Xperia XZ Premium camera reviewed by DxOMark; scores an average 83

by XB on 22nd September 2017

in Imaging, Xperia XZ series

DxOMark camera review site recently changed its review protocols for mobile products to take account for new advances in technology including dual-camera setups, on-sensor phase detection for quicker autofocus and better low-light performance. Therefore, DxOMark has pretty much reset all of its scores for all new reviews.

DxOMark finally got round to reviewing the Xperia XZ Premium and has awarded it a score of 83, more than 10 points lower than the iPhone 8 Plus that was also reviewed today. DxOMark says that the Xperia XZ Premium does a good job of capturing still photos and video, but doesn’t break any new good, performing poorly on their new Zoom and Bokeh tests.

On the plus side, the Xperia XZ Premium does well with autofocus on camera and video, with good stabilisation for video. The innovative 960 frames per second slow motion video also wins high praise. You can check out the full review here, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks Eru and Yut!

  • DBS

    I wonder if Xperia fanboys will now suddenly think that DxOMark is not worthy of any credit…(and they aren’t).

    Because they sure defended the Hell out of those crooks when it was convenient to them lol

  • Bloobat

    It’s the camera distortion that should be criticised. They still haven’t fixed it which is ridiculous for a phone that cost so much money!

  • The One

    Seems like DxO’s score is still relatively accurate with the new testing protocols. In all likelihood, a flagship Sony device in 2017 probably shouldn’t score much higher than the 2015 Galaxy S6. Sony doesn’t do very well when it comes to mobile image quality – despite the fact that half the better camera phones on the market are using Sony sensors.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    I also defended DxOMark for ranking the Z5 as the best camera phone in 2015, but again, this is a new protocol, which looks ridiculous.

    It seems like phones with no dual camera to do such tricks like zoom and bokeh are being punished for not including a secondary one.
    Yet they didn’t add a slow motion test, in which I doubt one will match the XZ Premium (except the XZs, XZ1, and XZ1 Compact).

  • DBS

    DxOMark methods have always been shady. The new ones aren’t better than the old ones. Nor worse.
    If you think they had credibility when they said the Z5 was the best (and it most definitely wasn’t) then you have to accept they’re credible to score these now.

    They don’t do real camera tests. They never even leave the studio. Smartphone cameras are designed to be used in daily scenarios and DxOMark doesn’t evaluate any of that. Hence the lack of slow motion etc

  • Drelkag

    Comments on the review page aren’t having that score.

  • Svnjay

    They aren’t. They gave the XZ a lower score because it didn’t have the “bokeh” effect.

  • FYLegend21

    They did Z5 tests at 8MP which gave it an advantage over others in low light among and arguably better image processing than at 20MP (nearly all other reviews used that for their reviews). What they and other reviews didn’t mention is how awful the shutter lag is. Despite many software updates the shutter lag is still the same on the Z5. Sony only started to fix it with the Xperia X series.

  • Babis Skeparnakos

    Sony has a camera app that creates the “bokeh” effect and it’s called background defocus

  • andyy

    And it was shit. You have to put the phone on a tripod, even then subject and background separation was awful. Google Camera’s Lens Blur did a much better result.

  • Alex Norris

    This time DXOmark tested really, but not fake like previous ranks. We can see what happend to sony algoritms, and i say each time that xperia`s have a big problems with shadows (dark), overexposed areas, poor DR, but people always attacked me with condemnation and made me a troll who hates Sony and worships his deity under the name Samsung
    Well, now you are convinced that Sony really has serious problems with DR, incorrect color rendering, vignetting, overexposed, black shadows and poor detail for the flagship smartphone. The XZP level with its super-puper sensor it`s only of the Galaxy S6 level which was released in the beginning of the 15-th year and does not have such a steep sensor as XZP. This is what I have been arguing with you about all this time, but you did not want to hear or understand me, blindly defended what had to be scolded. You justified Sony and therefore they see it and nothing do to fix this situation, because you liked everything made for xperia! This always worried me about this, except you guys, and it`s sad…
    We can see that Iphone post-processing much better
    XZP has dark shadows and crappy details look at small bushes on left side, all are blurred without textures and details (SHAME)
    We can see that even iphone 7Plus has better DR, exposure and details

    PS. And we all know that XZ1 will have the same problems without changes. (

  • (C):stem

    Xperias are being punished for not having rear dual camera, like others. That’s the impression that this test gives me. But, honestly, some bad points of the tests are true, like texture rendering irregularities, focusing and zoom.
    Again, trends are imposing conditions in the market. This, plus the cry babes asking for bezeless screens will kill Sony mobile division. Don’t be surprised if Sony decides to shut it down or sell it in a couple of years in case of not perceiving enough profits.

