Xperia XA Android Nougat update released (33.3.A.0.127)

by XB on 16th June 2017

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Android 7.0 Nougat has started to seed for the Xperia XA, which follows on from the release of Nougat for the XA Ultra yesterday. We have noticed that the Nougat update is live across all five variants of the Xperia XA including the F3111, F3113, F3115 single SIM models, as well as the F3112, F3116 dual SIM variants. Please share your impressions and pictures of the update below. We will add the FTF firmware files shortly.

Download Xperia XA FTF firmware files – Android 7.0 Nougat

Xperia XA (F3111) 33.3.A.0.127 Netherlands Generic
Xperia XA (F3113) 33.3.A.0.127 Latin America Generic
Xperia XA (F3115) 33.3.A.0.127 Australia Generic

Xperia XA Dual (F3112) 33.3.A.0.127 Middle East and Africa Generic
Xperia XA Dual (F3116) 33.3.A.0.127 India Generic

Video – Android Nougat on Xperia XA

Thanks José, Jozef and Santiago!

  • Maleck Johnson

    It not live for xa ultra in US

  • Soter95

    xa f3111 not upgrade

  • Kadek

    When will my Xperia SP getting KITKAT?!?!?!



  • razorg
  • It depends on market now. Not Sony.

  • Marinko Agic


  • Bilal Farooki

    I still haven’t recieved the Xperia XA update (33.2.X.4.70) with January security patches I don’t know that I’ll get Nougat or not!! I have checked the Current Customized Version of my phone 1302_4396_R4A running on Build 33.2.B.3.81

  • ShinOrochiX

    Looking forward to it, hopefully it is not buggy.

  • Objectif


  • Finally, Xperia XZ Premium in my hand

    Unboxing and quick review

    Like & subscribe

  • Kadek

    That’s the joke lol… But all xperia SP user will remember the promises, even on the support page it announced that SP will get kitkat update. Only to find out Sony abandoned us all later :D

  • memphis

    Looks like Sony doesn`t put much effort in this phone. 7.0 and we are allready talking about 7.2 and 8.0. Normally I´m a Sony fanboy but to see this update to 7.0 is a shame. Okay it is a mid to low range phone. But 7.0 took them so long. come on, you`re kidding.

  • You said it yourself: it’s a low – middle range phone. All premium Xperia but the XZ and X Performance are with 7.0 as well. What did you expect, the XA to get the latest Android version before them? Then I may agree it took too long. At least according to the Sony plan. But with other brands it’s taking longer, so..

  • Jin Yuan

    My Xperia XA Single SIM (F3115) has received the Nougat update, and my location is Australia. 830.5MB update file from OTA.

  • Daniel Alejandro Garcia Rondon

    XZ have 7.1.1 with june 2017n security patch, same X performance, XZs, XZ Premium, and really close X and X compact, look for another company and tell me if they have so many phones up to date like Sony

  • Todor Dimitrov Angelov
  • adneon0

    Quick Impressions:

    1. Camera got a bit better, focusing is much more quick and responsive.
    2. Reduction in delay of direct launch using shutter key.
    3. Manual Camera control now includes Manual Focus and Shutter Speed.
    4. Some small tweaks like text and display size adjustment available.
    5. XLoud is back ! Gives considerable difference in volume.
    6. Rest all nougat features.
    7. Ear piece also feels a bit loud and clear.

    No bugs until now and battery performance under monitoring.

  • Bilal Farooki

    Guys hows the battery performance? share it in 1-2 days (y)

  • razorg

    So even 13MP XA got Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control and not Z5? (Arrrrrrrrgghghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!) :@)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    And the Xperia z did get Android 5.1.1 lollipop as final update, lucky me I did go for the Xperia z and not Xperia sp back then :D

  • Actman

    Of course buddy! They just
    paid an overpriced phone that was just launched! So security patches
    wise should be up to date! How about Z5 family? Aren’t they flagships too? So what was the last security patch that landed on them?

    Which company is better than Sony? Well I should emphasize that Samsung wasn’t too far behind! Speaking about security update for newer phones please look at SGS8, 8+, S7 and S7E. Are those security patches for these phones are lagging behind Sony’s? What is so freaking awesome if those updates were rolled out with zero new features was given? Did Sony just commerce into an uncompromising
    security firm? Please judge by using conscious rationale and
    certainly not a fan boy style!

