Sony to discontinue ‘Premium Standard’ smartphones; don’t expect a successor to Xperia X and X Compact

by XB on 24th May 2017

in Xperia X series

Sony Mobile has confirmed plans to drop the ‘Premium Standard’ segment from its future smartphone portfolio. Devices launched under this tier included the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact in 2016 – they were designed to offer a reasonable price point with an almost flagship specification.

When details of these phones were announced, many of you bemoaned the fact that these weren’t flagship devices, and it looks like this apathy translated into lacklustre sales. Whilst in Japan, these models hit 85% of its intended volume targets for the year, outside of Japan this number fell to a paltry 31%. It’s fair to say that volumes fell spectacularly short of targets – the lack of resonance outside Japan led to the company only hitting 43% of its targets in this segment globally.

Sony confirmed the news at its 2017 Investor Day, along with the fact that it will now only focus on flagship and mid-range models going forward. This includes models like the Xperia XZ Premium and XZs at the top end, and mid-rangers like the Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra.

Sony is seeking to try and recover market share in 2017 and hopes to differentiate its products “with technologies that only Sony can deliver”. It will also only focus on markets, where it can leverage its brand strength. This includes territories such as Japan, East Asia, APAC, Middle East and Europe.

Sony still wants to do well in North America, but recognises that huge investment is recognised (read: marketing) to make a difference. It plans to try and grow share through providing differentiated smartphones. Sony also mentioned India, which it eyes cautiously due to the predominance of lower-value smartphone products with razor-thin margins.

Sony IR Day 2017 – Mobile Communication Segment

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Finally! There is nothing premium in novadays Sony except the price itself.

  • Vitali

    Now it is officially confirmed that X Performance was a flagship model.

  • Piotr Zet

    2 next flagship models-XZ1 i XZ1 Compact

  • TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH… Seriously, WTF is the mobile division thinking? NOW.. Sony return to your glory.

  • shumayal

    I use my Xperia F5122 and I’m quite happy with it. Thankfully I’m in middle east where we do get fingerprint scanners!

  • theskig

    Strange that a month ago I suggested an “X” to my friend because it looked the more balanced at a reasonable price. He’s happy with it :)

  • SAM

    I think Xperia X is perfect phone at that price. From decent camera to processor to updates, XA1 cannot beat it. Sad they are making ths move.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    which country?

  • Moisés

    I was expecting X1 powered by SD660. It was going to be as powerful as X Perf.

    The problem with premium midranges is the fact they cost the same of last year flagships.
    A X1 would cot same of XZ and a bit less than XZs.

    Nice to see flagships sold more than expected in Japan

  • Moisés

    Gossips say XZ1 an XZ1c will have a new version of Motion Eye, better than current one.

  • shumayal


  • paul_cus

    Wow, so my X Compact is turning out to be a one-off phone. I’m not complaining too much if Sony goes back to the premium Compact, but it’s kinda a shame in a way. The X Compact is a fantastic phone for a really good price. The Snapdragon 650 hasn’t let me down once.

  • razorg

    I really want them to implement OIS this time (everyone, stop saying SteadyShot is better, I know SteadyShot usually provides better stabilization in videos, but its full potential is often restricted to the lowest 1080p 30fps videos, and the reason I am asking for OIS is not for video, but for photographs. OIS helps taking photos immensely, especially during low light as it can help reduce the shutter speed), but I highly doubt they will actually improve the new camera module with their IFA flagships. If we have a look at the previous behaviour of Sony, the same 20.7MP camera module was kept the same as basis from Z1 to Z3+(Z4) and only the algorithms using it was improved. The same happened with the 23MP module from Z5 until XZ (with the addition of laser AF and etc). Again, I highly doubt we will actually see an improvement in terms of hardware, but any improvements are always greatly appreciated from Sony, so fingers crossed! :)

  • fried_egg

    It is good they are addressing the previous models confusing sales of the new model and removing the premium standard that “devalued” the flagships & pitched up at confusing prices making the Sony brand look bad value. The s tag eg “XZs” is far clearer than the mess with “Z4 & z3+” where they tried to tell people the phone was only a warm up in Europe but that it was a new model in Asia where they like 6 month releases… so the fact the XZs was not pushed into europe and that the s meant it was only a warm up has helped keep the two cultural new model appetite happy… this will be more obvious next year when it has become the “norm” and not confusing as it was with the Z3+/Z4 where the Z3+ was clearly never wanted by the phone networks in Europe but the model gap Z2 jumping to Z5 would have freaked out buyers.

