Xperia XZ1 Compact is Sony’s star of IFA 2017

by XB on 31st August 2017

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We are delighted to see Sony launch a true Xperia ‘compact’ flagship once again. While the Xperia X Compact from last year was a good device with great performance and battery life, we know that many missed some of the flagship features such as water resistance (something that all previous Compact Xperia phones had).

The Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact announced at IFA earlier today is mostly a no compromise device. It features similar specifications to the Xperia XZ1, including Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4GB RAM, 19MP rear Motion Eye camera with 960 fps slow motion video, the 3D Creator app and IP65/IP68 dust and water resistance.

It wraps all of this in a chassis with a 4.6-inch HD 720p display, including the same sized 2700mAh battery of its bigger brother. We would therefore expect much better battery life for the XZ1 Compact vs. the XZ1 given the smaller display and smaller resolution paired with the same chipset.

For those bemoaning the fact that Sony has not used a 1080p display, we have never found the pixel density to be an issue on the smaller Xperia flagships. In fact, we’d rather take the better battery life due to the handset having to work less harder, rather than the higher resolution display.

In terms of differences to the XZ1, the Xperia XZ1 Compact only has 32GB of internal UFS storage, which would be our only criticism. If the handset included the 64GB storage as seen on the Xperia XZ1 it would have been the icing on the cake. The Xperia XZ1 Compact also has a smaller 8MP front-facing camera (the XZ1 has a 13MP selfie camera), but Sony did see fit to add a super-wide 120 degree angle option to the front. The XZ1 Compact also does not feature a HDR display.

The Xperia XZ1 Compact uses what Sony calls a “strong, anti-twist and bend full-body structure with Glass Fibre reinforced plastic material”, so we don’t see the metallic frame seen in the XZ1.

The Xperia XZ1 Compact has dimensions of 129 x 65 x 9.3mm and weighs 143 grams. The handset will launch with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, when it hits retail in September 2017. There will be a choice of four colours available including Black, White Silver, Horizon Blue and Twilight Pink.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Moisés

    It does not look blue to me, but mix of green and gray. At least when I see pictures of it.
    But it is the coolest color.

  • KarFar

    They still find a way to ruin it. I won’t be available in middle east and most latin america and some asian countries.

  • James Gaston (Raitwo)

    It is kind of bluish… Just like the blue version of Redmi Note 4x (which I have the black one)

  • Richard Brutski

    I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I don’t need it.

    I need it.

  • Talos the Robot

    “Glass Fibre reinforced plastic material”?

    Does this mean a combination of glass and plastic?

  • I was excited to see that it is supposed to support T-Mobile’s VoLTE/WiFi calling features, but I’m gonna guess that will only be the US firmware, which of course means no fingerprint functionality. So close to being the perfect phone replacement for my Z5 Compact, which is generally save for the full T-Mobile network/VoLTE support.

  • Nick Paschalidis

    I think it’s a fancy way of calling it plastic.

  • maximum


  • theskig

    Ahahah :)

  • The One

    If they don’t screw up by pricing it at $600, then MAYBE, i’ll consider buying it. But the dual lens system of my Honor 8 is going to be tough to let go of for this mediocre single lens shooter.

  • Mariano Golluscio

    Nice for fans of the compact, but not perfect as it was the Z3c…Colors also remind him but…
    Another missed opportunity for my opinion. I have both the Z3c and the X compact, good phone but It takes something extra now…

  • Moisés

    All colors of Compact are nice.

  • coach

    Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is a polymer reinforced with glass fibers (commonly known as fiberglass). It’s lightweight but very strong. It’s mostly used on race cars (because it’s cheap to produce and light, with comparable strength to carbon fiber) or any other branch of the industry where a lightweight and strong material is needed. I don’t think it is full on fiberglass, probably high quality plastic with glass fibers in it so that it isn’t prone to bending

  • Craig

    Where did you see it will be TMo VoLTE certified?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see it on TMoNews. That is good news, but thanks Sony for skipping the XC that I am currently using on TMo.

  • zip

    Gotta respect Sony for being the only Android phone maker left that offers compromise-less compact phones. XZ1 Compact seems to be the perfect phone for me.

  • zip

    Is it somewhat scratch resistant?

