Xperia XZ1 Compact official pics leaked

by XB on 25th August 2017

in Rumours, Xperia XZ series

A couple of days ago we saw the first official press pictures of Sony’s upcoming Xperia XZ1 flagship, and today we are following that up with leaked press pics of the Xperia XZ1 Compact. We had only seen CAD-based renders of the Xperia XZ1 Compact previously, apart from a blurry live photo. So this is your best look at the device so far. The image below shows the pink version of the Xperia XZ1 Compact, but it is also expected to land in black, silver and blue colours.

You shouldn’t be surprised to see a design that doesn’t depart from the OmniBalance design language used in many of Sony’s phones, including the upcoming Xperia XZ1. Immediate points of note include that the NFC chip is not included in the rear camera sensor array, like the Xperia XZ1. Also, unlike the Xperia XZ1, there are no visible antenna lines on the XZ1 Compact, which probably points to a plastic build, versus the unibody metal build in the XZ1. We also like the use of a metallic/glossy edge along the top and bottom of the phone.

The Xperia XZ1 Compact will be true compact flagship unlike last year’s Xperia X Compact, and for that we are excited. There are hardly any manufacturers catering for the sub 5-inch premium segment, so we’re glad that Sony continues to serve this market. We’ll bring you more details as we have them. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Thanks LEOW_X, Moisés, P. Lis and Samuel!

  • Kunal Shukla

    disappointing again

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think next year Sony should definitely go for a design change.
    Dope colour though.

  • Eduardo Otero

    It is just gorgeous!

  • Melfes Wired
  • razorg

    Idk why, buy while I do not like XZ1, I quite love this XZ1 Compact, especially if it is in graphite black colour! BUT, it’ll be almost impossible for me to go for another phone without OIS ever again. We know how good Sony cameras can be without OIS, and I’ll not be stuck with a phone for another 2 years knowing that it is not up to it’s full potential. Give me OIS with this, and I’ll upgrade from my Z5C. Don’t, and I’ll stick to my Z5C.

  • My next phone ;)

  • As a hardcore Z1 Compact fan who’s been waiting to upgrade and not liked the Z3C, Z5C or XC, I can say, this is what I have been waiting for and would be an instabuy any time up to end of 2016. However it is now 2017, and to have massive fucking bezels like this is completely unacceptable so I will stick with the Z1C for another year or even two.

  • Христо Христов

    Exactly :D

  • Gahead

    Well I’m planning to have 2 compacts, this and my Z5 Compact, since this is a much upgrade from my Z5C

    Also when are you guys going to give up your hopes on OIS?

    I’ll tell you the answer
    NO WAY in hell will Sony mobile put that effing OIS in their REAR CAMERA’S

    why? 5 axis stabilization?
    why 5 axis? are you all aware of SONY’S ALPHA MIRRORLESS CAMS? Xperia’s inherited the 5 axis to their Alpha camera’s, and there’s no alpha camera’s that has a combination of 5axis and OIS, but 5 axis performs well than OIS in photos and in Videos, which in Sony Xperia’s case proves their 5 axis is unbeatable on video than any OIS smartphones, they just need to enable that 5axis during photo too, or instead of relying to “Gyro” they should make the “Sensor-shift” too like the 5axis on their Alpha line camera’s, same can be said to 960fps, inherited from the RX100 camera

    Some of you guys reallt don’t know Sony, they “mostly” use their own feature and hate to copy much like these crazy ass bezelless,soapbar,same iphone antenna band,rear fingerprint smartphones, atleast Sony’s innovating if not trying to be UNIQUE , gosh people GIVE UP ON THAT OIS CRAP.

  • Battal
  • razorg

    Sony’s 5-axis stabilisation (EIS/SteadyShot whatever you call it) is BLOODY NOT WORKING during photography! IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK AT 1080P 60FPS (rather at 3-axis), let alone 4K (which does NOT WORK AT ALL AT 4K)! But I don’t give a DAMN about video stabilisation.

    What I’m emphasizing is; OIS is a MUST FOR STILL PHOTOGRAPHY! I’m saying this as a loyal Sony customer for the past years, from my bad experiences with my devices (besides the good ones, I’m not denying there are some).

    They’ve always been behind their competition since other companies started implementing OIS solutions in their devices. In bright conditions, the quality is quite comparable, I accept, but low light&night imagery IS UTTER CRAP IN RECENT XPERIAS!

    Stop attacking people who request the most sensible features from Sony, who also charges us AS MUCH AS other companies! Why shouldn’t I complain if I’m paying more-or-less the same price and getting slightly less, instead of more?!

  • Battal

    Inspirational design & color,
    Who’s the constructor ! i mean the designer ?

  • calu lu fat-frumos

    What is with that color? Looks like a lot with XC.

  • Well, this compact don’t have the sensor next to NFC logo like on XZ1

  • 3_nity

    Love your design. :D

  • Gahead

    Goes to show you’re really NOT AWARE of SONY’S ALPHA and RX camera’s

    Didn’t I state they really wouldn’t put that OIS, I bet in 2027 there’s still no OIS in Sony but 5 axis

    And I already state thet should work on the 5 axis for photo, being like a true “Sensor shift”
    If you still didn’t know, go search how superiour 5AXIS IS on their Alpha Camera’s in photo and video

    5axis on 4k and 1080p on the other hand, maybe they’ll work on it soon but heyyy, 4k video’s on the XZP and XZs are much more stable than any android and iPhones

    Alos suck at lowlight? I can show you how good my Z5 Compact’s lowlights are compared to my OIS iPhone 7+.