  • Kunal Shukla

    one thing that i have always noticed with the sony phones is that they have always been mediocre when they have a snapdragon processor under the hood but all the mediatek chipset phones always produce more sharp pictures and with less artifacts too.

  • SimonPieman

    Nope not at all, only a cretin would compare a £500 with a £900 phone and expect the same results….

    How is this even news?

  • kabiluddin

    yeah, dxomark is shady, everyone. We should all believe only one and only great DBS. Only his words matter.

  • mountain

    I actually like the new score. And it does finally reflects reality. Hope it does push the engineers to actually do some work.

  • Svnjay

    I haven’t seen you post in years.

  • Well, we need to see what is Sony doing next year with its new Mirai design along with the revolutionary stuffs inside. BTW, testing an XZP after 3 months of launched and new protocols rules released is something fishy from DXOMark. Why they even think to do that? Although, i admitted Sony software and post-processing wasn’t the best. But still, their current camera sensor, IMX400 was very powerful.

  • kabiluddin

    Doesn’t make you any less of a troll. Why are you acting like you are the only one who said these things here. Many people complained about xperia camera. The difference between them and you is that they actually care about Sony while you do it for your trolling.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    those mediatek one use cheap camera

  • Alex Norris

    Wow.. What a depth analysis ..

  • NinJy

    It was always crap, even when thay were saying Z5 is the best phone camera of the year.
    I suppose it was the year Apple forgot to sign the bank check.

  • RockStar2005

    I think it’s a load of crap. lol My old X Performance got an 87. My issue is this: How did the Pixel’s and the U11’s scores stay the SAME while the X Performance score is gone and a NEWER camera (XZP’s) scores less?? If this new way of evaluating cameras is so different, how can any phone’s score stay the same? Again, I call BS.

  • If there were fake before that mean that all this benchamrk is fu*ked and shouldn’t be considered as an source of information.

    That say or Xperia Z5’s and X Performance’s were so good or they are liars.

    Thats say Your comment is invalid…

  • They say Sony paid them for the scores, but stopped it.

    Consider it true than:
    – it can be some kind of revenge,
    – other pays better,
    – they have no credibility, so this whole benchmark is fake.
    Consider it not true:
    – Z5 and Xp had one of the best cameras their time (doesn’t matter what people says).
    You can only choose one! :)

    Still if You look into the date when change of the way they tests devices You see that it’s when Apple gave us their “new” devices. Coincidence? Don’t think so…

  • RockStar2005

    That IS an interesting point ch3. I don’t know about Sony paying them or really believe that, but I can tell you that the X Performance’s camera was GREAT (about the only great main feature on that phone lol), so the idea that the XZP’s (being TWO generations later, or ONE if you consider each one is like a half step up from the last) is worse but the iPhone’s is better than the respective model from 2016 for each phone is preposterous to me. I’m simply not buying it. Who the F cares about Bokeh effect? What does that have to do calculating a score that’s supposed to tell me how great the general photos look on a specific phone?? And who said dual cameras equate to better photos? If the tech behind the dual cameras is weak, then that is irrelevant. I dunno, but I no longer will be referring to DxO as a credible website.

  • DBS

    Yup. That’s exactly it. Since you’re incapable of using Google, it would be the best you’d do.

  • Cecco1970Effeffe

    DxOMark is useful for judging smartphone photos as much as judging reflex calls

  • Cecco1970Effeffe
  • Alex Norris

    Previously, they had a different counting system, which many did not like and was not practical. Now, we can see perfectly, the pictures are in full resolution and we can estimate the camera’s performance under different lighting conditions. Now Dxomark takes into account the camera algorithms and capabilities in terms of software. So, it turns out that xperia has really big problems with this.

    1. Distortion
    2. Poor DR
    3. Horrible textures and bad details
    4. Overexposed areas (lost sky)
    5. Not correct WB, colors, especially indoors and low light conditions
    6. lens flare
    7. Bad camera work in back light
    8. Dark shadows

    Now it all surfaced.

