Android Oreo lands on Xperia X Performance (41.3.A.0.401)

by XB on 27th November 2017

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Android 8.0.0 Oreo started to roll to the Xperia XZ and XZs at the end of last week through build number 41.3.A.0.401. The Xperia X Performance runs the same strand of firmware, and it started to receive the same update earlier today. The update is live on both the single SIM (F8131) and dual SIM (F8132) versions of the Xperia X Performance. If you have received the new firmware, let us know your impressions in the comments below.

DOWNLOAD Xperia X Performance FTF firmware files (41.3.A.0.401) – Android 8.0.0

Xperia X Performance (F8131) 41.3.A.0.401 Australia Generic
Xperia X Performance Dual (F8132) 41.3.A.0.401 Russia Generic

Thanks Diogo, Jendanto, Raven, Shady and Spencer!

  • G-UNIT_(Z)
  • Drelkag

    The X is next in line?

  • Борис Михаилов

    Probably. I would say in January but it’s possible that we’ll see the update in December. I wish they would add the front flash though, it’s something that only the xz1 series has.

  • Moisés

    Last year X and Xc got 7.0 about one week before Xmas

  • Yuri

    Sony is doing an amazing job with software support. Hopefully they get the credit they deserve for this!

  • Yuri

    Still thought, I wonder why no OEM doesn’t go above and beyond with software support. For example, Sony could give 3 major updates to their phones, which would help Sony differentiate themeselves to their competitors. Giving an extra year of support would most likely attract more customers to the Sony brand, and their reputation would get a much needed boost!

  • Nirmal

    Not available in xz. In India I don’t know how?

  • Geralt

    Because… Google

    Remember Xperia Z from 2013?

    It was updated straight from 4.1 to 5.1.1 with 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0 in between. Sony wish to do it with every phone but … it’s Google’s fault

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Got my nougat update for my X performance like the day before Christmas last year xD

  • Marinko Agic

    If Sony do update on older phone like Xperia Z3,Z5 they will get lot of free advertaising in media.

  • LocalPatriot

    I updated my Xperia XZ to oreo, and my navigation icons not the same with other oreo. See the picture below. My home button just a point, there isn’t a circle…. i use the default theme. PLS help, how can it be??

  • Moisés

    It is not cheap to updated phones

  • KzX

    Maybe because you don’t enable Google Assistant.

  • Ambroos

    If they do, the phones won’t pass Google’s compatibility test suite and Sony would have to remove all Google Apps. Google has started blocking older SoCs from working on newer Android versions as an attempt to make sure every device running Android 8 supports a minimum set of features, for example. Which is understandable, but annoying as a user.

    At the same time, Google has started releasing better security updates for Android 5 and up, with the security patch level. It should be OK for manufacturers to not upgrade to new major Android versions as long as they stick with timely security updates. But most don’t even do that.

  • Yuri

    Maybe, but that was back then. With android O and Project Tremble, updates are now supposed to be easier and most likely less costly. In other words, it’s a good opportunity for Sony to change things now, so long as Qualcoom doesn’t drop support early for their flaghship SOC like the 820, it would now be possible and it would futher encourage people to buy Sony’s flagships!

  • Yuri

    Hey Moisés, Sony could build their reputation and get more loyal customers. Through increased sales, they would be makimg money, not lossing so it would worth the additional investment.

  • Moisés

    Most of people do not even know what updates are for. They go to stores and buy what they believe is good for them.
    That is why Samsung is popular. Their phones are sold everywhere and J3, J5 and J7 are exactly what many ppl need.

  • Yuri

    Most likely because Sony did not give you the same buttons as their newer phones. If you want to make them look nicer with animations and all, there is an awesome application that takes cares of that, it’s called NavBar Animations! It does not change the shape but adds animations, im sure you will love it!Let me know what you think ;)

  • Yuri

    But the same can be said for why apple has some many loyal customers, with such awesome software support, it sure helps!!!

  • Gianni

    but project treble is not supported on X performance .. that would be one of the best gift from sony.. do you know if XZ is ?

  • The One

    Apple users don’t know even know what new features the updates include. They just do it because the message pops up on their phone every single day until they accept it. My wife has an iPhone and doesn’t even know what version OS it’s running. She just blindly clicks update when one is available. If I somehow disabled her phone’s ability to update, she would never notice and I bet most users wouldn’t notice either. The people who visit these tech blogs are the only people who care about updates. We are firmly in the minority.

