Who is having issues with Xperia Z5 Android 7.1.1 update?

by XB on 31st July 2017

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z5 series

We have been receiving a number of reports from owners of the Xperia Z5 range (including the Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet), complaining about the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware update (32.4.A.0.160). Users are reporting about sluggish performance with the new update, including high temperatures, crashes and reboots.

If you have updated, we want to hear your experiences of this firmware in the comments below. Some people have reported that they have had some success in fixing the issue, by disabling the Movie Creator app, booting into Safe Mode (power menu > press and hold restart), and then rebooting as normal. Let us know if this fix worked for you.

  • Noor Al-deen Mari’e

    I have overheat issue that i had change phone battery.

  • Everything works perfectly, except that when replaying an SMS through the notification badge, the notification doesn’t disappear, like on Messenger or WhatsApp.

  • Liam Hethershaw

    I had some issues to begin with but I can’t remember exactly what they were. I did find clearing the cache partition (pressing power and volume up at the same time for 3 seconds while the device is on), did stop my issues reoccuring.

  • Khalid Noreddine

    Speakers low volume xperia x compact after update 7.1.1

  • Spoohle

    My phone works brilliant. Fast, not a single lag, doesn’t heat up much, battery lasts around two and a half – three days with light use, and with moderate(normal, Messenger, WApp, FB, Opera, Instagram, TorquePRO, car bluetooth) it gives me a day and a half and about 4.5 hours of SoT.

    But I do have some complaints.
    -car BT doesn’t connect always
    -camera could use RAW, more settings and better post processing
    -low battery warning is too bloody loud

    All in all, looking forward to new devices on IFA :)

    EDIT: It was running hot and laggy after the update, but I just entered safe mode and did a restart and since that, it works brilliant.

  • I had exactly same issues, until my display died.
    now i am waiting sony to fix my phone.

  • Kyle325

    I do have the Z5 and version 7.1.1
    Not many noticeable issues other than it seems to overheat worse than before for some reasons,especially when gaming or taking videos

  • Night Guy

    Yeah, I also noticed my device overheats more with 7.1.1.

  • Namako

    No update yet for me but I’m having those issues already on 7.0

    At the beginning it was ok but recently it got quite bad

  • Chris

    Definitely had issues with sluggish performance on the phone. Would take 4-5 seeds for all the home icons to come up. I did clear the cache of the program’s I used the most – Facebook, Firefox, etc and seems to work a lot better now

  • Eileen the Crow

    Having problem with the touchscreen since 7.0. It’s way too sensible.

  • Paul

    I find mine is very sensitive. I’ll be reading an email and if my finger gets anywhere near a link the next thing I want know Chrome is launching to government to a website. Mine does tend to run warmer and one of my games crashes everytime when it’s first launched. If I try it again it will load normally.

  • Paul

    My Bluetooth will connect but when I look today see what output device it’s going to use for the call it’s defaulting to the phone speaker not the car. Very frustrating.

  • Zayed Kotayba

    The update fixed some of the issues I had with bluetooth and android wear but it has it’s own shares of bug’s like when I have ongoing call the phone will put itself on speakers randomly and also put the phone on don’t disturb mode for no apparent reason! It’s a bit annoying and confusing at the same time

  • Eileen the Crow

    Yup! It’s really stressful sometimes. I hope that in the 8.0 update they fix this…

  • Paul

    It really is Eileen. I too hope that these issues are resolved in the next update.

  • Paul

    I just tried this, we’ll see if it did the trick.

  • Paul

    I’ve had that happen too. Weird

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Phone going into don’t disturb mode during calls seems normal as I’ve seen this behavior in all phones running Nougat 7.1.1/7.1.2 that I had contact, no matter if it was stock firmware or an AOSP-based custom ROM, including my Xperia M running LineageOS 14.1 or my Xperia X on Android 7.1.1…

  • Phil g

    I haven’t had any issues since updating to 7.1.1 on my Z5. In my experience this update is much improved over the 7.0 releases.

  • David Horvath

    My Japanese XZ is still on 7.0 and doing great. Super fast, love it.

    My wife’s UK version of XZ is on 7.1.1 and since this update it overheats,
    battery runs out fast and whole UI is now sluggish.

  • Mwape Walker Samala

    Battery life and heating are the main problems

  • Zi Rui

    I’m a Xperia Z5 Premium user. Indeed the 7.1.1 update does make my phone better but recently i encountered lots of crash and worst overheating problem. A lot of my apps will suddenly pop up as not responding. Not only this problem but my phone have even more problem which i doesn’t know how to explain. I think that one of the problem causes my phone to get overheat this extreme is because that i had my phone repaired and the motherboard that they changed isn’t as good as mine b4

  • FYLegend21

    Shutter lag is still there…

  • mountain

    Its not only affcting my Z5, also a problem with Z5P, Z3+ and X performance. X, XZP and Xperia Touch is unaffected. Will test on my XZ tonight to see if it is affected as well.

  • Murat Tahran

    Yes. I use E6553 Turkey Z3+, but I flashed Customized Russia and Customized UK for try new 7.1.1. Then I noticed that lag and heating are like hell. Sony must do something about these update problems. If they fix themselves, I will have never buy a Sony phone again…

  • Murat Tahran

    Your safem ode method is a temporary solution for these problems. Sony must release a new fix for that. I tried your safe mode fix many times, heating and lag issues are happening again after 3-4 days usage. Btw, I am a medium user, I don’t play games or I don’t use BT car things.

  • Murat Tahran

    What a waste of time. overheating issues are about processor’s stupidty and Sony’s bad optimized software. Anyway, congrat your new battery :)

  • Aiden M.

    I haven’t really had any issues on my Z5P. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the phone does shut down apps for overheating. But… The only app that it does that for is YouTube, since I leave it running all night when I sleep to play storm sound videos on my BT speaker… And it’s plugged into my QC 2.0 charger all night.. And in its case. I figured any phone would overheat during that lol

  • Marcelo

    I have a Z5 dual and my wife a Z3+ dual, so far both work perfectly with 7.1.1

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    No sign of sluggish performance here in my Z3+ dual. In fact the performance of this phone has been improved significantly after updating to 7.1.1 (probably due to the cortex a57 cores being active again). I also haven’t experienced any crashes and reboot since then as well. As for the temp problem, I ended up installing Greenify and put all those unnecessary background running apps into hibernate and the temp is no longer high as when it first running the new update.

