Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact owners – What are your impressions?

by XB on 12th October 2017

in Xperia XZ series

The Sony Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact have been out for a weeks now. Sony’s latest flagship devices comes with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, and some of the latest hardware specs including a Snapdragon 835 chipset.

If you are a recent owner, we would love to hear your impressions so far. What do you like, and what frustrations do you have? Did you upgrade from a previous Xperia, if so, how much of an improvement is the Xperia XZ1 series? We’d love to hear your views below.

  • Ming William Lee

    I am a XZ1 Compact owner (guess what colour haha).
    So far, the battery life had been JUST AMAZING (given the fact I used to use Z1C,Z3C,XC), like still 50% remain everyday I go to sleep (usually 2330).The display is beautiful and VERY BRIGHT in the sunlight (but the auto brightness issue still there).However, the camera issues still not resolved (but colour seems better than XZP).
    I am mostly happy with the hardware, but main issues are software, still quite buggy (well, compared to well polished firmware Sony have recently), some lags, few stuck and auto restarts, even experienced issues with chrome sometimes. The security pack still 4th Aug (hmm sounds like pixel as not the 1st Aug), far lag behind old models. I’ve experienced several issues sometimes, including WIFI not connecting (need to restart), alarm clock not ringing in DND (with alarm allowed), external DAC does not work properly after music paused for a while (everything suddenly come out from speakers). Sony had replaced part of apps (messaging, clock etc.) with stock one, but some aren’t recognized in Play store (clock mainly, as it failed once and doesn’t support shortcut).
    They are not to say it is not a good phone, absolutely loved it! Hope Sony will update the firmware ASAP.

  • Yut

    XZ1C lags security patch update because they’re new and xzp is not running 8.0. after xzp is on 8.0, the sony phone using 835 will all receive oct patch

  • I hate that they removed tap to wake, so there’s no way to just view the lockscreen since the power button unlocks the phone.

  • Rajiv Bedi

    buy the official style cover from sony and thank me later

  • Jozef Cmar

    I dont see many changes in Android 8.0.0 Oreo from Sony Mobile

  • dale kana

    I’m happy. My XZ was a dog compared to this XZ1. I believe the XZ1 should have been the XZ. I know a lot of folks are bitching about the bezel, but do you really want a 2:1 form factor?

  • Kenny

    Coming from the Z3 Compact, I really like the phone. Size wise, it’s almost the same, which is a good thing. Really loving the fingerprint scanning.

    The only thing I’m missing so far is the double-tap to wake. I used it a lot on my Z3C, and not having it here is a bummer. I like to double-tap the screen just to see the notifications, even if the intention is not to unlock the phone.

  • Paul

    Not the best workaround but I hit the button with an unregistered finger to turn the screen on without unlocking.

  • Geno

    (Xperia XZ1 Compact) It’s amazing, though I’m not too impressed with having to flash some specialized firmware on the phone to keep my VoLTE and WiFi calling and get the fingerprint scanner working.

    I miss the double tap to wake for easier OK Google while in the vehicle

    Phenomenal battery life and phone/WiFi signal

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I’ve own XZ1 for two week.

    I really like it overall performance it’s quite fast but it still has some issues.

    Sometime it lost cellular network.

    The worst thing is camera’s distortion which is disgusting. How come SONY release new product without fixing the old issues first ?

    Do they care about customer ?

    Here’s some evidence.

  • Łukasz Leszczyński

    [XZ1] Wow. Just wow. I had XZ and never thought that I would buy thus one, but friend of mine wanted to buy it from me, so I bought this one. Siriously WOW. First of all battery works like o 150% of the previous one and I can easily use phone for a day with 6h+ on screen time (XZ did 4,5h for me). Performance – its a beast, as Snapdragon 820 did stuttered a bit (twice a day, not much), that 835 works flowlessly no matter what with Android 8.0. Design – I feel that differance in slimmer, but alluminium unibidy. Its much more comfortable to hold. Any flows I detected? Yeap. Bluetooth works like some sort of beta version, once it does, once I have to wait 2 minutes to get it connected. Camera? Its distorted like in XZ Premium, but everything else works just as good or slightly better then XZ one. To sum up: this slight changes made that phone 200% more reliable for me, so I am happy with my purchase and now I think it will be my flagship for the next couple of year. At least until Sony will produce OLED bezelless phone with footprint of this one, because whats the differance of having bezels made with screen than made with disign choice. Sony keep up the great work! #wowfactor #sonyftw #smartphonemasterrace

  • Arkim Deligny

    coming my from z5 to xz1 i think its a big upgrade. the xz1 is a classy device but it needs a firmware update. loads of bugs.

