Android Nougat starts rolling for Xperia XA Ultra (36.1.A.0.179)

by XB on 15th June 2017

in Android, Firmware, Xperia XA series

It has been a long time coming, but Sony Mobile has finally started the Android Nougat rollout for the Xperia XA Ultra through firmware number 36.1.A.0.179. At the time of writing, the firmware is only live on a couple of XA Ultra variants including the F3211 and F3212, but we expect it to be live on all variants shortly. If you have updated, please post some impressions and pictures in the comments below.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the Nougat is update has been temporarily suspended. See
for further details.

Download Xperia XA Ultra FTF firmware files – Android 7.0 Nougat

Xperia XA Ultra (F3211) 36.1.A.0.179 Greece Generic
Xperia XA Ultra (F3213) 36.1.A.0.179 Latin America Generic
Xperia XA Ultra (F3215) 36.1.A.0.179 Australia Generic

Xperia XA Ultra Dual (F3212) 36.1.A.0.179 UAE Generic
Xperia XA Ultra Dual (F3216) 36.1.A.0.179 Brazil Generic

  • razorg

    Oh nice. Finally!

  • Loreenrnalls

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  • Zsolt Zsolt

    Good news!

  • xliMaNlx

    FINALLY!!!! OMG!!!!

  • alexander gomez miguelm

    And xperia XA? F3113

  • Abhishek Das

    Hopefully that will also come very shortly

  • Maleck Johnson

    Great I own xa ultra hope the update come soon.

  • kurakuradisco

    congrats guys, they didn’t abondon you all

  • Moisés

    I believe XA gets tomorrow .
    Updates come out for z3+ one day after Z5’s

  • Actman

    Let me guess. There is nothing new at all except a newer build number, newer security patch, kernel and Android version. Same old sh*t! But the good thing is finally to those XA family users, you’ll able to install the Xperia loops live wallpaper MANUALLY!

  • razorg

    I wonder about that too. I’ve been searching the internet for a review or anything, but because the update is currently isolated to Turkey and Greece, there’s nothing. I wonder if it is 7.0 or 7.1.1, what security patch it has, has it got anything new that Z5 series were denied of… I’m curious about all these. Guess we’ll need to wait for a couple more days ;)

  • Sahil

    Thanks for ruining this

  • LazAndKor

    How about SS and AF on manual settings? They might add it. Also im quite surprised that Greece was the first one to get the update. My Z5 (Customized GR) usually gets it 2 weeks after its rolled out .

  • Yuriy Mosiychuk

    It is 7.0 with 2017-05-05 security patch :(

  • razorg

    :( Typical Sony, I’m not surprised. It’s been more than 6 months since the release of 7.1.1 and Sony gives 7.0 update. Android 7.1.1 is not an entirely new Android version so Sony treating it like that is a bad commercial move. It’s not like the jump from 5.1.1 to 6.0. So as soon as 7.1.1 was released, all the development should’ve been focused on 7.1.1… Besides that, as I have mentioned multiple times, there is no excuse for releasing an old security patch! If a company is releasing an update, let’s say, in June, it should be on June patches! And it’s not like people are asking Sony to treat their midrangers just like they do to their flagships. Sensible people don’t expect monthly patches or all the goodies on a midranger phone. However, that doesn’t mean people should throw out all 100% of their expectations. If Sony treated its midrangers and 1-2 year old flagships better (say, guaranteed proper security patching every 2 months), I’m sure the public perception of Sony would have improved vastly, and people would get a sense of trust when they go for a Sony device, and thus promoting Sony around…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    You get what you pay for….. Go for premium phones and you will not have anything to worry about. To be honest, Sony is still the best manufacturer when it comes to update mid range phones…. So go and complain on Sony, but none of the other manufacturers treats their mid rnage phone any better so….

  • razorg

    This is what I don’t understand! “Don’t expect anything on a midranger or the previous flagship” This is SO WRONG! As I said in my comment above, we don’t want Sony to treat us like they do to their current flagships, we’re aware that our devices are previous flagships and/or midrangers. However, this doesn’t mean the treatment we receive should be like the entry level (E/L) phones! If that was the case, why do I pay sh.t loads of money in the first place, I’d go and buy and entry level phone, am I right? If you ask me, Sony is fighting for being the best in terms of flagship treatment, but it’s the worst in terms of midrangers. Galaxy A series (2015 – the first series) still receive security patches, and though running the same Android version, has anyone received any patches recently on M4/M5? (M4/M5 are Sony’s Galaxy A series equivalent devices)

  • I have the US model, so I hope I get it too…

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Seems like you always ask for a near flagship level of support.
    Mind you, my sister’s LG G4 still hasn’t received Nougat yet, and on Marshmallow, it’s only 6.0 and not 6.0.1.

