Which removed Xperia feature do you miss the most?

by XB on 18th April 2017

in Applications, News

Over time, Sony Mobile has removed a number of features (or software) from its Xperia smartphones that its users found useful. For example, in recent years, Sony Mobile has moved away from its ‘two-day battery life’ smartphones that defined its portfolio a few years ago, including the very popular Xperia Z2 and Z3. Nowadays, Sony promotes the quick charging ability of its phones, but in our view there still remain very few flagship phones that make battery life a priority, which Sony could have exploited.

Another feature we personally miss, is the removal of the lanyard, that used to adorn pretty much all of Sony’s smartphones up until the 2016 Xperia X series came along. We’d love to see a return of this at some point, but we’re not hopeful.

As Google has developed Android, it has meant that a number of Sony’s applications has also been retired, including Small Apps, the original STAMINA battery mode and Screen Record. In addition, many people were confused last year, when Sony replaced its ‘Xperia Keyboard’ app with Swiftkey.

Last year’s flagship, the Xperia XZ, also saw the FM Radio removed, although Sony kept the feature on its mid-range phones. Likewise for 2017, the Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra includes FM Radio, but the Xperia XZs and Xperia XZ Premium do not.

Our question for you today, is which missing Xperia feature would you love to see a return of? Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do let us know if there is anything we missed.

Which Xperia feature do you miss the most?

  • I miss Xperia Throw…I cant play my videos on TV now! Online photos and music…Throw was deleted on Nougat…

  • Wellington Pereira

    Apps pequenos e screen recorder com certeza

  • I think you forgot magnetic charging port that was available in first few Xperia Z.

  • Vitali

    Why did they change its own keyboard to Swiftkey though??

  • Moisés

    All X phones have swiftkey

  • Drakomord

    Because Swiftkey is so much better! <3

  • Astider

    I miss InfoEye…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    2 battery life all the way.

  • This!

  • alisa

    Image quaity

  • Marinko Agic

    Dont forget in photo editor, missing sharpnes and vintage option!
    But lanyard is big missing part for me.

  • Moisés

    SMS app. XZs and Premium come with Google’s. The icon is very ugly.
    Screen recorder.
    Xperia Keyboard
    Youtube live app ( gone for everyone)

    I still have all this, but will lose when I get a new phone.

  • Can you still Chromecast? To be fair the Chromecast protocols are so much better than flakey Throw (i.e. miracast)

  • Meh

    Definitely the original stamina mode and the light bar

  • Moisés

    Because usb is now flapless.. No need to be isolated from water.

  • Tong Chong Hong

    I love the screen recorder

  • DBS

    Honestly the one I miss the most (and the reason I kept the Z3C on KitKat) is the decent theme engine.

    Which is pathetic because Sony’s base theme engine is baked into stock Android and if you root a stock Android device, apps like Substratum allow you to theme pretty much everything on the device. That Sony has built such a theme engine and purposefully neutered it on its own Xperia devices is downright ridiculous.

    After that yeah, the 2 day battery life is one I doubt anyone who tried a Z3 doesn’t miss.

  • XperiaBlog

    How could we forget!? Added to the poll.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – added to the poll.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – we have added to the poll.

  • HossamOmar007


  • Moisés

    The new stamina seems stronger…
    The main option make your phone kinda slower.

  • XperiaBlog

    Those light bars of yester-year were cool – added to the poll!

  • Svnjay

    2 day battery life


    Screen recording

    Original Stamina Mode

    The ability to crop images in 9:16 and 16:9 in the “Photo Editor” app.

    The ability to jump to app settings for specific user-installed apps from the app drawer.

    Magnetic charging

    Killing the Xperia Play line.

    Removing PS3 dualshock support.


    Sony is killing every feature that differentiates the Xperia line.

  • Vitali

    Is it sarcasm? Haha

  • Ümityk Başala

    Fm radio orginal stamina

  • Purple

    SensMe, Throw, Info eye and 2day battery

  • Marinko Agic

    Sharpness and vintage in photo editor?

  • Tobias

    I miss the answering machine from z2 and Z5. I and really want 2 day battery life from z2

  • Svnjay

    Vintage is still present for me.

