Sony, please make this flagship Xperia concept a reality

by XB on 30th June 2017

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There’s no doubt that Sony has a very loyal following. Many of you reading this blog today own (or have owned) Sony products, and hopefully there’s a fair few of you rocking Xperia smartphones too. You all have your own views how Sony could (and should) be in a much stronger position in the mobile space, than they are now.

One such fan is 3D artist Saber Kchikech, who created the Xperia concept that you see below. This is his view of what Sony should produce as its 2017 flagship, and it looks fantastic in our eyes. It remains a distinctly Sony device, refining the OmniBalance language, but with smaller bezels.

We see a number of concepts regularly, which take an extreme view of what Sony should produce, such as having near zero bezels like the Xiaomi Mi Mix. What we like about this design is that this is a realistic view of what Sony could make. It’s interesting to see the positive impact made through shaving those top/bottom bezels a little and using top/bottom speaker slots, like the Xperia Z2.

If Sony did produce something like this, it would be one of the more desirable handsets on the market in our view. Which design direction do you think Sony should follow for its next flagship? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Saber Kchikech!

  • Niiiiiiiiice.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    nah, still massive bezels for no reason

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo


  • Still doesn’t rock my boat :/

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Nice design also this design is so close to XA1 and thats mean SONY could actually be able to produce it.

  • It’s really not that great. I mean, it’s OK, but it’s just the current design, with a bigger screen.

  • Shehab Skull


  • mugglearchitect

    It’s not really that far from the current design. Sony may attract more smartphone buyers if it will radically change the design that will standout from the rest.

  • Peter Miliopoulos
  • Jerry Berglund

    To small bezels in my opinion. Where to hold your hands, and there cant be any good stereo speakers, wich wont fit. And it won’t be water resistent. If you guys wants this, then you have so sacriface Stereospeakers, and the camera would be warm

    The only positiv, it do look as a Sony-device.

  • shumayal

    It looks like something we already have or it is arey derived from it lol

  • BarKohba

    There’s a very clear reason why this won’t be a reality, this concept. The main reason behind their side bezels is the fingerprint sensor on the side – it requires some space for the electronics. Hence, due to the need of a symmetrical design, the display cannot go from edge to edge. The top and bottom bezels however are a mystery to me, I don’t think they require this much real estate for the speakers.

    Positioning the fingerprint on the back or on the lower front (which would kill the front firing speakers) will be a huge design language mistake, so I don’t think Sony will move the fingerprint sensor from the side (where I personally prefer it in comparison to all other smartphones in terms of ergonomics and design fluidity). Qualcomm is said to work on a fingerprint sensor baked into the display. Sony will undoubtedly adopt that, and that’s when we’ll see an edge to edge display from the Xperia line.

    The rest of the design. Well…besides the edge to edge display (which will only be possible without the sided fingerprint sensor) and the slightly smaller top and bottom bezels, I categorically like the XZ Premium (deep sea black) design better, with the glass sandwich and the IR sensor, flash and laser focus seamlessly flushed beneath the Gorilla Glass 5 with no perturbing frame. Much cleaner.

  • “The top and bottom bezels however are a mystery to me, I don’t think they require this much real estate for the speakers” – because of the 13mpx sensor! And because of that, OmniBalance desing makes Sony to creat symetri

  • BarKohba

    Not a reason – HTC U11 has a 12 MP sensor AND a powerful speaker (significantly louder than the XZ Premium’s, which means it needs a bigger driver and magnet) – yet if you measure, the bezel is shorter. And I never mentioned making only the top or bottom bezel shorter – OBVIOUSLY they should be the same size.

  • and the sensor is the same size? :O

  • Johan Nohaj


  • László Majoros

    I will be a bit noughty. I like the present design. Maybe the besels could be thinner by 1-2 mm, but thats all. For me, s8 looks like a chip gadget.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    It’s an OmniBalance version of the S7 Edge.
    It would be nice to see a different form of small bezels, like curly corners in response to rounded corners of the G6 and S8/S8+.

    This won’t be real. However, they might make something that’s about as good as the G6, and it’s great because the G6 IMO has a better approach of small bezels than the S8 twins.

    I don’t mind removing stereo speakers, as long as they could improve the loudness and quality of the speaker and is not facing away from you.
    BlackBerry Priv has a nice front stereo speaker setup, so they could definitely learn from that.

  • Juan C. Arango
  • NinJy
  • kabiluddin
  • This is how Xperia XZ Premium is supposed to look.