  • Akand

    Nobody is forcing you to buy it, even also Sony itself.
    In my sense it’s a great device with perfect pricing. Remember it’s not a Huawei or Xiaomi or OnePlus. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it- Steve Jobs

  • Akand

    Finally I got something to upgrade my sweet Z5 Compact.
    It’s 18 months old, but performance is still like the first week. That’s the main reason I always stick to Sony. Durable high performance…

  • DBS

    Here’s the Compact:
    – IPS LCD without HDR (because lacking an AMOLED display in 2017 wasn’t bad enough…)
    – Cheap plastic body (like the X Compact)
    – Less internal storage
    – 720p display
    – Inferior front facing camera

    This would be fine IF they were asking 450€ for the phone. Problem is, they’re asking 600€ for this. THAT is ridiculous.

    I am glad to see it has the internal processor and RAM of the XZ1 but everything else is a downgrade. So why would anyone pay 600€ for it? Of course, why would anyone pay 700€ for the XZ1 when the S8 costs 560€ already but that’s a different story.

    Sony Mobile continues its long history of not listening and failing time and again to present minimally decent phones for the prices they want.
    My only hope is that they’ll get it right by the time the XZ3 Compact is released (assuming Sony Mobile lasts until 2019).
    Because that’s what happened with the Z line. they went on incremental upgrades from the Z to the Z3 and only on the Z3 did they achieve a good phone. So maybe when it goes from the XZ to the XZ3 they’ll have a decent flagship worthy to be called such.

  • DBS

    “compromise-less compact phones.”
    You haven’t read the article…

  • DBS

    Well they did. It costs 600€ ($680).

  • DBS

    Absolutely not.

  • shenoy

    Hope they launch it in India.

  • zip

    I mean, the fiber glass should make it at least a bit more scratch resistant than pure plastic I think.

  • DBS

    It will barely have any fiber glass. Don’t fall for marketing jargon. It’s there only to deceive.
    But let’s see if Jerryrigeverything puts it through the test. We should have a clearer idea of exactly what sort of material is this.
    I’m betting on cheap plastic. One thing is for sure: it’s not polycarbonate. It should be. If you’re going plastic, at least use premium plastic. But this will likely be more like the X Compact.

  • Vinny Conforto

    I will probably go for black. The thing is…does it look cheap, made of plastic?

  • Luis

    Wish it had FHD display and 64GB ROM. Who streams video at Netflix and YouTube like me will feel the difference in this 720p. I tend to prefer smaller phone, had a Z3C and loved it.

  • Biancoceleste

    Yes, I’m glad they’re still making a device for this much needed space.

  • Biancoceleste

    You need to go back to

  • DBS

    And you need to go back to since you’re still a pathetic child.

  • Phil Gym
  • Phil Gym

    but it looks like it doesn’t collect any fingerprints

  • DBS

    That’s because the plastic has a matte finish instead of a glossy one like the X Compact. But it will collect fingerprints (there’s no material that doesn’t except maybe…stone? That’d be cool…a phone with a stone back :P)

    Here’s a video of the black version. You can see it does collect a bit of fingerprints but nothing severe like the X Compact

  • coach

    I will have to see the exact material they used since GRPs come in many varieties. It depends on the resin and fibers, and of course the coating

  • zip

    I have. It’s a compromise-LESS phone.

  • DBS

    Ahahahah yes. LESS OIS, LESS AMOLED, LESS HDR, LESS premium build, LESS wireless charging, LESS internal storage, LESS quality camera, LESS realistic pricing. Tons of LESS in the phone indeed.

  • zip

    I recommend you a dictionary. There you can read what compromise means.

  • DBS

    And I recommend you to go to that dictionary and look up what flagship means. This phone is full of compromises and it takes a very special kind of blind fanboy to not admit it.

  • zip

    Nobody was talking about flagship. Flagship will always the biggest, most expensive device. But whatevs, keep hatin’ mate.

  • DBS

    Sorry to inform you but no, that’s not what a flagship is. A flagship is the Hero device, the one that packs the best a company can do in the package that appeals to the most people. In Sony’s case, their flagship is the XZ1. Then they do a bigger and a smaller version of it – the Premium and the Compact. The Compact is not a mini because it’s supposed to be the flagship in a smaller form factor. The XZ1 Compact is only the XZ1 in a few things. But it lacks a shit ton of features, starting with the metal body itself. It is therefore filled with compromises and if you weren’t so stubbornly stupid you’d admit it. You don’t have to dislike it. You can still love the phone without trying to pass it for a piece of gold. Because a piece of gold it isn’t.

