Jolla’s Sailfish OS to begin testing on Xperia X in a few weeks

by XB on 3rd July 2017

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Jolla announced earlier in the year that its open operating system, Sailfish OS, would be heading to Sony Xperia devices. A port of Sailfish OS on the Xperia X was shown off at MWC in Barcelona. Jolla has given an update on the progress it is making, and confirmed that community release for the Xperia X will arrive before the end of July.

Jolla confirmed that one of biggest development challenges it has faced is the support for Android apps. Another challenge facing the team is making the installation easy enough for normal users to complete. Part of the difficulty is the fact that the Xperia X is the first 64-bit ARM device that they have run Sailfish OS on.

Jolla’s closest community development group, the Cbeta testing group, will get to test Sailfish OS 2.1.2 release for the Xperia X before the end of the month. There will then be a wider delivery to the community at some point later.

In terms of supported devices, Jolla also confirmed that right now the focus remains on the single SIM version of the Xperia X, and will look consider development of other devices later. For more details hit the source link below.

Via Jolla Blog.

  • Harish

    Advantage of sailfish over Android? Anyone? Curious to know.!

  • It doesn’t use Java for its native applications so obviously they are way more responsive. Sailfish is an evolution of Maemo/MeeGo.

  • dpc4321

    Good question, I would like to know also!

  • Harish

    That’s great. My doubt is whether it would be customisable like Android. Also, idk about the look and feel. I don’t want to see a TouchWiz kindof UI in Sony. Well, if jolla OS is a responsive and greater OS than Android, then it is a welcome move from Sony.

  • Sony is not involved at all. Sailfish has its own UI which does not use the standard icon grid; check the videos with Jolla’s phone on YouTube.

  • Harish

    Sure, Thanks.

  • Moisés

    Hi … I found this on a site called Sumahoinfo..

    ” Sony Mobile who profess releasing two more flagships later this year.

    For one of them, it is probably no problem with Xperia XZ 1 (G 8341 / G 8342), but as for the other model, various rumors and speculations such as Xperia XZ1 Ultra, Xperia XZ1 Compact and so on are intermingled and there are still many unknown points .

    But this time another interesting information about the 2017 Xperia flagship has come up.

    According to information obtained by android marvel, according to the information obtained by the site, among the flagship Xperia to be released later this year, there is a possibility of mounting Sony’s own CPU chip for one model.

    Regarding Xperia XZ1, it is said that almost the same specifications as Xperia XZ Premium except for size and display, and S835 mounting is almost sure.

    Then, if there is a possibility of installing this Sony chip, it will be called “another flagship Xperia”.

    However, as mentioned in the source article itself, at the present time it is rumor level information.

    On the other hand, even if it is installed in the 2017 version Xperia, is Sony Mobile doing its own chip production? Rumor that exists more than before, I think that it is not a totally impossible story.

    Up to now, the Xperia series has been equipped with Qualcomm for high-end models and MediaTek chips below mid-range, but there is a possibility that there will be a new series different from the XZ line if you install your own chip.

    In any case, it is highly likely that this new Xperia 2 models will be announced on August 31, and in less than two months the truth will be revealed.”

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    What about JDI?

  • Khalid Abdi

    JDI is Japan Display Inc It’s about displays and they deliver them. It doesn’t do anything with software OSs.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    I know but it will be JDI with XZ1?

  • Khalid Abdi

    Yes in the display not as software

  • Moisés

    Xperia have used JDI screens for years.
    I am not sure but Htc and Huawei seem to be clients too.
    Mate 10 may be 6″ 18:9 …

    I do not think XZ1 goes 2:1 , I think it is 16:9 but a bit bigger screen plus shorter bezels.

    A guy posted on esato today that Sony has intentions on making a compact, but does not mean Sony will necessarily.
    Nobody knows yet. And if a compact shows up, no guarantee of SD835… 820 like XZs would be possible.

    He also said the a XZ1 Ultra would not be a good idea. 6″ is not much bigger than XZP ( XAU is 1cm bigger than XZP).
    A bigger one like Z Ultra would be a giant thing because loop design and FPS on the right. Too thicky..

    Another site gazyechi says XZ1 might be QHD. Nobody is sure..

    Sony hides things well. Nobody knew how XZs would be, people just knew it was going to have 4gb ram and motion eye..

  • Moisés

    Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi have only 10% each..
    Another company has 70%.

  • Akand

    A bug free smooth, stable and Android app compatible Jolla OS on a Sony flagship is my dream. As I was a great fan of Meego OS of Nokia N9. Sony should first team up with Jolla to give it maturity and then buy it to make Xperia exclusive OS.

  • Khalid Abdi

    But they work with them and bring together some breakthrough technologies.

  • Khalid Abdi

    You are right but I think they changed their minds and will do 18:9 aspect ratio like Samsung and LG because with edgy style being new in the LCD displays that JDI have found will be tried plus this year JDI is buying the shares of JOLED so there is a lot going on in Sony right now because they made a beautiful TV like A1 Bravia OLED when they infused the speakers in the display and 3D face recognition they’re working on right now. I think in the future they will use those features in their phones which is making them right now one step closer to making everything under the display

  • Khalid Abdi

    I agree with you in the last part because every company is buying or have an OS which will help Sony making their own big apps with a good team of developers.

  • Moisés

    Yes… Japaneses companies help each other.
    Sony has good relationship with Sharp and Panadonic too.

  • Khalid Abdi

    YES!!!! and that support will help Sony position herself on the right track because Sony is the only Japanese company who is globally competing

  • NinJy

    Wow an high end model without qualcomm crap, day one :o

  • deekbee

    The way my Z5C is running, I’d jump at a chance of running Sailfish – I was close to jumping on the original Jolla release, it was a tempting device – I just think they’ve taken the interface “improvements” a little too far over what was on the N9 (which is still probably the best mobile interface ever designed, but Nokia were a bunch of buffoons)

  • jrnr

    my Xperia X is super smooth on android
    much much better than my s8

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Sailfish OS vs Tizen OS?

  • deekbee

    Sailfish every time ….. :)

  • It’s not as customizable as Android. You have one theme, one launcher and that’s all. Not sure if it’s even possible to use different launcher.

    UI is more like iOS/MIUI with Pixel Launcher (way of accessing the app list).

  • Johan Nohaj

    Sony is histotic company, best ONE. Samsung and Apple working for CIA!!

  • DBS

    No advantage. Just different. If you want to see it in action, head over to YouTube and search for “Jolla phone” and you’ll see it ;)

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Yep, Sony’s already nearing Samsung’s business close down lol.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Making their own displays, patenting 3D Facial Recognition, using Jolla’s Sailfish OS as another alternative, and now even making their own chipsets?

    Sony’s been going independent each time.
    Soon, they might make their own GPU, RAM, and GPU structure.

    Then they can focus on their VR and dominate once again.

  • deekbee

    Sony are *not* going to be shipping devices with Sailfish.

    And Sony will not make their own CPU/GPU.

    You’re sadly living in a dream world if you think that Sony can dominate – and they’ve never really “dominated” in the mobile space. They’ve made some brilliant devices over the years, but domination has never been a reality.

  • SailfishOS for Xperia XZ! Och! That would be Great!

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

    No advantage. Just different. If you want to see it in action, head over to YouTube and search for “Jolla phone” and you’ll see it ;)

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