Sony’s Kaz Hirai says no plans to quit smartphones; looks to the “next paradigm shift of communication”

by XB on 12th April 2017

in News

Sony’s CEO and President Kazuo Hirai recently spoke to AFR revealing some interesting points about the company’s positioning in smartphones. Kaz Hirai confirmed that it expected to remain in the smartphone business going forward, as well as being commercially viable. Hirai’s says that Sony needs to stay in the smartphone game, to ensure it can be involved in the next “paradigm shift of communication”.

“A paradigm shift in how we communicate with each other occurs every 10 years or so, but if we don’t remain currently in the business then we don’t get to play or we don’t get to create the next paradigm shift of communication, we basically throw a towel in and lose all the relationships with our retailers and carriers around the world”, said Mr Hirai.

“If we did that then whatever idea we may come up with, we’re not going to be able to bring to market quickly enough,” he continued.

Sony is instead developing and testing other types of experimental projects, hedging its bets for the next big thing in communication. “We have created a different model that’s very unique, and it’s not just confined to electronics, it’s actually anything that we can think of,” Mr Hirai said.

Hirai went on to say that “the employees understand that we have a culture of pushing the envelope of challenging the status quo and that it’s OK to be challengers and to come up with new ideas. I think that for a while we kind of lost that mojo, and when I became president I wanted to make sure that we talk about that, but at the same time reinforce it with actions from the top that show employees that it’s OK to innovate and take calculated risks.”

Arguably, if you wanted to be critical, one could argue that Sony needs to take more risks on the mobile front to try to regain lost market share. How do you feel that Sony could compete more effectively once again? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Diogo!

  • The main problem is that they don’t have the ambition to be on the top of the sales

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Ooh yeah! Glad to hear that

  • DBS

    To be honest, his words shouldn’t be encouraging to ANY Xperia fan.

    Yes, he said they had no plans to quit the smartphone business (well, until they do) but his words also convey the message “We just won’t quit because we may need to re-enter and it would be difficult for us”.

    And when you’re keeping a business only on life-support, then it’s no wonder that your products are uninspired and just plain bad compared to the competition.

    This doesn’t forecast anything good for the Xperia line. We can expect the same lack of innovation, the same bland designs and the same unwillingness to fix the many problems Xperia phones have.

    I would still love to see a proper Compact from Sony with wireless charging, an AMOLED display and a camera that doesn’t suck and lives up to the Sony brand. But quite honestly, if I had already lost any hope with that…thing…that is the X Compact, this words just made it worse.

  • RockStar2005

    Here’s a risk to take………..TRY ADVERTISING MORE IN THE U.S.!! STOP releasing 2 flagships a year, and no more late releases like with the Sony Xperia X Performance last year!!!!!!!!!!

    And of course………..1) Go BACK to being a top long battery life phone maker 2) Go back to using DEDICATED DACs and dedicated headphone amps and give your phones the ability to get MUCH LOUDER!!!!!!!!

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    That is good to hear. I am glad that Sony is staying to play the game. Although, reading through this seems like they’re not playing to dominate, but instead to innovate.

    It almost sounded like they are not interested to regain lost market share–I guess it is not bad–as long as Xperia division is profitable, I think, that’s what they’re after.

    Be innovative and the same time profitable.

  • Yunus Emre

    I personally have been with the Xperia Z1 Compact. Have the Z1, Z3 and now currently the Z5 Compact.War and am currently satisfied. But somehow they get worse each time. I would work there, I would finally invent a new design language. And make a new series of models. A great one with the touch of Samsung. Since the 4K display would make sense synonymous. I thought so about 6-inch. Then a mean range that so 5.2-5.5 inches is dissolving with WQHD. And then, of course, the Compact series with the same hardware as the others. Resolution in FullHD. You should then be equipped with the 835 and 4GB. The large vllt even with 6GB. What is so hard in it? Instead even so complicated names give just the year on it or a number at the end year-for-year. If it continues to go, still the last Sony fans to Samsung … From me could the devices also 550-900 $ costs as long as you have a neat smartphone. With neat headphones and a 2A charger .. Then I could well imagine that the good sales would make but instead without simply charm some shit clap out and hope it sells .. Really Sony is one so low sunken …? ??

  • Moisés

    I read it ealier… My opinion is….

    1) Advertisement : many people do not know Xperia phones exist. Aggressive marketing is restrict to only a few countries.

    2) Sell all your devices everywhere. And a couple weeks after being presented. Not 3 months later. Z2, Z4, X Perf and XZ Premium all showed up at MWC . At as many stores as possible. In my town we only find Z phones and M5 as carrier phones… Unlocked only XA, XAU and E5. XZs has been removed from Sony Mobile of my country, I guess it is no longer coming.

    3) Waterproof mid-ranges… XA and X were supposed to replace M4 and M5.

    4) No more hybrid slots

    5) No more smaller batteries inside thicker phones. My z3+ has 2930 mAh for its 6,9mm. XZ is 8,1 mm I guess. XA1 should have 2900, XA1 Ultra 4300, 3000 for L1, XZs 3200 and 3600 inside XZ Premium.

    6) Cut the price of older devices, Z5 Premium here still costs more than XZ. Z5 costs almost half of Z5P.

    7) Please , do not charge in Latin America twice the price charged in North America and Europe. Nobody is going to pay 1400 dollars for a any phone. (Z5 Premium, it still is more than 1000). Xperia X was same price of S7, about 1050 dollars. Just for curiosity, zenfone 3 deluxe Sd821 was even more expensive..

    8) If next flagship comes with OLED screen, use it to make sound like new Bravia tvs and remove speakers.

    9) Bring a 1/2.1″ sensor and f1.9.

    10) For 2018, bring XE ( $150) , XA2( $ 250), XAU2 ($ 315), XM ( $420), XZ1 Compact ($ 540), XZ1 ($640) and XZ1 Premium ($740).

  • Moisés

    I believe Sony is not going to change things. They want to know how much $ can be earned per unit. No matter number of sales.
    Huawei is the #3 but profit is decreasing.

  • Moisés

    As long Sony Pictures and Playstation contents are 16:9, no Xperia is going to be 2:1.
    Maybe Sony decides to trim a bit the body size, like ZL.

    But people in Japan love the design used. Another reason it remains.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    I agree, because he was new president. But it was japan customers who vote for release a new phone cycle time, the 6 month > 1 year (idk because never made public to western for votes cycle with phone releases.)
    Which 1 year cycle is would be very ideal when it comes expriementing on phone hardware function like slow-mo 960fps and better software optimizing when it comes better less consumption with STAMINA.

    1) idk but it’s software optimizing and depends hardware to use power consumption (had the best battery life on Z3 Compact with 4.4 Kitkat.)
    2) Yeah, but stereo speaker… (others don’t have a stereo speaker like Galaxy S8), idk if Sony is going to use a louder for use little increase power consumption, but in terms quality as keep the best

  • dragonsneeze

    All Hw manufacturers will lose to Chinese eventually. Smartphone market is really mature now and true innovation is pretty much non existant. When was the last time a feature truly wowed people? Everybody is only excited for just a couple of brands’ new product. And they are just improvements and gimmicks. People are buying the brand name until they know about the Chinese ones. Benchmarks don’t mean anything anymore. Sony should really please its fans. Their UX is top notch. Audio and camera also should live up to Sony’s name, should be unmatched.

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah I read that a while back, but give me a break. What a waste of time, money & resources it is to make two of the SAME flagships a year. Samsung has 2, as does LG, but they’re both DIFFERENT MODELS at least! The Xperia flagships are always the same models. Sometimes you just have to do what make sense, not what’s popular.

