Xperia XZ Premium’s slow-mo video looks to reveal a magician’s tricks

by XB on 25th August 2017

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You’ll be well aware by now that one of the Xperia XZ Premium’s stand out feature is the ability to capture 960 frames per second slow motion video. To highlight this, Sony hired a magician and used the Xperia XZ Premium’s super slow motion video to try to reveal a magician’s tricks. Will the magician’s sleight of hand be a match for the Xperia XZ Premium, check out the video below to find out.

Thanks KF, Lio and Moisés!

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Konstantin Ivanov

    At least make it on better light condition spot so you can fool people that is actually with a good quality..ugh that 720p with a retarded light spot is pure crap..

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    I love it

  • Geesha Gehan Anurad


  • awesomeNOTweather

    That’s just the limitation of the technology. All slow Mo are done on 720p (except 120fps vids). With other phones…so

  • Geesha Gehan Anurad

    To me this is foolish because you don’t know anything about what 960FPS means! 960FPS means 960 Frames per A second. How much time do you think the sensor have for the light to fill in? Well, the light have very little time to fill into the sensor through F/2.0 aperture to capture a single frame in 960FPS because there’s 960 frames to go in a second!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Might not be any point trying to explain that for him, some people doesn’t even care about why the videos might be blurry in low light conditions… They just love to complain about something that isn’t solvable today…

  • iia3ezu

    Sony has a whole new camera system this year, dubbed Motion Eye, which is supposed to do fancy stuff like predictive capture (buffering images while the camera app’s open and then reacting to your tap by selecting one of those buffered pics) and super slow-mo (960fps for less than a second), but both of them are gimmicks. The camera’s focus is unreliable, and Sony’s penchant for hyper-processing images continues, with its noise reduction actively obliterating detail in shots. What’s the point of 19-megapixel shots if they’re blurry? The slow-motion trick is cute, but its novelty quickly wears off.

    Listen to the reviewers, instead of Sony’s marketing department.

    (Inb4 Verge is anti-Sony blah blah blah)

  • raju

    What is the truth

  • raju

    It’s able to record because xpera xz premium have memory stacked image sensor

  • raju

    19 Megapixel resolution
    1/2.3” Memory stacked image sensor
    25mm f/2.0 Sony G lens
    960fps Super slow motion recording capability
    Anti-distortion shutter
    Pixel size: 1.22μm
    Maximum ISO 12800 (Photo) / 4000 (Video)
    5-axis stabilization – Steady shot

  • KarFar

    Verge is anti-Sony

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    Verge only know to use auto

  • Lukasz Ydhyx
  • ew210

    Verge ? You gotta be kidding …

  • Tomislav Matić

    Can someone show me this blurry images or this unreliable focus? Because I don’t know how to produce blurry images out of focus.

  • azzido

    Yes, F2.0 is the issue.

  • azzido

    nice distortion, I can capture even bigger with my “premium”

  • Szabó Béla

    I rather listen to my own experience, which says that the 960 FPS Slow mo is amazing, but the Predictiv capture is very very useful in day to day usage. Next to it takes beautiful picture. Oh and it’s the best mobile phone to take video.
    just sayin.

  • bigshynepo

    Horrible review site writes horrible review. In other news, water is wet.

    The people who get their ‘news’ from VOX are the same people who get their ‘tech reviews’ from VERGE.

  • (NinJer)

    Don’t you mean free premium – distortion shutter?
    what a joke, one of the best companies that produce the best cameras, and they can’t fix their own phones camera and software..

    I really hope RED’s new phones will beat them into wanting to properly compete again, sony hasn’t been progressing their top of the line cameras because they are the market leaders, they beta test their own sensors while other companies buy their cheaper components.

  • azzido

    Looking at xz1 or however they call it (xz1 sounds just bad) it looks like sony eployees really does not to have to do much. They are rather not overloaded. Same design since years, same camera flops, same old and boring ui, just a new soc from qualcomm from time to time, small trimming here and there, same huge bezels. No marketing and adverts at all. No communication, no release notes. Their work really needs to ve very relaxing :)
    No stress, no one cares about sales. No responsibility. People complain about defects and requesting something else than we are delivering? Meh… We will ignore them (no fixes or just a statement that we do not see the issue) or ban them on the forum.

    It looks like dream job. I would like to work there :D

  • azzido

    You just need to click camera button on any xperia. They have even dedicated camera button to cobtrol how much of blur you want to add. Dostortion is just free give away and by default is Alwags ON.

  • The One

    That’s the point – most people don’t use manual mode on a cell phone. They are designed, marketed, and used as a point and shoot camera. I hate to say it, but iPhone’s don’t even come with a manual mode and they take great pics. Why can’t Sony? Granted, Sony is getting better, but still trails behind all other flagship cameras in anything other than bright sunlight and macro photos.

  • MrWalker1000

    i agree the AUtomatic mode is not an excuse for sony. most are not going touse manual mode though its nice option to have.

    I wills sa ythough in bright sunlight Sony is the best. its only in other conditions it needs fixing.

  • Kalyan Kumar

    For all Sony haters you better to know that IPhone and Samsung are using OIS with their camera this is the only reason why the images are getting blurry. If sony uses the OIS then the phone price will hang to atleast 10000 extra by their basic price. Even iphone is using sony camera in their upcoming phone 8 and 8 plus. Moreover I can Proudly say that the pictures taken from sony mobile in day light is simply outstanding.

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