    And what statements from my comment are invalid…?

  • Alex Norris

    100% agree

  • Akand

    I am not defending Sony but the odd is Xperia XZ premium is on the market long ago and iPhone isn’t yet available. They waited to change methods and introduced new methods first and then went for Xperia XZ premium. Even HTC u11 came out later than Xperia, but got scored even before hitting the market. I know Xperia isn’t the best but at least it deserves to be scored under old method as its competitors got. Or DxO should test S8, U11 and others phones again under new rules.
    However, Sony never paid anybody to praise overly its devices, that’s why Sony is always looser.
    Still good to see Xperia has beaten iPhones in speed test. And as an user I know how stable and Xperia devices are. And Xperia cameras aren’t the best but good enough to please me as I don’t use smartphone camera to shoot my precious fotos. Smartphone cameras are for social media mostly. And Xperia is able to please me on that sense.
    ** Still I am with Sony**

  • Reza

    What a wise analysis.. I’m with you bro..


    Even though they have that F2.0 aperture and they are not the best in smartphone photography, using Manual Mode when comes to low-light situations is the best. No hate or anything, but Manual Mode is easy to use, simplistic, beginners can try and use Manual Mode for low-light, but I don’t know why some haters would say their Manual Mode sucks, for me it is very easy to use and helps u take better looking photos with lesser noise, so I wouldn’t see any reason to hate on it. Even though their photography in smartphones are not the best, they still give u one of the best Manual Modes in the smartphone industry

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Manual mode sucks.
    1. Menus are cluttered.
    2. You can’t change iso when you change the shutter speed.
    3. There’s no RAW(DNG) support so if you don’t like Stock app you can use a different app to shoot raw and shoot in full resolution.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Thing is when you check a prime lens with f/1.4 or 2.8 you always go nitpick on bokeh. But when it comes to XZP bokeh, Sony seems to sharpen it rather let it blur out. But this is about time they give us full CameraAPI2 including RAW shooting.

  • RockStar2005

    Cool. I never use Bokeh though and most of the general public probably doesn’t know what it is. So to make it a critical aspect of the evaluation process makes no sense to me.

  • RockStar2005

    I couldn’t agree more Akand! Why is it the XZP which isn’t even Sony’s newest phone anymore being evaluated under the new methods? It really makes no sense to only evaluate the XZP but exclude the S8+ & U11? It gives them an unfair advantage that DOES NOT sit well with me. lol

    Yeah it’s sad but a lot of sites do try to extort those it evaluates. Yelp is one. I know of 2 people who got some bad reviews for their businesses. One refused to pay both Yelp and Google $300 a month each, and so they removed all the GOOD reviews off Yelp, and that guy had to close his restaurant. Another guy caved in and paid. I was shocked when I heard these stories, but the people who told them are people I know or people I trust know, so I think they are credible. And I bet DxOMark is the same way too. Makes me sick b/c then who are we supposed to trust?!!

    Well I do use smartphones to shoot MY precious photos! lol And I know from experience that my old Z3 and especially my X Performance took better photos than most if not all of their competitors, esp the X Performance. At this point I no longer feel the need to use Manual Mode like I had to on my old Z3 either. The pictures pretty much always come out perfectly.

  • Makiz

    I wasn’t able to take pictures like the one below with my smartphone a few years ago :P
    Stop complaining people, or go buy yourself a mirrorless camera.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Creativity does matter. Fantastic shot.

  • Mars

    “Xperias are being punished for not having rear dual camera” – *looks at the result for the small Iphone 8* – *facepalm*
    Disclaimer: I don’t care about these test scores. If you like SONY for any reason(and there still are many reasons) ,go buy it!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    This is why I really want them to work on background defocus app. It was there all before Apple and others started Depth effect.

  • HAWX

    And personally, after all these years I dont beleive they can overcome near Samsung or Apple level. And about video, Sony crops the crap of the video, Field of view of the Xperia’s videos are WAY TOO MUCH cropped compared to Samsung or LG. And fucking shutter lag is still iritating, but now Sony has more or less the Same with Apple, but Samsung is clealry ahead. Only clear advantage of Xperia cameras are IF you are TRY HARD MANUAL MODE WITH TRIPOD, like TRY HARD blind stubborn Sony fan boy defenders unfortunatelly.