    You are complaining about the poor support on your device? Ask Samsung Galaxy A/C series users regarding software and support, and they all will be jealous of your XA Ultra being supported by Sony to be updated to Nougat.

  • Moisés


  • Moisés

    When 7.1.1 was released for OEMs, they were already working on 7.0.
    LG v20 came with 7.0 from factory, but still no 7.1.
    I am not sure but I guess 7.1 was delivered by Google in late december or early january.

  • Finally, Xperia XZ Premium in my hand

    Unboxing and quick review
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  • Anh Khoa

    I’m using an XA and I hope so

  • Sagar More

    When was 7.1.1 rolling out fot Z series?

  • Maleck Johnson

    Me too

  • For Xperia XA (not ultra) is up too!

  • Actman

    Who ruining this actually? I suggest you better get your facts right before condemning! There is an old saying buddy – IF YOU DON’T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW IT, DON’T DO IT. Simple!

  • Wooty

    What he stated wasn’t imprecise at all. Everyone knows this crap company well. When it comes to update, top notch I should reiterate. But when it comes of providing a newer features that could possibly come along, absolute zero/vapid.

  • Rakesh J

    Hi Guys i’m from INDIA , XPERIA XA DUAL users plz go to settings – software update and BINGO!!! Android 7.0 is now available.

  • Shalen Mhatre

    Waiting for F3216

  • razorg

    So Nougat (7.0) development was going for almost a year for XA? (7.0 was released in August 2016, we are in June 2017 for crying out loud). I highly doubt that had started so early because they were busy with other devices. And when the time came for them to start developing for XA, 7.1.1 was already out so they could have started from there….

  • razorg

    Forget LG. Did you hear me mention LG? It’s the WORST! Also, don’t give Galaxy C series as an example here because it’s a shit series, isolated to China only, released in hopes of stealing the money of Chinese people. However, Samsung A series is international and the support is superb for a middle range. Here are some facts:

    Galaxy A series (first series – released October 2014): 6.0.1 – with up to March 2017 security patches
    (Equivalent) Xperia M4/M5 (released March 2015 and August 2015 respectively): 6.0.1 (6.0 in the case of M5) – with up to June 2016 patches. (Did you say “6.0”??????)

    Galaxy A series (2016 – released in December 2015): 7.0 – with up to May 2017 patches (released in MAY with MAY patches!).
    (Equivalent) XA/XA Ultra (released in February and May 2016 respectively): 7.0 – with up to May 2017 patches (released in JUNE with MAY PATCHES – do you see that pattern here?)

    When you look at these, it’s clear that Sony doesn’t do well when the devices get older. OK, XA and A 2016 series are quite equal now, I admit. But when time passes and A 2016 will receive more patches than XA, you’ll see what I mean…

  • Sertac Sibel Solmaz

    Still waiting for 30.0.A.2.146

  • Sahil

    For ruining the excitement. Why does everybody here has anger issues? :/

  • Sahil

    Who ll buy xa1 then?

  • Sri Karan Senthildasan

    Im receiving security patches every now nd then for my M5. I received 2 or 3 in 2k17

  • Actman

    I did not expressed any hatred you see. It was merely a wild GUESS! Don’t you think so?

  • razorg

    You may have received delayed updates bro. M5 hasn’t received a single update built in 2017. The last update was released in the end of October 2016 with (again) September 2016 patches… You can’t justify receiving, let’s say, September 2016 patch in March 2017…

  • razorg

    Do people go and buy iPhone 6 instead of 7, just because they run on the same version of iOS? Android versions shouldn’t be used as a selling point, especially for devices that are only 1 year old (for older devices: maybe…)

  • Sri Karan Senthildasan

    Ohh.. I don’t know really.. It’s okayy. My brother has a XA Ultra F3216. When will it get Nougat.. Do u know anything

  • Rakhim


  • Turron Jijona

    In Italy still waiting for 3216…

  • Afonso Coutinho

    Meanwhile, the Z3 is abandoned …

  • Moisés

    All OEMs do that. They start to adapt android for flagships. Make tests and if it is okay they release.

    XA was going to be updated in february, but Z5 issues changed the situation. Fix for z5 was a priority back there. This took almost 3 months.

    Z5 got 6.0 in february or march last year, z5 still was flagship. XZ got it early december.