  • razorg

    So you really think Sony’s got the BALLS to innovate in these areas? Judging by their recent performance, I’d say HELL NO! Of course, these things you mentioned, if they can be brought into smartphones just like they are in the Sony photocameras, happy days.

    For the Z5C vs iP7+ comparison thing, PLEASE GO AHEAD! But you are not ALLOWED TO USE MANUAL MODE ON Z5C! Ok? Shoot photos on both devices using their Auto modes. Then we’ll talk…

  • razorg

    If it’s really high quality matte plastic (like my Z5 Compact’s sides) I’m happy with it. If it’s glossy and scratchy like XC, meh :/

  • H-R-K

    Seems like front camera is bigger than XZ1.

  • DBS

    Ok, they’re already starting to screw up. Plastic? And no wireless charging even so? And they’ll ask £500 for this? LOL no.

    If this isn’t metal, I minimum I expect is wireless charging. Otherwise it’s just a shameless attempt at ripping off all the people that actually like normal sized phones.
    It’s bad enough they’re almost certainly not including basic 2017 flagship features like AMOLED screens, wireless charging or bezel-less displays. But to also make it plastic just shows they’re still using the mindset of the flop X Compact instead of the Z3 Compact, their last successful Compact.

  • Gahead

    Yeah soon enough they’ll innovate or will improve the aspects of it

    For the camera thing
    Sorry I only use Manual mode as a photography hobbyist both in smartphone ,dslr’s,mirrorless and even cars , I want controls.

    Since superiour auto in Xperia’s nor even on my iPhone didn’t satisfy me

    (Hey, incase you’re not aware Dual SCN applies in superiour auto “tripod + lowlight scn” for better lowlight)

    And funny, you guys sure want to defend AUTO? Dafuq we even laugh users using auto in photography

    Well I can’t blame you since you’re just regular consumers

    Goes to show you’re being blinded by biased reviewers who only look at Xperia’s auto, or should I say lame auto shooters, but didn’t know even the old Z3 can battle neck and neck with some present smartphones

    GSMArena even FINALLY admits that Xperia XZ premium is superb than both G6 and S8 when using Manual mode

    Sigh people.

  • dragonsneeze


  • Why people complain without knowing everything?

  • DBS

    Do you want to bet?

    É que aposto o que quiseres em como nada do que disse está errado…

  • azzido

    Plastic fantastoc was never premium and will never be. Expecting low sales of this mid ranger.

  • razorg

    DUDE! MAJORITY OF USERS (SUCH AS ME) ARE NOT PHOTOGRAPHERS! Do you know how many times I’ve missed the shots I would have wanted to be immortalized? I’m forced to make tiny adjustments or scene mode selections, WB and exposure adjustments, reducing ISO etc while my dog and/or baby niece does all these crazy stuff I want to shoot?


    Samsung does this, HTC does this, OnePlus does this, hell even iPhone does it flawlessly! You’re not buying a phone just because it shoots good while in manual (I’m sure weird guys like you do though), even the best cameraphone is no match for a DSLR. Thus, if the main aim is to shoot perfect manual mode photos, you carry a DSLR!

    But 99.999% of smartphone users want good and fast auto mode to immortalize their instant experiences, not going through manual settings while the intended scene already ceases to exist tens of seconds ago. Start Camera->Point at he object-> and BOOM! That is how we all want it, that is how it should be!

  • Smarty79

    From the top it looks bulkier than my Z5c which already is a brick. If the camera is as good as the one from XZs (I expect it to be the same) then I need to give up hope for a sub-5″ phone and say bye to Sony for now. Nokia 8 in Red Copper looks too great ;-)

  • Shazzam

    Disappointing? Why?

  • azzido

    Exactly, they produced too much of plastic x compact bodies and trying to get oaway from it. That is why it is not flagship but just a mid ranger. Same as x compact. Nothing interesting coming end of the year but it should be in line with their plans to reduce the sales.

  • KarFar

    Sony used to atleast change the wallpapers in each iteration, now they didn’t even bother.

  • zip

    I like the bezels.

  • azzido

    Yeah, on alpha cameras 5axis is a hardware component while in xperias you have laughable software junk that tries to simulate it and only tries to work on specific video conditions: 1080p 30 fps and only on close objects!

    Just because the guy is underinformed he thinks it is the same as in alpha! :D
    Good one.

  • Gahead

    It’s not that hard, been doing that for long, lol knowing the ISO and shutterspeed isn’t that hard, been doing that for long if I didn’t bring my Canon been doing that before on my Lumia 1020,been doing that on my Z5C especially using Lightroom camera, 99.99% wants auto? yet some hypocrites where wishing Shutterspeed for long before the Xperia XZ and Manual focus don’t make me laugh and also with that dumb excuse of “buy a dslr then when using for photography” the heck and your comment proves that Xperia’s camera isn’t really bad EVEN IN LOWLIGHT, Pete’s sake been doing point and shoot many times using Manual, and it isn’t that hard, know your device!

  • razorg

    You’re just miserable, honestly! I used to hate Apple fanboys, but you’re the living example that Sony fanboys are worse. And apparently, you’ve lots of free time in your hands. I’ve already wasted enough of my life in this never-ending pissing competition, so you can go ahead and self-proclaim yourself as the victor. Well done (if that’s gonna make you feel better). xx

  • razorg

    I’ve just ended this conversation with him. He clearly is as stubborn as the most stubborn Cypriot donkey I’ve ever seen (fyi: Free Donkeys of Cyprus :D). He can keep replying to me as long as he wants, won’t be replying to him…

  • Tendo em conta que não vejo utilidade em wireless charging e possivelmente o ecrã terá HDR, acho que não me preocupo

  • Gahead

    When I have 2 Xperia’s, 2 Lumia’s and an iPhone 7 in my hands , well I don’t know how you came up with me being a Sony fanboy though I love Sony “products” owning a PS3 Ps4 ,Bravia and Xtrabass as well as LG’s TV.