    Plus it’s much less exciting when you have 2 a year of the same model flagship. The HTC 11 and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ are exciting because there hasn’t been one in a year!! lol

    Yeah my old Z3 had INCREDIBLE battery life, but my now former Xperia X Performance DIDN’T. It was like the worst rated of all flagships last year for battery life. 2700 mAh battery?!!! What was Sony Mobile thinking?!!!!!!!!

    Yeah the stereo speakers are still great, but I’m talking about the internals that make the sound (especially on headphones) SOUND amazing. Being able to play Hi-Res really doesn’t mean much, it’s HOW the internals process the sound that really matters. Sony hasn’t progressed there since the Z3, and that was almost 3 years ago!! HTC however did and that’s why 4 mos ago I sold my X Performance and kept the HTC 10. The only thing Sony is better at really is 1) Stereo Speakers (but 10 has 2 as well, though bottom one is on bottom side of the phone) and 2) Camera. But the 10’s camera, after 3 major camera updates since a year ago, has gotten pretty close Sony’s camera. Or at least close enough for me.

  • DIsChaos

    Dunno if you guys will be able to see , But I have asked if there would be pre-oder bonus and how long the battery can run while gaming on phone

    Well he answered there will be more detail soon ,If I get more detail I’ll share here :]

  • Pc

    Sony have to add more features in its Xperia devices… The main reason of sony’s fall is that the device are so much costly and mainly in India people are buying cheap smartphone.. I have Xperia c4.. I noticed that a number of people in India like Sony but due to its high price they move towards other.. In India Sony is considered as the most branded brand like apple

  • Biancoceleste

    I don’t think anything needs to change, they’re doing a great job.

    The XZ premium wipes the floor with anything else out there and those clever enough to know will buy it if they feel the need.

    I’m quite convinced Sony’s never been aspiring to capture the fanboy/buzzword market. They aim more for the serious enthusiast who knows what he/she wants and isn’t just chasing and touting the latest ‘flavour of the month’

    I hope they continue on that path.

  • DBS

    Actually Chinese branded phones are on decline with Lenovo leading the pack when it comes to the falling. So that’s not true anymore. People are buying brands, yes. But also quality, which they never get with Chinese brands (Huawei is the exception that confirms the rule).
    Will Sony be able to play off of that? I doubt it. But that’s because Sony hasn’t shifted its mentality. They’re using the same mentality Microsoft had a couple of years ago and that led to Windows 8 and the entire fiasco around it. Sony needs to understand that it’s the consumers that know better, not them.

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  • Warren Chang

    it’s a shame why the newer xperia phones has some great new features, but it also loses a few, i really like the mhl feature especially with cec (consumer electronics compliant ) feature which allows tv/home cinema remote to control the entire phone

    connectivity has also been sony strong forte, also noted that competitors are uses similar technology such as DeX from samsung, but with better connectivity as hybrid home pc hub

  • Warren Chang

    they also need to make an audiophile grade xperia phone, maybe a xperia walkman, noted that onkyo has it’sOnkyo DP-CMX1 GRANBEAT which is great audiophile grade player with

  • Moisés

    Huawei is the only chinese to sell well out of China-India world.
    They cannot keep low price if they try to sell everywhere.
    These brands just copy , do not bring anything new.
    In China you find tons of phones that look like the iphone.
    They just add stronger cpu and more ram. They do not care to deliver better cam, great audio new functions.

  • Moisés

    Compact respect 1 year since z3.
    XA has 1 year cycle.

    Maybe no phone at IFA

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    a ridiculous person will just tell you this.

    Want a good sound ? Go to buy a DAP.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    The worst thing is… no ambition at all.

  • Jerry Berglund

    I Actually think they have to release 3 flagships a year. A compact version, a middle version and a phablet. And not like they did with Xperia X compact, Xperia X and Xperia X Performance, two mid-end phones (that Sony wanted to package like they were premium phones). And to be honest I think they should have a midrange phone as well.

    The biggest issue I think Sony has, is that they still think they are in the leage of Apple or Samsung. And I personally think they are, because they do build excellent stuff, but they are not that big anymore. They more or less CLoser to manufactures like Oppo or One PLus One. And that means they cant take premium pricing on the devices.

    I still think people see Sony as quality productes more than Oppo or One Plus One, so if the pricing on Sony devices was just a little more expensier than the chinese companies phones, I do think people rather would choose Sony over them just because they do have a better quality history. Instead Sony takes prices that are close to iPhone or Samsungs Galaxy Serie. Sure, Sony dont loose that much anymore, just because their phones has premium prices, but they dont grow either.

  • Jerry Berglund

    BUt for once Sony did innovate. FOr once Sony did seem to make a camera that on paper (yes we really dont know yet) seems to be better than Samsung Galaxy 8S and seems to have gotten more wows than the samsungs.

    Before the Xperia XZ premium people seems to yawn over it. But not this time. But I do agree that we need a real compact phone.

  • RockStar2005

    I guess it depends on your definition of a flagship. lol But ok, 3 a year of those would be fine. Just as long as they’re different enough from each other.

    They’re only not as big as Apple and Samsung IMO b/c they DON’T ADVERTISE enough or at all in the U.S. Most people don’t even know Sony makes smartphones. Seriously. But in Sweden a girl I know told me Sony is just as big as Samsung there, maybe bigger. Big shocker: THEY ADVERTISE! lol

    Yes, I agree, the prices are too high. This isn’t 15-20 years ago when Sony’s name was much bigger than it is now with regards to cell phones. They charge more and sell less, which isn’t a good thing considering they really aren’t selling as many as they should be. They also need to get back with U.S. carriers again. This “unlocked only” BS is utter nonsense and only further hurting them. They were selling A LOT more phones when they at least had T-Mobile to sell through than they do now, according to a chart I just saw recently.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Im a swede. Lol. I guess why they do advertice here is because Sony mobiles Software division and some development of phones is here. :-) So Sony phones (even without Ericsson) is a little like a Swedish Company. :-) But you right. I think Sony left the US because they had a hard time getting AT&T Verizon to take their phones in, because they choose to sell iPhone and Samsung instead. So Sony gave up, but tried to get back several time, and gave up several times.

    We do have the same issue in Sweden though. Samsung and iPhone gets much more help from the operators to sell, and Sony has to do most of the advertising themselves.

  • DBS

    The only thing the XZP does is the super slow motion. At that it’ll probably be great. But at the thing that most people care about – photography – it’ll suck just like the others since the problems remain the same. Lack of OIS and terrible software. The S8 results will crush the XZS and XZP. So will the results from the G6 for example.

    The XZS and P will only have the slow motion video to talk about. Which is ridiculous if you ask me.

  • RockStar2005

    Oh you are? That’s awesome!! LOL

    I C. But the U.S. is a major market, and Sony MOBILE doesn’t seem to take that fact too seriously. They honestly could be KINGS here if they REALLY wanted to be IMO.