    Except Nexus, Pixel and LG v20( 7.0 from factory), X Performance and XZ were first to get 7.0.
    Sony is trying to do it as fast as possible. An evidence is the fact XZ1 will run 8.0 from factory, so other phones can be updated faster.

    In my opinion, the biggest flaw was leaving M4 and M5 without 7.0. M4 has same cpu of Motorola X Play and this one will get 7.1.1.
    Another flaw is the lack of a few controls for Z4/Z5 cam, even L1 has shutter speed control.

  • Moisés

    Have no idea if we get 7.1.
    I gave an example just.
    Updates come for z5, next day for z3+. So updates for XA come out one day after being released for XA Ultra.

  • Actman

    Spot on razorg!

  • razorg

    I agree with some things you’ve mentioned. As I said before, I admit Sony’s probably the only manufacturer running 7.1.1 (with monthly patches) on its current flagships (all due to skimming down their UI as similar as it gets to stock Android UI, has some good and some bad points this). However, people are sceptical about Sony. If they improve their support quality for non-flagships (which still cost a fortune in some countries), people will start trusting in the Sony name once again, but in reality they support their non-flagships just so they can say “Here you go, an update. Now shut up…”. Same goes for the older flagships. As you said, even L1 has got the so called “flagship camera features” (Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control), and as I read from XA users, XA got these features with the Nougat as well. So why deliberately cripple Z5 series? Noone ever is buying Z5 anymore. There are only users who simply can’t afford to upgrade their Z5s right now, and with the treatment Sony’s providing, users like me may go and buy an other brand after feeling “betrayed” like this…

  • Shehab Skull

    Well at least they re getting manual controls in camera

  • Moisés

    M and C phones got 6.0 about 3 or 4 months after Z2.
    Even C4 got hybrid focus. Z3+ does not have

  • Sahil

    The update is good.. No bugs unlike last android. Performance is fast. Rest all same nougat

  • Sahil


  • Sahil

    Is volte enabled

  • Stacymjohnson

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  • Svnjay

    >Not the chrome version

  • Hoshigawa Chung

    Improved navigation experience after the 7.0 update.
    In version 6.0, the Google Map navigator might have bugs with GPS hardware, the phone frequently lost GPS signals, and I have to drive 5-10 minutes until the signal gets stable. And it still drops the signal randomly.

    Today it seems to me that the problem is solved in the 7.0 update. Very impressive improvement.

  • Diego

    How did you install the firmware tho? I got a ERROR: NULL from Flashtool

  • mohammed safwat

    I own xa ultra and iam still in marshmallow because iam afraid of nougat ram usage marshmallow take 1.2 of ram dose any one know how much nougat takes

  • Luis Anc

    how did you create the FTF file after downloading Nougat 7 files with XperiFirm?

  • Luis Anc

    MEGA is asking for a CODE. Can you please share it?

  • $ỤRẠJ ₡ҤẠVẠ₦

    sony xperia xa ultra dual waiting for nougat 7.0 update in INDIA….

  • nužno zlo

    Just updated my XA Ultra (F3211) to 7.0
    Central Europe 1 (1302-9801)

    I had a problem updating over OTA,downloaded but could not install the update several times.
    Then i used Xperia Companion and everything went fine.
    At a glance it looks like it’s faster then it was on 6.0,and it cleared almost 1.5Gb in internal storage.Split screen works fine,and front camera UI now has quick timer button.There is changes on notification bar,it’s better now.I’ll post later if i notice other changes.

  • John Šẽ

    Does this nougat update have Google pill widget as shown in too many nougat running phone’s home screen?

  • gbaby448

    Hello all
    Bizar, in xperiafirm the versions returns to 36.0.A.2.146 while yesterday there was 36.1.A.0.179 for certain region.
    The update is still in progress?

    P.S: Sorry for my English

  • Luis Anc

    the Album WIDGET disapears in Android NOUGAT 7.0, and i cant find it. WHY???

  • All good so far. Only one little detail: No Tethering. Neither USB or WiFi is available by default. I’ve found no solution without root or flashing something to the bootloader. Please share any tip you could have…

    I’m happy with this version. The tethering is the only issue I have so far, and is a big deal for me…

  • Look Pal… if a new Kernel and Security Patches are a small thing for you, Then your brain gotta be the size of a freaking peanut.

    If you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that a lot of threats have been found for many operating systems, and Android Using Old versions of the Linux Kernel is not immune to this threats (Read about Dirty COW so you know what I’m saying).

