Xperia XZ Premium does not feature tap to wake (yet)

by XB on 8th June 2017

in Xperia XZ series

For some odd reason, the current software builds of the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZs do not feature either double tap to wake/sleep functionality. We’re not sure why Sony would remove this functionality on its flagship devices, but we’re hoping this is a temporary issue that Sony will fix in an upcoming update. Tap to wake is a pretty fundamental feature in smartphones these days, so we’ll keep you posted if and when tap to wake returns.

  • Denny

    Sony why.. I like double tap to wake / sleep my phone since Z2…

  • Shehab Skull

    And there is no ” add ” button in camera app which means users will not be able to download camera add-ones such as ar – effect

  • Paul Burden

    I have a love hate relationship with tap to wake. I love using it, but I hate when it wakes up my phone in my pocket and pocket dials my friends

  • Shehab Skull

    Sony almost lost their sense .. Oh wait they already lost it since Xperia Z3

  • Raj Singh

    They should be impervious to criticism but they always make stupid little mistakes like this. Shouldn’t have been released without tap to wake option, especially since they already have it running on older devices.

  • Bennder

    Same thing happends to me with my z3c, unfortunately it dosn’t use proximity sensor so every tap to screen can unlock phone

  • Ignatio Podhi Javlo

    Hope the double tap to wake up/sleep only at home button.

  • Vitaly Titov

    And Xperia X Performance do not feature either double tap to sleep functionality.

  • Brandon Blake

    The Canadian model has double tap to wake and double tap to sleep maybe it’s the international version

  • Vitaly Titov
  • Brandon Blake

    Mine seems to work fine maybe it’s the version you have? I see you have the international Xperia x performance. Maybe it will be fixed with a system update which software are you running right now the build number and the Android version?

  • Vitaly Titov
  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Just because the add button is missing doesn’t mean additional camera add-ons won’t work, in fact, some are available on the Play Store, there’s also a bunch uploaded to APK Mirror…

  • Zohaib

    Try to tab 3 to 4 time continues, this method work all the time for me

  • Makiz

    The European model supports it too.

  • twm

    Doesn’t Huawei have a clever feature to detect if phone is in pocket to prevent wake.
    Sony can soon no longer hide the fact that its ship is sinking.

  • iia3ezu

    How sad!

    Also, how sad that there is no FM radio, which given an Xperia’s gigantic bezels should have no problem adding a FM receiver into it. And an alarm clock could be set to wake up with the preset FM radio channel every morning.

    I don’t understand the recent snobbery against FM radio (not just Sony, others too). It’s not a primitive technology, sometimes connection to the Internet is unavailable if you’re traveling FM radio can help a user discover music, imagine firing up TrackID, Shazam or Soundhound to identity a nice song played over the radio (the deejay might not tell the name or singer of the song).

    Such a waste of potential.

  • Bloobat

    Still loving my XZ premium, the screen is great as are the speakers and the battery life has been very respectable so far.
    Only niggle I have is the volume rocker so far which feels a bit loose and ‘jiggly’

  • PatQQ

    I’m unable to tip since the CAPTCHA just won’t show…. even with Adblock off.

    XZ Premium firmware update to 45.0.A.5.8 with June security update and bug fixes

  • MyLive

    I use this ‘touch block’ small apps and the problem solved, at least for me..

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  • Zaki

    i believe double tap to sleep is available at “home setting”
    try it out

  • Vitaly Titov

    YES! Thank you.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    No worries.
    iOS 11 doesn’t even have widgets or customizable home screen (I mean the whole UI including the icons, fonts, etc.)

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    I’d give it up if they give me an Always-Active Fingerprint Reader that only needs a touch to work (means no need to totally press the button to unlock it up.)

  • kaostheory

    While Apple and Samsung adding features like record screen, Sony removing features that I could brag about. Finally looking at different phones, still might be stuck buying a Z5p. Or god forbid a Note 8, if I can find headphones with fm, although I’d still be giving up my noise canceling.

  • n00b

    Z3C > all

  • Nuno

    DOES anyone know when will the flashtool will support the xperia xz premium. Want to flash a different Rom on mine.


  • Moisés

    I have Z4. Feel satisfied. No regrets.

  • paul_cus

    Um, they need to add that back in. What the hell is that?

  • JC

    And how is that relevant here?

  • Jay

    That’s still an extra step more than what was suggested..

  • Moisés
  • JC

    He said he didn’t want to have to press the unlock button, that’s why I suggested another way to do the job.

  • Jay

    I’m pretty sure the ultimate point of what he stated was that he wanted an always-on fingerprint reader.

  • JC

    You’re not wrong.

  • Szabó Béla

    The reason i heard and kind of belive, is the greed of providers. They wan’t you to use internet if you need radio. Use the date up, then either you can chose to pay for more, or get fined straight away while using it. And well it’s a very long story, but providers have still a lots of power, they can decide which phone will be succesful. PPL are getting a little bit smarter, but the majority is still goes in the shop and buys the one the sale person recommends. It was like this up to 5 years to nearly 100%. They lost some power, but if they wan’t something from a manufacturer they will get it or in that country that phone will suffer a big loss. The manufacturer i mean.