  • SopNaw

    I ordered it and I will receive it soon. Pretty sure my impressions will be great since i’m coming from a Xperia T and SP using them for about 4 years (lol).

  • Antero Masonen

    You can enable the doubletap from user settings

  • Szabolcs Gärtner

    Coming from the Xperia Z, it’s a lot faster (Though even mid-class phones like the Xperia X already are from my GF’s experience), everthing is buttery-smooth and slick pretty much at all times, and the device looks stunning too boot.

    Love the materials as well, the XZ1 feels good and valuable in the hand.

    Pretty much everything from the screen brightness to the camera quality is a step-up from the Z, which is to be expected after jumping forward 4 years.

    However, I have multitudes of issues with Bluetooth, even though I use Sony hardware in conjunction with the XZ1 (SB20 bluetooth module with MDR-EX450 headphones attatched as well as occasionally the SRS-XB20 speakers)- either the hardware controls don’t work, or the devices don’t connect, Bluetooth as app crashes (even multiple times, which oddly has it’s own error message), which can take up to 20 minutes per day to fix fiddling around with various settings/workarounds (Restarting the phone, clearing the cache, disabling/enabling bluetooth on the phone and/or device, changing the Bluetooth developer options, “forgetting” the devices etc.).

    Nothing so far has worked more than temporarily, which is very annoying.

    Furthermore, Wi-Fi has less range/more drops compared to my Xperia Z , but that’s a smaller issue I can live with, as well as the audio quality in itself which ranges from duller to more dynamic depending on the track.

    All in all I’d be very happy with the phone if Bluetooth would work flawlessly. As it stands (Whether it’s an Oreo or Sony issue), I would not recommend the phone to anyone who regularly uses Bluetooth. I’d appreciate if the official Support forums would take note/ post a a statement whether they are aware and when a fix can be expected, given that the Pixel and nexus phones have issues as well.

  • Coming from Z2, the phone feels like a solid upgrade. While my Z5 was speedy before it was broken, XZ1 feels really smooth. The battery life, despite equipped with a smaller battery, feels much better on XZ1 too. While I couldn’t get impressive SOT because I have my smartband paired to the phone all day, but it can easily last through a day.

    I like the build quality of the phone, which is good as always (compared to my old Z5, and my mother’s Z2). Also I particularly like that this sports a Aluminum body so I don’t worry about it as much (compared to the glass back of Z5). The screen also looks really nice, indoor or outdoor.

    The biggest let down would have to be the camera, it is still not giving clean enough shots indoor or in low light. While people are complaining the distortion, I am fine with it because it could be really hard to fix it with such a wide angle lens.

    There’s one thing I miss from the phone, which is the tap-to-wake feature. I sent in support request, and got a canned response in return. Not sure if it would be re-introduced in the future, but we shall see.

    The reason I bought this instead of lower priced XZs or other phone is the support for USB-Power Delivery standard. It works well, and the battery care system works with that too.

  • No you cant. No option for that.

  • agreed. there are some bad implementations wich you clearly see they rushed the firmware to release

  • Hikari

    I am going to receive my XZ1 compact today, I have so many reviews and unboxings that I couldn’t take it any more :-) currently I am using L1 so that is going downsize but performance upgrade.

