Android Nougat temporarily on hold for Xperia XA and XA Ultra

by XB on 28th June 2017

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Sony commenced the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Xperia XA and XA Ultra just over a week ago, after a long wait. However, Sony Mobile pulled the Nougat update for these devices around a week ago with little notice or explanation.

We reached out to Sony to find out the reasons for halting the update, who confirmed that the update has been temporarily paused due to small “inconsistencies related to the over-the-air delivery system”. Sony has reassured that the update will start again as soon as possible – we’ll keep you posted once it kicks off again.

Sony’s statement on pulled Nougat update for Xperia XA and XA Ultra

“We’ve temporarily paused the Android 7.0 upgrade for Xperia XA and Xperia XA Ultra due to minor performance inconsistencies related to the over-the-air delivery system. Regardless of whether a user has been able to successfully run the upgrade or not, there is no detrimental impact on device performance or loss of existing user data. We’re aiming to re-commence the rollout as soon as possible with a seamless upgrade experience for all users, and will provide a further update in due course.”

  • Nebojša

    Old good Sony, this happens with Z5 too.

  • No. Completely different

  • Moisés

    Some people could not install.
    An error was happening.

  • Same happened with Z5 family
    Something must be wrong with 7.0

  • Maleck Johnson

    That can be a big problem because device such XA & Ultra XA might not receive updates besides 7.0 update.

  • but it should be available trough xperia companion?

  • Ok… They said only OTA updates. For those of us who flashed using Flashtool, I think we are good to go…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    This time around it was something wrong with the update server it seems? Not the Android software :)

  • Emil Oskarsson


  • ShinOrochiX

    Hopefully we’ll get 7.1.1 later this year like how the Z3+/Z5 have. That’d be a nice way of ending support.

  • nazia rida
  • ohhh good news !!!

  • G-UNIT_(Z)

    I updated on nougat, and I can not login to google and there is no workaround. it says unable to login in 24h. fucking shit google, and sony software. useless phone, i must reverse 6.0 …

  • DarkOrange Kurome Ankokuboshi

    over-the-air update wasn’t possible when i checked last week on my XA Ultra. always an error occurring. but updates via PC was successful so my XAU is now sporting android 7.0 without a hitch. hehehe

  • Rakesh Stark

    Plz update the Xperia Xa device network with VOLTE

  • Rakesh Stark

    I received my device Xa with nougat. But my device Ui is not good as before the apps are not responding. Lot of problems are found in my device

  • Don’t have a XA but try repair your device with Xperia Companion

  • Hektor DiPaula

    do you have a tutorial? im afraid to do it, i already bricked a previous XA ultra with flashtool.

  • Zenderable

    go to xda-developers

  • I wonder how much long will sony hold this update when android O has come in the news.

  • David Chablé

    Demorará mucho la actualización del Xperia xa ultra

  • Follow the tutorial provided by Xperia Blogs, Easy to follow and straight forward..

  • LPX

    I have updated my Xperia XA to Nougat 7.0 (via Xperia Companion) and afer the update ‘Google Fit’ stops to register the workout’s tracks on map. Now it only points at where the workout started. Do you suffer similiar issues?

  • Luis Anc

    have like 2 weeks with Nougat on my Xperia XA Ultra….and its working just FINE: no overheat at all.

  • Jhin

    When you updated? Because I have no updates available for my Xperia XA (F3111). Which phone model do you have? Is 1.5GB enough for update?

  • LPX

    I have F3111 (Software version: Customized CE1) and updated 2 weeks ago. Update is 850 MB. Check if your XA has an updata available at

  • Jhin

    Oh that is the point then. You updated two weeks ago. I guess i have to wait until Sony do something useful. Does anyone have news about Nougat update?

  • Theresa

    Since update on July 5, I can’t connect to school WiFi, however can connect thru Hotspot. I call that a loss of performance.

  • Theresa

    Now that my updated phone won’t connect to university WiFi, how do you suggest I proceed?

  • Hall

    Don’t you have a problem with the media playback like youtube, music and videos ? Sometimes they can’t be played in my xperia xa ultra.

  • Hall

    I have this problem with my xperia xa ultra after the update to nougat. Sometimes media can’t be played, like music, videos or even youtube. I do restarts and it just keeps happening.
    How can i solve that?

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