    Here’s an article about it:

    It’s worth reading. That’s why samsung’s ceo is in jail, and we all know that’s how steve put up ishit with the winners.

  • Szabó Béla

    Well on my XZ i use the case to open up the screen, then the fingerprint reader fallows just with a touch, there’s no need to press anything.

    I see what you mean btw, but i guess registering hundreds and hundreds off invalid unlock attempts while the phone is in your pocket wouldn’t be a very good idea.

  • Stephen

    Even more strange to me is that it works on my Z3 but not on my Z3 Compact tablet. What the hell…

  • Svnjay

    Does it reduce battery life? I think it’s annoying and keep it off.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Apple removed the headphone jack.
    Samsung, while didn’t remove it, moved the Fingerprint Scanner in the “Best” possible place on a smartphone.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    The fact that despite the lack of this feature, it is still an Android and can do hundreds and thousands of things that iOS can’t do.

  • JC

    I mean sure, but I don’t get why iOS was brought here in first place.

  • azzido

    They continue to remove more and more features. They also removed Album widget! … The one that allowed you to scroll pictures. This is really pathetic and pisses my off. So stupid and dumb software decisions made by brainless (who the hell is removing it? You want it then you add, you do not want it not adding, simple) helped me to make decision:

    This is my last Sony phone due to stock boring android with ongoing policy to remove more and more features and functions…

    I wonder when they will remove the wallpapers. What’s next Sony??? Remove the screen!

  • azzido

    This is not hardware removal, FM Radio receiver is there, this is brainless software limitation, they want to force you to use stupid spotify and most probably pay for this shit…

  • azzido

    Because software division is now led by brainless monkey that is not able to do more than copy paste of stock android…

  • azzido

    I hope no oled… We all know it suffers many issues from dead pixels, afterimages to partial burnings and bad white accuracy (from yellowisk to blue or pink like in S8). It’s life is definitely worse than lcd, they should focus on improving lcd instead. Oled has only better black color indoor, but not when outside in bright day.

    So no thank you, I do not know oled since I know how poor it is.

  • azzido

    OMG seriously???
    WTF they are doing there…

  • azzido

    No worries, Sony is constantly removing its features (triple tap to wake, small apps, button for additional apps in camera), widgets (previous animated weather, camera widget, recent contacts and now even Album widget!!!), widgets on lock screen, Radio, they even tried to remove Stamina.

    So you just need to wait a bit, soon you will not have these features as well.

  • Blunt

    The feature first came in Nokia N9
    However sometime doesn’t work on my XZ.
    No doubt it’s a must have feature.

  • Luis

    Someone really hates Spotify

  • Moisés


  • Moisés

    It seems to be much better than one from Samsung.
    Of course they are trying to solve oled weaknesses

  • Hanmin Su

    don’t let the screen face your body..That will improve it.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Cause you don’t need it on a tablet tbh.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Remove them and it surely will be better than iOS still.
    Remember when they removed STAMINA Mode in Marshmallow?

    You said the same thing, now what?

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    If we talk about features, iOS always gets the most attraction, ’cause it is literally the most capable OS of all time.

  • Marydalvarado

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  • AllanKafka

    Why? Because you say so?
    Anyway, it was introduced on the Xperia Tablet Z.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Phones have this feature because the double tap to wake/sleep can be done easily in one hand. Meanwhile, you’ll need Hulk’s hand to do the same thing on a tablet.
    Even if my tablet has this, I’d find it uneeded and I won’t feel like missing it at all.
    My Zenfone has this, but I don’t want or need it on my iPad.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    They removed it because they’re probably up for something better.

    They removed the small apps because they added Nougat’s split screen multitasking, which is a way better way of multitasking.

    This time, I’m doubting they will have an Always-Active Fingerprint Scanner that will immediately work with just a touch of a thumb/finger (no full press needed).

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    If it is sad to loose FM radio in Xperia, think how sad it is to loose all FM radios in your house and cars.
    Some parts of Norway has already lost FM, I will lose it in two weeks, and after October 2017 there will only be some local transmissions left in some cities in Norway.
    DAB+ has replaced FM in Norway, but the signal coverage is not as good, and you need better antennas to receive DAB…

  • Moisés

    I can use youtube on small app browser while do other stuff

  • Moisés

    I read a comment on gsmarena that XZP is out of stock on Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, same for Htc U11 ..

  • Shafraz Sadiyan

    It is for the very same reason, I hate the double tap to wake. The phone display goes on while in my pocket makes calls and does all sorts of crazy things.

  • Shafraz Sadiyan

    One feature I’d love for Sony phones to have is IR sensors. I prefer to control all my appliances from my phone.

  • monoke

    Just ensure the screen side faces away from your legs. This has solved the issue for me.