  • Aram Aguilar

    what about the touch screen problems, they are solved?

  • Aram Aguilar

    it has spotify preinstalled? and what about the touch screen problems ?

  • jamie evans

    My 3113 keeps getting “could not install”… Why?

  • Lucille

    mine too

  • Phil Gym

    It’s happening to my XA as well. Installing Nougat isn’t ready yet in the US??

  • Dilipkumar

    Hi everyone!! Please help me in this.
    I bought Xperia xa dual 4 months back. I facing issue lik call drops when speaking a call. And I can’t hear the opponent voice sometimes when speaking. I gav my mobile to Sony service center but they said it resolved but I m still facing the issue. I m in Android marshmallow. please help if you know abt this

  • Sahil


  • Sahil

    Try with xperia companion

  • Sultan Albatati


  • Zlays

    It seems that they removed photos and videos widget…can someone who updated confirm that?

  • Nguyễn Quang Thạch

    How about Xperia XA Dual? Still no updates…

  • Gregory See

    Yeah mate by patching those monthly security updates on a timely manner would equivalent to a proper phone support you may step aside and wank yourself off! By delivering a software that creates for a better camera, a smoother UI and speedier restart option would be laborious for sony still. What are the chances of getting your phone hacked by sustaining to those so called ‘up to date’ security patches? Thinking out loud.

  • Karan Bajaj

    Happening to me too in my xa. Im in india btw

  • jamie evans

    It worked thanks man

  • Actman

    Absolutely true Greg! And yet they supply those lenses to other smartphone OEMs that produce photos that way much better than Sony itself.

  • Neha Kulkarni

    Seems Now Sony Has Forgotten their Flagship Phone
    lots of bugs there
    video app can’t play simple 720p HD videos
    huge battery drain
    no manual controls for camera (even XA , a mid range have it)
    very low speaker volume
    and many more performance glitches……

  • Stacymjohnson

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  • Jozef Cmar

    My first videoreview is here –

  • ShinOrochiX

    Thanks for the video, so far everything seems to be positive about the update, can’t wait to update my XA.

  • ShinOrochiX

    I feel ya, I was also upset that the SP didn’t get KK, that was my last Sony phone, then I went to Oneplus and then LG, but now I am back with Sony.

  • LazAndKor

    Can confirm. Photos and Videos widget is gone.

  • LazAndKor

    The only touch screen problem I had was with the notification bar, now it’s fixed.

  • razorg

    We’re in the same boat with you man (Z5/Z5C/Z5P) :( I don’t think we’ll ever see another update :/

  • Gahead

    Although I’m still happy with my Z5, yeah why Sony!!? why did the midrange XA and XAU has manual adjustments while us Z5 series isn’t? :(

  • Gahead

    Wait, the Xperia’s camera are better actually, it’s just weak in superiour auto mode, but use manual, it’s better, the Xperia X is even better than the S7’s camera actually.

  • Zlays

    Well that is lame…I really liked that one…

  • azzido

    Does anyone knows when Sony is going to fix camera distortion issue for XZ Premium?

  • Rohan

    7.0 on a lower end and not to mention mediatek phone. That’s awesome actually. Most mediatek devices out there don’t even get point releases, let alone a major one.

  • Jualgusu

    Same situation, Xperia Companion to the rescue!!! always is fine now! Amazing Update.}

  • Veli Kara

    I have Xperia XA F3111 Android 6 installed now. How i can android 7 install ?

  • Ostap Koloda

    Just flashed F3111 manually (flashtool) with Customized NL. No need to wait when it comes to your region :)

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    People are really stupid.
    It’s not only the XA that Sony is focusing on updating.

    At least be thankful that Sony never forgets their promise to users, ’cause I can’t even expect Samsung’s mid tier devices to get 1 major OS upgrade, let alone 2 to 3 upgrades.

    If you want an extremely fast and reliable software and support, then you shouldn’t have bought a mid range device in the first place.

    And the Z3+/Z5 family wasn’t forgotten by Sony. They, in fact, got Nougat earlier than the XA and XA Ultra. If you want the Manual Controls from the latest Camera app, then find the same version on XDA or any apks to it – that’s the power and purpose of Android.

