Android 7.1.1 released for Xperia X and X Compact (34.3.A.0.194)

by XB on 22nd June 2017

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Sony Mobile is rolling a new Nougat update for Xperia X and Xperia X Compact owners that moves them from Android 7.0 to 7.1.1. The firmware update is being pushed through new build number 34.3.A.0.194 (versus 34.2.A.2.69 previously) and lands with the 1 June 2017 Android security patches.

If you have received the update, please post some impressions and screenshots below. We will also update this post with the latest FTF firmware files shortly.

DOWNLOAD FTF Firmware Files for Xperia X and X Compact – Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Xperia X (F5121) 34.3.A.0.194 UK Generic
Xperia X Dual (F5122) 34.3.A.0.194 India Generic

Xperia X Compact (F5321) 34.3.A.0.194 Latin America Generic

Thanks Atanas, Jozef, Peter and Walaspancha!

  • razorg

    Now we wait for Z5’s last ever Android upgrade!!!! Fingers crossed! :)

  • I want to think we will get O ahaha

  • razorg

    I also want to think that, but I’ll consider myself lucky if we at least receive 7.1.1 and a couple more security patches for at least another couple of months :)

  • Retro

    Yes I do hope my Z5 will receive 7.1.1 and then finally 7.1.2. That would be awesome! Of course I do realize that android 8 is out of reach. :-)

  • what are the differences between .1 and .2?

  • Retro
  • So the answer is “Battery usage alerts”

  • el_sur

    My US xz is still on 7.0 with March security settings. Seriously Sony, wtf?!

  • Yes! I just want them to fix the bug that when i replay to text messages, through the notification badget, the notification doesn´t dissaper, like Messenger or WhatsApp… And then, my smartband vibrate…

  • Retro

    But anyway when I bought Z5 with Lollipop, I didn’t even imagine we will get through the Nougat and still… so lucky!

  • George Kal

    7.1.1’s best feature is app shortcuts and xperia home doesn’t even support it…

  • But at least you get 7.1 features :/

  • Kayla

    Strange, it’s not nougat specific thing. Nova launcher supports app shortcuts even on marshmallow…

  • Борис Михаилов

    The best feature in 7.1.1 is the F*ing position of the navbar. It will be fixed on the bottom of the phone. FINALLY!

  • Kayla

    I would be happy if Z5 gets the latest security updates, even if it remains 7.0

  • Tenta reparar o software com o Xperia Companion

  • Deloreslriley

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  • Peter Karimi
  • Bryan Grobmann

    Waiting for Z3+ Dual.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks Peter – we included your screenshot in the post!

  • Bryan Grobmann

    Já tentei e não consegui, reportei no forum oficial e disseram que na próxima atualização será consertado… sem contar que quando desabilito o modo avião o Bluetooth e o Wifi se ativam sozinhos kkkk. Estava pensando seriamente em voltar para o MM, mas acredito que a atualização 7.1.1 do Z3+ está próxima…

  • KzX

    No, their app shortcut only support for some app.

  • Venkatasurya Prakash

    What about xperia x.. Will it get O..??

  • Peter Karimi
  • Peter Karimi

    No problem. Happy to contribute.

  • Prince Mensah

    They must fix the recent calls menu….slow scrolling and they must separate the call button from the contact…I hate to have to press the call function “properly” in the call log…..Just make the call button separate….

  • Ramesh GJ
  • Realmente estranho…
    Quanto à próxima atualização, não sei. Fui ver hoje de manhã, e do 7.1.1 do XZ e XPerformance, até esta, demorou 2 meses. Se for assim para a família Z5, devemos ter em agosto, em que no mês seguinte teremos a IFA e perto do anúncio do Android O, em que a Sony deverá depois dizer se o Z5 recebe ou não. Acredito seriamente em Agosto

  • is seems like the features presente on 7.1.2

  • it depends on market/operator, not Sony

  • Jozef Cmar

    My review, FTF link under video :)


    No update on my phone yet. It’s been around 2 hours since update released but no OTA notification yet. Previous updates were notified soon after release :S


    Funny thing as soon as I wrote above comment I got update on phone :D

  • Fawaz
  • Night Guy

    So smart stamina just provide this function?

