Xperia XZ Premium gets new update with improved W-Fi performance (45.0.A.7.137)

by XB on 11th September 2017

in Firmware, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile has updated the Xperia XZ Premium with a new firmware update that moves the build number from 45.0.A.7.120 to version 45.0.A.7.137. The new update brings the latest 1 September 2017 Android security patch, as seen in recent updates for other Xperia X series handsets.

However, what we’re more excited by is having some semblance of a changelog by Sony, once again. The Concept programmes were great in that Sony provided a detailed changelog of what had changed in each update. However, for the stable firmware releases, Sony does not include any detail as a matter of course.

This makes it very difficult to know whether to update or not, with the only noticeable changes in each update being the major Android versions and security patch dates. So, we hope that this is the start of a change from Sony, to be more transparent and give its users more insight over each new update.

So, for today’s Xperia XZ Premium release, Sony has improved Wi-Fi performance and added other bug fixes. Unfortunately, there is still no double tap to wake added, but we remain hopeful that Sony will bring this frankly crucial feature in a future update.

Thanks Christian, Fausto and Hyatt!

  • JC

    It’s a shame Z5P isn’t supported anymore…

  • shumayal

    It’s old and it doesn’t matter anymore. Mobiles in 2017 are disposables.

  • Juan Carlos

    Z5P was launched with Android Lollipop 5.1.1 then updated to Marshmallow and then updated to Nougat, I think that is a pretty decent support, and now Z5P is receiving security updates. It would be great to receive OREO! but I don’t think that happens.

  • Marinko Agic

    They are boring with this security patchs updates!
    Only security patch, security patch, but where is good old updates for better camera,for better sound,for all others problems???

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    My XZP has no problems with wifi this concect it self so fast to wifi and this takes less then a secund and iam concetet and it dosnt matter were iam this phone is dam fast anyway sony is good with updates

  • Gianmarco Portolani


  • In 2017? There were like this is even in 2010!

  • So You seem to prefer one update every 3-6 months, but with all security updates and bugfixes over monthly updates with security patches and bugfixes once every 2-3 updates?
    I don’t see the difference other than the second way (used by Sony) makes Your device safer.

    PS. If You think it’s so easy to fix a bug (like camera one) send CV to Sony. I’m sure they will take You…

  • Talos the Robot

    If you have a Gigabit WiFi Router with with 4×4 MIMO antenna you should not have any problem, but the older WiFi Routers indeed have some issues with the sd835 chipset.

  • iia3ezu

    If Sony would keep Xperia’s Android lean and near-stock (e.g. Xperia Lounge is unnecessary), the phones can be updated to the latest version of Android much faster, because there wouldn’t be a lot of compatibility testing required.

  • iia3ezu

    The general rule is 25% of the phone’s original selling price after 2 years, with iPhones retaining a slightly higher resale value than Android phones.

    Old phones can be recycled or refurbished.

  • iia3ezu

    Is this a Qualcomm problem or a router problem?

  • azzido

    Very positive news!
    No matter only wifi may be fixed for now it was one of major issues for XZ Premium. Rest fixes we may receive later.

    Hope they will finally change the communication and continue to provide us with release notes.
    Happy to hear they heard these voices (both for the issues we have with this device and with communication).

    Fingers crossed this is not single occurence but beginning of a new trend.
    Can’t wait to receive this update!

  • azzido

    Personally I do not like stock Android, in the past I was choosing Sony because I liked their launcher that was not stock, their icons, animations (remember blinds animation for lock screen on Xperia Z? Someone remember Timescape app?), dedicated widgets, apps and services for Xperia users only, but now most of it is gone (up to a degree of Album widget…most recognizable walkman name for music app etc.) and what they are doing is to focus on taking away rest of remained small pieces of its great past… Along with it they are taking away their clients who liked it.

  • Talos the Robot

    The sd835 chipset is fine but it seems that qualcomm wants somehow to force the consumers to upgrate their old wifi routers to the newer gigabit certified routers.

  • Moisés

    Hi… I have a doubt..

    People say X phones have weaker speakers compared to Z.
    How many dB when a youtube video is played?
    I mean max volume…

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Nexus 6P will get it, so probably this one, its smaller brothers, and the Z3+ might get it as well, considering they have the same SoC hardware as the 6P.

  • ben bleho

    I remember timescape on the x10 mini and x8. this could be found only on sony ericsson phones.
    does someone remember the xperia ray? this form factor never came again..

  • Moisés

    GSMArena battery test says XZ1 can last 14% longer than XZP.

  • Moisés
  • Manu

    For me no double tap to wake + the camera distortion issue equals dealbeaker, unfortunately :(

    I’m having the S7 and hate the fact there’s no double tap to wake/lock.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Double tap to wake sucks, just made me unlock the phone in the pocket all the time xD And what camera distortion??

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Haven’t had an issue with wifi connections at all, and a i have a pretty crappy router at home xD

  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    I don’t actually have a measurement in dB, but if that helps, I currently own a Xperia X and my mother owns a Xperia Z3+. Putting both on the max volume, they sound virtually the same for me regarding the maximum volume, except perhaps the stereo separation that seems clearer on my X than on my mother’s Z3+…

  • martin

    Has anybody received the update on a dual sim HK version?