  • Marinko Agic

    Xperia keyboard you have on XDA. I have it on my XZ and Xperia X!
    But Xperia blog,send this result direct to Sony!

  • can´t u install via Play Store?

  • Z2 didn´t have 2 Days Battery Life. Only Z3 – Z5

  • Vitali

    Wait it’s not available anymore in the play store??

  • I have Nougat and u can Screen-Mirror your device…

  • Solano89

    Maybe not, officially but the battery lasted a lot! I have the Xperia X Performance and it’s a crap compared to my Z2! :(

  • Fanboy

    I miss Xperia Keyboard,original stamina mode ,Walkman music player…plz bring this update for every Xperia line up

  • Vitali

    Hey Xperia blog!
    So after you guys made a post about what’s missing in the newest Xperia a phones.. Make a post of what added in the newest Xperia phones that’s worth buying despite all what misses.. It would be a great post though.

  • Crocky

    IR remote on the Xperia Tablets and the magnetic charging port and light bar from the Z2 range. Always using my older tablets when the TV remote goes on an adventure.

  • Yes! Same happen to me when moving from a Z2 to Z5. But in N is much better… But Z2 had a 3200 mha battery :/

  • Fanboy

    We miss Sony UI

  • Vitali

    What do you mean by that

  • A really great idea! Sony add a lot of stuff, specially with machine learning and nobody (even Sony), talk about it!
    I was so happy with the new memory system in the XZ Premium.

  • Manuel Picos Otero

    Xperia keyboard,radio fm,2 days battery,original stamina,lanyard.

  • Drakomord

    It’s been more than 5 years since I have it and I personally find that it is the best once configured.
    I precise : PERSONALLY! ^-^

  • Ali Manai

    All including the lightbar on xperia s

  • Wolf0491

    I was pretty annoyed when they removed the turn off wifi based on location thing. Don’t recall the name.

  • Ali Manai

    Though i use a z5 so i have some of the features stated above

  • Vitali

    I thought so.. Because I have Z3 and I have installed mine from Play Market

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    Maybe UI from kitkat or earlier… I personally loved the Sony’s jelly bean UI

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    For me i prefer Sony’s Kitkat UI

  • Vitali

    They do write about that in their device’s official pages!

  • Vlado

    Missing 4K video capturing in some models.

  • Борис Михаилов

    Resurrected my Xperia U just to look at it. :)

  • Liam Hethershaw

    Location based wifi

  • Kwstakhs

    Well,I’m using stock KitKat on my Z3 Compact and I still have all the features mentioned above,except the illumination bar and the walkman app.

  • Alvin

    add kitkat UI please!

  • Yes, i know. But in the press no. They just talk about Camera. But in the latest press evets they improved

  • Tobias

    Well i got 2 days with Z2 with battery to spare. With Z5 i was glad if i got 12h battery

  • azzido

    I am missing quality camera, Cyber-Shot branded with Xenon flash but this is not in a pool :(

  • azzido

    Where is Timescape app? Timescape UI??? It looked great!
    Its functionality should be redesign, but design was great!

  • Moisés

    Sony logo ( back of the phone).

    It is only Xperia now

  • azzido

    He means we now have ugly, boring, almost stock UI :(

  • Emil Oskarsson

    2 Day battery life for sure, to be a bit fair though they would have to boost the battery a lot in terms of capacity do to that atleast the GPU in for example s820 and 835 soc are draining a lot more battery compared to what the s800 and s801 did. But yeah they should be putting in some bigger batteries in their future smartphones, not smaller.

    Stamina mode – yeah i miss that feature aswell but to be honest it was Googles move of implementing their “doze” battery saving into the android codes software that made Sony unable to go on with their much better Stamina mode.

    Xperia Keyboard – using it on my X Performance and i dont know what i will do if that keyboard suddenly stops to work on my phone…. Swiftkey is worthless compared to Xperia Keyboard and Gboard aint any better. So yeah they should definitely bring back the Xperia Keyboard instead of pushing some worthless new camera modes like ARfun and that bullshit called bloatware.

    Small apps- so much better then using the 2 window mode, beacuse you could put for example the calculator on top of the well the note app to do some calculation easy without switching between windows or having them next to eachother.