  • Me

    “The world will not change because of you”
    This word was made by my teacher when he having fun with my friend. LOL.

  • Chris Lo

    petit à petit on va y arriver, mais que c’est long à venir…

  • HAWX

    There is a reason why Apple and Samsung don’t use low fillet values on the corners. Answer is ergonomy.

  • Aiden M.

    Yeah.. I would stick with the current design. I like the side mounted fingerprint sensor. Plus edge to displays have a major flaw: You keep touching things you don’t want to touch! The top and bottom bezels COULD be smaller but here’s the thing. You look at the S8 for example and the first thing people would say is “Oh that’s the new Samsung with the big screen!” And ever since I had my Z3 from t-mobile, the first thing people always said to me was “What the hell kind of phone is that??” Sony’s design language is the only phone people see and say it looks like nothing else on the market. The bezels are huge, but that form factor makes the phone look and feel incredibly expensive and solid; especially the XZ Premium. One thing I don’t get though is everyone says the XZ Premium is a fingerprint magnet. Every phone ever is a fingerprint magnet.. You can’t just look at the back and say it has lots of fingerprints because the screen is probably saturated with grease lol. Plus, if you’re spending $800 on a phone, your first purchase is going to be a CASE. Which entirely negates the fingerprint criticism. Another plus of those bezels is that if you drop the phone, you’ve got plenty of metal to protect that screen. I’ve read that there’s nearly an %80 chance of shattering both sides of the S8 from a waist height drop. I think I’ll keep my bezels ;)

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah Concept Y was tha BOMB! I would love to see it released.

  • pytajnik

    this is too beautiful to be real

  • roeshak

    For me just anything that doesn’t look as tired and dated as the current crop and also please let’s finally see optical image stabilisation. Think that saga has dragged on now for even longer than the tft business of old lol. And one more thing I’d say to Sony, No point releasing a 4k device without much options for VR. Amazon and Netflix videos just doesn’t cut it

  • roeshak

    Unfortunately they need to broaden their appeal. Highly unlikely that Apple users are going to switch to Sony or any other android based device in any meaningful numbers so that leaves pulling folks away from Samsung who dominate the android space at the high end. Success there is very much dependent on a change in emphasis particularly on the design and camera fronts.

  • roeshak

    Bit the sensor size offers no benefit if image quality is anything to go by

  • Jack Sung

    Please don’t, that looks ugly.

  • roeshak

    Wonder how all those Samsung users who vastly outnumber Sony users by probably 10 to 1 mange with handling their devices with those puny bezels? Wonder how they live without stereo speakers and waterproofing? Oh forgot Samsung devices are also waterproof. You my friend are still living in the distant past. A very Sony distant past lol

  • roeshak

    Self delusion is a very sad thing indeed.

  • azzido

    I do not like this concept.
    I prefer more the Z3 speaker holes (sam as xz and Premium). I do not like this strip on the back.

    I would love to see new upfraded X Arc iteration fully made of glass with 5.7″ 4K display!!!

    Please give us new X Arc Premium! ☺️

  • azzido

    Not really for me.

  • azzido

    I agree, my Deepsea Black XZ Premium looks much better. Finally glass on the back (I preordered it) :p

  • RockStar2005

    Oh well. lol I like this one too. Not a big change though, but still nice IMO.

  • azzido

    It’s because of the back camera 2/3″ sensor with embedded memory needs a lot of space if you do not want to have a huge hump.

    I hate camera humps on the back…

  • azzido

    “oh forgot samsung”
    You mean “oh faggot shamesung”.

  • azzido

    New device needs:

    1. OIS, F1.4
    2. Bottom speaker to finally match the quality and laudness of top speaker.
    3. FM Radio.
    4. Software features and functions to be back.
    5. Some tv marketing.

  • roeshak

    Touched a nerve did I lol

  • Nexus Venturi

    Nah, I’ve repaired Sony phones and the fingerprint sensor is just connected via the main key flex. It’s under the screen.

    I don’t like edge to edge screens because it makes the phone so vulnerable, Samsung edge models are extremely prone to breaking and their screens are very expensive to replace. If you put in a case to protect it then it defeats the purpose of edge to edge display.

    Also don’t like 2.5d screens as they prevent use of a glass screen protector. The z5 I found was ideal, the raised lip around the screen was just the right height for a glass SP so that it was flush.

    But of course the edge to edge sells so that’s what we’re heading for unfortunately.

