Sony Mobile reports full year profit; expects sales growth next year

by XB on 28th April 2017

in News

Sony reported results for the year ended 31 March 2017 earlier today, with Group sales down by 6% to 7.6 trillion yen and operating profits down by 2% to 289 billion yen. On the mobile side, Sony reported sales of 759 billion yen, along with full year profits of 10 billion yen.

It is great to see Sony back in the black, but this was mainly driven by restructuring cost initiatives, rather than top-line growth. The scale of the task that Sony is facing can be seen with how many phones it shipped during the fourth quarter – 2.9 million. It only sold a smaller amount when it first started selling Android smartphones with the Xperia X10 back in 2010.

Overall for the year, Sony sold 14.6 million smartphones. Sony is not anticipating any big turnaround for next year, forecasting 16.5 million smartphone shipments in FY17, a rise of 13%. Most of this increase is expected to land in Europe and the Middle East. Sony says this will lead to smartphone sales increasing by 8% to 820 billion yen.

Sony still expects to record a small profit next year of 5 billion yen, but it did warn that the smartphone business will become even more “severe” due in part to an increase in component pricing such as memory.

Thanks Diogo and Moisés!

  • joseph carmine nero

    Well steadily but surely going on. Actually sony mobile is like a niche for fans with specific taste in design and ui. I count myself among them and glad to see them turn profit however small

  • Moisés

    I thought this Q1 would be better. Phones of 2016 are much cheaper now.
    Yesterday Best Buy was selling XA for 150,00 dollars.
    You can find X for 300,00.

    Pre-order or XZ Premium started yesterday in Europe. Price is around 749 euros + headphone mbr-100abn ( price seems to be over 300 ).

  • DBS

    Couple of thoughts:

    1 – Their “oh so great” new Xperia X family is a massive flop. The massive decrease in sales since they announced them shows that. Maybe it’d be time to kill it off and resurrect the Z family which had a much better resonance with consumers;

    2 – While at that, it would be also time to go back to the original Z line objective which was TRUE innovation. Xperias are stuck in 2014. They still miss basic stuff like OIS, wireless charging, AMOLED screens, etc etc. In todays market, overpriced mid-rangers doesn’t cut it anymore. And the XZ and XZs are no more than a mid-ranger with a high end processor in them.

    3 – I have no idea WHY Sony even THINKS they’ll find growth in the European market. Looking at their phones, what they offer (or rather, what they don’t offer) and looking at what other OEMs offer in Europe, Sony has no reason to expect growth over here.
    Furthermore, not only will they face the increased popularity of the Honor line from Huawei, they’ll be facing the return of Nokia which will pretty much ensure Sony’s chances of succeeding in Europe again are thinner than ever.

    4 – As for the excuses like “due in part to an increase in component pricing such as memory.” this is clearly bullsh*t. Pricing of components like memory are going down and Sony is NOT releasing phones with crazy amounts of built in memory like 128GB or 256GB. In fact, most of the components in Xperia phones are going down in price. So…yeah.

    5 – These temporary profits aren’t sustainable in the long run, though. Selling overpriced phones for a profit is something that works for Apple because they have created a lifestyle brand around it. Sony has long lost that status.

    I would like to see them, for example, pick up the Compact line (the real one, so Z1, Z3 and Z5) and, riding the wave of 2:1 displays, put a 5.5″ display on the body of a compact. That would actually be a large screen that you can use with one hand (unlike what LG is advertising for their G6) and would certainly resonate well with all the people that were buying the Compacts over the other versions.

    But at this stage I’m afraid Sony is the definition of insanity: they keep making the same mistakes while expecting different outcomes.
    I really hope their mobile division sees some sense, radically cuts with the recent past and finds some focus so that they can release smartphones that people actually want to buy. And none of the X line matches that criteria.

  • SM

    the most valid point in your write up is no. 5. with the encloser notes.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Just to say that this is what Sony wanted with its X series phones so that they can control on production costs by decreasing demands. Its a well sort plan by Sony.
    X series is inevitable to make Sony live in smartphone business without compromising brand stature. Z was quality, but failed later with their marketing strategies. X came to replace Z to maintain Z’s status. XZ returns as a shift from X to Z.
    My prediction is Z brand will return when Sony will be in a mood to be aggressive in the Market….