    Notes – That lovely app that first made it appearance on the Xperia S and got a lot better on the first Xperia Z devices that came. Used it daily and havent found any note app that worked better than that app did. Sadly i cant get it to work on any device with android 6.0+… They should really bring it back.

    Screen record – Didnt use it much but it could prove really useful sometimes. Just a basic simple feature, why removing something useful?

    I really hope that any over at Sony Mobile reads this and start thinking about what apps to spend money on and what apps they should remove. Stop removing wonderful apps like Sony Notes, Xperia Keyboard, etc. And get back to being a leader in the race of battery life of mobile devices!! :p

    Thats all

  • But i wont use that…Because i must turn on miracast on tv, then connect my phone to tv…When i had Throw i only go to album, select my video and throw it to tv…and it works…

  • Throw was better..really…

  • Titok Mashudi

    My Z5 USB port is unreliable now. Sometimes charging, sometimes not. I think I miss the magnetic charging port from my Z Ultra.

  • Chaot0407

    Of course, but charging it with the port was way easier and looked better than having the phone stand vertically in the stand.

  • paul_cus

    I would say the FM Radio, but I have it on my X Compact. So weird that Sony takes it away from the higher shelf phones. You would think it would be the other way around. I miss the Walkman app. I loved seeing that icon on the phone. And of course, the light bars were fantastic. Hope they make a comeback one day. The Xperia P was beautiful.

  • paul_cus

    I miss it, too.

  • Hello

    You forgot the circular power button and camera button

  • Raj Singh

    Although I understand it was a business decision, I am left wanting the Walkman app with Music Unlimited (or Spotify) integration.

  • Moisés

    I want to use hdr for 20.7mp again, it was available on android 6

  • Moisés

    Phones without fingerprint scanner have the same button as z3.

    All have cam button, except E5 and L1.

  • Moisés

    Cam widget

  • Moisés

    I see..

  • martin ivanov

    I have Notes working on my Z5C on Nougat… Search for the apk on Google and install it, it works.

  • azzido

    I cannot download it, it says your device Xperia XZ is not compatible with this version :( :( :(

  • Mac

    1.Small apps
    2. Batterylife/Stamina
    3. Screen Record
    4. Magnetic Port
    5. Lanyard (never used but man it’s a nice feature;))

    I had to go with the Small apps, it’s most definitely the function I miss most. Used it almost every day on my Z1C and Z3C with apps like calculator, notes, currency converter and unit converter. Awesome feature. Then ofc I miss the 2day batterylife on my Z1c but I think the reason the battery on that phone got really bad after 1,5year is because of this.
    My Z3c wasn’t that great in batterylife from start i think, but I got mine second handed tho.

    Running Xperia keybord on my XZ, working like charm, for know. Hated that Swiftkey change but as long as it still works with xperia keyboard apk I’m good.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    What version of the app are you running then? I have tried every Sony Note app i could find, but maybe there’s only one version that works on Nougat? :p Tried to install it on my z4 tablet and x Performance, no luck so far :/

  • azzido

    Sony is taking away more and more its unique features / apps, making its UI more and more stock and more and more users are going away :)

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    The magnetic charging port of the Z3compact is really good…I really want it to come back.

    I guess Sony found it redundant to have both the magnetic and USB ports in each device and decided to keep the USB as it’s more universal, but I found it a really nice feature.

  • martin ivanov

    The latest one -1.0.A.5.11-2102283-minAPI17. Just search for it, it’s out there :)

  • Jairo Ramirez

    I liked a lot the Motion Graph App to create animated photos. It just was discontinued. I had to search a lot to find it and istall it on my Xperia Z5 Compact.

  • No, because it only worked like 10% of the time, usually had to reboot phone and TV! And also chromecast doesn’t require your phone to be on or in the same room if you are streaming youtube, plex etc.

  • mohamed khafaga

    Magnetic charge & small app & Walkman” branded music app

  • I miss the Facebook inside Xperia. At the time there were a lot of dislikes on this features but I miss not depending on 3Rd party apps to have my contacts sync, with HD contact pictures and cool birthday options

  • mohamed khafaga

    Magnetic charge, small app, Walkman app

  • Brendan Wang

    I would like to add big capacity battery(at least 4000mAh),2 days battery life is too short(at least 4 days,ok), i don’t care whether old or new school stamina mode, if the feature improved overall battery life, it will be good thing.