  • LazAndKor

    That’s thanks to the lower resolution screen and Android Oreo. When the XZ Premium gets Android Oreo, it will for sure have improved battery life and performance.

  • Yumekawa♡

    Used to own Xperia XA Ultra, it’s speaker was much louder than any of the Z or XZ series flagships..however was put off by sound quality hence switched back to using flagships… therefore having just loud speakers are nothing imo.

  • Curtis Holborn

    I have a MU-MIMO router and get the issue, so that theory doesn’t totally stack up. Hoping this update will fix.

  • Yumekawa♡

    Same experience here, I too have a 4×4 MU-MIMO router at home and have this issue sometimes. It does not always happens but when it do, it keep disconnecting itself until I restarted the XZ Premium. But somehow did not encounter this issue with older router without Mu-MIMO in my office…hmm…my 2016 XZ and previous Z series phone never had such issues before…

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    we need another ray but with 4.6 inch

  • Moisés

    Obrigado.. Tenho o z3+ também e passa de 100dB no youtube.
    Penso em trocá-lo no fim de 2018 pois terá 2 anos e meio.

  • Luca La Mantia

    I can not update my XZP yet. Why?

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    No my router is already 3 years old so is not new i have been at many places here in Trondheim which in central Norway and i have not have any problems but you may rigth that some xzp users have problems with there xzp the only thing you can do is by a new router the one you mention in you comment i payed about 70 dollars for my router for 3 years ago

  • Andys42

    I hope this fixes the problems with the use of headphones. Since the last update I have had a real problem with the volume on headphones when using skype, hangouts, Polycom, etc. Its perfectly OK with the speakers but inaudible with headphones.

  • Manu

    Well, for me I really enjoyed the Z3+ tap to wake & sleep feature. You know, you can still turn it off? ^^

    And I mean THAT distortion issue:

    It’s normal that wide angle lenses have (especially in mobile phones) have some distortion – but it’s ridiculous that it isn’t corrected like it should.

  • Bloobat

    All I’m waiting for is a fix for this camera distortion ! It’s ridiculous they haven’t patched it yet

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah I know I could turn it off ;) Anyhow I haven’t experienced any distortion issue, seems like it was fixed in a software update shortly after the discovery? :)

  • NinJy

    It’s what people never understand… Have loud AND high quality speakers of this tiny size is physically almost impossible…

    People don’t care of quality btw, they only want something that make yours ears bleeding like most of all other manufacturers (like they know something about sound R&D) shits, to listen their crap Youtube compressed music.

    That’s why in any review you only find dB mesurement. Because anyway they have no knowledge to speak about quality.

  • Rajiv Bedi

    Where is the setting to control the shutter speed on XZ Premium?

  • LazAndKor

    In manual mode. Launch the camera app and slide to the manual mode. Then click on the controls above the settings and below the shutter button. There you can change the SS, Focus, WB and EV.

  • Hendrik.

    Having WiFi issues with Z5, too. They should enroll this update for Z5 series to improve WiFi there – in Germany many people are having disconnection issues in combination with FRITZ!Box router.

  • Rajiv Bedi

    Thanks, got it.

  • they could make use of the proximity sensor to decide whether to actually unlock the phone ):

  • Gcrack

    Don’t forget that quality is a highly subjective thing and you can’t really measure it and put it into comparable numbers.
    But you’re absolutely right – I think the loudness of the speakers on the XZP could maybe an issue if you regularly use the phone as a stereo and have a lot of background noise – some people might do that regularly for what reason ever.

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    This is driving me nuts,
    My xz premium currently runs a customized It firmware with 1308-7001 code and is on the 45.0.A.7.90-R7A version. But the 45.0.A.7.137-R7A version is already out (for the customized It version)and my device reports that is up-to-date and doesn’t update. Same thing happens if I use Xperia companion. Is there something wrong?
    Any ideas on how to update it?

  • Nick Paschalidis

    I have no signal reception after the update and my battery seems to drain faster…Anyone else experiencing problems?

  • azzido

    Yeah, they should go back to Arc style, or Ray, release something with physical buttons or something totally new and great.

  • DeMons

    A fix for Wi-fi signal for Xperia XZ will be good too.. if they release one..a damn update for it..
    and fixes for memory leak too.

  • HAWX


  • Juchien Peng

    Does anyone know where to download the latest firmware and not using site seeing you can’t download the file bigger than 1GB free?

  • Brad Peng

    Does anyone know where to download the latest firmware and not using site seeing you can’t download the file bigger than 1GB free?

  • Stavros “Ghnutoc” K.

    Try XperiFirm

  • Brad Peng

    Shot and thanks! going to flash it now… wish me luck!

  • Stavros “Ghnutoc” K.

    Dont worry. I’ve done it a couple of times and everything runs just fine

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    Won’t need it since it updated itself (it went straight to the. 137 update)

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    What tool will you use?

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

    Xperia XZ Premium
    it’s definitely a Great phone, received new update today
    specs and price are very Okay
    looking down at the rate of this device I strongly believe that the price is okay an I have a nice review here for it

    please is android Version Upgrade period over?

  • Godwin Hezekiah Lawson

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  • NinJy

    “and fixes for memory leak too.”
    Since Android 5.

  • Deqn G.

    Still self resetting when I leave it on WiFi, so nothing is fixed for me after this update!

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