  • Nguyễn Tấn Lộc

    These problems also present on XZ. The phone heat up much more quickly and frequently than before, particularly when using app like facebook, youtube and even third party launcher like Nova. Thus, the battery is drain much more quickly when in used, standby battery is ok though.
    I currently have to temporarily use Xperia Home instead of Nova because of this.

    Seem like Facebook and Nova can cause ram leak in 7.1.1 of Xperia. When using those apps long enough, the whole phone become sluggish, unresponsive, Nova have to redraw and it is only until all recent app are cleared or after a reboot that the phone get back to normal condition.
    Gonna try the disabling Movie Creator app method.

    On my Z4 tablet the problems seem much less noticeable.

  • Jason Lirazan

    Heating problem gets worst preventing so much function on my device

  • Hk Indunil

    call log names not showing, all application gone sometimes.

  • Ali Eskandari

    Delete the Movie Creator and problem will be fixed

  • Arim Karim

    Mine Z5 have been updated long ago to 7.1.1 have no issues at all. Battery is realy long lasting. All day long with two SIM and lots of calls. Many apps i stalled. Maybe the case is that movie creator have been disabled long ago even before update. I don’t use this app thats why disabled.

  • Abhinav Singh

    Battery life decreased
    YouTube and Facebook freze while using

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Do a clean flash, that will solve the problems. Some of the lagging issues from 7.0 crossed over when I did an OTA. After a clean install I had further issues. I had major issues while using 7.0 and 7.1.1 got worst. I hate doing a clean install because of the hassle but I was glad I did

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Everything works just fine on my z4 tablet with Android 7.1.1 :) Really pleased with the update! :)

  • Adheesha Kanchana

    I’ve been using my Z5 with 7.1.1 for last 4 weeks and haven’t noticed any of these issues. I didn’t updated from 7.0 though. Did a clean installation by wiping everything. May be these issues occur when you update from 7.0..??? Try to do a clean installation by flashing the ftf. It may solve these issues..

  • Objectif

    No problem for me. I just can’t stard an app: Microsoft Word but I don’t think it the fault of 7.1.1 firmware. I seing others people Who have this issue.

  • Rohan Akre

    Its heating a lot… No othet issues for me..

  • Sarjvela Sarjvela

    headphone jack not working in automatic mode , when I pluged in its not recognizing , and I use soundabout and turn it manualy , I hope in next update it will fixed , it is the first problem , but are some issus , for example x-reality and super-vivid mode turns late.

  • Rob Jordan

    Had exactly those issues! Done a full factory reset reinstalling from a backup and the issue continued. And then I got the update to 7.1.1 and still no change! Deleted a couple of apps (a trick borrowed from old Samsung tab 3), including the movie creator app and it seems to be resolved. I was on the verge of sending it in for a warranty repair.

  • Zihan

    Fingerprint option is banished.when I updated 7.1.1(E6633) please fix this issue.

  • sawan patidar

    Having too much battery drain while gaming which was far better on marshmellow. Too much heating also while using youtube and very low flash light while using video recorder in night. Please fix it.

  • ansari jassim

    Because of extreme overheating, the back panel of my Xperia z5 premium has loosen up.
    It’s looking so bad https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88536a13d554a2959df2b168359911b3c362d756358e83839c752941a095bf94.jpg

  • Serdar Gökçe

    I am still using it with 6.0.1. :)

  • Jacky

    Mine runs warmer than 7.0, but I also noticed that the clock speed has gone up with stamina mode for better experience. I also do need to restart my phone once every few days for better performance, that’s more often than 7.0.

  • Proxy FBaccount

    u sure u didnt sit while your phone was on your back pocket coz heating doesnt cause that…

  • ansari jassim

    I never keep phone in the back pocket.
    I went to the Sony center, they admitted it’s due to overheating.
    They told me to hand over the phone for repair. It will take 5- 10 days.

  • Happens the same sometimes on XZ.

  • I’ve been also loosing data connection sometimes, some days on XZ.

  • Guys, out of topic here, but I need help!
    Earlier this evening I was warned by e-mail about suspicious activity on my Gogle account, changed my password, but I had in mind to update my Xperia XZ to the last build but also performing a reset. So I did it, and now I can’t log in to my account again, it says I have to hold on for 72 hours…Is there any way I can get back to use my phone these next hours without adding any account to the configuration wizard?
    Thanks in advance… Sorry for the inconveniences!

  • fried_egg

    7.1.1 is much better than 7.0.x but i did need to do the “remove movie creator & safe mode” trick to get it stable. i have had one noticeable reboot (i tried to take a screenshot) . it holds wifi (for wifi calling that is essential) far better and the battery life has gone to 30hours rather than 12hrs… but it still suffers from the random “doesn’t notice you have changed location and claims it is still seeing or is even connected to the previous locations wifi” – if this occurs battery drain is fast and so when moving about it is worth checking if the wifi has noticed the change in available wifi… if not reboot the phone immediately and hope it boots into the working version. if it does it is great. I have had no other issues with it (it hasn’t done the “nfc services full bug” since 7.1.1 either), warm at time yes, but stable and the battery lasts a lot longer… the wifi issue still seems to be the occasional “killer”

  • Hamza Ehmoda

    Battery life and heat are tow problems after 7.1.1 update on my z3+ dual

  • Mike Tal

    Mine Z5 Compact has issues as well (too warm, battery gone in 8 hours etc.). In my case Movie creator had been disabled more than year ago (hate it – just drains battery and kills flash storage by writing too much).

    What improved situation in my case: I switched Outlook mail from “push” notification to polling every 30 minutes. I am getting lots of mail. It seems that there is some glitch in suspending the phone after it is woken up.

  • Tom Jordan

    Mine XA disconnecting from Wi-Fi as he wish after I got 7.0. Also time by time switching on Bluetooth by itself…

  • alishayzadag

    7.1.1 is all right for me. Disabled nothing.

  • Farhan Ansari

    Still no update 7.1.1 for Xperia z3 plus in India.. Indian Sony team is as lazy as shit.. What the fuck is happening with Indian Sony team??

  • Khillo81

    Well, as an owner of the Z5 Compact, I have to admit that I didn’t face such severe issues as reported in this post but did face some issues with available memory and overheating when on the mobile network. In the end, I performed a fix using the Xperia Companion and since then my phone is working fabulously. It’s always running cool and I end the day with around 50% of the battery charge (never happened since I got the phone). I think that doing a software repair after so many firmware updates is a must, unfortunately. It is a bit of a hassle having to backup the phone, preforming the repair, and then restoring it but in the end very much worth it. Also, take the opportunity to get rid of any apps you don’t use.