    Please NEVER Comment negative stuff about New Kernel and Security Patches without knowing what you’re saying. Operating Systems are not only the User Experience.

  • Xperia XA User in Mexico Here.

    Observation 1: Gaming Improvement without overheating. On 6.0 while playing Dream League Soccer or Real Racing 3, Phone got incredibly Hot. On 7.0, only a little warm and no performance loss.

    Observation 2: 720p60f Available for reproduction on Youtube. Haven’t tested video of other formats on other players above that resolution

    Observation 3: No Tethering. Either USB nor Wifi Tether is available and I have not found any solution without root.

  • An update not always means New Features. Means Corrections, Preformance Improvement and Patches. Operating Systems are not always about Looking good or do more stuff, but to be able to do stuff good and fast.

  • Actman

    You can shut the hell up! If you can’t understand simple English go ahead and knock your head against the wall. Which phrase did I passed a negative comment about new kernel and security patches? Don’t act like a pro here to me which I totally not favouring of. If you wanted to start a lousy lecture for this, better yet start a new remark (avoid replying to my comment) which you can see it as ‘Join the Discussion’ column! Nobody ask for your priceless comprehension here!

  • Wooty

    Cut your crap. When a company doesn’t give you a new feature that was available on other oem’s products, you shouldn’t say “An update not always means New Features”. You are the biggest apologists I had ever seen. This cognition was nothing but just a handful of examples of the reality distortion field that exists in this community. Just stop updating your phone somewhere near the future if sony does provide any new kind of new software. ZZZZZZZ

  • I got the update right after I posted this comment lol.

  • “Stop Updating Your Phone”… So, if the roof of your house has a leaking you leave it like that? That’s interesting. If Sony stops updating I go the other way: Root and look for Custom ROMs, at the end, my warranty is over, so I can do what a please to my phone. If you want a certain feature, buy the phone that has it, don’t complain for something you didn’t buy.

  • So, when you say “Same old sh*t”, you are leaving a possitive comment. That’s very interesting. You’re right, my english comprehension is minimal. Sorry to bother you.

  • nužno zlo
  • Actman

    Same old sh*t = Same bored UI, same lock screen, same pre-installed wallpapers and same old widgets which basically nothing new except a newer build number, newer security patch, new home, kernel and Android version. Which phrase did I mock about the kernel and security patches? I don’t get why this is difficult to understand. You need not to be so eager to lash out and defend something that isn’t even being attacked. Let alone talked about, to begin with.

  • That’s odd… Maybe it has to do with my carrier options. None of the tethering options are available. I’ll give it a check later.

  • nužno zlo

    Battery life is much better!
    Doze has been improved,saving more battery in standby.

  • Luis

    Sony pulled the 7.0 update (at least for USA) because of issues. I updated and everything was fine for a couple days, then it went haywire. Had to do a software repair with XC only to find out Im back on 6.0 and now IMEI is unknown and sim not recognized. Repair screwed it up even worse. Then Sony Support says they can’t do anything until the 7.0 update is patched and re-released.

  • nužno zlo

    I just checked on Sony site with IMEI number and it showes that my XA Ultra is up to date with 7.0,so it says that the 7.0 is the latest update for XA Ultra.So pulling the update is temporary….by my opinion issue is in the downloading the update over OTA,not the funcionality of the update. I had problems updating over OTA,but done it with Xperia Companion and had absolutelly no issues since then.

  • $ỤRẠJ ₡ҤẠVẠ₦

    Not available bro

  • $ỤRẠJ ₡ҤẠVẠ₦

    I have also this problem.

  • gbaby448

    Salut follows this guide
    But use the version of flashtool because the old versions are not compatible with the XA Ultra, I put the version greece in dl in this post (I spent the night before understanding that the version of flashtool 0.9. 23.1 was not compatible with XA Ultra).

  • sanjeev kumar

    In this update, we use volte or not, give me reply fast

  • merolrockstar

    Hola! Como btuviste el Firmware? Descargando directamehte de XperiFirm?

  • En XperiaBlog esta la liga para la descarga del firmware.

    Un detalle que encontré es que La app the teléfono crashea con llamadas entrantes. La llamada se mantiene, y en la barra de notificaciones tienes la opción de colgar o de “Mute”, pero no hay app de teléphono en llamadas entrantes…

    si quieres probarla, adelante:

  • Slobodan Milošević

    System Update to 36.1.A.1.86 for Xperia XA Ultra, just now in Serbia.Does anyone know what this update consisted of.

  • Alexander Daniel Flores

    cual es la clave de cifrado mega please

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