  • nikanorov

    No Night Light available?

  • Bryan Grobmann

    Vamos torcer kkkk.

  • ben bleho

    Hi z5 fans. This site writes, that an update for the z5 family is on the way for the first week of july:

  • David Hvatov

    But what about XA1?

  • paul_cus

    Hooray for my X Compact!

  • Moisés

    Instalei o de abril.
    O auto-falante de cima ficou mais alto que o inferior. Mas os 2 estão mais potentes, tipo como eram no 5.0.1.
    Notificação de bateria fraca em inglês.
    Mas nada que comprometa o uso.

  • Moisés

    Quero um update com.os controles de foco e obturador, até o L1 tem.
    E mudar a resoluçép do modo auto. 8 é pouco.

  • Looks like they moved the do not disturb icon to the left side of the notification bar. I think the time remaining on the battery quick settings tile is new too.

    And they still haven’t fixed the date missing from the notification shade, or provided a way to hide the NFC icon.

    The XZ change log suggests some Wi-Fi and Bluetooth improvements. Hopefully they apply to the X as well.

  • But probably only to correct the translation errors. But let’s wait and see :)

  • vijay R.A
  • Mark Permann

    Definitely what I want to know. The existing Play Store apps to enable Night Light don’t work with 7.1. Sony Concept enabled Night Light with 7.1.2, but as it doesn’t seem the stock 7.1.1 for the XZ enabled Night Light, I’m skeptical they did it for the X.

  • Actman

    After updating it, I found out that Sony doesn’t even provide the new clock widget for the lock screen! This is so called ‘their pathetic marketing”.

  • azzido

    Can you please delete my picture from another thread as requested?

  • joseph carmine nero

    Can you please post screen settings? Some are reporting color profiles like XZ premium

  • Mudar a resolução? Mas isso é possível desde o primeiro Z…

  • what are Xperia Actions? Same as Xperia Tips?

  • Moisés

    No manual muda, no auto não.

    Do Z1 ao Z4 todos são 8MP.
    Só o Z5 muda para 20 ou 23 no Auto.

  • Mangue Debol

    So disappointed, there is no ForceTouch with this update !

  • brocnical

    I am trying to flash the French FTF of this (F5122_34.3.A.0.194_1302-3382_R2D) on a F5122 Xperia X Dual and am getting the following error in FlashTool.:

    22/058/2017 22:58:48 – INFO – No flash script found.
    22/058/2017 22:58:48 – INFO – Flash script is mandatory. Closing session

    Is anyone else getting this?

  • Shady

    Actually NFC icon is hidden on certain regions by default and there’s no way to hide or show it, it depends on the region.(when it’s on there’s no icon in status bar)

    And the date isn’t missing in the notification shade first swipe time only second swipe date and time
    Android nougat default layout.

    And they didn’t move the do not disturb icon either. google did that

  • Shady

    Well actually it’s launcher related, yes google did add this feature on the pixel starting with android 7.1.1 but to make it work it’s launcher related.

  • Wouter

    HEY HEY HEY ENGLISH goddamnit. what the fuck guys

  • None of which solves the problem. It’s Sony’s device, I’m Sony’s customer, they need to fix it.

  • Wouter

    No more Night Light would mean no further updates on my Z5 Compact, that’s for sure. Sticking with 7.0 and that Night Light enabler app thing then.

  • Shady

    What is the problem ?

  • So Sony is able to customize the NFC icon to make it worse, but not customize the notification shade to fit the size of the screen? Your comment makes zero sense.

  • Shady

    Sony didn’t customize the notification shade they did change the icons only actually it’s pure AOSP notification shade + many android OEM do the same thing with NFC visible on some regions and not the others.

  • Moisés

    Gossip of the night…

    XA2 Ultra may be 21:9

  • Mangue Debol

    Well, thanks for your answer.

    I was compelled that Sony team experiment new beta features and do not deployed it after.

    Unfortunately, it should have been a good feature on our devices…

  • Lindjie Cabatuan

    Before my connection is only LTE, now it manages to connect to LTE+.