    Just because Sony updated their mid range device, doesn’t mean they don’t care about their flagship. That’s a plain stupid point there.
    It’s like saying your mother doesn’t love you anymore just because she gives more time to your younger brother than you, knowing that your younger brother is still an infant and needs more attention

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Does anyone even notices it?
    Like their photos would always be trash when it has that a little bit of distortion?

  • ornocha

    No bugs until now? I am bout to update mine. any tips?

  • Jillgrea

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  • Jillgrea

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  • Neha Kulkarni

    It’s very annoying from Sony
    a flagship device is kept aside with bugs
    and middle range phones are faster
    Investing in Sony is total waste of Money

  • I understand that this blog is for sony fanboys, but lets be objective and real. GS7 is at the top of smartphone cameras, among the others such as S8, G5, G6 etc..
    Xperia X is not.

    I have Z5, and i am dissapointed so much in camera of this phone. Yes I use shit*y manual mode and still it does not give me the result i want.
    Coming from Lumia 1020, this was huge step back, and especially which options gives us in manual mode.

    We need to be honest, Sony can and has to give us better algorithms for the camera. You see Z5 and X share the same camera sensor, and yet, X camera produce a bit better pictures, but still not what that camera sensor is capable of.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Xperia Companion. That’s what it is.

  • Hrijoy Majumder

    Can we expect android 8.0 update in XA dual (F3116)??

  • Bilal Farooki

    Hey Guys, Do you you have any solution for this problem? I have a Xperia XA Model F3116 It stuck like this after update…. Also it’s not showing in the flashtool.. @Admin also have a look and please post the solution.. Thanks

  • Actman

    Companion? Do you personally think that somehow Neha and razorg is dumber than you do? Do you own a Z3+ or Z5 at the first place?

  • Jack

    Installation failed. Whyyy? I have enough free space for the patch. Please help.

  • Sahil

    Try with xperia companion

  • Sahil


  • Sahil

    Use xperia companion

  • Gary Ohanian

    Mine failed OTA twice, just use the Companion and it works fine

  • Gary Ohanian

    Yes, still preinstalled. Won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

    Touch screen issues? Only issues I have are from my glass screen protector.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Have you tried updating through Xperia Companion?

  • Aram Aguilar

    Only in the Russia spotify is gone, but russian version doesnt come yet :/

  • Angel Torres


  • Sagar More

    Yes ur truly right… From the last update there was so many bugs are there.. On My Z3+
    1. Phone automatically gets silent and after that i have to restart the phone to sort out but the problem remains same after some hours.
    2. And many more.. That Sony also know very well…Annoying Sony give us a bug free update asap desperately needed.

  • Patriciaftaylor

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  • Patriciaftaylor

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  • Bilal Farooki

    Have tried but the phone isn’t recognized in PC … When I connect the phone into computer in device manager I see Unknown Device and it automatically disconnects in 10 seconds… Looking for the fix :'(

  • Sahil

    I have already installed the updated via xperia companion 2days ago and now i received this.. Wtf?

  • Gary Ohanian

    Have you installed the drivers from Sony?

  • Gary Ohanian

    Also make sure you connect in MTA mode, not charging

  • car fan

    Hi everyone, can someone tell me are there any changes in preinstalled themes, I mean color of lockscreen of rose theme is it the same like it was in android 6, or lime theme is it color same as before, and for white theme is it white. thanks

  • Paki 9997

    Please can someone tell me, i want to upgrade my xperia xa on nougat but i heard a lot of peoples have issues with new update(like crashing). Please answer me, do you suggest me to upgrade xperia xa to nougat?

  • Hrijoy Majumder


  • Gary Ohanian

    I’ve had no crashes.

    The only issues I have is that OTA didn’t work (had to update via Companion) and my Google app isn’t loading cards sometimes (don’t think it’s because of the update)

  • Yogesh Panchakashri

    unable to update XA Dual, installation is done. but showing that it couldn’t be updated

  • Paki 9997

    How long you have nougat installed?

  • Stoyan Denkov

    Somewhere in the near future

  • Máté Kirschner

    I have a F3111, and I can’t update yet. I live in Hungary, is that the problem? Could you help me out?