  • roeshak

    Could this be Sony’s 2018 flagship. If so would be a welcome refresh of a very dated design.

  • danne94

    IMO, Sony don’t need to support Treble on their devices as Sony is very fast with software updates.

  • danne94

    That is just a concept design. We’ll have to wait till next year when Sony release 18:9 flagship (If the rumors were true). Sony is always behind when it comes to industrial design on their smartphones. Lets hope the best from Sony.

  • Calvin Wong

    when the Hong Kong version can be release? still 7.1.1 checked

  • Abdul Mutahher

    Very soon. Sony is releasing OTA updates region wise. And your region is in pending.
    Dec 2 status:
    – Single sim = 8 out of 30+ regions are remaining.
    – Dual sim = 2 out of 8+ regions remaining to be updated.
    (It will take 2 weeks approx to get OTA update all variants in series.)

    If you can’t wait then download other region FTF by XperiFirm, while if you are expert in flashing FTF rom. It is long and expert level process. Do it on your risk and may void your warranty. So it is better to wait for OTA update.
    I m also on HK dual sim and waiting for OTA, besides i have flashed FTF on my previous Sony phones before.

  • Calvin Wong

    Cool bro !! nice thanks for info !! I am too lazy too root and hehe recovery and restore .. baba.. i used to that a lot before when i was young :) !! may be i better wait for the release !!~~

  • Harish Thalanki

    Hello abdul could you please tell me how to check for what variants oreo is released

  • BlackBerryQ10lover

    Beneficial info! thx!

  • Abdul Mutahher

    Download XperiFirm latest version from XDA site.
    Select your phone along with model number. Click “check all” and you will see
    41.3.A.0.401 = oreo
    41.2.A.7.76 = nougat

    Or visit site. This is simple procedure, when you don’t want to use pc. And ready FTF firmware file.

    I’m not expert level user, but have very little info about xperia.

  • Yuri

    Just got the update on my X Performance here in Canada!! Much earlier than I thought, I’m glad! Last year, Nougat was delayed three and a half months here in Canada.

  • coblaks

    updated my xxp
    it was great for 3-4 days
    and then phone start over heating , batre drains and bootloop
    repair with xperia companion now it works perfectly fine, but i lost all of my files
    ALWAYS back up your phone before update
    clean install or factory reset after update very recomended
    becareful because i find its just not me (bootloop after update)

  • Gede Agus Supriyanto

    I have been using Orea update around 2 weeks. It is lighter and faster but .. more battery drains. Any body face this issue? Usually after 10 hours during office hour, my battery is around 50 to 60 percent. But now it will be around 30 – 40 percent. I have tried to do software repair using xperia companion after 2 days updating to Oreo. No change.

  • Abdul Mutahher

    Today on Dec 13, 2017 Oreo for Thailand firmware released.
    Now remaining dual Sim versions are
    1. Hong Kong
    2. Taiwan
    Hope these two will be released very soon within 15 days.
    I’ve Customized HK

  • Michael

    I’ve noticed the automatic brightness (sadly, still no quick toggle) in Oreo on my Perf X is much less subtle than it used to be, often changing several steps brighter or dimmer multiple times without being exposed to different ambient light. Quite distracting when watching YouTube for example.

    On the plus side, my 4G reception seems to have improved a lot with this upgrade in terms of signal strength and dropouts – so much so I can use it confidently rather than keeping the phone on 3G like I was. Anyone else?

  • Tridip Chakraborty

    Any changes in Camera app like XZs. Change shutter speed as well as ISO at the same time. Manual mode outside settings.


    Hey guys I have Xperia X dual sim when am I going to get oreo update for my phone since my phone battery is just 2600 mah I am waiting desperately it will somehow increase my backup..
    Is it possible to run xperia performance oreo firmware in Xperia x dual. Since both are equal phones except processor.

  • Abdul Mutahher

    One month has been passed to release Oreo, and a minor update is also released (which removes some bugs from prime version of Oreo). TH, FR and RU+central Asia ROMs are updated two times. But during same time there is no update for Customized HK and TW.
    So it is better for me to switch directly to 2nd release (41.3.A.2.24) manually with customized TH rom.
    Because it voids warranty in some regions, and my phone warranty has been expired on 15 Dec, 2017. Therefore I will do it today. Hope for best.

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