  • mrhangover Rox

    before you speak.. do some research before others people bashing you, apparently Sony IMX300 is used by Xperia X, X Compact, X Performance, Z5, Z5 Compact, Z5 Premium, XZ, XA1 & XA1 Ultra.

    ~ so XA1 & XA1 Ultra running on mediatek using cheap camera?

  • Oh!

    XperiaBlog, i recently found out that your site is using quite a lot of processing power on both Google Chrome as well as Firefox… Is there any explanation or solution to this?

  • skrug

    “As illustrated by its overall Video score of 84, the XZ Premium has fairly well-rounded Video performance. In particular, it has effective stabilization and generally good target exposures.”

    doesn’t match with the summary:

    “Video performance is also competent, but marred by problems with loss of detail and mediocre stabilization. ”


  • Stating that they fake it before and now it’s perfectly clear? If You were fake You will be fake, doesn’t matter what will change…

    You cannot say that Z5 and Xp scores were fake and that what we have now is 100% honest scoring system. I don’t mean that it will newer be 100% honest and 100% clear, I only mean it being fake.

    There is no place for so bug change in humans and believing in it is not good…

  • iia3ezu

    The truth hurts, does it not?

    Stop whining about ‘biased/bribed reviewers’: Xperia phones still take a lot of noisy photos, especially in low light.

    It’s ironic that other phones with a Sony camera sensor produce much better pictures… it’s either incompetence on the part of the Sony Mobile software team, or a deliberate attempt to make sure Xperia phones do not steal market share from Sony’s digital cameras. Pick one.

    And you wonder why Sony phones aren’t selling well: camera (mediocre), battery life (Stamina Mode is overrated, 2700mAh on the XZ1 is a joke) and software (Sony’s additional bloat e.g. Xperia Lounge).

    I think I am beginning to understand Sony’s strategy now: sell only a few phones, but overprice it as the diehard fanboys will buy it anyway without regard for value or quality.

    This is why:

  • Rene Boncales

    Antiminer chrome extension

  • Oh!

    so XperiaBlog is doing mining when a visitor visit their website?

  • Oh!

    By having the anti miner chrome extension doesn’t help in reducing the amount of cpu usage while browsing XperiaBlog.
    Is XperiaBlog aware of this issue?

  • Oh!

    Tried on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. All the browser seems to eat up CPU resources when browsing XperiaBlog. Something must be wrong. Will try it out on another pc….

  • Rene Boncales

    It works on me after installing Adblock Plus and Antiminer

  • Oh!

    oh nice… It is sick to see XperiaBlog doing this… It lags my Xpeira XZ too…. Disgusting.

  • Gary Ohanian

    I used to pin it in FF, but now I’ve removed it because it was sticking at 99% CPU. Took ages for me to figure out the cause. Definitely something in the background here eating CPU.

  • Oh!

    Same here, i used to pin it with my Chrome. I only figure out the cause when my CPU fan starts spinning at full speed.

  • lolop

    I agree XPERIA cameras have more noise but they also have more detail in the picture. In low light I agree it’s less sharp than the competitors but it’s definitely more than adequate.

    It’s funny how some commenters in the comments think they know more than DXOMark or only consider it “valid” since it corroborates with the belief they originally held anyway.

    So many wild statements (e.g.) :

    “They say Sony paid them for the scores, but stopped it.”
    Who is “they”, do you have evidence? Probably not. This is nothing but speculation.

    “they have no credibility, so this whole benchmark is fake.”
    Because you don’t agree with their scoring system, they have no credibility and their findings are irrelevant, even though their methodology are explained indepth.

    “This time DXOmark tested really, but not fake like previous ranks.”
    See above

    “Previously, they had a different counting system, which many did not like and was not practical.”
    Who are the many? Why was it not practical? Why is the previous methodology not liked and not practical?

    “Finally honest review from DxOmark..but mediocre video stabilization????”
    They are suddenly honest because your opinion agrees with yours.

    “They don’t do real camera tests. They never even leave the studio.”
    They don’t need to. There are experiments to measure camera performance that can’t be done outside. Look at how TVs are calibrated.

    I’m not saying Sony cameras are the best, I’m just saying people think their opinions are worth way more than they think.