  • Chris Foley

    I read a lot about these issues before performing the update, but haven’t experienced any problems as of yet

  • Waqas Bin Tariq

    I have Xperia z3+ and having high temperature issue after updated to 7.1.1.
    The mobile gets over heated once I use camera for about 5-7 minutes.
    Please suggest accordingly.

  • Really. And since I have a SmartBand, when I replay, it vibrates like if I was receiving an sms again

  • Aminouv Sersou

    I can no longer start the 4K video !!! what is the solution

  • H6

    No problem E6653 customized ITA.

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    Every thing is great except I can’t delete photos and videos from album app

  • Sandra O’Herlihy

    Mine is having battery life and heating problems as well.

  • 7.1.1 actually SAVED my Z5 Premium. I was itching to offload the phone and get a Huawei P9 a friend was offering to me because 7.0 resulted in a 12 hour phone. Now it’s a 27 hour phone.

  • Aadarsh Vadakattu

    Facing issues similar to the post. Disabled Movie Creator app ages ago. Tried the workaround as said and I don’t see any change from then. Too many crashes and the device slows down at times. In simple words, an update only can fix this.

  • Keshav Burtony

    Same here, even watching a 15 minute video on youtube it starts to heat up..And games, don’t even think about it, i opened slither,io and pacman 256, not even 1 minute and the phone is hot af!

  • Waqas Bin Tariq

    I am also waiting for the solution If you get any updated then please share it
    otherwise i will. :)

  • Asdone

    Batterie qui fond comme neige au soleil (sans aucune tache ou action particulière), surchauffe impressionnante (telephone brulant), ralentissement du systeme complet. Une catastrophe…

  • theskig

    I have no issue with last update on my Z5 premium Dual. BT is OK, battery life is OK, no reboots.

    The only problem I have in this very hot summer is the camera always closing because of high temperature. If you’re browsing for 10 minutes then try to open the cam It will shut down istantly.

  • theskig

    Don’t worry here in Italy it’s a very hot summer and my video stops at 30 seconds… :(
    (Z5 Premium video 1080p 30fps)

  • theskig

    You’re the winner :)

  • theskig

    You can order the sticker for 5 dollars or so on Ebay and replace it by yourself. It takes 5 minutes. (I suggest you to order 2 or 3 stickers because placing it it’s hard the first time).

  • theskig

    Nice tablet, I just wish to know why the hell it’s still so expensive…

  • deekbee

    That has always been a problem on my Z5C; don’t think its any different on 7.1.1.

  • Andy H.

    Here in UAE Abu Dhabi it’s very hot also and maybe the summer heat also affecting the phone :(

  • deekbee

    We’ve become conditioned to “decent battery life” is the ability to last all day with average use. With minimal usage my Z5C can easily last a day. With average use (music, browsing) it needs recharching before I leave work.

  • theskig

    The do not disturb icon comes out when you’re doing a call.
    BTW I have a Huawei Watch and this update fixed the lost pairing bug when using audio.

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  • Really? Thought since XZ uses Google SMS app, users didn’t experience the issue

  • Insanity Device

    I have both done factory resets, total reinstall of android 7.1.1 from the companion, and disabled movie creator and a lot of other apps i dont need, in addition to going to safe mode and back.
    This does not help, as i still have the overheating issue that started with the 7.1.1 update
    I can slow the overheating down by setting stamina mode to always on, but it only slows down the process. it will eventually overheat with that on as well..
    I also have to use “tricks” like putting it down on cold surfaces while playing to decrease the chance of it freezing the demanding apps…

    It has been a very visible issue to me while playing Pokemon Go, as the app will just stop working due to overheating. this was not an issue previously. at this point, my kids 4 year old mobile from samsung works better than my Z5 Compact.

  • Bujar Nimani

    My sony z5 have high temperature and crash rebots and faster drain batter and much problem

  • disqus_oX2wiHXfpJ

    Twitter keeps asking me to log in every time, Play memories doesn’t connect camera to phone, apps slow, Spotify (even) slower…oh and getting v hot too. Xperia Z5

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    too much cache

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    actually android 7.1.1 itself have memory leaking. thats why google update it to 7.1.2

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    u might stay in room with aircond

  • Moisés

    Mine seems fine.. Few things I do not use so cannot say everything is really fine.

    Can’t say for sure if battery lasts longer. It’s been cold days, so I do not know if it is better or if phone’s heat is being totally sucked out.
    No lags. I can use again cam if battery is lower than 5% .

  • MarcAntunes

    I haven’t had any issues since updating to 7.1.1 on my Z5. And I use Movie Creator app.

  • Moisés

    I wanted this tablet.. But after 2 years is about 600 dollars at least on ebay

  • Moisés

    Just saw now when I have a call I just see the number, not name of who’s calling.

  • Evangelos Nikolakis

    I did all the above and I can confirm the same. Too bad for the Sony. I’m really thinking to buy Samsung.

  • Vectorsigma

    The update completely tanked and made my z5 compact useless!! From random reboots, bizarre screen touch glitches, getting crazy hot – and just silly slow! I ended up disabling that movie creator app..and in many ways.. Still does not perform as well as the previous version of firmware!! The QA people at Sony need to be really beaten for this!!!

  • Moisés

    About call log not showing name.
    Try to add person again when this person calls you..

    Worked here, but I also had to include area code( idk if it is used in other countries) before the number.

  • Kristián Kikusqo Brajerčík

    32.4.A.0.160 Xperia Z5 E6653 customized AU – no problem yet. The phone works much better than with Android 7.0

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Its not worth buying today :p But yeah its still an excellent performer and it still feels brand new. Altough i am a bit worried we will never see a Sony tablet again :( What will i have to buy then? Samsung or Apple? Because no other manufacturer makes high quality tablets, and i hate Samsungs touchwiz and im not interested in any iOS device XD

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Is it still on sale? Thought it had been discontinued by now :p

  • marlowe007

    No problems here (Spain). A pair of things:
    1) The icon “4G+” appers now (in 7.0 only 4G everytime)
    2) When pairing my bluetooth headphones (Sony MDR-10rbt), the “aptx” message appears again (dissapeared in 7.0).
    3) The circle icons in Google apps ….meeh

  • Noble Akan

    Z5 fingerprint not working when I was updated 7.0 using flashtool
    If any solution to fix this..?

  • ansari jassim

    Thanks I’ll do it

  • Biancoceleste

    Z4 tablet no issues.