    Well the Verizon thing was Sony Mobile’s fault, and goes back to my earlier point about releasing to many of the EXACT SAME flagships. In 2015, Sony had developed a Verizon-only exclusive Xperia phone, the Z4v (a sequel to the Z3v). In Summer/Fall 2015, the phone was set to be released through Verizon, but there was a delay. Then before you knew it, Sony announced the Z5 series and set their release date within like a month or two of the Z4v. Verizon was furious about this and backed out, not surprisingly so. lol You would’ve THOUGHT Sony Mobile would’ve learned its lesson at that point, but NOPE. LOL

    Sony Mobile had a SOLID relationship with T-Mobile (my carrier) here for a while there, but now that’s gone too. STUPID!!!! T-Mobile is FAST becoming a huge presence in the carrier arena. They’ve already outranked Sprint here, and AT&T & Verizon are next. lol Many of the changes Verizon, AT&T & Sprint have made over the last few years were in response to the many promotions T-Mobile has offered. The customers get more value now than they used to, and this is ALL because of T-Mobile. Getting rid of contracts, more data and/or unlimited talk & text, data (monthly) rollover, etc………..we can thank T-Mobile for that.

    That’s only b/c those 2 companies (esp Samsung) put so much money out there to persuade sellers to feature their phones that it makes it hard for Sony to compete. Still, by not getting their name out there the way the other 2 companies do, Sony keeps interest in their phones limited. It makes me laugh when I read reviews of people saying how “innovative” Samsungs phones are, like in terms of looks. 3 years ago, Samsung was still selling plastic phones, not premium ones like Apple, Sony, and HTC. Now that they switched to phones with nicer builds, people think they were the first. No home button? PLEASE………Sony and HTC were doing that for years. lol Apple I don’t care as much about b/c they’re iOS which is a completely different format/kind of system. But Sony Mobile would give them much competition too. IMO, Sony’s (and HTC’s) phones are much closer to the iPhone in terms of style and elegance, and ease of use than Samsung’s are.

  • Warren Chang

    i have one already, sony nw-zx100, it’s great as love it as dedicated dap, no streaming, no apps or even touch screen, but what it does do is 50 hours playback of audio bliss, it’s just heaven for me

    point being, some people don’t like this, they want high end audio, apps for streaming, but within the convenience of a smart phone

  • MrWalker1000

    this exactly. If sony had ever reached mainstream it should have been when the Z2 came out which was waaay ahead of anything released during that time nothing could compete.

    the fact that it didn’t shows how important marketing is when phones like the s5 sold more than the z2/z3 it means consumers are really stupid.

  • I honestly believe that Sony REALLY needs their own Sundar Pichai or John Legere to get EVERYONE in order and right the rapidly sinking Sony ship. Kaz Hirai has done absolutely NOTHING but put ALL of Sony’s eggs on PlayStation, and let in incompetent managers and creators and developers in Xperia, Bravia TV, Alpha cameras, and Walkman. For one thing, Samsung Galaxy S8 uses a Sony camera module, but Sony’s cameras on Sony Xperia are consistently considered the worst (in terms of software processing) among the tier one OEMs.


  • Max Li

    My feedback to Sony mobile:

    As a long time Sony Xperia user I definitely will not change to other brands.
    I have been a Sony customer for so long that I know they are a customer orientated
    However as much I don’t like to always feedback on Sony Facebook time to time about products, issues and etc.
    One thing I think they can do is open “Product Feedback” channel to improve or rather design products that one may desired.
    Just to share lately I ask Sony on two matters:
    1) Why is it Sony only push Xperia phones only but Xperia tablet seems like dead.
    I think many also agree that Sony isn’t pushing their phone as hard like other
    Like Samsung keep spamming that Battery safety ad is simply annoying.
    Xperia tablet in my country SG seems like dead here.
    Why? Simple, same like phone not many know or are aware what is Xperia phone or tablet. LOL!
    Only common brand is Samsung or Apple which are main branding here in SG.
    As a Xperia user, sometimes people will ask me what brand of phone I am using
    cuz they say they didn’t seen it before.
    In public spaces I do have eyes glaring at my Xperia phone.
    Really? WTH man.
    2) Sony Xperia hardware/software issues
    Now as far many do not use Sony Xperia due to either bloatware or feel that Xperia are inferior as compared with other brands.
    Xperia have been the most durable phone I have used since Nokia era.
    So many Android phone have come and gone.
    Now as far as Xperia Software goes, Sony please stop with the bloatware.
    Recently I just upgrading from Z2 to XZ, yes there are bloatware that I do not need like Amazon shopping, Zalora and etc.
    Worse is you cannot uninstall them but disable them only. WTH?
    Somehow I feel that this got to stop and wish somehow feedback to them about this.

    That is all I have say, sorry for the long post as I also hope Xperia to remain in the market.
    If not I may have to jump not to Samsung, not to Apple but to Nokia Android phone.
    Gosh why is many are complaining about Sony Xperia camera?

    To be honest Z2 camera the issue is incorrect white balance, I tried to feedback about this but the issue is still there. XZ wise so far so good, the thing I like is it feels like Sony RX100 especially the capture speed is simply amazing.

    XZ picture quality so far is promising but as a pro photographer I have not put it to it’s limit yet.
    Xperia user

  • Pc

    The new Sony Xperia xa1 ultra is quiet good bt if it have a battery more than 3000mah and a fingerprint sensor and the bottom bezel more less than it could me more valuable. So sony have to think about every single thing to compete in the mobile market

  • Vinny Conforto

    Then they have to follow the current trend on smartphones, that means tap into QHD(not 4K), reduce bezels(the biggest problem to me), refine the dated design language. And do not introduce too many models. L1 is redundant

  • Vinny Conforto

    yeah X Compact was a total disaster while Z3 Compact was an innovation

  • Warren Chang

    actually walkman range has a niche market, especially in the high end one, such as former flagship nw-zx2, nw-zx100, current flagship nw-wm1a ( or the super high end version nw-wm1z)

  • Harish

    Sony doing decent with smartphone business without even proper advertising. Just imagine if they started advertise it.
    After all consumers​ around the world are the​end user, so sony should build a team that follows what their fans expecting through social media.
    Just release 3 version (Phablet,5.2 device and a compact version) with exact specs, in IFA.
    Release mid-rangers in the next quarter.
    If they want to capture US market, they can even consider rear Fps and providing edge to edge (Xa ultra) type flagships. Just saying. Come on sony.

  • MrWalker1000

    yeah I can definitely see the next step being something akin to the ZL.

    the ZL shows sony is capable of innovation and they started the bezeless war before samsung and lg.

  • MoYeung

    Need to sell more units in USA.

  • hansip

    know what Mr Kaz? Stop putting small battery on your big ass big bezel phone! It’s ridiculous.

  • Ahmed Fakher

    One more thing, do not replace the fingerprint its very fit where it is ( on the powet button ).
    Fingerprint sensor should come to US.
    However, reduce the price of the phones for god’s sake.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Design a phone like this (resembles Xperia Arc).
    Switch back from Li-Po to Li-Ion for 3300mAh.
    Improve camera low-light performance more.
    Incorporate a JDI AMOLED screen.
    Develop US carrier relations.
    Cut bezels like Xperia ZL.
    Price it at $500.

    That’s how Sony can SIGNIFICANTLY strengthen its position in the smartphone market and use those new found profits to invest in VR.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony needs to scrap that Li-Po piece of shit and go back to Li-Ion like the Z3 days when battery was 3000mAh+. Also front firing stereo speakers SHOULD NOT be an excuse for bezels, the speakers are tiny compared to the bezels if you tear the phone apart. Also Z3/XP style speakercuts are ugly. Z2/Z5 style speakerslits should be a standard by now.