  • Moisés

    With XZP you get better shots compared to XZs. If you do not have distortion issues.
    This might be same of XZP or better.

  • Moisés

    It is high end

  • Moisés

    It looks wider angle lenses

  • Moisés

    It has cpu 835, 4GB ram, imx400, hdr screen ( maybe full hd).

  • Moisés

    Looks same pink of XZP.
    Bronze pink

  • Janisgsmith

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  • Moisés

    Same GSMArena compared XZP x i7+ x U11..
    Most of situations they liked XZP much more, even on auto…

  • Moisés

    People complain and say it looks a brick…
    Hope Sony next time make as thin as Z3+.
    So people can enjoy same 1900 mAh found inside iphone 7.

  • Gahead

    Read my first comment about this , you think I didn’t know about that? I’ve mentioned “Gyro” and true”Sensor Shift” that differs Xperia and Alpha (sigh)

  • razorg

    “Low light, hand-held:
    Winner: Samsung Galaxy S8. The combination of large pixels, OIS, and competent noise reduction secures it a win for the S8 in hand-held low-light photography. It’s a narrow margin, as the G6 does a respectable job despite a smaller sensor, and the second camera adds versatility. The Xperia XZ Premium isn’t competitive in Superior Auto mode, but shows promise in Manual, *******though the lack of stabilization limits options.*******

    Low light, on a tripod:
    Winner: Sony Xperia XZ Premium. When properly supported on a tripod and in Manual mode (it’s basically shutter priority, but still), the Xperia is capable of producing excellent low-light shots with total detail levels unmatched by the other two. The G6 may resolve a tiny bit more on a per-pixel level when shot from the same spot, but walk a few steps to frame the same composition on the Xperia, and the G6’s longer lens advantage disappears. The Galaxy S8 can’t compete for detail, but it’s also got the lowest noise. Just make sure you don’t go slower than 1/4s because the heavier noise reduction eradicates all intricate detail.”

    This all supports my comments above. Again, I’m not denying that even without OIS, XZP does a wonderful job, but in REALISTIC SITUATIONS, sorry, no way. And when bearing in mind that XZ1/XZ1C are expected to be the same with XZP, I’d say it’s not going to be an improvement at all. Who the hell goes around, as a tourist, in a city with a TRIPOD for every single shot. As a person who travels a lot, let me tell you: NOONE! This is why if Sony implemented OIS (or a really nice EIS also working during still image shooting, as the stubborn friend here said before, but I don’t think they will. If they wanted, they’d have done it by now. And because EIS actually works but digitally cropping the capture, it puts stress on the CPU, and causes overheating. It’s with the recent 10nm chips that they’ve finally started to fix this…) they’d be the king, and knowing this fact that the device I’ll pay premium price for is not living up to its full potential, sorry but I say it doesn’t deserve the high price. If they make it significantly cheaper than rivals, I’ll give it a thought.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    i like them thicc

  • Ben Hong

    Most phones are too thin. I like it thick. Easier to handle and carry. But would like to know any possibility this is a dual sim compact?

  • Night Guy

    That shiny at the top catch my eyes.

  • deekbee

    It’ll be interesting to see if they do put a full HD screen in there – all the previous compacts have been 1280×720. The only time I have an issue with the resolution on the screen on my Z5C is when I use it as a VR headset – too low resolution for that task.

    4GB ram will be good, as the Z5C has serious problems with RAM management (ie. it sucks)

  • BGDoesGaming

    meh at best! why in the hell is the bottom bezel bigger than the top?!!!

  • Cakefish

    I miss the form factor of my Z5C dearly. But I just don’t know if I can trust Sony with producing a decent camera. That’s why I’m looking at Pixel 2. If Sony added OIS to the XZ1 camera I’d be all over it.

  • DBS

    Até ao dia em que experimentes usar tanto um como outro (já agora, HDR não é nem exclusivo da Sony nem de LCDs.)

    Mas fair enough.
    Lembras-me os iSheep. Também nunca nada lhes faz falta ou é útil… Até a Apple fazer. Wireless charging vai ser a próxima. Agora dizem o mesmo que tu, assim que o novo iPhone trouxer a tecnologia vão dizer que é essencial lol ;P

  • iia3ezu

    At that price you might as well get the Nokia 8, an excellent phone running stock Android (will receive the Android Oreo update as quickly as Google Pixel phones) with similar specs.

    It also has big bezels like Xperia phones, but the bottom bezel of the Nokia 8 has a physical button and fingerprint reader, not just bezels for fun.

    The Nokia 8 also has Zeiss camera lens and OIS on both front and rear cameras, none of the Sony Steadyshot digital stabilization on Xperia phones.

  • JC

    Same tired design. It was cute for like one and a half year but now it’s just tragic.

  • Alex Norris
  • chewielewie

    i had the z1 compact which had a metal edge but i like the feel of the plastic z3 compact better. i live in a cold country so metal phones are very uncomfortable to use.

    ive given up on wireless charging. its too much hassle having to buy a wireless dock for my car, desk, bedside table etc. ive been using magnetic usb cables instead. theyre actually a lot better than wireless charging. you dont have to worry about the slow charging times or worry about whether your phone is sitting right on the charger. and not being limited to phones that support wireless is a plus


    From the looks of it it looks like the frame is made out of brushed aluminum. I hope that is the real case

  • chewielewie

    i still have the z3 compact and this is the only newer model that is enticing me to upgrade. im actually glad this hasnt gone almost-bezeless like the samsung phones because it seems like it would be annoying to use. it would be harder to pick up or hold your phone without getting accidental presses all the time wouldnt it?