  • fried_egg

    Sadly you can’t

  • fried_egg

    I like my XZ1& it’s worth remembering this is the same price as QVC currently sell an iphone 6s for !! Then again I liked the X10, S, Z1 and Z5 before it. Bought it in silver and immediately the gold z5 (which i sold for a good price unlike the Z1 that I kept for a tv in the bath as the resale was poor) looked old – weird as the week before it looked as stunning as when I bought it. I do think there is a problem with the camera in low light to the Z5 and I hope that is addressed soon. Battery life is excellent, there is little “lag” felt and the screen is clear & bright. I don’t think there is any improvement in the “volume” over the Z5 (so a ringing phone is still too quiet as are the front speakers generally – regardless of the 50% more whatever they promised in the quality of that volume). Not sure actually if I preferred the audio on the Z5 (using the same hi-res Sony earphones). The 2 gimmicks are fun. The 960fps video needs very bright settings to work but it is great… the 3D creator annoyingly needed a “head” to scan first before any other mode would unlock. It is a great phone, it is cheaper than other flagships, and the 4gb ram size, 835 cpu etc are what Google also used for their new Pixel 2 phones (so there really is no need for more ram yet). the camera needs a software tweak because the reviews seem to have decided that is something to mark the phone down on & that is not good PR at all.

  • Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    I have the my xz1 since moaday and sp far iam very satisfigth with it i did nt have any problems batterylife is excellent camera has no distortion performance is also excellent and by the way there is already a new update on the way with buildnummber: 47.1.A.2.374 maybe this is october security patch with som bug fixes

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    i think they rushing too much just like 2012 xperia.

  • J. W.

    I usually just use the tip of my finger to press the bottom end of the home button. Basically it prevents the fingerprint sensor from detecting my entire fingerprint while still being able to press the button.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    huh ?

  • Ming William Lee

    Apart from camera issue, cellular dropping line and WiFi dropping issue. I hope they can do something next time with the audio too. I have all my DAP and DAC, and don’t fancy much from a phone, but at least use the Qualcomm’s advised codec, the old wcd9335 from SD820 on XZP, XZ1,XZ1C is disappointing, only budget flagships like Mi6, OP5 still use it on SD835… For the price at least should match the standard…

  • JC

    coming from the Z3 compact, most of the complaints have already been addressed. no excuse for the lack of tap to wake. the lighting requirement for the 960 fps is a bit much. haven’t been able to use 3d creator yet, but I’m excited to do so when I get some time. screen is nice and bright, but the way it auto-adjusts is awful. some kind of weird flickering down. flashlight is brighter.

  • so yeah, good xz1 is good upgrade from z5?

    also Z5 owner here, pretty much satisfied with the device, also Z5 wasn´t much great device when first came out with lollipop, but later with marshmallow and now nougat, its really good. something i like about sony phones is that they are getting better with each update they get.

    what about the speakers comparing to z5? is difference noticable or not?

  • suraj


  • suraj

    how can i buy here in india cant able to buy

  • Sugir Paskaran

    Whats Up Xperiablog readers! I’ve had the very first Sony Xperia Z (C6603) from 2013 and i must say to be honest, it’s a very huge step to XZ1 to me! I am so happy right now :) and the Battery performance is just stunning! 1 full day no problem at all and i just love it <3
    Experience yourself and give this XZ1 a chance and have a nice day my friends :)

  • Rajiv Bedi

    Go to official Sony showroom, I am sure they have it.

  • Murat Tahran

    You can enable in xperia home settings.

  • Sebastian Gustafsson

    I have Xperia XZ1, previously XZ, and Z5, Z3 and Z before that. I feel like they are constantly improving, with Z5 being a small hiccup in my opinion, and this phone is the best yet if you ask me. The unibody aluminum “case” feels really premium, the performance is flawless, battery life is on par if not better than XZ despite a smaller battery and I do like the updated UI of Android 8 and Sony’s customizations.

  • I am facing Google Play Store not working issue on XZ1. Any solution?

  • Murat Tahran

    Delete cache and data of google play store and google play services in Settings-Apps. Then reboot your phone then re-login google account in google play store. After login, wait 10 minutes, it will make update of google play and play services then reboot phone again. Enjoy, there won’t be any issues about google apps

  • shenoy

    Not available yet. But coming soon

  • T.B.D F

    L’impression qu’on s’est totalement foutu de nos gueules avec une batterie d’aussi minable capacité.