  • xtess3ractx

    Sony needs to focus on quality over quantity. This new flagship every 6 months is ridiculous. Stick to two lines, flagship, and budget. Then within those keep 3 size models. Imo 4.6″, 5.0″, 5.5
    The difference between the two different lines should be materials, features, and performance of parts. Ie Qualcomm chips vs MediaTek. Also metal construction vs polycarbonate

  • husam alhourani

    Every time i look at my old ARC, i get amazed by its beauty…
    it’s without a doubt, the most beautiful phone ever!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    1. New Design.
    I think Sony should start to think about a new design. This looped design looped for a while now.(Not a bad thing but needs a change).

    2. Stick with 3 flagships.
    One in MWC and a Phablet and a compact device at IFA. and these phablet and Compact should be powerhouses just like it’s flagship device

    3. Cut down the prices of the mid-range low-end devices.
    If you’re focusing them on asia, even in other countries as well. There are plenty of Chinese(Xiaomi, Huawei) mid-range phones which offer so many features but their software is bad. Maybe they only receive one update or never. (even these mid-range devices have fingerprint sensors now.(Sony made these XA1 XA1 Ultra device so Awesome but lacks fingerprint sensor.

    4. Get camera Software right.
    I mean the new UI is okay. I am not a big fan of the UI and there’s enough of space in the screen to put all the content when you go to manual mode.
    For an eg. I have to go into a separate setting to change iso.
    At least they can have a look at Google pixel’s Auto HDR mode and implement something like to shine Superior Auto cause it takes multiple images and stick them together to reduce noise. Which Samsung is doing right now.
    Camera API2 RAW imagine not supported is a big let down. All the manufacturers support now.

    5. Battery life. Sony was one of the top dogs in the battery department. With Z1 Z1 Compact Z2 Z3 Sony did rule the market and this 2 Day battery life. Which isn’t achievable today because they’ve been busy cutting down the battery.
    I am bit skeptical about XZ Premium’s battery life cause I am planning on getting it and hope I won’t be let down by it.

    6. Stereo speakers. I asked one of my friends about how he feels about Stereo Speakers? He was like he doesn’t care about it that much but what he cares about getting Good audio quality out of the headphones. He prefers less bezels over the stereo speakers and he’s never gonna use those to listen to music.
    In his case it’s very true and to secure these stereo speakers Sony needs to cover them with something and which produces less sounds. All the other flagships have loud speakers yet Sony’s very quiet and Sometimes you can’t hear them ring also. They mentioned they are going to fix the audio in O but let’s see.

    7. Fingerprint Sensor.
    It’s really cool to have FP on the power button. But this not having the sensor for US region is bit absurd and people want these things. I’ve been wanting it ever since they announced. But I’ve held back because after Z2/Z3 decent phone they produced was Z5 and XZ. Still didn’t get them I feel like not letting go of my Z3 which is a beast to this date.
    I still don’t get how LG manages to put it in their power button but Sony can’t. Cause it’s supposed to be a patent issue. Am I right?
    But I think they should place it back of the phone and get rid of the side bezels and top bezels if can. This ultra-wide display concept design was awesome, keeping 16:9 it can do well.
    Also get this FP on other mid-range devices too.

    8. Software.
    There’s no complain here. The best Software out there. Well optimized. Had few ram management issues with 6.0.1 but I think they’re fixing it with 7.1.2. Sadly Z2/3 won’t get it but we have custom roms for that :D (Not complaining so far the best software out there TBH)

    9. Ads.
    Sony should make aware of the devices to the people like other companies do.

    Maybe this is all my 9 things they should think of and make their next flagship awesome.
    Hope to see great things from Sony. I am getting XZ Premium and I hope it won’t disappoint me in battery life cause that’s one thing I care about the most.

  • razorg


  • Bram Endo

    If they do, how fate audio division like walkman player? same as divison camera with alpha and Cybershot, If they improve camera quality at xperia….
    Example quality camera at Samsung galaxy s series, but how fate their camera division? Yeah no longer heard the news one of the product, nx camera series….

  • Andrey

    2017 is the year of frameless smartphones that’s what a frameless flagship and beautiful.

  • lovebmw

    If they listen to us, they will compete

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    Sony’s amazing OLED screen that bends into the loop design with all aluminium mono-frame. BOOM instant win.

  • A Niche market canNOT save a company as ginormous as Sony. They need MASS MARKET appeal, and they have straight up failed in that regard.

  • Carolacoffman

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  • fried_egg

    When you think of the number of boxes around your house that Sony used to dominate the high end sales in…. Trinitron, VCR (beta cough), Video8, Hifi (big box or separates), cd, dvd players/recorders, Radio alarm clocks… all replaced by digital streaming and end point devices like the smartphone… if Sony wants to remain in consumer audio/visual products it has to be in smartphones. The “dock” market (i.e. the speakers etc you can link to make your smartphone a hifi) have new brands that took Sony’s place as a speaker brand easily…. Sony needs the smartphone for it’s component business and for the leader of the “dockable” endpoint devices.

  • jxPerience

    If sony is listening to us, they will be heading to the right path.
    If they want to be relevant, just get rid of LOW-MID-HIGHMID models. Then focus only with 3 Flagship devices every year.

    Just like how they introduced the Z5 family. only 3 models 3 different sizes with the same power. and 2 powerful windows tablet

    So i guess it about time to relive the Z series on 2018. It could be the Xperia Z9
    X Performance (Z6)
    XZ (Z7)
    IFA model (Z8)
    so in MWC 2018 Just announce
    Z9 with (5.1-5.2) with the latest software and hardware

    then IFA 2018 Just announce
    Z9 Compact (4.6)
    Z9 Premium (5.5-5.7)

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Do you think giving just single DAC chip, single headphone amp to Xperia would disturb Walkman production line ? I don’t think so.

    If it’s like that then ONKYO wouldn’t make Granbeat for sure.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Yeah… I also have one. But oh well it’s really inconvenient for me to carry it along with my phone. Something like GRANBEAT would be good.

    Well… I don’t think giving just single DAC chip, single headphone amp to Xperia would disturb Walkman production line.

  • Warren Chang

    Actually nex mirrorless interchangeable camera are now called a6000

  • Ryuzaki Raiga
  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    L1 is not redundant if they only sell those phone to developing country

  • S.H.U.R.O.
  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    agree with you. 3 flagship that shared same SoC, difference size and feature. that enough.

    compact 4.6inch

    normal 5 inch

    phablet 5.5 inch

  • paul_cus

    Keep up the good fight, Sony.

  • ShinOrochiX

    They should stop spewing out devices like Samsung, Samsung can do that because they literally own the Android market share, they can produce any sort of device and it’ll get bought, just because of the brand recognition.

    Sony is nowhere near as big as Samsung, they need to have limited devices and continue support for them (there was nothing wrong with the Z series tbh), why did they bring back the L series? Next you you know they’ll release a J1, it just doesn’t make sense.

    All they need is a high end and midrange line (X and XA series) and the budget end (E series). Give these devices decent specs, Mediatek is ok but for example the battery capacity on the XA and XA1 is substandard-this won’t help sales. The current pricing is also good (cheaper than Samsung).

    They need to market a lot more (not just youtube :-P), I can’t remember the last time I saw a TV ad about Sony Xperia but I remember seeing one for the S8. :-/

    Oh and two flagships a year is ridiculous, before I understood they were playing catch up but now it’s pointless.

  • Raj Singh

    Sony Mobile needs VR and Nexus or Pixel phones.

  • Rob Gillingwater

    Great news Sony is staying in the market, I agree with keeping it simple and not trying to follow trends (often of little value) just technical excellence i.e. avoid curved screens no border etc.just please quality of build and software.

  • Moose

    Reading this article made me sell my XZ and buy a Galaxy S7 edge

  • paul_cus

    Yep, someone asked me about my X Compact last night. Wasn’t even aware that Sony made phones. Not the first time that’s happened, either.