  • chewielewie

    that thing is a phablet though

  • Cecco1970Effeffe

    XD XD XD

  • Moisés

    Yes… OIS will help if you need slower shutter. But nothing else.

    The main issue is while other phones auto mode in low light already use ISO 100, 120, 140; Xperia recognizes scene as extreme low light then ISO goes 400, 600, 1000, 12800…
    If ISO goes up, shutter gets faster..
    Which leads to less light, more noise

    When I use 8MP + SCN ( night scene) the difference is giant. ISO between 50-100 and shutter goes auto 1s. The difference between this and auto is giant…
    I leave this setting, then I just slide and shoot..

    We do not know if OIS would work well or fast enough with HYBRID AF, Predective Capture the same way software does..

    Cam software is made by people from Camera Division. I translated a chat on weibo a while ago.
    This info was there..

  • Moisés

    Iphone is same since 2014..

    We can wait until february.

  • razorg

    There can’t be NFC on the back if it’s all aluminium. I reckon it’s the sort of premium matte plastic, just like Z5 Compact’s sides.

  • Moisés

    He believes only frame is metal.
    Not whole phone.

  • Moisés

    The ” wireless” charging like Samsung requires glass back.
    Z3c does not look glass to me. Too white to be glass.
    Glass of my Z3+ looks way different.

    Xc had poor sales just like his metal bigger brother X.
    Lack of ip68, high end cpu were the issue.

    X Performance had better sales than X.

  • DBS

    It does not require glass. It requires ANY material that is NOT metal. Plastic also allows for wireless charging. Leather allows for wireless charging. Wood allows for wireless charging. Only metal does NOT allow.

    The Z3C had a DragonTrail glass back. I know it as I own one and I’ve bought replacement backs in case it ever shattered (it never did though).

    the issue with the X Compact was everything. The cheap build, the mid-range processor, the lack of OFFICIAL IP rating (the thing was actually waterproof as much as any other Sony phone it).

    The entire X line has been a flop though. And that’s pretty easy to verify, one only needs to look at the sales of the entire Xperia X range.

  • DBS

    The CPU and RAM might be flagship but the screen will continue to be crappy LCD (HDR is good but it’s much better on AMOLED screens), the camera is sh*t just like it is on the XZ Premium (assuming it’s the same).
    The XZ Premium camera is a one-trick pony. The only think it does well is the super slow motion VIDEO. Well, guess what? The vast majority of people use phones to take photos, NOT videos.

    So what you have is a smaller version of the XZ1 with sh*t materials instead. Is that worth £500? Absolutely NOT.
    IF the phone came at £350-£400 TOPS, then sure, it would be fine. Because the only thing you’d actually have to pay for would be the processor and RAM. Problem is, it apparently won’t.

  • razorg

    There is no frame in this design though. It’s a unibody design. If you guys mean the top and bottom sides, ok, those look like aluminium.

  • razorg

    We’ll see. We’re just hopelessly speculating right now. But honestly, I’m not hopeful, after XZ Premium. What we need is photo samples to see if it satisfies our expectations or not.


    Yes, sides is also known as frame, don’t get me wrong

  • Moisés

    Take a look too at shootout against iphone7+ and u11 on gsmarena..
    They got very satisfied…

    Look also at the cam of xz1. It looks different of Xzs, I do not know if there is something new. Maybe there is….

  • Moisés

    Yeah, xzp won most of situations.

    Amoled of S8 can achieve 142% sRGB. The “crappy” LCD has already 138% sRGB .

    Start at 8:48 … Is it that crappy ?

  • Moisés

    XZ had better sales than OP3, Pixel and Moto Z. At least in 2016.

    U11 does not sell well. G6 is not well too.

    Only Samsung and Huawei sell well flagships.

  • DBS

    So the S8 has better sRGB. Meaning it’s better than the crappy LCD ;)

    Also, yeah. Look how dark the LCD is due to its inability to reach brightness levels as high as an AMOLED screen. And look, for example, at 9:04, how the XZP is incapable of reproducing the different exposures on the courtyard.

    As for the camera…yeah…when you compare it with the crappy camera of the HTC U11 or the old camera of the iPhone 7+, of course it wins. Now try to compare it with the cameras of the REAL imaging flagships – the ones setting the standard on Android – namely the S8 and G6 for best overall cameras and the iPixel for cameras without OIS.
    And you’ll quickly see the XZP being capable during the day in very well lit scenes without a lot of different exposures, and falling to pieces everywhere else.

    There’s no way to go around it: the cameras on Xperias haven’t been good for years now. They suffer from two major problems: 1 – the lack of OIS; 2 – the absolutely horrendous software that Sony “developed” for them, with terrible post-processing and algorithms.

    OIS needs to be added yesterday and the software is long overdue for a complete re-write. In fact, now that some people at XDA managed to port the Google Pixel camera to smartphones with the SD820, 821 and 835, I’d really like to see what happens on a XZP when you use Google’s camera and software processing instead of Sony’s.

  • Jadranko Pavlotić

    Great color, but this is so fat

  • DBS

    Is that the standard for you now?
    Sony used to be the third biggest OEM in Europe. They were competing with Apple and Samsung. Not with unknown brands from the general public like OnePlus or Pixel (being from Google doesn’t sell any phones as the Nexus line proved time and again). Nor even with brands that died in the 90’s in Europe like Motorola.