    The huge bezels are a consequence of front speakers and no camera hump. They could be shrunk a bit but you’d add on thickness which seems to be anathema to phone manufacturers.

    Personally I’d take a thicker phone if it gave me bigger battery and smaller bezels.

    Sony need to fix their camera lens QC and software first. It’s a travesty that they make most of the sensors for the industry but don’t have the best mobile camera experience.

  • impasse
  • razorg

    Agree with everything EXCEPT f/1.4 aperture thing. f/1.4 is WAYYY TOO WIDE. It affects the camera’s focal depth. The sweet spot for smartphones is f/1.8, wide enough to let lots of light inside even in low-light conditions, and narrow enough for good focal depth.

  • Bloobat

    I thought Sony stated they cant do the bezel-less sides on the flagships as the side mounted fingerprint sensor wouldn’t work if they did?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, getting there sticky fingers all over their screens.

  • duke1


  • Santos

    NO, the fingerprint sensor require bezel on the sides.
    I’m the only who wants a design inspired in the Xperia ARC S or Xperia Ray? A design with the back a bit curved.

  • Biancoceleste

    You’re wasting your time here. Most of those who crow loudly for a wider aperture don’t even know what an aperture on a lens is or does.

    I saw one of the bigger YouTube reviewers claim there’s a difference made between a f/1.8 and f/2 aperture in resulting bokeh. Holy hell even on a micro four thirds camera sensor the difference between those apertures will be minimal, much less on a tiny cell phone sensor!

  • Biancoceleste

    Looks boxy and like one of those Sharp phones from 2004 that were competing with Nokia’s N series phones of the time… No thanks.

    The bezel obsession is beyond stupid now. If it bothers you clowns so much, swallow your pride and buy a galaxy phone. End the envy that must be consuming you already.

    Sony have been on to a winner since the XZ and I hope they keep going.

  • Vitali

    This render looks like a Samsung.. awful.. But the concept is real, make a phone identical to Xperia XZ Premium but just with taller screen. And the front top&bottom like in Z5 series. Would look great though.

  • Vitali

    Omg same!

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Larger aperture allows for more light to be gathered.
    F1.4 won’t be a bad idea, if it means that low light images can be as clean as ISO 40 or something, while not looking too dark or underexposed.
    It’s easy to compensate for a too bright photo, but it’s a hard task to compensate for a too dark photo, especially with small hardware.

    What truly makes the f1.4 lens shine even better is being paired with large pixels and large sensor.
    The XZ Premium already has a large sensor. If ever the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact get a slight sensor size bump to 1/2.1″ and reduce megapixel count to about 16mp and also put a very bright f1.4 lens, it will be a hell of a great low light shooter, and if OIS happens to be kicked in, I’m pretty sure it will be a very dope camera, IF AND ONLY IF the camera software algorithm won’t mess up with the image too much.
    A little bit of sharpening and noise reduction is fine, as long as the fine details aren’t gonna be lost.

    They managed to fix the sharpness of their lens, now they just have to make the software better for fixing the barrel distortion.

    One thing I’m hoping for is an Xperia flagship that can record 4K videos on the front camera. Not only does it make video vlogging of higher quality, but also even more convenient for YouTubers. I’m not that guy btw, but I just wish they’ll be the first to do this and be a perfect video camera vlogging replacement.

  • Asdrubal Castillo Penton

    creo que somos un grupo fan de los Xperia, por eso debemos tomar fuerza y ganas y hacer que Sony escuche nuestras sugerencias, si lo hace, si lo hacemos podremos ver un futuro tope de gama a la mas alta posición del mercado,sin rivales que le hagan sombra. Ahora bien… Sony debe mejorar también la aplicación de la cámara y ponerla a la altura de la competencia. esos dos puntos son los que para mi debemos hacer que escuchen. Gracias

  • iia3ezu

    What Sony needs is a Nexus/Pixel device. Stop letting LG (and Huawei) steal all the limelight.

    Stock Android (minus crapware) on a Sony phone. That’s definitely improvement.

  • Alex Norris

    It looks like XZ Premium, only with bigger screen.. Nothing new )

  • Vinny Conforto

    Bezel-free Xperia phones are what I’m waiting for

  • Shai Nagary

    no chance… the fingerprint sensor wont let the bezels-less design to be possible

  • jamie evans

    That looks really cool

  • It looks good, but upper and lower part of bezel should be at least 0,7cm. Other way there is no way to hold it in landscape position, which is useful when e.g. watching something in train or bus, when there is no place to sit, so You need to use one hand to keep yourself from falling and can only one hand is left to keep the phone safe and in position to see anything.