  • paul_cus

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything else out of the Z line.

  • RockStar2005

    EXACTLY Paul. lol Playstation, blu-ray players, TVs……..yeah, everyone knows Sony for THOSE things, but it’s not enough.

  • David Commins

    By never making another Z3+/Z4 mistake again!

  • dragonsneeze

    yeah, i guess you’re right. I still think brands are living off of hype and gimmicks. This will be over sooner or later. Or I’m just too optimistic about people’s reasoning. Microsoft is a giant at their game, they quickly turned things around, maybe Sony just doesn’t have the right people or resources for the revolution. They are not so bad at listenning to consumers, they have concept, beta. They did some changes folks wanted. They are just a little slow to move things around. That maybe is because of their position, they are not strong. They saw they can’t knock over Samsung or Apple by Z2 times. Kinda makes sense for them to come up with the next big thing or be ready to “play” quickly. idk.

  • dragonsneeze

    Many people doesn’t need more than that. But maybe you’re right. Here’s hoping for Sony to survive and thrive. :P

  • Hitu Thakor

    In India if sony wants to stay in market sony should make product as per indian people need..

  • Moisés

    It is not that bad… I love mine… I feel satisfied.
    Fast, gorgeous, great cam…

  • DBS

    Two things:
    ” Microsoft is a giant at their game, they quickly turned things around”

    Well, Microsoft ditched mobile altogether. Unlike Sony they understood their game was over and quit. Of course it’s not exactly the same. Sony on Android can keep a phone on a life-line because the OS isn’t dead as Windows Phone is. But they’ll still bleed money. But if the PlayStation division has a crisis of any sort, Sony Mobile sinks.

    “They are not so bad at listenning to consumers, they have concept, beta. They did some changes folks wanted.”

    Yeah, don’t believe for a minute that they’re listening. The Concept program etc from Sony, just like the “Windows Insiders”, is the way they found to actually outsource the testing of their software…for free!
    People who join those betas are doing the job that Sony and Microsoft used to pay others to do. But under the disguise of “listening to feedback” they use those beta testers to find out the bugs and problems and address them. All for free.

    I don’t like to use Samsung as an example for anything but when it comes to the S6 versus S7, that’s when you see a company really actually taking in consumer feedback.
    When Samsung released the S6 they got a ton of backlash from their consumers regarding the lack of waterproofing and microSD expansion. What happened? The S7 put those things back. And Samsung admitted they did it because consumers complain.
    Now let’s look at Sony:

    Since the Xperia Z1 that they have been hearing their camera software sucks and that the phones need OIS. It’s been 4 years since the Z1. And their phones STILL have cameras with crap software and no OIS.
    And Sony HAS received the feedback from consumers. They simply ignored it.

  • theskig

    That’s good news.
    But, Mr. Hirai, “shift” doesn’t mean remove support to good old features like answering machine, MHL, FM radio and microSD slot on Dual models :)
    Just improve, not remove.

  • David Commins

    Agreed, I have the Z5 myself which is pretty similar tbh and I’m happy also, but when the Z3+/Z4 launched it was overheating. Problems were fixed later but a lot were put off buying one.
    Solution: test phones before release.

  • Phil Gym

    While many people are holding S8, G6 and possible iPhone8, it’s embarrassing to hold Xperia phones with huge bezels. That’s what Sony has to change first.

  • Moisés

    In 2018 they could do this:

    XE : 4,8″ HD LCD , Helio P15, 2gb ram, 16gb, 16mp/8 mp, 2500 mAh, usb c $ 160

    XC: 6″ Full HD LCD, Helio P30, 4gb, 64gb, 23mp/16mp, 4000 mAh, usb c , ip68, fingerprint scanner , $ 340

    XM: 5″ Full HD LCD, SD 660, 4gb, 64gb, 23mp/13mp, 3000mAh, usb c , ip68, dual, fingerprint scanner, $ 440

    XZ1 Compact: 4,5 ” HD Oled, SD 8xx, 6gb, 64gb, 19mp/19mp, 2700mAh, ip68, usb c, fingerprint scanner, $ 530

    XZ1: 5,2″ Full HD HDR Oled, SD 8xx, 6gb, 64gb, 19mp/19mp , 3400mAh, usb c, fingerprint scanner , ip68 , $ 630

    XZ1 Premium : 5,6 ” 4K HDR Oled, SD8xx, 64gb, 19mp/19mp, 3750 mAh, usb c, ip68, fingerprint scanner, $ 800

    All bring screen/body = 76% , front speakers except XE.

  • dragonsneeze

    I didn’t even think of mobile when talking about w8. I thought you were referring to first times when it didn’t have start menu, it was more like a touch experience etc. MS of course wasn’t and isn’t a giant at mobile OS game. There were reports of Sony Mobile making profit. But I don’t know how good that is when sales are low.

    About the they are listenning part, I think they do. Also beta and concept programs are different. Maybe they involve a clever plot but I still think letting actual users decide and contact with devs directly is a good move.

    First Z and Z1 came with pre-installed screen protector
    They had TN displays. Not so great batteries.
    Z2 fixed those. And they complained about the plastic rim around the metal frame. And the speaker slits were uncomfortable to hold on your ear. They fixed that with Z3. Z3+ came with exposed ports but still got backlash for being too similar while going back to Z2 speaker design because it was more “beautiful” that way for some. Glass backs were in but they got smudgy as hell. Z5 fixed that while introducing new camera everyone was complaining about the same hw since Z1. (It took time like I said.) I’m excluding XP, it didn’t have global release. XZ changed the design for better handling, and came with metal back, a more comprehensive manual mode. People complained that cam had too many MP, phone had too much plastic. XZP fixes those also. Like I said they move slow. Btw, 4K didn’t have great EIS now it’ll have the SS we know and love.

    S6 had to be changed because it cut too many features of their previous generation. It felt like a downgrade for some people. It still sold a lot and Samsung has everything to react quickly to feedback.

    So they did improve the camera. They are just too subborn to add OIS I really don’t know why. They know SS is better for videos I’ll give them that. But they are making pro cameras it shouldn’t be hard to do, especially after introducing cam bump. When it comes to SW of camera I don’t agree. Processing is criticised and could be better for the auto mode but sucks? That’s a bit too harsh. Every camera has its ups and downs.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Yes, the XZs camera is the best but we need even better performance, not something that’s just slightly better than the competition.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony did higher quality and quantity with the Z3, the fact that they’re doing worse in both now is very odd. Also 5.1″ is a bit better than 5.0″ since its more in between 4.6″ and 5.5″ and can fit a few more internals.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony should partner up with them.

  • DBS

    Well, Microsoft’s answer to Windows 8 was to simply completely scrap it. And with it being just software, they were able to just issue the update to Windows 10 for free. Sony can’t even issue an update to the Z3 line to compensate for Google’s decision to not certify Nougat for snapdragon 801 processors.

    As for your description of the evolution of the Z line, I can’t agree with it.
    Not in the part that they didn’t fix some of those things but in the sense that people actually weren’t complaining about some of those things.
    For example, the issue with the pre-applied screen protectors were a thing bloggers complained about…but not actual consumers.
    The glass backs, again, nothing that the consumers complained at all. On the contrary. Which is why you now see all the major flagships switching to glass whilst Sony is going the opposite direction.

    “Z5 fixed that while introducing new camera everyone was complaining about the same hw since Z1.”