  • Khursheed

    And first gen XA is using IMX 258 same used by LG in their G6. They never use cheap sensors in their smartphones, it’s their average post processing.

  • Timothy Crayon

    Sammy fanboy, NO ONE need your meaningless speech here.
    Go away and return to the Zoo of Korean crap.
    Please do not pretend to be professional…….you just happens to be an idiot^^

  • azzido

    Low rate due to distortion issue, poor low light shots and no OIS. In bright conditions and without straight lines it performs very well.

  • Luis

    I was willing to trade my Xperia XZ for XZ1 Compact, ’cause I tend to prefer compact phones. Camera dutties are very important to me, and seeing how the XZP got this review, now I’m worried ’cause XZ1C uses the very same camera sensor and tech of XZP.

    Rumours say next year’s Xperia will have a new camera tech, as well a new design. What I do now? Buy XZ1C or wait next year to see if the camera will get better on general, and buy Xperia XZ3 Compact?

  • azzido

    XZ Premium scored like this due to abnormal distortion, poor low light pics, noise and lack of OIS. Other than that pucs looks good in good lightning conditions as long as there are no straight lines or people on the pic.

  • Alex Norris

    I even don`t understand how, in 2017, they can show such a low quality..
    Look at some Xperia XZ1 full sizes from different reviews
    Aquarel without blurry details with overexposed sky. Like always from Sony

    After iphone 8 plus and Pixel, this shots are crap

  • Gary Ohanian

    Seems OK today. Not running 100% anymore. Pinning it back, hope it works.

  • Oh!

    Yup, it is back to normal.

  • kabiluddin

    Seriously get a life. All you do is come here and bitch about what other people say. Say something constructive otherwise get a life.

    If you spend so much time coming to a site dedicated to Sony fan, remembering what they say to you and bashing these bind stubborn sony fan then you need a new hobby. What do you expect blind stubborn sony fan boy to do? Ditch Sony and use the phone of your favorite brand? Is this why you are so angry? Is this where all of your frustration come from? That you FAILED to convert these blind stuborn Sony fanboys to convert to other brands fan.

  • the_matchless

    My dear friend it wasn’t always like that…

    There was a time when the Xperias such as the Arc S, S, SL, T, TX took pictures with a lot more detail in the shadows however since the sensors in those days were very weak, the per pixel rawness also came quite visible. At that time the likes of Samsung and iPhone used to take the same root by leaving the shadows darker and over saturating the colours. I was one of the people who at that time criticized Samsung and iPhone (Though iPhone wasn’t that mush guilty) of such post processing of the pictures but in those days people loved it.

    However, the game has now changed and there is no doubt that the camera implementation in other phones is certainly and genuinely much better than the ones found in the Xperias, unfortunately, specially considering that they come from the same company that is otherwise creating some real big groundbreaking news in the world of photography & Videos with their RX Series, A9, A6500, A7R2 etc. So the real question is why? Well I’d like to link an article and a Video that could help better understand “the why” but you have to go through them both.

    I think all would agree here when its said that it would be a great loss and not in favour of the customers if a company like Sony is forced to walk out of the market. In fact I believe that none of them i.e. Sony, LG, HTC, Samsung and iPhone etc. should ever walk out since a healthy competition between true technology giants benefits the end users.

  • the_matchless

    LOVE SONY But I don’t shy away from taking things on merit…

    I have been using Sony phones ever since K500 & K700 days. Back then Sony was really brilliant. Sony was experimenting and innovating new designs and materials, however, at that time people wanted heavy specs for no real good reason e.g. Dual core processor when Android couldn’t make use of more than one. Also reviewers gave a huge margin to the terrible AMOLED Screen of those days that used to not only have strange colour casts, lesser panel life, but also the shadows appeared like blobs. Back then They loved the contrast and that was that.

    The dying market of Xperia in Pakistan forced me to move away from Sony after Z3 (I loved my Z3). Not willing to buy a Samsung for its UI mainly I went on to trying Huawei P10+. Though it was certainly a very good phone, it could not win me over mainly due to UI and overall lacking in the user experience. So I switched back to Xperia XZ hoping that the problems with the overheating that was plaguing Xperias ever since Z3+ would now be gone (With the exception of Xperia X which is plainly an awesome phone that can out pace SD810s easy). Sad as it is I have to say that XZ is one Xperia I really hate using. The moment ambient temperature goes above say 20 C it becomes a total bitch.