  • fried_egg

    the X at the right price is a good phone… what it wasnt was a good value phone when it first launched… at launch prices it was not competitive with the phones around it in the stores (especially the previous sony flagship that many still had for sale at a much cheaper price but nearly the same bits inside!)

  • theskig

    You can say that for every Xperia :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Xperia x was a huge mistake imo :p

  • Battal

    Making a mid-ranger smartphone and give it a price tag of flagship it’s biggest Sony mistake,
    as i said in 2016, You will never succeed in creating a segment that doesn’t exist Sony “Premium Mid ranger” and lost is what you got when you FOLLOWED Apple’s steps (Iphone 5se),

    Another mistake in this brief is that Sony gonna Adjust it’s 2017 portfolio to recover 2016 portfolio losses which’s only will result in Sony’s 2017 compete with Sony’s 2016, At leas there should small department to look & research in top 5 market share competitor’s portfolios and adjust Sony portfolio from that, NOT compete with it’s last year portfolio !

  • adibuyono

    X initial price is ridiculous..
    It’s only reasonable to buy such phone when sony start to cut the price

  • Moisés

    XZs is not in Brazil too. Premium is on the way

  • Moisés

    GSMArena says XZP in daylight is better than S8 and G6.
    S8 wins low light shots, but XZP was winner when used a tripod.
    ISO goes auto when you set SS, but with tripod you can change both. All Xperia know if you are using a tripod.

    New tech is something called ” full pixels continuous and shoot”

    Just ask the browser to translate ….

  • Moisés

    I have no idea if OIS can act fast enough to work with the predictive hybrid focus or predictive capture .

    When you go to SCN ,there is a mode “REDUCE SHAKING”. But I read comments new phone do not have SCN anymore.

  • razorg

    I don’t care about tripod usage. Also, almost all of the “flagship” phones nowadays produce really good results in daylight. What I want from Sony is OIS (to compensate for the shaking I may cause during photo shooting), a better camera post processing algorithm, a wider aperture if possible, which would all contribute in better low light performance. This is what general user profile wants, the amount of people who cares about good photos with tripod usage etc (basically professional usage) is very low… I wonder what this “full pixel continuous and shoot” is though. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Moisés

    Images seem to be improved.
    Even XA1 is doing well.
    New lenses to deal with corner issues.

    I wish a sensor a bit bigger, like 1/2.1″ maybe. High resolution and bigger pixels.
    I think f1.9 or 1.8 would be enough.

    Those with f1.7 turn colors too light, kinda artificial.

    Must be a reason why f2 is still used.

  • xtess3ractx

    Hopefully the 2 new devices will be true successors to the x performance and z3/z5 compact

  • razorg

    f/1.8 is just at the sweet spot I think. Taking into consideration that Sony’s pixel size is larger than before now (1.1um in IMX300 vs 1.22um in IMX400) low light performance could have been vastly improved. The only thing I can think of, why they don’t do it and stick with f/2.0, is to try and keep the R&D costs low…

  • Focus in only one phone and maybe one compact variant and make them the BEST. But no more phones.

  • RockStar2005

    Smart move.

  • mountain

    No, you do not want a higher aperature any higher than 2.0. I think its similar to an aperature of around 5.6 to full frame cameras (just my speculations). If you go anything higher than that, the depth of field will be too much for everyday photography, and unlike cameras out there, cell phone has a fixed aperture. So unless you want to take photos with a depth of field to every photo, 2.0 is just right!

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Will Sony also drop Compact models in the future?

  • madarayoo

    no more update for x compact?

  • KarFar

    Xperia X now is a great deal, it has S650 which is great

  • Moisés

    Sometimes I wonder if the f2 would be their way of trying to give us more natural colors. Most of people just point and shoot.
    Shots from xz look way more real than s7.

    It seems easier than doing by software only.

  • Moisés

    Pixels would be even bigger with imx400 was same size of imx300. It is a bit smaller.