  • zip

    Alright, it’s a shit device from a shit company. There, better?

    Now excuse me while I am busy with preordering the XZ 1 Compact.

  • DBS

    It’s not a shit device for 450€. It is a shit device for 600€. But you can be a blind moron all you wish. Go ahead and buy it. Sony thanks you for being a valued stupid customer. And it prays to all Gods available that there are more stupid people like you, willing to not see what’s in front of their eyes. ;)

  • zip

    Ok then.

  • ruba

    A 64GB version please!!!

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    I think you’re right.
    It looks similar to the ones of which used on the special miku edition of Redmi Note 4X. Also it’s miku’s 10th anniversary at the same day Sony announced the XZ1 Compact.


  • Aaron Requiro

    i’m also eager to get this phone. i also loved my z3 compact, but i hope the build quality is better. i had no problems with my phone, but my brother who got his phone the exact same time as i did had the gps and front camera break within months and sony was useless for repair (even though phone was under warranty) and he switched to iphone. i only moved on to z5 compact because i wanted a fingerprint sensor and my z3c finally got to slow by the time i updated to the final concept rom

  • arcu de triumf

    That’s true, more important is the battery than the display performance. No one is watching movies on mobile, I mean who wants ultra HD display on a 4.6″ display? Get real. Anyway, I hope Sony will keep Compact models (under 5″ display). Good move also with the slow-mo feature. Hope the apps and sensors will run bug-free.

  • Ming William Lee

    Should mention that XZ1 Compact lack USB 3.0 than on bigger models…

  • raju

    Why Sony using Swift key board .. waste Sony keyboard is the best

  • raju

    What was the aperture of xz1 Compact front camera

  • deekbee

    It’ll be faster than the Z5 Compact, but otherwise it’ll be a sideways move.

    I’ve regretted believing the marketing rubbish that Sony put out on the Z5 Compact. I’ll be keeping it until it dies (moving over to SIMO deals now), but I am disappointed in it – especially the camera. And as Sony are sticking with the same awful camera application, the camera on this will only have one advantage – 960FPS slomo, otherwise it won’t have any meaningful improvement over prior generations.

  • deekbee

    64GB ROM would be utterly useless. As it can only be read. Can’t really be used.

    FHD display at that size is only of use if you’re using the phone in a VR headset.

  • Achu kumar

    DBS i know you love sony thats why u always bash at sony products even if they have good features and build.
    But even without touching the product, i guess you are inducing too much negativity on the plastic thing on the compact, if sony aren’t using the said fiber glass, you can sue them correct?
    if the price was between 500 euros, it is a value for money.
    I have a question for you, so with samsung has 99% feature phone that can justify their initial asking price?

  • Slow Loris

    I hope you’re right and there is a Sony XZ3 Compact and that is remains true to it’s ~140g weight and 130x65mm size AND that they improve the feature set…and make the price competitive.

    With Adoptable Storage, internal storage is not that big a drama these days.
    When MicroSD cards only supported 10MB/sec for in phone IO it was an issue, but now that’s well over 50MB/sec it’s not a deal breaker.
    I have a 200GB card in my Xperia Z1C with apps linked to SD card. Works fine.

    If a 4.6″ 750p LCD screen provides a usable picture, that’s good enough for me.
    At 320ppi the XZ1C is no better than my 2014 Z1C of 342ppi … and I can live with that….even in 2017
    I can buy an 8K TV on or about 2020 if I need a screen that comes with bragging rights.

    Would have liked to see wireless charging and/or magnetic charging as seen on my Xperia Z3C and Xperia Z1C, but like the 4.0″ screen those days are gone…sadly

    And then the price. If the price is around 600€ it’s over priced for what you’re getting, BUT if you want a ~140g 130x65mm phone with 4GB RAM and Adreno 540 what are your options.
    Buy a 155g 149x68mm Galaxy S8??

    And there in lies the rub, I’d pay through the nose for a small, light compact phone and Sony is the only manufacturer making them.