    The impression that we have totally fucked our mouths with a battery of such shabby capacity.

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    This really is annoying..
    It is not just specifications, but the display hardware and audio hardware are definitely a notch behind and the camera capabilities are sub par

  • Ming William Lee

    While I cannot really agree with the display one (bad oled on phones like V30 with rubbish dimming isn’t anywhere better or even on par than a good LCD on XZP apart from better on paper in my own eyes, but anyway), Sony used to use the proper codec, for X and XC, Sony even adopted the WCD9335 on SD820 onto those SD650 design (tho I think no ‘reviews’ mentioned that… Nowadays if that’s not good on paper, perhaps people won’t even pick up and have a proper look, so-called ‘on cloud hands-on’…

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    i don`t liked camera quality ((. I changed my mind about buying it

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Well the iPhone/MAC displays look better. I agree with you on the OLED oart though.
    I have the XZ right now, had a Z3C before that, the audio detail has reduced enough for me to notice.

  • Ming William Lee

    I agree with the iPhone, so bad now they are also stepping back with a much worse LCD on iPhone 8/8plus… Similar thing with HTC few years ago. This trend of cost reduction is very similar to PC (especially on things like display, 45% NTSC 1080P is so common with above USD 1000 PCs nowadays)
    Consumer electronics nowadays are like… (I appreciate the fact I can still get a proper shaped display)

  • Keshav Burtony

    Same here, i rejected the XZ1/XZ Premium as and option mainly because of the camera and also the loop design with thick bezels which isn’t confortable at all..

  • Keshav Burtony

    Et aussi de la qualite de la camera.Et aussi le design :p

  • Jariwala Bhavin

    I just bought Today XZ1 Today Morning.. I am facing problems when I am taking selfies.. when I am trying to click selfies that time phone screen going to yellow.. and picture quality also not good.. colours also looking like different..

  • Bennder

    That’s “selfie flash”, just turn it off.

  • tristi lumina

    Anyone here can compare it with XZP in any ways?
    I still confused should get XZ1 or XZP.

  • Genorok

    Just an update, it is possible to get T Mobile VoLTE and Wifi Calling with a working fingerprint. It takes some effort but it can be fairly easily accomplished.

  • XZP is a slightly larger phone, with a 4k display, otherwise spec-wise should be more or less the same

  • Lars Holmgren

    hello. I bought a xz1 compact yesterday. Great phone, I had a z5c earlier, which my son got. Xz1c feels almost identical, a bit boring, but I was really satisfied with z5c, so … The new one has some new sweets and it does not get hot as the z5c became.

  • Kenny

    Nope, there is no such option.

  • Kenny

    Z5 being a small hiccup … well said! :D

  • Jariwala Bhavin

    How to stop it..? Where is that options..?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think even battery-wise XZP will do better. I have XZP and it’s a great device. No problems so far.

  • Bennder
  • Ming William Lee

    For sure these says you can have non of those phones, neither XZP nor XZS… Better go try these phones before commenting a ‘on cloud fix’ by doing a ‘on cloud hands-on’.

  • kappa

    Easy solution, don’t use the retarded fingerprint reader lmao, it’s not any more secure than a 6 digit code or a not braindead pattern.

  • GregLu

    Holy shit that’s really a bummer … Seriously I quit Sony when I sold my Z5c after my Z3c but that’s so … I don’t have words.

  • DBS

    My Z3C has been acting up and I was considering getting the XZ1C as a replacement mp3 player…but all these reports of it not having double-tap to wake have changed my mind, honestly.
    I think, if my Z3C dies, I’d rather go on eBay and find another Z3C then. It’ll be cheaper and more functional.

  • g_man292

    As someone that has been on both sides of the fence. Xperia ZL and 6s Plus, the thing I missed about Sony is their audio and music apps. Really would love to see them get a working fingerprint scanner out of the box for the US.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Now this problem has been publicly spread for a while. Let’s see how long SONY will stay shameless.

  • alphamm

    NO! I’LL BLAME YOU! The style cover sticker will ruin the phone back if used for a long time!
    My Z3C got an irremovable square trace on the back glass after ~1yr. I’ve tried water, soap, alcohol but still cannot remove it.

