that doesn’t require it to overlap onto the photos currently previewed on the camera app.

  • Vinny Conforto

    hell yeah. Huge ugly bezels are the only things that stop me from purchasing any new Xperia phones right now. S8 cuts the bezels a bit too much, but G6 looks amazing.

  • Jhericx

    Definitely yes…

  • Jhericx

    Sony never said that (never read about ut)..its just you otherwise provide your source

  • Moisés

    I guess if you listen music or watch movies the sound comes from the third speaker only, near usb

  • dko3tgk

    I dont’ want a bigger phone for a wider screen. I want the ZL with updated features. Smaller phone, same size screen.
    I’m ready to jump ship on Sony if they don’t start making phones smaller and halving the top and bottom bezels.
    Also bring back the magnetic charger. If you aren’t going to give wireless charging, bring back the magnetic charger, Also bring back Dual SIM AND SD card.
    No longer screens. Same screens smaller phone body and bezels.

  • Phil Gym

    Please reduce the bezels

  • Junior Rider

    No, just keep that 16:9 ratio, just make it at least 72%-80% screen to body ratio.
    I think 16:9 is just perfect.

  • Biancoceleste

    Why is this site talking about other phones all of a sudden? News a bit slow?

    Who gives a crap what Samsung and LG are doing, they make inferior handsets that someone who digs Xperia phones wouldn’t have an interest in, otherwise they’d be buying them.

  • Jonathan

    Actually, Sony did (kind-of) say that. They were asked about LG’s wide-screen ratio, but they said it was ridiculous.

  • Saifuddin Adnan
  • Saifuddin Adnan
  • tristi lumina

    LOL Absolutely NO!
    It looks so ugly (like toys or remote control) and practically hard to use (useless)!
    Seriosuly, imo anyone who like phone with that size don’t have ‘great-sense’ of art!

  • mynameissomeone

    it’s not about aspectratio it’s about bezels noone cares about the aspectratio they just want those thin bezels thick comes automatically with the wide display

  • jmaxim917

    Definitely would not buy.

  • Nguyễn Tấn Lộc

    I think Sony should focus on reducing the top and bottem bezel, at least try to optimize the space inside more and stick with 16:9 until other ratio actually catch on. On the other hand, the other thing Sony should rework is their camera software and the whole firmware in general. Sure it is simple, pretty close to stock which is good but in a way it also always feel lackluster. In certain aspects like camera it always feel like Sony doesn’t polish its software as they rely solely on their hardware.

  • Alex Norris

    That would be fine, but I also know that our dear Sony, always falls behind the rest of the world, and to accept reality as it is, it will take at least a year, or even more))) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2454a8a550abeb07ae23235d6738248864238c48768c6cf06b75ce7b9fe96f39.jpg

  • Alex Lim

    go full ultra wide 21:9 or get out.

  • ollito23


  • Toh Ler Kang

    Maintain the screen aspect ratio, reduce the bezel. That’s what most of us are looking for. The optimum screen/body ratio for me is 75-80%

  • HAWX

    I would buy non standart ratio screen phone only If it is using OLED so that the blackbars stays absolutely black while watching video. I don’t know about Sony but they can’t even put the same battery as Samsung puts into their phones even though Xperias has huge bezels and %20 percent more volume. If they strech the screen like S8 in the body as same as S8, they would only fit about 2400 in my opinion. And I would not buy that.

  • I think the 18:9 should be enough, the 21:9 is too much :/ The red one is lit :D Seriously xperia should part ways with the freakin’ huge top and bottom bezels :| ZL was pretty fine before.

  • nonotme

    I’d find it interesting with a smaller screen, in an iPhone 5/5S/SE kind of way, so maybe 5″ max., but not much bigger, it would make for a pocketable and still comfortable to use phone. Don’t see myself adopting anything over 5,5″ anytime soon, no matter what screen ratio it has.

  • Glendadjenkins

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  • Kirill P


  • Tong Chong Hong

    Prefer smaller bezels size

  • RuggeD_XBoY

    Maybe a separate model, like a new XA for example, but also keep a model for the people who like it traditional (XZ(s))

  • Batuhan Süersan

    I’m a Z3 user from the beginning (Before that w810-Xperia Arc and Xperia Z) and happy with the design. That speakers on the front, that bezells. I can grap my phone freely. And I can listen stereo sounds like it should be. So i hope they don’t join that bezelles concept for all the product. Maybe good for biggest one X Ultra but not for the 5-5.5 products.

  • Junior Rider

    The war on aspect ratio begins.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb43b3d654a704331875514d073ef74f9cba4cf7d36a5407e7821a989e0bcc38.png

    Samsung would release a 21:9 ratio next year and 24:9 the year after…hahaha, just kidding.