  • Julien

    I had the problem on my Z5 compact. I first re-installed 7.1.1 using the companion. This improved things a lot but did not seem perfect. I thus also removed the Movie Creator App, and now my phone is back to normal behavior.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Ooh…I thought I was the only one who’s having the problem with that. I did notice that my Z5C started becoming a bit sluggish–the icons take a second to be re-drawn from sleep mode. When this happens, I just tend to restart my phone then it all works like a charm again…until after a few days when it starts to slow down again.

    I’ve not tried to remove the Movie Creator…Nor tried to re-install Android 7.1.1. I might do those later in the week and see if it improves.

  • Zi Rui

    Even after factory data reset my phone still works the same.

  • ShuHao Shen

    ram usage is always high

  • Eugénio Costa

    Heating issues are indeed present! Battery drain is then, a natural consequence.

  • Neha Kulkarni

    still not Recevied the 7.1.1 update for z3+
    in India
    what is wrong?

  • After the last 2 updates of my Xperia XZ, I started observing extremely high temperatures from time to time and very often throttling, resulting in crashes and freezing apps. The battery depletes incredibly quick at these times. Xperia XZ 41.2.A.7.35

  • Andrés Ubaque Casallas

    My Z5 suffers overheating, if your want to watch a video on YouTube.. You can fries a meat with that heat… And sadly if you want to record a video it doesn’t work…please make a fix soon

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Z5 issues this is the worst support from all Sony phones I have used over time
    The heart removed my back glass I thought the battery will explode.
    Little did I know it was heat
    Why in haven’t the call log lag been fixed
    Sincerely 6.0 is the best os for this phone after all no impressive features on nougat compared to the recent Xperia phone

  • Actman

    Call history lags when you’re scrolling and slow Album image rendering enough said! From 7.0 till now and Sony doesn’t even bother to fix it. It was such a crap company!

  • FYLegend21

    just go to Apps -> Media Storage and clear App Data. Then restart your phone and wait a few minutes for the photos to reload. If it still doesn’t load, go into Album settings -> Find and fix problems.

  • Henrik Hjort

    It seems that we have both working and failing ones…Would be interested to know what the failing/working ones have in common. (My answers marked with ** )
    My Z3+ works OK with 7.1.1, so far so good.

    Q: Upgrade method ? ** Xperia Companion restore using USB

    Q: Movie creator disabled or enabled ? ** Disabled
    Q:Google Assistant and Google Feed disabled or enabled?
    ** Disabled
    Q: Cache wiped ? ** Yes
    Q: Xperia companion restore tested ? ** Yes, used for upgrade
    Q: Memory usage ? (for 3h and 1 day) ** 3h:1.9GB and 1 day:1.8GB

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Doing a factory reset didn’t help. I had to flash it. Wipe all

  • Wilmer Jhossyx

    It’s the truth, when I watch videos on youtube or facebook, the cell phone stops and goes off, then the notification LED flashes three times in red and then turns on. With the previous update did not happen this, for more that the cell was hot.

  • Professor Fink

    Updates, rebooted and all looking OK apart from the common sluggish issue. One day I decided to restart the handset and wouldn’t come back on.
    Bemused, I attempted hard reset and phone vibrated 3 times before it died. Nothing works, plug in to charger for 48 hours and nothing. Plug in to PC and not detected.
    Sending back to Sony repair shop to fix and all I have is a Sh*tty iPhone 5c as backup phone. It’s driving my nuts due to such a crap OS!

  • Wilmer Jhossyx

    I have a Z3 + E6553, and when I watch videos on youtube or facebook, the cell phone stops and goes off, then the notification LED flashes three times in red and then turns on. With the previous update did not happen this, even though the cell was hot.

  • Cinar

    Still no 7.1.1 update for Z5 in Turkey!

  • Paul

    You should get a sound app that will play various storm or rain sounds. Easier on the phone and no data usage!

  • theskig

    You can still find it online but at very high price

  • theskig

    Be strong, professor.

  • theskig

    I also have the call history lag, I forgot to mention that. Since Nougat.

  • Thisath Ranawaka

    Absolutely no issues, Z5 single SIM with 7.1.1. Works absolutely great, battery life is decent as always (I always use airplane mode- otherwise it’s just ok) .
    No overheating, no crashes.

  • Murat Tahran

    Don’t lie and Don’t defend Sony. You have overheating and lag issues. Due to you want to get attention being diffrent, so you are lying. All moderate and heavy users have these problems…

  • Murat Tahran

    Let Sony fix these problems mate. I use Z3+, I was waiting for 7.1.1 from now I want a stable and heat free fixed update. Boşver dostum geç gelsin ama sağlam gelsin güncelleme ;)

  • whalesplaho

    1. Heating issues
    2. Battery doesnt last long
    3. Apps crashes
    4. Sometimes laggy…… Sony should please help look into tha matter!
    At first thinking 7.1.1 ll be better of but proves wrong.

  • Thisath Ranawaka

    Lol, uh, I’m not different? 50% of the comments are in agreement with me so.
    I do hope you’re just trolling. Its bound to be an issue with just some people’s devices. My Z5 is a new device, 2016 November stock. Came with 7, I think. I’m a moderate user too.

  • Ben

    I don’t have battery problems, but I had issues with very high ram usage for no apparent reason. Switching between apps was terribly slow. Even the icons on the launcher were recreated regularly.

    I ended up reseting the device and disabling all kinds of apps, including *Movie Creator* and Facebook. No installing apps one by one with long breaks. So far, it’s running good and smooth, even better then before the latest update.

  • Moisés

    Both have 4:3 screen tablets.. I do not like.
    I have LG G Pad. Battery lasts very well ( HD screen + 8000mAh). I can play 7h of Real Racing 3…

    But sometimes it sends game to multitask , then game reloads..
    It pisses me off

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    I would say that the main problem is the heating issue (thus affecting battery life) but I just activated Stamina mode always on and with that the problem seems to be solved.

  • Aiden M.

    I never thought of that haha! I will definitely look into that :)

  • Mouss’ UZUMAKI

    The Bluetooth sharing between smartphone don’t work.

  • Just because you have a problem and Thisath doesn’t, does NOT mean Thisath is defending Sony, Murat. JFC.

    It was HOPELESS on 7.0. Heating up in even Instagram, lag in the notification pulldown (which was only remedied by jacking up the DPI to 440+), stuttering in Pocket Casts.

    With 7.1.1, my Z5 Premium only really heats up when I download something to my old 64GB Sandisk MicroSD (I really think I should replace it, but I don’t have the money yet.) Otherwise, it RARELY heats up now.