    LG is indeed under-performing as well. And it serves them right. You know why? Because they segregate markets. Take the G6 for example. They killed ANY chance they had with it in Europe the moment they removed wireless charging from it (even though they kept it in the US version) and the quad-DAC for audio. They tried to sell people a crappy version of the phone while giving other people around the world better versions. As a result? Miserable sales.

    HTC hasn’t been relevant in years either. In fact, they never really were. They were a great ODM. When they decided to do their own thing, they reached their peek with the One M7. Since then it has been downhill for them.

  • Eu nunca falei em exclusividade e não vejo o que de fascínio tem carregar o telemóvel em cima de uma placa tal como se estivéssemos a cozinhar… Teria muito mais interesse na tecnologia que a Sony patenteou de transferência de energia por nfc. Isso sim tem utilidade

  • Amerjit Dosanjh

    I’ve decided to go to Samsung and buy the s8+ as they have a amazing trade in offer.

    I’m tired of the same thing coming from Sony mobile camp, same design, same ram, same screen quality, same huge bezels, no new features, no big screen size, no credit head units for mobile use and certainly no enjoyment using my xperia xz anymore.

  • DBS

    Então não vejo porque é que achas que ter HDR é suficiente para compensar a ausência de AMOLED? Até porque os ecrãs AMOLED dos topos de gama também trazem HDR e os resultados são visivelmente melhores.

    Quanto ao carregamento wireless, again, experimenta. No dia em que perceberes como é tão simples chegar por exemplo à tua mesa de trabalho e só ter de pousar o telemóvel em cima do carregador ficando sempre com a certeza de que quando pegares nele terás mais bateria do que tinhas, mudas de opinião.
    O carregamento sem fios parece não fazer sentido à primeira. Eu não disputo isso. Eu achava a mesmíssima coisa em 2012 quando comprei o Nokia 920 que já então trazia wireless charging. Mas a partir do momento em que coloquei charging pads (que hoje em dia são até bastante baratos) na mesa-de-cabeceira, na mesa do escritório e no carro e comecei a usar, nunca mais quis voltar para cabos.

    Carregar telemóveis pelo ar é uma ideia interessante, não haja dúvida. Mas não tem materialização física ainda. Ainda é tecnologia a explorar e tem ainda muito para testar, nomeadamente em relação à saúde. Carregar pelo ar significa que terás de ter um emissor de energia algures, o que significa que vais estar a colocar electricidade pelo ar e, bem, acho que consegues imaginar como isso *pode* vir a ser um problema.

  • KarFar


  • Moisés

    Best year of Sony was 40 million devices only.
    S4 alone sold 80 million units.

    How many brands now? Way more than in 2014. Chinese brands sell well because more than 90% of their sales are in China/India.

    No matter what Sony, Htc or LG can bring. Sales will remain same.

    Even if next premium brings wrgb oled, 6GB ram, 128GB storage, latest cpu/gpu, new cam sensor … It will never sell as much as Galaxy S. Not even for half the price…

  • Chokolate

    Parem de idolatrar AMOLED. É terrível demais. Já tive três aparelhos topo de linha no qual sofreram de burn-in. TRÊS! Sendo: Lumia 1020, Galaxy S5 e Moto Z. Nunca tive quaisquer problemas com telas IPS. Gosto da ideia do wireless charging, mas por enquanto é inútil para mim, portanto não faço questão de ter. Pra mim é igual bordeless: Inútil. Só serve para chamar atenção, mas na realidade NÃO ENTREGA absolutamente nada na GRANDE PARTE dos consumidores. Aqueles que tanto enchem o saco pela internet são uma minoria, no qual a maioria está pouco se importando com tais coisas.

  • dragonsneeze

    It looks bigger than the main cam
    Probably just because of the render.

  • Moisés

    Isn’t u11 considered the best?
    Even better compared to Pixel?

    About brightness… Just turn it up.
    S8 can reach 1000 only under extremely sunlight. Indoor situations it does not reach even 600. Measured by Phone Arena..

    About the video on the phones, I doubt asphalt is light gray almost white. And bus is red not orange.

    Couple months ago I watched a review of an 2 oled tvs . Contrast and brightness were higher than what you see in person. Whats the point?

    Z3+ has almost 700 nits. I turn brightness down at home. Impossible to look at it at night if it is 100% ( stamina off).
    Also it saves a lot of battery.

    I have a LG tablet, even 0% screen is far from black. You can see everything.
    0% brightness gives me 3h more SoT compared to 35%.

  • Moisés

    I have no idea if you already do this but I watched a video of tips for low light. Person had an Xz.

    – Change to 8MP for less noise.
    – Screen button instead of physical one( easier to keep it a bit steady).
    – Use both hands.
    – No flash for outdoord night shots , unless you take shots of people near camera.

    Does z5c still have SCN? I read bigger brothers dont since android 5.1

  • DBS

    The only reason Chinese brands are rising in Europe is because they’re offering better phones for lower prices than Sony. That’s it. Nothing else.
    Europe isn’t America where people buy for the brand. People evaluate the product alongside the brand. When Sony was offering actually good phones, people bought them because they were good AND it came with the trustworthiness of the Sony brand. A same goes for LG. For a while LG surpassed Sony when Sony started to screw up with the Z3+ and Z5 line and LG came with the G3 and G4. Then the bootloop happened on the G4 and V10 and the G5 was a disaster so LG fell as well. So without the traditional brands available – Nokia, Sony and LG – people started to look at other brands. And if Sony continues to offer worse phones at higher prices than Honor/Huawei then their chances of getting back their marketshare are none.

    Sony has no chance of beating Samsung in Europe. But they DO have a chance to beat the other brands, Apple included. IF they take mobile seriously and invest in it. They simply don’t want to do it.