  • penubag

    Here’s something that might help Sony:
    Sell in the US, make sure unlocked phones are available everywhere online, partner with some OEMs but make sure unlocked are available online for all regions. Price aggressively, if sold online, the costs should be cheaper. This takes no effort but can move many phones.

    It also needs more advertising, sony makes great phones but no one here in the US knows about them at all. There is literally no US presence.

  • Moisés

    The fingerprint issue makes many costumes to run away.. But it may be solved in 2018

  • Nick Paschalidis

    I am pretty confident that the sales will go up this year.That’s because I find Sony’s devices more interesting this year compared to the X family announced a year ago.I am quite sure that the the XZ Premium will be a huge factor here.I’ve seen a lot of people praising it on the internet and that’s not something you usually see with Sony products.The XZ Premium even won the best H1 flagship poll on gsmarena.We will have to wait out and see..Since the division is making profit, I don’t think that there is a big problem but growth should happen eventually.

  • Moisés

    All phones are getting more expensive.. No matter the brand.

    No matter what Sony, Htc or LG may bring .. Flagships will be known as overpriced..
    Even if Samsung brings a simpler phone and charges the same it is okay..

    No phone is perfect, you always find something on one that you dont find on another.

    S7 Edge is not the best for photos nor videos. No usb C. No stereo speakers. Front cam is poor. Storage was only 32Gb until the Black Piano edition … S7 Edge is not the fastest. Here S7 Edge does not even have Nougat.

    But is okay to cost more than others… Xz came 10% cheaper than S7 Edge here… ( XZ comes from Asia, S7 is national)

    BTW, S8 and G6 here are 1261 US Dollars …

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    This is good news! Sony did say, their aim is to make Sony Mobile profitable–and they did! As long as it is profitable, I would dare say, they will continue to create great phones!

    I think Sony Mobile is not here to dominate, like the way Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone is doing, they would rather cater to specific niche market–for consumers who know quality when they see it.

    It’s not magic. It’s a Sony.

  • Me


  • DBS

    As I said, though, that’s not a sustainable plan in the long term. Because once the number of consumers starts decreasing, they won’t be coming back unless they give GREAT reasons for them to do it. And it will come to a point where the amount of demand will not be enough to justify the R&D and distribution costs. Which will force them to leave more and more markets.

    As for what you say regarding the XZ and the return of the Z…yeah it makes sense, but the XZ and XZs are far from the level of innovation or quality of the original Z line. The XZ Premium for example: what does it offer, really? A 4K screen? What for? Does Sony have a VR headset to use it with? No. So it’s just a gimmick that no one is interested in (not to mention LCD is horrible for VR).
    A camera that shoots slow motion at really slow rates? Who actually asked for that? And specially when the amount of time it allows per shot is really short and only at 720p?
    Sony isn’t innovating anymore. They’re trying gimmicks that they have yet to fail to justify.
    For example, 2:1 screens are definitely a gimmick. But LG and Samsung justify them with “more screen real estate on phones that are almost the same size as the predecessors”. No one asked for 2:1 screens but the justification for the gimmick is a good one.
    What’s Sony justification for 720p short slow motion videos? Or a 4K screen on a phone?

  • Vinny Conforto

    Q4 2014=Z3 Compact. btw Sony has to learn from S8 and G6, especially S8 which most youtubers call “nealy perfect” “innovative” “redemption”. Let’s start with getting rid of huge bezels. I’m a Sony fanboy, not going to get S8 but waiting for Xperia to change

  • ryq24

    In a few months sony mobile will lower their sales figure and warn of losses again which they do every year.

  • MoYeung

    Which regions are unprofitable? And why they are unprofitable?

  • yuki iida

    Can OEMs reduce bezels but still have stereo front facing speakers?

  • Santana

    You do know the S8 actually has a smaller screen as does the G6? You do know that they are lying and trying to sell a lie seeing as how 5.5 inch screen from last year are actually bigger than these phone screens!
    Don’t fall for the tricks these screens are just taller they aren’t bigger and they are better and I wish reviewers would call out these scammers who are trying to do like apple and just steal our hard earned dollars and I hope Sony doesn’t adopt this stupid aspect ratio.

