Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra renders leak

by XB on 2nd January 2018

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Earlier today we saw the first renders leak for the upcoming entry-level Sony Xperia L2, courtesy of @OnLeaks. He has now followed this up, in conjunction with, with leaked renders for two new Sony mid-rangers – the Xperia XA2 (H4113, H4133) and the Xperia XA2 Ultra (H4213, H4233).

The renders which you can see below, are based on CAD information, which highlights that the Xperia XA2 will have a 5-inch display with dimensions of 141.6 x 70.4 x 9.6mm. The Xperia XA2 Ultra is expected to have a 6-inch display with dimensions of 162.5 x 80 x 9.5mm.

Based on the leak of the Xperia XA2 Ultra we saw yesterday, as well as the images below, it is clear that Sony has left last year’s design of the Xperia XA1 mostly unchanged. This includes thin side bezels, with larger bezels on the top and bottom of the phone. This is fine for a mid-range device, but we hope Sony has more of a change in store for its 2018 flagship devices.

Based on previous leaks, the Xperia XA2 (H41XX) is expected to use a 5-inch 1080p display, with a Snapdragon 630 chipset, 3GB RAM, Bluetooth 5.0, a 23MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera and will launch with Android Oreo.

The Xperia XA2 Ultra (H42XX) is expected to have a 6-inch 1080p display, powered by a Snapdragon 630 chipset with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. It is rumoured to support dual selfie cameras, with a front-facing LED flash too. It will also launch with Android Oreo.


Thanks Diogo, KF and Yut!

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    New 4K flagship phone’s full spec:

  • It’s sexier than the previous and the top bezel doesn’t seme to big compared to last year or even the simetry behind the omnibalance design. It looks like the width of a finger, which is perfect for taking pictures

  • KarFar

    XA2 doesn’t look that bad, significantly reduced bezels compared to last year. Ultra on the other hand…

  • Alvin

    Actually, even though the bezel on XA2 Ultra looks bigger because the screen size is also bigger (6″ vs 5″), combined top and bottom bezels on XA2 is actually longer than XA2 Ultra’s (29.7 mm on the Ultra, 29.9 mm on the other).

    Left and right bezels are also thinner on the ultra (5.3 mm on Ultra, 8.1 mm on the other).

    That gives XA2’s screen-to-body ratio a bad 69.09%, while the XA2 Ultra achieves a nice but only slightly improved 76.29% from last year’s XA1 Ultra (76.1%). XA2 has a bit more bezel, especially the horizontal bezels versus last year (XA1 is 70.9%).

    Although, I agree that they look better than last year’s XA series.

  • Dakota

    It almost kind of reminds me of the Ion design

  • el_sur

    Glad I got my xz1 compact

  • insyt

    Back fingerprint scanner…

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    XA2 with 5.2 inch screen and not 5

  • dragonsneeze

    Looks like XA2 also will have dual ff cams. Hmm

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    Has come 2018, but Sony didn’t know about it ..

  • Exactly! NXT Era!

  • monoke

    It appears the screen is ever so slightly curved like a Sammy edge design..
    Gawd I hate this so much! They better not do this with the flagship models.

  • Dakota

    The very best era tbh

  • Dakota

    Well I would LOVE if they brought the arc design back

  • JC

    IKR, I might end up getting the XZ Premium this year instead of the 2018 model, lmao.

  • shenoy

    Sammy edge design…. Ha ha ha. Sony / SE had carved back, when Sammy was not even knowing how to make phones. Curved back has superior feel in hand. Again looks upto individuals.

  • monoke

    Completely flat is best. No unnecessary glare on the screen just for sake of design. Xperia phones feel great in hand already. No need to round edges. Leave that crap to the Sammies!

  • Harry Rogerich Carnecer Relamp

    Not bad, beautiful

  • Harry Rogerich Carnecer Relamp

    The back design is curve which is not so impressived

  • shenoy

    Good to see curves r back into the business.. But still not a great design compared to SE XPERIA.

  • Hello

    I’m done. Been waiting for 4 years, but they will never ever learn. Keep churning out recycled crap forever, and keep going down while others adapt and improve. Been using Sony since T68i, but my next phone is an iPhone. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • 3_nity


  • ymytbb .

    Xperia phones are getting uglier and uglier, more and more dated. I wonder why…

  • ymytbb .

    XZ1C looks hideous

  • ZR

    If this info valid and true, so next premium xperia will be awesome…
    6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, dual 12MP camera back, 80% body ratio.

  • hansip

    Well if those dual selfie camera can produce better bokeh then go Sony!

  • hansip

    Good luck with slow iphone after 4 months..

  • hansip

    With back fps, i guess Sony wants to avoid the us patent issue which forbid them to use fps as power button.

  • Aamir khan Videos

    Hi everyone,
    Here you can see full specification of xperia xa2 ultra And price and release date.
    To see visit this link :-

  • (C):stem

    Hahahaha. I love reading whining people about the design.

    Just for the records: A friend of mine has the Essential phone. Beautiful design, yes, but it took just one single fall that was not even that hard to crack the screen. He only had 2 months with the phone. Titanium body? Gorilla glass protection? Pfff
    My Xperia X have resisted falls, hits and more rude treatment for a year and a half. No, I never got a case for it. Same case with my OP3T, still in a great condition after a year.

    Cry all you want, whiners. Sony already knows a totally bezeless design is risky and quality-sacrificing. I personally prefer resistance, 3.5 mm jack input and quality. Yes, they will deliver a new flagship with reduced bezels but no iphone x or essential phone style. So stick with Sony or get your shit somewhere else.