  • Nah. Using Marshmallow on the Z5 Premium felt like using a 720P phone just because the UI elements are ginormous.

    Multi Window of Nougat SAVED that phone for me; otherwise, I’d have bought a Galaxy Note 5, oh wait.

  • Isn’t 4G+ (I assume it’s LTE-Advanced) a network thing, not an icon-only thing?

  • 7.1.1 SAVED my Z5 Premium. 7.0 was bad and 6.0.1 was too big (it felt like I’m using a 720P phone, not a 1080P phone on a 4K display.)

  • Zi Rui

    But i don’t know how

  • sébastien meyer

    Le téléphone ne charge pas en mode GPS, chargé dans la voiture… Malgré l’achat du chargeur allume cigare de Sony.

  • Ben

    Upgrade: Xperia Companion, not restore
    Movie Creator disabled
    Google Feed disabled. Google Assistant active
    Cache not wiped
    Memory for 3h 1.6, 24 1.5GB

  • Felipe

    I experienced the mentioned problems on my Z5C but running 7.0 (32.3.A.0.376). Everything came back to normal after disabling Movie Creator app.

  • Alex Schwarz

    Anyone knows when there will be 7.1 update for Xperia Z5 Dual in Singapore??

  • florian

    I haven’t gotten the update yet for my z5 here in Belgium :/ anyone else did in Belgium?

  • Jaissal S

    I only had battery drain after updating. It’s alot better now. Haven’t experienced any problems.

  • Shams Hamdulay

    Yes, facing overheating issue…. Just wish that sony gives an update with the extra manual functions for camera just like the xperia xz. Even the xperia xa have the new camera functions like xperia xz.

  • Khillo81

    Way to use the scientific method to identify the problem! I’ll support you:

    Upgrade method: OTA but then did a software repair and restore
    Movie creator: enabled
    Google Assistant and Google Feed: enabled
    Cache wiped: yes, several times even :)
    Xperia Companion restore: Yes
    Memory usage? Same as you

    Phone running well. Ending day with around 50% of charge. I’m mostly sitting in the office all day and check the phone once or twice an hour.

  • Khillo81

    I think there is no escaping the reset and restore. I had the same issues with my Z5C and installing from scratch solved them.

  • surendran pks

    Delete option in album is a big problem

  • David Tscheppen

    still waiting here in Austria for the 7.0 update -.-

  • AllanKafka

    Agreed. And Marshmallow with that Doze mode was a great disappointment to me.

  • Lucilleecameron

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  • Lucilleecameron

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  • Robson Kanyama

    My phone overheat, battery drains, really bad ram management, network is always on edge even though i force it on 3G/LTE, started since 7.0, i’ve done all the software repair but non helped. E6653

  • Robson Kanyama

    what model is this?

  • Thisath Ranawaka


  • Deki

    I updated the phone this morning and did a factory reset.

    So far, everything is fine. :)

  • SonyMan

    I have updated since day one on Z5P from roll out and the only problems I’ve found so far is that sometimes 4k video stays at a black screen and nothing happens unless you kill the app. Re launching the app doesn’t do anything, the whole device needs to be restarted in order for the 4k app to work. And I’m still having issues send files over Bluetooth. I couldn’t send on 7.0 either and the same thing has remained. I cannot even send a single photo since I’m always getting an error to communicate message. Inside Bluetooth settings everything works fine, pairing devices and stuff l, even my Bluetooth earbuds work flawless but none Bluetooth sharing ability. I do have high temps when heavy usage is on play but nothing extraordinary or unusual compared to MM 6.0.1. Benchmark scores are higher than ever, battery is OK and real life performance only suffers on heavy usage in direct sunlight that we hit constantly 40 Celsius degrees in summer. I’m sure I’m not gonna have such issues when fall comes.

  • Richard

    I had really bad overheating and battery life issues in the 2-3 weeks _before_ the update to 7.1.1. Even a factory reset didn’t clear things. Then the update to 7.1.1 arrived and it’s been nearly flawless since.

    Whatever the problem is/was is not due to 7.1.1 – my guess would be a dodgy update to some of the google framework which gets updated via the play store, and just happened to coincide with the 7.1.1 update for some people (I seem to get major version updates 1-2 months after they are first posted on here)

  • MyLive

    What I have experienced with my z5 dual :

    1. I set my phone to vibrate when texting, but randomly the vibrate goes on and off while texting, not sure if this a bug with the update or there’s something wrong with my phone
    2. Time setting for alarm doesn’t show the right time, BUT it will be ringing on the right time as I expected though
    3. Screen Mirroring, can’t connect it with my TV.. As I remembered before it was succed..
    And I’m not sure exactly all these things happened when running the last update or since previous update..

    And yes, it feels hot randomly..

  • 4typhive

    My Z5c has been running well since the update. In the ‘Support’ menu in Settings, it suggests the device to be restarted once a week. Been following that ever since it was available and have had a great experience. Still heats up everyone once and a while, but nothing like when on OS 5/6. Happy overall.

  • azzido

    Man, it is over 30 degrees in my country recently and believe me even my XZ Premium is heating no matter snap 835 and heating solutions.

  • Professor Fink

    Let the commencing beginulate!

  • Laurent Schenkel

    My Sony Xperia Z5 Compact with Android 7.1.1, running Aviate Launcher, bug a lot since last update (apps crash, sluggish phone, no pics recorded with the camera, …). If it can help, com.sonyericsson.cra and com.sonymobile.rcahandle crash at startup of the phone (hope the names are correct).

  • Maybe remove Aviate because it’s dead and use Nova Launcher instead?

    Also, did factory reset and a reflash not do anything?

  • Non-Google Play Xiaomis have AMAZING battery life just because there are ZERO Google apps there. It’s safe to say that all Google apps, including the framework and Play Services, suck battery hard.

  • dapaintrain

    So many issues with lag, crashing and horrible battery drain with no fix battery settings show me a life of 9 hours or 13 with stamina.

    I rolled back to marshmellow with Xperia flash tool and have a regular battery life and great performance again.


  • Rohan

    I’ve seen the same issue on my friend’s Pixel too. No for me atleast XZ has Sony’s sms app. Sometimes when you reply using the notification, it just keeps on spinning

  • Kathleenrfoley


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  • Kathleenrfoley


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  • Simonmmm

    They’ve always been the main problems, but they’re WAY worse now with 7.1.1
    Also un-removable What’s New apps were always part of the reason.