  • Santana

    All phone prices have gone up and all are loosing features, IR blasters gone , Fm radio gone, removable batteries gone and yes ppl don’t care about removable batteries but batteries degrade over time and any tech like wireless charging that heats up your device will degrade your battery faster. Compact line needs to come back and they need to go back to better battery life like Z2 Z3 days. OIS is only good for night time photos as it allows for longer shutter but videos are affected as both the Pixel and Xperia have shown that EIS is better with video and the pixel is the best phone camera around so Sony needs to rebuild their camera software.
    Honestly I prefer LCD’s they last longer and are more durable take for example the tricks Samsung have to use on the S8 so the virtual home button doesn’t burn in! Sony can use this opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition but they’re not doing it and that’s the problem, as for over priced midrange phones I agree they could at least put in a finger print reader as well since the others are doing it. Bring back Fm radio and Ir blaster if i’m paying more don’t scale back on features and all OEM’s are doing it even One Plus is getting more expensive with each release.

  • Farhan Ansari

    Sony needs to bring AMOLED display like Samsung coz everyone seeking bezzel less display, external beauty also matters to buy a mobile nowadays M also a biggest fan of Sony n m waiting for Sony zues ( Sony edge) and Sony must improve the camera for low light. Its camera doesn’t work in night like others and Sony not giving much ram so it must be increased. Xperia XZ mus had come with 4gb ram bt Sony didn’t use brain n made same like Z5… N there was no difference in Z5 n Z5 premium except display what is the use larger display without some internal changes why will people waste their money only on large display so please improve such things u will be higher Asia everyone wants Volte mobile bt Sony removed this is the reason Sony growth has been stopped in India so please fix these problems too… Thanks

  • singh

    This good strategy what’s point selling millions off units if there no profit. Sell few in selected markets and make money, in this way keeps Sony mobile in business. it a niche market and there enough people to keep it going. Personally I think Sony phones are better in every way compared to Apple and Samsung, and they still innovate, without Sony mobile we wouldn’t have, waterproofing, hi res audio, front facing speakers, metal, glass design, 4k HDR screen, LADAC, fingerprint integrated power button, the list goes on, and these were innovations introduced 1st by Sony, then copied by Samsung and apple. Sony deserves to be in higher position then they currently are, but people are brainwashed by Samsung marketing. I Have had all the z series they are truly great phones and unique. IT’S funny how when YouTube phones testers pit Sony phones against s7 or iPhone 7 and the Sony comes on top in most tests, the xzs smashes the s8 in every department.

  • Moisés


    XZ Premium has 69,5% STB…. Z4 has 71%. XA 1 Ultra has about 75, but not symetrical.

    I do not know if bezels of Axon 7 are smaller. They seem to be.
    But rear cam is big, hard to place behind screen.

  • iia3ezu

    Yep. Bezel junkies and addicts of Sony Xperia themes.

  • Anissadwade

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  • Moisés

    Sony has PS VR… Sony does not seem to care about VR on cellphones.
    Z5 Premium was a away to free you from TV.
    In many locations 4K TVs are expensive.

    Z5P and XZP let you watch on them the videos you record at 4K resolution. You cant watch this quality on others..
    Also Youtube, Netflix and Amazon have 4K content.

    It is not easy to bring something new …

    Slow mo for just a few seconds is because it requires a huge power … It is not easy to process all that info in a very shot time. It will be devoloped to last longer..

    XZP has the best available on the market. Bluetooth 5, lpddr4x ram, ufs 2.1 memory, gorilla glass 5..

    Watch on youtube the hands-on XZP, Clove Technology..
    De 4K HDR against the QHD of S7 Edge… You can see a huge difference.

  • yuki iida

    Thanks for your reply ! So the problem is camera. Interesting. The opinion for sony’s new motion eye camera is split from reviewers. I think camera is still an important aspect of smartphones. What do you think of new camera?

  • azzido

    Bezels was already explained…
    The top bezel is due the the large camera sensor now with additional embedded memory. If you would look at the inside parts you would see that camera is placed above the screen. Otherwise, if it was placed on the same plane then we would have:
    a) camera hump like in Shamesung
    b) much thicher phone overall

    Also there is a microphone and smaller camera, other sensors as well.

    Therefore there is no issue for me with top bezel as long as there is no camera hump. But I agree that lower bezel could be smaller as there is only microphone.
    On the other hand because of bigger lower bezel there is a place for bigger battery as well.