    Sony had introduced a “new camera” on the Z3. And the Z5. And the X Performance. And the XZ. And the XZ Premium. The problem is, Sony doesn’t actually introduce new cameras at all. They introduce new sensors. But that’s just a part of the camera. The rest of it, and arguably the most important parts, they have kept the same.

    “People complained that cam had too many MP”

    I have literally hear NO ONE complaining about this. Zero. None.

    Here are the main complains people (myself included) have had about the Xperia cameras for a looong time:
    – They lack OIS, which is absolutely crucial for photography in mobile, specially in low light;
    – The post-processing is absolute sh*t;
    – The manual mode is a joke. Even the supposed “more comprehensive manual mode” is a joke because it’s not more comprehensive at all. It still fights the user all the way. You want to set shutter speed, it locks the ISO values. You want to tweet the ISO values, shutter speeds get locked. It literally insists in thinking it knows better than you. And it doesn’t.
    – Lack of RAW support. This one I know why Sony doesn’t put it. The moment they enable RAW, people will realise that the problems with Xperia cameras have always been the sh*t software and lack of hardware and not the sensors themselves. And that will give Sony terrible press.

    “4K didn’t have great EIS now it’ll have the SS we know and love.”

    This is the other thing. Sony keeps focusing on video recording. The thing is…the vast majority of mobile users does NOT use the camera for video but for photography. So while they may even put in SteadyShot for video (and SS only works on video), the camera experience will still be awful.
    In the end, the cameras haven’t improved at all in the area most people care about: photography.

    “They are just too subborn to add OIS I really don’t know why.”

    I do. They didn’t want to add OIS – and I heard this directly from Sony’s designers – because they didn’t want to add a hump on the phone.
    Which just makes the hump on the XZS/XZP downright insulting. They now added a hump and still no OIS. At this point, this can only be justified by pure stupidity.

    “Processing is criticised and could be better for the auto mode but sucks? That’s a bit too harsh.”

    It’s definitely not. The criticisms on the post-processing are absolutely warranted. The software over sharpens everything (even on manual), ads tons of artifacts, can’t handle low light properly and can’t handle variations in exposure. For example, if you live in a country where the sun shines a lot and skies are mostly clear, and if you try to capture a scene where the sun is shinning but there’s a building or something closer to you which lies in shadows, the camera can’t capture it. It will either allow you to capture the object in the shadows, and the sky will be burned out, or it will allow you to capture the blue of the sky and the object in the shadows gets blacked out. Because the processing can’t handle simple exposure variations.
    And because you don’t have access to RAW files, you can’t even fix that later.

    When I bought the Z3 Compact on launch I thought Sony had the best cameras on Android. After all, they were Sony’s. I can’t even describe to you the frustration and disappointment I had.

    “S6 had to be changed because it cut too many features of their previous generation.”

    It didn’t cut too many features. It cut features people cared about. For example the IR blaster was also cut and no one really complained. Like the heart-rate monitor was now cut on the S8 and no one is complaining about that either.

    Sony on the other hand, for example, cut the waterproofing on that abortion that is the X Compact. And people complained. Will Sony fix that? I doubt it.

    (Specially because the X Compact in Japan is actually waterproofed and even the Western version of the phone sports waterproofing construction…just not official certification).

  • KS Goh

    Sony mobile will be the top of the implement their bravia oled technology on their smartphones and ged rid of the bezels. Still waiting for the moment.

  • Alex Norris

    We don`t understand what they are striving for … I understand that the Chinese are trying to become a market leader, and what sony wants, we do not understand .. Only to supply their sensors for competitors, that’s all they can do .. When i see on photo samples on GSMArena, want to cry from such shameful quality (

  • Christinetchan

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  • Sunrise

    please no amoled. it hurt my eyes and its crap, bezels are not problem

  • dragonsneeze

    Nougat thing is not Sony’s fault. Their effort was wasted too. It’s simple: you want Google services? You have to comply.

    I’ve heard, read, watched about those complaints. They are not even all. There’s the SW side, where they got critisized for the same UI for launcher and camera UI. They also did work on UI. It even inspired Pixel’s circular icons.

    The thing about your camera complaints is that even with Z1 you got better results with the old manual mode but everyone was like “Everybody uses auto, no one wants to deal with manual.” Now you want RAW. I never saw a person in real life using RAW in smartphone. It’d be nice to have but it’s not as drastic of an element as OIS in mobile photography imo.

    Like I said every camera has its characteristics. Even pro cams by Sony is bashed for jpg processing. Xperia camera tends to brighten the shadows. It uses center metering generally. The rest is up to the user. If you know your equipment and have enough knowledge I don’t believe for a second that Xperia cam could ruin a scene. I never did that while other auto users struggled to chose what to do. I already saved the shot.

    If you want to see oversharpening look no further than S7 camera.

    The features you say about S phones were mostly gimmicks no one cared about from the beginning. No SD and no waterproofing while keeping unibody is one too many of a feature. But people still bought it.

    You said it yourself XC has waterproofing, just not officially. No one give warranty for water damage anyway. So why complain? And it’s only one feature. Compacts always were a plastic fest. Why do you hate it so much? I personally think it’s better than other Compacts with one exception that is 4K recording. I’ve watched an interview a Sony rep of my country said Compacts were not selling as well as bigger brothers. This was due to little price difference. But the internals justified it, still only a few cared about that.

  • DBS

    As I wrote ” to compensate for Google’s decision to not certify Nougat for snapdragon 801 processors”.

    Sony could perfectly well have issued an update to Marshmallow to bring as many things from Nougat as possible and circumvent the system. They deliberately chose to not bother, drop the phones, give the middle finger to the people who helped them test the update, and move on.

    “Like I said every camera has its characteristics. ”

    Yes. And Xperia camera’s characteristics is that they suck.

    “If you know your equipment and have enough knowledge I don’t believe for a second that Xperia cam could ruin a scene.”

    Well you should. Because it does. Why? Because the only way to “save” the scene would be to use manual. Except manual mode on Xperias isn’t real manual mode, it’s more like Superior Auto Plus.

    “If you want to see oversharpening look no further than S7 camera.”

    I have an S7. It’s night and day. Yes, it over sharpens a bit but it doesn’t introduce artifacts into the picture. Xperia cameras do.

    “You said it yourself XC has waterproofing, just not officially. No one give warranty for water damage anyway. So why complain? ”

    Yes they do. I don’t know where you’re from but in Europe, if you certify your phone with an IP rating, you’re legally bound to comply with the two year warranty and that includes the waterproofing.

    “And it’s only one feature. Compacts always were a plastic fest. Why do you hate it so much? I personally think it’s better than other Compacts with one exception that is 4K recording.”

    – Cheap plastic all around. A trend that started with the Z5C. But both the Z1C and Z3C were glass.
    – No official waterproofing.
    – Bigger than the Z5C and the Z3C but still the same 4.6″ screen.
    – Battery is 100mAh bigger than the Z3C but lasts a lot less longer.
    – Mid-range processor
    – Still a 720p LCD screen (720p I can let pass since at 4.6″ it makes no difference but helps battery life. But an IPS LCD in 2016 is ridiculous).

    And then there’s the fact it’s NOT a real Compact. It’s a Mini. The Compact line stood for flagship specs in a normal sized device. The X Compact is the antithesis of all of that.
    And of course, there’s the shitty camera.

