New update (34.2.A.2.47) hits the Xperia X and X Compact with April security patch

by XB on 11th April 2017

in Firmware, Xperia X series

Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact, moving the build number to 34.2.A.2.47. We can see that this update includes the 1 April 2017 Android security patches. If you have noticed any other changes, please let us know in the comments below.

DOWNLOAD Xperia X and X Compact FTF Firmware files – Android 7.0 Nougat

Xperia X (F5121) 34.2.A.2.47 UK Generic
Xperia X Dual (F5122) 34.2.A.2.47 Middle East and Africa Generic
Xperia X Compact (F5321) 34.2.A.2.47 UK Generic

Thanks Akşemseddin, ch3mn3y, Hansa, Wile E. Cayote‏!

  • I’d love to know if at Sony they remember that they are selling these phones in Italy as well. With a specific Custom IT firmware. We still have to receive the previous update!

  • maleck johnson

    Where xa ultra update 7.0.

  • Abhijeet Abhimanyu

    When xa ultra dual is going to get nougat


    And XZ?!

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  • Is it a patch againts broadcom wifi android vulnerability?

  • alishayzadag

    It’s likely to get 7.1.

  • June :)

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  • Richard Martin

    I’ve never had so many updates/patches on any android since getting the X Compact; Sony is doing very well with this.

  • Probably.

  • zetoze

    i know this is off topic, but my Z5 Premium after nougat update sometimes doesn’t charge. i connect it to the charger, go to sleep and in the morning the phone has the same battery percentage or lower and the charging led is turned off, i disconnect it and connect again and starts to charge normally. happened to me like 4 times since the update. anyone knows something about this?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Feel the same way about my x performance :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Relax it will come in a day or two for both xz and x performance :)

  • alishayzadag

    Should I exchange my Xperia Z5 for an Xperia X? Any tips, please.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    In a day or two I guess :)

  • paul_cus

    I wouldn’t bother at this point. The Z5 is still a very capable phone. Unless you just have to have a phone from the X series, I’d stay put.

  • alishayzadag

    I’m eyeing the updates for the X and Android O including Vulkan API.

  • Juan Carlos

    Hi! how do you know? any source? :D

  • Juan Carlos

    You could go for the Xperia XZ, you can find it at a good price (~500 USD) and you will receive at least Android O, it comes with a powerful chipset (Snapdragon 820) and has a really nice design. A worth upgrade from Z5.

  • alishayzadag

    That’s outta my budget. I was interested in X because I could get one for below 300 USD.

  • jose van gaal

    i had the same problem with my z2. i solved the problem by buying a new charger.

  • adneon0

    XA still out of update game, why you so this Sony!!

  • adneon0


  • razorg

    Too bad Sony started taking updates seriously just after Z5. Bought my Z5C as I was furious with Samsung (for poor support at the time for Galaxy Note 2) and I more-or-less ended up at the same place. I don’t know who to trust anymore. I’m closely observing both of them right now, with their current devices, and will make my decision according to those observations for my next device…

  • shawn

    any Volte yet?

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    I have experienced strangely the same with my XZ. Once a month maybe but extremely irritating.

  • theskig


  • theskig

    If you want to play with updates and Concept firmware the “X” is OK.
    If you want a flagship choose a flagship. Even a old one.

  • theskig

    I have a Z5 premium Dual and no Nougat yet. I don’t know if it’s a fortune or not :)

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Givet the fact that the xperia x and x compact havet recieved updates at the same time as x performance and Xperia xz before, i think this is the case now aswell. Just this time the xpera x and x compact recieved it before x performance and xz :)

  • Attila Golik

    With Z3+ Nougat too. It’s a Nougat bug, because with MM it worked. Ridiculous, but it depends on how fast you connect the charger to the phone. If you do it slow the phone recognize it, but won’t charge, but if you do it fast and firm it start charging without any problem. Strange issue, but I tested it with many chargers,

  • twm

    What is so good about Custom IT that you don’t want to switch to a better region?

  • Carolacoffman

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  • maleck johnson

    Not for xperia xa ultra. We suppose to got 7.0 early this year but nothing. I give sony one more chance and after that I differently will create group for a lawsuit for false information.

    Especially security of this device had not seen a update since last year which is highly dangerous and open for hackers.

    Sony it is more important to keep you device up to date with the latest security update. I’m sure we can all wait on firmware upgrade but security path update ?? Should always be number one on your list.

    What a Disappointment for 399$ device.

  • Dilmeet

    Just to add my Xperia X too at times does this. Not very frequent but I have to be extra cautious while putting it to charge.

  • Dilmeet

    Updated my Xperia X and now on April Patch. Still wondering about 7.1 or 7.1.2 now though security patches are more important in my view as bug fixes unless something major can wait.

  • You should have known better than to buy a phone with a MEDIATEK device. Sony should have known better than to use a Mediatek chip, but it is what it is.

    Mediatek refuses to release the source code for their chipsets, so Sony can’t work on any tangible updates nearly as easily as devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon.

  • Haixi Zhang

    Just wondering when x performance can get 7.1.1

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  • Haixi Zhang

    It seems thats sony is giving up xp, rigbt?!

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