  • azzido

    1. X series was a flop but only first iteration of it.
    Sony did wrong last year in Barcelona as they did not show any flagship device, this shows people still demand great and top phones. When they compared regular X to competition it was clear it is a mid-ranger at its best. They seem to realize it quickly with XZ. I skipped regular Z or X poorformance myself and bought XZ. Resurrecting Z series is a good idea I guess.
    2. I agree on OIS, but not necessarily on AMOLED… The white color is bad there, the pixels burn out and the screen degrades over time much faster than IPS. I agree they should try to innovate here but maybe try to use neo IPS, Laser screens or something new they will only have that diffrentitae them from the competition and give unique feature.
    3. They can find growth in Europe due to their Behemoth called XZ Premium. It only depends on the marketing campaigns if they will success or not.
    4. The excuse id for RAM memory where prices raised (also on PC market), not for SD so your point is invalid…
    5. Sony seems to realize overpricing problem but with XZ Premium price they are no longer consider as overpriced in my opinion. S8 comes with inferior old camera and costs more than XZ Premium. S8 camera is only good in dark conditions due to OIS.
    To be honest procing of XZ Premium is good, Z5 Premium was starting with price 200 euros higher so when I saw the new price I am considering to buy XZ Premium now no matter I had no such plans. I will never but S8 due to its stupid and wors possible fingerprint sensor placement. Sorry but this is massive flop…

    Sony can have a success this year and it is called – Xperia XZ Premium.
    The question is what they will do with the marketing.
    Also, they should come with the new high-end, uncompromised Compact version, not like X compact which was below people’s expectation (plastic back, frames etc.).

    They also need to stop be so stubborn and bring back some of the features like Radio, new UI that is not stock.

    Except compact it would be nice to see bigger screen with top specs, not like X1 Ultra. Time for proper Z Ultra successor. I also do not see a new tablet :(

  • azzido

    One more thing.
    Sony need to finally hear our voices and come with Xperia Z Arc.
    It even sounds well :)

  • singh

    Sony cameras are used by 85 percent of all manufacturers, I have xz it absolutely kills my mates s7, oled is absolutely awful if you want unrealistic colours and and over saturation go ahead, Sony xz screen quality is excellent. Do you have a xz? 3gb ram is sufficient because Sony have optimised software, it’s like laptops you can have 3 laptops with all with different sizes of ram, but depending on chipset and software optimisation the one with more ram doesn’t always be the fastest. AS for design bezels are there because of the front facing speakers, I rather have decent sound quality then a tiny mono speaker like on s8.

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    Also bezels help in holding your phone comfortably when taking photos or watching something

  • This is good news. If they can do a few adjustments here (mainly with their mobile division) they can be heading straight to the number 1 spot in no time.

  • Stephen

    Who’d have thought continued growth is unsustainable forever..?! I mean that’s like some kind of revelation!

  • Alvin

    The problem is not because of X series. It’s because they didn’t sell the X series everywhere around the world. I couldn’t even get X series directly from Sony here in my country. There’s no marketing what so ever too.

  • Biancoceleste

    Exactly. Something the buzzword crowd will quickly find out.

  • Biancoceleste

    A complicated way of saying folks who just want something that functions better than pretty much all else out there ;)

  • Biancoceleste

    You do know youtube personalities with a high following are paid right?

    If you want the Korean phones so bad, just buy them (though I heavily suspect you’ve already done so).

  • Biancoceleste

    They don’t call them out because they’re paid. If they do so, the benefits end.

    People with a brain buy what suits their needs and tastes… Not what youtube clowns tell them to.

  • Biancoceleste

    Why do you Samsung fanboys bother? Do you think anyone buys your babble?

    Surely something productive could’ve been done instead of writing that incoherent wall of text. Don’t you have homework or something to do?

  • Biancoceleste

    When Samsung eventually catches up and makes a phone with a 4K screen you’ll be one of the loudest keyboard warriors touting your new 4K screen.

    If Samsung released a monochrome phone with a 200 MHz processor and charged a grand for it you people would be all over it like the lemmings you are purely to hold the new shiny thing in your hands.

  • roeshak

    Delusional delusional delusional. Current xperias have more of a camera hump than galaxy devices.

  • roeshak

    Nonsense! Back in 2013 their stated in ambition was to be the 3rd largest mobile manufacturer. A succession of underwhelming over priced devices dashed all those hopes. Talk about putting a positive spin on failure.

  • Talos the Robot

    Spot on!