  • razorg

    Don’t tell me these thing, I’ve learned all these since I bought my Z5C to be honest (October ’15). You’re right though, sometimes 8MP provides less noise when compared to 20MP, but they are practically the same if you ask me. I shoot with my both hand, elbows pressed onto my sides, and hit the screen shutter. Let alone the fact that I look such a spanner like this, I also hate the fact that I AM FORCED TO USE SCREEN SHUTTER. I’ve always loved the idea of dedicated shutter button, that was one of the reasons I went for a Sony, I admit. However, without picture stabilization it always gives blurry photos, ESPECIALLY in low light. So why is it there if it’s useless? Again, in the same context, why is it advertised as 20/23/19MP and priced according to this if it’s forced to use a lower resolution for better photos? Why don’t I pay a mid-ranger price then? This is my issue. Half baking the features that are universally loved. If only there was a kind of stabilization during photography! That’s why we’re crying for OIS because Sony has been implementing their solution only to videos! I’ve had the chance to have some time with an S7 before, and it was such an easy-to-use and quality performer in all conditions, including low light&night. That’s how I want Sony to be. Is that too much to ask from a company which also charges more-or-less the same money as others, but gives us a troublesome user experience?

  • DBS

    Tenho um Nokia 1020 que uso com frequência para fotografar e não tive qualquer problema desses. Nem conheço ninguém que tenha tido.

    E não é idolatrar AMOLED. É constatar um facto: é tecnologia superior. Dizer que defender melhor tecnologia é idolatrar é o mesmo que dizer “parem de idolatrar Blu-Rays porque o VHS é melhor. Já tive Blu-Ray e o disco partiu-se”.

    Quanto aos bezels, a importância de os retirar é simples : AS PESSOAS QUEREM TELEMÓVEIS MAIS PEQUENOS mas ecrãs maiores. Se este Compact tivesse menos bezels podia trazer um ecrã de 5 polegadas por exemplo.

  • DBS

    Considered by whom? The con-artists of DxOMark? They claim the best is whomever pays them to say it’s the best. No one else considers the U11 the best at anything. It’s the best HTC camera yet, yes. But only that.

    Brightness: “turn it up” is the lamest excuse. The S8 has a wide range of brightness levels. Because AMOLED allows for that. LCDs? Nop. And not to mention the screen on the S8 consumes much less battery because of that.

    Oh and about your Z3+, you should know displays on Sony phones started to decrease in quality again since that one one of the reasons being the overheating.

    OLED tvs depends on the brand. I have OLED tvs at home and they have amazing brightness levels which I never even use because I don’t need to illuminate a Stadium.

  • razorg

    But it is a one piece material/panel. If NFC logo is at the back, it can’t be metal, and because this so-called “frame” of yours is actually incorporated to this panel, it cannot be metal. The flat top-bottom surfaces look like metal though…

  • チョコレート

    Estás a dizer bobagens. Parece um garotinho com seu enorme pirulito redondo dizendo que este é o melhor; pois é maior, tens cores mais vibrantes e com certeza é o mais doce de todos, por isso é provado a superioridade do teu docinho. Entretanto, se queres ser enganado com uma tela super-saturada, no qual o céu que fotografa não é tão azul como está no smartphone (Porém, vê como algo superior), mesmo sendo fora da realidade absorvida pelos seus olhos.

    Já relatei meu problema constante e FREQUENTE com estas telas AMOLED [Burn-in], mas tu reduz sua capacidade cognitiva a um simples argumento pífio: Nunca vi alguém com este problema, portanto, ESSE PROBLEMA NÃO EXISTE, ou acontece em MENOR ESCALA; Estas enganado! É o que eu mais vejo em reclamações quanto aos celulares da Samsung, Motorola e etc.

    E não entende absolutamente nada com relação a concepção e construção de um aparelho. Achas que o espaço interno caberia os componentes?Até a ASUS discute o capricho dos comentaristas de internet no qual pedem menos borda – como é inviável colocar sensores de câmera de maior qualidade (DEMANDA ESPAÇO INTERNO), Speakers frontais (DEMANDA ESPAÇO INTERNO), e por ai vai.

    As bordas servem justamente para possibilitar colocar os componentes dentro do aparelho. Vai dar-me o exemplo do S8 e dizer-me que estou mentindo? Bom, olha como o s8 ESTICOU PARA CIMA, somente para poder colocar os componentes internos. Repara-te nisto, notando que a proporção do ecrã não manteve seu aspecto 16:9, mas esticou para cima, chegando a 18.5:9.

  • TimmY

    It’s getting old now. I’m with Sony, but they just seem lazy on the design now.
    Generation after generation and the only changes are on the inside, CPU and GPU and some others. On the outside, same thing.

  • Talos the Robot

    I hope it will be ceramic like the Essential phone.

  • raju

    No it’s wider

  • dragonsneeze


  • Emil Oskarsson

    Meanwhile i am more than happy with my XZ Premium in Chrome :D Beast of a phone and i actually love the bezels on the device! It makes its so much more comfortable to hold when watching movies/youtube and pictures :D

  • raju

    Maybe they plan change wallpaper at orioe 8.0 update

  • azzido

    Imx 400 is totally crap, have it in so called premium: abnormal distortion, lack of manual settings, no OIS, laughable low light pics, inferior auto, removed sceneries and many additional modes, crappy alghoritms, hdr mode that does nothing, idiotic 960p videos in cropped 300x zoomed 720p with nightmare aliasing and so poor quality in any other than PERFECT lighting conditions that all my friends laughed when they saw how pathetic it is…

    No thank you.

  • azzido

    Low to mid range due to inferior materials. Scratch resistant Glass is premium.

  • azzido

    Finally you gave up, this shows how weak you are. Equally to newest xperias.