    With the Xperia XZ Premium though things have finally changed for good. In terms of day to day performance XZ Premium shares the top space with Note 8 (which has come out 6+ month later and has 2gb more ram). So yeah Sony is definitely making a progress but weather or not that would be enough remains to be seen.

    Now to the main question. Considering all of the above is it really truly worth paying twice or even thrice as much on Note 8 and iPhone X for those thin bezels, aspect ratio, AMOLED or the extra detail in shadows. Well the logic says NO! but just add to the equation the absence of Sony in marketing and after sales and the answer will come clear.

    I am still contemplating on buying XZ Premium for its now reasonable price tag coupled with the fact that I want to support Sony so let’s see…

  • HAWX

    I dont know what the F you came and talk to say be these things ,but I havent tried to convert any person to be other brands fanboy. This is not fan boy site, I check this site to get information about Sony mobile devices. NOT TALK OR SEE THE FAN BOYS COMMENTS ABOUT HOW XPERIAS ARE 150% BETTER THAN OTHER MANUFACTURERS IN ALL SEGMENTS ALTHOUGH ITS OPPOSITE, but real people giving their real life experiences with their devices, instead of opinions.Mobile phones has the most popular and competitive market today although I dont need to give any justification to you. And how can you end up in cocnlusion that I spend so much tine in this site? How can I make a constructive comment, and do I need to do it? Should I do the same thing as you are doing, Is this fcking constructive?

    Use the same shit idealogy to you,
    You come here to rescue blind fanboys whose opinions about “Sony phones are superior and how they can clearly justify their price” are getting crushed by other people whom you are bitching about they are bitching about fanboys?
    SOMEBODY NEEDS A LIFE, at least that’s true.

  • kabiluddin

    If you going to lie about it atleast be convincing. Somebody that NEEDS A LIFE is you, razorg, alex norris aka bobeobi gzigzigzeo, té, S.H.U.R.O.

    Yet, you talk about how sony fans here blindly defend the brand in the previous comment, You lying piece of 4hit. If you don’t read fanboys comment how do you know all the fanboys here only defend the brand.

    You come here here for trolling. That is the truth. You’ve been doing it and encourge other Trash like you, alex norris aka bobeobi gzigzigzeo, té, S.H.U.R.O. encourage it. F**king trash troll like you needs to get a life. Although I doubt a trash like you will ever able to spend a single day without trolling the brand you hate on the net I sure hope you do.

  • kabiluddin

    I know right. This is over your head for trash like you, razorg, alex norris aka bobeobi gzigzigzeo, té, S.H.U.R.O., HAWX.

  • roeshak

    I wouldn’t take dx0 rankings too seriously. Seen enough iPhone 8 samples to conclude it doent belong anywhere near the top. They seem to have their own bias as far as image quality goes. Over playing some things and under playing others so as always you can’t go off just one review alone.

  • Alex Norris
    They are one of the few sane people in this blog, who are in a sober mind except of this crowd of stupid fans. And fans, these are the same sectarians
    Typical situation )

  • kabiluddin

    LOL, whatever you say trash.

  • HAWX

    @kabiluddin:disqus I blocked you for once and for all, I don’t have time to follow the users of this forum and catagorise users as being TROLLS or FAN BOYS or btches.

    I didn’t point any spesific person on my initial post btw, unlike you.

    I see YOU CAN’T ANSWER MY QUESTONS, because It’s obvious that you are doing very pointless thing attacking me, you just want to attack me for saying the cameras of the Xperias are bad for years, which is funny. And tell me, is there a spesific button which filters fan boy’s comments? How could I tell without seeing these people’s comments and reading them fully? Maybe you can show me before calling me “lying bitch” you superbly constructive clever hotshot?

    And IF you really want to see go check 2013-2014 XB comment section which I was most active, go check what I upwoted, and praised Z3’s dedicated dac for headphone output.You clearly don’t know who you are talking with. If something is bad I and many users will say It’s bad. AND IF something is bad and manufacturer don’t fix it for YEARS, people will always complain and that’s natural thing. Like DSG problem on the Volkswagen cars, go check car forums for years. It’s not TROLLING. It is actually a mistake which is been done again and again by the manufacturer basically.