    “I’ve watched an interview a Sony rep of my country said Compacts were not selling as well as bigger brothers. ”

    Which country is that? Because in Europe the Compact line ALWAYS OUTSOLD the bigger versions of the phone.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, its because just 1 phone doesnt make you popular. I can understand why Sony left the US several times. The phones is to tied together with your operators over there, wich isnt the fact in Europa or asia. SO its easier to get in a footing and sell at least something. In US it doesnt work because the big operators just help Samsung and Apple to sell their phones. Even LG and other brands have issues in the US.

    SO maybe it would be better if the ties to the operators weren’t that tight.

  • RockStar2005

    Says who? Apple only released ONE iPhone a year, and it’s arguably the most popular phone in the whole world! lol

    To a point I agree, but they could also do what HTC does which is release unlocked phones that are FULLY compatible with the main carriers here. At least a couple of them. Like HTC’s unlocked phones are GSM only!carrier=unlocked&color=silver , so can’t get an unlocked one for CDMA-based ones like Verizon or Sprint, but AT&T and T-Mobile (my carrier) are GSM, so I got the unlocked HTC 10 and HTC went out of their way to make it FULLY compatible with T-Mobile’s network , something Sony would NEVER do (anymore anyway) b/c it costs money to certify it with T-Mobile and time too. lol They don’t care, HTC does. That’s why I left Sony and went back to HTC 4 mos ago with the HTC 10. LOVVVVE this phone! May even get the 11/U/Ocean when it comes out in a month or so too. We’ll see.

    The carriers help sell the other brands b/c esp Samsung and Apple pay them to I suspect, but also, THEY (other brands) advertise (well Apple not as much, but they also don’t have to lol). Sony DOESN’T. Apple is also another system entirely, so I don’t like to mix them in with Android that much. No one knows about Sony’s phones here really, so of course carriers are gonna have a tough time selling them b/c it’s not enough to just have them on display in a store. You gotta have billboards, radio ads, TV commercials, etc etc! Sony put the Xperia Z in the James Bond movie “Skyfall”, but that’s not NEARLY enough! You gotta have more ads and better ones. Most of Sony’s ads are boring and forgettable IMO, though not all. And they only have them on YouTube, which is stupid b/c the only people who will see them are those who were ALREADY seeking out their phones in the first place. That’s not how you grow. That’s how you stay stale or lose customers IMO.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I said JDI AMOLED, not Samsung AMOLED. How is better contrast and more accurate colors supposed to hurt your eyes? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Sony is going full AMOLED in 2018 and is eliminating LCDs from its midrange and high end phones. Death to LCD!

  • razorg

    For some reasons unknown to us, some particular people have developed an unnecessary hatred towards all sorts of OLED displays, and I’ve never seen a logical explanation for that. I don’t care if it’s Samsung’s or someone else’s make, OLED is a no brainer technology, and the way forward. I still love my Note 2’s “ancient” 720p Super AMOLED display when I sometimes use it next to my Z5C, and despite the lower PPI and less brightness etc, it’s always a pleasing experience for me and I hope Sony goes with a sort of OLED soon. It’s better energy efficient, contrast is vastly superior to any IPS LCD around, it creates possibility for proper Always On (Glance) sort of feature implementation, and the display modules with OLED tech is considerably slimmer than LCD counterparts, meaning thinner phones or chances of getting more battery capacities by keeping the current phone dimensions, for instance. And yet people oppose these…

  • DBS

    “It’s not a mini, it’s XC not XZC”

    Again, the Compact line was designed for “flagship specs on normal sized devices”. The X Compact is an abortion that makes no sense. It’s closer to be something like an M5 Compact. But since the Compact line wasn’t designed like that, the X Compact is not a real Compact as per Sony’s own design of the Compact line.

    “You switched to S7, this clearly shows people don’t care about small phones enough to stay with Sony.”

    Not when the rest is sh*t, no. That’s the problem. Sony does NOT offer devices that are enticing to consumers nor justify their prices. I don’t like the size of the S7 (and I switched to the normal version, mind you). I would rather have the phone the size of the Z3C. However, when I weight:
    – the vastly superior AMOLED 2K screen; wireless charging, exceptional camera (using a Sony sensor); premium build quality, a powerful theme engine…then no, the size of the Compact line is in itself NOT enough to justify using a sh*t phone.

    And no, no one should move on. I like Sony. I don’t like Samsung. So it’s perfectly normal that I want Sony to stop being morons and step up their game. The S7, for example, is the phone Sony could have done in 2014 if they weren’t so amazingly stupid and stubborn. Had they listened to complaints, they’d be in a far better position now.
    And if they had done so, their Compact line would still be amazingly popular, like they WERE. And the iPhone SE is.

  • dragonsneeze

    Compact line always had lesser specs than regular line. The added gig of RAM is a better value than a 1080p display at that size. And XC price is perfectly reasonable after price cuts. It’s cheaper than A3 while being better (don’t know every price around the world).

    You say it, great size but the rest is shite? How can you say you love Sony. You don’t. Don’t lie to yourself. You list S7 specs like a 3 minute commercial you LOVE Samsung. Amoleds, 2K, wireless charge… You want Sony to be Samsung. That’s impossible. While wanting this you can’t have Sony. You don’t get Sony if you think Z3C or even XC is shjt. Just because cam is not up to your expectations you can’t trash all of it. Sony brought the small + big releases now even Samsung is doing. They made the S7 in 2014 it’s called Z2.

    It’s not like every other company brings the greatest. Every device has advantages and disadvantages. When Xperia features OIS you’ll complain about the LCD. Sony just can’t win with you. You should free yourself and admit you are in love with Sammy.

    Gosh, I’m tired. Done writing. We have different views I guess. Let’s leave it at that.

  • DBS

    “Compact line always had lesser specs than regular line.”

    No, it hasn’t. The only differences were ONLY the resolution of the screen (720p vs 1080p) and 1GB of RAM less as a result of that. Both those things were a result of it being a smaller device. Everything else was the same. Same camera, same features, same processor.

    “And XC price is perfectly reasonable after price cuts”
    For 300€ it’s a good phone. I’m not contesting that.
    However it’s still not worthy of the “compact” label. Because it’s not a real Compact.

    “You list S7 specs like a 3 minute commercial you LOVE Samsung. Amoleds, 2K, wireless charge… You want Sony to be Samsung.”

    I want Sony to realise it’s 2017. I’ve had phones with AMOLED screens since 2013. With wireless charging since 2012. With great cameras since the Nokia N series. NONE of what I listed is a “WOW” feature. They’re all basic things Sony phones still lack in 2017. For example, when all major flagships have added wireless charging, Sony not only has ditched their magnetic charger, it has not added it. Same for AMOLED screens, OIS etc.

    “You don’t get Sony if you think Z3C or even XC is shjt. ”

    I didn’t write the Z3C was shit. If it was I would have never bought it. The only thing that was shit on the Z3C was the screen (because AMOLED > LCD) and the camera. That’s it.
    The X Compact on the other hand is.

    “Just because cam is not up to your expectations you can’t trash all of it. ”

    I’ve listed plenty of reasons why the X Compact is horrible.

    “They made the S7 in 2014 it’s called Z2.”

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah no.

    “It’s not like every other company brings the greatest. Every device has advantages and disadvantages. When Xperia features OIS you’ll complain about the LCD. Sony just can’t win with you. You should free yourself and admit you are in love with Sammy.”

    It’s not a question of not having all the greatest. It’s the question of Sony phones being so far removed from being competitive it’s ridiculous. It’s not like the XZ lacks this or that. It’s that the XZ lacks this AND that.

    And why is it that fanboys have a hard time dealing with different opinions? I say the S7 is vastly superior to any of Sony’s offerings, ergo, I MUST be in love with Samsung.

