Sony’s upcoming G83XX and G84XX flagships confirmed by retailer; colours and price listed

by XB on 5th July 2017

in Rumours, Xperia XZ series

Polish retailer Komp.Tech looks to have confirmed the upcoming Xperia flagships that we have previously reported on. The site is listing the Sony G8341 and Sony G8441, expected to be the next flagship and compact flagship respectively.

The Sony G8341 is listed at a price point of around €750, while the Sony G8441 is listed at around €650.

The product listing also reveals that each handset will come in four colours. The Sony G8341 will be available in Black, Moonlite Blue, Venus Pink, Warm Silver, while the Sony G8441 will be available in Black, Horizon Blue, Snow Silver, Twilight Pink. Excited? We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Sony Xperia G8341 product listing

Sony Xperia G8341 (PF31) – Flagship
– Colours: Black, Moonlite Blue, Venus Pink, Warm Silver
– Price: 3,206.99 Zloty (£664, €756, $857)

Sony Xperia G8441 product listing

Sony Xperia G8441 (PF41) – Compact Flagship
– Colours: Black, Horizon Blue, Snow Silver, Twilight Pink
– Price: 2,749.99 Zloty (£569, €648, $735)

Thanks 0703 and KF!

  • Moisés

    Do not be scared about the price..
    It seems the phone in Poland is usually more expensive.
    XZ1 might be cheaper than XZP worldwide.

  • KzX


  • Moisés

    If XZ1c has sd836, it will be the most powerful android of 2017.

    2016 was a year to make changes and organize things.
    Now, time to attack.

  • Eric Ho

    excited !!!

  • razorg

    Snow Silver eh? OH YEAH!

  • Przemek Jordanek

    unfortunately yes, we always have to pay more than others

  • Moisés

    Hey buddy.. You do not wanna see the price of smartphones in Brazil.

    S8 and G6 came 1200 dollars. XZ Premium will be the same.

  • Moisés

    Silver of XZ1 must be same of XZs.
    Compact must be something like the silver of XZ I’d guess.

  • paul_cus

    Powerhouse Compact incoming. Wondering what the difference between Moonlite and Horizon blue is.

  • Probably the color of the frosted glass of Xperia Z5

  • Moisés

    If XZ1 comes in glass and dark blue like honor 8, I am so getting it when price drops ..
    Hope the gray is kinda blue like U11

  • I want to see slimer bezels, not necessary as samsung galaxy s8, but something optimal.

  • Ajay Singh

    This is the bast new i heard all day….looking forward to that G8341 model
    i have been using sony xperia z1 from 2014 now i really want a beast in my hand….
    i just hope the upcoming sony coming with less bezels thats all.

  • Moisés

    I guess they have a bit smaller

  • Tau45

    Hope it is a compact flagship with balls, not like XC

  • The One

    At that price, it definitely needs to…

  • mountain

    Concidering I got my XZP for €560 on day one, I do not think these prices are correct…

  • Oldtimer42

    I miss my Z3C…. If this one is waterproof and small I may be very interested. The rumor about the mini Galaxy S8 also caught my eye. But some sites have said that’s false.

    Shame my Pixel is not even a year old.

  • si che

    bazel less xz ultra

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    I’m not sure about that since compact flagships always have a model number being X5XXX (for example: Xperia X Compact (F5321)). I’m pretty sure that it will be successors to the original Xperia X and XZ (or XZ and XZ Premium).

  • FYLegend21

    There probably won’t be a “Premium” device for the next cycle, probably not for the next year or two….

  • iia3ezu

    Talk big when Sony makes the top 10 list.

    Q1 2017 market share:

    Samsung: 22.7%
    Apple: 14.5%
    …[China brands]…
    Alcatel (ranked 10th): 2.5%

    All other brands (including Sony): about 22.9%

    If you want a LOTR analogy, Sony would be like Denethor II, once a proud, dignified man, now he’s in flames and falling off the top of a cliff.

  • iia3ezu

    If Sony Mobile wanted to release a compact phone, they would have done it long ago.

  • Sahil

    You re not happy with your pixel?

  • I would love to see a Compact version, but as Sony told us, they will not produce premium models anymore… I’m not sure if the description is telling the truth. However, hope never dies, NEVER :D

  • fried_egg

    what awful colours. kind of remind me of the lackluster iphone 5c. my Z5 needs replacing and I love it’s gold colour… I want it’s spiritual replacement in gold please!!! (maybe the rumoured 18:9 xperia will have the gold)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    They said they were not going to make any more MIDRANGE premium models and only focus on mid rnage devices AND premium devices from now on :) Thats a huge difference, which means we will see a truly high end premium compact phone this fall :)

  • Maryareid

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  • theskig

    I hope so

  • razorg
  • Adrianus AJ Nadeak

    The Sony Compacts tend to be released in the latter half of the year.

  • thenewguy

    750 euros, ey? Nah, i think i will buy a cheap phone, a nice little DSLR, and a graphic card for my PC, instead.
    But thanks for the offer.

  • Mauro79

    I hope 2 things!

    First. i hope its bigger than 4,6 inch, better 4,8 inch with the same Size like design from S8 ore the 5,2 Inch Phone with the Samsung S8 Design and small size because 4,6 Inch is too small i think. I Hope they make it better and not like the last Sony Modells with a Bad Screen to Body ratio -.-

    Hope 3000 mAh Akku and Full HD Screen on the Compact…..

  • dragonsneeze

    I wonder how much of that 22.7 is actually high end. Considering Sam competes with j1 j3 j5… c5 a3 a5…while Sony has mainly flagships and a much narrow portfolio I guess it’s ok to say they will have strong competition from Sony at the premium segment. And when it comes to compacts, Sony doesn’t really have much competition anyway.

  • SergioPerigoso

    Where do you live? Where did you bought your xzp? Because where i live it cost 799 euro.

  • Oldtimer42

    There are many things I love about the Pixel.

    Several things that I loved about the Z3 Compact were its size and its amazing battery life. I loved the feel in my hand but also worried about the glass back continually. Waterproofing also was a feature I valued (it saved the phone twice in 2 years).

    The pixel gets through the day usually with 30 % left which is ok but not impressive. Also the pixel just feels uncomfortably large to me at times. Cant imagine what the Pixel XL would feel like in hand (or pocket). The build quality on the pixel is very good, I like the all metal design and I love it getting updates quickly. I don’t like the curved glass as glass screen protectors are near impossible to get on properly.

    It would take a lot to move away from the updates from Google. However, Sony and the Z3C impressed me and I’ll look forward to seeing one.

  • Kathyrdarby

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  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I like how they did with XAU XA1U bezels :D

  • Moisés

    Bezels of ultra are not equal.
    Like the C phones, bottom bezels is shorter than top bezel.

  • Supa_Fly


    Sony, it’s time the flagship Compact model gets:
    1080P please
    OLED – maybe
    IP68 rating! common Sony YOU with Ericsson brought this innovation to phones (both feature and smartphones) before ANYONE ELSE in the industry over 12yrs ago! Giving us the X Compact without it was a slap in the face – and I gave it back with NOT spending my hard earned dollars!

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