  • raju
  • raju

    18 mp front camera?

  • VRR

    Omg DBS. I have been following Xperia blog since 2013 and even then you used to whine a lot and even after 4 year you haven’t changed a bit. Get a life already.

  • Jadranko Pavlotić

    64gb is a must have for this class

  • Frank

    Yes I need it but it not gonna be what I love since I have used Z3 Compact for years. Sad.

  • DBS

    If you want to resort of pathetic lies, at least try to get your facts right. You haven’t seen me “back then” in 2013 here because I wasn’t using Xperia devices nor reading Xperia blog back then. So…nice try, troll. Try again ;)

  • DBS

    Problem is that Sony phones haven’t had good features and build since the Z3 line. From the Z5 onwards they have been in a massive downwards path…which is showed by the massive drop in sales.

    “you are inducing too much negativity on the plastic thing on the compact”

    It’s not “too much negativity”. It’s simple fact. The XZ1 is metal. The Compact is made of plastic. Therefore its inferior quality. The only reason for a phone in 2017, specially one that costs 600€, to use a plastic back would be the presence of wireless charging. But even that the Compact lacks.

    “I have a question for you, so with samsung has 99% feature phone that can justify their initial asking price?”

    No, Samsung phones are not worth 820€ (which was the launch price of the S8) either. No phone is worth that. Which is why the market quickly corrected that price down and today you can buy the S8 for as little as 560€ (yes, cheaper than the XZ1 Compact).
    Same goes for the G6 for example. LG launched it at 750€. The phone definitely wasn’t worth that. So the market corrected it. And you can now buy it for little over 400€ just 3/4 months after release.
    And these are full prices. NOT carrier prices or prices with any sort of caveat. They’re store prices.

    This XZ1 Compact will also quickly come down in price, as will the XZ1. Because both phones are way too overpriced for what they offer.

  • DBS

    “With Adoptable Storage, internal storage is not that big a drama these days.”

    Actually adoptable storage itself can be a big drama. The moment you add a microSD card and tell the phone to use it as if it was internal storage, the phone will start to massively write and read from that sd card. The problem with that is that microSD cards have a limit number of times they can be read and written to before they start failing. If you use adoptable storage, your microSD card will not last for a long time because its life-span will be severely decreased.

    “Would have liked to see wireless charging and/or magnetic charging as seen on my Xperia Z3C and Xperia Z1C, but like the 4.0″ screen those days are gone…sadly”

    Actually, wireless charging is a feature present in any flagship worthy of that name in 2017. And the moment Apple introduces it on the iPhone (and they will), then suddenly everyone will be adding wireless charging to their phones (or, in some cases, adding it back). Samsung has kept wireless charging, LG removed it on the G5 and that phone flopped, removed it on the G6 for most of the world and that phone flopped and they now were “forced” to add it to the V30 for everyone to avoid another flop.
    Sony has had the chance to adopt wireless charging before. They did a cover to the Z3 that added wireless charging. But it was a cover. Wireless charging is better when it’s built into the phone.

    I respect if you don’t mind paying an overpriced tag just because you want a smaller phone. I personally would sooner buy a 2016 Galaxy S7 for less of what the XZ1 Compact costs. The S7 is 14cm tall. But has a larger screen than the XZ1 Compact (and a better one too), a infinitely superior camera, a ton of other features (including wireless charging), better build materials etc.
    Or if you’re fine with the crap that is iOS, the iPhone SE is also a better cheaper option (and it’s even smaller).
    I do like Sony’s Compact phones. Or rather, I like the intention behind them. But Sony has continuously failed to release a good Compact phone since the Z3 Compact. They all came with ridiculously high price tags and way too many compromises to justify the price.

    And although I do want smaller phones, I don’t want to be ripped off just because of it. Which is why I will be skipping the XZ1C and only buy another Sony phone when they caught up with the times.

    In fact, if you think about current bezelless flagships, Sony could have for example taken the chance to add a bezelless screen to the XZ1 Compact. You know what that would mean? It would mean that they could either:
    – put the same 4.6″ screen in an even smaller body; or
    – put a larger screen in the same body of the XZ1C.

    But because they’re always late now, they failed to deliver any of those things. And THOSE sort of things would help A LOT to justify a 600€ price tag on an otherwise pretty meh phone.