  • Yes but that is still possible :O

  • NinJy

    Only 3 options :(


    Original STAMINA battery mode (doze is seriously useless and crap)
    Screen Record Play
    Magnetic Charging Port
    Xperia illumination bar
    “Walkman” branded music app (omg…)
    PlayStation 3 (PS3) DualShock support

  • Piponxs

    Transparent status bar with integrated notification icon and text

  • mountain

    Miss the joypad on my xperia play, as well as the 3d photos on my ray

  • theskig

    The first “Z” wasn’t magnetic

  • Comte Junqueira

    FM Radio

  • Flythe

    Things I miss the most:
    – metal frame, water resistance and SD8XX in Compact models
    – WALKMAN branding on music app

    – Cosmic Flow Live Wallpaper!!!

  • theskig


    – FM Radio
    – MicroSD slot on Dual
    – Answering machine
    – MHL support
    – Some other issues related to Android itself (for example you can’t set two different ringing tones for the two lines on Dual models)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    okey will check it out! Thanks for the tip an hopefully it will work! :)

  • jokensy

    As long as they don’t remove the water resistance and the 3.5mm jack, I’m cool.

  • András Varga

    The keyboard, the 2-day battery life, the small apps and the Glove mode…

  • Yahya AlJamal

    Small Apps

    FM Radio

    Original STAMINA battery mode

    Screen Record

    PlayMemories Online integration with Album app


    Magnetic Charging Port

    Sony Throw

    “Walkman” branded music app

  • vctrdnl

    Most of them if not all. Sony Mobile’s latest efforts have been nothing short of bizarre and questionable. Make Sony great again!

  • bbeppehabart

    small apps

  • MoYeung

    Sony replaced its ‘Xperia Keyboard’ app with Swiftkey?

    Wasn’t Xperia Keyboard updated recently?

  • azzido

    I also miss Arc design :(

  • Lee17788

    I miss MHL, FM Radio, Screenrecorder and at most the camera smoothness from KitKat from Z1, Z2 and Z3

  • Lee17788

    Also miss the Arc Design

  • MoYeung

    The ‘two-day battery life’ was more of an advertising slogan than feature.

  • Srinivasan Kalaichandran

    “Walkman” branded music app

  • tuxen

    You can ‘throw’ video, pictures, and audio just fine with the sony apps and no extra hardware. all it requires is that your tv/receiver supports dnla which every modern device post 2010 does (dnla is called various other names by manufactors, Samsung calls it anylink for example). only the google apps rely on propriety chromecast, sony’s apps (music, album, etc) can send their contents to just about anything.

  • Biancoceleste

    I didn’t realise a lot of those were no longer on the current gen Xperia phones. Makes me value my Z2 even more now. Still not impressed with anything out there enough to retire her.

  • Venkatasurya Prakash

    I miss the timescape of xperia 2011

  • Ron Lufias

    Me too, but I download latest apk from apkmirror, and its work perfectly. I prefer Xperia Keyboard over SwiftKey pre-installed.

  • Thariq Mohammed

    I didn’t miss most of the things because I’m using Z2, but planning to go for the XZ Premium.
    But I really miss
    1. Original Stamina Mode
    2. Walkman music

  • Warren Chang

    mhl with cec support, while samsung and microsoft extended this with continuum and Dex, sony had this from in early 2012, but they didn’t expand this


  • Peeveli Tyrjä

    Magnetic charging, 2 day battery and stamina

  • Itsarapong Intoum
  • KzX

    2-day battery life

    Xperia Keyboard

    Small Apps
    FM Radio
    Original STAMINA battery mode

    Screen Record

    PlayMemories Online integration with Album app

    Magnetic Charging Port

    Sony Throw

    Xperia illumination bar
    “Walkman” branded music app

    PlayStation 3 (PS3) DualShock support

    Copied pasted everything….because I want every feature back. :'(

  • z1c

    I miss the time my z5c work without problems

  • Usman Arif

    Dual SIM with dedicated micro SD Card slot and also magnetic charging port.


    So pleasing to eyes (y)

  • I know about dlna, but it doesnt work for my video…When i share it trough dlna to TV, IT only show Like picture, IT doesnt play… My TV is LG…

  • TombStone

    I miss the lanyard and the original stamina mode the most. These things are something that I loved about the Xperia range.