  • DBS

    That’s because 8.0 doesn’t actually change much from 7.0. Most changes are under-the-hood and not in terms of design. The ones you’ll be able to take a bigger advantage are:

    1 – Picture-in-picture mode;
    2 – The built in of Sony’s theme engine into AOSP which will allow you to ditch Sony’s pathetic Xperia Theme engine in favour of using something like Substratum without root, allowing you to finally fully theme your phone (and not just the navigation buttons and the wallpapers)

  • Biancoceleste

    What is battery life like on the compact?
    This is my only concern.

  • eresac

    May I ask if someone has tried FM Radio alternatives (such as Spirit1 FM radio…yes I know it’s not free) from the market?

    The Qualcomm 835 SoC Plattform is supporting FM Radio, maybe it works or maybe sony could add this i a future update.

  • HAWX

    I find this topic and poeple’s own individual opinions without bias about their devices very useful and valuable. Thank you Xperiablog and members.

  • HAWX

    Sorry to bother mate, but which DAC you use? I have Sony A35 Walkman but I don’t recommend it If you have options.

  • Ming William Lee

    Sorry what do you mean? There must be a typo somewhere?

  • Conan


  • The One

    It’s the best battery life of any Sony smartphone ever – check out gsmarena’s battery rating. It even beats the legendary Z3 Compact. You should consistently get 2 day battery life between charges for moderate users.

  • The One

    Are there any international firmware versions that can be flashed to give US users the Fingerprint reader AND keep T-Mobile’s wifi calling and VoLTE features?

  • The One

    How? Any link to a tutorial?

  • Francesco Pavinato

    Coming from Z3, a great improvement.. Wonderful camera and i’m very impressed with the Snapdragon 835 energy consumption… Very glad i’ve bought it and the blue moonlight colour is very very cool!

  • Genorok


    Very easy. Essentially download flashtool for the drivers, and newflasher for the flashing. Using Xperifirm download the UK Rom and use Newflasher (in the folder that has your ROM from Xperifirm, copy and paste Newflasher.exe into it. It will flash EVERYTHING that’s in that folder so be careful on that) to flash it to your device. (This enables the fingerprint).

    Then download the US Rom. Copy the US file oem_X-FLASH-ALL-C93B.sin and use it to overwrite the file in the UK firmware folder. Then run Newflasher again.

    I wiped my data before I started and let the Roms wipe my data too just to be safe

  • Abl Rahman

    Coming from z2 to z5 to xz to xz1 Same old Sadly Sony you’re better than that

  • MrWalker1000

    sony messed up with batery. imagine how much better it would have been with 3000mah or higher.

  • MrWalker1000

    lgv30 killed the game with quad dac. Sony is behind in both battery life and audio. which is a shame they are supposed to lead in both

  • MrWalker1000

    i think he means dap. like portable music player.

  • MrWalker1000

    are you 100 percent sure sony isn’t using the latest qualcom codec? there is no way they are not doing that?

  • Ming William Lee

    What do you mean? If I am not hundred percent sure why would I bothered to write here? Two solid evidence: 1. Sony’s own source file on Github, look yourself. 2. Teardown pictures.

  • Ming William Lee

    They said so in their promo materials… I am fine with not having an extra DAC, as 1. LG didn’t do it well, at least not the best from how it sounds and the tested data (THD), plus consume much more battery and the software support (3rd party players) is very problematic. 2. With Qualcomm’s current solution, it is possible to still get a very good outcome, eg. HTC 10 (actually A9 even better, but have an extra DAC), with Qualcomm’s codec, but well designed circuit for audio, as well as their own amp with very good tuning, very impressive test results, THD better than many DAPs (put some Sony’s Walkmans on shame), many people agree that sounds better than V20. Therefore Sony can do it properly with what they have, but they just can’t be bothered…

    And Sony’s camera, FF s….

  • Ming William Lee

    I see. If that is DAP then it makes sense.