  • Talos the Robot

    The biggest problem with the US is that the US customers love Sony but the US carries hate its phones. Your market is very tied to Apple and Samsung’s devices.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    that strategies is for Z family era and not X family era

  • roeshak

    It’s failure! Pure and simple. If you set out goals and fall well short, that’s failure.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    JDI already producing OLED screen as we talk. OLED will be found on TV first and might be use on future flagship xperia. unlike the korean OLED, JDI OLED already fix all sort of problem with OLED.

    early this year sony and panasonic already shown us OLED tv although they need to fix the price tag

  • Moisés

    Yeah… That is right.. I heard JOLED has high quality..
    Sony also has Crystal LED for big displays…

  • Moisés

    For example …

    The main cam o LG G6 is the imx258, the one used on XA 2016. It has 5.87 mm, while Motion Eye has about 7.6 mm
    Imx220 ( z3) and imx300( xz) have 7.87 mm.

    You can feel the cam on XZs, it is like S7 or iphone7.
    I guess on XZP is just the halo, like X Performance.

    Android Authority says it is very impressive at night.. Front cam outstanding..

    GSMArena did not like night shots..

    Check on youtube channel Phone Battles.. You find there..

    XZs x Huawei P10 x iphone 7 plus
    XZs x S8+

    It is far better than P10. P10 has 87 on dxomark ( 88 photos, 84 videos)

    You can say it is better than s8 at night.

  • Moisés

    Probably many locations have high taxes for foreign products.

    Since Z2, all flagships here come more than 1000 US dollars. Z5 Premium was almost 1500.
    Sony no longer builts phones here, all come from Asia since 2015. Z3+, m4 and C4 were the last national devices.

  • Moisés

    I am not sure but Z1 and Z3 seem to be the best sellers.
    Z1 would be #1

  • Jerry Berglund

    Remember it was the very same for Apple users that loved the MacIntosh in the days. They were just a niche while all other used windows. SOny was also much bigger then and Ericsson also. But a Niche could survive and grow just like Apple that almost were going out It was that new Mac computers with see through plastic material that changde it all… and iPhone of course. :-)

  • penubag1

    until korea copies it like everything else

  • rockz0829

    S7 and S7 Already has noughat since last month…

  • arcu de triumf

    They have issues with the mobile sector. Many flaws both with the manufacture and with the software and the price is higher than the quality only because it’s Sony. Too bad because the camera is very good. As a user of 3 Xperias I know what I’m saying. And here in Romania I’m pretty much the only one with a Sony among people I know. I wonder why.

  • yuki iida

    Well I hope sony’s new xperia xz premium will do its best among fierce competitions. Thanks a lot about your perspective.

  • jxPerience

    Q4 16 was the most selling quarter for Sony, it is proven than XZ was the best selling xperia for 2016 line up. X series except XZ are all waste of resources. Sony should kill the entry,low,mid and high mid range phones. I am 100% sure that XA1, XA1 Ultra and this L1 will never ever add profits for Sony this year. XZ Premium alone is worth releasing from all the line up.

  • Moisés

    XA1 Ultra seems to be a very good option. Must be 400 or a bit less…
    Best selfie, 64gb, 4gb, nice screen, dual sim.
    Helio p20 can be as powerful as SD 801. A bit more than the 625..

    I heard XA1 battery lasts longer than XA’s..

  • Moisés

    Not everywhere…

    Here s7 is the only Samsung to have Nougat…

  • ShinOrochiX

    It just goes to show how successful the Xperia Z series was compared to the irregular X series (2016+). Handsets shipped the lowest ever since 2010? That is very worrying, they’re going backwards. Killing the Z series was their worst move yet IMO. I mean why kill off a series selling sufficiently only to start from scratch and risking never recovering?

    Oh and as mentioned in the article they only profited because of the restructuring (i.e. cuts and layoffs), not because of ‘through the roof sales’.

  • Matt

    except probably pixel phones . . XD

  • Reyoch Ch

    Sony will come back strongly they are releasing xperia xa1 ultra, 6 inch. But in my opinion sony must want to improve the battery mah, other wise there is no problem.

  • ew210

    ”Helio p20 can be as powerful as SD 801. A bit more than the 625”

    it’s not , in fact nowhere close to that .

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I can surely agree with you on many points. Though, For Lose of consumers, I will say, and can feel that one great device from Sony and people will shift towards it. Sony still have upper hand on brand value than Samsung Atleast.
    But right now Sony need to run low and has to lower its demand. Thats the only option. Sony can’t turn off Segment temporarily, neither it could release a device which is innovative, to control demand (restrict Production Cost).