  • raju


  • razorg


  • Ajmal

    Galaxy s3 s4 and s5 were plastics. Also note, 2,3,and 4

  • JC

    I didn’t say they weren’t.

  • Moisés

    If you believe brighter = better there is nothing else to say.
    LG has OIS and still does bad. Same for Motorola.

    If software is that bad I wonder why front cam is better than others. Also video quality.
    Also why ppl who knows much of photography can extract all the power of the cam.

  • Moisés

    XZs x P10

    XZs is better for photos, videos, faster performance, faster updates, better image reproduction, better audio, waterproofing.
    You get p10 you never know if it has ddr3 or ddr4, ufs ot emmc …
    Both have same price on ebay..

    OP5 : no micro sd, no Qnovo, no waterproofing, no stereo speaker, no hdr screen, got EIS for 4K only recently, no Qualcomm QC.. It is 500,00 in China. More than that in other places..

    IMO XZs was not necessary, but except cpu, gpu, ram and storage size Mi6 and OP5 are not better..

  • DBS

    “XZs is better for photos”…says who? ’cause although I haven’t used the P10, all the reviews I’ve seen of it actually show far better results coming out of the dual lens camera than out of the pitiful sensor of the XZs.

    “faster updates”…that’s debatable. My experience with Sony’s updates is the opposite of fast. I have no experience with Huawei phones (nor do I intend to have since I refuse to support Chinese brands as political principal).

    That’s the thing though: the P10 was launched for less than the XZs. The price on the XZs has fallen far quicker.

    OP5: yes. All of that is worse. It’s also much cheaper than the Xperias, it has their own Quick Charge which apparently is rather good (I haven’t used cables to charge phones in years so I abstain from passing judgment there). But it has more RAM, a better processor and a better display (though apparently it was mounted upside down or something lol).

    And the SteadyShot on Xperias only applies to a very specific configuration of video shooting (1080p 30fps if I’m not mistaken).

    Point is, Sony isn’t offering compelling phones. For example, Huawei, through “Honor” has taking its place by the single virtue of offering great phones at really low prices. The Honor 8, for example, was an amazing phone for less than 400€. Sony’s premium line never ever arrives bellow 600€. And offers the same or less.

    Sony hasn’t innovated in years. Their last successful innovative line was the Z3 line. Since then they have been trying pointless gimmicks one after the other while they constantly refuse to listen to their own customers. So those people go away. And then those people tell their friends why they wouldn’t pick a Sony phone again. And those friends tell other friends etc etc. And thanks to inferior offerings and bad word of mouth, Sony has pretty much become irrelevant in Europe now, which was the only market they were relevant in after Japan.

  • Vinny Conforto

    not quite as cute as Z3C. I hope rumored specs will pan out


    Maybe they use the same materials as XPERIA Z5 COMPACT?

  • hansip

    i guess Sony make the loop surface more rectangular this time, even the curved bezels are now not curved anymore, just curved at right the edge of it. Maybe better for whole curved screen tempered glass protector situation, but damn Sony.. bezels..

  • razorg

    I seriously hope so, because for a plastic phone, my Z5C doesn’t feel like cheap at all. The kind of plastic they used in Z5C is actually quite premium-feeling.


    Their plastic feel on the XPERIA Z5 COMPACT feels very premium and also have some kind of metal feel. The one Z series I like is the very last one, since the design they made matte finish with frosted glass, they have a very good taste of materials with that. If they made a frosted glass on the back for next generation smartphones, I think that would be nice too

  • azzido

    Keep believing it. V30 coming with F1.6, Crystal Glass lenses and OIS to dominate and sorry? Still same poor plastic g lenses and laughable F2.0, for sure no OIS? With what they are coming to customer???

    And still they dare to advertise it as superior camera…

  • azzido

    Yeah, the signs of the past. This is where sorry is today, still in the past. They are just replacing processors (made by other company)…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The X compact is actually a great phone and it was released at the right price unlike the Xperia X. Now it is really worth the money since it costs about 300 euro or less…. This XZ1 compact will most likely be made out of Polycarbonate with metal on top and bottom, but it will still have a premium feeling. And btw no other manufacturer can even do what Sony can, make a true compact flagship! Hopefullyxz1 compact will be water and dust proof like z1c, z3c, z5c and xc :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    One M8 was HTC:s top peek, not the M7 :p

  • “because they’re offering better phones for lower prices than Sony” – not only Sony, but everyone else. Samsung is still on top, coz of their brand. But don’t be afraid – 5 years top, they won’t be first or (maybe) even second…

  • Phil Gym

    I hope it’s made of MATTE plastic, and it won’t look cheap. I also want to see the possible X1’s pics.

  • Phil Gym

    Z3C’s translucent frame is the best for sure

  • Phil Gym

    yes “design change” is what Xperia phones need most right now. I want to see something I’ve never seen, something that has never been repeated

  • Phil Gym

    It’s HD not full HD

  • azzido

    Due to the plastic, inferior camera, outdated design and lcd screen it should cost maximum 200 euro just because of the processor being used. That’s it. Anything over this proce is not worth for this device as they did nothing to create this phone, just reduced the size.

    Definitely they put absolute minimum effort to create it. Everything is still same, nothing new.

    Same outdated and actually boring design
    Same boring software (probably with even more reduced functions)
    Same inferior distortion camera (probably they again focused on new usless video modes noone needs instead of picture quality lol!)
    Same hardware

    I wonder wo whom they want to offer it since the competition is coming with 6GB of RAM and superior cameras like double cameras or F1.6 Crystal Glass lenses with OIS.

    I predict very low sales.