  • The One

    That sucks! Why remove it for the compact model? It doesn’t save any space!

  • The One

    Why? It accepts an SD card. Keep the internal storage small and the phone will cost less. Internal storage is at least 2X more expensive than external.

  • Moisés

    I guess it is f2.0 too.
    8MP , 1/4″ sensor size, 18mm , 120°

  • The One

    I also hate that Sony changed the camera UI to resemble the iPhone’s terribly inefficient swipe to change modes method. We used to be able to take pictures and record videos from the same screen. Now you have to swipe and lose precious seconds of recording or taking pictures in the process – often missing the moment that caused you to pull out the camera in the first place.

  • The One

    Blue FTW!

  • The One

    Of course no one is forcing me to buy it. We obviously live in a capitalist society where I am free to make my purchasing decision based on any number of factors. One of such factors is VALUE and compared to the competition, Sony has fallen way behind in perceived value at these prices. So it’s not about affordability, it’s about willingness. And I’m simply stating that I am unwilling.

    And as you mentioned, Sony is not Huawei or OnePlus, but it’s not Samsung or Apple either. If Sony prices their devices on the high end, people will compare the design, performance, and features to other high end devices. They are missing an opportunity to sell more devices and enjoy greater profits – even if the revenue per device takes a slight hit.

  • VRR

    And I haven’t been using Xperia devices since 2015 and i opened this site today after 2 years and guess what I saw the legendary whiner ;)

  • VRR

    You even used to whine on that Xperia group(can’t remember the name) on fb if I remember correctly. Just get over yourself now.

  • DBS

    Never been part of Xperia groups (or any Facebook groups for that mattter). So yeah… You might want to get your head examined ’cause your memory is terrible.

  • DBS

    Wait…your browser turns into a mirror when you open it? That’s pretty cool.

  • VRR

    All I can say that you need to get yourself checked first. All these years all you are doing is whine and whine xD. I even replied to you can’t remember how many years ago and Ima do the same – “If you care about xperia devices so much and have so many concept ideas go and join Sony instead of sitting on your ass in front of your computer”. And then hopefully your whining will stop :/

  • DBS

    Funny. For all that “memory” of yours you can’t help but only recall extremely vague things that any fanboy would say.
    In other words, you’re probably just lying. But I can tell you that Sony is perfectly aware of my criticisms to their shitty products. Because I actually do speak with their engineers and PR teams from time to time.

    Maybe you should be the one to stop whinning just because someone doesn’t write what you want to read? You should have learned by now that the world doesn’t give a sh*t about your feelings. And neither to I. Don’t like criticisms? Go live in a cave, away from humanity ;)

  • The One

    This 3D Creator tool is getting way too much hype considering the Huawei/Honor phones had this and were released months ago.

  • Mike Testoma

    Finally phone worth upgrading from Z1C.

    Thanks Sony.

    Also: will only buy when price is below 450€ otherwise not worth by modern standards.

  • Slow Loris

    As you would expect, I agree with you on pricing and if your fall back on the XZ1C is generally based on price.. then I’ve got nothing.

    Laughingly I’d hate to try and defend my Nokia Lumia Windows 10 phone in this environment(I like what it could have been, but it’s now consigned to history where Grandad will tell tales about it to wide eyed kids.)

    Also have an iPhone 5.. not a big Apple fan… but it is pretty small and iOS to hardware means pretty good battery life.

    Also interesting you brought up Sony being late to the game, like dude, you’re preaching to the converted.

    I had/have a Sony X10i so I’m no stranger to Sony’s “so last year” builds. Remember the Sony Xperia C1905, will it didn’t even get 1 year of support before it was dropped.

    “Actually adoptable storage itself can be a big drama.”

    With approx 5 years service from a ‘good’ modern MicroSD card with better wear management. 100,000 writes managed over the whole card is not going to impact services in the short term (2-5 years)

    My SanDisk 200GB in my Xperia Z1C(16GB eMMC) now has 1½ years of use and showing no signs of any problems where it’s used daily.

    Using “Solid Explorer” file manager on the phone(s) with SMB/FTP to my ~50TB NAS/server farm, the important info is backed up or sourced from the NAS locally or via OpenVPN for remote access.