  • JC

    shut up trumpster

  • Gregory See

    I don’t get it here. Back in April, Xperia releases the Android 7.1.2 concept program update for the Xperia X units. Why the final version was somehow reverted back to 7.1.1?

  • Gregory See

    Do not jump the gun razorg. Let’s patiently wait for the official announcement from Google about ‘O’. Keep that in mind that we still have another 3 more months right before our devices reaching the EOL!

  • Reyoch Ch

    The income low volume ringtone its fixed :)

  • Celxiuz

    Good to hear that the low volume ringtone issue has been fixed in this update, I still haven’t received the update yet, looking forward to it. YAY~~

  • Actman

    Almost. The menu comes with 3 selections. Good night mode (prevent from getting disturb while you’re on a nap) Focus (Removing unnecessary interruptions such as notification) and Abroad (Optimises your phone when you’re travelling).

  • Peter Karimi
  • Porque o sensor no Z5 é, na verdade, de 25mpx, e a Sony apresenta os 23 para conseguir entregar essas resoluções nos dois modos.


  • There’s no rule that we have to talk only english here. Only on Sony Mobile Official Forum. And since Xperia Blog should be a encounter point for those who love Xperia, i don’t see the relevance…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Okej då börjar jag använda svenska här med då??? :) Please just use English so everyone can take part in the discussion xD

  • Khillo81

    Luckily, there’s something called Google Translate. Or if you’re on a Mac, Instant Translate does a fine job ;). Would be nice to find a common language though. Is it too late for everyone to learn Esperanto? :D

  • joseph carmine nero

    Thanks very much for the pics.guess reports were wrong

  • Objectif

    Waiting for 7.1 for Z5.

  • Prasad Mhatre

    it is fixed in the latest update


    Well another Security Patch come out and I am going to wait till idk when then I can get it just like that time my XPERIA XZ got Android 7.1.1

  • the messaging problem?

  • Elisarvogel

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  • Juan Carlos


  • Moisés

    Japanese website.. I do not have the link.

  • Paul East

    Just got the update on my X (F5121) on EE in the UK! Having been on the Sony concept 7.1.2 until a couple of days ago I’m a little disappointed that both night light and ambient notifications didn’t make it, it’s a shame but thanks for the update anyway Sony!

  • As I said previously, “they still haven’t fixed the date missing from the notification shade, or provided a way to hide the NFC icon”. Bluetooth also turned off regularly, so hopefully that’s fixed too.

  • DND icon was on the right in the previous build. And it’s on the right on my Pixel.

    It also looks like it’s on the right in 7.1.1 AOSP?

    This is really not a big deal, but either it’s a pointless customization Sony made, or I don’t understand what’s going on. I’d certainly like to learn which. :)

  • brocnical

    Same error for the Indian F5122_34.3.A.0.194_1302-4789_R5D

  • It also shows a notification in the shade if Do Not Disturb is enabled now. I haven’t seen this on any other ROM. Pretty sure it’s a Sony issue.

  • 040

    Shiiit don’t be a smart-ass Diogo. Obviously, Xperia Blog is an English website which in turn leads to an English speaking Disqus discussion board. That way all nationalities can chip in. Also, this is the second time i have seen you post in Portuguese here, please don’t make me call the cyber police on yo ass. Thanks

  • Khalid Noreddine

    i have 2 x compact, and the camera is much better with this version good job sony

  • Khalid Noreddine

    the sound is very low after the update , youtube for example

  • Celxiuz

    how about the incoming ringtone volume? and which phone model are you using? Thanks

  • The color profiles are probably on Image Enchantment

  • talmarsh

    Thanks! Is it only from speakers? Or also for music on wired/bluetooth?

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  • Vannesarcheeseman

    my best friend’s step-mother makes 79 dollars an hour at home and she’s been out of work for eight months. the previous month her profit was 14901 dollars working on the internet for a few hours every week..➤ go here

  • what’s the kernel version?

  • ViNiTh Gatty

    Anyone experiencing decrease in volume while using earphones in xperia x after the update?

  • Moisés

    Georgian leaker said today….

    XZ1: Qualcomm 836, 4gb, 5.4″. Same size and design of XZs. The photo everybody thought it was X1 back in february must be XZ1. It seems to have smaller bezels but still 16:9, something like LG G4.