  • comme des garcons

    Why don’t you guys, Xperia Blog people, speak to Sony Mobile people in person? I like the less bezels but do NOT like the loop surface

  • comme des garcons

    good looking phone

  • Cuauhtémoc Cf


  • arcu de triumf

    First Sony needs better quality. It doesn’t matter the design if after 1 month the problems are piling up (glue issues, screen cracking, water inside, sensors issues etc). Those round edges are not practical, you can’t get a proper grip of the mobile (and besides the surface is very slippery not being rubber or special plastic). Then maybe the colors should be chosen more carefully. Pink is not very Sony, it’s for kids, for little girls who doesn’t pay 800 Euros for a mobile. Gold also is not very common (let the rappers have the gold and the rich people). How about silver which was used before? I guess Z3 Compact was one of the best mobile as design but unfortunately the manufacture quality was very disapointing.

  • DenisXD

    The screen can’t be edge to edge because of the fingerprint scanner. Other than that mistake it’s a pretty good looking concept.

  • Nope, nope, nope. Tell my how to keep it safe when watching something in landscape?
    If it’s safely in Your hand, You will be touching NavBar or StatusBar all the time (tried it with S8 and it has bigger bezels), if You will try not to touch it, phone can easily fall out of hands…

  • They just bought new Samsung, coz it’s Samsung. There is no need to check utility when it’s Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi. They just buy it coz of brand.

  • Ray looked amazing. Still I prefer how Z series looks (“angular OmniBalance” should it be called?) – no frills, just what You need, where You need it.

  • Gutt Grinder

    Ugh.. Sony just need to do one thing I guess.


  • Matt

    do i want my phone to slice my hand open ? well no

  • Matt

    too far from reality mate

  • Matt

    yep pretty much agreed with you , if he have shred of common sense, or know just a bit about camera he´ll know F1.4 is too wide :D

  • Matt

    yes it is a bad idea.

    yes it will gather more light blabla and all that jazz, but the focus plane would be razor thin. you can take a photo of a face with the point of their nose shard and the rest of the face blurry , that´s the main problem.

  • Malcolm

    I don’t really see the difference between this and my Xperia XZ.

  • Biancoceleste

    And how would you hold such a ridiculous phone? Unless you have gecko like fingers and can hold only the backside of it, you’re going to have unwanted screen presses everytime you pick this thing up.

  • razorg

    Decreasing : OK
    Trying to get rid of bezels altogether : NO.

    Hope our prayers will be answered…

  • hansip

    I’d imagine the screen will get inverted like Op5 did if Sony does shrink the bezel :p there’s only so much space that you can use on modern smartphone though. So i think Sony uses their bezel to store a lot of additional chips there.

    Or the other way is to implement 18:9 screen and effectively there are much more space below the screen to put everything and keep the bezel slim. But that will give letterbox on standard 16:9 video, and will kill your hand if all the navigation is put up there.

    Decision Decision..

  • kabiluddin

    I probably wouldn’t slice open hand. Let’s wait and see.

  • ymytbb .


  • Alexey Esenin

    I’d like it to be something like Xperia ZL

  • BoredomCharm

    that’s so good , i loved it #CB

  • BoredomCharm

    you are ugly -_-

  • (NinJer)

    Gross, if this is a concept, at least make it a premium device, lol at the line at the back. Dat bezel, not too slim, not to phat, i like it.

  • MrWalker1000

    doesnt have to be huge change sony just needs to reduce bezels is all.

    also they might change desing language in ifa.

  • RockStar2005

    Yes I agree. And preferably metal (read: TITANIUM! lol) back!

  • MrWalker1000

    andy rubins new phone uses titanium. A shame no other manufacturer employed this into their smartphones before

  • RockStar2005

    My thoughts exactly! I think it should’ve BEEN made standard years ago. F aluminum! lol Then we wouldn’t need bulky cases that take up extra room in our pockets anymore. lol

  • Yong Mei

    Hi RockStar2005, I brought the xz premium recently and I continue had issues with screen auto adjust brightness by itself, very annoying, have you experience such a nagging issue? Thanks!