    However I’m glad to see the magnetic charging port and the xperia keyboard gone.

  • TombStone

    Depends on which phone you have. I don’t use the xperia keyboard because it was so buggy. I would gladly see that go

  • Joannrwest

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  • Kevin Cheung

    LANYARD HOLE. Why missing after Z5?!

  • Vita Aduchiev

    I like Xperia Keyboard, Illumination bar, Screen Recorder, 2-day battery life, Original STAMINA mde

  • Vadym

    I use xperia xz. All ok. Also would be better if sony add ability to remove some apps (like life log etc).

  • crazyrock

    Playstation Mobile Certified

  • tuxen

    I see, sorry to hear that. It has served me well around the family’s tv set’s. They usually have it on by default, so far it has been a very quick and easy way to let others see my media. I use it at home mostly for audio because of the quality over poor Bluetooth. :)

  • raghu nandan

    I hav screen record option in my Xperia z3 plus!!

  • fried_egg

    The only reason my Z5 doesn’t last more than a day is because under 7.0.x the WIFI handling has been buggy, unstable and drained the battery quickly. The “Walkman” and “Sony” branding should never have been removed where they have been… “Xperia” is so badly known many owners seem to spell it “experia” even though it is in front of their noses every day.

  • fried_egg

    The ability to actually submerse the phone!

  • fried_egg

    the XZ is part of the “X” family, not the “Z” family.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Sony Ericsson logo, jk. The original STAMINA mode easily gave me 2 day battery life they should really bring it back, Doze just isn’t aggressive enough.

    Partly Google is to blame, they could’ve at least left mobile data control as it used to be where apps could switch it on/off, now you need root and it has made 99% of battery savers redundant.

  • ShinOrochiX

    I still remember the 4 corner UI from the X10 mini pro, the good old SE days lol.

  • John Smith

    You missed HDMI out via MHL

  • Cyrus

    I actually really miss the magnetic charge port. One of my favorite features on the z series

  • MoYeung

    Which keyboard app do you use?

  • mrhangover Rox

    Im always listening to music, going to work music, back from work music, in the bathroom also music..
    miss my Xperia illumination bar from Xperia SP

  • ew210

    ”s820 and 835 soc are draining a lot more battery compared to what the s800 and s801 did ”

    That’s not true it’s android which got worse bc SD835 is 50% more efficient than SD801 … since KitKat Android battery life is degrading , it got slightly worse with Lollipop , Marshmallow is just horrible and so-called doze is crap … there are no improvements at all !

  • ew210

    ”s820 and 835 soc are draining a lot more battery compared to what the s800 and s801 did ”

    That’s not true it’s android which got worse bc SD835 is 50% more efficient than SD801 … since KitKat Android battery life is degrading , it got slightly worse with Lollipop , Marshmallow is just horrible and so-called doze is crap … there are no improvements at all !


  • vigneshprince


  • TombStone

    I use SwiftKey and have been using it since my Z1. It syncs and back ups all of my words. The xperia keyboard never backed up my words, so everytime I factory reset my phone, I had to start over.

  • Sultan Albatati

    is just me want to select all of that? i missed all of that. i miss xperia z2 with illuminated notification bar, stand together with xperia xz premium spec. sony today looks like not having xperia identity

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    Walkman. 80s and 90s are making a comeback, SONY should capitalize.

  • Guillion Romeo

    I miss Walkman, widget Walkman, visualiser please get back it

  • Sly

    I really miss finally good (best) Sony phone..

  • Diego Roberto

    Walkman branded music app, definetly! :)

  • Mario Solis

    Return all!!!!!

  • Kevin Gómez

    The music viewer also took out

  • Gustavo Castillo

    The ilumination bar how the Xperia sp *.*

  • Kenaxel

    I liked the play memories online integration, but nowadays not even the page work for that… Still miss the Light bar for sure (the ones on the z1 and z2 I believe), the Walkman app (I still have it on the z5 but I’ll miss it), and the small apps for sure complemented my life!

  • Simon Strandman

    High end hardware in a smaller phone.

  • Eduardo Otero

    What I miss the most is the light bar of my Xperia SP.