    So my MicroSD is just 200GB of transitional data of no vast importance in the long term.

    For many countries, the Li-Ion battery is a bigger problem than the MicroSD card. Trying to source a genuine replacement battery in a country where regular postal systems won’t ship/import batteries, you’re left with expensive couriers which can bump the battery cost up to USD80.00.

    This is where I envy India and their local corner mobile phone repair shop.

    So, being an early adopter of a phone with a sealed back making battery replacement for the average person…very difficult, meaning any modern non-replaceable battery phone is really a throw away item after two years, when battery wear will be close to 20% and after that a pretty quick decline.

    So, if your main focus is on 600€ price, it may be even worse than what you’re alluding to, as that’s not much phone for 300€ a year.

    And I’ve had to replace batteries in my Xperia S(pretty easy), Xperia Z1C and now Xperia Z3C. It’s not a task I look forward to.

    One thing I will say for Sony, is their NFC is really good in both functionality and range(can be detected through a ½” cupboard door).

    BUT, one still has to get past the mental barrier of a SGS4 i9505 with wireless charging added, 1080p screen, 3 days average battery life, Android 7.1 and replaceable battery for USD100.

    And when one is dealing at that level, 600€ is just insane money for a phone…. even when it comes with an Adreno 540.

  • Niet

    ” including the same RIDICULOUS & PATHETIC sized 2700mAh battery of its bigger brother “

  • Jdsv

    Hey DBS, this is a compact flagship. This is the best the company can do on a compact size. And it’s quite logical to have less than the actual normal sized flagship if you ask me.
    Let’s better criticize the XZ1? Cause the compact has no competition.

  • Biancoceleste

    Did your uncle help you re spell a big word like retarded? Gold star for you, eventually you’ll graduate the 8th grade.. perhaps when you’re 23.

  • azzido

    720p screen, where they could do what they did for xz premium and 4K, render in smaller resolution whenever not needed, only 4gigs of ram where end of 2017 flagships coming with 6gigs, 32 gigs of rom, you forgot about crappy and slow usb 2.0, bezels still huge and plastic material which is icing on the cake… Good luck!

  • azzido

    believe me, 960fps camera is not advantage as it captures horrible quality videos until you will film in perfect and very bright conditions. It produces 720p crap wist strong aliasing and lack of details, example is rain: you are capturing wonderful strong raind and at the end you can see that is slow mode only drops that are very close to you are visible due to lack of details and entire effect you saw with your eyes is gone… There is also abnormal zoom in this mode and in other than perfect conditions videos are dark and extremely noisy. I would say that now it is just half-baked feature that maybe will make sense in the future if they will improve its quality and longevity of slow moment…

  • azzido

    I am glad they finally stopped advertising it as “Best camera in the smartphone” and they acknowledge they are years behind competition when it comes to camera quality no matter what hardware they use. They seem to acknowledge is as they are acknowledging water and dust resistance flops and pay the money people in us.

    Somehow, they stopped to advertise it at all.
    Everywhere and everyday I can see shamesung S8 (TV, radio, Internet, magazines, billboards).

  • MrWalker1000

    my z3 compact front panel came off with the glue. worst defect ever on a phoen shame on sony.

  • MrWalker1000

    with other companies making really big screens in smaller form factors not sure there is really a market for compacts anymore.

  • Jussi Hattara

    Still absolutely no competition for Sony. Only manufacturer with a good sub 5″ Android phone. And bigger is not an option.

  • Jussi Hattara

    720p is more than enough for a screen that small.

  • Jussi Hattara

    They are getting closer, but if you want a better phone than XZ1 Compact, it will still be at least 15-20mm taller and 2-5mm wider.

  • Afnan Acchan

    Hopefully for the battery life similar to Z3 Compact.

  • ymytbb .

    I’m torn between black and blue

  • ymytbb .


  • jamie evans


  • jamie evans

    Especially the black one

  • Michael Reiche

    Blue :-)

  • azzido

    are you kidding me? Or you simply do not have this device so you do not know how mediocre the result is. Anything than perfect lighting condition is NIGHTMARE!

  • Why did they remove lanyard holes…

  • Jussi Hattara

    My current phone is the X Compact and before that I had Z3 Compact. Both of them have 720p screen, which is more than enough for that size.