  • vctrdnl

    N to the O. I don’t want an oddly shaped, remote control-alike, uncomfortable for day-to-day usage manufacturer’s scream for attention.

  • vctrdnl

    It was all predicted a long time ago. ;) https://youtu.be/XNBP18nrRdw

  • Geese Howard

    Sony doesn’t need to follow others footsteps to be successful. I don’t really care about Samsung since it has already tarnished its name with their explosive phone(s)… LG on the other hand is a cool company; but since they are rivals in Korea, well it followed. So No and NO. Sony does not need to go to that ration in order to sell.

  • Woody UK

    TBH, no, I way much prefer the smaller, more pocketable phones! The only reason I want the XZP is because of its top specs, and by that I mean I’ve bought the compact versions of Z1 through to Z5 but not bought a new phone since due to Sony not packing their latest compact with the top specs. So I want a future proof compact phone but seeing as I’m not being provided with one, I’m going with the most future proof screen instead!
    And why do they think they’re so special that developers​ have to change their apps for them?
    If developers refused to make their apps to fit such silly shapes then manufacturers would have to stop making them.

  • Woody UK

    Just to add, I like the bezels on the top and bottom of Sony phones because I’ve got small hands but with chunky thumbs and fingers, so the bezels are perfect for me when I’m taking a photo or watching a video etc.
    It’s each to their own but just because others make edge to edge screens doesn’t mean that everyone should! Life would be really​ shit if everything was the same don’tcha think?

  • Jr

    Yes but other product line this is good for compact series removal of front speaker if possible retain and trim a little bit atleast 2500 mah. if possible fhd with 4.7 to 5 screen

  • Saeed

    Very bad design, only 16:9 :(

  • Taquidi

    I think those companies (LG and Samsung) are changing the aspect ratios only for the sake of changing. They want to offer some trademark change so they appeal to people wanting something different or unique. It’s not a change based on necessity or real usage improvement. It’s just a marketing feature. Considering the real daily usage, the 16:9 aspect ratio is more comfortable for the eyes.

  • Shehab Skull

    I would like to see anything new from Sony.. Whatever it is

  • iia3ezu

    Not with the disgustingly big bezels of Sony Xperia phones.

    Also, it’s not up to you. If the content providers e.g. Netflix are switching to the new resolution, you’ll switch too, eventually. The later you switch, the more money you’ll lose. That’s all.

  • Dejan

    Yes it will be great and bigger OLED screen 6,0 inch for flagship.

  • biclapudic

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  • Pc

    Yeah… But a little bit bezeless as I post a pic of xa1 ultra bcoz last year xa ultra and the new xa1 ultra has a little difference so there were no need for a new one but if the specs of xa1 ultra are much better like a fingerprint sensor or a battery more than 3000mah then it would be the best smartphone of mid range. If the bottom bezels were reduced a little bit then it would be damn good bcoz the home button also covers some screen space. These are my views about Sony bcoz I always prefer Xperia smartphone than any other

  • Pc
  • Mutlu Ertuğuş

    No, definitely I don’t! it’s meaningless. Just making it borderless is enough for me.


    If Sony made the fingerprint sensor for black colour a black skin that would look great cmon

  • shenoy

    Current ratio is ok. Just 3 to 5 mm reduction in both top n bottom bezels will be perfect

  • Tks! ^^

  • xtess3ractx

    It’d be nice because it is future friendly. Although I doubt Sony ever will, as was said Sony Pictures and Playstation would need to support it as well.

    That being said, if they were to. It’d be nice if they kept bezels to a bare minimum, while keeping stereo front facing speakers. Maybe move Sony logo to back.

  • dragonsneeze

    It has no practicality to it. Scroll less? What is that? You need width for better browsing not length. Some movies are in 2:1 yes but nobody watches movies constantly. Do we really need another aspect just because some manufacturers decided? Sony should have more say in this because they are the only ones providing content. That being said I think Sony’s current design is perfect for bezellless fronts, with sharp corners you don’t have to round the corners to make it look good. That’s the most ridiculous for me, rounded corners on a display in 2017? WHY?

  • Butz007

    Would you like to see a Sony Xperia with an ultra-wide display?… WHY NOT!!?? … its obviously, a current technological trend plus its an absolutely gorgeous!!!…

    Now, for those people whose complaining or questioning the technological aspect of it before even conceived, the compromising effect of finger print sensor, the aspect ratio, the UI problem, Practicality etc etc etc… No one really knows what the future might bring in terms of innovation. right? who are we to judge and be critical…

    LG and Samsung were up for the challenge! and that’s a huge deal my friend… there’s also rumor for the next iphone8 would be bezel less….

    Now…Would I like to see a Sony Xperia with an ultra-wide display?…

    The question should be for Sony… Would they really want a great financial growth on mobile market???