  • Ming William Lee

    You meant you bought a A35 and willing to get a better one? For DAP, just be careful with Sony if you’re going for sound…

  • MrWalker1000

    sony just lacks in camera software because hardware wise their sensor is probably the best and they make the best professional cameras. so its 100 percent the softare.

    so what exactly is THD what makes it better.

    its a real shame sony isnt using qualcom codec since everyone is doing it.

  • MrWalker1000

    if the codec is a software thing can’t sony change that or whatever with just an update.

  • Ming William Lee

    First THD is a measurement for distortion. While sometime the different might not be auditable, but clearly it reflects on the level of circuit engineering. Still tuning is important too.
    Second, WCD9335 is Qualcomm’s codec, just not the standard design for SD835, it is the standard design for SD820 (cost cutting).
    Third, the camera hardware hugely limits the performance, leave the sensor aside (IMX400 isn’t that magical either for photos, yet it has huge processing powers, but no dual pixel AF, etc), quality of lenses aren’t good (both material and build quality), quality of coating isn’t good, no OIS (guaranteed will suffer at low light) , the list goes on and on… I agree camera is more of a system, the overall set up have to works together well (LG uses old and small sensors, Samsung uses older sensors too, but things workout great. They stopped there as they found the equilibrium between optical quality excellence and usage of space for both sensor and lenses) but there is still huge space of improvement for its camera hardware.
    And yep, software optimization FF s, even mounted with a tripod, manual mode, it still suffers badly(and yet, no RAW)… Look at these ODM Sony products (XA series) where the camera software is not done by Sony, their image quality are far better with the same IMX300 sensor.

  • Ming William Lee

    Google what codec is… Saying it is a software thing is like saying… At least take an ‘educated guess’.
    The reason you can identify it by source file in the kernal is because it is the driver where Qualcomm distribute to Sony, therefore, the WCD9335 driver will only run on devices with it. And there are tear downs.

  • dale kana

    Way better than my XZ. Doesn’t lag as much. Touch tends to be a bit more sensitive. Scrolling opens pages sometimes.
    This style could be the last. The next flagship will be a 2:1 like it or not. I don’t. Too bad Sony can’t stay unique but I understand. Business first, says the bean counters.

  • Michael Reiche

    I was minutes away from clicking he “buy now” button, but then I read this…

    Is the camera “wave” distortion a problem with every XZ1?

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Yes this issues exist on every XZs, XZP, XZ1, XZ1C.

    BTW SONY will release the distortion correction through the update within this month. Just not sure about the actual date.

  • LTEstyles

    I really love this phone! But, guys, it official. The Xperia XZ1 DOES NOT support T-Mobile’s VoLTE feature. There is an app that T-Mobile came out with called “BOYD check app” that will tell you if the phone you are using is completely compatible with it’s network and all of its feature, and my XperiaXZ1 failed the VoLTE test. See image below.

  • Josh

    Sick phone, love my xz1 compact

  • MrWalker1000

    thanks for the writeup. Is the codec on the X and X compact any good? I notice that the sound quality is pretty good on my X and i say better than the z3. Its shame on sony for cheaping out on something like that on their newest handsets.

    with that said what are the best sounding quality smartphones right now? I know htc10 and lgv30 hold that title atm.

    i wanna see sony put an in house amp/dac on their next smartphone and not be cheap.

  • MrWalker1000

    its the camera software holding sony back. Sony has experience when it comes to hardware they have top notch sensor and good lens. after all sony makes professional lenses.

  • lolop

    I can get VoLTE for EE in the UK. I think EE bought T-mobile years ago. I had to flash the EE firmware though via FlashTool

  • Ming William Lee

    The only good thing is the sensor, and Sony mobile have nothing to do with other departments. Your argument is invalid because if there’s something to do with other departments, then why the cam is tuned so badly on the first place.

    And, other hardware, such as lenses is badly made of bad materials, very bad lenses coating (blur easily), with small aperture. Very bad single colour flash, where the display is actually brighter than that. Lack of OIS (finally adding it soon). The list goes on and on. Of course, with nearly bottom hardware apart from the sensor, and absolutely bottom software, the camera SUCKS!

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