Sony Mobile no longer publishes Xperia White Papers

by XB on 3rd January 2018

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If you were one of those nerds (like us) that enjoyed poring over the specifications of a newly released Xperia smartphone, through Sony’s white papers, then unfortunately those days are behind us. Sony Mobile will no longer publish white papers for its new devices.

In fact, it had already stopped. Over on Sony’s Developer World site, there is no white paper for the Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact and Xperia XA1 Plus to be found. Sony will not release one for these phones, nor for any future smartphone.

This is a big shame in our view, as the white papers were the only place to find certain information such as an idea on battery performance, the different variant model numbers related to each new smartphone release, as well as key network frequency support information. As things stands, there is no way to know which LTE bands are supported by each variant.

For example, if we look at the Xperia XZ1, how do we know which bands the G8341 variant supports versus the G8343 model? How would a normal person even know these model numbers in the first place? They aren’t published anywhere, not even in Sony’s product pages, which has a page of ‘full specifications’, but gives far less information than we used to see detailed in Sony’s white papers.

A very disappointing move by Sony. We just hope that Sony continues to share some of this detailed missing information on each smartphone elsewhere, or bulking up its existing spec sheets on their product pages.

  • Prince Mensah

    Maybe it’s temporary otherwise this is an unfortunate turn of events…..Sony likes being too secretive at times..remember when they wouldn’t disclose the type of glass used on the old Z-series smartphones??…it’s irksome

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Sony’s new 4K Phone full spec:

  • Eduardo Otero

    I know this may be obvious but Has Sony made any statement about it?

  • rzero21

    Isn’t that kind of illegal given it gives a customer no idea what to expect when they buy a certain phone?

  • XperiaBlog

    We were told about it a while back, but was hoping Sony would change it’s mind. Unfortunately that is not happening.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Have asked Sony’s dev forum were these newer devices’ whitepapers have been. It is disappointing that something like this is being dropped, as it actually helped prospective customers a lot. Hopefully it is temporary, since there is no press release or blog post (on a sony run site) stating the actual status.

  • OLED ?
    Why your site cannot be translating by google translate in Chrome browser ?

  • Moisés

    Opera does… I replaced chrome months ago.
    I feel satisfied.

  • azzido

    Why sony why you continue to make your poor communication even worse???

    Who on earth is working in this division and responsible for communication and this stupid decisions should be fired immediately!!!

    Awaiting this new device.
    Must have oled, new design, top specs, huge battery, ideally fm radio (yes we are paying flagship price and want radio!) and please NO for fingerprint sensor on the back! Ideally on the screen, can be on the right side but huge NO for the back placement, this mistake was already made for s8 and other failures. Maybe regular buttons instead of on screen ones?

  • MyLive

    Maybe Sony wants to keep all kind of thing as a Surprise #facepalm

  • hansip

    Maybe for streamlining and making phone spec alterations for different regions a bit less gruesome.. Disappointing i know. But maybe the economics force them not to.

  • LTEstyles

    That sucks, I really enjoyed downloading the white papers. Let’s hope they change their mind in the future. In the meantime, I THINK future Xperia devices might get T-Mobile USA 600mhz compatibly. I tweeted one of the heads of T-Mobile and he actually replied. Interpret it as you will, but I ask you, why would he reply to Sony Xperia question?

  • RockStar2005

    Super lame!

  • SONY only

    Fuck you

  • Phil Gym

    I think sony is trying to discontinue xperia

  • rocy76

    I will miss the white papers..everthing in one sheet… Hopefully the complete specs will be documented somewhere…

  • iia3ezu

    Publishing white papers isn’t going to boost sales.

    Sony is just trying to cut costs.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Still their devices gives 10x better user experience compared to Samsungs laggy galaxys ;)

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • theskig

    They were so useful to check informations :(

  • SONY only

    Yes , sony is the best

  • No and confirmed multiple times


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    And they are 10x uglier than samsung phones!,design from 2012 to 2018? What the fuck is wrong with theme?


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  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    If GSMArena and other tech sites are basically giving out the same exact specifications as Sony usually does, why would it still be necessary for white papers?
    I mean, yeah it’s sad, it’s now gone. But everything that were in those papers are basically the same as the other tech sites provide to us. There’s no really good reason to cry much about it.

    Heck, if this move could make Sony make much much much much much better products, then hell yes I’ll highly support it.

  • (ror)

    You sound so angry, don’t be sad because you can’t afford an Xperia, maybe one day you’ll have one, all you clearly have is samshit cheap plastic phones from a company that has stolen so many ideas from Sony, but nobody expects anything good from a criminal company like Samsung.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Pffft Samsungs phones looks like shit imo xD Compare it with LG g6 instead that device looks great, Samsungs 8 series looks like a cheap glass sandwich

  • NinJy

    “User don’t need and don’t want to know” :apple:

  • XperiaBlog

    But third-party sites don’t give the same information, and sometimes their info is wrong.

    Normally they are using publicly released material to complete their spec-sheets, but if Sony is no longer publishing it then this info won’t be added to their database either.

    Personally, we’d want this info straight from the sources mouth. We don’t trust third-party sites much.

  • azzido

    I wonder why Sony is doi g everything to ruin their communication channel with its clients that definitely impacts sales. They puts a lot of effort to made their fans angry… Weird policy, weird people working there…

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    But really, sites that give false information will be taken down immediately. Like, they won’t be that reliable if they’re not really giving the correct information to people.

  • SONY only

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  • washinma2424

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  • SONY only

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  • Haldi

    Oh they won’t ? Well FUCK YOU TOO sony…

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