    I guess it’s 7.87 mm against 7.76 , something like that.

  • dragonsneeze

    Price was not reasonable at launch. And every review mentioned that. Later they got to a pretty good price point. If they could have done it at the beginning they would have sold a lot more. They should make X1 and price it right and continue the flagship treatment.

  • dragonsneeze

    May be about sharpness. S7-8 shots look like they are slightly out of focus to me. Just go in to pixel level and you should see it too. But others don’t have this issue. Might be about the ratio between sensor size and f value.

  • RockStar2005

    Hell yeah Vatali! lol

  • Moisés

    Midrange only… Compact will be high end again.
    Iphone next year may be bigger. So if one day Apple drops iphone SE, only Sony will have powerful small phone.

  • Moisés

    Probably XZ1 and XZ1 Compact ..

    Xz1: 5.2″ Full HD, Qualcomm 835, 4gb ram, 64gb, 3000 mAh, 19 MP.
    Xz1c : 4.6″ HD, Qualcomm 835, 4gb, 64gb, 2800 mAh

    Both has IP68. New cam technology.

  • Moisés

    Wouldn’t be a wider angle cam thing?
    Photos taken by Sony, object seems to be more distant compared to Apple and Samsung.

  • André Bilodeau

    Hmm , I really like the concept image in this page! Those speakers with those bezel! Cool! The screen corner could be not rounded and I would still want to buy it.

  • Moisés
  • Quentin Grs

    Would never have bought my Xcompact if it was more expensive than 400€ (got it at 340€ during october). There isn’t that much good midrange phone and morever compact one.

  • MoYeung

    Sony needs to do more for North America market.

  • Anibal Evora

    the guys responsible of categorizing the phones at Sony really don’t know what they are doing because I have visited their website and at the XZ’s page they say it’s their first flagship (in 2016).. And if I recall correctly, when they first released the X range, they were indeed saying that the main phone was the Xperia X, and that the Xperf was just the X supercharged… afff… I can’t even understand these people… They are indeed wondering about at their headquarters.. But I have faith in them nonetheless

  • Genorok

    Yep, and support them in the same sense that they support their unlocked phones with updates. To sell them they’ll need good marketing on television in the US and they’ll need a timely release.

    Maybe even get the carriers to sell the model that is the exact same as the international release. (Minus the CDMA carriers because those Antennas would be pricy for other markets that don’t use them).

    I love my X Performance but would really like the Wifi calling and be extended range LTE of my T Mobile Z3. I always take both phones on trips just in case I need the Z3 features.

  • Anibal Evora

    Exactly! That is also what I have been observing and theorizing about..
    I am pretty sure there is some sort of relation between sensor size and f value, in addition to OIS also..
    All the phones (that I know of) with OIS and a bigger apertures generally don’t quite have the same size sensor as, say, the Sony’s and Pixel’s or the previous Nexus 6P.. And none of these have OIS and share the same sensor size with and f stop of 2.0..
    So what I can take (but not conclude) is that, if you have the biggest size sensor on your phone (which in this day and age is at 1/2.3″) you cannot, or should not have OIS due, probably, to packaging.. And if you opt to go with a bigger aperture you are restricted to having a smaller sensor. And sometimes, even more so with OIS in the camera module!
    And the consequences when choosing one over the other would be (again, in my opinion):
    a) bigger sensor size -> don’t allow for an aperture over 2.0 nor does it allow for hardware stabilization due to packaging issues, but has the advantage of absorbing more light, due to it’s size. And paired with these days “standard” resolution of 12Mp, the pixel size can also help with light capture. Or one could opt to have more resolution in this size sensor as they have more space to still have acceptable pixel size for all sorts of shooting conditions;
    b) Bigger aperture with OIS -> does not allow for the biggest of sensors and consequently the resolution should not be higher than 12 to 13Mp, but can compensate with overall good to great shooting performance in all sorts of conditions relying not on a high ISO value to freeze a poorly light scene, as it’s non stabilized counterpart, but on a slower shutter speed for a cleaner overall image(…)

    Update: I did not finish what I wanted to say about “my theory” above because I remembered about the HTC 10, which does have a 1/2.3″ sensor with an f1.8 and OIS and a 26mm field of view (watch Pocketnow’s camera review for more info).. So, apparently my theory was busted.. But my point about packaging issues still somewhat remains as the HTC 10 is a almost 1cm thick phone and the OIS apparently is not even as effective as from other competitors because it doesn’t move as much as those.. Sooo, yeah.. Sony, get your stuff together! x’)

  • kanazai2001

    WTF is premium standard?
    it is juz a mid range spec with flagship price tag…

    WTF is mid range model? model with MTK SOC with SD SOC price tag?!