    But they should also give us an update to Android 7.1.2 even tho the difference is small but at least there is some optimization for apps

  • Khalid Noreddine

    only from speakers, i use xperia x compact F5321

  • Khalid Noreddine

    from speakers and music, i have 2 x compact and the sound is very low with 7.1.1

  • Khalid Noreddine

    ringtone is good, i use x compact F5321

  • Khalid Noreddine

    yes, me too

  • Quentin Grs

    Night light enabler works with this update

  • brocnical

    Got it working!

    The solution is that you need an updated FSC file. I uploaded one here:

  • shumayal

    Xperia X Battery usage alerts.. That’s it?

  • Lisaksdams

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  • Lisaksdams

    my friend’s step-aunt gets $76 an hour from home… she has been laid off for eight months.. the previous month her profit was $20355 working on the laptop for a couple of hours each day… ➤look at➤ this

  • brocnical

    The FlashTool GitHub devices database has now been upgraded and this should no longer be a problem.

  • Moisés

    Do you guys think this one is XZ1? The photo all sites believed to be X1.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Because that’s not the final version. Concept is a different software from official release.

  • Sorry, but I only write in Portuguese when others do so. So you must be mistaken

  • jokamutta

    When is Android 7.1.1 coming out for Z5 series??

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  • Jerry Berglund

    Still it seems like Sweden hasnt got it. But I don’t know. Anyone in sweden that has the X compact that got the new update? The unlocked version.

  • Rajat Toshniwal

    Will there be an update for Z3+?

  • Sher

    Got it this morning, first thing when I got up. You can now enable the Google Assistant. It has a few UI updates as well in notification area, battery status area / stamina mode and an update to the icons on the home screen

  • Sher
  • Rob King

    Do you mean better camera app or better quality photos?

  • Preben Stub

    My wife got the X Compact on Sunday, still hasn’t received this update. You can keep track of the updates for the NOBA (Nordic/Baltic I assume) version here:

  • tjtkdtjr

    Nougat 7.1.1 (32.4.A.0.160) released for Z5 series??

  • Jerry Berglund

    Still no update here in Sweden. Not OTA or companion.

  • Ali Gökçe

    Is VoLTE available on this update? You have this icon…

  • Preben Stub
  • Ramesh GJ

    VoLTE is available in the previous version itself. If ur carrier supports VoLTE u will able to see the icon in the navigation bar.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Still no swedes that gotten the update yet?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, at last (never had to wait 2 weeks before as a Swede lol) the update is live in Sweden. :-)

  • Noble Akan

    When I was update android 7.0 customized UK on my Xperia z5 by Xperia flashtool.
    Fingerprint not work.
    Any solution please..

  • Noble Akan
  • Kayla

    Wow, Android 7.1.1 is on its way for the Z5 series… Surprise!

  • Bluetooth issue is not fixed. But from my experience, it looks like it’s related to Wear: I had my watch turned off for a couple weeks, I didn’t have any issue with the Bluetooth (I’m also using a Bluetooth headphone). Turned it back on, Bluetooth off in the next couple hours.

  • Mark Permann

    False as far as I can tell.

    At least in the US, I don’t see an app called “Night light enabler” on the Play Store. All of the Play Store apps which do claim to enable Night Light on 7.0 (such as the one I use, Night Light for Android) also say they do not work with 7.1, except some which implement an overlay, which is much less desirable as black colors like text turn brown.

    As flashing is easy with FlashTool, I I just flashed my X with this firmware (CE1) to test this theory out. Night Light for Android DOES NOT work with this update.

  • ShillWatch

    Just arrived this morning for my Xperia X Dual – Customized HK

  • woox woox

    Same problem here with a X compact.

    Fingerprint missing.

  • Jon

    Just had mine updated! DO NOT UPDATE. It affected the audio output and now the audio quality has gone down. Hopefully Sony gets to fix this as I use it mainly with headphones. Shame…

  • Andrea Galasso

    Night ModeEEEEEEEEE :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Farhan Ansari

    Sony mother fucker forgot to update Indian generic

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