    It has to stay in the market by making devices which everyone admires yet doesn’t get buyers attracted towards it. (Take Me, I am a Sony fan and had XperiaZ. Now I am using MotoZPlay but still miss Xperias)

    Sony will enter once a major shift takes place in this segment and I am guessing it will be AR.

  • DBS

    You stupid fanboys really have a hard time accepting the concept that just because someone can be critical of something it does NOT make them a fanboy of another brand.

    You’re also unable to read.
    If Samsung comes out with a 4K screen on a phone, they at least WILL have a reason to do it and that reason is called Gear VR. Does Sony have a mobile VR headset that justifies putting a 4K screen on a phone, when the human eye can’t see it? No, it does not.
    So stop being stupid and use your head.

  • DBS

    “one great device from Sony and people will shift towards it. Sony still have upper hand on brand value than Samsung Atleast. ”

    That’s the thing. Sony has yet to produce that device.
    As for brand value…I’m afraid not. Well, not anymore. There was a time when Sony had that. The 90’s and early 2000’s. Currently Sony is being surpassed by the Korean OEMS (LG and Samsung) almost everywhere. In phones, for example, LG has already overtaken Sony in markets like the US (where Sony pretty much gave up) and even in Europe. Which is why I said it will be hard for Sony to get people back. They continuously allow their brand to be devalued.

    As for lowering demand, Sony could easily achieve that AND financial sustainability by simply killing off EVERY low end and mid-range device. If Sony moved into Premium-Only devices, they would be able to achieve that lowering of demand – because those of us with money for premium phones are fewer than those without it – and still earn money since premium phones are pretty much the only ones that give OEMs profits.

    “Sony will enter once a major shift takes place in this segment and I am guessing it will be AR.”

    This won’t happen. They’re waiting for a miracle. Just like Microsoft. If you go to websites covering Windows Phone etc, you’ll see that they’re justifying the death of Windows Phone with Microsoft’s “decision” to wait for a “paradigm shift” that will allow them to return in force. These are just dreams.

    By the way, Microsoft shares your belief that AR is the next shift. I have my doubts. AR is very nice as a concept but it still stumbles on a problem: people don’t want to go around carrying devices on their heads. And until holography develops to the stage of allowing for projections Star-Wars-Style, that shift won’t happen.
    Only when that happens and a mobile device has the ability of, for example, projecting holograms of an entire operating system unto thin air, will the shift happen.

  • Biancoceleste

    As predictable as clockwork.
    How much time do you guys spend online? Between your group tugs at Samsung pages and then spreading onto other sites to scream how good galaxy phones are… Do any of you have jobs?

    Pretty sad existence it has to he said.

    Like I said, Samsung could release a monochrome screen phone and you fellows would still beat off over it, you literally are that easily manipulated.

  • Biancoceleste

    Pixel phones are way overpriced.

  • DBS

    “Sony has PS VR… Sony does not seem to care about VR on cellphones”

    Which makes 4K phones pointless.

    “Z5 Premium was a away to free you from TV.
    In many locations 4K TVs are expensive.”

    1 – Your eye can NOT physically see 4K. That’s not even a debate. It’s mere science. So it’s absolutely pointless if the phone allows you to see things in 4K…you won’t notice any difference.

    2 – 4K TVs can nowadays be bought by the same amount or even less than the XZ Premium cost. Someone who can’t pay for a 4K TV can’t pay for a premium smartphone either.

    “XZP has the best available on the market. Bluetooth 5, lpddr4x ram, ufs 2.1 memory, gorilla glass 5.”

    Literally NONE of that interests consumers. In fact, most consumers don’t even know what on earth is UFS or Gorilla Glass.

    “De 4K HDR against the QHD of S7 Edge… You can see a huge difference.”

    The difference you see is NOT the 4K. It’s the HDR. Which the S8 also has (note they are comparing it to last years S7). Then you notice the LCD darker screen of the XZP against the brighter AMOLED screen of the S7.
    The real comparison will have to be done between the XZP and the S8. Then we will get a more clear picture since you’re putting size by side two displays both with HDR, but one with a 4K LCD and the other with a 2K AMOLED panel.

  • DBS

    “As predictable as clockwork.”

    If your clockwork is as retarded as you, sure. 2 days between answers is “clockwork”.

    “Do any of you have jobs?

    Pretty sad existence it has to he said.”

    Pretty ironic you talk about being constantly online…when you answer immediately to anything anyone says to you.