  • KevinLKoehler
  • johala02

    I think this is a strategy that might work. Seems they now know that they need marketing to promoting Sony phones.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Precisely, I agree with you 100%. I love Sony alpha camera’s 5 axis-stabilization which gives me shoot at lower shutter speed at 0.5sec.
    But Sony Mobile implementation on that was just plain software based which doesn’t help us at all.
    It does provide the stabilization but I hate the fact that it crops the video to maintain that stability like “Warp Stabilizer” in Adobe Premier.
    Then they should ditch their G lens and use Carl Zeiss or their new G-Master lens, and go with f/1.4 or f/1.7.
    In GSMarena testing, Sony showed that it does a better job when you stabilize the phone with a tripod.
    Then I have this huge problem with their UI. It’s a mess, I think they did a good job with earlier one. I think they should keep 4K video inside video mode. For focus changing they should introduce focus peaking like in their mirrorless cameras. LG does a better job with focus peaking.
    New BlackBerry Keyone does UI is better than Sony camera UI.
    Lack of RAW support is just absurd. So many phones are supporting RAW shooting. I know many of users won’t shoot RAW but there are places you wanna shoot and there are people who wants to so I think they should support it.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Man XZ1 with 3000mAh will be the bomb.
    But we both know they won’t increase the battery capacity.

  • azzido

    Xperia X was not considered as Premium mostly due to ugly plastic back and sides that was scratching easily. Otherwise it was ok. However it is good now that Sony knows that market does not accept this kind of flops.

    No matter the naming convention in fact they are resigning from low-end and any kind of flops which is very posotive. Now they only focus on premium flagship segment and not crappy low-ends popular in India with debatable profits. This means they will produce less smartphones a year but with better quality.

    Good news!
    To be honest I did not plan to replace my XZ yet, but when I saw the build quality, price and add on for Premium I preordered it :) if they are trying then they are doing it well with XZ Premium.

  • razorg

    OIS OIS OIS! f/1.8 f/1.8 f/1.8! Without these and even with the bigger (than before) pixels in IMX400, XZs still struggles in low light situations….

  • Cynthiajchester

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  • Berkhan Oğulcan Akçay

    X has a metal back.

  • cogkinetics

    hopefully they are not that stupid. their compact phones are the only option for a lot of people

  • Sony should consider following the strategy what Motorola was doing before Lenovo messed it up. Have 3-4 product launches every year in budget, mid-range and premium segment. It has been long since I saw anyone buy a Sony phone in my circle of friends. But then I guess Sony stopped focusing on the Indian market a while ago.

    Popularity of iPhone SE means that they should do a compact phone in the mid-range segment. No one else is doing it. It is an untapped market. I know a few people who wanted to get an Android phone but ended up buying the SE just because they wanted a 4 inch phone.

    But I guess Sony knows what their fans want so maybe they are doing what works for them!

  • Abheet Nagar

    In my view, none of them was ‘premium’ by the price they were launched in. Don’t know about the X compact but Xperia X has really awful and grainy camera. I don’t know if it is only with the Indian firmware but my X lags for 2 seconds after taking each shot and refuses to ring on incoming calls. 2 software repairs done but this shit rings only for sometime after it has been restarted. And now I keep restarting it every now and then so it would ring. (by my experience one restart gives assurity for 8 hours)

    Can you believe it, a ‘smartphone’ that does not ring. Also Xperia m4 had the same problem.


    I must say though the Xperia X’s price at launch was way too much currently it’s god phone to buy at 25K in India.
    Decent updates and stable performance.
    Will surely miss this segment but I am a happy Xperia X user.
    Note: I had Xperia Mini Pro>>Xperia ZR>> Xperia M4 Aqua>> Xperia M5 before this :)

  • Talos the Robot

    With ois you cannot capture moving objects like small kids and animals. That’s why steadyshot is better. Ois is good only on shooting stills.