  • monoke

    Pretty much. The skin of the legs is touching the screen through the thin inner pocket cloth. Getting in habit of facing screen side to the outside solves the problem.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    They DONT just copy paste stock Android. If that were the case, how would the XZ Premium keep up in speed with the S8/S8+ and make the huge leap in performance improvements and battery life with the XZ Premium? The issue certainly has to do something with Android 7.1.1 interfering with an API or system that is causing problems with double tap to wake.

  • AllanKafka

    It doesn’t take much to make you happy.
    I find split screen multitasking to be useful in rare cases, even with my low dpi setting that makes elements smaller on screen. I suppose that it is quite useless with standard sized UI.
    The true contender to small apps is fast task switching by double tapping the “multitasking” soft key. But, as Moisés wrote, there’s no substitute for background video play, which by the way is possible with Media Viewer small app as well (I love that app!).

    Anyway removing something “because you are up to something better” is silly. You can remove something when you have a better solution ready, not before!

  • AllanKafka

    Ok, now go back in time and tell this to Sony engineers in 2012-2013.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with single-handed tablet use.
    The Xperia Tablet Z was very thin. Maybe the point was being able to wake up your tablet even when it was placed on a flat surface rather than raised on some support. It is surely easier to double tap the screen than to reach for a small button on a side and press it – especially if you have fat fingers (I don’t, yet I always use double tap).
    Moreover, it might avoid early consumption of the physical button mechanism. And if you didn’t like it, you could always disable it.
    So the usefulness of double tapping a tablet screen is completely subjective and there’s no point in removing it when you can just let users enable or disable it in the Settings app.

    And if I’m not wrong, your iPad has a large sized Home button that you can use for waking it up when it’s laying on a flat surface.

  • adibuyono

    sorry Out of topic..
    i would like to ask for the best Sony Xperia XZ Premium case to protect my lovely baby from any form of scratch..
    i heard some case (mostly cheap one) is the main culprit of making phone scratched, due to dirt easily get into the gap between phone and case..
    any nice recommendation case to protect my baby? :D

  • Iki

    FM is getting replaced by dab.

  • azzido

    This is not because of any Sony improvements, there are no such… The thing is opposite, shamesyng is a bit slower because of a bit heavier UI because they are giving the users the features while sony constantly cutsbit off… TBH I do not care about few miliseconds faster or 1s faster loading speed, I do not care, but I do care about functionality and features that now are gone. Also this speed cones from slightly faster clock. Sony cloked cpu 100MHz faster so… +… Sorry for typos, typing from worst XZ swift keyboard :/

  • Naomi

    I’m a bit frustrated with it having been moved above the power button. It’s a big phone and that just makes it harder to reach!

  • Naomi

    Got my XZ Premium today and just discovered the lack of small apps and screen record. Totally baffled as to why they would remove these really useful features!

  • Naomi

    The choice to add the swift keyboard as stock was odd, but the international xperia keyboard is available in google play so all is not lost!

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  • Shamoy Rahman

    Why don’t you use Google Keyboard then on your XZ? I can type well with it on my brother’s XZ. Also, what kind of functionality and features are gone? Sony had screen video capture since 2014 with H.265 encoding, Samsung only got it this year in 2017 and it still doesn’t work very well. Crap like people’s edge and apps edge are useless. The only big difference right now between touchwiz and stock is design, not really features. The small apps were useless and Google made changes to Android that broke compatibility with it.

  • MrWalker1000

    Z3+, z5, and x performance is where sony lost their sense. They are doing things well now with xz series

  • MrWalker1000

    i never even used double tap to wake up because in my pocket it would take pictures and do weird stuff because of it and i got too annoyed to turn the setting on when its on my desk. Your explanation is prob right though.

    also, Sony might have a simple software ( a bit boring maybe design wise) but its not without features. in fact, if you take into account actual useful features sony has way more.

    for example Sony had the flashlight integrated into its phone in 2014 when the s5 didnt you had to download it.

  • MrWalker1000

    japanese oled will have those issues fixed.

  • MrWalker1000

    sony doesnt have accurate white either. its very blueish tint

  • azzido

    You are useless, small apps was great!

  • azzido

    Yes, they copy pasted it almost stock while samsung updated the interface, provided more features and changed the design. I prefer more features and functiones + nicer design than miliseconds in speed…

  • azzido

    Now they removed more widgets in Premium (including Album widget), radio and even + button in vamera app… +…
    I wonder what is next.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    How many useful features? Almost none, most of them are bloat crap that use up more storage. Talk about features… Samsung still doesn’t even have official screen recording yet and Sony had it almost 3 years ago. They kept the stock design of Android because people like that the most but under the hood in the kernel, camera, audio optimizations Sony made some big changes. Stock Android doesn’t come with LDAC, 4K HDR support, or wet tracking technology.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    No they weren’t. With multitasking you can just open up the calculator app or anything the small apps were made to replicate. Beside they got outdated too.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    The International Xperia Keyboard is not as good as Google Keyboard. Try it out yourself and see.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Sony had that since 2013.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Its ok, they will fix it very soon. You’ll probably get the fix before your phone arrives.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Yes it will. I don’t know if you can root the XZ Premium yet though.

  • Gion Ken


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