  • So even 13MP XA got Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control and not Z5? .

  • Kubjusz

    Here is screenshot for those who want to see new camera options. I have also noticed that after update i got animation when i switch off the screen (it looks great). Volume customization got better. Also, i got update after factory reset (waited 1 day). If u have any questions ask! I can answer

  • Kubjusz
  • Kubjusz

    Did u got xperia branded? If not, factory reset helped me, after one day i got update

  • gopal dhage

    I got a new issue with last update 7.0 nougat. 3g network is very poor no downloading and no other browsing. I tried my sim card with other phone it’s working good. Now how to solve this day I got new update with 9.8mb when i updated my phone now facing this problem

  • LazAndKor

    Update through Xperia Companion. Worked for me that way

  • Gary Ohanian

    Did you try through Xperia Companion?

  • Gary Ohanian

    4 days, no crashes. Google App working again overnight. This it’s a server side issue

  • John Šẽ

    Hey guys, Does this nougat update have Google pill widget as shown in too many nougat running phone’s home screen?

  • Lukman Hakim

    Can you give me a tutor for flashing? Please

  • Carlos Vesga

    How can i install it

  • Bilal Farooki

    Bro have a look I am having this problem.. Any suggestions what to do?? There is no Xperia Customer Centres in my country I don’t know how to get it fixed..

  • Bilal Farooki

    I have tried to repair software using Xperia Companion when the window appears to connect your holding volume down key, I connect my phone pressing that but the phone isn’t going to flash mode I don’t know how to fix it… If you know anything please share.. Will my Xperia XA Dual F3116 work again or not :-(

  • Gary Ohanian

    His phone isn’t turning on. Different issue.

    Have you installed the drivers?

  • Gahead

    I wouldn’t put my comment by just some fanboy statement also I wouldn’t comment I didn’t own or use other than my Xperia Z5 Compact,iPhone 7+ and Note 3 and 5 , I owned a Lumia before too a 520 and 920 , my friend meanwhile has an Xperia X,XZ,XZs ,S7 edge ,Note 5

    and I’m telling you if you really know how to use the Xperia’s camera, it can deliver better shots than S7 and others, Me and my friend tested it, and that’s the beginning we doubt most of the phone reviewers in terms of phone camera comparisons such as GSMArena, SuperSAF , PhoneArena) they underrate the Xperia too much, there’s a reason why Recombu,Btekt,Phonebattles,ManilaShaker has the Xperia the upperhand in terms of camera


    there’s a reason why Dxomark has the Xperia X -performance (same camera as X) rated higher than the S7 and same as S8.

  • Bilal Farooki

    Yes I have installed all the Device drivers including ADB Drivers fastboot etc… it happens when I flashed a Nougat FTF in my phone using Flashtool… Now when I connect the phone to the computer Notification Light becomes RED .. And also the device isn’t giving any vibration when press Power or power+ volume up or down.. I have tried all of the buttons.. But when Keep pressed power button for 1 minute the Notification LED light blink 1 time pinkish white color .. All I found this issue is called “Boot Damaged”… So I am looking for it solution

  • Gary Ohanian

    Sorry can’t help you. Maybe asking on Flashing forums would be a better spot. This has nothing to do with the XA update, but with your flashing.

  • JaviBulle

    Updated my Mom´s Xperia XA a few days ago, and : It seems much more agile, fast and the battery life has greatly improved. In addition, the camera in manual mode has also improved a lot, and also the touch screen response is now correct.

  • azzido

    For you it is a little, for me it is huge, much bigger than for example Z5 that uses even wider lenses.

    This is just invalud Sony’s excuse.
    Everyone can have its opinion and this is mine.

    No more Sony.

  • Bilal Farooki

    Well I have already posted that in the forum and no response.. Well I just have sent a mail to the Sony hope will get a response.. and Thanks Bro (y)

  • Seems like the updates for XA and XA Ultra were retracted… :/

  • Rakhim

    Yes, odd

  • Sahil

    How to enable tap to wake up?

  • Sahil
  • arpecop

    not released in my country yet, anyone else?

  • Mayank Tŷagi

    I did not get any update of nougat in my xperia xa dual. Can u please help me about this?

  • Rakhim

    Is this Xperia XA Ultra?

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