Star Wars Battlefront II Xperia Theme available to download

by XB on 21st December 2017

in Applications

Sony Mobile has created a new Xperia Theme to celebrate the recent launch of the Star Wars Battlefront II videogame. Putting the loot box controversy to one side, it’s a pretty decent game, and so it’s great to see an Xperia Theme for fans of the series. There’s no live wallpaper in the theme, but it has some nice touches, like a Death Star icons for volume and icon tray. Head over to the Google Play Store to give the theme a try.

  • Night Guy
  • Keshav Burtony

    Sony has probably release more themes than Apple has release ios updates to the iphones..It would be nice if it was the case for Android updates..tbh o_o

  • Genorok

    So the initial theme is free? How many hours do I have to use it before I unlock Vader in my home screen? Or how much does the DLC cost to get him on there sooner?

    It’s nice to have so many themes from Sony, but I just couldn’t resist another shot at EA for that one.

  • Iki

    How funny.
    Takes less than two hours to unlock vader, and all dlc is free…

  • ChiTownT3x

    Can we change the name to BattleCash 2?

  • Warren Chang

    what do expect from a EA and Disney product, luckily consumers stamped their feet about this horrible microtransactions

  • andres

    didnt like it because the EA logo on it. We all know whos the creator of Battlefront. Period.

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