    But no, we don’t have jobs. We’re not poor peasants like you. We can live and buy expensive sh*t without working. Only pitiful proletarians like you need to work. Now go away because poor people provoke me allergies…

    You’re just a retarded dumbfuck. I won’t even bother try to have a rational argument with you ’cause you have the mental abilities of an undeveloped simian.

  • Genorok

    Well their Z, Z2 and Z3 all were amazing phones that were giving them a lot of market share….in my opinion the biggest problems were

    1) They shouldn’t have (and probably still shouldn’t) been releasing 2 phones per year. Especially with the quantities that they were producing (and were late to the market).
    2) No push in marketing, especially in the US market that they had just entered.
    3) No Support for the Carriers that they had FINALLY got their phones on
    4) The Z4 (or Z3+) was a huge flop with it’s issues. Should have never made it to the market. I heard the Z5 was good but it still had overheating issues (that I read, I didn’t own that model) and it scared a few people off (myself included)

  • Genorok

    I think that Sony should consider adding Wifi-Calling and VoLTE support for US carriers (but really they should strive for as many carriers in their target markets around the world) to their lineup this year (if they can). I love my X Performance but really hate that my Z3 T-Mobile edition gets a far better signal AND has the wifi-calling. I always have to take the old phone on trips with me because I’m never certain on my coverage due to the XP not having the extended LTE VoLTE

  • syukriali

    as long they keep on experimenting and giving updates, should be no prob. I bought sony for the UI. But things like long exposure camera and night mode should follow on all devices.

  • prakhar Gour
  • roeshak

    Sony found issue getting it’s devices on to the US networks because of the spec sheet and pricing. Sony was asking for a high price but delivering lower specifications and this just didn’t wash with the US networks who exert a lot of power and influence unlike their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere. It really annoys me when I hear Sony fans hiding behind marketing. They just refuse to accept that Sony’s offerings have just not been on par with the competition for a few years now. Marketing or should I say the lack thereof can influence growing market share but it has no bearing on dwindling market share. Lack of marketing isn’t the reason users moved away from Sony. Poor satisfaction ratings is more likely the reason. I didn’t move away from Sony after 6yrs because I wasn’t aware of their products, I moved away because the cameras just lagged very badly behind the top competition. I still very clearly remember the day I decided that the z2 would be my last Sony device. Went out with friends on night, took a shed load of pictures at the club and bar and ended up with pretty much blurry out of focused shots which had to be deleted. To get some memories from the evening had to ask a mate to send me the pictures he took on his iPhone 6+. That really was the end for me. Who really wants to spend big bucks for mediocrity? Only the die hard fans because they have an emotional attachment to Sony so they don’t really buy into features and usability, they more or less just buy into the brand. All they care about is the Sony logo but I’m not one of those.

  • Genorok

    I’ll agree with their phones after the Z2 to be the case on pricing. I bought my Z2 before it was even out in the states and it was the same price as the Galaxy at the time and it’s 3gb of Ram was the first of it’s kind, along with the 4K video recording.

    Strange that your Z2 had camera issues, mine always took amazing photos (at the time). I’ll admit that I don’t take a lot of photos though and having a few college classes in photography I never use the auto mode.

    I’ll agree with the lower specs for higher prices in the new phones. I have the X Performance but I waited for the price to drop $300 before I made a purchase. I was really expecting 4gb of Ram for that kind of price. Also the battery life sucks when compared to my Z2 and Z3

  • roeshak

    I also never used to use the auto mode cos it was pretty poor back then but the lack of ois just resulted in blurry shots more often than not. The camera defaulted to a 1/8s shutter in lower lighting conditions and it’s very hard to get good focus hand held at that speed. Z2 was kl in 2014 but the competition have advanced considerably since then while Sony sort of stood still. That’s the main reason for their stagnation and ultimate decline in the smartphone game.

  • Battal

    Well steadily or Down steadily ?

  • Matt

    hahaha, cant say any different for my current experia.

    but as we all know its worth it buying xperia. just like it is pixel.

    i like xperia and pixel :D

  • Ridzan

    Please Sony mobile communication… Comeback Xperia Z Series… That is ur power smartphone line…. Give our surprise 2017 flagship…

  • BGDoesGaming

    anyone seen the xperia x ultra leaks? real or fake? hope it’s real.