  • Emcho Koremcho

    Please remove that stupid sound message about 30% battery level! First, it sounds like you are receiving an sms, and second, who cares when there are 30% more to go ???

  • Husnija Hafurić

    Heating AF,constant random app crashes… etc,etc

  • Ates

    Has anyone noticed that with the new version 8.4.A.0.4 the album application has become a fast loading image as well as focusing the image…all this in 7.1.1

  • Ates

    Did you do a reset with the xperia companion application all the way for extra then

  • Rasputin Chickenbird

    Problems after update?: The battery is emptying,The phone is overheated,The wifi is constantly shaking,And others that I have not yet noticed!

  • Hisham

    Along with what have been said here (the heating issue and the battery drain), one of my main issues with Xperia phones is the audio jack, I’ve owned Xperia Z3 before and now Xperia Z5 Premium, also my sister is having XZ3, audio jack always fail at some point, doesn’t connect to anything, I’ve already fixed my phone before and it still happened again.

    I hope it doesn’t happen to the latter and future Xperia phones.

  • ben bleho


  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    Thnxs for help. But everything is same nothing change. I followed all steps

  • XZ still uses Messaging app from Sony. So…Yeah!

  • Joerg Burkhard Laatsch

    The Ringtones too quiet

  • David Hernandez

    I had recived the updated one o two months ago, and Now My Z5c is more faster,
    and I dont have many problems with it. I play Pokemon Go too, and I dont have your problem, the phone isn’t overheating a lot and the app works well

  • I’m not going to use a 720P phone again. (I say 720P because I swear Xperia Z5 Premium uses less than 360DPI on Marshmallow, which results in only seeing a few lines of text and ginormous UI elements, hence a 720P phone.)

  • Paula Watson

    Mine just don’t show anymore my contact names when they call. Just the number…

  • 侯福利

    Sony Z5 in the Andrews 7.1.1 delete the system SomcMovieCreatorRmm-release.apk, still hot and very power, which is Andrews 7.1.1 system problems, please fix the update.

  • Robson Kanyama

    I’m using the same model E6653. Do you experience any network drops?

  • FYLegend21

    Did you try other apps like HTC Gallery? Maybe try doing “Find and Fix Problems” first and then clear Media Storage. I was told to do Find and Fix Problems but the process didn’t complete for me (after clearing Media Storage – before that, it would refresh my album and delete the photos I had tried to delete but deleting any more files wouldn’t work).

  • Mike Schönacher
  • Thisath Ranawaka

    I live in a low network area so I always have Airplane mode on 24/7, otherwise it’s just always really low. I’m afraid I can’t answer that :/

  • You´re right! Only the Premium uses Google´s

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  • Robson Kanyama

    It’s alright thanks for the feedback. I’m experiencing some terrible network drop but on Marshmallow 6.0 all used to work just fine.

  • Laurent Schenkel

    I didn’t know that Aviate has been discontinued. I uninstalled it, now it seems to be better. I’ll be cautious, and hope the issue will be fixed soon.

  • Laurent Schenkel

    Oh, and thank you for your reply

  • Noble Akan

    Battery and cup temperature issue.
    It’s really heating up

  • Alex Schwarz

    Which Marshmallow firmware did you get back to?

  • FrankieMulberry

    1. Automatic Reboot, I pulled out my sim card and re-insert, problem fixed.
    2. Wifi signal is unstable, after few test in two different locations, only the Z5 sometimes unable to pick up the wifi signal while other machine works perfectly fine.

  • Marissabbarr


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  • Marissabbarr


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  • Eddie Welch

    The problems that I have come across is photos will not delete untill my phone is restarted and will not connect to my pc to file transfer
    Both of these are new ever since the update

  • Mujeeb Ansari

    After updating my Z5 PD i face following problems

  • Mujeeb Ansari

    1. heating than normal (before)
    2. battery draining faster
    3. camera is not working properly. while starting video mode camera App hangs.

  • nfs2010

    Hey XB, What about the 7.1.1 bugs on Xperia Z3+/Z4 – it deserves a post too :( Screen stays up pretty frequently causing poor battery life, also had to do all that jazz in order to be able to delete pics from album app. The ‘heat’ seems to decrease after each update though :)

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  • Elizabethhrandazzo


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  • Yann Stauffer

    Same problem with Z5 compact, drain battery, hot phone, (screen on or off). factory reset, without sdcard, minimum apps instaled => Always same problem.
    I will try to disactivate movie creator too. thx

  • russianvoodoo

    7.1.1 just released yesterday for Russia. One of the most smooth and fastest experiences I’ve ever had with this phone. GUI is smooth, Phone app scrolling is faster (but never been an issue for me) – contacts are scrolling smooth as F. Great standby time. Haven’t much used phone yesterday – 73 percent at the end of the day. Put it onn charger the next day with 3 hours of display time. So it’s probably gonna be the same 3.5-4 hours of display at full use. No heating. Finally i can see lte sign instead of 4g and I think that signal is more stable now. No crashes. I know it’s to early to make any conclusions, but at first sight it’s super fine. Dunno, try Russian firmware, guys.

  • Simonmmm

    Using my phone for almost anything, music, browsing, whatever, lasts about 2 hours. Am I “conditioned” and unreasonable to expect something designed to be part of your every day life should last longer?
    Incidentally, it USED to last at least Half the day if not used heavily, so it’s definitely a change in software, although that wasn’t great to start with.
    What’s wrong with just slapping a battery twice the size on a phone? why do they all have to be stupid thin?

  • H H

    Have experience a small improvement, but overall, will not be buying another Sony phone. Still overheats, sluggish, need to reboot when screen locks, Bluetooth is still an issue screen is sluggish.

  • Rasputin Chickenbird

    Good morning. Sorry for my english i use google translate. I have had a big problem in Z5 with battery temperature and wi fi. Everything was solved through pc companion. Now they all work normally without deactivating any application.

