Final Xperia X Concept firmware update released

by XB on 5th May 2017

in Firmware, Xperia X series

The Sony Xperia X Concept program is coming to an end, but before that happens, Sony has released a final update for the program. The last update (38.4.A.0.39) includes the 1 May 2017 Android security patch along with a number of bug fixes. This includes improvements to low memory stability, faster GPX fix and a charging LED bug fix. The update is currently hitting the Experimental track on Xperia X Concept and will shortly land on those on the stable track.

The journey was fun while it lasted. We hope Sony can take what made the Concept program a success (transparency and frequency of updates, open communication, pushing new experiences) and inject this into the official software.

Thanks najodleglejszy!

  • JC

    Why, though?

  • Nyan Moe

    How abt z3plus

  • shumayal

    Please translate it to Xperia X F5122 as well. I did the crime of not having the single sim version lol

  • KzX

    There’s modded version of Concept rom available on XDA.

  • Prince Mensah

    Will there be Android O for us??

  • SA

    z3p may not get android O update(final 7.1.1) I think z5series can be get android O at least(maybe can get 8.1.1 by the end)

  • I think only 7.1.1 will get at last, and z5 too…they are similliar smartphones…


    If Sony announced a new Xperia X this year……..I guess they will use that phone as a concept

  • Nav

    Wheres nougat!

  • Moisés

    Probably… Z3+ is almost 2 y.o

  • Vinícius Araújo

    As Z3+ and Z5 series share almost the same firmware and hardware specs, it’s safe to assume that if one receives an update, the other will, too. I mean, either is Android O coming to both devices, or none of them.

  • adibuyono

    Z3+ and z5 series will have a same treatment.. from what we learn from past, sadly to tell you both z3+ and z5 series wont get android O

  • Rakesh Stark

    When we will receive nougat for xperia xa dual in india

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    If the Nexus 6P is going to get Android O update, that’s an extremely high chance for the Xperia Z5 family and Xperia Z3+ to get the same update

  • Francinevwillaims

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  • naga kumar

    We can expect android O from sony for xperia z5 family.. As they share same equivalent specs with nexus 6p.. And more over that there’s lot of phones under z5 family, with sony’s fav xperia

  • Moisés

    GSMArena has reviewed XA1.

    – Benchmarks are better than Moto Z Play.
    – Battery life is similar to XZ and XZs..

  • Moisés

    OEMs promise 24 months for high ends…
    Z4 is about to be 2 y.o .

  • iia3ezu

    Why do you all want Android O in older Xperia phones? You don’t put new wine into old wineskins. The experience will be less satisfying than a brand new phone.

    Android updates should be only for one year/generation old phones. One year, just like the duration of the hardware’s limited warranty.

  • ew210

    it’s a midrange after all it’s got to have a better camera than their flagship , it’s just the way SONY does …

  • Murat Tahran

    Don’t be so ignorant and rich spoilt boy!
    Everyone can’t buy a new brand phone. Some of us have to use 2015-2016 phones so long time. Maybe we can’t afford a new phone. Maybe we want to keep using our 2 yeras old phones. You have to think other people’ life and their life conditions.

  • Murat Tahran

    It is impossible to get Anroid O for our Z3+! Nexus phones get updates for 2-4 years after their production. I don’t expect to see 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 for our Z3+. Maybe Z5 series will get 7.1.1. But these possibilites have very low chance…

  • Murat Tahran

    It is impossible to get even 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 for Z3+ or Z4 series.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    This is the shitty thing about Android.
    They give quick updates to only those Google phones, and eventually stop supporting it after 1 to two major software upgrade.
    Xperia Z3 and every other SD800/801 devices are super capable of running Nougat, but Google fucked up and says ‘No’ to update them, primarily because they don’t want others to do better than them at updates.
    Nougat only requires at least 2GB of RAM built-in to run Nougat, yet my budget phone that meets that requirement won’t receive it

    As an Android fan, I must say that I’m sick of Google’s ecosystem.
    My iPad Air 2 that I bought with iOS 8 is now running iOS 10 – that’s 2 years already, and would probably still receive for maybe a good 4-5 years before getting abandoned (my iPad would have been wrecked already at that time).

    So yeah, I wish Sony would just run Android’s company and allow every smartphone to get at least 5 major OS upgrades, because it’s not worth paying $800+ for a phone that will get abandoned after 1 or 2 OS updates

  • Biancoceleste

    Have never used the XA but I wouldn’t put much stock into benchmarks.

  • Tanjalknop

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  • Pragnesh Thakkar

    where come nougat 7.0 in xperia xa??eagerly waiting……

  • Szabó Béla

    There’s two years waranty on Sony phones in the UK.
    And yes that is just on the border for the Z5 family to get one more major upgrade or not.
    And one of the big adventage of sony phones is that they run smothly for long period of time. The software is just made for that. (x – xz specialy) And as long as it dosn’t falls apart we like to stick to it and keep using it. Many of us at least.
    I change it sometimes yearly, somestimes half year, sometimes just around 2 years.
    But many many many ppl have to stick with the one they have till the bitter end.
    In eastern europe contracts are straight clear ripoffs, plus the providers will try to fuck you up and charge more almost evey month.
    Ressult: ppl are on pay as you go and thx to the very high taxes phones costs the most in theese countrys. Ressult 2-3-4 years old phones are pretty much normal in the hands of avarage working ppl.
    They sometimes literaly get shocked when they see a fast phone.
    So belive me that one last update to keep the phone fresh and fast is important.
    Maybe your parrents buy you a new one every time you see something. But that’s not the case for most of us.

  • fried_egg

    if it is as bad as the versions they released for the z5 you might be glad to still be on marshmallow

  • fried_egg

    anyone know the expected future updates for the Z5? the current and previous versions of 7.0.x have been awful

  • ew210

    Hey there Tanja just say it if you wanna fuck , there is no need for all that complex stuff ;)


    X got new update 34.2.A.2.69 and it’s of 199MB:


    1st May security patch it is :)

  • Why? We have excellent support…. We got android 7.1, S6 get only 7.0, and oneplus 2 stays on marshmallow…

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