  • joseph carmine nero

    Yep :)

  • darannechelle

    I rather see Sony earn money than sold millions of unit without any profit. keep it up

  • darannechelle

    its actually true, I have the XA ultra now and it cant handle videos with 60fps while my previous Z ultra can handle that. no more midrange for me

  • ew210

    it’s not . check your facts ,before you try to correct me , and no offense but p10 in XA ultra is crap compared to SD800 .

    maybe you guys mistaken HelioP20 (MT6757) for HelioP25 (MT6757CD) – that one just comes close to SD625 and SD800 in performance , but SD801 would be still superior.

  • Darcyttowe

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  • Darcyttowe

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  • joseph carmine nero

    Actually keep going might be more suitable

  • Bashar Shehab

    They didn’t make any profit with the Z series. Actually the X series is the one moving forward, because that’s 2 years in a row of profit since 2010

  • mUSICA
  • RealityCheck2017


  • Tibor Hornyák

    YES. XZP and XZS doesn’t have wireless charging. THAT IS A SHAME

  • Emil Oskarsson

    He’s a Swedish dick so just block him like I did and move on :)

  • Moisés

    XZs is metal. Glass back is required

  • Moisés

    In many locations good 4K tv are expensive…

    Here there are a few Bravias that cost more than 5000 US dollars.

  • Moisés

    XA1 can reach 61000 of antutu.
    Z3 barely pass that.

  • DBS

    Where is “here” if I may ask?

  • It’s not so much Sony’s responsibility to bring LTE and WiFi calling, as the CARRIERS who use them…

  • Moisés

    Brazil …

    Best Sony tv available here is about 14200,00 US Dollars.
    Sony website…

    Everything in North America and Europe is way cheaper…

  • Biancoceleste

    I personally don’t believe in blocking people on the internet. I believe everyone has a right to say something. Plus I’m much older than folks like him so it’d be silly to block a kid who’s just having some fun online.

    I do worry though, that kids these days spend so much time online and so little in the real world gaining valuable life experience.

  • ew210

    different chipset , version of android , resolution etc , it’s not really comparable so overall score from antutu will not tell you much …

    P20 has 2-core T880 running at 900 MHz. It’s a low range performance with excessive for its performance power consumption, as it’s extremely overclocked. Just about 60 GFLOPS !!

    Adreno 330 in Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) at 578MHz got solid 166.5 GFlops while Mali-T880MP2 inside Helio P20 (MT6757) at 900MHz got only 61.2 GFlops – source:

    raw CPU power is about the same in benchmark but P20 consists only of puny cortex A53 cores that are again same as the GPU in P20 extremely overclocked while SD801 got huge Krait 400 cores … so really no contest there . source from

    only good thing about P20 is it’s manufacturing process of 16nm that allows it to be so much overclocked but power efficiency will definitely suffer ! also there is support for next generation memory LPDDR4X which could improve power efficiency , but unfortunately I think SONY is using LPDDR3…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I tried for long not to block him, but eventually I couldn’t take his crap anymore and just wanted the comment section to be free of trolls :p

  • Tibor Hornyák

    and? in 2017, waterproof is a must, ok. 4gb ram , ok, sdcard expansion, ok, WIRELESS CHARGING? NONE…. SO I had it on my xperia z3. and thay dropped it to trash. so thay dont get my money.

  • ew210
  • Moisés

    4000 above. Not much.

    I watched a video XZs x XA1 … XA1 is very fast.
    It may be faster than Z2 and Z3.

  • Moisés
  • ew210

    as I said in my previous comment here overall score from antutu doesn’t mean anything .. I added those screenshots just for fun … go see my other post 15h ago …

  • Matt

    man you are in xperia forum, overpriced is our middle name here

  • Biancoceleste

    They are only expensive on release. They lose value quickly and can be had for a good price months after release. The pixels are still very expensive.

  • Ridzan

    I think sony mobile… Come back Xperia Z Series with something new on flagship smartphone and take back line Xperia Z Series… Because z series still waiting next of Xperia Z6 and next… I believe sony mobile can do the best… Like ur first line Xperia Z in 2013… Then make low range smartphone for back-up sales… Then… Make some like ” sony Xperia Walkman series”

  • TeeJay1100

    Exactly. Then they disappear almost completely from the US market. No fingerprint sensor enablement in the US??? Makes no sense at all. Patents/legal litigation needs to be fixed. Consumers have dropped them like a bad habit. Now they aren’t even doing will in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia. SMH

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