  • If Sony was wise, they’d resurrect the PSP as an Xperia. Also, DS3 controllers were also wonky, especially with the last few Android versions, DS4 controllers of PS4 ran much better.

    The Theming engine was alright, actually. I mean, I made my Xperia Z5 Premium look like the Moto Z I didn’t buy over that. I also made it look like a Pixel XL as well.

  • – It’s MANDATORY from Google that Android Messages be installed so they can actually get the Google Play Services.
    – Screen Recorder was a shame.
    – Xperia Keyboard was USELESS in languages other than English. I had a BlackBerry keyboard port and never looked back.
    – YT Live had to go because of suspected changes on YouTube’s end which would have been very difficult for Sony to comply with a standalone app.

  • Greenify more than fills the shoes of the old Stamina Mode, though.

  • It was a battery HOG…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Not the cpu itself but the adreno gpu are a lot more power hungry srry should have be more clear about that :)

  • Roh_Mish

    PS3 controller support.
    Illumintion bar or Z2 like notification light in the speaker grille
    Real STAMINA mode
    FM on XZ series
    2 day battery life (I get 1 day on my XZ. Still good enough)

  • Борис Михаилов

    YouTube live is gone because it’s implemented in the YouTube app. Why having 2 different apps for the same function.

  • Cakefish

    Sony never had two day battery life anyway, I speak from experience owning the Z5 Compact. No high end smartphone ever has had two day battery life.

    So I chose the removal of stamina mode, doze is much inferior.

  • Cakefish

    That only makes a difference if you play 3D games on the phone.

  • Cakefish

    It’s a native feature on Nougat, you can open apps in little pop up windows.

  • ducksonetime


  • Mac

    Not sure if I understand you correctly but you mean the splitscreen option? Don’t work half as smooth, don’t even bother using it.

  • Moisés

    I see… Thanks

  • Moisés

    Samsung and LG do not use google’s sms… Nor agenda..
    The keyboard is great.. It works well for my language. I also have english on it.

  • iia3ezu

    2-day battery life? Even on a freshly bought new phone, with stamina mode on, GPS, wifi and bluetooth off, and very conservative use, there’s never a 2-day battery life. Marketing gimmick, plain and simple.

    I am tempted to vote for ‘2-day battery life’ because more battery life is always good, but it’s a marketing gimmick, so vote abstained.

    Good riddance to everything else on the list. Maybe FM radio is missed for nostalgic reasons. It’s appalling that Sony mobile can’t put a FM receiver into the phone which works straight out of the box, considering the phone has HUGE bezels and thus plenty of room.

    In fact, I would like to see more stuff get removed, At least let users remove the preinstalled Sony apps without needing to root the phone. If they want it they can download from the Google Play Store later e.g. Audio Recorder and Track ID.

    Also, I don’t know what deal Sony Mobile had done with MobiSystems, but I would like to see MobiSystems’ crapware not preinstalled in Sony phones. Especially File Commander.

  • FM radio

  • Karri

    The illumination bar for sure. Practically a key feature in my next phone search right now, because it gives a lot of personality.

  • Stephen

    Sony Notes!! I haven’t checked yet whether it’s in my recently purchased Z3 but it was certainly nowhere to be seen on my Xperia X. No, Sony, I don’t WANT to make stupid voice notes, I just want to type a few little notes somewhere, in text form!!

  • Gary Ohanian

    I miss small apps mainly because of the screen capture. I think O might be getting something similar, but the ability to crop a screen capture straight away is very handy. The capture via power button is not nearly as useful.

  • Cakefish

    I mean the free-form pop-up window feature (the windows are resizeable too): https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bbad32212720eaf5c99835bb5df2bb655c132311489feb87c49aeed0b4c832bc.png

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Only magnetic charging port. It was best wireless charging solution, and still is.
    Dearly missed.

  • usman

    2 days of battery life?
    That’s not a feature!

    Well I’ve never used it in my previous Xperia phone but still it was nice to have…

    Xperia Keyboard?
    I always use SwiftKey, so for me it’s great that they are using it as their main keyboard. Imagine if they replace their Music app with Poweramp, how great will that be?