  • Talos the Robot

    Man the 90% of the photos I shoot are in daylight and the bigger sensor of Sony is the best in daylight. Why to take a phone if it doesn’t satisfy me in daylight?

  • razorg

    “Ois is good only on shooting stills.”… which people mostly do! Those who indulge in action shooting already use professional equipment. Expecting a phone to do everything is absurd anyway, and the majority’s wishes are what Sony should take into consideration, not a niche minority.

  • Kim

    X is fantastic phone, but initial price was wrong. Much better phone than XA and XA1. Now the price is about right at 3-350$. Release new X1 with SD660 and small top+top bezel at <400$ and it should do fine.

  • razorg

    I’m sorry but you sound like a bitter Sony fanboy to me. All of the flagship phones on the market today are more than capable in bright conditions. But if a particular device doesn’t meet the competition in low light performance, it’s clearly behind. So please stop trying to justify the poorer low light performance with the good performance for bright conditions.

  • Stevee

    I just ordered an unlocked X Compact to replace my stolen Z3. Paid $365, have 30 days to return it.

  • Talos the Robot

    I not trying to justify anything. Low light is not a big deal for me because I live in a sunny place but if I need it I can still use manual settings and I am OK with that.

  • kinggo

    “they were designed to offer a reasonable price point with an almost flagship specification”…..
    well, if only that was true……… Maybe they would sell.

  • dragonsneeze

    It would result with a bigger module if it had an effective OIS and HTC despite being thick still has a slight camera bump. Lerger apertures are hard to nail even for pro cams due to sensitive focus. I don’t know about OIS relation to f value. Sensor size also contributes to depth of field. I think f 2 is fine if Sony could add OIS. Nobody cares about camera bump anymore.

    I won’t watch pocketnow. I hate it, they blame Xperia for their lack of knowledge. Let them play with iPhones and Galaxies.

  • Stevee

    X Compact has pretty good reviews. Even though it’s not claimed to be water resistant there are many YouTube videos of it being immersed.

  • Nico

    I do not get the percentage because it says nothing about volume.
    So you sell less then you predict, why is that would be my first question.

    If you throw out the midrange people that buy yhe cheap Sony will never think of buying a flagship. It feels like a discussion that we had a couple of years ago when sony dropped the cheapest phones.

    For me, it feels like a stupid decission, I buy on average 2 midrange phones each year.
    I will keep buying them but will have to choose a different brand. That menas that the flagship phone I buy from Sony will be one of this other brand too.

    I really do not get the people who take these decissions.

  • Joshua Talley

    I wanted to love the compact phones, they were just so hard to actually find in the USA. I’d love a 2560×1440 display on a 4.3″ phone with enough memory and battery to make it usable. Maybe stock Android, too? /sigh

  • razorg

    1440p on 4.3″? :D Dude that’s quite a fantasy, but a fantasy is a fantasy so I’m not going to comment more on that. As a Z5 Compact user myself (who used a massive Galaxy Note 2 for 3 years before Z5 Compact), I too can not go for a bigger phone now, unless it gives me some really f.cking edge technology. That’s why I’m eagerly waiting for this so-called XZ1 Compact that Sony is allegedly preparing for IFA 17′. Sony has been going with 720p resolution since the original Z1 Compact, and I believe it is time for a nice 4.6″ 1080p HDR screen which would be AWESOME when coupled with a Snapdragon 835 (or Snapdragon 660 at least) with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, and I’ll definitely be the first one to go in the customer queue for that. It would really be a great and a suitable upgrade over my Z5 Compact :)

  • Aske Lau Kaiser

    Sorry about your Z3.

  • Joshua Talley

    Haha! I actually would have been happy with 720p. I love the display on my Pixel – except when using it for VR (feels like I’m looking through a window screen). Totally with you on all other points. 64GB with a slot for SD card though…I like saving stuff offline.