  • RockStar2005

    Hey Yong,

    Not necessarily. I had an issue that it seemed to take a bit long to adjust when using Stock (on different phones, not just Sony’s). So I began using an app called Lux from Google Play Store. Great app, but one thing I noticed was that it was causing my HTC 10 to lag, so I uninstalled it. I basically keep my 10 on auto adjust now, but at night I may turn it off until I go to bed, then turn it back on. I still would rather do that then deal with lag. lol Can’t remember if I had lag or not on previous phones because of Lux too. I may have just not noticed it back then?

    Hope that helps! If you notice any lag at all, just uninstall it. But you may not?

  • RockStar2005

    Sure thing Yong! I try to be when I can. lol

    Yeah Lux is pretty cool. But again, if you when you bring down or up the notification pane and it lags, then uninstall it. Or if you notice it lag in any way more than before getting it, uninstall it. If not, then keep it!

    The pay version of Lux is better b/c you can switch it to “Dynamically” mode which lets it be more accurate I believe in adjusting to ever changing light. So consider that!

    Also, you can actually “TRAIN” Lux to adjust to various degrees of bright or dim light based on your preferences. Whenever you feel it is “off” what brightness you would choose, manually choose the brightness level you like then press and hold on that center “circled chain” symbol until you see it respond. So next time it is detecting that particular level or degree of light, it will adjust it to the way YOU just chose. If you need further clarification, let me know. But also, skim this:

    Yeah Yong. Sony my old Z3 was GREAT but Sony Mobile really let me down with the Xperia X Performance. The Z3 had like the BEST battery life, the X Perf however was like the worst compared to other phones. Plus Sony was too cheap to get it VoLTE-certified with T-Mobile (not selling through U.S. carriers played a part here), and so my X Perf didn’t even have VoLTE enabled (it had it, but I couldn’t use it on T-Mobile!). Plus the audio used to be the best for headphones, now it’s not the worst, but not the best. My HTC 10 however…………better battery life (not great but better), 2K screen, HTC WASN’T too cheap to certify VoLTE with T-Mobile with the UNLOCKED 10 so I can actually have VoLTE on my unlocked 10, and the audio…………I compared it with my $299 Oppo HA-2 portable amp/DAC, and it matched if not outdid it on sound quality and volume. This article talks more about why the 10 has such incredible audio I would even say it’s better than the LG V20’s. My X Perf didn’t. So back in January I sold my X Perf AND the Oppo and just kept my 10. I LOVE my 10 and am very happy with it!

    Sony IS however taking steps to win me back. lol The new XZ Premium was rated by Phone Arena as having EXCELLENT battery life, and that’s even with it having 4K HDR on ALL the time. But it’s a phablet so meh. lol Not sure on it’s audio but prob not improved, and no VoLTE either. But someone on here told me that the reason why Sony is holding back is b/c of some contract with Verizon that expires in 2018 (this goes back to the Z4v debacle lol), and that once 2018 comes, that contract will expire, and Sony will come back bigger and better than ever. They will (according to him), begin selling through carriers again, certify VoLTE with T-Mobile too I believe, try out a new design/body (Titanium I hope!!! Enough with the glass and aluminum thing! lol), being using OLED screen by their subsidiary JDI which are supposed to be even better than the ones Samsung uses, and I’M HOPING they improve the audio too, and offer great phones that are NOT phablets. IF they do all that, I will STRONGLY consider going back to Sony next year. We will see Yong!!

  • Hi Alex, it’s unfortunate that Sony don’t put their shit together like they did in 2014 where they made a great device like Z2.

    I am now running hapily with LG V20 with no regrets ) I almost bought XZ Premium tho because I was tempted by its 4K HDR screen and snapdragon 835. But after a second thought, I scrapped it because:

    – 19MP camera great only in daylight (still with noise & sharpening though), low light performance in auto mode is sub-par, no OIS to save my ass in slow shutter low iso shot, shutter speed is annoyingly limited at 1s, no RAW, and no wide angle cam
    – No great audio features such as Hi-Fi Quad Dac
    – The price is waaay above V20, like $250 more expensive

  • mode893


  • Alex Norris

    Hi Faisal. Sorry for my late answer.
    Yes, to my great regret, since 2014, nothing has changed radically. I myself wanted to buy, either XZs or XZP, but when I saw again, the poor picture quality at dusk and under low light, I said to myself, enough! I now think that to buy, Huawei P10 or Google Pixel, but not Xperia, it’s already clear that there will never be progress.

  • jodieisme

    You mean, back when they stil offered us removable batteries..?
    Yeah sure..

    Oh and I’m resurrecting this comment section as we’re getting closer to 2018..
    Can’t wait for their mirai..

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