  • hansip

    what? where?

  • Raul

    You have not tried a moto right? When I use my old moto g 2013 and the Z5 compact, Sony is sluggish between menus, navigation, etc. Is only quicker installing apps. I have a Z5 compact and just bought and Moto G5. I’m pretty sure is quicker in daily use.

  • Román Rodríguez

    Time to upgrade my Z5 Compact. :)

  • azzido

    For you, not for me, not for many other people, this is subjective. I am glad you like your screen, this is the most important.

  • The One

    Check out some of the Honor 9 reviews on YouTube. They’ll show it as one of the new camera features.

  • Warren Chang

    it’s noted that it’s first ever phone that supports ldac, aptx hd and bluetooth as standard

  • azzido

    still it means nothing without dedicated DAC.
    When it comes to LDAC with Android 8 everyone will have it :D
    Less and less unique features offered by Xperia, and those useful cannot find. Any?

  • Khillo81

    Exactly my thoughts :)

  • Biancoceleste

    I’ve been reading this site for just over a year and I now know what the literal definition of not having a life is after seeing wall of text after wall of text, of completely incoherent jibberish, peppered with marketing buzzwords by this DBS person.

    Is this what the byproduct is of kids owning smartphones? God help our species future!

  • aldopucci

    I’m a long time Sony fan, have always backed Sony. But this time around they’re just indefensible! They have top notch materials and software but in 2017 you just can’t continue making them bigger with the same screen size!
    XZ vs xz1 grew 2mm bigger and wider, though same screen size.
    Z5 vs xzp same thing
    I think this time around I guess I will be “cheating” on you Sony

  • John Caddell Sparky

    Haven’t been here for a while. Where’s Timel? xD

  • russianvoodoo

    Why change z5c if it’s still working fine? Just stop it.

  • Okazuma

    Same thing here after 2 weeks

  • Okazuma

    ” This would be fine IF they were asking 450€ for the phone. Problem is, they’re asking 600€ for this. THAT is ridiculous.” cit.

    I agree with you for every single words

  • washinma2424

    T mobile wifi calling in volte confirmed?

  • ZoubIWah

    IPS LCD is perfectly fine and looks better than most AMOLED displays…. no HDR though, is a let down.
    Plastic is perfectly fine.
    720p is perfectly fine, at this display size. Hell even sammy updated its software to downrez their phones – they run at 1080p except for VR apps lol – but nobody bats an eye because sammy.

    im more bothered by the meh quality of the camera in low light compared to the competition and the lack of wireless charging without adding a bulky cover.

  • DBS

    “IPS LCD is perfectly fine and looks better than most AMOLED displays”

    No and double no. I’ve never ever seen an LCD better than an AMOLED. And Xperia LCD’s certainly aren’t it.

    “Plastic is perfectly fine.”
    Not on a 600€ phone it isn’t.

    “720p is perfectly fine, at this display size.”
    Not on a 2017 600€ phone it isn’t.

    “even sammy updated its software to downrez their phones”
    No one bats an eye because actually they give you the option. You have a 2K display from the get go. Then you can have the phone run at 720p, 1080p or 2K. Your choice. If you want to use VR, that’s the only time they force you to use the display in 2K though.
    If Sony had put a 1080p or even 2L display on these phones and given the option to use another resolution, THAT would make it acceptable. They didn’t.

    “the lack of wireless charging without adding a bulky cover.”
    Is there even a wireless charging cover for the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact? I haven’t seen a Qi charging cover from Sony since Xperia Z3 (because afterwards they removed the magnetic charger).

  • CheapMonk

    Problem is they are in a regression mode since the Z3c which i own; compared to it, the Z5c is just a brick; no glass on the back, bigger battery, less battery life; i fear the XZ1c is on the same trend …
    An example: Z3c 127g , Z5c 137g , XZ1c 145g !!!! and even less battery life, no more UltraStamina ; it SUCKS

  • CheapMonk

    or just having the word Glass in the sentence …

  • Flemming__Hansen

    Without QI this phone cannot use any of my chargers. To bad to be sad. Would have liked to do a switch – but incompatible.

  • pipslvr
  • MrWalker1000

    pretty crazy right? not even cheap chinese phones do that what is wrong with sony

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