  • azzido


  • azzido

    I will never buy any phone with huge camera hump…

  • azzido

    exactly, G lens are just bad and they should use F1.4 or F1.7 long time ago…

  • Stevee

    Thanks, it was a D6616 variant so it was never updated past 5.0.2. Still a great phone.

  • Aske Lau Kaiser

    Indeed, a very good phone. :)

  • Brendapdaniels

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  • Bolinder

    Um, maybe they were thinking that some people DGAF about overpriced “flagship” phones and just want mid-range hardware they’ll actually have use for? I’ll buy an Xperia X next month to run Sailfish OS on, discontinuation or not. Flagship fanboys who get their panties wet over 20+ processor cores (that they can never actually fully benefit from anyway, since Android is not a true multi-tasking OS) are such laughable losers…

  • azzido

    Sorry I meant the X compact, the small one.

  • azzido

    I never capture moving objects like kids or animals…

  • azzido

    Sony should also cinsider better design for a compact phone, I think that Z3 compact was best in design and materials used and this is why it took so much attention and good sales.

  • dragonsneeze

    But you’d buy a phone with little camera hump? Hump is hump, even a huge one is not that big. The biggest are from iPhone and Motos I think and even they don’t look that bad. And after seeing the quality improvement I think a lot of people would chnge their minds. But what do I know. I just don’t see a huge fuss about any cam bump as much as we did in previous years.

  • Moisés

    I do like the glass above frame like Z3C, M4 and M5.
    Breaks easily.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Still they’re not late. Some G lenses are good. Like 90mm Macro one. But I have Zeiss 35mm f1.4, Man that lens is so sharp.

  • Wiching

    Sony have serious mistake for Xperia Premium Standard is batteries life to weak, Premium Standard usually for middle-upper income user which use alot phone for social chat and entertainment. Sony need increase batteries capacity to 3200mAH+ .same to Xperial Ultra model. if Sony can solve this , sales can increase 20%.

  • Mukesh Ingle

    This sony xperia mobiles is best camera phones

  • Objectif

    Big mistake. Sony will help me save money this year. My Z5 fits me very well because even on the high ranges presented functions are removed. I will pass my turn.

  • DBS

    About time. The X Compact was an abomination. Maybe now they can return to proper Compacts. Which, incidentally, is the only thing Sony was doing differently from all other OEMs (apart from Apple who followed suit with the extremely popular SE).

    Of course I won’t get too excited though. I’m pretty sure Sony will continue to not listen and phones will continue to come with LCD screens instead of the superior AMOLED, no OIS, no wireless charging, a pathetic version of the Theme Engine that Sony itself created etc etc.

  • Stevee

    Abomination? Over the last week I’ve read many reviews and your is the worse so far. Because I need a phone now I can’t wait till Sony releases their new premiums and I’m not gonna pay $700 anyway. I’m expecting my X Compact to arrive tomorrow and I hope it’s not as bad as your believe it is.

  • DBS

    Abomination because the X Compact is not a real Compact.
    The Compact line was designed as a flagship device in a normal sized phone. The X Compact isn’t a flagship. It still sports a 720p (which is OK for the size but NOT for a supposed flagship in 2016 let alone 2017), a mid-range processor (SD650 instead of the 820), no waterproofing certification (although the Japanese version did bring that and the internal construction of the X Compact shows it’s actually sealed against water), plastic construction etc.
    All of this alongside the shortcomings I mentioned above which are common to all Xperia phones.

    If you paid 300€ for the X Compact, you will be pleased with it. If you paid anything more than that, then I’m not sure you will.

  • HAWX

    On smartphones, I beleive Apple’s strategy is the best. 1 flagship series per year. Then the flagship become midrange and low tier automatically itself. Less phones less complexity. Key point is that every phone gets much longer and much better support compared to other OEMs and phones have much better 2nd hand value.

  • deekbee

    “Cannot capture” … strange, the best shots I’ve got of my kids and pets running around were with my Lumia 930 (which has OIS). My Sony Z5 Compact in general sucks for such action shots.

  • Talos the Robot

    It depends on the shutter speed and the scene method you use.