    Here’s a newsflash for you: people are able to really like a phone without liking the OEM behind it. And people can like an OEM without liking its phones.

    The ONLY company you can call me a fanboy of is Nokia. And EVEN Nokia I can find you a TON of reasons why the Nokia 5 and 6 are not good phones.

    I never wrote I love Sony. I don’t. I LIKE Sony. I don’t like Samsung. The S7 is the only PRODUCT of theirs I’ve ever bought and it’ll likely remain that way. I just bought it because it simply is a great product.

    Please, try to separate your enjoyment (or love) for a brand from your ability to critical thinking. If Sony fanboys would stop being apologists of Sony, maybe Sony wouldn’t be so complacent and would work harder to fix things.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Recently JDI has been making specialty edge local dimming LCDs for the XZ and X compact and the black levels are a lot deeper than the LCDs in the Z5/Z5C/X and color accuracy is very comparable to AMOLED. These new LCDs by JDI are pleasant. You like your Note 2 AMOLED because it’s RGB. Pentile AMOLED is terrible for sharpness and color gamut, Samsung makes their Pentile AMOLEDs for the S7 1440 to match RGB 1080p sharpness. RGB AMOLED is far superior to LCD and I can’t disagree on that, however, Pentile AMOLEDs are not good. JDI AMOLED > Samsung AMOLED.

  • azzido

    Create Xperia Z Arc:

    1. 5.7 – 5.8″ bright 4K HDR Oled screen. Allow user to select resolution of screen, predefined color modes.
    2. Brand new camera with upgraded picture quality: 1″ curved sensor, max 16MPx resolution, OIS, RAW new software algorithms and brand new camera app.
    3. Newest processor, 6GB of Ram, 64 – 128GB internal storage.
    4. 4000 mAh battery.
    5. Brand new Timescape launcher that differs from stock Android.
    6. Stronger, great quality front facing stereo speakers, real waterproof
    7. Design: Arc style, entire back made of glass (different colors available), possible. Orange light strip on the back and top and down edges for noticications like in Sony Ericsson W980.
    8. Arc mini with same specs 4.6″ 1080p screen available.

    Price: 800 – 900 euros.

  • Alicerandrews

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  • Alicerandrews

    Managing director of Google!, is explaining to users to start off “Work at home” method, that People have been doing for about one year now. These days alone, I generated close to $36,000 until now with no more than my home computer as well as some spare time, despite that i have a fulltime 9 to 5 job. Even everyone not used to this, can make $89/per h easily and the earnings can go even higher over time… This is how i started
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  • Afnan Acchan

    Sony should focus on high end smartphone. Don’t make cheap smartphone anymore. Sony might sell less unit but at least it is profitable. Sony can’t compete with China low cost smartphone. Aim for profit rather than numbers.

  • dragonsneeze

    I know what I’ve read. You said you loved Sony. I am not an ambassador or anything. You have your opinion, I tried explaining how I’m seeing it differently. I don’t have to “deal” with opinions. You think what you think, do what you want. I just don’t think Sony deserves the backlash they get. They don’t get enough credit for what they did/are doing. I’m not gonna write endlessly, have a nice day/night.

  • DBS

    “I know what I’ve read. You said you loved Sony.”

    I then advise you to go back to first grade and learn how to read. Because you clearly didn’t.
    Also a dictionary would help you so you learn the difference between love and like.

    I’ll even spare you the trouble and quote myself, 4th reply to you, 3rd paragraph:

    “And no, no one should move on. I like Sony. I don’t like Samsung. So it’s perfectly normal that I want Sony to stop being morons and step up their game.”

    You’re completely free to have your view and opinion. And I’m completely free to prove you are wrong. Plain and simple.

  • azzido

    It should be 4.6, 5.2 and 5.8″ screens.

  • azzido

    Disagree, even if they will improve camera in smartphone it will be never even close to professional cameras. You will not cheat the physics… Take Samsung galaxy camera for instance – best in smartphones, is this better or close to high end professional cameras? NO. And professional people will never exchange it for any smartphone tiny lens… But this ia something you will never understand. This is what Sony does not want to do for Xperias, and exactly why they are loosing customers as they are switching to other brands that delivers better and better cameras in terms of photography. I think Sony needs to close its smartphone division to understand it. For the moment they seem to be to stubborn.

  • Street Fighter: “Here Comes a New Challenger!”

    Glad they are pushing forward, that’s what it’s like to be a warrior. They just need a few adjustments and they can be hitting the top. Having money can give you so many options and so many endurance :)

  • azzido

    What seems to be better on paper for camera??? Can’t you read the specs???
    S8 pixel size is 1.44 while XZ? P is 1.2…
    S8 has OIS and Sony still lacks it behind.
    Most importantly S8 has 1.7 aperture while XZ P comes with old and bad in low light F2. 0…

    Not to mention the camera software which is better in Samsung (alghoritms) + speed of taking pictures, usability (up to 10s, 4k mode is in video and not as separate app etc…)

    Sony cones with old defecs like blur on the edges, grainy and noisy low light pics + yellow effect fot night pictures/videos.

    Thank you.

  • Bram Endo

    It may be, but I think sony still maintains its existence where as the “original maker” whether it is the affairs of the camera or audio. Look’s like to news, “paradigm”. It’s seems sony have another purpose or want make something new in smartphone business.
    Beside that, there are many variations entry level camera brand with competitive price who make them faltered and for audio, many variation and rival digital audio player like astell&kern, fiio, xduoo, ipod, and many more…

  • comme des garcons

    change the design

  • DBS
  • husam alhourani

    i completely agree with you.
    most people don’t understand that Samsung’s AMOLED screens got only 2 sub-pixel, whereas other LCDs and proper OLED screens got 3 sub-pixels.
    this means that the amount of sub-pixels in a QHD AMOLES equals the amount of sub-pixels in a 1080p LCD…

    so Samsung’s so called QHD screens that they brag about and people are crazy about, are in fact as sharp as a 1080p screen!

  • mixedfish

    Basically rendering 2 X the pixels to achieve the same sharpness. Samsung played the marketing game well to disguise their move to QHD as a tech move, but really it’s just to cover up the inadequacies of AMOLED.

  • Alam

    Sony is my life

  • azzido

    It is always good to come with fresh ideas and innovate the marrket. I also think customers made it clear what changes they expect (camera, bigger battery etc.) or what device they would like to buy ( Xperia Arc Z).

    Can xperiablog ask Sony if they have plans to produce new tablets (android or ideally Windows based) and or wearables?

  • Love my Z5, but it Could overheat a little less… Samsung has done a great job on this.

  • BTW, Z5 camera is the greatest I’ve ever used.

  • LTEstyles

    There has to be a valid reason as to why Sony is no longer partnering with US carriers. I’m not taking “not enough sales” as an answer.

  • Kim

    I think Sony made some stupid exclusivity agreement with Verizon which ultimately failed when Xperia Z4v was cancelled. This agreement is also the reason for the lack of fingerprint scanner in US.

  • LTEstyles

    I honestly thought it was T-Mobile that ruined the relationship. I remember them halting all Z3 sales quietly.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    You know what Sony, you must recap all mistakes you’ve done. Switch from Z to X was questionable for me, like what’s wrong with the Z series? Just go back to where you started back then.

    I’m not gonna suggest anything for you to do. You know your own faults, and you’ll be the one to address them yourselves. Looking forward to what you’ll bring at IFA this year, hoping it’ll not be the same disappointment I used to get again and again every single time

  • Reyoch Ch

    Sony is awesome

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