  • Javier Fernandez

    good afternoon,
    I have a z5 premium and a z5 and in both the same problem, I can not delete photos from the album, they heat up a lot and the battery does not last anything … go update disaster, as they do not test these things before ??? I tried to communicate to sony my problem but they say they have no record of any problem
    What cracks

  • Hemanth Kumar

    Very low sound output ( ringtone, notification and music) since 7.0

    ..wherein 6.0 gives a massive volume output which I expect Sony to share the same kind of output support for 7.0…please

  • Oğuz Özdemir

    When my phone was updated, it started to act like it doesnt have any memory i.e when I go from one app to another and come back, app restarts and so on(not just browser and I cant even use whatsapp and spotify at the same time). When I factory reset it, everything works fine and wont update to 7.1.1

  • Sylvain Pere Castor

    Since upgrade with 7.1.1 I can’t use my phone. No network available, factory reset provide me 5mn of réception. I’m on a french network ans also test with other network. Also have heating problem (more than usual)

  • Manubis Sanchez

    First, Im french so sorry for my english.
    I’m using a Z5C on 7.1.1 and the Twitter app don’t work. Even with a clear cache or reinstallation. Everytime I launch it, I have to login and tweet doesn’t charge.
    Moreover, I have 2 wifi at home (with a repeter) and the phone switch itself but not correcty. When I see the SSID on the panel of notification, I see my SSID n°1 and when I click on it I see it’s connected to my SSID n°2… When it happens, I’m not connected to internet anymore.
    Voilà, I hope my message will be read.

  • Chris Cuskelly

    My Z5 Compact has updated to the lastest Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware and I have had a number of problems – overheating, sluggishness, touch screen freezing, having to restart the phone to overcome problems. The biggest problem however has been with the Facebook and Messenger apps. Facebook and Messenger would not update despite receiving messages that updates were available. I uninstalled both apps only to discover I am not able to re-install either app. I receive an error code – 505. I can install Lite for Facebook and Messenger Lite but refuse to use either – full of adds and major security issues.

  • Asam Laksa

    FINGERPRINT ISSUE. Fingerprint manager missing suddently in security section in setting. CANNOT USING IT TILL NOW. Live in Malaysia. Z5 Dual.

  • Kylie Richardson

    We recently updated my sons Xperia xa and in the past couple of days without even touching the device it is powering up showroom g the home screen and then powering up again. It doesn’t even turn off.
    What do i do? For some reason we decided not to get phone insurance.. will the phone company fix this for free?… x

  • M L

    Well i literally broke my z5 à few weeks after the update. Not sure if it has to do with it bending in my pocket or the actual update :p

  • Daniel Lujan

    same problem here on xperia z5 (e6603), I did a software repair via xperia companion (for solving the heating and lagging issues), then reinstall all of my apps including twitter app, and now they work fine, both the phone and the app.

  • Lee Hopkins

    Sluggish loading of home screen. Followed advice and disabled movie creator after a factory reset.

    Worked for a bit but has since went back to current state.

    Overheats which causes massive battery drain, input struggles or ceases as screen seems to struggle to find where your finger is due to heat.

    Are there any updates on the horizon?

  • Bernard NarD

    Bena31. Same for my z5, no more Bluetooth control in my car (previous / next does not work and track name is not displayed). Since 7.0

  • Senile Chelonian

    My sony xperia x (which seems nobody else even has these days) is slow as hell, restarts itself. Struggling to even use it to call people. Getting ridiculous. They should beta test updates before rolling them out.

  • Manubis Sanchez

    OK, I did a software repair and now it’s all good ! Thanks =)
    But I can’t tell now about heating, I want to see more…

  • Hemanth Kumar

    Google Assistant option is not available for me since 7.1.1. even after updating the Software @ sony service center
    I wanted to know whether sony has removed assistant in 7.1.1 ? Anyone faced the same issue? Please also let me know if there are any setting to enable google assistant

  • cevy08

    I confirm the same problems for me after the update, battery life and heating !

  • Gail, PerfectlyParis

    My text message program freezes on a very regular basis.

  • Guru tag

    Since the update 7.1.1 the messaging function no longer works even after disabling moovie creator as well as the reboot in safe mode I took the application android messagesd while waiting for a patch

  • TeriMari

    I’m still having issues with my Xperia Z5. My battery which used to last 2 days, with general use, now struggles through a day. My biggest issue is that my messaging freezes and I can’t text. The keyboard won’t come up and I have to restart the phone a number of times, and sometimes it works. What good is a phone that won’t text? I have been with Sony for a long time, this is the 5th Xperia phone purchased and I’m really not pleased with this.

    Update: I’ve tried to above directions, still having issues.

  • James Stenberg

    My Twitter stopped working on my Z5 Premium since the update. Works fine on PC and my wife’s Z3+. Rebooted phone, reinstalled Twitter app and even did a hard reset of the phone. Didn’t help. I also experienced less battery life and sometimes the phone freezes.

  • Fat64

    greeting from indonesian,.
    why so many problem here??
    i allready have dual sim variant, thats for indonesian market, when every new update came out i always do a clean instal, use Xperia Companion or use flashtool and everything works well, no heating issue, no battery drain or else,.. i also buying second hand Z5 japanese variant SOV32 for my sister, i flashed a global rom E6653 use flashtool, again, NO problem found so far,,

  • Fat64

    factory reset will fix the problem

  • Charpentier Sylvain

    Same here, can’t reply to messages, but new conversation works fine. The messaging app freezes on both XZ and X Compact since 7.1.1 update.

  • Manubis Sanchez

    For Twitter I did a reparation with Xperia Companion and it fix the problem. I hope it’s not the same thing than hard reset :s

  • Blythy

    Battery life is fine and haven’t had a phone until now where it’s been so good!, problem i’m having is that messaging freezes and forces a close and can’t find a way of sorting it, have tried the above and hopefully this will sort it?

  • Blythy

    Didn’t work :(

  • Alistair

    Get’s hot.
    Messaging (SMS/text) app freezes before displaying keyboard. Sometimes a reboot fixes it, sometimes not.
    Battery life seems much worse
    Still has bloody annoying bloatware apps (e.g. What’s New – Don’t care and this app makes me want to destroy my phone)

  • Manubis Sanchez

    I did a software repair and it fix the problem… for 2 or 3 weeks and now Twitter isn’t working anymore.
    And it still hot…
    It’s time to make an update Sony ;)

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

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  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

    I use Z3+, I was waiting for 7.1.1 from now I want a stable and heat free fixed update. Boşver dostum geç gelsin ama sağlam gelsin güncelleme ;)

    Nigeria Biggies

  • Thomas Langholen

    I’am having big issues with the SMS app when trying to reply or writing a sms. The app constantly crashes when trying to access the keyboard. sometimes 3-4 times and suddenly it works.

  • Heather Tawn

    Yes, camera slow, messaging not working, high temperature, screen going dark. Want to send it back!!

  • Micheal McNamara

    Heating, battery life and also volume button only works after rebooting.