  • Me

    Lol, this is midrange. Just wait and see for flagship

  • mountain

    Isn’t apple the only company who use more recycled crap than sony?

  • Me

    Lmao..wait for MWC 2018 and then buy it in June.

  • Warren Chang

    what’s the 2nd port on the right hand side of the bottom of the phone? 2nd usb port? micro sd card slot?

  • A.o.D

    That must be the speaker

  • Phaneendra Satya Ram
    May be dual camera sensor with large pixel size and 2 mp camera

  • insyt

    True, but they should just create two versions instead. So used to side fingerprint scanner now..

  • Ali Manai

    It’s a camera button not a port

  • iia3ezu

    Oh look, big ass bezels.

    You might not mind big bezels, but most of the market does. Especially in 2018.

    It’s not just Apple and Samsung. Motorola, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei etc are all having smaller bezels on their phones.

    So don’t whine if the Xperia phones don’t sell well.

    Then again Sony probably doesn’t care about Xperia. Otherwise explain why other brands of smartphones mysteriously take better photos than Xperia phones despite having the same Sony camera sensors?

  • Kunal Shukla

    Most people will be disappointed with Sony Choices in 2018. They have been waiting for too long for Sony to catch up with the market.

  • SopNaw

    Very good, I like it. I mean, it look really great for a low end phone. The complainers can kill themselves.

  • Objectif


  • NinJy

    This circle on the back is as ugly as a Samsung design.

  • Shinchan Crayon

    SO?? Any comment for a good design?
    Sammy look UGLY as cheap phone.

  • shenoy

    I am talking about curves in the back like Xperia Arc Neo etc… Screen should be flat.. Curves on display is best for Sammy gimmicks.
    I personally feel: completely Flat is awesome when both front n back r glass. Upgrading from Z3 to XZ1, I never liked the feel of flat.

  • usersparadise

    I really don´t mind if there are small bezels or no bezels. Never. And I would say I´m much more interested in smartphones than average consumer. Sony still has much better design language than Samsung, LG and some others together. Even with bezels.

    And if the rumours are true Sony will improve their smartphone cameras this year like never before. I guess they now understand that they can´t rescue their cheaper compact cameras with only average quality in smartphone cameras. Because smartphones will replace most entry-level compact cameras. I think Sony could beat every iPhone and Samsung in camera quality easily and I hope it very much.

  • Moisés

    For security and other stuff.
    Even low end have 8MP camera

  • Dany

    Same here

  • Luis

    I agree. I got friends that have iPhones and crack their screen almost once a quarter. Refuse to get a case b/c they want to see its style. Okay, keep paying the $189 every time you drop it.

  • Luis

    Because people buy them. If no one bought these phones, don’t you think they would have a drastic change in design.

  • Luis

    Not cost effective. Simple as that. I wouldn’t either. Buy a phone with it on side or adapt. In technology you will always have to adapt

  • monoke

    I’m okay with the bezels as I’m confident the flagship will have them reduced.

    Now my main concern is if they carry this crap curve, edge, oval, soap bar looking … whatever the hell u wanna call it awful sammy design to those flagships too?!

    If they do, then I’m out.

  • Vinny Conforto

    Without radical design changes, Xperia won’t survive. Sony people have to know how ugly and dated their phones look right now. smh

  • Vinny Conforto

    Actually iPhone X looks great. It catches my eye every time I see it

  • Vinny Conforto


  • Vinny Conforto


  • kurakuradisco

    my x has drop from the table and my bike three times since i first buying it… and there’s only one dent on the metal back, tiny dent on the upper corner frame and 2 tiny scratch on the edge of the glass…

    T _ T, my fault, should handle it with extra care

  • kurakuradisco

    harganya juga bakal mantab boss


    Keep dreaming.

  • John ford

    “but we hope Sony has more of a change in store for its 2018 flagship devices.” I agree on that.

  • John ford

    Sony mobile is going in the wrong direction

  • Phil Gym

    the same exact design over and over and over…

  • Phil Gym

    so do I

  • Wiching

    I scrap plan to buy XA1 ultra last year due to Snapdragon 625 cpu performance, XA2 Ultra should use Snapdragon 660 cpu insist 630 chipset. this will give more attractive to consumer. hopefully better camera too.

  • jamie evans



    And it took 10 years to Apple to change their design, but you come here to hate Sony because they don’t change “radically” their design every year? Is that hipocrecy or what? If you hate Xperia so much why are you on the Xperia blog? That is very suspicious…


    Maybe because you can’t afford it? Maybe because you hate what you can’t have?

  • comme des garcons

    Slash the big chunky bezels or Xperia phones won’t survive


    Were you sleeping for 4 years? Maybe you missed when all the others brands stole Sony designs? The glass back? The flat? The metal? The premium? “Recycled crap”? And you want an iPhone? The only phone that didn’t change much in 10 years? From the only company with 1 trick pony in the world? Okeeey…

  • comme des garcons

    It would be embarrassing to hold those dated-looking devices in public


    They did, in 2013, when they made the Xperia ZL, but maybe you didn’t know about it…

  • S.H.U.R.O.
  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Talos the Robot

    Sony’s phones just work, they are durable and receive software updates very quickly.
    On other phones you pay more and you need to charge them more often, their battery degrades faster, they are becoming laggy and unstable after a few months and they crack easily with their small bezels.

  • Timothy Crayon

    Yes, It looks suck, like a soap.

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    Soap it`s you eyes
    Typical sonyboy schizophrenic

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