    Its an obvious call of action sony!

  • Moisés

    3050mAh… LOL…

    This should be the one inside XA1.

  • Moisés

    LG and Samsung are doing because iphone 7 was supposed to be this way. But Apple decided to keep it for this year to celebrate 10 year of first iphone..

  • Iki

    Why not 21:9 foldable? (sony were the first to demo foldable screens)

  • Woody UK

    So you want Sony to be a sheep and just follow what the others do?
    Of course you are welcome to your opinion and your opinion deserves the same merit as anyone elses, but that’s all they are, just opinions.
    And none of our opinions count for anything unless Sony is reading this and making their future design plans based on the opinions in this thread, and I really doubt that they are, but hey, you never know!
    But me personally…
    I want my phone to fit in my hand without having to have fingers like et to reach everywhere. I know there’s people who have hands and fingers that are a lot longer than mine so I’m sure they might appreciate it…
    But besides my own personal needs in a phone, let’s think about all the other things that would have to change just to accommodate these, imho, weird shaped screens…
    The annoying ads that are on this page, YouTube videos apps, and the list goes on and on and on and on…
    Does the s8 camera even record video or take photos in that format? If not, what’s the point except to try and stand out in some other way because they couldn’t innovate in any other way!
    Sony has innovated with their 4K HDR screen and their stunning slow motion capture!
    I’ll stick with the format that works, not with something that they’ve added because they want to copy another company’s design, like they do with most things, because they can’t bring their own innovation to the fore!
    But hey, that’s my opinion!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Don’t think they will go back to that though, since so few people actually used it and well it does take some extra space on the inside of the device :p

  • kaostheory

    Noooo! You’re eyes can only focus on one part at any time. Wide angle movies let you “look” around more and give you more sense of depth, but I don’t feel it really works on a small screen, it’s wasted space. Worse is stretching or pillar boxing. I could be wrong but so far my eyes say no.

  • SM

    A BIG NO.

  • Mustang Algeria

    yes yes i would you like

  • Butz007

    Sony to be a sheep and just follow what the others do?… IF this thing will create a huge on impact on Sony profit, I don’t see any wrong reason with it. follow the herd! as what they commonly say. The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 were using Sony IMX333 camera it will powering the main camera. I’m not so sure ….it will surpass or Do the same thing like the “4K HDR screen” and the “stunning slow motion capture” as you mention earlier. Lets say its a sub-standard Sony camera sensor. Would you feel heartbroken if S8 gathered much attention compared to Xperia XZ?(just telling a scenario)… And in few months in terms of Sale Profit we will able to see whose who got much better … we didn’t still know that yet…. But!….

    If Sony fail again this time from its sale demographic

    … and that would be a sad truth for Sony Xperia Mobile. despite of its originality and innovation. don’t you think??? and asking the question “what went wrong?”

    Maybe its time to reconsidered, what is going with other competitors…

  • Mustafa Sezer


  • Aiden Pearce

    if only Sony has guts to pull it off and price it just right…without those bezels

  • yopo


  • saki

    Intel predicted this trend in 2007 with it’s Moorestown prototype…

  • theskig

    I want it square.
    No more vertical videos, f**k yeah!!!

  • theskig


  • The One

    Yes – agreed! Make a flagship compact with bezels no bigger than the Z series and Sony will sell plenty!

  • Manuel Picos Otero

    I would not like,What I would like is that they lowered a few millimeters both up and down

  • Woody UK


  • Woody UK

    Spot on!

  • Woody UK

    Does anyone know if the XZP dual sim is a hybrid like the XZs or is it a proper dual sim with a micro SD card in addition to the two Sims?

  • Ismat Katerji

    No of course, but it would better idea if two phones can be attached together to have bigger display watching a movie.

  • DeniseHernandez1111

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  • Khillo81

    I was just going to post that! :)

  • Bettygbenson

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  • Bettygbenson

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  • Junior Rider

    haha, so it was apple in the first place…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Wow looks gorgeous and why not? I think they should make a flagship out of this design.
    Hope they use this design. Whoever made this is a genuis https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f2c2bad5ecc5c0f5bf7d49dc5e0d1d0807806f14de5cca89b69598767503576.gif
    I dig it

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    It’s not when you have two apps open side by side. that’s the purpose of that.
    But if you watch so much video then yea it looks so weird.

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    Your ZL, today, looks like dinosaur. I like this concept it looks great

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Xtra wide screen….just to watch YouTube or other streaming videos with ugly black bands on the sides?

    No thank you.

    Feels like it’s another marketing gimmick to simulate an “innovation”.

  • Moisés

    I do not have one… Just said it is cool..
    It is about the idea… ZL has 5″ like XA, but half inch shorter

  • betatesterz

    I have a 21:9 ultrawide monitor at home, and am loving this aspect ratio. I can foresee it being useful on a phone via android 7.0 multitasking in landscape mode.