  • Sorin Pânca

    Since 7.0 update, I’m having problems with wireless (both wifi and bluetooth). On 7.0, Wifi would not want to stay on when the screen was off; I didn’t test bluetooth extensively, but streaming A2DP worked.
    Since the 7.1 update, Wifi and bt turn off when I’m connecting the charger. Bt fails to keep an active bt-le connection to Sony Smartwatch 3, but stays active and connected on bt-4.0 to Samsung S3 gear watch, while it is in range. Also, Wifi turns itself off after a while, if I’m not interacting with the phone. Also, while connected to Sony Smartwatch on bt-le mode, bt turns off itself when I’m connecting the charger and if I turn bt back on, the watch won’t connect and the phone gets very hot on the upper-back side, until I reboot it. After the phone reboot, the watch connects successfully.
    I think this is a problem with the wifi/bt device firmware on Z5 or a hardware problem with the comms device.

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

    Battery life and heating are the main problems but other specs and price are very Okay
    looking down at the rate of this device I strongly believe that the price is okay an I have a nice review here for it

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

    Xperia Z5 Battery life and heating are the main problems but other specs and price are very Okay
    looking down at the rate of this device I strongly believe that the price is okay an I have a nice review here for it
    Xperia Z5 is still coool tho

  • Christopher Price

    Hi, I had this hotspot problem after update and after lots of reading on forums was going to try methods to try to fix. Instead I noticed that my password for the hotspot had been changed so I changed it to one I used to have and other now works.

  • Sreekanth Sree

    i have complaints about my Xperia Z5 premium’s update of android 7 and 7.1 respectively. so many bugs i am facing on that. some important ones are the phone application call history hanging when it scroll down or up, and the other one is whatsapp notifications on the notification bar isn’t connecting to whatsapp, when i touch on the notification that do nothing. please help to solve this issue.

  • Aleksandr Petrov

    7.1.1. Z5 Prem. Everything is perfect now. Battery life is 48 hours. Using Youtube via 3g Internet, VR experience (amazing quality), music with headphones, internal stereo speakers and Bluetooth headset or caraudio Bluetooth, Internet browsing, sms, calls, making photos, games etc. and all for 2 days on one charge! Very impressive! I have 10 ‰ of battary at the end of the second day! No heating!!! The phone is cold and makes warmer only in games or Virtual Reality! The sound of speakers realy good, very loud even in Youtube now. Incredible stereo effect. Even, when I’m using hair dryer in bathroom I steel hear music out of my Z 5Premium! Perfect phone in all means!!!

  • disqus_6qjiiIDUi2

    my bottom speaker stopped working after the update. additionally, the speakerphone option stopped working as well. i will never ever buy a sony phone ever again. total crap software management. just to illuminate, i used to be a computer programmer. .

  • Aleksandr Petrov

    Everything works perfectly after ich update, and also perfect on 7.1.1 !!! With every Android update Sony make good new contributions for making Experia more perfect. I don’t understand, why some people have so many problems after updates… Maybe that people have damaged and badly repaired devises or not new device, or used and refabrished devices sold as new…. Or maybe it is black advertising of other mobile companies…
    Sony is the best! My z5 Prem. is working very very good. Battery life is 2-3 days, iven sometimes 4 days on 7.1.1 (4days with 4,5 hovers of screen)! No heating, iven using Youtube via 3g! UI is very fast, no lags at all. Camera perfect, now in Superior Auto taking very good picters at lowlight scene like in night, iven by moonlight! The sound of stereo speakers becomes really loud and balanced top and bottom speakers. There is a useful manual control of display brightness in auto mode.
    P.S. You should always do factory reset befor, or alrady after the firmware update, and dont restore sattings. So there will not be any bugs! Good luck!

  • Tiago Medeiros

    Dead USB.
    Does not recharge and does not connect to the pc

  • John Elmes

    Yes I’m having this problem booting, battery draining extremely quickly,freezing, forgetting WiFi, it is making me regret buying the phone if I’m honest

  • كوثر عماد

    Can’t connect Sony z5 dual to the WiFi after Nought 7.1.1
    I lose the connection when I am two meters away from my home router !!!!
    The factory reset isn’t useful.

  • Sainyam Agarwal

    Xperia z3+ dual (e6533), Android _ 7.1.1, Firmware_ 32.4.A.1.54
    Movie creator – Disabled (from the very starting)
    – Draining battery,
    – Over hearing,
    – Worst performance,
    – Apps crashing,
    – Rebooting (twice a day)

  • Tom Thumb

    nougat left my z5 with overheating problems and phone is no longer recognised by the computer so I cant unlock my bootloader cant flash phone and every thing I could find to help doesnt work hopefully someone will work out how to root this phone so I can get some options to try and get rid of this nougat crap

  • Mats Alaküla

    I have had my Z5 Premium for soon 2 years, accepted all upgrades as the have come. One thing has never changed throughout all the upgrades – the phone restarts randomly. Several times a day. Sometimes in the middle of talking or using an app. Sometimes when not being used at all. Sometimes when I am running a work related phone-meeting, as the host …

    I have scanned the Internet for solutions, but only found that the problem has been there for years, and Sony has offered no solution. Lots of recommendations on various repair/rest tricks but none of them has worked.

    It’s a shame. I love the (rest of) the phone, but this will be my last Sony phone unless Sony seriously takes on this devastating problem. I cannot have a phone, to be used professionally, that lets me down when I need it the most.

    Mats Alaküla

  • Benjiffy

    Since the update I’ve had to log into Twitter every day. I also have not been able to use Android Pay.

  • Mitko Kostov

    Same problem with my Xperia Z5, low in-call volume and distortion after update

  • Vincent Lee

    Having Xperia Premium Z5.
    Having the following issues from the update (7.1.1) onwards. Issues had become obvious after the recent update.
    1. battery heat up easily
    2. Battery life do no last long
    3. System ui not responding or slow most of the time.
    4. It will auto go back to lock screen after unlocking.
    5. Performance dropped drastically.
    6. Always require restart of phone to temporary solve thus far far away and the other day day and I will problem.

  • Gaelex

    This updated killed the main camera in my Z3+. The phone got hot while doing nothing, even after repeated hard resets and restarts. In the end the camera died, it’s all black and no restore, clear cache or firmware reinstall/repair has solved the issue.


    When I updated my Z5 premium dual E6833 to 32.4.A.1.54 My head phone jack gone out, now i need to use SOUNDABOUT to use my headset

  • shaik sajid pasha

    Back side of z5 at NFC logo it always gets heats up…..and the update is using nearly 1GB of RAM. it really sucks….

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