  • azzido

    yes in ericcson times they innovate the industry with design.
    Now they only bore to death the industry with this outdated design since years already…

  • azzido

    Distortion now even in front camera?

  • azzido

    Fat pink proncess!

  • azzido

    yeah, frosted glass back was best.

  • Niet

    Faut forcement qu’il y’ai un fils de pute qui encourage les constructeurs à faire plus mince, sans cesse, encore et encore et après ça viendra chialer parce que l’autonomie est à chier. Va juste bien te faire enculé vieux gars.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    It will have f1.6 but a 1/3″ sensor, compared to f2.0 but 1/2.3″ sensor of the Sony.
    OIS isn’t fast enough to freeze motion, which is why they insist on having it. Also explains why Xperia phones take moving objects far better than any OIS-enabled competing flagships.

    Besides, no matter how good is the OIS, it will not aid the very slow shutter of these camera phones and still create motion blur.
    They have their professional EIS that works wonders on videos, and it only needs perfect implementation for photos to work as good, and it’ll be a killer.

    As for f2.0, Pixel phones have proven why you don’t need anything larger than that.
    Even the old Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020 with f2.8 lenses would surely blow any modern flagship camer phone today in picture quality.

    You have to dig deeper instead of blabbering something that you don’t even have an idea about. Lol.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Also you didn’t say it’s disappointing or outdated.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Better be thick with beafy battery than paper thin with battery that will last a lot less than Donald Trump being the President of America.

  • JC

    Why would you want me to talk about the iPhone’s design when we’re talking about Xperia phones here? Brighten up smart boy.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Nokia 3310 is the most durable phone of all times.
    Is it made of metal?

  • Smarty79

    Frosted glass on my Z5c more than doubles the chance for installing the spider app without any advantage over plastic. It is even heavier and can easily be damaged when opening the phone.


    But for my XPERIA Z5, I don’t find it heavy and it is rather a beauty to hold than my daily driver XPERIA XZ. Yes there may not be any advantage over plastic, but one advantage is it gives u a premium feeling ti the touch

  • Biancoceleste

    Besides the colour, I like it a lot.
    A truly high performance compact has been lacking for a while now.

    The usual lamenters who don’t even have any intention of ever purchasing an Xperia phone are of course the loudest and having a huge spazz attack in these comments. How does that famous Plato quote go again…?

    “AMOLED!! KJHKJH*&^%$”!!! BEZELS!!! VXCVC*^*&^”£%”!!! OIS!! WERODHCSOU*$%”£%^”%$675!!!! F/1.7!!! SDCSUDHOUIHUO^%$%^£”^%*R*!!!”
    You fellows seriously need therapists or one of those Korean-style technology detox boot camps.

  • Santos

    What you ask for does not make sense, is the compact of the XZ1, can not have more features or specs than the XZ1, is illogical.
    Honestly the wireless charge is stupid, the AMOLED screens are less sharp and the plastic is can be good. Lucky finding another compact with this specs

  • Santos

    Honestly i love the idea

  • SandraJHicks


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  • insyt

    The frosted glass is surprisingly stronger than it looks, mine has survived more than a 100 falls. It also removes easily with a rubber sucker.

  • razorg

    So I don’t have a say as a person who purchased Z5C (and still uses it) on the first day it was released in the UK, and I can not request an improvement (OIS) for my next possible Xperia Compact purchase? OK cool. Just so I want flagship specs in a small body, I need to put up with Sony’s awful camera decisions? God…

  • ShinOrochiX

    Did you brick your phone? :-P

  • Sharonvpierce


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  • Sharonvpierce


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  • Jadranko Pavlotić

    its fat

  • azzido

    Who cares about durable? Plastic fantastic is crap you can find in chinese low ends. And its crap because it’s plastic, simple. Oops, I forgot sorry tends to be same league nowadays.

    And I do not like metal on the back. The best material for me is scratch resistant glass (like gorilla glass 4 or nillkin amazing 9H+) or frosted glass back found in regular Z5!


  • azzido

    OIS worse than eis? Are you drunk?
    F2. 0 better than F1. 6??? Freeze motion? Which motion? Most of pictures in move taken by xz premium are blurry… OIS is best and that’s why it can be found in best smartphone cameras, that is WHY competition put Sorry in shame in terms of photography, the worse lightening conditions the greater the ABYSS! “professional eis” = aaahahahahhha!!! Go educate yourselves and change the pharmacy.

    And keep dreaming my deer…

  • azzido

    Motorola is crap since it was overtaken by china, lenovo or otherchinese crap, do not remember now. Same nokia. These brands no longer exists in smartphone world. Kings in the past, now on their knees. Sony with them. Lg may be bad by having ugly and laggy UI but never bad camera, especially starting from G4 model they learned the lesson and now among best class in camera. Of the power of camera? Can they extract more of distortion or blur or is the one produced automatically by imx400 the the biggest fault possible?

  • azzido

    Yeah, what was the year? You can see where is sony now :D
    Sad but true

  • Why the screen is not full of edges, the design has become a Sony Xperia boring.

  • Ajmal

    I’m a sony fan, sony might be slow, but sony owners never change their phone every 6 months, minimum 2 years and you get an incremental update. And xz premium is faster tgan any ohone, chuck bezels.

  • azzido

    Yeah there are many flops with xz premium including camera distortion, but I agree it is very fast.

    Not everything is bad in this device but there are too many of bad things and then on top of it stubborn sony management that does not want to fix the issues and give people wat they want, what they paid for and what they would will to pay for in the future. Their desicions, our wallets. My negative word spread across people I know and Internet.

  • azzido

    The only thing I like is this brick color. Sadly, only this.

  • oguzhanA

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