    Small Apps?
    Small apps were really useful, I don’t know why they have to remove it…

    FM Radio?
    Yup! Another useful thing.

    Original STAMINA battery mode?
    I remember in my Xperia device, there was a feature that (if turned on) will close any background running app if you lock the screen, which saves a lot of power. If they still have that feature then it’s okay with me…

    Screen Record?
    Never knew that existed, will love to have that feature.

    PlayMemories Online integration with Album app?
    PlayMemories was a crappy app in the first place!

    Don’t know what’s that.

    Magnetic Charging Port?
    Again a feature I never used. I did bought a Charging Dock but never really used it. But it looked really good thought!

    Sony Throw?
    Some wireless features I probably have never used so don’t remember…

    What? It has been removed? That was actually a good and useful feature. It could have given a straight competition to S8’s Bixby.

    Xperia illumination bar?
    These are the things that differentiates Sony from others but dont know why they have to change it?

    “Walkman” branded music app?
    Same statement! People at Sony are really stupid…

    PlayStation 3 (PS3) DualShock support?
    Don’t they still have it?

  • usman

    Timescape UI

  • KIMI

    It damned me to admit this but god do I miss this features, didn’t get the xz just because it didnt have the hole to attach a lanyard.

    Did they actually remove xperia keyboard from the xz cuz thats a shame, it has the best swipe recognition among the sea of android keyboard.

  • J. W.

    MHL support for the times when Miracast and Chromecast randomly don’t work well

  • Andreas Nielsen

    DAB + radio

  • Ziggy

    Now that I have been using Xperia XZs for 3-4 days, I can say that I really miss the double tap to wake and double tap to sleep options. I don’t understand why those are removed from XZs, when apparently all X series phones up to now still had it. More about it here: http://support.sonymobile.com/global-en/xperiaxz/kb/8019307402381bd7c0157c9ee8728006bca/

    But from the things listed on this post, I definitely miss the lanyard, loved that on my previous Z3 Compact because I’m a clumsy guy and I drop my phone way too easily, the lanyard was a lifesaver. Lanyard is superbig think in Japan for people to hang a lot of cute items to it, I wonder how they will handle that now in the future since the X series dropped the support.

    PS3 DualShock support removal is also a shame since I have no need for a PS4 controller support.

  • Adrian Smorąg

    Lack of magnetic charging port and RadioFM stopped me from uprading from my Z3 Dual to all newest Xperia deviced. It was really stupid move by Sony to remove that parts of phones.

  • Freddy Sarmiento

    Walkman and xperia keyboard

  • Max Li

    Coming from someone who just upgrade from Z2 to XZ, many features, apps and etc. are definitely missing.
    The above list are the only few, Smart Connect (An app for connectivity) is removed and etc.
    FM Radio is definitely one thing I definitely miss on high end Xperia phones but coming from a Audiophile perspective they omit it maybe it is for better audio performance like in higher end Walkman models.
    Anyway just hope Sony just release a clip on FM Radio tuner for those who need FM.
    I don’t really hope for any of the features to return especially the 2 day battery which unfortunately for XZ it drain battery much quicker than Z2.
    Why? It is not only due to XZ chip is much faster but Android 7 does consume more battery especially during usage.
    Now if Sony is indeed aware of this page, all I hope and wish for from Sony.
    Sony I wish for a PlayStation Branded Android Phablet/Tablet with 6000mah battery!
    With phones chips going faster, much depending apps like games a bigger battery will be much ideal.
    Xperia Tablet seems like quiet for a moment just hope one day it could revive again.

  • Stuart Clark

    My Z3C has a cracked screen, broken buttons (top and bottom) and the memory card won’t stay in, but I won’t upgrade until I find a phone with a physical camera button, waterproofing, OIS and FM radio. There isn’t anything with that combo any more as far as I can see. I’m waiting in hope that whatever replaces the X Compact will give me what I’m looking for as it’s currently the closest match.

  • brocnical

    FM Radio, removable battery, hardware keyboard.

  • mode893

    1. 2-day battery life
    2. Small Apps
    3. FM Radio
    4. Magnetic charging port
    5. Sense Me

    All of the above are what I miss most about my Z3

  • Kash Killz

    Small apps

  • CaptainPure

    Simple.note and xperia keyboard pobox touch

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