    I just have flagged your comment because you spesifcally said me bitch. And I also blocked you and I won’t see your comments from now on. Go and find other spesific person who you can dck race with.

  • kabiluddin

    Yeah, whatever trash.

  • (C):stem

    Then buy more, before mobile division is killed. You know that the iphone sells more in a year than Sony has sold in 5, right?

  • Oh!

    and it is back with 100%…. oh well

  • arcu de triumf

    Can you check this site please? I got this warning from my AV saying:

    This webpage is identified as infected with malware. Virus name: Application.BitCoinMiner.SX. The webpage has been successfully blocked by Antimalware filter and your PC is now safe.

  • Łukasz Leszczyński

    Hey guys, just got my XZ1. If you have any questions write to me :)

  • Henry V

    Does the XZ1 have the same distorted camera problem as the XZP?

  • Łukasz Leszczyński
  • Gary Ohanian

    Yup :(

  • Luis

    If XZ1 Compact has the same distortion problems of the XZ Premium, I won’t buy it. I’ll wait for XZ3 Compact and new camera tech next year.

  • deekbee

    The Z5 scores were very definitely faked/bought/inaccurate. I bought a Z5C on the basis of the DXO mark “ratings” and have continually found them to be flat out wrong.

    In general, DXO reviews are close to worthless.

  • deekbee

    “Lesser noise” in manual mode? At least on the Sony phones, thats a big “nope”.

    Are you referring to Sony manual mode or someone else?


    It is Sony’s Manual Mode, it does help noise reduction, making it less noticeable

  • gysmma ahhak

    who cares about DXOMark??i always BELIEVE that sony is better than other phones!SONY.MAKE.BELIEVE

  • BarKohba

    The xperias will never have top scores unless 2 things happen:
    1) They get OIS, or somehow their EIS gets as good as OIS when it comes to low light photos (for videos it’s excellent ,probably the best in the business, but for low light photos it’s not up to OIS performance)
    2) They works some more in the noise supperssion post processing part, although photos have great color accuracy and dynamic range, they still exhibit too much noise at the moment

  • Vpw 65

    I have a Nokia 808 and 1020 and compared to the Z5 and XZs I have, they cant come close

  • Vpw 65

    By the way all so called top notch phone cams use SONY sensor, that also not the ones used in top of the line Xperias. SONY is the sensor king and even Toshiba who made Nokia 1020 is now owned by SONY. However the trolls and haters here would stick around for years trying to reassure themselves that their GOD phone is better than anyone else and therefore keep trolling here. For them SONY will never be good enough.

  • Alex Norris
  • Vpw 65

    Yes all those fanbois of Nokia say so nothing new, I have them, they are always better than most point and shoot and ruled the roost for long but not anymore.

  • Vpw 65

    So much hatred and a Nokiataard fanboy who goes to all efforts to post doctored pics just to prove his biased point and for long. Give it up dude.

  • EugeniaRBrinegar

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  • ZerothGlacius

    TBH, I am not sure about XP and Z5, But I did use Xperia X and frankly, the M5 clicked overall better photos (though the X had it’s moments). If it’s the same camera in XP, I have doubts. The M5 was a refreshing breath and damn right the best cameras (both front and rear) in it’s price vicinity in the last few years (even the XAU wasn’t better)…..Had to skip Sony for a few years after M5 because X was not worth the price and I cannot afford the flagships.

  • ZerothGlacius

    Oddly, that’s not just a Sony thing. Look at Samsung J7 Max’s camera output compared to most of the A-series (2017) and you’ll see the same thing.

    I had an old M5 and I still believe it clicks better pics than the Xperia X. I actually returned my Xperia X after seeing the picture outputs compared to M5.

    It appears to me MTK phones have a bunch of quite good algorithms baked into the stock SOC sources itself (which are available to vendors), while Qualcomm prefers developers to optimize the algorithms with the powerful Hexagon DSP. Just a hunch. I’ve seen this too many times to consider it a coincidence.

    You’ll also see that generally the mid-range MTK phones have quite good audio quality compared to mid-range SD phones…..(like in the case of M4A vs. M5).

  • ZerothGlacius

    Actually the MTK Sony phones often get better (in practice) cameras than their flagship counterparts. Where’s the OIS front camera on the XZ and XZ1 series?

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