    HOWEVER.. it’ll be just as interesting to get a decent size of that form factor to fit into your everyday pocket. Much design ingenuity will be needed to make this a thing.

  • yanglokal

    Its hard to reach notif bar and home button w/ one thumb only :(

  • Wafi Azmi Hartono

    It looks like a tv remote

  • dale kana

    No. Won’t fit in any pants pocket.

  • Woody UK

    That’s what tablet’s are for!

  • paul_cus

    God, I loved the design of the ZL.

  • The One

    Hybrid slot only. It saves cost over doing it the proper way.

  • Woody UK

    Gutted! But not a deal breaker, I’ll just be transferring more via cloud services.
    Thanks for replying to my question mate, very much appreciated.

  • Roh_Mish

    Maybe if they can get the new bravia like conduction speakers, I’d love slightly smaller too and bottom bazels (slightly. I don’t want them gone).

    These new phones do look amazing and futuristic but with current palm rejection tech, we can’t have those. We need a screen-less area to hold at.

  • Moisés

    I think it is dual… Flap looks bigger than the one on xzs.. Also different, on xzs micro sd is behind sim card..
    On xzp is beside..

  • webuser.my

    I wouldn’t down right give a “No”.

    So long as they are able to do it without compromise, (or any of the negatives) why not? More screen real estate, and if it is the direction of the industry, eventually apps/contents will be catered to that aspect ratio.

    If they are able to do it but still maintain a good quality front facing stereo speaker, ability to hold comfortably without accidental presses, device still be a good comfortable size/weight etc..

  • Shyam4ever

    Sony is company who always try to play safe games. Never wants to adopt new technology earlier. When rest of market had done with that technology that time Sony will implement on there mobile and will release in market which is already saturated in that time. As a result there is no business for Sony and then they will talk about closing there mobile division because of no profit.

    Come on Sony, wake up now. You have all the capabilities to produce the mind blowing devices. You just only need to change the way you thinking. Listen to the customers before other company fulfill there needs.

  • azzido

    These concepts are ugly so rather no. Where is new tablet with windows 10 and new smart band talk with pulsometer and bigger battery?

  • I would love an all screen Sony phone; They would keep the front facing speakers !

  • Woody UK

    Thanks… I’m hoping so, but someone has said it’s a hybrid on another post, so it looks like I’ll have to wait until Sony themselves announces the information

  • Raj Singh

    Bezels make it easier to hold the thing when you’re watching something and not get false inputs by accidentally touching the screen. Will be interesting to see how Samsung addresses this.

  • sfkaudi

    Just keep it as it is
    I’m going for xperia xz premium

  • Shubham

    Man, That was aspect ratio, They can go minimal bezels with 16:9 aspect ration, if they see a trend.

  • Shubham

    Sony has ton of video content and majority of which is shot in 16:9, so that’s not happening.But, they can reduce bezels

  • Shamoy Rahman
  • Fatih ALPTEKİN

    As far as i remember, google released an android device with 2:1 ratio before and they said it is perfect for half-screen-multitasking… May be ,google suggested this to manufacturers…

  • Shawn

    Sure hope not. That said, I sure hope to see another Sony phone designed like the Z5 premium. Not a fan of the current rounded/square hybrid design.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I am not saying they should go 18:9 I am saying that they should go with this design. Which looks really nice.

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    No, Please no!
    No to borderless! NEVER!

  • laci_csk

    No, thx.

  • André Bilodeau

    Nope, I prefer ratio 16:9. I would only take off 1 or 2 mm on the upper and lower bezel, that’s it. I have the Z2 for bezel reference.

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  • betatesterz

    Agreed! 21:9 Cinemascope is the way to go!

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  • MrWalker1000

    I agree. Bring back ZL it was awesome looking and it shows Sony started the bezeless war before samsung and LG did.

    reduction of bezels is definitely a must it will really stand out in the future phones to come especially if apple reduces bezels too.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Who designs these? Sony should hire them (even if this concept is too tall).

  • MrWalker1000

    the phone doesnt look ugly though. XZ was the best looking phone beofre s8 and lgg6 came out. Its still one of the only phones that can look good with bezels cuz of the omnibalance desing.

  • Kyle Kimber

    I would personally love to see this kind of innovation from sony. 18:9 is slowly becoming the normal aspect ratio with movies and television, so video content and gaming will most likely soon follow. The design of the device looks amazing (even if it is just a concept) and I’d happily purchase the device if it became available.

  • Ahsan Shahriar

    A little less bezles..

  • Yes, sony make good phones. With better disply specs it could be a good competitive to G6 or S8

  • goldenblls

    Even more likely to snap in your pocket.

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