  • MrWalker1000

    they should not discontinue the Sony X. its a great device for what it is it just needed better pricing to compete with the galaxy a5 series.

    the sony x is the competitor to that but sony is fucking up again they are so clueless. price the midrangers better ffs

  • MrWalker1000

    htc11 is even better in both daylight and low light. Sony needs to fix its camera software.

    also battery life is better on the htc11 than on the xz premium despite having a smaller battery life. shame on sony lol

  • MrWalker1000

    G lens is the best after zeiss. Zeiss is german they helped sony become a big lens maker.

  • MrWalker1000

    the z5 had technology like object tracking. anywas new sony has memory sensor which helps with that

  • MrWalker1000

    x is a great phone it needed better pricing. its a great mid-range competitor to the galaxy a5 series they should have kept it and just price it better at lunch.

  • brocnical

    I just bought 2 Xs and am disappointed at this news. It’s an extremely good phone, perfect 5.0″ size (had a Z1 Compact before – too small, Z3 – too big). Excellent value -got them at £210 import to UK from Hong Kong. See little point in paying 3x price for little more in “flagships”, especially when Sony stupidly drop features like FM radio.

  • Moisés

    QHD = 2K
    UHD = 4K

    801 ppi is higher than 550, of course it should be better.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea I know Zeiss is German. And that’s why I say Sony should go with either Zeiss or G Master. For better quality.
    XZ Premium’s already having barrel distortion also.

  • S- 394

    When does Sony stop rolling out updates for X Compact? Will they go beyond Nougat?

  • MrWalker1000

    not if you use Samsung pentile haha

  • So a compact isn’t a compact because it isn’t a flagship? I thought that being “compact” had to do only with the size..

    As for your other arguments you wrote the answer yourself. It isn’t water proof certificated but still is water resistant. And I doubt the Japanese have got a different version, just the certification for the warranty. The SD 650 is a little beast. Check any real life comparison in YouTube and you’ll see how the X Compact is one of the snappiest Android phones in the market. Never a lag. The sensor switches on the phone immediately. And no one needs 1080p in a 4.2″ screen indeed.

    If you want to say that the official price was an abomination I can agree. But one can buy an X Compact from ebay, brand new, for 320€. I paid mine 361€ just a bit after it came out and I have never been happier with a phone. A brilliant display, very snappy as I wrote, it takes good pictures. Plenty of RAM for my needs and enough internal memory.

    But sure, the market (read: the kids that have much better phones than their parents) want everything on them. It doesn’t matter if they won’t ever use (nor understand) 90% of their specs or features, the important thing is to brag about them. So yeah, Sony is better following the Apple way, since those Xperia X sales have been hugely disappointing.

  • DBS

    “So a compact isn’t a compact because it isn’t a flagship? I thought that being “compact” had to do only with the size.”

    You thought incorrectly. Sony created the Compact line and called it “Compact” instead of “Mini” (like everyone else), because unlike the Minis from other OEMs, the Compacts were true flagships but in a normal sized phone.
    If the Compact isn’t a flagship, it’s not a Compact. It’s a Mini.

    “It isn’t water proof certificated but still is water resistant.”

    The difference being that because it’s not certified, it doesn’t fall into Sony’s warranty. Which means the Japanese can force Sony into acting on a phone for water damage (generally speaking) and no one else can.

    “The SD 650 is a little beast.”
    Yes, for a mid-ranger processor. It doesn’t hold a candle against the 820 let alone the 835.

    “no one needs 1080p in a 4.2″ screen”
    Except it’s a 4,7″ screen. And yes, if you’re doing a flagship compact, the screen needs to accompany that fact. In 2016/2017, a 720p is only acceptable on 200€ phones. Regardless of the size (specially if it’s LCD). Again, this isn’t supposed to be a Mini.

    The entire problem with the X Compact is that it’s an X Mini, not a Compact. If Sony wanted to go the Mini route, sure, go ahead. But consumers weren’t so easily fooled. They had created a very good user base with the Z Compact line. They were outselling the bigger versions. People were into them. Then they threw everything away.

    And it’s really not about “kids”. Most kids only want iPhones. ’cause that’s what’s “cool” (in their tiny undeveloped minds).

    Sony has to pick a path. They either choose to do Premium phones and then they have to step up considerably their game when it comes to features…or they go with the mid-range experience and in that case they have to considerably lower their prices.

    Everything else is clearly not working.

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